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Pap' ft January 16, 1987
Folk remedies
will surely
cure the pain
Suffering from a toothache? Well
in ivn euuion 01 i ne uiu i armor s
Almanac"contains some folk reme
dies that are "sure" to reduce pre
vent the pain or at least make you
hope you will never suffer from a
Some believers supported the
thought that if you put your right
stocking on before your left that
you would never suffer from a
toothache. Another preventive mea
sure is to trim your fingernails and
toenails only on Fridays. If you run
three times around a church with
out thinking of a fox, you're sure
not to have a toothache.
Some American Indians were
known to chew the bark of the
northern prickly ash, called the
toothache tree, to prevent aching
teeth. Being kind-hearted and help
ing a struggling beetle off its back,
has been known to prevent
Of course, some "cures" listed
are somewhat disgusting, like fil
ling the cavity with crow dung and
placing fresh cow manure on the
side of the lace where the ache
occurs. Eating a mouse twice a
month and eating the eyes of a vul
ture were sure remedies as is cook
ing earthworms in oil then placing
them in the ear opposite to the
The ultimate cure was recom
mended by an ancient Chinese phy
sician who said that takinga pill of
arsenic would ensure sleep and
would prove to be a certain cure.
That cure is also final and assures
the patient will never again suffer
any pain.
Garden planning
Seed catalogs are a good place to
start planning for next spring's
vegetable garden.
Seed catalog listings arc availa
ble for locating the specific variety
of vegetable you want to grow.
Many catalogs also contain val
uable growing hints and other good
ideas included with every vegetable
listed. Others are localized to pro
vide special help to gardeners in a
specific area.
Vegetable varieties adapted to
growing conditions in Oregon, or
which have shown promise in
gardens throughout the state, are
listed in "Home and Farm Vegeta
ble Garden," EC 87 1 . This publica
tion is available at county exten
sion offices at a charge of 75 cents
per copy.
Individuals should study the list
of recommended vegetable varie
ties. Some of them may be availa
ble at local garden stores, but oth
ers will have to be obtained through
seed company catalogs. More infor
mation on seed catalogs is availa
ble at garden stores.
509-J budget timeline
January 22
January 29
February 10
February 19
March 17
March 26
April 2
April 10
April 13
April 13
April IS
April 15
May 4
une 3
June 8
July 13
July IS
Deadline for building budget requests for sun
lies lor 8788 (all supply lists and requisitions
Publish notice of budget committee meeting in
newspaper of general circulation in the District
The notice, published between 14 days and
days prior to the date of this meeting, will statu
;he date. time, location, purpose for this pub
meeting, and that copies of the budget documend
will be available. OKS 294.401
Initial budget committee meeting. The commit
tec shall elect chairman and secretary and may
opt to elect a vice-chairman; receive the budged
message from the Lxecutive ollicer and
budget document from the Budget officer; con
sider recommendations trom cmens; schedu
additional meetings open to the public, as required
demand and receive any information it requests
and compel the attendance of any employee at its
Deadline for School Board candidates to fil
declaration of candidacy or petitions for nomi
nations for the March 31st director(s) election
(40 days prior to March 31) ORS 255.235.
Target Date for approval of budget by budget
committee. Begin preparation ol lund summar
ics for publication.
First publication of the notice of budget hearing
and financial summaries; between 25 and
days to the budget hearing. ORS 294.421.
Directors election. ORS 254.325 HB2059.1983
Second publication of the notice of budget hear
ing; between 14 days and 8 days prior to the
budget hearing. The summarized budget is not
required to accompany this notice, but the notice
must state the name and date ot the newspape
which contained the published budget summary
ORS 294.421
Deadline to receive abstract of votes from th
County Elections officer for March 3 1 st election
( maximum ten days after election). ORS 255.295
Public hearing on the budget as approved by the
budget committee. Following the public hear
ing, the Board shall determine whether the levy
amount to be voted on (May 19) shall be charged
from that in the approved budget as a result of
testimony presented at the budget hearing. The
amount of the levy in the published budget may
not be increased without a republication and
another hearing. ORS 294.430.
Swear in newly elected board members at regu
lar Board meeting.
Deadline for special board meeting; declaration
by board of results of directors) elections, (latesd
Deadline to notify the County elections office ofl
the May 1 9th levy election. This notice shalU
contain a certificate stating date of election, bal
lot title, statement of purpose, and brief descrip
tion of the matter to be voted upon. (34th daw
prior to May) ORS 255.085.
Deadline to mail itemized list of any public!
improvements included in the budget to the
Commissioner of Labor, (at least 30 days prior
to adoption of the budget).
Levy election. ORS 254.325.
Deadline to receive abstract of votes from countw
elections officer for May 19th election (maxH
mum ten days after election). ORS 255.295
Deadline for special board meeting: Declaration
by Board of levy election results, (latest date)
Regular board meeting. Enact resolution declaH
ing the levy, if passed. Enact resolutions adopt
ing and appropriating 1987-88 budget. At thd
time the budget is adopted, expenditures in each
fund of the budget may be increased up to ten
percent above that in the published budget pro
vided that the tax levy of the published budget is
not increased.
Organize the Board (prior to the last day of
Deadline to certify the tax levy to the County
1 V.,- - . r : '.:v
SpUyty Tym photo hy MMtr
Terry Courtney identified our last Ceo Quiz photo as that being at mile post 5 on highway 3, near White Hill.
Here is another photo for someone to identify its exact location and win a year's subscription to theSpilyay
Tymoo. Call 553-1644 with your answer. Remember, one win per person per year.
Forest Service to locate office In Hood River
if ,
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Spilyay Tymoo photo by Shmnvt
Kah-Nee-Ta Village swimming pool is now open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. The River Room is open for
business from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
All members of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs will receive the Spilyay Tymoo at no
cost. Spilyay Tymoo is published bi-weekly by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.
The USDA-Forest Service will
open temporary offices for the
Columbia River Gorge National
Scenic Area in Hood River. Oregon,
on January 18, announced Arthur
DeFault, Scenic Area Manager.
The new office is located in the
Waucoma Center, Suite 301, 902
Wasco Avenue, Hood River, Oregon
9703 1 . The Scenic Area Headquar
ters will be located in the Wau
coma center from four to six months,
until a more permanent location is
"We felt it was important to
move our office and people out
into the Gorge as soon as possible,
so we choose this location," said
We have had a lot of inquiries of
funding for education. Our recom
mendation for the 1st step is plan
ning ahead. Because it isn't easy to
just go off to school and expect to
be funded, we are asking a total
committment from a student plan
ning to go to college. If you have
any questions in planning to go to
college stop by our office and ask
what is involved in receiving fund
ing from the tribe. What the guide
lines are and what Ordinance No
26 is. What are the new policies and
procedures? Please feel free and
stop and chat with Levi Bobb or
Jessica Spackman.
We have set deadlines dates for
completed tribal scholarship forms
for the following terms:
Fall term end of the second
week in July.
Winter term end of the second
week of October.
Spring term end of the second
week in February.
Summer term end of the second
week in May.
Also have your FAF form com
pleted and sent off at least eight
weeks ahead of your scheduled
start date at the college. We also
can help you fill this out too.
Helpful hints
Do you have difficulty reading
graphs and charts? If so, you are
missing a lot of information. Charts
are being used more and more by
businesses, newspapers, and govern
ment agencies to present a large
amount of information at a glance.
There are many different kinds
of graphs, each with a slightly dif
ferent purpose. Circle or pie graphs
usually represent all of something
(such as the tribal budget) with
each piece showing a part or per
cent of the whole. Bar graphs are
often used for comparisons (numbers
of different kinds of trees on the
reservation, perhaps), and line
graphs show trends (such as number
of guests at Kah-Nee-Ta over a 12
month period).
The secret of graph reading is
simply to look at the graph as a
whole and determine what infor-i
mation it is giving. Read the title.
Look at the symbols and find out
what each means. Look at any fig
ures beside or around the graph.
Note the number of units used;
does each symbol or square stand
for 1 or 1,000? Then look carefully
at each part of the graph for spe
cific information that you can use.
Graph reading can make you
more informed. Graph reading can
give you the "big picture" in a vis
ual way. Remember, we can make
better decisions if we are better
Want to know more about read
ing graphs and charts? The Adult
Learning Center can help. The cen
ter also helps people prepare for
the GED or work towards a high
school diploma. Watch for new
evening hours beginning in Janu
ary. Call 553-1428 for more information.
DeFault. "We are now searching
for permanent office space some
where conveniently located in the
Columbia River Gorge. We are
looking forward to living and work
ing there."
The Scenic Area Headquarters
will house a Forest Service Man
agement Team. They will work
closely with the Bi-State Columbia
River Gorge Commission, once it
is established; counties; local juris
dictions; and the public in develop
ing a management plan to imple
ment the Columbia River Gorge
National Scenic Area Legislation.
Legislation creating the 277,000
acre Columbia River Gorge National
Scenic Area was signed by Presi
dent Reagan on November 17, 1986.
Fourteen full-time Forest Service
employees will be assigned to the
Hood River office to assist in imple
menting the legislation.
The office will be open from 7:30
a.m. to4:30a.m., Monday through
Friday. The phone number is (503)
Court Notices
Confederated Tribes of the Warm Spring!
Reservation of Oref on
Ellona Frank
Notice of TrialHearin for publication
Case no. CR347-86
To: Ellona Frank
You are hereby notified: That the above
cited casc(s). as filed in the Warm Springs
Tribal Court, has been scheduled for trial -hearing
at 10:00 a.m., on the 9th day of
February, 1987.
You are hereby ordered: To be and
appear at the Warm Springs Tibal Court at
the time and date shown to defend against
the charge(s). You may be represented by
yourself, by an attorney, or by a spokes
man, at your own expense. You may bring
any documents you believe are relevant to
this cause, and you may bring witnesses to
testify on your behalf. You may request the
Court to subpeona your witnesses, how
ever, you must submit your list of witnesses
no later than two weeks prior to trial; failure
to do so will not be considered sufficient
reason to postpone the trial. If you have any
questions, you should seek legal advice
If you fail to appear as so ordered, the
Tribal Court shall enter a complaint for
contempt of court and issue a warrant for
your arrest.
Dated at Warm Springs, Oregon, on this
9th day of January, 1987.
Anita Jackson
Judge, Warm Springs Tribal Court
Willie B. Selam
Carolyn Strong
Summons for publication
Case no. D02I3-84
To: William B. Selam
You are hereby notified that a Modifica
tion Request has been filed with the Warm
Springs Tribal Court.
By this notice you are summoned to
appear in this matter at a hearing scheduled
for 1 1:00 a.m., on the 6th day of February,
1987, at the Warm Springs Tribal Court.
All of the facts of the case will be heard at
this hearing, including evidence you wish to
You must appear to present your argu
ment or the other side will automatically
win. The Petitioner, N A, may the be given
all that is asked for in the Modification
The Petitioner will be present at this hear-,
ing. If you desire to personally argue your
side of the case, you may have a legal aide,
spokesperson or attorney appear on your
behalf at your expense.
If you have any questions, you should
seek legal advice immediately.
Dated at Warm Springs, Oregon, this 6th
day of January, 1987.
Lola Sohappy
Judge, Warm Springs Tribal Court
J' Dean Meanus
Olson Meanus, Jr.
Summons for Publication
Case no. DO207-86
To: Olson Meanus, Jr.
You are hereby notified that a Petition
for dissolution of marriage has been filed
with the Warm Springs Tribal Court.
By this notice you are summoned to
appear in this matter at a hearing scheduled
for 1 1 :00 a.m., on the 1 0th day of February,
1987, at the Warm Springs Tribal Court.
All of the facts of the case will be heard at
this hearing, including evidence you wish to
You must appear to present your argu
ment or the other side will automatically
win. The Petitioner, J'Dean Meanus may
then be given all that is asked for in the
Petitione for Divorce.
The Petitioner will be present at the hear
ing. If you desire to personally argue your
side of the case, you may have a legal aide,
spokesperson or attorney appear on your
behalf at your advice.
If you have any questions, you should
seek legal advice immediately.
Dated at Warm Springs, Oregon, this 8th
day of January, 1987.
Lola Sohappy
Judge, Warm Springs Tribal Court
Office Olympics set for Jan. 31
Saturday, January 3 1st, at 1:00
p.m. and the Bend River Mall is the
time and location of the 1987 Office
Olympics for Easter Seals. This is
your chance to go for the gold!
Teams of five people will com
pete in five different events-wastebas-ketball,
the coffee slalom, the speed
swivel chair relay, the rubberband
archery snap, and the floppy discus
throw. Teams may be male, female,
coed all ages this is for all you
armchair and office athletes. Min
imum entry fee is $100 per team
each participant will receive an
official Office Olympic coffee mug
and invitation to the Awards
Ceremony. Gold, silver and bronze
medals will be awarded to the best
"athletes" in each event.
Lots of great prizes: Top fun
draising team dinner for 6 at Beef
'N Brew; Team with Best Uniform 2
pizzas from Izzy's; team with best
flag-two pies from Mr. K's.
For further information or to get
your entry form, call the Easter
Seal office at 389-8998. All pro-
ceeds from this event will benefit -Easter
Seal programs for those
with disabilities.
Howlak Tichum J
Mabel Benson
Enrolled member of the Confed
erated Tribes of Warm Springs
Mabel Kishwalk Benson died Jan
uarys, 1987 at her home in Brown
stown, Washington of natural causes.
She was born September 15,
1912 to Elijah and Carrie (Wolf
ford) Kishwalk in Warm Springs.
On May 25, 1935 she married Horsley
Benson. He preceded her in death
in 1972.
She is survived by five daugh
ters, Lucinda Miller of Shelton;
Caroline Dick of Satus; Darlene
Benson and Ginger Lawyer both of
Brownstown and Diana Benson of
Harrah; and one son, Tom Benson,
of Brownstown. Also surviving are
17 grandchildren and seven great
grandchildren, seven nieces and
nephews and numerous cousins.
Dressing ceremonies were con
ducted by Washat leaders Satur
day, January 8 at the Merrit Fun
eral Home in Toppenish. Her body
was taken to the Independent Shaker
Church in White Swan for over
night services and then taken to the
Toppenish Creek Pavillion in White
Swan for further services. Burial
was at 8 a.m., January 12 at the
Toppenish Creek Cemetery.