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    f Pap I January 2, 1987 WAKM Sl'MM.S, OHIXON 97761 SPILYAY TYMOO j
E CoosfiEEWA: riirii-r
I (The way it is) :igfit; wd
r, . nx,arnnr tVlP ViafH timP fltlH take thillfJS
SOmenow wc manage uiuiwii w.v ... --
own radio station which is a great asset to the Tribes and tor the
reservations economy. We have had a fair year keeping our 1 nbal
Members employed as much as possible. So, who can say it we naa
a "Bad or Good Year?"
Well at any rate we here at Spilyay Tymoo Country would nice
l -ii f otrc q "Verv Hannv and Safe New Year.
lO Wlsn au ui uui ivouuj u. rr;
Clarification given for funds
We thought a little clarification
was needed in this area, so here are
some facts to share about the 1)
Enterprise Fund vs. 2) the General
Tribal Enterprise Funds are those
that account for operations (a) tin .
are financed and operated in a
manner similar to private business
enterprises where the intent of
the governing body is that the costs
(expenses, including depreciation)
of providing goods or services to
the general public on a continuing
basis be financed through user
charges; or(b) where the governing
body has decided that periodic
determination of revenues earned,
expenses incurred, and or net income
is appropriate for capital
maintenance, public policy, manage
ment control, accountability, or
other purposes.
Examples of Tribal Enterprises
are: Credit, Kah-Nee-Ta, Warm
Springs Power Enterprise, Warm
r-K A T iic trio? Warm
springs rtppaici inuuaniwj,
Springs Forest Products Industries,
Garage, Neesna, nousiug,
infnrmatinn Center. Proiect Engineer
and KWSI. Enterprises are governed
by their Plans of Operation and the
Tribes' Corporate Charter. Spending
authorities are laid out in their
Plans of Operation, the Tribal Bud-
opt Pnlirv a nd various referendums.
e"". ' . . . .
The General Fund is used to
account for all financial resources,
except those requried in another
fund. Some examples of programs
Toe Ness
Why did the lights in the priest's motel room go off when the sexy girl
walked in?
A willpower failure?" YIKES
Confucius say: "Marriage like boxing
than main bout!"
Whats the worst thing about playing softball in a cow pasture? Sliding
into what you thought was third base! YIKES
SDilvav Tymoo welcomes articles and letters from its readers. All
letters, preferably 300 words or less, must include the writers
signature and address. Thank you letters and poetry will be published
at the editor's discretion. .
All letters are the opinion of the writer and do not reflect m anyway
the opinion of Spilyay Tymoo. Spilyay Tymoo reserves the right to
edit all copy OR refuse publication of any material that may contain
libelous statements. '
(The way it is)
Letters to the Editor
1986, was it Bad or Good?
Well, lets see, for one thing
during the year we saw a lot of
people in the unemployment
lines. One of the big factors was
Housing Starts was at one of its
lowest points causing problems
with employment and in the
timber industry. There were a
lot of Saw Mills shut down
because of the declining economy.
In order for some to operate
wages had to be cut back other
wise could not make it, while
some shut down completely. So
in some respects this has been a
pretty bad year. During the year
we lost some key people to the
both trom local
and on the national scale.
f ...
m the iienerai runu.aic
Secretary Treasurer, Senior Citizens'
Program, Fire and Safety, Utilities,
Office of Training Services, and
Data Processing.
The General Fund's spending
authority is the Tribes' Construction
and By-Laws. Governing policies
are the Tribal Budget Ordinance
and the Tribel Budget Policy.
These documents are on file in
the Accounting Department and
various other places in the organiza
tion. Tribal employees responsible
for running programs enterprises
should become familiar with these
documents to help them manage
their programs enterprises.
"Man is the only animal that laughs
and weeps; for he is the only animal
that is struck with the difference be
tween what things are and what
they might have been
William Hazlitt
i i ' i
- r j j
To the People,
Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year to everyone in Warm Springs
and especially to my grandson
Vincent Simtustus.
Eva Paul
PO Box 222
Elmer City, Washington 99124
.Preliminaries often better
Letter to the People of Seekseequa,
Raymond Johnson. Jr.. Chief i
how it should be through prevail
ing Tribal custom. Yet. we are
being told what we must vote in the
same fashion as the white men's
custom of electing a president and
vice-president. So, at this time I am
asking all to strive to maintain the
Paiute Indian identity and do our
best to thoroughly think through
the qualifications of each of your
Agnes appreciative of
support during illness
Greetings to
til people on the
I want to express my Appreciation
for all the people who hi ve supported
me through their visiti, encourage
ment, kindness and prayers during
my hospitalization.
I felt sick, unwanted, lonely and
in pain and was tojd there wasn't
... r-. r
aU tfae showed
withFencouragenentt kindness and
prayers Those, who didnt show
sent cards.
ym getting well now and the
Vehicles for sale
- A77 Ford Vi ton Econo Van, V
161 (Utilities?, EI4BHY74091, bid
start amount$800.00.
'80 Chevy Suburban, V-226(Utili-ties),,
CGDl'5A4126744, bid start
amount $1,200.00.
'80 .Mercury Zephr Wagon V
232, (KNT)OK36B6 12977, bid start
amount $500.00 (mechanic special).
Starting date for general public
bids: Japujary2, 1987.
Closingdate: January 16, 1987.
Bid opening date: January 19,
Instructions for placing bids:
1 . Name and address of bidder,
including phone numbers.
2. Description of item bidding
3. Amount of bid. (Bids not
meeting minimum starting price
are immediately disqualified).
This information is to be placed
in a sealed envelope with the descrip-
Museum seeking
, ...
The Museum of Indian Heritage
in Indianpolis, Indiana is in need of
Indian arts and crafts for sale in its
store. Items most needed are for
serious Indian arts and crafts col
lectors and include paintings, sculp
tures, pottery, basketry, jewelry,
carvings, and other authentic items.
At this point, the museum is not
able to buy expensive items directly,
but is interested in working with
artists on a consignment basis.
If you are interested in market
ing your items in the Indianapolis
area, through the museum, please
contact Vicki Cummings, Museum
Director, at 6040 De Long Road,
Indianapolis, Indiana 46254, (3 1 7)
Get a trim
The holiday season is upon us
and it is the time of gala affairs. Are
you prepared for all those special
events? Well, if you need to get
your hair cut and dread that long
trip to town just to get your hair
styled, trimmed or cut, then John is
back in town.
Call John Mitchell at 553-1482.
John is located in Upper Dry Creek
at 4309 Tommy Street.
seeking chief position
1 am the great-great grandson of
Oytes, the first Paiute leader with
his band to be placed back on the
Warm Springs Reservation, it was
Oytes' original ancient hunting
grounds. I am entirely of this reser
vation, with my mother. Rosanna
Charley. 44 from the North end.
and my father, 44. from the South
Listed are some of the things 1
will strive to maintain with the help
of the south end people. It is with
the help of the people because I will
feeling that I'm back in your graces
makes me want to live.
I apologize for delaying the chris
tening of my nephews' younger
children. I hope to get together
with my family and set a time for
that and will make it public.
I also want to thank all of my
tribe's religious elders for their
prayers. I miss being with you at all
the festivities and I am happy in the
hope that I will be coming home
Wishing all of you a happy holiday
Agnes Nathan
Central Oregon Health Care Center
1876 NE Highway 20
Bend, Oregon 97701
tion of the bid item noted on the
envelope. This may either be mailed
or brought into the Purchasing
office located at the Administration
Building. If mailing, please place
sealed bid envelope inside a mailing
envelope noting"Bid"on the outside
of the mailer. Mail to: Confederated
Tribes Property Management, P.O.
Box C, Warm Springs, Oregon
AH items will be sold "as is". All
sales are for "cash only."
Individual placing highest bid
will be selected. In case of a tie, the
earliest bid will be selected.
No information will be given out
as to the number and amounts of
bids, or who received the sale item.
Tribal members processing loans
for bids through the Credit office
must have certification from that
Spilyay calendars are
- rt . ' -. H I, ' ' 1 t II imiii iniill ...BlJ.lUl.. .1 I lllll"1" "' ' 1 '" '''
MiwiiiW'niT1'i'iii..j.n'itj.Hij)j.ij,jiun,i., ..m-i-ai. t'""i ill: 'iinrn-nn r1 y "" " 1 ' , f "W -
r v I 1
' " . " ' ' r. , -tmmmf;
) Hi
mar r v & -t
. ir. rr-- II i
H . .:
be the representative of and for the
(1) Genuine ability to get along
with all people being represented
and the reservation as a whole.
(2) Able to put one's own values
aside and to be self-centered, yet,
concentrate on the people's needs
and priorities.
(3) Realize the importance of
being a lifetime representative and
it's affecting generations of peo
ples' lives.
Our heritage and culture is being
lost by us having to take the white
man's ways. Although it is here to
stay, we only need to take the best
from their culture, and do our best
to retain, bring back, to encourage
what used to be our culture.
So with that I encourage all elig
ible voters to vote. I would also like
to thank all the people who took
the time to encourage me in seek
ing my rightful place as Chief, .as
stated in the constitution and by
laws. Article VI. secton 3. . .Chiefs
shall serve for life, and their succes
sors shall be selected in accordance
with Tribal custom.
Thank you,
Raymond Johnson, Jr.
Scrooge contest
results related
trances Alien trom tne trnmov
ment Services coordinated a Bah-Hum-Bug
, The Bah-Hum-Bug contest
received a total of 53 votes and the
winner is the one and only Mr.
"Benson Heath", now known as
the official Bah-Hum-Bug for 1986.
Benson received a total of 19
votes for all his efforts. Coming in
a close second place, with a total of
12 votes, was Cecil Conner.
Some comments received about
the winner; "I voted for Benson
Heath because of his stern attitude,
never smiling face, never says "hello"
to anyone, makes a fuss over the
radio music, gets grouchy when
"he" thinks its to loud and "he
richly deserves this honor and title."
A comment received about the
runner-up; "Cecil was aware of the
fact that the Christmas tree for the
office was coming in on a Friday,
so he took the day off so he would
not have to help decorate it!"
The Bah-Hum-Bug winner
on sale now! $2.00 each
: . : T
Raymond Johnson, Jr.
received a cap made and donated
bv the sewing factory and a 6 oack
of 7-U.p, a soup cup and bracelet all
donated by the Employ ment;sexvi
ces and EducaiipD.Ptaff members.
Thanks to all who took time to
vote and to Frances Allen for coor
dinating the contest to make it a
Everyone watch through the up
coming year, because next years
contest will involve a female and
male winner! (watch out everyone,
remember to keep smiling).
Have a Happy New Year! "
Following is a complete list of
those nominated for Bah-Hum-Bugger
of the year.
Benson Heath 19; Cecil Conner
i 1 2; Lloyd Smith, Sr. 7; Doug McClel
land 3; Frances Allen 2; Mike Cle
ments 1 ; Larry Calica 1 ; Jeff Sand
ers 1; Charles Nathan 1; Hamilton
Greeley 1; Jack Langley l; Jean
Green 1; Sybil Smith 1; Marvin
Birthmark 1 and Selena Thomp
son 1. V