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January 3, 1986
Warm Springs Elementary News
Alaska Native American
Indian Safety Campaign
Under the direction of Wayne
Potter and Jerry Huff, the stu
dents participated in this yearly
safety campaign. The classroom
teachers presented lessons on a
variety of safety campaigns. The
classroom teachers presented
lessons on a variety of safety
issues. The students followed
up these lessons by designing
and drawing posters about a
safety issue of their choice. The
posters were submitted to Wayne
Potter forjudging by his com
mittee. The students received
awards at our December assem
bly for the posters they sub
mitted. First Place (received a sweat
shirt). Students are: First grade,
Jessie Esquiro; Second grade.
Mavis Kirk; Third grade, Kelli
Palmer; Fourth grade, Vena
Badroad; Fifth grade, Alyssa
Second grade (received a shirt)
winners are: First grade, Betty
Lou George; Second, Tiffiney
Andrews; Third, Yvonne Earl;
Fourth, Tyrone Smith; Fifth,
Outstanding Class of the
Congratulations to Miss
Anderson's fifth grade class for
being selected as December's
"Outstanding Class of the
Month." This class has demon
strated their ability to consist
ently work cooperatively and
creatively in and out of the
classroom. We have all been
especially impressed by the many
stories and poems that this class
has written this year. Great Job!
Oregon High Dessert
Museum Outreach Pro
gram OnJanuary 13th, the Museum
will present the "Birds of Prey"
program at Warm Springs Ele
mentary for the student body.
We have scheduled four assem
blies throughout the day. Each
assembly program will be a fast
paced one hour program, feat
uring graphic displays and live,
native birds of prey. Each pro
gram will be geared toward the
grade level of the children in
attendance, with emphasis on
natural history including habi
tat needs, physical adaptations,
and social behaviors.
We would like to invite you
to join your children for one of
these presentations. They are
scheduled as follows: Grades 2
3 from 9:00-10:00, Grades K-l
from 10:15-11:15, Grades 4-5
from 1:20-2:20 and Grade K
from 2:20-3:20.
SANTA's HELPERS 4 group of H arm Springs ladies gathered clothes, food and toys for
Christmas baskets to be distributed to Warm Springs families in need of assistance during the
holiday season. (Pictured left to right) Antoinette Pamperien and Margaret Buckland assisted
Mayann Gabriel Madeline Queaphama and other volunteers in sorting items to be placed in the
baskets. Mayann said this was the first year the group worked on the project and that it was on short
notice. They plan to start earlier next holiday season.
Outstanding Citizen of
the Month (December)
Kindergarten June Aguilar,
Adeva Scott, Clara Kennedy,
Ardis Smith; First grade Wal
ter Waheneka, Evans Spino,
Edith Wyena; Second grade
Marci Smith, Michell Charley,
Travis Miller; Third grade
Lacey Frank, Jake Suppah,
William Switzler; Fourth
grade Veldina Currie, JoDe
Goudy: Fifth grade Louis
LeClaire, Jolene Hintsala,
Alyssa Macy; Special Pro
gramsHarry Miller III,
Michael Smith, James Katchia,
Kathleen Yallup, Louis LeClaire,
Jerome Lewis.
Class News
Arlene Graham's kindergarten
class is beginning to read short
words like "is, "it", "an", and
"rat". They have learned "o",
"n", "c" and "t". They are be
ginning to classify and sort ob
jects in math. They wish every
one a Merry Christmas.
December has been a busy
month for Laura Fuentes' kin
dergarten class. They've made
Christmas trees, reindeer, San
tas and presents for their par
ents. They each wrote a letter to
Santa asking for some interest
ing gifts! In math, they are sort
ing objects and even each other.
They sort themselves according
to the clothing they are wearing,
their hair length, sex and other
categories. They are saying
good-bye to Connie Erevia this
month. Connie is moving to
another job. She has been help
ing with the children's work and
they will miss her.
Mr. Kaiser's first graders are
busily getting ready for Christ
mas in between learning all about
number facts from 0-10. They
are getting better and better all
the time in reading and language.
Dr. Bell finished up Mrs.
Smith's first grade class' Dental
Hygiene lessons by talking about
"chew". Boy, did he show them
some yucky pictures of what it
does to their gums. They have
had quite a few people speak to
them this year and they have
practiced showing respect to
anyone who is helping them
learn. A special pat on the back
to Gabriel Jack and Jessie
Esquiro for the outstanding
respect they always show the
In "Here's Looking at You",
M s. Soliz's second grade class is
learning more about themselves
and how they are special. They
are also learning about what
Christmas is all about: sharing,
giving, and helping those in
need. Their class is having a
food drive to help a family.
Mr. Puderbaugh's class has
been learning how to write com
plete sentences. They have also
learned how to say numbers as
big as one trillion. In social stu
dies and science they are learn
ing about maps and water cycles.
Mrs. Sensibaugh's third grade
class has been writing stories
about themselves. In math, they
are working on place value,
count'bys, and beginning mul
tiplication. The Self-Managers
have been doing beautiful stained
glass art in their free time.
Mr. Henry's third grade class
is making beautiful "stained
glass" designs for hanging in
their windows at Christmas.
Mr. Phillip's fifth grade class
is using FLU board to work
with multiplication of whole .
numbers. In science, they are
studying the weather and look
ing through microscopes at onion
cells. In social studies they com
pleted a diorama of Plains and
Pueblo Indian Villages. IHS
Dental Health personnel pres
ented some very good lessons in
preventative dentistry. Learning
about main ideas and topic sen
tences were the objectives for
language class. Student's wrote
paragraphs about their pets.
Miss Anderson's fifth grade
class has been doing a lot of
Christmas writing: stories, acros
tics, and letters to Santa Claus
from the world about the world's
needs. In science, they have
been using the Colored Solu
tions Science Kit which deals
with density. In social studies,
they are studying the explora
tion period in our country's
Mr. Lawson's fifth grade class
can now add four numbers
together and then subtract, all
in their heads! Students can
also .do problems using paren
thesis, also in their heads.
Mrs. Lyle Rhoan came to
speck to the ERC language class.
She talked about the early
boarding school on the reserva
tion. Thanks to Mrs. Rhoan for
taking the time to teach the
children some history. A special
thanks to Mrs. Nola Huff (ERC
teacher aide) for arranging
another innovative language acti
vity to supplement their regular
Connie Erevia, Special Ed
aide has moved on to the De
partment of Motor Vehicles.
We'll miss Connie! Her dedica
tion to special students has been
greatly appreciated by the staff
and the students' families.
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On a cold day the landscape with ice covered completely Spilyay snapped this photo. Guess the
location and win a years subscription to the Spilyay Tymoo. Call 553-1644 with your answer.
Ticket sales win Colwash queen's title
Lavina Colwash, daughter of
Sammy and Amelia Colwash,
was the reigning senior court
queen over the 27th Annual
Holiday basketball tournament.
Colwash sold more than 1,800
tickets to capture the jeweled
crown. The senior court prin
cesses were Cynthia Caldera and
Stacy Leonard.
Masami Danzuka sold more
than 1 ,400 tickets to become the
junior court Queen. Danzuka
an eighth grader from Madras
Senior High School is the daugh
- Li i 1 ' 1
Queen Masami Danzuka (right) and Junior court princesses
Winter term classes set
An assortment of College cre
dit and community education
classes will be offered by COCC
at Warm Springs this winter.
Tribal members who success
fully complete credit classes will
be reimbursed by tribal educa
tion in full for tuition and books.
Two classes for credit will begin
the week of January 6th.
. Pre-Algebra This four cred it
class will help students brush up
on math skills. It is a review of
high school math and will pre
pare students for any required
math they may take on their
way to completing a college
degree. The course will also
help adults who use math on the
job. The instructor is Carol
Robart from Madras. The cost
is $85.00 plus books. Held
Thursday, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Basic English 1 or 2 This
three credit class will help stu
dents brush up their writing
skills. It will help prepare stu
dents for college Freshman
English and Writing classes.
Working adults who compose
letters, memos or do much wri
tingproofing on the job would
also benefit from the course.
The instructor is Nancy Jolstead.
The cost if $64.50 plus a $4.00
book fee.
Community Education
courses begin the week of Janu
ary 13th and include the fol
lowing: Graphic Arts Workshop:
Taught by Phil Comingore meets
from 7-9 p.m. on Mondays
Cooking with Doughs and
Batters: Kah-Nee-Ta Chef Ed
Slough is the instructor. The
class meets on Monday from
6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Kah-Nee-Ta
Lodge Kitchen. The cost is
$10.00. Learn the secrets to
making superb desserts and
ter of George and Roberta
Danzuka. The junior court prin
cesses for the annual event were,
Danni Katchia, Nellie Sam,
Regan Smith, Desiree Allen,
Nikki Courtney and Dorothy
The royal members of the
court each received gifts for
their efforts as well as a percen
tage of their ticket sales. The
senior court queen also received
a Pendleton jacket similar to
those the tournament champions
In addition the Adult Learn-
ing Center will be in operation .
Mondays through Thursdays
from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon and
Tuesday and Thursday after
noons from 1-3 p.m. People
who want to prepare for their
GED or work on basic writing,
reading, and math skills are
To register for credit classes
students should stop by the
Training Services Building(01d
Boys Dorm) any weekday
between 8:30-4:30 p.m. Students
registering for credit classes
should do so by January 6th!
Students should register for com
munity education classes by
January 13th.
A registration booth will be
setup at the administration
building lobby on Tuesday,
January 7th from 1 1:30 to 1:30
p.m. A registration booth will
also be set-up at Macys Market
on Saturday January 4th from
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Madras High School. Cost is
$ 1 5.00. Students will design and
produce their own graphic art
Indian Doll Making: Maryann
St. 'Milium Calholk Church
rm Springs
Mtth Crotiy. Father
Confession prior lo Miss
Sundas Mass begins ai 8 30 a m
Warm Sprinp
I nited Prrstmerian C hurch
lei 553-
Sunday Worship
Communion and Healing: I hursday. 7 00 p m.
Warm Sprinp
FuN GotftH Clnrrch
Orin Johnson. Pastor
Sundas School - 10 00 a m
Worship Sersicrs - II 00 a m
Sundas Evening Sersice - 7 30 p m
B'hle Studs - Wednesday - 7 30 pm
ounf People's Sersice. Eridas - 7 30 p m
Spityay lymoo photo hy Miltrr
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4 " i
Queen Lavina Colwash
Meanus is the instructor. Meets
on Monday from 7-9 p.m. in the
Uld Boy s uorm. I he cost is
$12.00. Create traditional Indian
Artwork For those who love
to make things.
Aerobic Dance Taught by
Dorthea Sanders. Meets from
5:20-6:20 p.m. Tuesdays and
Thursday at the Warm Springs
Elementary School gym. The
cost is $16.00. A great way to
get in shape in 1986.
Driver Safety Education:
Taught by Cliff Jenkin. Class
meets twice a week at 5:30-6:30
p.m. on Monday and Thursday
nights in the Old Boys Dorm.
The cost is $8.00. Learn safe
driving skills and prepare to
take the Oregon Drivers exam.
Three separate four week ses
sions will be offered.
Beds stili for sale!
Those mate's bunk beds are
still for sale. Good condition.
$200 Contact Donna at Spilyay
Tymoo at 553-1 644 or 553-1 161,
ext. 274 or at home after 6 p.m.
at 475-24 1 9. Also have twin mat
ress and box springs, no frame.'
Fair condition. $25.00
Rtorianiicd Church of
Jnui Christ of Larterda; Saintt
Elder. Clint Jacks
Tel : 475-6M6
Worship 10 00 a m.
10 00 a m
W arm Sprinfs Baptist Church
Allen Elston. Pastor
Tel 55 VI 367
Sunday School - 10 00 a m
Morning Worship - !.r00 a m
Bihle Study Wednesday. OO p m