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January 3, 1986
(the way it is)
Letters to the Editor
"Spifyay Speaks"
Despondent? There are people who care
Once a year everyone gets all duded up and
goes out for a night on the town to let out all their
frustrations and also to ring in the new year.
Now that all of the new years resolutions have
been made and the old year kissed
away, we must settle down and
continue our daily tasks and hope
that 1986 will be a better year
where we can fulfill our dreams of
a successful one.
If I had to do it over again, I
don't think I would like to see
another 1985. It started out a
"Bummer,"early last spring when
all the departments started work
ing on the 1986, operating budget.
With instruction of working on a
tight budget with no kind of a
raise was like trying to squeeze
blood out a Fig Tree. The reason I
use the term " Fig Tree," is because
it is so far fetched from this area.
It has been a few years since anyone has gotten any kind of a raise.
Frustration came from staff members on the thought of no kind of
a raise, not even just a small one for living conditions. Though
there are no raises for the employees we can still look back to a very
successful year working for the Tribes, which is one of the largest
employers in Central Oregon. We can look back with pride of our
accomplishments even though there was much criticism for a
thankless job well done.
For the first time in history of the reservation a petition was
circulated challenging the 1986 operating budget. Tribal members
wanted answers on various expenditures and procedures followed
by the Tribal Organization. The intention was a good one because
in the past questions have been raised and there"was njo response
on settling the issues that were in question.
At a general council meeting the petitioners issued questionnaires
to those who were present at the meeting of what they thought of
the operation at its present stage and also asked for any sugges
tions on what should be done on various segments of the operating
budget. All these statements were published in the Spilyay Tymoo,
at the petitioners request.
There were many issues addressed, mainly on the management
and its function in the organization. Some opinions seemed to be
far out in left field and in the last inning or the wrong game, but
these are things that have to be answered by the Tribal Council,
After these statements appeared in Spilyay Tymoo, other state
ments started to show up. All the other statements had a lot of
research behind them but the reason they were not published is
because the author did not sign the article.
It is the policy of Spilyay Tymoo to publish letters and articles
from its readers, preferably 300 words or less, all letters are the
opinion of the writer and do not reflect in anyway the opinion of
Spilyay Tymoo. Also Spilyay Tymoo reserves the right to edit all
copy or refuse publication of any letter that contains libelous
material. The writer must sign and give an address and phone
number, to verify that his statement is factual and not hearsay.
My dear friend,
I have been thinking real hard
these past two months of the
reason(s) that may have brought
on the taking of your life.
Though I cannot understand it
and pretend that I have felt the
same as you did before this act
was done, I know that alcohol
and drugs have had a lot to do
with the distorted thinking that
this was "the easy way out." -
I know how you felt about
your family. . .you had great
love for each and every one of
them. I know you loved life and
you loved the friends that you
had. I cried for all of us who
were left here, you had so many
people who cared! After every
thing was all over and done
with, the funeral and give-away
(I know you wouldn't have
wanted a fuss but. . .), I was real
tired and just thought about
what I could have done to help
Session to
begin Jan. 14
A series of Chemical Sub
stance Education classes are sche
duled for young people 12-20
years of age.
The five classes will be offered
twice, the first session begins
January 14 at 4:00 p.m. at the
Warm Springs Community Coun
seling Center. The second ses
sion begins February 18.
The five classes will include
an introduction, testing and know-4
ledge of drugs; chemical sub-1
stance information, part I; che
mical substance information,
part II; A family disease ena
bling denial, refusal skills; and,
youth and the law in Warm
The class is conducted by
alcohol and drug prevention
Caroline Cruz with one class
conducted by juvenile coordi
nator Sondra Weston. For more
information and registration call
Cruz at 553-1161, ext. 205.
As these days go by I am
more determined to strive on
for the Lord and do His work. I
would like to be able to reach
more of my friends and relatives,
including the younger generation
to tell them that alcohol and
drugs aren't doing them any
favors except make them look
older, act like fools. Their pro
blems will still be there when
they sober up or come down
from their "high."
In the Bible it says that we are
not fighting against flesh but
spirits. I believe that ft more
people understood this they will
be able to get a better under
standing of their feelings when
they are sad, depressed, jealous,
bitter, angry, suicidal etc., etc.,
By getting stoned or drunk they
don't understand that they are
"opening" the door to these
spirits and are inviting them in
(to their body.) They cannot get
by in life by "just being good"
they should be told that they
need Jesus to help them thru.
My friend, I am going to miss
you terribly, especially when
your birthday has come and
gone and now the holidays are
upon us. . .1 pray that your
loved ones will have people to
share and care for them during
what is suppose to be "family
time" and the season to be jolly.
I cannot judge because I don't
know what was in your heart,
only God knows that. But I
want you to know that you will
be a part of a lot of people's
hearts for a long time to come.
Love your friend,
Tina Aguilar
Photo courtesy of MOIHS
Toe Ness
Two ladies were talkin when one said, "All of my married friends'
quit telling me I should settle down. . .They're all divorced
now!" YIKES
Tom and Don were talking. Tom said, "If your girl friend told you
to go out and find a job before she would marry you, what would
you look for?" Don. . ."Another girl." YIKES
IHS Director reinstated
Dr. Everett Rhoades, suspended June 21 as director of the
Indian Health Services in the Department of Health and Human
Services, was reinstated December 10, with a reprimand. The
Washington Post reported that Donald I. MacDonald, acting
assistant secretary for health, made the announcement.
Rhoades, the first Indian to head the IHS, was charged with
condoning favoritism by subordinates in the awarding of some
$33,000 in grants to his daughter under the IHS college scholar
ship program. MacDonald said Rhoades was reprimanded for
failing to exercise due care to avoid the appearance of conflict of
Shike, Miss Warm Springs
She: You see more in a big city."
He: True, true, but you sure can hear more in a small town.
Ihere was this guy who came home in the wee hours in the
morning carrying a rolling pin, thinking of himself. "This time I'm
going to fight back." YIKES
Two women were talking as one said. "No doubt about it
ten years of Ellie Mae's life were those between 39 and 40."
the best
Doctors keep telling us to get lots of fresh air, but they never tell us
where to find it... YIKES
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Estimo and Sandra Danzuka.
She is presently attending Linn
Benton Community College at
Albany, Oregon where she is a
freshman. Shike received a scho
larship in basketball and is a
starting guard on the college
Competing for the titles is not
totally new to the 18 year-old
miss who has earned a number
of titles in sports as well as
queens'contest. She was a mem
ber of the class of 1985 at Mad
ras High School where she was
active in basketball and volley
ball. She also served as the
homecoming queen during her
senior year and the Holiday BB
tournament queen here in Warm
Shike is planning a career in
business administration after she
completes her college schooling.
According to Anna Clements,
of the Miss Warm Springs com
mittee, there is not a budget for
the 1986 Miss Warm Springs so
Shike's appearances will be
limited during the first three
months of her reign.
Year-end sale!!!
Savings from
20 to 30
Selected beaded bags, wallets and many other items.
Sale good from December 20, 1985
January 31, 1986
Hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. No Lay-Aways
At the Deschutes River Bridge on Highway 26
Warm Springs Gift Shop
Information Center
P.O. Box "C"
Warm Springs, OR 97761
(503) 553-1156
Tumft waimmee articles and letters to be published from Its
readers. All letters, preferably 300 words or less, must Include the writer's
signature and address. Thank you letters and poetry will be published at the
editors discretion.
All letters are the opinion of the writer and do not reflect In any way the
cDinlon of Spilyay Tymoo. Spilyay Tymoo reserves the right to edit all copy
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OR refuse Duplication oi any leueiuiai wmqi hMCWm, .. ......
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