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January 3, 1986
Spilyay Tymoo
throughout Warm Springs community
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Second ...
Continued from page 1 KWSI was erected atop Eagle 26. Voters defeated the budget
pre-school program and the possi- Butte. The SimnashoLonghouse by a margin of 359 against and
bility of new enterprises on the renovation was nearly completed 314 for.
reservation. Overcrowding at the in October. The addition more Record snowfall blanketed
Headstart program necessitated than doubled the size of the Warm Springs with nearly 18
the creation of the. new tribal Longhouse, adding another inches of the white stuff. The
pre-school program. Tribal 10,500 square feet. snow is still hanging on due to
Council appropriated $50,000 In November, district voters extremely cold weather and the
for the program to finish out approved a $2.8 million opera- lack of sun. Tribal associate,
1 985 and an additional $ 1 90,000 ing budget for 509-J schools. Jerry Dibble, was killed Decem-
for 1986. The 200-foot tower for Paiute Chief Nick Kalama suf- ber 6 in a plane crash near
incu a ucaii auai;. anu aiea sacramemo. Alter mucn wait
October 25. Beginning October ing and anticipation, the Sim
28, Janice Clements and Shirley nasho Longhouse was dedicated
Sanders circulated a petition November 22. Hundreds
objecting to the 1 986 operating attended the ceremonies,
budget. The pair obtained the It was announced in mid
signatures of 334 eligible tribal December that Tribal Council
voters in two days. The admi- would post a nine-month oper
nistrative staff of the Warm ating budget before the end of
Springs Police Department staff 1985. For the first three months
moved into their new quarters of 1986, tribal operations are
the first week of November. expected to be supported by
The November 12 general available funds, 1985 savings
council meeting held at the and tribal dollars under the
Agency Longhouse was attended $25,000 authority of Tribal
by over 200 tribal members. Council. Tribal operations are
The meeting was held to hear expected to continue at normal
and discuss the concerns of those levels during the first three
who objected to the 1986 tribal months of 1986.
operating budget. At another For many, 1985 was a year of
meeting held November 20, con- change and indecision. It was a
cerned tribal members again vear of new thines. old thinos
li presented their views, citing revisited and graceful acceptance
mgii unemployment among mem- oi tnose tnings tnat couia not be
bers, too many managers and changed. Whatever, all look for-
nO Ifimit intn tYlP annual KllH at mi rA ttiA nam Iran r tirWK nrant
t . i I "i'"uwi iMutv-i, nam iuuiv iivif yvoi vtuij Eiwai
ffrH!-t " i or ..all il J, r .
w i "tu as many uuicr imngs. aniicipaiion ana nopeiumess.
'i'no- J The. rpferpnHum HAtarm ininatha tKa naur trAar nraat nntii
am,,nimmm ... MVlvinjMiMit uiv n jvoi vtilii Kivat aillll-
laiconncDuageiwasixovemoer pation and nopetuiiness.
Royalty . . .
Coyote News
Spilyay Tymoo Staff
Darkroom Writer
Marsha Shewczyk
' Pat Leno-Baker
Pnscilla Squiemphen
Published bi-weekly by the Confederated Tribes of the
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