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iness tonight; partly cloudy with .
chance of few showers, Saturday,
Low tonight, 40; Ugh Saturday, (5.
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69th Year, No. 104
Salem, Oregon, Friday, May 3, 1957
Entered ai Moond dua
mtttcr st Salem, Ore fan
Price 5c
Harvey Signs
868 Acres in
Ba uxite Hun t
Aluminum Ore Exploration to Start
June 1 in Rosedale Area; Land
Options Total $398,000
Capital Journal Writer '
Exploration for bauxite,
produced, will begin in the Rosedale area south or
Salem about June 1 by Harvey Aluminum Co. it was
learned today.
The. f inn filed 18 options covering approximately
acres or land In the area at
the county recorder's office here
If exercised, the options would
Involve a total purchase price ot
$398,000. Option fee payments
ranging from $100 to $640 were
made by the company. In most
cases the options call for a pur
chase price of $500 an acre,
For Two Years
The options are for two years
and give the company the right
"to conduct explorations for the
general purpose of determining
the suitability of mineral and
chemical bearing materials of
every character and nature; to
make excavations by means of
test holes, pits, etc.; the right to
remove samples, the right to
erect, operate and maintain equip
ment and apparatus.
At the local office of the U. S.
Chemical Division of the Harvey
concern, A. W. Metzger, plant
manager said the options were
the first of a number signed a
year or more ago. Others will
follow. . "
- Arrangements Completed
Metzger said that arrangements
have been completed with a firm
that , will conduct drilling in the
area beginning about June 1. "We
have virtually all the land we
need covered by options," said
Metzger. "We will seek bauxitic
materials and further operations
will hinge on what we find."
A couple of years ago a Cana
dian firm optioned land in the
Rosedale Hills area, conducted
drilling operations and then aban
doned the fields .. -
Those signing the options and
the amount of land involved arc: :
Donald A. and Paula Jo Jones
and Leona B, Gookins, Rt. 3, Box,
761, 35 acres. Robert T. and Elonc
I. Nelson, 400 E. Vista Ave., Sa
lem, 40 acres; John C. and Mary
B. Kleinschmidt, Rt. 4, Box 534,
50 acres; Floyd E. and Lcsta C.
Bates, Rt. 4, Box 334, 30 acres.
Paul H. Taylor, Rt. 4, Box 504,
10 acres; George Angel and For
est C. Turner, Rt. 1, Box 187A,
Silverton; W. J. and Rossie A. Lin
foot, Portland, 53 acres; Thomas
E. and Ethel E. Barry, Rt. 4,
Box 564, 80 acres,
Rola M. and O. F. Sayles, Rt.
4, Box 354, 30 acres; Gordon Mc
Gilchrist Jr. and Marie McGil
Christ, 360 McGilchrist St., 50
acres; Lincoln M. and Mary 11.
Pfeiffer, 1040 Wilbur St., 20 acres;
William J. and Dorothy G. Linfoot,
960 Gerleon Drive. 72 acres.
Donald and Kathleen Bernards,
Rt. 4, Box 558, 150 acres: Forest
W. and Orpha L. Cammack, Rt. 4,
Box 448, 80 acres.
Dulles Exhorts
Russ'to Allow
German Unity
BONN, Germainy W Secretary
: of State John Foster Dulles called
on Russia Friday to end the
division of Germany "before its
i injustices become intolerable."
Dulles told the North Atlantic
;, Council of Foreign Ministers the
' Soviet Union's protestations of
peace "indeed ring hollow when
they forcibly divide a great
He said that both on humanitar
ian and legal grounds the contin
ued split of the country could not
; be justified.
r: The American statesman spoke
after West German Foreign Min
ister Heinrich Von Brentano called
upon the 15-nation alliance . to
support his government's demands
; for reunification quickly.
Brentano's statement was, in
part, an effort to bolster Chan
cellor Konrad Adenauer's political
.stock for general elections coming
' up in September.
Von Brentano told the ministers
the leader of the Federal German
Republic are doing all they can
to insure that the Red-ruled
people of East Germany take no
"imprudent actions" which could
only aggravate their misery and
lead to terrorism.
Senate Takes
Go-Home Step
The Oregon Senate, on the 110th 1
flav of the session, took official
notice Friday that the end might
not be far away.
The upper house approved a
resolution providing for mailing
books and other supplies to mem
bers' homes. It goes to the House.
Most legislators feel the session
will end between May IS and
Jane U
from which aluminum is
Lease Scandal
On Alaskan Oil
Lands Scented
Rep. Pelly Asks Probe
By Interior Chief of
Claim Jumping
(R-Wash) Friday asked Interior
Secretary Seaton to investigate re
ports of claim jumping on Alaskan
oil lands, declaring "we may well
have a national scandal in the
making, rivaling any in our past
"Informational sources available
to me," Pelly wrote Seaton, "indi
cate that one of the biggest
scrambles for leases in our history
is under way in Alaska on a 'winner-take-all,
no holds barred'
basis. ,
"I am informed 'lease sharks'
with connections in every land of
fice in Alaska and through into
Washington, D.C., with batteries
of legal counsel at their disposal,
are busy punching technical holes
in every block of lease applica
tions which have adequate geologi
cal background."
Pelly cited what he said was a
"typical example" brought to his
attention where an application is
filed for a block of 2X1,000 acres.
If the geologist 'behind the ap
plicant is known to be on the pay
roll of one of the major oil com
panies, felly said, the scramble
is on to find a legal or technical
flaw as soon as the applications
arc filed and the land relocation
therefore exposed to public knowl
edge." Pelly continued:
"Then if some clerk in the
Anchorage, Fairbanks or even in
the Washington, D.C.. office of the
Land Bureau decides that the
cartography or legal description
of a few units is not correct to the
last detail, the news and the offi
cial number of the disputed units
travels at an amazing rate of
"Invariably within 10 or 15 min
utes after the announcement there
is a 'claim jumper'with applica
tion and check in hand at the
Land Office to cross-file on the
disputed acreage."
Tulsa Officers
Meted Prison
TULSA tfl Eleven of 16 per
sons convicted of conspiracy to
violate federal liquor laws includ
ing Tulsa Police Commissioner
Jay L. Jones and suspended Po
lice Chief Paul L. Livingston, each
were sentenced Friday to a year
in prison and fined $1,000.
The other five, all ' suspended
police officers, were given one
year prison terms.
Ike Calls on GOP to
Recoup West Losses
WASHINGTON 1 President
Eisenhower Friday urged Repub
lican leaders of Western states to
find out why the GOP suffered
"disturbing" losses in the West
last November, and then chart
strategy for a "vigorous" come
back. Addressing a lo-state Republi
can rally at Salt Lake City, Utah,
by telephone from the White
House. Eisenhower seemed at
least by implication to suggest the
answer was in more vigorous sup
port of principles set out in the
1956 party platform.
"It is vitally important that w
elect a Republican House and
Senate in 1958," he told the GOP
Then he urged a searching
"self-criticism." and suggested
the leaders measure their party's
i performance against the stand-
ards and policies of the platform.
"I am sure that vou and I
know that I will not treat our :
platform lightly," Eisenhower
"It outlines the policies our
party proposes in confronting and
solving modern day problems both
at home and abroad. It is a basic
statement of our beliefs in the
kind of government we need In
Foxy Trio
Triplet baby foxes line up for a formal
portrait with owner, John Bailey, 1285
Parkway Dr., after he found and brought
home the pups from a farm field Wednes
day. The trio are Just beginning to get
GOP Senators Won't
Block Demo Tax Bill
Associated Press Writer -
Republican members of the Sen
ale Taxation Committee strongly
opposed Friday the House-approved
bill to revise personal income tax
rates, but they indicated they
would not block its passage in
the Senate.
Sen. Walter J. Pearson (D), of
Portland, chairman of the com
mittee, said the committee will
send the bill to the Senate floor
next Tuesday morning. It likely
will have the blessing of the
committee's four Democrats and
opposition of its three Republi
cans. At the end of Friday's meeting
of the committee, Sen. Rudie Wil-
helm (R), Portland, said to Pear
son: We'll Supply One'
"If you get 15 Democrats to
support the bill, we'll supply you
with one Republican."
This would indicate that the 15-
15 party split in the upper house
wouldn't block passage of the bill.
The bill repeals the 45 per cent
surtax imposed in 1955, but in
corporates it into the tax rate
structure; increases the $500 per
sonal exemption to $600; and
changes the 2 per cent withhold
ing tax so that all income taxes
would be withheld from salaries.
The three Republican members
of the committee Wilhelm; Phil-
this year of 1957.
"By spreading the gospel of this
kind of Republicanism, we shall
bring back into the fold all those
who left us in 1956, and gain
thousands of recruits to make our
strength decisive in the service of
our country."
The Salt Lake City conference,
third in a series of regional Re
publican meetings, faces a
"unique challenge," Eisenhower
told the GOP leaders assembled
It was In the West, he said, that
GOP "Fared least well in the 1956
In all the states except Arizona,
New Mexico and Utah the na
tional Republican ticket lost
ground from 1952 in the percent
age of total vote.
"The most disturbing factor was
the total vote for Congress which
dropped from 55 per cent in 1952
to 49 per cent in 1956,
the presi-
dent said.
The party needs to know, he
;saia. wny suosianuai gains eise-
where occurred while the West
was slipping. When the answers
are found, he said, "I hope we
can regroup our forces and make
a vigorous start to correct the
situation next year,"
Finds New Home in City
w 9-
ip Lowry, . . Medtord, and ..Lee
Ohmart, Salem said the income
tax is too high, and that the state
would have to come to a sales
tax in a couple of years.
They said, however, they will
make no effort to try to get a
sales tax approved this session. In
fact, the Democratic-controlled
House already has rejected a sales
'Must Have Sales Tax'
Wilhelm said that the House bill
"just includes the surtax and
makes it a little higher. I am
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Jefferson Parades
To a Calypso Beat
Capital Journal Valley Editor
"Hill and gully riders, ,
hill and gully ..."
JEFFERSON (Special) '
"Springtime on the Santiam"
came to this bustling little town
Friday with a Calypso beat as
high school students joined in their
annual May festival and parade.
The high school's prize winning
band led the lengthy parade down
Second street through the town
playing the rollicking Calypso
song, "Hill and Gully Riders," and
"The Music Went Round and
The band was followed 'closely
by Queen Barbara Jeanne Hart
and her escort, King Frank Mar
latt. x
Ankeny Grange won sweep
stakes prize with its float depict
ing a fishing camp, with a realis
tic campfire. It also placed first
in the Grange and farm division.
Other prize winners follow:
Churches, First Christ! an
Fraternal, Civic, R e b e k a h
Commercial, Cobb Manufactur
ing Co.
Garden clubs, Wedding Ring
High school and affiliates, fresh
men. Grade school, eighth grade.
Saddle horses, Everett Struck
meier. Original costume, Jeanine Griz
zel. Ginger and 4th
Hubby Separate
Ginger Rogers, 45, announced Fri
day that she and her fourth hus
band. Jacques Bergerac, 30. for
mer Paris lawyer turned Holly
wood actor have separated.
Through a spokesman Miss Rog
ers said Bergerac moved out of
their Beverly Hills home Thurs
day. She said she'll file suit for di
vorce next week on grounds of
mental cruelty, ;
used to being around peuple and will soon
be as tame as dogs. Bailey hopes to find
a home for all three in some kind of zoo.
(Capital Journal Photo by Jerry Claussen)
Any Willamette Valley farmer
knows that a fox can be a prob
lem. But for John Bailey, 1285
Parkway Drive, the fox prob
lem has been multiplied by
thrce.'He L has trio of: baby
red foxes and doesn't know what
to do with them.
Bailey found the cute trio,
about ' six weeks old, on a
friend's farm near Rickrcall
Wednesday evening. The mother
apparently had abandoned them.
Although they'll bite If teased,
Bailey Is slowly getting his
three new pels lamed down.
They live in separate box houses
in the back yard and eat dog
food. Bailey hopes he can find a
zoo or someone else who will
take all three.
Comedian, Ricks Garage.
Decorated bike, William Reeves.
Pets, Wcltha Coin.
Marching, high school.
Navy Recalls
Major Power
Of 6th Fleet
announced Friday that the maior
fighting ships of the 6th Fleet are
moving out of the eastern Mediter
ranean where they were rushed
during the Jordan crisis last week.
It said they are returnin to the
central Mediterranean area to
take part m previously scheduled
North Atlantic Treaty Organiza
tion naval exercises.
Amphibious elements of the
fleet, including the reinforced Ma
nnc Corps Battalion of 1,800 men,
will remain in the eastern Medi
terranean with a number of es
corting ships.
The giant carrier Forrestal, the
battleship Wisconsin, and the
heavy cruisers Salem and Des
Moines are the principal warships
now steaming westward to take
part m exercise Green Pivot, a
phase of general exercises Involv
ing naval forces and ships of most
of the maritime powers of NATO.
The decision to pull the big ships
out of the eastern Mediterranean
for the NATO exercises plainly
indicated an official feeling here
that the situation involving Jordan
and her neighbors has eased.
Lynch Is U. O. Prexy
EUGENE Wl James Lynch
of Lakcview, a senior in business
administration, has been elected
student bodv president of the Uni
versity of Oregon.
Weather Details
Mixlmum yMUrday, II; minimum
tfldty. 31. TnUI Z4-hour prrclplutlnn,
.5; for month, M; normal, .IS. sea
son precipitation, 2S.S2; normal, M.lft.
RlT?r heitht, .9 of a foot. (Report
by U. S. Weather Bureau.)
1 1 T 7-
To Be
4 Exposed to
In Texas Lab
Company Official Says
Situation in Hand,
No Hazards
HOUSTON. Tex. Ifl-An Atomic
Energy Commission representa
tive said yesterday that two and
possibly four employes of the lab
oratory of the M. W. Kellogg Co.
here have received radiation con
tamination. An official of the New York
construction company, W. B. Con
verse, said, "The situation is un
der control and there are no
Converse said he is reluctant
to name the men involved be
cause casual visitors to the homes
of these employes might receive
secondary exposure to radiation,
and we wish to avoid any hys
teria on the part of the public."
The AEC said that the company
reported tho laboratory was se
verely contaminated March 13
when irradiated pellets of a mix
ture of compressed Iridium 192
and aluminum metal powder were
broken while being removed from
cans. The laboratory was closed,
but is expected to open in two
The commission said the lab
oratory was partially decontami
nated. It said that two employes
were present at the time of the
incident and one of them may
havo inhaled some of the radio
active powder.
"Their exposure to exlernal ra
diation is- not believed to have
been large." The men were not
The AEC said:
"The investigation to date also
indicates that clothing of at least
tho two employes was contaminat
ed, and was not removed until
after the employes arrived homo.
Some radioactivity was delected
in the present home of one em
ploye, and also in a trailer where
he lived at the time of the inci
dent. "Some clothing of other mem
bers of his family was found to he
slightly radioactive, presumably
as a result of being washed along
with the employe s clothes.
James Carry, assistant to the
president of the firm, said Iridium
192 is used in a device that looks
for structural weaknesses in such
material as steel, pipeline and
12 Chrysler
Plants Idled
DETROIT in A series of wild
cat strikes triggered by a dispute
over job transfer rights shut down
12 Chrysler, Corp. plants in the
Detroit area Friday, idling nearly
40,000 workers in the past 24 hours.
The dispute stopped production
of Plymouth, Dodge and Chrysler
The company said 14,000 work
ers in Dodge and Plymouth plants
were idled Thursday night and an
other 25.000 were idled Friday as
material shortages affected other
Both the company and the Unit
ed Auto Workers Union said the
strikes that resulted in the com
pany sending home workers by
the thousands were not author
Holmes Takes State
Out of Power Group
United Press Staff Correspondent
Gov. Robert D. Holmes said
today he was bringing an abrupt
stop to a program through which,
he said, Oregon's two previous
Republican governors had con
tributed nearly $8,000 of state
funds for promotion of a so-called
"partnership" power development.
The action removed Oregon
trom the Pacific Northwest Gov
ernors' Power Policy Committee,
which Gov. Holmes called an arm
ot the private power lobby.
Gov, Holmes said the records
showed that unapproved reports of
Ihc committee's technical engi
neers had been used recently to
support the position of Idaho Pow
er Co. in the Hells Canyon con
troversy. Gov. Holmes s;id the records
fhowed that the lale Gov. Paul
Patterson, under whose adminis
tration Oregon joined the power
policy committee, and Gov. Elmo
Smith had authorized payments
from the executive department
funds to Portland General Electric
Co. totaling $7,577.63.
ejo eueSns
0 jo AjejeAiufl
Monday in Senate
McCarthy in
Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, who died Thursday In Beth
esda Naval Hospital, is shown in two characteristic
actions during the Army-McCarthy hearings in Washing-
ton In 1054, (AP Wircphoto)
No European Tear
LONDON uH Western Europe's newspapers shed no tear
Friday for Senator Joseph R. McCarthy. The death of the
Wisconsin senator renewed the dormant passions that once
House Group
Vetoes Flood
Surety Funds
Appropriations Committco refused
Thursday to approve a 50 million
dollar allotment to financo the
federal flood insurance program
approved at tho last session of
Tho committee's action was
taken in approving an omnibus
appropriation bill allotting a total
of $79,840,788 to miscellaneous
agencies, mainly for use during
the remaining two months of the
present fiscal year.
This was $70,064,875 less than
President Eisenhower requested,
the 46 per cent cut boosting to
$1,263,457,124 the total reductions
made by the committee or the
House on 11 money bills this year.
Based on total requests for $15,-
555,615,566 to date, the over-all
cut is 8.1 per cent.
The Scnalo has not yet acted
on any o( the regular appropria
tions bills.
In turning down the 50 million
dollar allotment, the committee
recommended instead that the
agency administering the flood in
surance program use $325,000 it
now has for lurther study to de
velop "a moro workable plan,"
He said the case had been under
investigation since he took office
Jan. 14 and during that time he
lelt a moral obligation to author
ize continuation of monthly pay
ments although no c o nt r a c t
Immediate exception to this
statement was taken by Estes
Snedecor Jr., tax agent and legis
lative representative for Portland
General Electric.
"PGE merely has been acting
as a fiscal clearing house for the
Governors policy committee,"
Snedecor said.
"We havo collected the money
Irom all the participants and paid
the bills from that fund We have
r-ot received one cent of compen
sation for ourselves, and we ob
ject to the inlerence that we have
i-een paid money."
Oregon's share, which Gov.
Holmes said was bigger by almost
twice than any other contributor's,
went into a fund for expenses of
Ebasco services, a private firm
which actually makes the studies
for the committee.
, 1
Probe Role
Purged around his name,
British papers nearly all gave
the story prominent ironi-page
space and carried bitter editorials
on ' McCarthyism.
Tho reports in Franco were
brief. But all papers referred to
McCarthy as "Tho Witch Hunter."
The Communist l'Humanito de
clared the senator "was famous
for his relcntlcssness in using
methods against Communism
worthy of the inquisltiion."
Inquisition" also was used in
London's conservalivo Daily Tele
graph. The pro-Communist Paris Lib
eration called the senator "the
leader of frantic anti-communism
and the grand master of witch
Austrian papers announced the
death with such headlines as
"Snooper Senator McCarthy
A typical British comment came
from the liberal News Chronicle:
"He built a monstrous myth and
made millions believe it, but like
a fool ho overnlavcd it and de
stroyed both tho myth and him
self. America was tho cleaner by
his fall, and Is cleaner by his
Ellender Eyes
Benson Blast
As 'Czar' Try
cratic critic attacked Secretary
of Agriculturo Ezra T. Benson to
day for his blast at the present
farm price support program,
Chairman Alien J. Ellender of
the Senate Agriculture Committee
accused Benson of trying to set
himself up as an "agricultural
Benson Thursday lore into the
present farm program. He said it
is "not working," is costly to tax
payers and is losing markets for
farmers. He gave no specific rec
ommendations but said he wanted
discretionary authority to set sup
port price levels.
Benson said he had the full back
ing of President Eisenhower and
planned a campaign to convince
farmers they'll make more money
if Congress empowers him to cut
support prices further.
Sunny Spell
To Be Brief
Another beautiful sprint; day
marked Friday for Salem and the
valley, following some fog and
early morning cloudiness.
But the weather bureau fore
casts gradually increasing cloudi
ness tonight with prospect of some
showers Saturday.
Five-day forecast calls for preci
pitation to be above normal, oc
curring mainly as showers tonight
and Saturday and again over Tues
day. Temperatures are duo to be
somewhat below normal.
at 47
Liver Ailment
Claims Red
United Press Staff Correspondent
Funeral services for Sen.
Tosenh R.' McCarthy will
be held at 11 a.m. E.D.T.
Monday in the Senate
Chamber where he rose to fama
and later was condemned by bis
colleagues. The Senate services will h nr.
Cedpd hv ftlthnllr mns of O m
at St. Matthews Cathedral, wher
McCarthy was married in 1953.
Senate lo Meet, Adjonrn
The Senate will meet briefly at
noon Monday and adjourn out of
respect for McCarthy.
A committee of senators will ac
company the body from the Senata
W..U...UV4 tu ript'l.UII, .TIB., muu-
Burial will be in AoDleton Tues
The decision to conduct the serv
ices in the Senate Chamber was
announced after Senate leaders
conferred with Mrs. McCarthy.
The Wisconsin Republican died
at Bethcsda Naval Hospital late
Thursday of a little understood
liver malady called "acute hepa
titis." the immediate cause ol
death was "acute hopatitic fail
ure." lailuro of tho liver to go on
,, , . : Capital Shocked
Death came to the controversial
senator, who made hosts of one-.
on alleged Communists in govern
ment, with a suddenness that
shocked the capital.
He had been ill for a number
of weeks but did not enter the
hospital until' last Sunday. The
hospital said he was "seriously"
ill, but never publicly put him on
tho "critical" list.
McCarthy's malady was not so-
called infectious hepatitis, a virus-caused
disease. Medical au
thorities said McCarthy's ailment.
acute hepatitis, is organic and is
not caused by any external agent.
A Public Health Service official
who has spent his life studying
liver maladies said there are
some iw aiiiereni ninas oi organ
ic hepatitis. They all manifest
similar symptoms but have dif
ferent causes.
Thcro are a whole host of con
ditions which could have preced
ed the senator's acute attack," he
said. "Even if there had been an
autopsy, the basic cause that pro
duced it probably never would
have been known anyway."
feisennower sends condolences
Mrs. McCarthy did not author
ize an autopsy, and there will be
none. ' '
Messages of condolence poured
In to McCarthy's widow, the beau
tiful Jean whom he married in,
President and Mrs. Elsenhower
and former President Truman
voiced their sorrow, though the
President and former President
had been targets of his attacks.
Others who had been his enemies
in life availed themselves of the
rule to say nothing ill of the
Funeral services for 22 sena
tors have been held in the Sen
ate Chamber since 1886. There
were some before that but no rec
ord has been kept on them. The
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Sews in Brief
Friday, May 3, 1957
McCarthy Dies; Bites
Set in Senate Sec. 1, r. 1
Tributes to McCarthy; Wis
consin Reaction Sec. 1, v. B
Bullet Nicks Costclio... Sec. 1, P. 2
DcMolay Conclave
Opens ; Sec. 1, P. S
Powell Heads Planning
Council acc. 2, r. 1
Salem School Honors
Listed Sec. 2. P. 1
House Approves Last of
Three Tax Bills Sec. 1, P.
Nicaraguan President Says
Town Recaptured - Sec. 1, P. 1
Rain Idles Senators . Sec. 2, P. I
Parrlsh Adds Mo Fitisimmons
to Teaching Staff.. Sec. 2. P. 2
Amusements Sec. 1, P. 2
Editorials Sec. 1. P. 4
Locals Sec. 1, P. 5
Sec. 2. P. 1
Society Sec. 1, P. 6, 7
Comics Sec. 2. P. 5
Television Sec. 2, P. t
Want Ads Sec. 2. P. 7, 8. 9
.Markets Sec. 2. P. 10
Dorothy Dix ... Sec. 1, P. 9
Crossword Puzzlo .. Sec. 2, P. S
School Sec. 2, P. 4