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    THE CAPITAL JOURNAL, Salem, Oregon
Thursday, February 23, '954
Peg in Washington
Washington, D. C. Feb. 21.
Dear Marian:
Highlight of the past week hai
been the vi:it of a contingency
of Oregonians, moit of them
members of the Governor'! Com
mittee on Highway Safety, with
Governor Paul L. Patterson him
self beading up this group of vis
iting Oregonians.
From the opening of the gen
eral session Wednesday morning
when the President addressed the
assembly , to the final general
meeting with' the Vice President
as the speaker, the visitors par
ticipated in daily sessions of pan
el groups in various phases of
safety work. Individuals in the
Oregon group attended the pan
el in the f'dd of their own rep
resentation nd then they joined
Friday noon in an Oregon lunch
eon meeting to crystallite the
recommendations of the Presi
dent's Conference.
On Wednesday, Secretary
Douglas McKay entertained the
committee members in the In
tenor dimn, room and it was
general discussion of Oregon top
ics and news rather than high
way safety that engrossed the
luncheon group that day. Most of
the comi ittee bad opportunities
to visit with Oiegon Congression
al members and some of them
sat in on Capitol cessions. A spe
cial event v a the While House
tour arranged lor early Friday
morning in which a dozen of the
committee joined, returning to
report appreciatively on the at
tractions of the executive man
sion. You have had the namea
of the committee, and I'll not
repeat them here hut suffice to
sty, that it was pleasant to have
an opportunity to chatter with
them about home and the home
folks. ,
Other visitors from Oregon
this week have been Dr. Walter
E. Snyder, superintendent of Sa
lem schools; 8. E. Brogoittl, of
Helix, chairman of the State
Board of Education; and E. H.
Silke,, superintendent of Spring
field schools, The three had been
in Atlantic City for -educational I
Some Notations.,
By M. L. F.
As always, the annual "Sweet
heart Party" of the Downtown
Salem u club Wednesday
night was a gala affair almost
a riotous one because of that
"character" peculiar to Lions
clubs, the tailtwister and the
tailtwister, Leo Reimann, was in
top form last night, even to a
"mink" bow tie . . .
The club members entertained
their wives at a dinner and pro
gram at the Marion hotel, danc
ing following the program . , .
Carl ' Aschenbrenner, a past
presiaent, was toastmaster and
did his usual food job, but un
der handicaps because of the
heckling from said tailtwister
all in fun, of course, to keep the
party gay and laughing . . . Din
ner music was played by a trio
from Willamette university . . ,
Several games, a memory test
one, a scrambled word one, etc.,
were played with prizes awarded.
. . . The heart fund gained on
the last one, "passing the water
glass," the fines being turned
over to the heart fund drive . . .
The tables were bright with
large bouquets of red tulips with
white hearts tucked among them
and red candles down the cen
ter .. .
Among those taking in the
party, Denver Young, club presi
dent, and Mrs. Young; Mr. and
Mrs. Willard Wilson, the latter
president of the Lions auxiliary;
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Goodennuch,
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Cheek, Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Aschenbrenner,
Mr. and Mrs. l,eo Reimann, Mr.
and Mrs. Virgil T. Golden, Mr.
and Mrs. Stanley 8. Smith, Mr.
and Mrs. Glen Weaver, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry L. Miller, Mr. and
Mrs. Gus Wysong, Mr. and Mrs.
Roger Hoy, Mr. and Mrs. Rov T.
Todd, Mr. and Mrs. William New
myer. Mr. and Mrs. Deral Jones,
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. Rrure Van Wyn
garden, Mr. and Mrs. Morrrll
Crary. Mr. and Mrs. Milan Boni
face, Mr. and Mrs. F.dward Mai
ek, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ohmart,
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kronn,
Dr. and Mrs. F.still L. Hrunk, Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob Fuhrer, Mr. and
Mrs. Vernon Gilmnre, Dr. and
Mrs. Waldo Zcllrr. Mr. and Mrs.
Harry W. Scott, Mr. and Mrs.
James Allenby, Mr. and Mrs.
James Heard, Mr. and Mrs. I J.
Young, Mr. and Mrs. Waltrr K.
Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd K.
Bowers, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W.
Carter, Mr. and Mrs. George Gra
benhorst, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter Dry-. Mr- snd Mrs. Carl Steel
hammer, Dr. and Mrs. I.lnyri
Horkett, Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Jrnks, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius
Lof Hi-en, Mr. and Mrs. Merrill I).
Ohling, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mr
Ewan. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Rrhmllt, Mr. and Mrs. Fields
Merck, Dr. and Mrs. John M.
Ramage, Mr. and Mrs. I.orrn
Mort, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Paul
ton, Mr. and Mrs. F.d Rogers, Mr.
end Mrs. Cecil Quesseth, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Smlther, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Carstensen, Mr. and
Mrs. Wayne Gordon, Mr. and
Mrs. Irvin Wedel . . .
General chairman for the party
Was Walter K. Martin . . ,
MT. ANGEL The last pre
Inlcn dance, sponsored by the
Young People's Sodality, will he
given Thursday evening, Febru
ary 2-V in the auditorium nf St
Mary's school. Dancing will he
gin at 0 o'clock, Lyl and his
Westerners will furnish the
music , i
conventions. Mr. Brogoittl ar
rived in time to attend the safe
ty committee's luncheon at the
Statler Friday. The Larry Smyths
and I were fortunate to be in
cluded in the committee's lunch
eon, too. Mrs. Harriet Krause, of
Portland, with the Fair Employ
ment Practices Division of the
State Bureau of Labor, has been
here over the week-end visiting
with her son, Dr. William W.
Krause, woo is a psychiatrist
here. After graduation from the
University of Oregon Medical
School, Or, Krause served as a
major in Korea, spent three
years with the Veterans' Ad
ministration and then opened his
own office in Washington.
Two Willamette University stu
dents, Donald Berney and
Charles Ruud, are in Washing
ton for the special "Washington
Semester" program offered by
American University. At the Ore
gon dinner recently they enjoyed
meeting som. young fellow Ore
gonions who are also studying in
Washington. The students find
that one of the greatest features
of their semester in the national
capital is the opportunity to
study federal governmental oper
ations at short rangi, as well as
to have more time to visit his
toric spots than the usual visitor
who has all too few brief days
here. For example, one of the
Governor's Committee who re
mained over an extra day report
ed that he tran ped IS miles that
day viewing some of the famous
buildings, in order to get at least
a general picture of the Wash
ington scene in his brief time
For those of us who are here
longer, the chief difficulty in
viewing some of these buildings
is that we put off from week to
week any of that kind of sight
seeing, thinking there will be
more time a little later. Do you
suppose I'll come home without
seeing the Smithsonian? Or go
ing up In the Washington Monu
ment? Adieu,
Miss Douqhton
Tells Betrothal
Announcement is being made
of the engagement of Miss Cora
lie Dou'ghton, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Millard B. Doughton, to
David A. Rhnten, son of Mr. and
Mrs. George A. Rholen.
XI- .l-,- 1 . I 1 1 .1 .
11U UdlC IB !tl'l llir MIC Wl'UUillg.
The bride-elect is a sophomore
at Willamette university and a
member of Pi Beta Phi sorority.
Mr. Rhoten attended Univer
sity of Washington and is now
a sophomore at Willamette, plan
ning to enter law school there
next year.
Hadassah Meets
Salem chapter of Hadassah met
this week. Mrs. Maurice Ullman
You'll discover the
easy way to buv
the things you nerd
when you need
them most!
Mrs. McKay
To be Feted
At Tea Here
Mrs. Douglas McK y, who ar
rives the first of the week from
Washington, D. C, for t visit at
her home here, is to be honored
at an informal tea to be given
by Mrs. William L. Phillips, Sr.,
Saturday, March 6. The tea will
be at the Phillips borne on West
Lefelle, guests to be members of
Beta Sigma Phi sorority of which
Mrs. McKay is an honorary mem
ber. Three chapter of the sorority
met last evening.
Mrs. Sam C. Campbell was
hostess to Xi Lambda chapter.
Reports of coming activities
were given.
The chapter will give i rush
party on March 17. Members of
Beta Sigma Phi with four years
of membership are eligible to
Xi Lambda chapter.
Miss Helen Block, Kansas
City, Missouri, was announced as
the new division chairman of the
northwest area.
During the program hour.
Wednesday night a talk on rugs,
floor coverings and wails was
given. Mrs. Burl Cox assist
ed Mrs. CampbelL
Alpha Psi
A dramatic program was pre
sented at the Wednesday night
meeting of Alpha Psl chapter of
Beta Sigma Phi it the home of
Miss Lucille Higby. Miss Grace
Carmen was assisting hostess.
Roll call wrr taken by mem
bers giving their most impres
sionable stage performance. Mrs.
Frank P. Marsha!' reviewed
"Death of a Salesman."
Mrs. P, C. Anderson, Mrs. Mar
vin McLean and Mrs. E. W. Rob
ertson were elected on the nom
inating committee.
Alpha Epsllon Group
"Happiness Through Soiritual
Life" was the topic of the Rev.
M. Gebhart Christ Lutheran
church, who spoke on Wednesday
night at the meeting of Alpha JSp-
suon chapter of Belt Sigma Phi.
Mrs. David Bennett Hill was
The assisting hostesses were
Miss Shirley Miller, Miss Erma
uarr, Mrs. Mason McOuiston and
Mrs. Barbara Fisher.
Mrs. Robert McLauehlan. Mra.
Roy Holbrook and Mrs. Wilson
Bcckford were chosen as prin
cesses. One will be chosen queen
of the dance the chapter will
sponsor on March 17 at the Izaak
Walton league club house.
was in charge nf the program on
the Hadassah Medical organiza
tion, the group nationally spon
soring a comprehensive program
to maintain hospitals, medical
schools and other programs for
Israel. .-
Mrs. Bernard Sokolow gave a
report from the American affairs
committee. Hostesses for the eve
ning were Irs. William Harris
and Mrs. Al Ross.
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More Hours:
Edited by HABIAN
Altrusa Tea
On Sunday
An event foe next Sunday will
be the membership tea for which
members of Salem Altrusa club
are to be hostesses at the home
of Mrs. Hazel Downing Goodman.
Guests are invited to call be
tween 3 and 5 o'clock.
Miss Cora Paynter is chairman
for the event.
Miss Rund strom
Completes Course
Miss Irma Rundstrom com
pletes her three-year course in
nursing at Emanuel hospital of
Portland this week-end. She has
accepted a position at the Salem
General hospital in the pediatrics
section where she will begin
work next week.
Miss Rundstrom announced
her engagement to Donald Goert-
zen on Christmas eve to family
and friends. No wedding date
has been set.
To Serve Supper
Members of the Altar society
of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic
church are serving an escalloped
chicken supper on Sunday from
4:30 to 7:00 p.m. The public is
Invited. The event will be at the
Mrs. George Gruehalla is gen
eral chairman and will be assist
ed by the Mrs. C. Johnson, Mrs-
James Mahula, Mrs. A. Jams',
Mrs. H. McAdams, Mrs. J. Pfeifer
and Miss Pearl Bairey; dessert,
Mrs. Edward Payseno; dining
room, Mrs. C. Williams, Mrs. E.
Hansen; dishes, Mrs. Frank Sli-
Give Talent Show
Bethel No. 43, Job's Daughters,
presented their talent show at
the social meeting Wednesday
night for Cherry court, Order of
the Amaranth, at the Scottish
Rite temple.
It was announced that election
of officers will be on March 10.
Games were played following
the program. Mr. and Mrs. James
Tindall were refreshment chair
men and were assisted by Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Brooks, Mr. and
Mrs. Verne Boone, Mr. and Mrs.
James Davidson.
ville (Special) Miss Shirley
Page, 3225 Fisher Rd., Salem, is
secretary-treasurer of Oregon Al
pha chapter, of Pi Kappa Delta
national speech honorary, on the
campus at Linfield college, Mc-
Minnville, The chapter will ob
serve its 30th anniversary on
March 1.
'ih v
other av: :3-s;j
Camp Fire Area
Board Meets Tuesday
Area board of the Camp Fire
Girls met Tuesday evening at
Dallas, 23 attending, the meet
ing at the Lions club. High
light program feature was a
demonstration of ceremonial by
the Ki-Nun-Ka and Tanda groups,
and the candlelighting ceremony
interpretative of the watchword
of the group. May Ellen, Mc-
Cleary was the commentator for
the service.
Reports were given by com
mittees and special talks were
given by Mrs. John Smith, train
ing chairman; Mrs. S. M. Zeller,
national committe erepresenta
tive; Frank Parcher, area camp
director; Miss Virginia Moses,
director for the camp this year;
Dr. Robert W. Fenix on person
nel; Mrs. Edna McCleary on
awards; Del Milne, Camp Fire
council public relations chair
man. FORD STREET Birthday club
met this week, Mrs. John Justis
and Mrs. Floyd Trussell being
hostesses to the group at the
home of the former. Honored
on their birthdays were Mrs.
James Johnson and Mrs. Melvin
Lyons. Attending were the two
honorees and Mrs. Roy Loynes,
Sr., Mrs. Bob Trussell, Mrs.
Grace Maring, Mrs. George Min
ifie, Mrs. John Minifie, Mrs. Ira
Ralston, Mrs. Henry Keeney,
Mrs. Hobart Dixon and the hos
tesses. Recent Wedding
DAYTON Anna Teague and
William Stretch were married
Friday evening, Feb. 19, at 8:30
at her borne, with the Rev. H. C.
Ryan officiating.
The couple will make their
home in Dayton. ' Mr. Stretch is
retired from the state bridge de
partment after 30 years of serv
ice. The guests attending were her
son-in-law and daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. Clair ' Reichstein; his
brother, Harry Stretch; Mrs.
H. C. Ryan and- Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Coop.
HUBBARD The Pythian Sis
ters of Arion temple will enter
tain the grand chief of Oregon,
Mrs. Carrie Broxson of Milton
Freewater, for her official visit
Tuesday evening, March 2, at
the Pythian hall.
TWENTY-TWO members were
present at the Wednesday night
meeting of the PLE and F club
at the home of Mrs. Lennie Ir
vine. Winners at cards were Mrs.
A. A. Neiderberger, Mrs. Arthur
Rockafellow, Mrs. Edna Bergner,
Mrs. Ora McKenzie, Mrs. Ama
Muncey. . j
. Big Games
On Campus
(Caput! Journal Corrupoodrnt)
Corvallis (Special) The weeks
are really "flying by. The com
ing week-end brings the last bas
ketball games of the scheduled
Northern Division title race for
Oregon State College. The
Orangemen couldn't have picked
a tougher rival for the final tilts
than our traditional rivals, the
University of Oregon. One win
will cinch the title for the Beav
ers so Staters will be in McAr
thur court at Eugene on Friday
night and Gill Colesium on Sat
urday night in hopes they will
see the Beavers take the title.
One bit of interesting news to
you Salem folk interested in bas
ketball; Coach Slats Gill has used
12 different starting quintets
this season, and of those start
ing five including Larry Paulus,
sophomore from Salem, Oregon
State has not lost a game.
The 18 winners of the Oregon
State Mothers club scholarships
were honored at a luncheon Wed
nesday noon in the Memorial
Union. JoAnne Stettler and
Doris Frohn Thornton, both of
Salem, were among the honored
as recipients of scholarships.
Also among the honored group
in the past couple of weeks have
been Raymond Terhune and
John Burroughs, two Salem men
who were initiated into Phi Eta
Sigma, freshmen's scholastic
honorary. These men were two
of 18 to be chosen for having
a grade point average of 3.5
or above.
Coming this Sunday is the
Harriette Ann Gray recital. Miss
Gray is a veteran dancer having
been with the Humphrey-Weid-man
groups and has been dance
instructor at Universal Columbia
studios. University of California
and many others. She will give
a lecture-demonstration Sunday
afternoon and i concert Sunday
Seems like Salemites always
take a prominent place in col
lege offices. In recent elections
we find the following results:
Eevi Tarem, social chairman of
Winston House; Kaija Lietuvie
tis, treasurer of Jameson House;
Beth Wendt, registrar of Sigma
Kappa, national social sorority:
and Pat Morton, treasurer of
Gamma Phi Beta, national social
Another Salem girl, Virginia
Lively, was recently initiated
into Kappa Alpha Theta national
social sorority. Recently initiat
ed into Pi Kappa Phi men's fra
ternity was Raymond Terhune of
Salem. -
The annual Lemon -Orange
Squeeze dance which follows the
Oregon-Oregon State basketball
game will be this coming Satur
day night in the Memorial Union
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Betrothal Told
SILVERTON Announcement to
made by Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Bai
ler of the engagement of their
daughter, Dorothy Lou Rossell, to
Dale R. Larson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Larson of Salem.
A late spring wedding is planned.
On Friday
Another of the student recitals
on Willamette university campus
will be Friday at 3 p.m. in the
college of music recital hall.
Those taking part and their
program include:
Arabesque in C Major, Opus 18
Carole McNerney, piano
Linden Lea Williams
Boots .McCall
Ted Mcllvenna, baritone
Barbara Freitag, piano
Selanka (Pastorale) Fibich
Patricia .Payne, clarinet
Myrth Loring, piano
Tea Yeux Rabey
Donna Jenkins, soprano
. Jane Gray, piano
Marilyn Hanthorn, violin
Sonata in B flat - .Haydn
Allegro di molto
Robert VanVactor, piano
Clarinet Quartet Miller
Page Bailey, Nancy Hansen,
Rosemary Weaver,
Amaryllis Lilies
SILVERTON Mr. and Mrs.
William Wortman (Arlene
Hinchliif) are being felicitated
on the birth of a son, Tuesday
evening, February 23, at Silver
ton hospital The baby has been
named Ronald William Wortman.
Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Hinchliff and Mr. and Mrs.
P. A. Wortman.
Ballroom. Salemites connected
with the affair are Jody Ricketts
who is general chairman and
Jim Todd who, with his eight
piece dance band, will., provide
the music. .
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Events Set
For Spring
Epsilon Sigma Alpha sorority
was entertained Wednesday eve
ning by Mrs. A. G. Dickinson,
Mrs. Virgil Ekstrand and Mrs.
Jerry Test at the home, of Mrs.
Spring rushing was discussed,
a new sister chapter being form
ed. Mrs. Howard Elwood is ' rush
On March' 12, an informal
coffee is to be given in the eve
ning at the American Legion
club for rusheej. On March 24,
there will be a model meeting
at the Marion hotel at which
time the sister chapter will be in
stalled and officers elected, i
On March 22, the chapter will
stage its jewel pin ceremony at
the Colonial house for the 1953
fall pledges, a semi-formal din
ner and dance for all members
and their husbands or escorts to
follow. . -
The northwest district meeting
for the sorority is to be in Salem,
March 14. Mrs. Gordon Duncan
of Eugene is the district chair
man. The state convention is to
be in LaGrande in April.
(Additional Society
On Page 8)
Soroptimists Plan
Spaghetti Dinner
Dr. Daniel Schulze of Willam
ette university was guest speaker
for the meeting of Soroptimist
club, Wednesday noon, showing
pictures of the tour he guided
in Europe last year.
The club made plans for its
benefit spaghetti dinner to be
next Tuesday evening, March 2,
at the American Legion club.
Proceeds from the dinner will
be used in paying for the in
stallation of the old courthouse
clock in City hall, a proj ;ct spon
sored by the Soroptimist club.
7330 S. W. MacAdam
Portland I, Oregon