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    THE CAPITAL JOURNAL, Salem, Oregon
Friday, February 5, 1954
Addyse Lane Free-lances to
Cover Mexican Boat Races
editor's Note Mlif Addy&e Ijme,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Add-on
Lane of Salem, hat parked the thort
time tinre the left college with va
ried and valuable experiences in
cluding free-lanre modeling, acting
and televiilon. Jukt now the If doing
B1UD We are anchored off
Magdalena Bay, a body of water
about 17 miles across, big
enough to hold all of the Navies
in the world.
It's a gorgeous moonlit night.
. . No sound now that the motors
have been shut off, save the yelp
ing of Mexican dogs in ihe little
fishing village on the mainland.
Six lads rowed across from there
this afternoon, and wc spoke
Spanish. They brought us lob
ster (langosta) and cahrilla,
big type of sea bass. We had
lobster cocktail tonight and
broiled steaks from the deep
It was a wild night last night.
Four Corners
tions are news this week. On
Monday night the Community
Center Association chose Jack
Groves for president of the or
ganization for 1954; vice-president,
Allen Gordon; second vice
president, Mrs. C. C. Robinson;
secretary, Mrs. Harvey Meyer;
treasurer, L. A. Morris.
On Tuesday evening the Rod
and Gun club elected Tom Jones,
president; vice president, Dale
Jeffries; secretary-treasurer, Law
rence Lee; executive officer, Ted
Miller; indoor range. Bob Allen
outdoor range, Lester Matlson
community center representa-
tive, Harold Halfman. A film
"Behind the Trophy," put out
by the Oregon Slate Game Com
mission was shown.
The Firemen's auxiliary met
Tuesday evening with Mrs. Dale
Jeffries as hostess in her home,
Assisting hostess was Mrs. Wil
, lis Shipman. Studying first aid
work wire Mrs Frank Hersche-
fclt, Mrs. Ted Miller, Mrs. Jess
Mcllnay, Mrs. Emery Hcndrick
son, jr., Mrs. Charles Warren,
Mrs. Leroy Mooers, Mrs. A. E.
LaBranche, Mrs. Dave Behm,
Mrs. Allen Gordon, Mrs. Morris
Jones, Mrs. Ivan Brown and a
guest, Mrs. Mary Tromhloy,
SILVERTON Continuing into
the second week arc services at
Revival Center, North Second
St., in the 900 block, in the re
cently completed sanctuary of
the new church of which the
Rev. Don Hale is the resident
uastor. The Center is inter-de
nominational with all groups
welcomed at the meetings. The
visiting evangelist who speaks
each evening at 0 o clock is Hay
E. yaelpa from Marrlsfown,
F. M. Powell received word
Thursday of the critical illness
of bis older sister, Mrs. Lucila
Cornett, who is under care at
the home of her son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. and Airs. Clinton
Strancy of Albany.
Mrs. Cornett fell, fracturing
her hip eight months ago, never
having completely recovered. She
was under special treatment at
the Albany Memorial hospital for
many weeks.
Dennis, the 2'4-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Morford, is a
surgery patient at Silverton hos
pital, having entered Wednes
day. His condition is reported
as normal.
HELP for Coughs
You feci cooling, soothing help from
the very first dose. Clogging phlegm
is loosened, you brcalhe deeper.
nlirm Cmgki, ChM IMdi, Acylt Irmcbitil
Itchy Skin Rash
. . . lightning Fast Reliefl
fctt tfliTrnnc trnm knnntlnc Mnt'trTMtfnt
rtf tJiITi rh rTMtnt Mftim Ml T fit" rnai
tn tf'ttitilfti Dull unt;iiM f with nlt
ffi Then rU ct -Hr-v (wi.uin Uprnin
rVtT. Iettm7 Til'"! l.trtfTH (in -MTlfVt M-
m U heu. HALM HOA1
M tft drurivi Mmmt bark ftiArnit
Favorite of Million
In Thursdays Capitol Journal
and Friday's Statesman
Coco Cola appeared incorrect.
Proceeds Go to
2825 S. Comrnerciol 3080 Portland Rd.
3280 E. Stale St.
free-lanre coverage of the Arapulco
(Mexico) Boat Hacek, aboard the
"Thunderbtrd, chaperon boat for
the racing fleet The Capital Journal
will publlih her itorlei, the first one
The waves were dark and black
and looked like molten lava. I
love to sit out on the bow and
watch the sea. There's a mes
sage it tries to tell and it takes
time to assimilate its depth of
meaning. I am trying to under
stand the sea. I love it. It hyp
notizes me with us immensity
and its pulsating ever-moving
We had to hold the plates on
the table last night with our
hands as we had dinner. And
cooking in the galley is an ex-
! perience in a rolling sea.
i This morning we anchored
here. And I put on my bathing
suit, dabbed myself with Nox
zema and got a little glazed. It
feels good. Then I washed some
clothes in the ocean from the
ladder and went swimming for
about 20 minutes.
We have been steadily on the
water for about four days now.
I have the 10-midnight watch at
the helm. I was so anxious the
first night, for fear a ship would
loom ahead of us out of no
where . . . hut now I know what
to do in such a case.
Had a wonderful time at the
San Diego Yacht Club the night
before the race began. There
was a dinner dance there prior
to the take-off Sunday morning.
I spent the days there taking
pictures and interviewing people
for feature material,
The beginning of the race was
a picture of white sails and blue
waters, each of the boats raising
its sails in a spectacle ot dra
matic timing. The escort vessels,
of which we arc one, cut out to
sea first and guarded the en
trance into the onen water. Flags
of oranges and blues, greens and
black flew atop the masts of the
boats, and the yachting flags
fluttered from their sterns. Heli
copters bounced overhead with
a whirring sound . , . great gray
Navy warships swayed against
their moorings jn tne namor.
And then all of the fanfare, the
hundreds of small catboats and
speedboats which escorted the
sailing vessels into the sea turned
and headed back to harbor, and
the serious side of the Acapulco
Boat Race began. We contact
them by the 2704 crystal set we
have aboard. One, the Fat Squaw,
is very far behind ... the Alta
mar and Fairwcathcr are close to
We are anchored here waiting
for the sailboats to catch up with
us before wc proceed on south,
They are the real men of the
sea. These push-button boats arc
luxurious, but not exemplary of
seamanship. They call us "sunn-
do!" bovs: and the motor crms-
ers have a name for them: the
'rag sailers."
We stop next at Capa San Lu
cas on the far tip of the penin
sula of Baia. Wc saw a school
of whale off the bow this morn-
ng. They were spouting. Took
their picture. Should get more
than a splutter of water if my
timing was right. Little por
poises play about the boat all
the way. They arc so cute. They
will push a man to shore if he
falls overboard.
The shoreline of Baja is very
rugged, beige and pink in color,
hut very grim . . . jagged rocky
crests that cut down into the sea.
I am keeping a running com
mentary on the trip. There is
so much to sec and so much to
tell. And I love it, every bit of
it. I have never seen a moon
light night like the one night
before last. The sky was clab
bered like buttermilk and great
snow formations between us and
the stars. The moon is full and
sends down a silvery path onto
the water and into my porthole
at ninht. And the sunsets! They
are truly breathtaking . . . splen
dor of oranges and yellows and
cutting across the water like rib
bons of velvet.
We had a tropical shower this
afternoon just after I'd washed
the clothes. It was hot and stickv
and although I was out in it only
a few minutes, my clothes were
damp until late tonight. The
Mexicans said they have this
lluvia very often . . . almost vrry
Must go to lied now. The sound
of my typewriter is like a multi
tude of sli'dirrhammiTs in thn
Z m Z J,
mitrl (if fhn ninlit ,..( tl... ...I
.'i. nun imiil3
S r av-'V I -.1
. . v'i
Tmhm I'll
MT. ANGEL Statue of St Joseph by Frances Rich, famous
sculptor, which will be dedicated at Mt Angel Abbey by Very
Rev. Damian Jentges Sunday, Feb. 7.
East Salem
an's club February meeting was
held in the home of Mrs. Ralph
Hcin on Lancaster Dr., Tuesday.
Following the dessert luncheon
hour Mrs. Clark McCall, presi
dent .presided at a business meet
ing. Contributions to several proj
ects that members are interested
in were made. For the program
hour childhood pictures were
featured with Mrs. Harry Jen
nings winning the prize for iden
Mrs. Earl Rowland was a guest.
Members present were Mrs.
McCall, Mrs. E. E. Brandt, Mrs.
Elsie Norton, Mrs. Menno Dalke,
Mrs. Jennings, Mrs. Albert I'atz,
Airs. Mary Swingle. Mrs. Carl
Heutzenroeder, Mrs. John Olt-
hoff, Mrs. Alfred Pauli, Mrs.
John Hykes, Mrs. Clifford Yost,
Airs. L. E. hleinke, Mrs. William
Damory, Mrs. Otis Dawes, and
Airs. William Hartley who assist
ed the hostess.
Airs. Fred Smalley Sr., was
hostess for the Tuesday morn
ing coffee hour of Fisher Rd.
neighbors. Special guests were
Airs. Alelvin La Hue, Airs. Leon
ard Yarncll and Airs. Betty Web-
The Merry Mixers 411 cooking
club met Tuesday night at the
Ired hmalley Sr., home.
Mothers invited to the meeting
were Airs. Dale Alailicoat, Airs.
Albert Suran, Mrs, Smalley, Airs.
Cleo Keppingcr, Airs. Samuel
I'ahl and Airs. C. F. Bueller.
There were 12 members present
and a Valentine party with Judy
I'ahl was planned.
Damages Demanded
For Accident Injury
Airs. T. V. Kenny Is seeking
damages of $7,875 from Arthur
Hrrschharh for injuries allegedly
sustained when she was struck by
the defendant's cur about four
miles north of Salem on Pacific
Highway August 15, 1!)53.
She seeks payment for Injur
ies rlaimed by her to her left
hand and wrist, and nervous
shock, for which she asks $7..'IK).
An additional $220 are asked for
medical expenses and $155 for
damaged clothing and broken
Office Space Wanted
The Slate of Oreenn. nitlnn by and throuch the Depart
ment of l lnanif and Administration, hereby solicits sealed
proposals for the leading nf approximately 15,000 square
feet of office spare In the ( Itv of Salem to be occupied by
the Stale Department nf Veterans' Affairs.
Partlen Interested in submitting proposal may secure i
statement nf sporifiratinns and succested floor layout
from the Director of the Department of Veterans' Affairs,
.103 State Library Huililins, Salrm, Oregon.
The Slate of Oregon reserves the right to rejert any or
all proposals.
Sealed proposals must be received bv the Department of
f inance and Administration. 313 Capitol Ituililing. Salrni,
Oregon, not later than 3:00 p.m., March 3, 1 !1."4.
Harry S. Dorman, Director
Department of Kinanre and
t' T ... .
.it ' 1
Two Sentenced for
5f. Paul Burglary
Robert Af. Cillock and John C.
Gocidard were sentenced to four
and three year sentences respect
ively Thursday by Judge George
Duncan of the Alarion County
Circuit Court.
The two men were found guilty
of burglarizing a state liquor
store at St. Paul on November 18.
A third man, Philip Tillon.
also charged with being involved
in a burglary ,was continued for
a pre-sentencing investigation.
Draff Call Issued
For 154 Denfisfs
Thursday issued a draft call for
154 dentists during the months of
Alarch. April and Alay.
Of the total, 77 will be required
n Alarch, 40 in April and 37 in
The new call raises to 2.820 the
total number of dentists obtained
through Selective Service since
the medical officer draft law took
effect in July,
Quick! Break Up
piintul tout CONGESTION
Why Suffer
Any Longer
Wlirn others fail, us Chinese
rfiicdirK. AmanniT -.icros for
5oo yr.irs in China. No matter
with what ailments yon are af
flicted, disorders, sinusitis, heart,
luniv. liver, kidneys. R.ts, ronsti
fiAtion, ulrtrs, diabt'lrs, rhcuma
tiMTi, f;itl anrl Madder fever,
ikm, frmalt complaints.
fhtneir Herb Co
Office Urn It to 5
lur S;it. only
2H4 N. fom'l.
Htmie 2-lH'O
State of Oregon
Religious Art
Exhibit Ready
MT. ANGEL Art entries of
world famous artists in the field
of religious art will be featured
in the exhibit, "Chalices, Chas
ubles" and the Crucifix," sched
uled to open at Mt. Angel sem
inary, Feb. 6.
More than 30 unusual crosses
and crucifixes have been re
ceived, representing the work of
such artists as Antonio Sotomay
er of San Francisco, whose latest
caricatures arc apearing in the
Saturday Review, of Literature;
David Tolerton, well known
sculptor of Big Spur, Calif.; Fran
cis Rich, renewed sculptor, whose
statue of St. Joseph, which will
be placed in th$ crypt of the
abbey church, is scheduled for
dedication on Sunday, Feb. 7, at
2 o'clock; Keith Monroe, one of
the 11 American prizewinners in
the international sculpture com
petition, The Unknown Political
Prisoner, which was sponsored
by the Institute of Contemporary
155 North
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Arts in London; Carl Merschel,
famous Chicago sculptor; and
Ruth Cravath, well known San
Francisco sculptor, whose works
are found in many churches in
California, and exapiples of mod
ern altar crosses by Lambert
Rucki, famous Parisian sculptor.
The exhibit will include over
40 chalices, some of which are
being loaned to the abbey by
several priests in Portland and
which are rare works of art.
About 20 vestments will be on
view, together with yardage for
vestments from the famous Goten
weavers in Kyoto, Japan, and of
Scalamandre' of New York. The
vestments will be the work of
the Doninican nuns at the monas
tery of the Angels in Hollywood,
and of Sister Mary Clare, O.P. at
Mission San Jose' in California.
Chasubles from Germany, France
and Prinknosh abbey, England,
will round out the collection.
The exhibit will open at noon
on Saturday, Feb. 6, and remain
open Sunday and Monday after
noons until 6 o'clock each day.
On Sunday, Feb. 7, the new statue
of St. Joseph, executed by Fran
ces Rich, will be blessed by the
ery Rev. Damian Jentges, abbot
of Mt. Angel abbey.
Each day of the exhibit, short
illustrated lectures on the Chal
ice, the Chasuble, and the Cruci
fix, will be given by the Rev. F.
R. Kennard, of the cathedral in
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