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Monday. January 11. 1951
LYONS A Linn County
Health clinic will be held at
the Mari-Llnn school house,
Friday, January IS, at 1
o'clock. ' This will Include all
children age three months to
six years, 23 cents will be
collected by the teachers for
each child.
Mr. and Mrs, John Mainlo,
Johnle and Billie trom Aber
deen, Wash.; Miss Ellen Dough
erty of Portland and Mrs. Nora
Dougherty from Salem, were
New Years guests of Mr and
Mrs. Mike Fink. Mrs. Mainlo
and Miss Dougherty are sisters.
Sunday guests of Mr. and
Mrs. John McClurg were Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Hayward and
daughter Patsy of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Smith
Dennis and Ivalyn were New
Year day guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. James Max
well in Portland, and spent the
week-end at the home of his
brother Glen Smith and fam
ily at Cornelius.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Caspary
from Redwood City, Calif.,
were recent guests of their
niece and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Cerath.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Fox
and son Wayne from Midvale,
Idaho, and their daughter, Mrs.
Thelma Surry of Portland re
newed acquaintances in Lyons
' Saturday. Fox at one time
owned and operated a store
here as well as the post of
fice. Mr. and Mrs. Burl Smith
and daughter Donna have re
turned from a trip to Nevada,
where they spent the holidays
with her sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Kruse
received word the last of the
week of the death of his father
at San Rafael, Calif.
Mr. and Mrs. Csllre Hum
phries and family of Myrtle
Creek, spent the week-end In
Lyons. They brought her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. John
ston home after they spent the
Christmas holidays at the
Humphries home.
Miss Joy Kuiken and Miss
Lucille Lewis, teachers, have
returned to their duties after
the holiday vacation. Miss Kui
ken Is a teacher in the Spring
field school and Miss Lewis at
Corvallis, Miss Kuiken is the
daughter of Mrs. Elva Kuiken
and Miss Lewis the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Taylor,
Maurice and Jane returned to
their home near Waldport Mon
day after spending the week
here with relatives. Mrs. Tay
lor is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Pat Lyons and sister of
Mrs. Wayne Ransom and Jerry
Lyons, Maurice underwent a
tonsilectomy while here.
Lyons shared with the rest
In the heavy wind storm Satur
day, about 8 p.m. The cooling
shed at the Freres Lumber
company mill was blown down.
The mill has been closed down
for some time and planned re
opening Monday morning. This
was postponed for several days
due to the accident. Mountain
States Power company line
men were called out at 2 a.m.
Monday to repair lines broken
by the wind.
Pfc. William (Billie) Kin
zer and a pal, Pvt. Chester
Moore from Camp Stalman,
Calif., spent the holidays with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle
Kinzer. The Kinzers with their
daughter and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Jungwirth and chil
dren of Stayton took the boys
back to Camp Stalman.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Kruse
and daughter Carol have re
turned from a two-week vaca
tion trip to Trinidad, Colo.
Her mother, Mrs. W. E. Brown
ing returned home with them
and will spend a couple of
months at the Kruse home.
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Yeager
and children from Cocoran,
Hayesville to Study
New Fire District
HAYESVILLE The Hayesville
PTA will meet Tuesday, Jan. 12,
at 7:45 p.m. There will be a panel
discussion about a fire district
for the unprotected areas of
Hayesville. , ,
The psnel will consist of rep
resentatives from Keizer, Fire
Marshall's office. Four Corners
and the Brooks fire department
Movies will be shown for the
children. Mr. Hllleiland, princi
pal, has requested that all chil
dren attending PTA meetings be
accompanied by a parent Re
freshments will be furnished by
parents of the children in Miss
Nelson's room.
Calif., returned home after the
holidays with relatives here.
Mrs. Yeager is a daughter of
Mrs. Cladys Stlffler, Yeager is
a teacher In the Cocoran
Mrs.' Donna Smith and two
sons moved last week to the
Russell Wilson house near the
post office. Mrs. Smith Is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Van
Pfc. Donald Kuiken from
Fort lewis spent the New
Year's week-end with relatives
In Lyons. His wife, the for
mer Marilyn Baltzer, is stay
ing at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Art Baltzer.
Kenneth Bosanko, student at
the University of Oregon at
Eugene, spent the week-end at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mer
rill Bras-field and Bob.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Olm
stead were hostess Sunday for
a dinner honoring their son
Walter on his 8th birthday an
niversary. Covers were laid
for Mr. and Mrs. Walter Olm
stead of Mill City, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Olmstead, Donald,
Walter and Jimmle.
: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carle-
Bethel Park
party was enjoyed at the Rev.
Casselman residence Friday ev
ening. Guests invited were Mrs.
Ilium, Miss Ethel Berglund, Mr.
and Mrs. Gardner Johnson and
sons, Mark and Harold, Mr. and
Mrs. Rube Nelsou, Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Smith :nd Norma, and
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Pirtle and
children, Bobby and Janice, all
of Bethel Park.
Mrs. Laura Goffrier and
daughter, Mary Goftrier, spent
the week end visiting friends
and relatives in McMinnville.
- The Brooks Sewing club met
at the home of Mis. Harry Bosch
Thursday afternoon. Officers el
ected for the eoming year were
Mrs. Gertrude Reid, president:
Mrs. ' Ruth Jensen of Bethel
Park, vice president; Mrs. Nona
Sidebottom, secretary, and Mrs
Fsy Loomis, treasurer.
Plans were made to start a
quilt Birthday gifts from secret
pals were received by Mrs, Dolly
Ramp, Mrs. Martha Lesber, and
Mrs. 'Ruth Jensen. Refreshments
were served by the hostess.
Bobby Pirtle and Harold John
son, Cub Scouts helped enter
tain the Brook' PTA Tuesdiy
The cottage recently purchased
by Rev. Harold Beaty of Yon
calla is undergoing a complpete
remodeling. It will be occupied
by his daughter and family the
Gardner Johnsons.
The Women's Missionary coun
cil met at the home of Mary
Goffrier, Thursday.
Construction work at the park
has been slowed because of the
holidays and weather. However,
a garage is under construction
at the caretaker's cottage. Rev.
Casselman and Clarence Smith
are doing the carpenter work.
ton, Larry and Dennis return
ed to North Bonneville Sunday
after spending the week-end
at their home here. The Carle
tons have moved to Bonneville
while he is attending school
DAYTON Pvt Don Clement
left for Camp Leonard Wood,
Ma, after spending two weeks
here with his parents, Mr and
Mrs. Loren Clement. He bad
been at Ft Ord. Calit
George Abdill of Roseburg, is
spending a week with his mother,
Mrs. Vivian Abdill.
Mr. and Mrs A E. Broadwater
and son Virgil of Roseburg spent
the New Year'a week-end here
with ber mother, Mrs. Goldie
Fisher and family
Mr. and Mrs Al Petre and
daughter of Myrtle Point, Eric
Petre of Salem and Mr. and Mrs
Waldron Hyatt of Eureka, Calif.,
visited during the holidays with
Mr and Mrs. Clete Gell.
On Sunday, Jan. 3, Larry and
Gary, twin aons of Mr. and Mrs.
Ellis Phelps, and Jerry, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Atkinson
were baptized at the Dayton Pi
oneer Church by the Rev. H. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Will and
Teddy of Yachts and Misa Bar
bara Will of Bend were recent
visitors at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Will and his parents.
Pfc. Robert Kirkland of Kess
ler Field, Miss., spent the holi
days here with his grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kirkland and
other relatives. He is in the Air
Force radio.
AURORA Members of the
Auroa Women's club met Wednes
day. Jan. (, in the Knights of
Pythias h?U.
Mrs. Harriet P. Krause of Port
land, chairman of religion, Oregon
Federation of Women's clubs spoke
on "Citienships with an Old
Fashioned Religious Version."
Hostesses were Ella Lewis, Vera
Miller. Harriet Ehlen, Belle Sny
der, Ethel Mansek and Pearl Den
tel. Clyde Diller of Mather Air Force
Base, California, spent the holidays
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. C. Diller in Aurora.
Mr. and Mrs. William Nagel art
parents of a baby boy, Philip AUea,
bora last week. He is a grandson,
of Mrs. M. A. Cochran of Milton
Freewater, and the William Na
gel's of Aurora.
Mr. and Mrs. William Wettstein
of this city, received a letter from
the commanding officers of the
Navy's basic photographic school
at Pensacola. Florida, congratulat
ing them on the excellent beginning
their daughter, WAVE. Miss Muriel
Wettstein had made in that field,
having graduated at the head of a
class of 44.
Mt. Angel
Sponsor d by
46S Center St.
Salem, Ore,
It stole the show at the CM Motoramat It will ateal your heart when you see it
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MT. ANGEL Mr. and Mrs. J.
L. Williams returned to their
home in Alhambra, Calif., after
spending six weeks visiting at
the borne of their son and
daughter-in-law and family, Dr.
and Mrs. C. J. Williams.
Other visitors at the Williams
home over the holidays was their
daughter. Miss Farrell Williams,
a freshman at Portland univers
ity. One of the highlights during
their stay here waa a tour of
the Oregon beaches.
Mrs. Dsn B. Thorp, Portland,
mother of Mrs. O. J. Williams, is
making her home with her son-in-law
snd daughter and family
while she is recuperating from a
recent illness.
Annual election of officers will
take place during the regular
meeting of the Mount Angel
Garden club Wednesday, Jan. IS,
st S o'clock. The meeting will be
held at the Mount Angel hotel,
with Mayor Jacob Berchtold aa
host All members are invited to
be present
Science Shrinks Piles
New, Way Without Surgery
Fads Healing Substance That Doe Bolh-
Relieve Pain Shrinks Hanorrnoiaa
New York, N5 Y. (SpUl)
For tha first time science has
found a new healing substance
with th astonishing ability to
shrink hemorrhoids and to stop
bleeding. without surgery.
In on hemorrhoid case after
another, "very striking improve
ment" was reported and verified
by doctors' observation.
Pain waa relieved promptly.
And, while gently relieving pain,
actual reduction or retraction
(shrinking) took place.
And. most amaxing of all thia
Improvement waa maintained in
eases where doctors' observations
were continued over a period of
many months!
In fact, results were so thor
ough that sufferers were able to
make such astonishing statements
aa "Piles hav ceased to ba a
nrtAem!" And among these auf
ferers were a very wide variety
of hemorrhoid conditions, some of
10 to 20 years' standing.
All this, without the use of
narcotics, anesthetics or astrin
gents of any kind. The secret la
a new healing substance (Bio
Uyne ) -the discovery of a world
famous research institution. Al
ready, Bio-Dyna is in wide us
for healing injured tissue on all
parts of the body.
Now this new healing jubstane
Is offered in ointment form for
hemorrhoids under the nam
Prtvcratim H. The price is only
98 a tube including an appli
cator. The name to ask for is
Preparation H-at all drug stores.
And Trmember-if not entirely
satifid-your money will be re
funded promptly. Tn too.
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