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    Monday, January 11, 19S4
Pile S
Local Paragraphs
Caaaera Oak Meettag The Sa
lem Camera club will meet Tues
day eveninf at (: at Mayflower
HaU. A potluck upper wiU be
eeved. The speaker will be at. A.
Artx of Arti Studio.
Scent Week PmlaknedMayor
Al Loudu baa signed a proclama
tion setting apart February 7 to
11 ai Boy Scout Week in Salem.
Dr. Meaaela to Sfeak The mon
thly meeting of the Salem Auocia
tion for Retarded Children will be
held Thursday, January 14 at alay
flower Hall at 7:90 p.m. Dr. A. W.
Niemela of the Special Education
Department of the Salem Public
School! will apeak about intelligen
Schools will apeak about intelli
gence testing. Interested public and
parents are welcome to attend.
Fer Safer Bicycles Safey ref
lation of bicycles will be consider
ed at a meeting of a committee
appointed by Mayor Al Loucks at
City Hall January 20 at 7:30. The
move for safety regulation is be
ing sponsored by the Junior Wom
en's League which has the cooper
ation of the police. There is talk
of return to the licensing system,
Caadlewood Approved County
Surveyor A. D. Graham reported
to the County Court that a check
of the petitions calling for the im
provement of Candlewood dive in
the South Keiier district reveals
that 77 per cent of the property
owners are Involved. They repre
sent 78 per cent of the rentage
which is sufficient to warrant the
. Tracks Crick Plaster A resi
dent of SIS Lancaster drive re
port fd to County Court that heavy
trucks passing over that thorough
faro shake the ground, which in
turn has resulted in the cracking
of the plaster in his home. The en
gineers will irvestigate to deter
mine whether the road surface is
responsible for the occurrence.
ReUry Laacheoa "Your
Will" will be the subject of aa
address to be given by Galey
end Galey of Lebanon during
Wednesday's Salem Botary club
luncheon at the Marion hotel.
The club will observe "father-son-daughter"
dy January 20.
Richmond PTA The motion
picture film "High Wall" will be
shown during Monday night's
program of the Richmond PTA.
Dr. Charles H. Derthick, associ
ate professor of psychology at
Willamette university, will lead
a discussion on the film follow
ing its showing. Mrs. Gilbert
Jones .will be in charge of the
program which will deal with
family life education. The meet
ing starts at 7.30.
First Filing Edward C. Kruger
of 1415 Fourth street Monday filed
as a candidate on the Republican
ticket for the ofif ce of committee
man for Precinct No. 21. His fil
ing was the first of, this kind lor
the May primary election.
Baynes Files State Rep. Lloyd
Haynes of Grants Pass today
filed for Republican nomination
for re-election to the Oregon
House of Representatives.
Trike Feud City police picked
up an abandoned tricycle Sunday
which was abandoned about three
weeks ago in toe 1800 block of
North Liberty street. It is being
neia tor claiming by tne owner,
Returned John Floyd Bergstrax
er, Denhoff, North Dakota, was
turned over to Sheriff Lloyd Kreim
Sunday to be returned to that state
to face a charge of contributing to
the delinquency of a minor. Mar
ion County Sheriff Denver Young
reported. Bergstrazer was arrested
here January 4 for North Dakota
Bill Hits at Peddlers
Who Use Vehicles
License fees charged persons
who peddle in Salem with ve
hicles will skyrocket if a bill be
fore the City Council Monday
night for second and third read
ing becomes an ordinance.
The bill would amend the exist
ing ordinance -and would not
change the fees charged persons
who peddle atoot
The ordinance now in use pro
vides for a fee of SI a day. or $5
a year, for persons who peddle
afoot This would not be changed.
The ordinance now in use calls
for a tee of S3 a day. or $10 a
year, for persons peddling from
vehicles. This would be ensngea
to 110 a dsv. S100 a month, or
$250 a year for each persons ped
dling from a vehicle.
The existing ordinance pro
vides for $15 a day, $45 a week,
$150 a month, and $300 a year
ii the fees for peddling or mak
ing sales on any street or within
the street area with or without
a vehicle. This would be un
The present ordinance provides
for a fee of $1 a day, or $5 a
vear. for each helper of peddlers
using vehicles. This would be un
Unhorsed An antique hitching
J post in the shape of a horse's head
I u'fli taken fmm infrAnf nf hae- hnm.
Council Elects- The Marion New year's eve. Mrs. John H.
County Health Council at a recent
meeting re-elected Irwin r . wedei
chairman. Mrs. James H. Turn
bull was named vice-chairman;
Miss Pauline Schaplowsky, secre
tary and Verne Olson was re-elected
treasurer. A report of the re
cent health survey was given dur
ing the conference. It is expected
this report will be made available
in the near future.
IGA Mansgers Meet Wil
lamette valley IGA managers are
meeting Monday afternoon and
night at the Marion hotel for a
products display and a banquet
Nationally -advertised products
will be on display during the at-
ternoon . and the banquet will
begin at 7 p.m. , .
Johnson, 110 Hansen avenue, re
ported to city police Sunday. Also
taken since that time was a camera
valued at $35 from the unlocked
car in the garage, she said.
Cars Collide A collision be
tween cars driven by Clyde S. Flad-
wooa, 3Z4S r isner road, and Joseph
A. Robl. 460 South 21st street, re
sulted in extensive damage to both
cars, city police reported. They col
lided at 19th and Trade streets
Money, Stamps Missing The
theft of about $21 in cash and $0 in
stamps from the Ken Potts Insur
ance agency. 22 North Liberty
street, was reported to city police
Sunday. The theft is believed to
have occurred Friday during the
day when the office was left unat
tended for a few moments, police
Mnndav. January 11
Company E, 413th infantry re
giment Army Reserves, at USAR
armory. ....
rnrrm.nv B. 162nd infantry
regiment, and headquarters de
tachment, Oregon National Guard
at Salem armory.
Oreimn Mobilization desig-
nstinn detachment No. 1. at
USAR armory.
Organized Marine Corps Re
serve unit at Naval and Marine
Corps reserve training center.
9414 Air Force reserve squadron
at USAR armory.
Wednesday, Janaary 11
929th field artillery battalion.
Army Reserves, at USAR armory.
Men's Club Meets Members of
the Men's club of St Paul's
Episcopal church will hold their
first meeting since moving to the
new church , Monday night at
6:30 p.m. at the new church.
Speaker for the meeting is to be
Lynn Cronemiller of the state
Forestry Department who will
talk on "The Tillamook Burn,
Yesterday, Today and Tomor
Accident Then Arrest City
police arrested James F. Sexton,
1150 Third street, Saturday
night on a charge of being intox
icated in a public place after his
car was involved in an accident
with a narked ear near the in
tersection of Commercisl and
niviiinn streets. Sexton's car
struck the car of Robert Horton,
Route 4. doing minor damage to
the Horton car and eonsiaeraoie
iimin to the Sexton car, police
said. Sexton was released after
posting $15 bail on tne cnarge.
Mrs. Hadley of
Brooks Dies
BROOKS Mrs. Minnie Mary-
ann Hadley, who with her hus
band, Urshel W. Hadley, purchas
ed the Brooknook Cafe here
three years ago, died unexpected
ly at her home here Saturday.
Mrs. Hsdley was born in Col
ones. Farrmanath county. Ireland,
Mav 4. 1902. and wtih her parents
moved to the united stales ana
to Oregon when seven years old.
She lived in Salem for about 15
years and moved to Oregon City
about 1939.
- Surviving besides the husband
are her mother, Mrs. iia jucuai
ferv of Salem: three brothers,
Frank and Peter McCaffery, both
of Salem, and Joseph (Pat) Mc
Caffery of Dallas; and three nepn-
Announcement of funeral serv
ices will be made later by the
Howell-Edwards chapeL
Lewis Not Candidate
At May Primaries
Clifford Lewis, serving as county
auMur under an aimointment by
Um Onintv Court Monday notified
the court that bo would not be a
candidate for tne otuce at me nay
In the meantime Lewis says he
will "dedicate myself to tne auues
in such a way as to merit the well
wishes expressed to me pesonally
by all members of the court.
Lewis was appointed following
the death of "Tad" Shelton who
held the office for many years.
under the
would any
Neither bow nor
nroDoted ordinance
tea be required for selling prod
ucts of the farm or the orchard
actually produced by the seller.
The present ordinance provides
that "where the employer takes
out the license he shall pay a fee
equal to one-half of the fee that
would be required for the same
number of peddlers under the
above provisions, provided such
fee shall not be less wan iu.
The new provision reads the same
except it says "Where tne em
ployer takes out the license or
permit for six or more employes."
7500 Idle al
Atomic Plant
Federal Mediator Louis 2iman,
Spokane, stepped Monday into
the week-long strike of AFL car
penters and Millwrights that has
idled 7,500 construction workers
on the 150 million dohar Hanfard
atomic expansion program.
Ziman went into a morning ses
sion with negotiating committees
for Um union and Hanfard con
tractors in an effort to break the
deadlock in the no-contract, no-
work walkout
He declined to predict the out
About 1.200 carpenters and
millwrights at Hanfard and 500
others on non-government jobs in
the Tri-City area struck a week
ago in support of demands for IS
cents an hour wage increases.
They have been without a con
tract since Jan. L present scales
for journeymen carpenters are
$265. and for millwrights $2.90
Negotiations for the 500 strik
ers outside the Hsnford project
are in abeyance.
4 4-U
. : ('
XL V '
Nimiffz Will
Give Trophy
Fleet Admiral Chester W. NimlU
will pay Oregon a visit this week,
the. purpose of his visit being to
present the Adm. Nimits trophy to
the Naval Reserve submarine di
vision U-7 of Portland.
Presentation of the trophy.
awarded the outstanding reserve
submarine division, is to be made
at public ceremonies at the Port
land auditorium Tuesday night at
$ p.m.
The Portland submarine division,
which is commanded by Lcmdr.
William Oetinger, is the first and
only Naval Reserve unit in the Pa
cific Northwest to receive the
Bringing congratulations from
President Eisenhower will be the
president's naval aide, Cmdr. Ed
win Beach.
Also present to congratulate the
Portland outfit will be the com
mandant of the 13th Naval dis
trict Rear Adm. Allan E. Smith;
Fred L. Peterson.
Speaker Joseph Martin of
Massachusetts bangs the gavel
in the House of Representatives
as the 83rd Congress recon
venes. Waiting to besia the
opening prayer is the Rev.
Bernard Braskamp, House
chaplain. (AP Wirephoto)
Plans Offered
(CoatUKMd tram Pat 1
(Coatinutd from F 1)
Probate Court
Inn, Ureal eelate:
t .
bull ippnleed
..,. Tnmmv HarrU f uirdln,htp:
Order lUtnorUlnl iurtln U '"tat
11.11! lull payment ol clsla eialrat
im, nie
Thuridav. January 14
Organized Naval Reserve sur
face division at Naval and Marine
Corps Reserve training center.
D battery, 722nd AAA, AW bat
talion. Oregon uonaivu-u, ,n
1"?"". .tartSr. of Hobart Weddle, 1845
rnen, Oregon ruonai Guard. North Cottage street, "ay 1 Ciretai Court
oaiein "" " . " "' ... ' u the I
keys to his house and car. Neither
his wallet or keys have been
found, police added.
Charln at. na "ta":
John Raphael !: Final account
Kau Arm, eit,te: Order approelni
final account and dlrocunl diminution.
Marrtaia Ueenw -, .
Barmond Leror MrCautei, 1. labor",
and BettT X. Brownoll. 1. oltica clert,
both of Valeu.
With HZnd Airborne
rnnT BRAGG. N. C. Pvt.
Charles H. Klooj. son of Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. Kloos, 1110 North
Summer street, Salem, Oregon,
i. nn Hutv here with the 82nd
HrWni division. Kloos, who
entered the service in the spring
of 1953 snd is a former Salem
high school student, recently
completed the airborne course
at Kort Bennin, C.a., He was em
ployed by the state forestry de
partment ana oy nuruiu
in home construction work prior
to entering the service.
On Submarine
Robert L. Hughes, chief elec
.-::..,'. mate I1SN. son of Mr.
rnd Mr. Joe C. Hughes of 1595
-.:. --.ii--h etreeL Salem, or
2iin. is serving aboard the Pa
cific fleet submarine,
v, Stat, of Oretctn
,i r.l Oiyle C. Brown: Order reouirini
plaintiff to appear In rourt Jan.
and mo eau,e. n n.. -
not be adludird In contempt of court
tor alleced failure to proelde lupport
moner lor minor children.
Rhea Borkman e, Forman Brother!:
Order of duunUeal baeed upon compromise-
Virelnla J. Robert, John Thoma,
Robert- Petition for eupnorl from Oro
ellle ollf. under proelelon, of uniform
reclproc,! enforcement ot support act.
Hearing Set Preliminary hear
ing on a charge of assault with a
dangerous weapon was set for Wed-
nriv for Louise Miner. JO j-
lor street, in district court Monday
mnrnin She is charged with at
tacking Joe Flink. 2430 Lansing
avenue, with a pocket kniie in an
argument at his residence Saturday
Released Two 14-year-old youths
charged with burglary ot Willam
.no !-niversitv's McCulloch stadium
January 4 were released to their
nsMntt Mnndav bv county juven
ile olficers. They will prnoaDiy nc i Mm M M,Be
cited to appesr in court later this j tvtenciinf, n-er .um of
.plj ' complaint.
Thereafter, the board of control
could prepare recommendations to
the 1955 legislature.
Both Newbry and Vnander ap
proved the suggestion, although
Newbry pointed out that tne ori
ginal concept of handling admis
sions to the intermediate institu
tion, provided that selection be
made by officials of the two insti
tutions concerned, men who were
familar with the various cases.
Gov. Patterson said that he had
no nh lection to this concept but
felt that there miaht be other
ideaa that, might be developed by
the committee ana mat au sug
gestions should be given consider
ation. .
Lew Bid Received
A low bid of $201,500 for con
struction of a new inmate building
at Fairview Home submitted by
Albert Vik and Son of Eugene,
was approved by the board sub
ject to final approval by the state
emergency board, which will meet
in Salem on January 22.
William Ryan, supervisor of In
stitutions announced that a plan
ning meeting to outline the needs
of the penitentiary cannery next
fall, will be held Thursday. All
farm managers and heads of the
various state institutions will be
Will Prorate Surplus
At tin; same meeting. Ryan asid,
a surplus of approximately $30,000
of canned goods out of a total of
$260,000 produced at tne prison
last year, will be prorated to the
varimia inmuiuunB.
Rv iiai. of the manning at una
stage of the season. Ryan said.
ih nriuin would be in a position
to more accurately estimat ure
amount of acreage for planting re
quired as well s the type and
".mourns Ot vegnnien rf-,uiic-a i-j
the various institutions,
nr a. C. Bellinner. superinten
dent nf the Oreeon State Tubecu-
lnsis hospital in Salem was granted
authority to make a stuoy 10 De
termine if a training course for
graduate nurses should be estab
liahed Such a course would pro
vide for training for tuberculosis
work similar to that being given
at the stale hospital for psychia
tric nurses training.
Pilot Shortages
In U.S. Airforce
(D-Ga) said Monday the Air Force
faces a "serious shortage" of pilots
and crews for A-bomb carrying
planes because of Eisenhower
administration cutbacks in the de
fense budget
Russell, a member of the Armed
Services Committee and one of the
chief eookesmen for Senate Demo
crats on military matters, saia in
an interview he believes the ad
ministration's new defense program
will close the gaps on corneal
plana building without too much
loss of time in that particular.
"But there isn't any doubt that
the reductions they made last year
have caused a serious shortage of
pilots and crews," the ueorgia
enatnr said. "Sure, they've got a
pilot for every plane, but tne
commercial airlines nave uweej
crews for each plane. . -
"It takes a terrific amount of
training for the supersonic planes.
not nariic-iilarlv the lnnf range
bombers on which we are depend-
Glenn Morgan Dies
After 3-Year Illness
Glenn E. Morgan, who was a
salesman for the Cherry City
Baking company, making daily
trips to the Sweet Home area
from 1941 until 1951, when ill
res, forced his retirement died
early Monday morning at a lo
cal hospital He had been ill for
about three years and hospital
ized iince December IS.
Morgan was born at Austin,
Minn., May 21, 1897, and as a
boy moved to Canada with his
parents. Ha came to Salem in
193S from Saskatchewan. Can
ada, and was a lata resident of
1704 Clutter road.
Survivors include two sisters,
Miss Fern Morgan of Salem, and
Mrs. J. H. Cowan of Shaunavon,
Saskatchewan. . Canada: t
brothers. Fred E. Morgsn of
Portland and Richard L. Morgan
of Salem;, and seven nephews.
including Jack Morgan ana vics
ie Morgan of Salem. .
Announcement of f u n e r a
services will be made later by
the Howell-Edwuda chspet
Under his proposal to "freeze"
certain surpluses, the excess sup
ply of these commodities such aa
wheat and corn would be isolated
from the market so aa not to have
depressing effect on prices.
Under the flexible program, gov
ernment price guarantees would be
high in time of shortages to encour
age production, and low in times
of surpluses to encourage consum
ption and discourage over produc
The President said the present
war-born mandatory supports
should be permitted to expire at
the end of this crop year.
VA farm program be said, "first
1 all should assist agriculture to
earn its proportionate share of the
national income. It must likewise
aim at stability in farm income.
There should therefore be no wide
year to year fluctuation in the level
price support
He said too that "a farm pro
gram must fairly represent the int
erests of both producers and con
Under the President's program,
price props on major crops would
vary between 75 and 90 per cent of
parity. Parity is a standard for
measuring farm prices, declared
by law to be fair to farmers in re
lation to prices they pay.
The President said adjustment to
a new farm program must be ac- ,
complished gradually in too mt
crest of farmers and ia the inter
eat of the economy of the nation
as a whole.
For such conimoditics aa meat
animals, dairy products, poultry
and eggs, tobacco, soy beans, cot
tonseed, flax, fruits and vege
tables, and sugar, the President ,
proposed no changes from present
The flexible price support plan,
under which price guarantees
would move up or down with
changes in supplies, would be ap
plied to wheat, cotton, rice, cant,
and peanuts.
The "modern" parity price for
these products would be lower than
prices determined by the old for
mula. The President suggested,
however, that the shift from the
old to the new parity be carried
out gradually. He said this should
be dona in steps of five percentage
points of the old parity per year
until the change has been accom
plished. Eisenhower said that removal
of the threat of price depression
due to huge surpluses which now
total nearly I billion dollars is an
essential part of his program.
KEIZER -The Mother's Choral
Coup will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tues
day, January 12, in the Keizer . s
school house.
Robinsons Sue for
Cutting of Timber
A chain of circumstances has
resulted in a suit being tiled in
circuit court by Harry A. and
Elnora I. Robinson against Fred
ent to retaliate against the enemy More in which the plaintiffs seek
; ' ' The complaint states that be
tween May 1 and July 1. 1952 the
defendant went unon the nlaln-
tllfs una without autnonty ana
proceeded to cut and remove cer
tain timber. For this alleged act
the plaintiffs seek S30oa
As a result of removing timber
from adjoining property, the com
plaint further alleges, a urge
tree on the plaintiffs' property
was undermined. This tree leu
and knocked down other trees,
one of which struck the house
heloncins to the nlaintiffs. The
complaint states tnat tne plain
tiffs were damaged in the turn
of $1500 by resson of the falling
Ask Strike Votes
(Continued from Paf 1)
Porter Olwm 4
8-ndrr1 Oil Co of CiHI Suit CMklnt
Judmnt Ol enrr. "-"-"
ataa .urlail rtstTnlaTfil UnflCf 01.4? CftUM
of irtlon nd I40O under ft tweond. Suit
hft1 m ulomobtl asMld-nt Jn. W.
ls on htthwj Ml bout I nfln wt
of Mil) otr. fgtrli V lrfrll
tuv nAT.T.ES un Wasco County,
which once stretched to the Rocky
Mountains, observed its 100th anni
versary Monday. Public ceremonies
will not be neia unui oprins. wircu
the county pioneer association
The county's boundaries, as
drawn by the Legislature Jan. 11,
1854, included all land from the
Columbia River and the 48th paral
lel on the north to the California-Nevada-Utah
boundary on the
south, and from the crest of the
Cascades to the, crest of the
Five years ialer the county began
shrinking, first as territories were
crested in wasningion anu iu.
and later as 17 other counties east,
of the Cascades were formed in
Suomela Sworn in
On Wild Life Service
WASHINGTON m - Arnie 3-'
c.l. flrcoon State director of
fisheries since 195, was sworn in
Monday as assistant director of the
Fish and Wild Life Service.
Secretary of the Interior McKay
described Suomela as one of the
world's greatest authorities on
, c- I. will hm
Alaskan saimon. auunma "" "ihelp finance sucn lunus ui
naid 110.1100 a year to fill a job that ,linH mMt. certain standards.
had been vacant since last year. . Eisenhower said these
standards are not adequate to pro
tect and conserve these funds that
are held in trust for the welfare
individual union members."
hia a soo-wora menattKC mc
The nrnnnsal for a pre strike
poll of workers is not without pre
cedent In American labor law.
The Smith tonnauy act.
World War II required assent.
from workers belore tney couio
lAflativ 0a out on strike.
7. :L J.-.: Tiki.
in aiiooeaiion me aaomivu ui muo
nrov sion as pan oi me "
uarfiv an. cisennuwcr "'
Thr ! nomine: which so vitally
effects the individual employe as
the loss of his pay when he is
I called on strike.
in such an important decision
he should have an opportunity to
express his free cnoice oy secrev
ballot held under government aus-
In his discussion of welfare
rnH. ih President noted that the
law now bars an employer from
H-alrlnlf HRVTIltl tO t UniOO U3
help finance such funds unless the
VSS Sab-1
Ens. Bower In Korean Area
FAR EAST Ens. Wilbur M.
one arm of Mr. and Mrs. t.
n-e mm South Commer-
Cairm. Oregon, is
serving in Korean waters- aboard
j..,m-r liss O'Brien. Bow
er, a grsduste of Oregon State
college, wss a memoy "
Naval Reserves ir. Salem, Ore
gon, and reported for active duty
March 8. 1953, at the Naval Re
serves' officer csndidste school
he grsdusted from thst school
in July, 1953.
The Knit Shop in Turner is
open Mondays till 9 p.m. Closed
noon saiuraay. rnuire ,.....
1804. Ruth Nyberg Barber.
Rent walkers. Wheel chsirs,
beds. 10C-30C per th
month; also buy k sell. Max O.
Buren, phone 3-7775. 745 Court
paint with glamorizing
Treasure Tones, see our urn
standing wallpaper eollection.
r-M,ic riarke Co.. 255 N. Lib
erty. .
Rarrf A. r6 Tsr T Rrlntvvn
Frfd More Cmpltint i-nint juntnirTii
nf 4Mft for dfi. e.ilfir'tl ht
t: Da?fvfifiimt' JmtiTrtT cretin tit
ef Innfftertnl H-n.
krihtif Tin Dunlin l 1 - "d
A1in Vrovn: FUMnttfn rPlT t 6
fend ant antwtr tvfktnt tor Jttdimtiit
m teutht la complilnt-
Seat Cover Clearance. Batdorfs
Firestone Stores. Open evenings.
SkH Green Sumps. ,
iTr,i.m m-ive-In. 850 N. High
St, now open 11 ""7.
Closed Mondsys. For orders to go
Phone 2-1098.
a-nrrlinn lessons. Instru
ment rented while you learn.
WUtaey Music House. I860
State. Ph. J-7188.
teoa t Cour n slate ln4o,trlal
AcdSent CoeimlMlan- Judiment aeder.
w..ui mm etlmilallan itetnc plalnttff ftu-
aitlonal eompematlaon far permanerit
partial Slrahllllf iumcien, i. ,
. ... ., -,. itt eeniDeniatlMi for per
manent partial ItiaPOItT anal -U SI
per cent loe, , in a , .
ia nrrinft, Lieansaa
Staple Lea MrClelle. M. Pludent. SS
Bean KOkS anS klaaav u AdekHt,
ti. tariL it. B. a Varlna Carp.
Attrl!le. iihI Carrtaa Molaklsea. II. at
kMM. Baa UaMra. Calll.
, . I
1 :i
I I - i I
I "VX f 11 1 . ( 1
i i ii f i i t a
I ew-l .atama-l .
President expressed his hope that
the changes he suggested "will be
enacted by congress promptly.
they will more firmly esiaousn uie
bssic principles of the law."
Blizzard Hits
i Continued from Pe ll
Clilea SlelnfeMt. IS. If S. armeel
erelre. Vtncatieer. Waeh . ainl Danna
Dea nnteinian. IS. un-irps ii-Tata. in
Steawvar Orm. Sajeau
1ITIF0M t AST A worker toadies a seela m res
saratlea ef Jaws ef a BTthlstetie shark 1st the new feeall and fish !
a'tAwrWMneu.rf Nataral Bisury la New York. I
The heaviest snowstorm in seven
....... jmnMt nine and one-hslf
inches of snow on Philadelphia and
-..minnincr areas Monday. School
shut down. Industries and offices
il with nartial forces SS
workers gave up or ci '
hind schedule in efforts to reach
their jobs. .. , .
Flight schedules were disrupted
at LaGuardia Field and Idlewild
Airport in New York vny.
If the Weather Bureau s predic
tic holds aood. the snowfall will
be the largest in the city since
arlv 1U9 when about 15 inches
tell The record for the city was
the crippling 25 s-incn lau ot uec.
26 and 27, 147.
Complete mobiliiation of city De
partment of Sanitation forces be-
r . .. i L-IAI t km, .and
gan early monuay. -
,,ih I son dIows were on
the Job before dawn, and other
thousand! of city workers were
due to pilch ia "
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