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Teds Come From Behind to Nip Vikings
Aifabl Bob Hauita, manager of Um U-Bowl, bai lnfonmd
ua of two tournanwnta which ha baa sanctioned and will fat under
way oa the 13 th of thia month. The tint ta a 1(0 and over handi
cap tournament with a U pin limit for t $3.00 entry fee for three
timet. Peraon can bowl twice and eaah once. Eatimated 1200.00
tint place. The other is a 180
aimilar but with a 30 pin limit
lata ana cloaea mid-nite Hay 31it
Alao to be run ia a women'a
tioned ay the WIBC and will
Bob for further detail.
Catlaaiaf to lead the city la average la Dick Pkippe, who
hat practically carried hla Gardner Grocery team lata a tie for
lint place la the aujora with one week t go. Dick hat smash
ed out 11 204) gamra eat ef M bowled aad kaa kit for aiae
It null ia the 11 weeka tk league kaa kewled for a 21
Ten top bowler in the city are: Dick Phlppi, (Major) 101;
Pinky HartweU (Major) 104; Larry "Inttructor" Oalund (Major)
(100); Tom Brennan (Major) 18; John Glodt (Major) 188; Frank
Bvana (Major) 187; Dean Henderaon (Major) 188: Tony Villon
(Major) 184; Tony Prudent (Claatic) 184; and Jack Olney (vari
oua league) 184.
Leading the gal crittera ia the long-lime topnotcher here
about, Virginia Garbarino with a 164. Leaden are: Virginia
(Claiaic) 164; Phyllia Curry (Major) 163; Charlotte Potsehl (Classic
r. M. I tv Jir .Iff! I
-ft. a-....-.
. . . wiaa going away
162; Dot Albright (Clinic) 160; Fran Alesshire (Classic) 138;
Alma Penny (Major) 156; Dot Olney (Major) 134 Kay Krejci
(Classic) 134; Alberta Thompson (Classic) 134: and Mildred Guth
rie (Major) 153. Dot Olney and
tinction of being the only husband
ten in the city.
Top ten at the B li B in the
leOFred Haase 137; Jerry Davis
134; Herb Neinast 133; Glen Blanton 152; Tow Wood 131; Keith
Kaye 131; and Ed Lepper 131. Top
Penny 152; Gladya Wood 130; Alvin Haase 125; Shirley Barnett
123; Dee uautnier 118: Helen Handle 117; Ramon Taylor 118;
Paulina Conyers 109; Edith Richardson 109; Donna Rei'tzer 109:
and Vi Bishop.
Last nita in mixed doublea at
all the bowlers they would win a
li tney could oeat a certain serib
out Tom waa auu making cone,
wnen we ten at mio-mte.
New high game of the year turned la by Brennan Tree Serv
ice in the Majors Wedneaday nite aa they fired a 1084 scratch and
1162 with handicap. Scores were Tom Brennan 247; Ev Clark 202;
Virg Gregory 219; Benn Valdez 225; and Chet "The Dog" Boyce
191. Brennan'a took 4 from Karr'a 5 Old to shove them back
into a tie for first place with Gardner Grocery. Brennan'a also
ahnt 4167 for the four games which is also a new league high.
Also coming last week waa a game turned in by Jim Rich
field Service in the Capitol Industrial No. 1. Jim's bunch, a good
780 average team, shot 610. They didn't bowl that way all night but
here are the scores for that one game: J. McCallister 145: H. Mer
rell 104; B. Clark 140: D.Aleshire 107; J. Hurd 114. That game
wasn't funny to them but it happens to everyone once in a while.
In the same league. Valley Motor shot a 1010 game for a new sea
ann high. Jess Farley led off with 191; G. Schroyer shot 186; U.
Holmes 212; Clyde Colwell 229 and Earl Bullock shot 164.
Steadiest bowler of the week must be Keith "I'm in a rut"
Hayea who shot 180, 184, 188, and 182 (or 734 in the Majors Wed
nesday night.
Here are this year'a members of three exclusive clubs in the
city. 270 Club members are Dean Henderson 278, and Jim Ramsey
177. 260 Club members are Ray Gunn 268. Pinkv HartweU 267:
Bill McQueen 266; Lyle Anderson
Club members are Tom Brennan
258; Bill Hayne 257; Larry Oalund 237; Dick Phlpp 257; Ed Cor
rigan 256; Butch Ireland 256: Don Lutz 256; Lyle Ertsgaard 256;
Jim DeBow 255; Ercel Kay 255: Park Thede 254; Duane Cushman
253; Virgil Gregory 252: Jack Olney 252; and Walt Gardner 251.
Been Iota written about the oldest male bowler in the city
In the peraon of 79 plus Freddie Karr. Not to take anything
away from Freddie but our nominee it Lyle Anderson. Swede
started eut to be 21 last (all but we know for a (act that he
kaa aged 10 yeara every Wednesday night for the last 1 weeka
ae It looks to us like Freddie Is only the second oldest bowler
la the city.
Basketball Scores
RfttMVtlt 45. Stam 42.
Halsm JV'l 71. Brxntvrlt 1V 41
Gates 17. Gervats J
Chemawa 50. Detroit 39
lit Paul 40. Jefferson S3
Mill City S4. OftD Mi
Aria SI, Sublimity SI
ft-tarton tl. SHA M
Caw-atle ftn. fhtlom1h St
SHA M. Central 50 (overtime)
Da.1on 31. AtiMv 3
Yamhill 45. Willamtna
North Marion 52. Shtnsood M
Banka 47, Shartdan XI
ftllvarton M. Wood burn 43
Dallaa 3. Sandv 4J
Molalla . Eitarada 53
Ml, Angel 51, Canby 33
Perry dale 57, Col Inn M
Mrlaren 4S. C.atlun 21
Salem Aophi 45, Vancouver (Wn 1
Soph 33
rnrvailtt ft, Kiifene 43
Cm belt St, Verhoori J
Raker 2. Mftlnn-Preewater 47
Beaverlon WV Weit Linn 41
Mnater S4. Mm a 3.1
Viet i 74. Valaetx 50
- S-t loo Met...v N wow uxw- V msxeasv. M I - a J 'if ma ma. now ins sr oown
, 1 V 0fMNOA I 0(MANO Cut... IwtVtALRCApy fS. 7. V KNOW A LOT Of THINGS. .
Tl ' IwU Vn "os'rwf.vuNT ir5uNftos i ofctfoio 4 iar' r, ,T L-Wl
and under handicap deal quite
The tournament atarta January
tournament which will be aanc
be baaed oa 180. See poatera
. , . plana two tourney
worse half Jack have the dis
and wife combination In the top
men's division are: Howard Smith
134; Arnie Meyer 154; Les Dolge
ten women bowlers are: Alma
the B 4 B boss Tom Wood told
free refreshment from the house
who happened to be bowling
opening soft drink bottles, etc..
263, and Floyd Colburn 260. 230
239; Ray Gunn 238; Jack Olney
Portland V. Froth 73. Cleveland
( Portland) St
The Dalles II. Hermtttnn M
St. Paul 40. Jefferann 34
Harrithuiit 60. Kalnev 47
Lebanon 41. Sweet Home 3t
1-a Grande 51, Pendleton 43
St .Helem 53. Vernonia 43
Knappa SC. TllUmook Catholic 47
Jewell 47. Nehalem 41
Milwaukie 5, Llnmln (Portland)
SrsjAide 77 TvAlnter 14
HilUboro 54. New bet f 43
Brownsville 43 Mnnrnt 43
HimI River 60. Com-oid ia (Portland)
Neahkahntt S3, Srappomt 44
Vamhill 43. Willanttna W
Neaturia 54, Star uf the Sea (Al-
tor la l 43
Poweri 70. Ophtr Id
Toledo 42. Sluilaw 51
foreit Grove Wt, Oregon Cltr 11
l douhlr overtime
Klamath Path 44. MVriford 33
Alhanv M, Springfield VI
Collage Grow 13. Creawell 54
Willamette i Fiifenei 59. Junction
Cltv 34
Grant i Portland i 10, Portland State
Proah 49
Gets Even
For Defeat
Roosevelt's Roughrider cam
from behind ia to final minute
to edge the Salem high Vikings
45-42 at Portland bat night
Roosevelt tied it up with 3
minutes left and Dennis Rodin
dropped la a free throw to put
the Teddies out la front
Dave Wanaka'a field goal with
Sty left put the Teddiea even
with Salem and then Rodin'a free
throw made it 40-39. Roosevelt
made it 42-39 but Jim Knapp
cam back with two fre throws
to mak it 42-4L Th club ex
changed free throw and it waa
43-42 with IS aeond left. The
Teddies ended the gam with two
free throws.
Vikinga Led Mod of th Way
The Portend school took an
early 4-0 lead oa four points by
Rodin but Gordy Domogalla aank
two field goals, Jim Knapp hit
for one field goal, and Larry
Springer had a free throw to give
Salem a 7-4 lead, which they did
n't give up until the final min
utes of the game.
Domogalla continued to pace
the Vikings as Harold Hank's
ciub went on to hold a 13-10 first
quarter lead with Domogalla hav
ing eight of the points. Jim
Knapp had four points in the
initial quarter.
The two teama played on even
terms in the second quarter with
both getting 14 points to give
fnlrm a 29-24 haUtime lead.
Rodin once again lead the Ted
dies as the senior forward made
eight points.
A slow third quarter saw Salem
sink only one field goal end six
free shots while Roosevelt had
two field goals and three chanty
tosses. Salem's one point edee I
extended their lead to 37-31. I
Nine Straight Points
The Vikings and the Teddies'
exchanged field goals in the open
ing moments of the final period
as Jim Knapp hit for Salem and
Bill Wiitala hit for the Rough-
riders. Salem then went down
hill as the Teddies made nine
straight point and Salem none.
Roosevelt Wanaka took high
scoring honors for the game with
six field goals and six lree throws
for 18 points. His teammate
Rodin had 16 on three field goals
and 10 free throws.
For the losing Vikings Knapp
had 16 points on five field goals
and aix free shots. Gordy Domo
galla was next with 13 markers.
Both clubs had 13 field goals but
the Roughriders hsd 19 free
throws to 1 for th Vikings. Sa
lem defeated them 50-46 earlier
in tht season.
Lee Gustafson's Salem high
junior varsity trounced the
Roosevelt JVs 71-41 for their
sixth straight win. Salem led all
the way with a 21-8 first quarter
lead, a 34-18 halftime lead, and a
31-29 third quarter lead.
Scores 15 for Jayvees
Forward Don Zeh led the Vi
king JVs with IS points while
Harry Santee, reserve center had
11, and Don Piglsey and Dale
Jones each had 10. Center Mur
ray had 10 for the Roosevelt
Salem travels to Corvallis
Tuesday for a tough Big Six
game with the powerful Corvallis
Spartans. Corvallis is led by 6-7
center Dave Gambee, one of the
leading scorers in the state.
Salem (42) (45) Roosevelt
rs Ft pi Tp rs rt pi Tp
0 Wan.fc
1 IB
3 10
4 0
1 7
3 4
1 0
1 0
Sprnf.l O
WuU.c 3
DomK.g 4
Knapp. ( S
5 3 Rodn.t 3 10
3 Geld.c 0 O
1 13 Whit. 3 1
1 1 I 3
1 3 Flood,! 0 0
1 JStron.f 0 0
Budkl.f o
4 1 C.rav.I 0
Olicn.j. 0
0 4 0
Tola It 13 1 31 43 Total. 13 19 19 45
Free throwa minted: Salem Rurk.
land 3, Springer B, Wulf 4, Domo-
galla I. Knapp 3, Triplet! 1; Rooce
alt Wanaka 3, Rodin 1, Geldaker
3. Wittala 1. Curtia 2. Olatn 3. Ol
Oflriala: Dulry and McGregor.
Salem Jr. (II) (41) Rooievelt
Zeh US F (0) Ramie II
Pigaley (10) F (0) Rovat
Jonei (10) C (lOi Murray
Tom (3) G Ml Rii5M-il
Mtrnaeiu (it u is Canter
netervea scoring: salvm; Eyr (4),
Rosen (3), ftantee (111, for man (5(
Roosevelt; McCoy (5, Ollnon '.!
Vance (3), B'.alr (2). Hot di, Half-
time score: Salem 34. Roosevelt IS.
Official Rudolph and Hryctn
THt for Tafl. Orttaa Jawaarv
(CMllt1 ht V. . Ceatl GeMelte
Aarvtr. rarllaal. Ore.)
Hitti Waifra Low Watrri
January Time Hliht Time Hitaht
3 41 a m.
4 iS am.
11 pa.
4 11 pn.
7 01 P m.
I (T i m.
I Pre
II 06 P m
111 in
It oa p m.
1 1 a em
IB a m.
13 1 a m
11 11 a m
1 44 p a
10 II a m.
10 37 p in.
H a m.
11 13 P .
II a m.
I II P m.
1 01 a m.
1 31 p ra.
t II a an.
1 I
1 B
a s
1 . !
4 30 p m 4 4
I II in, II
t 11 p m 1
(11 im. 3 4
IMp m 0 I
Htm. IX
IMp w. I
Mill City Stays Unbeaten
In Marion County B Play
Hill City'f Timberwolves
kept th tag aa the class of
th Marion County B league
Friday night, remaining unde
feated in th circuit by pouring
in 86 point against th Deaf
SchooL Mill City bag lost only
to Stayton of th Capital
league In eight game. ..
Scio stayed in the race with
one loss in five game by whip
ping Sublimity 61-32, and there
ia a four-way tie for third. Next
Tuesday MiU City will be at
Jefferson and Gate will be
at Scio.
Scio Wins 61-32
From Sublimity
school hit a high percentage of
it shots to score 39 points in the
second half here Friday night.
defeating Sublimity, 61-32, in the
Marion county B. league.
Scio a substitutes outscored the
regulars as Gordon O'Reilly hit
for 11 to lead the Loggers. Don
ald Bents was worth 14 points to
the Saints. Quartertime scores
were 11-4, 2214 and 44-23, all
for Scio.
Scio junior varaity won, 47-27,
in the preliminary. ' .
Daln (Bl r. (141 Bonn
Thurston ( . P. 4 Parrish
Strong 19) C IS) Lewis
Gibson . G (1) Welter
Brrlon 121 G (4) Sullivan
Reserves scoring: Scio O Riley
111. Janls Ol, Jacobson (4). Bead
ier ISl, Slover (SI. Stewart IS). Sub.
Klnlz 121. Bell (II. Halftime score:
Scto 22. Sub 14.
Officials: Williams and Howls.
Gates Outplays
Gervais, 57-49
GATES Gates upset the
Gervais Cougars 57-49 here Fri
day night It was the second loss
in five Marion County B League
games and moves Gates even
with the Cougars, each with 3-2
Gatea held
Heart Academy Ca
lem took a narrow-i
from Central's Panthers
day night, opening league puT
in a hard fought overtime duel
The Panthers, with an edge in
height, led the scoring parade
from midway in the first quarter
till midway in the fourth, taking
the quarter-time scores 13-12,
26-21, and 38-30. About three
minutes into the fourth period,
Sacred Heart got hot and started
dunking them in, totaling 18
points and to 10 for Central, and
ending with a tie score st the
butler, 4848.
Going into the overtime per-
loo, Monarylty ot the Cards hit
a pair of free throws, giving SHA
a 30-48 lead, but Jnhnann made
the comeback for the Panthers
and another tied score, 50-50. For
the last two minutes, it was all
Sacred Heart Captain Vince Matt
made a floor shot and Fladwood
hit a free toss. After a tangle.
narr anil Nelson jumped, the
lards took it down floor, and
went into a stall. Moriarity was
fouled at the busier and made
one good shot to give the Car
dinals a resounding 54-50 victory.
This is the third overtime win
for Sacred Heart this sesson, and
givea them a 6-3 win-loss record.
Central took the prelim 45-31.
SservS Heart
Uorlsrlr f
S S a Johnwm.f till
3 S IS Bnink.r S I 3 Is j
13 3 FTvsmari.e 3 1 J t
13t NtUAn.s 3 J I S
I 111 Frsuss.f 1 1 li
nttMBerrT.r a
atssb. 1
Plsrtwnorl 4
Ustl.s 7
Ssrr r 3
Kmlres.t I 1
By Ham Fisher
19.97 V ei!M
a- X
I-a V
a V
I m
CI Varolina 75
Ve CiUdel 42
,'f Vburg M
rjf IMexico AM
H'f 1 Stephen F.
Hi I Tech 47
I I Texas 57
del J.oses
ton 1 fnBrophy's
matlA e downed
amen 45-32
on. The Sa-
J-10 at half-
V jly in the Sa-
I lead. Bob Bernhardt led Gate
with 18 point while bis team
mate Herb Romey bad is. Don
Reiling had 17 for th loser.
Gervais took th junior varaity
game 78-26.
Barnhart (IS) ., (S) Keppinger
Devliw (S) (171 Renin
Rome? lie) m Bcniecnier
Larson (1) " (U) Thompson
A. Vail (t) G (Tl Espa
Halltunt score: Gates as, Gervais
27. .
St. Paul Beats
Jefferson 40-34
ST. PAUL ft. Paul eotv
tinued it climb in th Marion
county B league Friday night by
slipping Jefferson high school.
40-34. i
It wss a ease of staying ahead
all the time for Coach Leslie
WeatheriU's team, which led at
rest periods 15-9 27-19 and 34-
George Smith and Sam Smith
were pacemakers for the win
ning Buckarooa with 14 and 13
points, respectively, while John
Wright notched (6 for Jeff.
Jefferson took the prelim
inary, 31-26, over St Paul jay
Marlatt 112) T (131 S. Smith
Tleske (21 F (14) G. Smith
Wrlsht tl) C " w"
Mevers (II G (1) Klrech
Whorton (II G 141 Merten
RtMtrvet scorlns: Jefferson Cot
man (21.
Mill City Splurge
Tops OSD 86-60
Mill City A whirlwind second
half produced 50 points for the
Mill City Timberwolves to break
a halftime tie and swamp the
Oregon School for the Deaf, 86
60. The great scoring splurge,
which netted 29 points in the
third quarter, kept MiU City un
defeated and leading the Marion
Idaho vu, ataie 65
Washington Slate 56, Washington
Wyoming 63, Utah State 54
Brigham Young 81. Denver 58
Colorado AM 73. Montana SO
New Mexico 65. Utah 60
Puget Sound 81, British Columbia
Seattle 83, Gonzaga 61
Idaho Stale 72. Montana State 41
San Francisco 57, Los Angeles Loy
ola 53.
Willamette 65. Whitman 62
Linfield 66. College of Idaho 64
Lewis Clark 55. Pacific S3
Southern Oregon 71, Oregon Edu
cation 62
St. Marys (Calif ) 57, San Jose
State 56
San Francisco State 67. Nevada SO
Central Washington 71, Western
Washington 61
George Fox 57, Oregon Medical 49
Whitwortn 71. Pacific Lutheran 46
Eastern Washington 85, Seattle Pa
cific 84 (overtime'
..aap uiiisTiaia;
.X. "
"aW .s-rii
I a. aaaaBr . ,iia sft
REPORT Or CONDITION of Willamette Vailey Bank of Salem to
the Stale of Oregon at the close of business on December 31 lfttx
1. Cash with ' "her banks. Including reserve balances, and cash
Items In process of collection $ 33a 633 77
7 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 1.823 398 19
3. Obll rat torn of states and political subdivision? . 760 37S 51
Loans and dtcounts unctuding $1.474 53 overdraft) !Z S23, 61
1. Bank DremiM owneii none furnitir mn iiairMaa m
11 Demand deposita Df indlvlduala.'partneiships. and corpor
ations . . .
14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations
ia. uepmita oi united sutes Government (Includlnt posts!
savinisl ..
IS. Deposits of Statea and political subdivisions " ."' ;
IS. Other deposits i certified and officers' checks, etc.)
f.3. Other ltahilitlci
34. TOTAL LIABILITIES (not Incltidin subordinated oblisatlons
shots n below)
17. Undivided profits .
This bsnk's capital consists of
Common slock with total par value of 1130 .000 00
SI. Assets pledfe or aselfned to secure liabilities and for other
purposea . fos 794 4
I. A H. Flicker. Vice President of the above-named" aolemnlv
wear that the above statement ia true, and that It fully and correctly
represents the true state of the severs! matters herein contatnd and aet
forth, to the beet of my knowkrdse and belief
Correct Attest: A H FLICKER
, . . , . DAVID O'HARA Directors.
Sate of Oret-nn. Countv of Marlon, as
(SEAL) Sworn in and subscribed before me this 7th day of January, I9S4.
My commission expiree .3.vt
EDGAR H HHITT. Motary Public.
auaioM oorirrf a uagui
w l ret. w L rc
sua cits a 1 if a.u. s s mi
Scle S I J0O Cnemava I I
Oervala I t lea Ds-roU I J"
at. Faai s a saosobluutr 1 4 Jot
J-ffMi- 1 S JOB 0-D. M
Results Pridei: Mill city St. OTtsoo
-l for the Seal 0: Bl Jstl ,
Jellereaa 341 Sale SI. allt 31: Oataa
SI. Oervala 4S: Cbea so.
Timberwolves with Its first hall
play and finished with a credita
ble 60 points. At times OSD led
in the second Quarter
Rov McCann tallied 24 point
for OSD and Al Ward had 23 for
Mill City. Elton Gregory posted
17 for the victor. Quartertlm
score were 22-17 for Mill City,
36-86 and 65-44.
Mill City jayvees pocketed tn
preliminary easily, 60-14.
MoCana (141 F ....(HI SI Ores-re
O. Thompson JSI P.... (23) Ward
Maynard 1111 C 4l Carey
MOW list ,. U V
Heath tSl O Ill Crook
Reserves aeorlni: O0: Whittle 111!
Mill Cltr: Bd Orecorv (Si. Child 14),
Crosier (41. Srversoo 111, Thomas IS.
Halfllme score: Mill Cltr M. O0U Je.
Offklala: Anderson and McNeil.
Chemowa Wins
From Detroit
DETROIT The Chemawa
Indians downed Detroit 50-33
here Friday nigU in Marion
County B League play. It waa
the second league win for the
Chemawa led 9-3 at the end of
the first quarter and led 19-15 at
halftime They began to move
away from Detroit in the second
half, holding a 36-23 lead with
one quarter left in the game.
Pat Morin, Chemawa reserve,
led the winners with 13 point
while Gerald Vickers had ten to
lead the losing Detroit five. Che
mawa also won the junior var
sity game 59-32.
Umptuch (8) T (8 Hopaon
Coburn (4) (1) Bowers
Osborne (5) C (7) Rico
Wyman (1) G (10) Vlckers
Azore (2) C (1) Snyder
Reserves scoring: encm. Laplant
(1). Morin (111. TelUer (11). Swlta-
ler (). Detroit Ketchum (5).
t ana nates.
Navy 60
Colgate 74
Baldwin Wallace 71
Amherst II
Georgia 62
Yington and Lee
.id led the win-
point while Ford
losing Vancouver
had ten for Salem.
OPUS (43) (12) VANC V'a
1(1) r (4) Speyer
r (id) rora
(J) C (41 Phelps
Patterson (S) C (2) Klaudt
1. Bactcstr'd (13) G (0) KiKlina
Reserves scoring: Sophs Gordon
(31, Cobb (1). Merchant (3), BeaU
til. Vancouver Tleman (8). Barry
131. Shield (2). Halftime score: Sa-
lem 19. Vancouver 10.
O. Mat Fltiavrr
Uti rttldent of MS N. 4th t.t rtt-
dence Jm. t. BurvlTtd by wife Uri.
Carrie K. Planer. Salem. Service Moo-
day. Jan. li, 1:30 p.m. Clwf h-Barrkk
chaptl. Rev. Donald Payne offlcletlnc.
Private committal jerrlcea at Mt. Crtst
Abbey Crematorium.
Jertmt Krto iBw4) Parmeater
At Sacramento. Calif., Jan. S. Ijte
resident of imo p. i,xz. Survived by
wife. Came Evelyn, of Salem; ton
Geo. Htll of Portland; atep-enn. Rich
ard Den nil. Sacramento, Caltf; sitter,
Mn. Marjorle Cole, San Franciaco.
Calif.; brothers, Dewey Parmenter,
Lake View. Ore.. Gena Parmenter,
San Francisco, Clarence Parmenter,
Enavtlle. Idaho. Rex and Jack Par
metenller: one grandson. Service
Tuesday, Jan. IS at 1:30 p m. Cloufh
Barrick Chapel. Rev. Lloyd Uecker.
Interment at City View.
Anna K at he line Wodaece
Late resident of 955 Terrace Th.
Wife of jom-nh J Wodaege. mother
SI.097 39
. 1J.1U J4
1T4.0S1 M
. JSJ2-19
' 11.43.1 41
191 .423 4
Mid Willamette
Mrs. Emily Jordan
Silverton Funeral services for
Mrs. Emily Jordan, 87, wer held
at 1 P-BL Saturday, January ,
from the Salem Ciougn Barrick
chapel, th Rev. Paul Wayne
Henry of Silverton Methodist
church, officiating. Interment was
at Belcrest Memorial park.
Born ia Greenfield, 11L, July
23, 1868, later living ia Long
Eeaeh, Calif., ahe cam to Silver
ton in 1946 to make her home
with the family of (on. Earl
Reed. She died Wednesday eve
ning. .
n.k .iimiwe. bps anna. Rov
Reed, Grant, Neb.; Wilson Reed
and cnaries joraan, Dom oi iDg
Beach, Calif, and Claude Jordan
a pn-ie ralif Alan a sister.
EMie Hill. Casper, Wyo.; a broth
er, James Briscoe, riani,
Fla - 16 children. 23 great-grand
children and one great-great
Lottie Amelia Pipe
Albany Mrs. Lotti Amelia
Pipe, S3, daughter 'Of Albany's
best known pioneers, died at her
horn at 818 Ferry street, Thurs
day. The funeral will be held at 1
p.m.. Monday at the Fisher Fu
neral home. Burial will be in
the Riverside cemetery,
Mrs. Pipe waa the daughter of
Thomas Monteith and Christine
Maria Dunbar Monteith, Mr. Mon
teith being one of the co
founders of Albany with his
brother Walter.
The deceased was born here
July 8, 1860, and had spent her
entire life within eight blocks of
where she was born.
On January 22, 1886, she was
married to James V. Pipe, who
died March 11, 1927. Surviving
are a daughter, Christine, and
aon, John J. Pipe, both of the
lamuy nome.
John Reese Mallow
Albany John Reese Mallow,
53, RDF 3, Corvallis, died at his
home Thursday. Service will
be held at the Fortmiller-Fred-cricksen
chapel Monday at 2:30
p.m. Burial will be at Riverside
Mr. Mallow was born in Hazel
ton, Iowa, and came to Oregon
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Mallow, when he was 2
year old. They settled la Cor
vallis and later lived near
Mr. Mallow married Don Har
ris at Albany, August 12, 1922.
They lived in Albany until 6Va
yeara ago when they moved to
Surviving besides his widow,
are two daughters, Tena Merle
and Marie Mallow, Corvallis, a
brother, Fsy, Sweet Home, and a
sister, Mrs. Ruth Tussing, Sa
lem. August F. Hunt
Hunt, 56, died of a heart attack
at his home in Woodburn Friday.
He had been a resident of Wood-
burn for 20 years.
Mr. Hunt was born at Alcona
Iowa, June S, 1897, and came to
Woodburn from Stickney, S.D.,
in 1935. Recently he became
part owner of a tavern at Moni
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Rose Hunt, Woodburn two sons,
Kenneth, Salem, and Alfred Hunt,
Woodburn; a brother, M. Hunt,
Woodburn three sisters, Mrs.
Mary Stines, Iowa: Mrs. Kate
Hoffman, South Dakota, and Mrs.
Elizabeth Jones. Washington; and
three grandchildren.
Mr. Hunt was a member of St.
Luke's Catholic church and a
veteran of World War 1.
The rosary will be recited at
8 p.m. Sunday, January 10 at St
Luke Catholic church. Requi
of Clyde H. Wodaefe. Mrs. Judith
Elliott, Salem, Mrs. Bertha Maye
Rude. Havward. Callf Mrs. Martha
Day Loetfler, Eusene. Ore., alater of
Herman Roaenberf. Pendleton, Ore,
Mrs. Bertha Zander, John Day, Ore..
4 srandchlldren. Service will be held
Monday, Jan. 11, 3 p.m. W. T. Rig
don Chapel. Service will be read by
a viii-iian o-ien.isi.
Joseph Knowles Browning
Late resident of Los Angeles (Hoi
lydalel. Father of George. Edward.
Francis, and Benjamin Browning,
Mrs. May I Howard I Hall. Portland,
Ore.. Mrs. Scharlle Van Cleave. Mra.
Caroline Tlinmoni. Mn. Dorothy
Pitta. Alao survivors are 14 grand
children and S great-grandchildren.
services wm be neld Tuesday, Jan.
12 at 1:30 p.m. In the W. T. Rlgdon
Chapel with concluding service at
Belcrest Memorial Park. Rev. Donald
McFadden of Portland will officiate.
Hey! I wmrw ivere fixing wwner;
Satnrdar, January 9, 1954
em mass will be given t( (.M
am. Monday, Jan. 11, a4 tha
church with burial to follow is
th church cemetery under dire?
tinn nf the RinsnTMta.ii?
nerol Chapel n .
Friends may call at th
Funeral Chapel Sunday aft?
Jennie L Peck
I Peck, a lifelong resideiiiai
Foster, died Thursday morm.
Jan. 7, in the Latigmack hosS?
Mrs. Peck was born in !.
July 24, 1879. and mimS
Charles A. Peck, who preceded
her In death in 1946.
Survivors Include a son, gIm.
Albert Peck, and a daugtoS
Msyme Bell Hagle. both fH"
ter; fiv listers, Maude Creea. Z
Lebanon: Ella U.,1- .T?7 "
Brady of Foster; Clara Morris e!
s.,.., oaran Jar
Vanderpool of North Pish
Ore.: two brothers im.. .
of Portland and Roy UwbsJ
" --TCU sranocnuarea and
four great-grandchildren.
Funeral service wer feu
Saturday in th Huston runeral
horn ia Sweet Rnns
Arthur Cobb of Tigard officiat!
tag. ,
Burial was in thai num....
Harry B. Gednev
SWEET HOMt-Harry Barton
Gedney. 65, died Thursday morn
ing, Jan. 7, it the Langmack bos-
Gedney, owner of the Sweet
Home Cabinet shop on L street
was born June i. 1888, in Inde
pendence, Mo.
His survivors include his wife
Nellie; sons, Marion Davis, of
Sweet Home, and Harry Gedney
of Florence; daughters, Ellea
Mitchell of Napa, Calif.; Iva
Kikel, Sweet Home, and Norms
Raynolds of Holley, and a sister,
Till Carlson of Albuquerque,
and 22 grandchildren.
Services will be held in the ,
Huston Funersl bom in Sweet
Horn Saturrtsy at S p.m., with
Rev. Jamea Thompson of the
community church, Methodist,
Vault entombment will be in
the I OOF cemetery In Lebanon.
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