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    Calm Authentic ?W (juide tc Setter
. 1
t Edittd by Marraa lwry Fiwher
Publish! Thursday lock Wk
Mid-Winter Menus Need W; Marts Offer Great Variety
C apital AJonraai
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af -pv j.h
Coast Fish .Full of Food ' Values.
tromU Wrlttri
You'll be lerving yourself
and your family better in the
new year if you resolve now
to put more of our fine "home
grown" fish and shellfish 'in
your menus more often. It's a
very real problem to give your
family enough of the food val
ues they need ... in tempting
variety ... at reasonable cost.
Yet our infinite variety of foods
of the sea is ready and waiting
to help solve these problems to
the satisfaction of every one,
any day in the week, at any
Wealth of Variety. Our fish
dealers can supply more va
rieties than you've ever dream
ed existed; practically a never
ending variety since seasons
yond numbering as breakfast
dishes, luncheon, supper and
dinner specialties, appetizers,
soups, salads, sandwich fillings.
Easy to Cook
There are only five basic
ways to cook fish; all are easy
Good Buys
m January
Ideas on Fixing
Varieties of Waffles
If you want waffle success,
waffle batter must be poured rap
idly on the waffle iron grids anJ
It ha inn fnA at nnr to insure
urapciruil pricv usually arc uniform hakinff. nrevent SUCKine.
lowest in January. Rich in vita- breaking.
mm t grapcirum ann wun , Three out of ten women wno
lemonades, orange juice and have "bad luck" baking waffles
Veal Schnitzel Offers Variety
Lemon slices
orange segments, are important
in fighting the "common cold so
prevalent at this season. Keep cit
rus fruits on hand for frequent
Onions, particularly the yellow
globe type continue plentiful with
prices low. Along with plentiful
potatoes, you've the makings for
many a fine soup or chowder, sal
ad, scalloped potatoes and of
course potatoes and onions to be
fried in a dozen different ways.
Or you can bake the potatoes and
serve them with plenty of butter
are leisurely dipping the batter
out of the bowl onto the waffle
iron. Either dip it out fast or, bet
ter still, put the batter in a pit
cher and pour quickly.
This and other waffle ideas
was told us by the borne econom
ist for a popular ready-to-bake
waffle mix and goodness knows
they should know other ideas:
For a bridge luncheon, aspara
gus stalks rolled in thin slice of
ham, covered with cheese sauce
are very good served on waffles.
For a family dinner try easser-
If you havent' had this recent
ly and can find some veal at a
reasonable price ... or even if
the price doesn t wt reasonsble
your family will find this a rare
Veal SchMitxel
2 pounds veal steak
cut to inch thick
4 tablespoons f at
egg, slightly beaten .
tablespoon water
cud fine bread crumbs
V cup tomato Juice
Heat fat in skillet Cut veal
into serving pieces; season with
salt and pepper. Dip each piece in
the egg mixed with the water,
then in the crumbs. Brown meat
in hot fat until well browned,
about 10 minutes. Add tomato
Juice (or water, milk or sour
cream). Cover and cook slowly
until forkt-ender, about 30 minutes.-
Sour cream may be used
with the fat in the pan to make a
sauce to pour over. Garnish with
or sour cream with finely chop-1 oled or creamed chicken or tuna
on waffles.
Country breakfast de luxe Is
scrambled eggs, sausage and waf
fles. Creamed chipped beef on waf
fles make a fine economical sup
per. Spread waffle with sour eream
and then with strawberry jam for
something super.
Only important difference to
remember is that when broil
ing, baking or planking lean
fish, it's best to baste frequent
ly with melted fat to avoid dry
ness. Fish require very little
cooking because they are len
der by nature.
Tartar Sauce
Press out all moisture from
U cup finely chopped sour
pickles and 2 tablespoons fine
ly chopped capers. Then add
ped onions on the side,
Winter Pears. Of course the
plentiful pears are the winter va
rieties for which Oregon, Wash
ington and California are world
famous. Fine for eating out-of-hand,
they're also excellent in sal
ads and desserts. Try hslving, cor
ing and baking pears in orange
juice, cider or in cranberry sauce
with maybe a clove or two in each
pear half.
Fish and Shellfish
Good supplies, mostly from
western waters. Oysters, lobsters,
crab eastern and western scal
lops, fresh clams and shrimp.
Fish fillets are in good supply and
good to the budget; cod, rockfish,
sole, ocean perch, flounder. For
them to 2 cups mayonnaise ! uses. Knowing the forms or ' ".'
along with 1 tablespoon pre-; "cut, i. important. Bcst mown -
parea musiara, i.u.mjw"" : " Than tv-. . r-Aiaa
mixed chopped parsley, tarra-, whole Fish as they come ; ,uch brTOk Uoul r Mle ner.
gon and chervil, mixing togeth-. from the water. Before cook-1 lumbia River smelts and eastern
er well. Add 8 ripe olives fine- hng, these must be scaled and whiting. - I ed vegetables, broccoli, caulitlow-
Iv ehoDDcd and 1 teaspoon "cleaned" and usually the head. Other Plentiful! er. celery, onions, potatoes, winter
So many good things and we're squash varieties, parsnips, sweei
running out of space. Main dish potatoes. Reasonable prices mark
specialities are broiler-fryer
To frost Glasses
A reminder. For fru't juice
cocktails, dip the rim of the
glgss In lemon juice, then In
granulated sugar. Chill in re
frigerator, lor at least an
hour before serving. Fine hol
iday meal opener is to pass
cranberry juice in the living
room before announcing din
and they apply to all species. ; chopped chives. Very good eat- ma and fins removed. Your
ing! . . Ifishman will do this for you.
Easy on Budget. Everyone. Dressed or Pan - dressed,
knows that fish is an economi-j whole fish with scales and en
cal buv. Naturally, the most; trails removed usually with
abundant varieties cost less. head, tail and fins removed.
Watch advertisements, look. Ready to cook as purchased.
over , display. your IiUj steaks are cross section slices
man about varieties available,
especially those most plentiful
In this area.
How to Buy risn. rresn ,m. bom ,he
irozen iiii '"ihlhnnf Readv . :
from large dressed fish; ready
to cook as purchased.
; Fillets. Sides of the fish, cut
various forms for
ending variety since seasons, . ! 1 !
St, 'SSZX B Cooki es Easy With Mixes
fresh varieties; and those Iroz-
A nnbnrl mull
run to more than 100 kinds! Many users of cake mixes these
from which to choose. days take pride in the variety of
High Nutritive Value. An av-!fine baking they can proauce
from a package of mix. Most pop
ular are cupcakes, strawberry
shortcake and upsidedown cakes.
Now, even more surprising.
nod for children and for
derly people whose diets often
Dresent Droblems. I
ways to rix. inese are ue-
(the kind that calls for fresh
In a 2-qt bowl, beat butter,;
eggs and vanilla until smooth. J
Add cake mix. Mix well. Add!
nuts. Shape dough into a roll
about l4-ia thick. Wrap in
waxci! paper. Chill until firm.
- . t.- shout z nours. wui wiw tb-iu.
you can use cane mix io n,c , pace on ungrell!ied cookie
tasty, crisp cookies. sheet, 2 in. apart, and bake in
Moiro em olain. or dress 'cm mrHcr.itrlv hot oven (375) on
f aoove center mr o
or until light brown.
to cook
purchased. Practically boneless.
Sticks. Pieces cut lengtnwise
or crosswise from imeis or
steaks into portions of uniform
size, usually approximating
size of index finger.
How Much to Buy. A serving
of fish is generally 13 to Vi
pound of edible flesh. For
whole fish, allow about 1 pound
per person. For dressed fish,
allow H pound per person. For
steaks, fillets or sticks, allow
13 pound per person.
Fish Sticks Ideal
Popular new way of prepar
inB anv fish fillets is to cut
fillets into strips about size of
index finser. Dry thoroughly;
mil in flour, then in beaten
egg to which a tablespoon of
has been aaaea. o u
erase portion of fish or stiell-
f ish Drovides nearly all tne ani
mal protein you need each day
IO ncip uuiiu avpw. . ,
tissues. In addition, fish are
valuable sources of iodine, cal
cium, iron, copper and phos
phorus and also supply essen
tial vitamins. Since nsn is eas-, ..,, nip(. nr other! rack sliehtly
lly digested, it is particularly I"?.""" n, within 10 min.. c
dren ana lor ei- . " . u.i Kni n tu-n-inrh rookies.
the basic recipe. ,
Easy Mix Cookies
Vt teasp. baking soda
Vt cup water
.""nh, er day An)ou or Cornice
' .V-.,in. hike this. For each two
i nv veilnw. white or devil's sons, wash and dry 2
f.i(i rake mix (the kind that' jui-y pears. Whip together
calls for fresh eggs) 1 3-ounce package cream cheese,
a4 cur silled all-purpose flour ' 2 tablespoons orange Juice ! chopped capers. Then add them
In mixing bowl, dissolve soda an(j i teaspoon grated orange . t0 2 cups mayonnaise along
Are vour net economies extrav. in water. Stir in ew ann ouui-r. rind ,0 , Rooa ,prcaaing con- witn 1 tamespoon prcparca
acant or real' Do you "etonom- Arid cake mix. Stir until all the sj5lcnCy. With a , silver knife mustard, 1 tablespoon mixed
ize" by buvin" a larcc quanlitv mix is moistened. Add flour.. or spatuia jprcad cheese mix-, chopped parsley, tarragon and
of food and then serving it so oft- Work in well with hands or turc ovcr Fcars Rol in coco. , cricrvil, mixing together well,
en that the family gets fed up on spoon. Snipe dough into l inen nu( or ,prinklc COCOnut over i Add 6 ripe olives finely chop
it and demands more expensive balls. Place on ungrciiscd cookie s .f ou jke Serve on 1 p(,d and j tcasp00n chopped
food "for a change 7 sncci, i in. ar-"- dessert plate with fork. 'chives, very gooo. eaung:
I Economy
I Listed
I with fine bread crumbs. Fry in
Pear-Cheese Salad deep hot fat or oil until golden
... I hrown. Drain on paper towels.
Use up some of those 01-1 Serve with plenty of lemon
day Aniou or Cornice P"1 wcdges and this Tartar Sauce:
line mis. ror - u 1 Tartar Sauce
ripe 1 prcs 0ut all moisture from
I u run finely rhooDed sour pic-
kles and 2 tablespoons finely
chickens, eggs, beef and frozen
fish. Plenty of large dry lima
beans, all dairy products, pecans,
raisins, fata and oils for cooking.
aalad ana tame use.
Vegetable HuYl
Plenty of cabbage, most buncb-
.1 .
lettuce, spinach and tomatoes.
Lieht suDDlies of cucumbers, egg
plant, okra, beans, artichokes, zuc
Fruit Bum
Loose apples,, small oranges.
z.mperor gripe v"4 v
plentiful. Good marketing'.
1 , 1 .
I ' ' 'I" .' I I I W '
' -aat? . sJ rnnviua I '
I IsTrNatatTa I ' " "i 1 M,,W II
I f'MM.m.laiiliMI, UMmm. ' ' X '' ... , '' P '. -
1 " - - U I x ' 1 ae. a Vi't
rl o rkdm. "', L 3n
Tn vm, "M.nnnm'7tn hv hUvinS eratp oven (JOUI On TJtR biirii.
a cheap cut of moat and then add : ly above center for 12 to 15 mm.,
quantities of butter and fnncy1 or until light brown. Makes about
vegetables to make it palatable? 50 two-inch cookies.
Do you economize" by using. Variations: Alter working in
fewer eggs and milk than the cm-, ,ne louri mjx j , cup chopped
ounts sdviscd by nutrition ex- nms rajsins. dates, coconut or
pcrts and then consult a doctor to ' semj'.sweet chocolate pieces.
Icebox cookies, made by the
following recipe, are sure-fire hits
hce.-use thiv're rich and tr.ste so
good. Equally important, they're
the kind you make up and keep
unhrked in the refrigerator.
r-aV ng anv sm ll amount as you
find out whv the children are un
derweight? Of course you dnn't,
but you prob-.bly have a relative
or neighbor who does these very
Stretch Food Dollars
A tencnt rubbrr scraper will
save dnuars vnnn n, - - - ...nri.rti (or ,,.
B.vwasmvvaBT,-A eu.
it In f-rar.e blltlrr oil
plates, gray off meat planers, ersences a
bi ttcr out of mixing bowls, ctcct- to wu.
nd wonderfully simple
Icebox Cookies
' cup soft butter or mar-
2 eggs
V. tesp. vanilla
1 pkg. white cake mix
If milk or cream twiiin to sour.'
let it become well thickened, then
use it in enriching pancakes, waf
fles, doughnuts, gingerbread, ;
spice cakes, muffins, etcetera.
When you empty cream bottle,!
nnre out the cream that dines to
the bottle with milk; then pour' Angles GOOO OS
it into the milk bottle. ; . , ,
Use left-over egg yolks in yeast Gornitr'eS. I 00
rolls, plain cookies, etcetera, us . ke . fine .arnish.
ing 2 egg yolks plus 1 Ublespoon 1 PUP ,.d lppie, in rings H
milk in place of 1 egg. Or add "J wjth meted
e;g yolks to whole egss hen fix 1 margarine: broil with
in" KZ?lMJTiU,?inil c" 'o7to "fZ lightly brown
in custards, salad dressings. ed turntn once. Or brown in
cream pies, puddings. I hoi fat jn kn)ft Sprinkl, U(,ht-
i. aiith suiar before serving. as
Quick Tun Specialty l,rnish with meat Sweeten 2;
Combine a can of tuna with tups sieved apple uce to taste;
- Mnripnwfl mushroom 1 aHrf 1 tshleiDoon lemon juice and
.oun Season with dash of cur-2 tablespoons or more prepared
rv powder and serve hot on horseradish Serve hot or crinea
toast, rice or noodles. I with ham, pork, veaL
Home- Produced I
the Northwest!
If -they're teher than
they haven't been picked
1' in
I UMj i
Shamnw KgiaTIII 111
i aug mimij - mre,zrn-jBm-rr'tr, rrjjwrrjcr-
I "jr ' Sr&C fSH MOM THI COUNTtr Wause they're iZ0J -r ' 1
I . J"!--: -a-aawf frozen fresh in the country! Might where the fAUi'f '
mt W A fl -Zri fim food grown. Libby-cleeta only the finest rjM ? l
Kg ' ? Then they're picked... frozen... and packed- f&$j
4,.. if ,n. matter of minute,! You goto of the flavor L fi, . V'TVi
""''nl M I S'7 A name you know on foods you'll like! tJUiyy
.: if