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C apit al jlJoii final
66th Year, No. 5 JToZZ K Salem, Oregon, Wednesday, January 6, 1954. v;ort AlSa 5c
partial clearing and 1 1 w
hewers and cooler, Thursday.
Low tonight, 42; high Thurs
day, St.
Airforce Lists
if 256 of Missing
Presumed Dead
List One of Eight
Being Released by
Defense Department
Air Force made public today the
names of 256 officers and air
men who have been "missing in
action" in Korea for more than a
: . ! dead."
; V The list was one of eight being
' ? released by the Defense Depart
'I ment this week. Altogether, they
identify 3856 American fighting
i men for whom a "presumptive
9; finding of death" was necessary
" in the absence of any evidence
f that they survived Korean com
v t bat.
.' 30.350 Death Toll
When the last list is made pub-
Parly in Italy
Torn by Feud
Cabinet Crisis Cre
ated That Intensi
fies Drift to Reds
ROME UB The dominant
Christian Democrat party was . 1
torn tnrinv hv "ramilu fA.." ' 2-
that has created a cabinet cris-! swy '
is and intensified the threat of ! J
an Italian drift lnus.rl Mmmiil
..... i I J
Premier Giuseppe Pella and
his "cabinet of experts" re- j
signed last night after less than .
five months in office as a re
sult of what amounted to a
"vote of no confidence" from
his own party.'
President Luigi Einaudi re
fused immediately either to ac
cept or reject the Pella resig-,
lie, the American death toll for ! nation, but the Premier Is
r the Korean War will stand at an ! unpopular In Christian Demo
i estimated 30,350 with additional I crat ranks that it appeared un-
. ... ; u- ..,.tj r ..Aiu..
lianuDuea on race a. loiumi 31 c vwuiu .u.j.i
Lcftwing Christian Demo
crats have been sniping at Pel
la for months because of his
policy of cooperating with the
rightwing Monarchists to as
sure a parliamentary majority
for measures favored by his
The leftists believe the party
should collaborate with Pietro
Nenni's pro-Communist Social-
Spy's Testimony
'Very Valuable'
. n i:i i r." . ..
. 1 sV L m. ,MF - I I " V 1
4th Suspect
In $160,000
Robbery Held
All Accused Are
Negroes; Woman
- Also Picked up "
-1 ejo "tJZ '
mzz Convenes in Brief
Session of Preliminaries
: ; III....IJ l.
-iSouth Korea on
'Freeing P0W
Service Wednesday picked up
man they described as a fourth
suspect la the SlSO.OuO New
f ; Year s Eve theft of n;w $20 bills
I from the Bureau of Engraving.
Tu a-.,; 1 : t.J I 1
recovery of all but S1.700 of the SEOUL, KOREA, ' UP Gea.
money. Kaxwell Taylor bluntly warned
Charles Howard Nelson. 17. a So""1 Korea today he will on
Negro, was brought under custody j le?,B his "B Army against South
to the field office of the S?cret Korean t'oors if any attempt Is
Service in the Treasury early rCt to free the mora than tV
Wednesday, the ssrvice said. 000 ",: Cor.tnunlst prisoners
There. Nelson was placed under ' Indian euttody,
questioning immediately. I In the statement, Taylor "no-
Nelson's address was given as ' tice ! the threat made yesterday
Chapel Oaks. Md., near the District 1 bv South Korean Foreign Minis
of Columbia line. ter Pyun Yuns Tae that the KCK
Other details were not immcdi-'army mieht take "some action"
ately available. ! if the Indian custodial troops con-
The case broke open Tuesday ' tinue their "illegal screening" of
with the arrest of a bureau em- the anti-Communist prisoners.
Molotov on
Atomic Pool
MOSCOW (UP) U. S. Ambas
sador Charles E. Bohlen visited
Foreign Minister Vyacheslav M.
Molotov today In a new move
toward negotiations on President
Eisenhower's proposal for an
atomic energy pooL
Bohlen bad last gone to see
Molotov In the skyscraper Sov
iet Foreign Office oa New Year's
Eve. the State Department said
in Washington Monday, to dis
cuss "certain procedures" for
starting "substantive talks or ne
gotiations on the President's pro
posal. After the New Year's Eve
meeting, Bohlen said be told Mol
otov that the United States was
prepared to begin discussions on
ploye, his wile, and a solt-spo'cen South Korean officials either i the procedure for negotiations.
Pat McCarran predicted today
that the senate internal
security subcommittee's inter
view with Iunr Gouzcnko will be 1 to get its program across,
"very valuahle" ir future inves
tigations into communist sub
version. The Nevada democrat said he
does not know when, if ever
the transcript of the inteniew
will be made public.
"It certainly won't be for a
long, long time,' McCarran said.
McCarran and Chairman Wil
liam E. Jenner (R., Ind.) ent
to Canada last week end to in
Lewis Puts up
$50r0a0 More
NEW YORK John L. Lewis,
president of the United Mine
Workers, has sent another $50,000
terview Gouzenko former code to the old International Longshore
clerk in the Russian embassy ! men's Assn. and has promised all
at Ottawa. Gouzenko s disclos-! the support that is needed in event
ures to Canadian authorities ex I of a strike, the ILA reported
U. i.L'i;.ii.un, lett, chief of the hecici ae.v.ct, luu nuuy
J. Holtzclaw, associate director of the Bureau of Engraving,'
display, a package of "dummy" bills found in the Bureau's
value. While Treasury Department refused to comment the
Secret Service was said to be holding at least .two suspects
in conection with the theft Virginia troopers said the money
was found on farm near Centerville, Va., 25 miles from Wash
ington. The theft totaled $100,000 in $20 bills. (AP Wire
photo) .
The figure might run as high as
five million dollars, Capll William
V. Bradley, ILA president, told
The Associated Press.
It prcviousy had been reported
that Lewis had offered a one mil-,
linn dollar strike fund.
Th ILA, ousted from the Amer
ican Federation of. Labor as rack
eteer dominated, is locked in a
struggle with a new ILA-AFL. for
control of the waterfront
ewis had turned over 550,000
to the ILA as a campaign fund
shorty before the balloting.
Air Travel Has
Shown Increase
Preliminary Meetings
With Russia to Start
BERLIN (UP) The Western Commandants of the United
Allies announced tonight, they i S t a t e s. Great Britain and
will start preliminary negotia-1 France will start the negotia
tions with the Russians tomor- j tions with the Soviet com-
row for the meeting of the Big mandant.
Four foreign ministers which.
little flagpole painter on a tip fur-' refused to comment on Taylor's
nished after all-night soul search-1 warning or were conveniently
Ing by the father of the woman. "absent from their offices or
Cousin of Landis homes.
The Secret Service identified I nj
Nelson as a cousin of James Rufus j , ""'
Landis, 2, who was held under . An 'ndl" spokesman for In
$50,000 bail following his arrest dlan Gen- s- Thimayya, chair
Landis was picked up at work at 1 man ot th Neutral Nations Re
the Bureau of Engraving, his 26. i patnalion Commission, declined
year old wife Mamie was arrested I comment lsn 'xcept to say: "It
at their apartment and a neighbor, onlv "Sht tht Gen. Taylor has
William Giles. 27, was the third to ! 'ulcMy reaciea to ine oouin B.O-
reim inreai.
Thimayya has asked both the
United Nations and Communist
commands to say whether they
wish to change the Jan. 23 dead
line for freeing the prisoners.
Gen. John E. Hull, U.N. comand-
er, replied firmly that he will
consider the prisoners free at one
second after midnight Jan. 23.
The Reds have not replied.
Continued en Pa . Ummn SI
An American Embassy spokes
men said he was unable to give
any details of today's meeting
between Bohlen and Molotov.
It is expected here that Sec
retary of State John roster Dul
les and Molotov will discuss the
atomic energy pool during the
Big Four foreign ministers con
ference which is to open Jan. 23
in Berlin.
posed a Russian spy ring in
Canada in 1946.
The Canadian government
stipulated that It have control
of making public all information
contained in ths interview. Mc
Carran said the subcommittee
still will be able to use the in
formation supplied by Gouzenko
as leads for future influjries.
Ship Collision
Being Probed
Guard investigators heard addi
tional testimony Tuesday that the
freighter Colorado made a sudden
right turn before it and the cement
carrier Permancnte Silverbow col
lided in the Pacific 145 miles north
of San Francisco Friday night.
Charles F. Corrigan. junior third
mate of Henrv J. Kaiser's perma- cement shin, testified "the
Colorado had the whole Pacific
Ocean to pass in. and there was no
situation until she made a right
Both of the 7.600-ton vessels were
damascd but made port under
their own power. Charles H. rabn.
Welches. Wash., watch officer ot
the States Steamship Co.'s Colorado
at the time of the crash, was ill
and excused from Tuesday's hear
ing. Other crewmen described the
scene on the freighter's bridge.
Vilaliano R. Vilas of Seattle.
helmsman of the Colorado, said he back to 1946, the first post-war
was steering north on a 340 degree : car. and the 1953 revenue ex-
course when the Silverbow was ceeded that of 1948 by 2663.8 pcr-
sichtrd. He said rabn m rapid cent
succession told him to cut the ship j Passenger figures were the
right to 3.10 degrees, then to "make j oniy ones topping those of the
it 360 more right, hurry put her previous year, however. The fig-
over n.ii u ii'" uv.u.v ..v , ures lor iw.w on carsu uwajueu
here were mail, 41,081 pounds:
express, 17.01 pounds: and
ireieht, 87.060 pounds.
Those same figures for 1952
were mail, 43,960 pounds: express,
17.018 pounds: 18.068 pounds, snd
freight, 178,325 pounds.
opens here Jan. 23
The first meeting will be
held in British headquarters in
West Berlin at 10:30 a.m.
More Layoiis
At Richland
RICHLAND, Wash., UP Addi
tional layoffs appeared likely to
day at the Hanlord project in me
wake of a walkout of AFL car
penters and millwrights in the
Tri-City area.
International union officials
were called in late yesterday
but local union officials said
there was "no end in sight" to the
walkout of 1.200 men.
Some 2,000 other workers at
the Hanlord project naa neen
The first business Is to dis,
cuss "technical details," chiefly
the place in Berlin at which the
Big Four ministers will meet.
The Western Allies want all
the meetings to be held in the
free atmosphere of West Ber
lin. The Soviets are expected
to demand that some of the
iVKseuugi, l least, take place in
Communist ruled East Berlin or
its suburbs.
, ' I
Explosion in
White Chapel
LONDON I The Whitechapel
district of London's East End
target for German bombers in
World War II was rocked Wednes
day by a series of underground ex-
I plosions.
Th Masts sent navini bricks
More persons travelled to and hv vesterdav afternoon I nvins. snowed flames for 20 feet.
irom !aiem via air in ihm man i ,nj tne number was expecteo 10 Dew out the front oi a snoe store,
the previous year, united Air i rjse contractors said some other
Lines year-end figures showed projects with work closely re
when tabulated this week. atc(j to carpentering might be
During 1953 a total of 4.470 .i..d if the strike continued.
1 I-,) 1 . ; Ctlnm r
and 4.051 deplaned nere.
previous year 4,326 persons
boarded the planes here and
be nabbed. All are Negroes.
tt'ontinued on Pase t. Column S)
Four Arrested in
Reuther Case
DETROIT UH Charging four
persons with assault to kill police
Wednesday cracked open the five
year old attempted assasination of
CIO President Walter Reuther.
Wayne County Pros. Gerald K.
O'Brien and Detroit Police Com
missioner Donald Leonard an
nounced the charges and the ar
rest of two of me lour at a:n
a.m. (EST).
1 am convinced the shooting
No Trouble at
POW Release
Sworn in and
Vinson Lauded
WASHINGTON Ifl - Contresi
convened Wednesday for a mo
mentous session which will writ j
the record the Eisenhower admla-
istrauon must lay before the pe
pie next fall in th mid-term .ec- ,
tion. ,
Fresh from five months among
the home folks, the legislators as
sembled in an atmosphere charged
with politics. , .
There was a general sense that
the accomplishments of the next
six months will go far toward de. i
termining whether President El
senhower will have his own Repub- ,
lican Party or the Democrats in
control in the last two yean of ,
this term.
The GOP has command by only
a razor edge In this make-or-break
campaign year session. In the
House, the count Is 219 Republi
cans, 115 Democrats. 1 lndepend
ent A year ago it was 221 Repub-, '
beans, 213 Democrats and one In
dependent The Democrats -
picked up their two seats in spe-..
cial elections in New Jersey and '
Wisconsin. , ,
Senate Division, ' ' '
In the Senate, the division Is 47
Republicans, 48 Democrats and 1
independent Continued, nominal
GOP control hinges on the avowed
willingness . of the independent.
Sen. Morse of Oregon, to vote with
the Republicans on Senate organi.
T,.Tf? 0? 1 Vice President Nixon can break a
Guess at Ikes
Farm Formula
ranking American officials, re- u.Vf.7or o f hGOP
lui uuig null! uid r mi ba, w
pressed confidence Wednesday that
the release of Korean War prison
ers on Jan. 23 will be accomplished
without trouble and that peace ne
gotiations will be resumed.
A year ago, the division was 48 '
Republicans, 47 Democrat and 1
independent. The death of Repub
lican Leader Taft of Ohio and ap
pointment of a Democrat, Thomas
A, Burke, as ms successor ettectea
w v.- Ik . i rnnri t nrt and
tl. jnvuiucia ut
1 ne ... :ut filri tn rnnrt
3.P15 came into Salem by Unit
ed Air Liines planes.
The year 1953 also showed an
increase in revenue to the com
pany at its Salem station with
the increase being 9.7 percent
over the previous year. The
' mpany's records here on rev
enue from the Salem station go
to work Monday to back demands
for a $2.80 houriy wage for the
carpenters and $3.05 for the mill-
wrirhu Tne striKe came wnne
the eastern Washington chapter
of the Associated General Con
tractors and craft unions con
tinued negotiating for a new con
tract to replace one- which ex
pired Dec. 31. Both union snd
management officials said the
strike was "not sanctioned."
WASHINGTON i Farm-minded
hTmM . .,5.r .Sirnot on ih. - "n""B a plan to freese
,m?J'l;,K,S.tl3 Pt surpluses with a flexible
t;,.TT.. .r.,,"r.rr price support plan. ..
-;.. watery. Tnjf mI)rrmUioII c.m, Tuesday
Crt RiiT if, . key,,,O,Per'
at the Kefauver committee hearing, mThJd,ertrj,nm2cted to re-
AT. "..I t . I ' ."" '" program in
viaic. ..v . I general terms in his State of the
sen. Ont.. who once jumped bond , Unjon meJMW ThurK)ay. A special
when accused of Illegal entry into , mesue on ,ubjeci i, due Mon
Two Soldiers
Premed Dead
Two army men from this area I
were among those upon whose '
records the department of de-j
fense Wednesday wrote "pre- '
sumed dead." i
The men, both of whom were
previously listed as missing in
action in Korea, are Cpl. Wavne
B Gill, Jr., son of Mr. snd Mrs.
Wayne B. Gill. Sr.. 1760 Kansr.
street, Salem, and Pfc. John J
Lenn. son of N.-than N. Leno 1
Stnr route, Grrnd Rnnde.
Two other On con men. Cpl
I.eo R Saul, son of William R
Saul. Bri er, and P'c Ch.irles M
Tannrhill. son ot Harry V. Tan
nehill. Grants P.', aiso wre on
the list.
The "prf'.umntive finning oi
desth" was m-d.- by the rfrnart
ment in the absence ol any ev
inr. that the men may still
be alive. It set last December
knocked firemen off their feet and
disrupted the supply of power to
factories snd stores in the work
ing class area.
None ot tne tiremen was serious
ly hurt but several suffered cuts
and bruises.
An electricity board otiiciai saia
It was possible that an extra pow
er load passing through the old
network of cables under the
ground caused a faulty wire to
smoulder snd give off fumes,
which caught fire.
Dewey for Curb
On Politicians
Thomas L. Moc.aoee Thomas E. Dewey, whose admin
rilrin t anow 11 11 was wunnwimc ' ... , i, i... ,,
, . ; . ; iqvi istrauon nas uctmi suuii uj un
making four cents more in lyoJ , . , ..... ...ji j...... i.i.
than he did in 1952. Mockabee, , ' ,,, if,,!.i. , rn r Mm nreari (or
a post office employe, said the : . t officers from using their settlement of a similar wage dis-
lour ivm
$10.96 more in income taxes be
cause it boosted him into a high
er bracket.
Bank Loses Worthless
School Warrant Case
The United States National I for recovery of the money and not oniy personal nonesiy uu .
bank of Portland cannot recov the court awarded the district , absence ot any reasonable su p,.
hiss of $2679 in worthless judgment sgainsi me oanx siier , ,, "" ,
the United States.
Also named in the warrant was
Peter Lombardo, 50, already serv
ing sentence at the Tcrre Haute,
Ind., federal penitentiary.
The fourth .person named in war
rants issued Tuesday by Record
ers Judge John P. O'Hara. was
Santo (Sam) Perrone. S6, father-
in-law of Renda and a frequently
questioned suspect accused by the
Kefauver committee ot being a
gang-leading strike breaker and
enemy of organited laoor.
Perrone is being sought by po
lice. O'Brien said he was con-
cinced Perrone was in Detroit
within thilast 24 hours.
... . 'y. . i- .i t
tne warrant naming uw iuur al
so and four "John Does" indicat
ing further arrests in the assassi-
..n AttAmnt aaillHl HJtll,nr
f'D.i.- AiA nnl oiua naif full H I New York. UP Standard Oil
tails of the arrests and filing ofir Winthrop Rockfeller torn
,k,ro.. i plained today that his estranged
rwuc Dliui nam raiai-u iiic ante ,u
1 $10,000,000 in their negotiations
' for a divorce settlement
He charged that she hsd re
pudiated a written agreement
made tree months ago for $5,
500,000, which would have given
her the biggest alimony plum in
American history.
In a statement issued simul
taneously through his attorneys
here snd at Little Rock, Ark
Rockfeller said "There is no ap
parent way of meeting Mrs. Rock-
feller's insatiable financial de
He also accused her of telling
Asst. Secretary of State Walter I TJ. .!"':
S.. Robertson and Adm Arthur 8pelski, Mlrtlll (R..Masa.) -
7. , 7m --V.:. j 0PPM his gavel promptly at the
re . ' stroke ol noon to get the nous
their observations on an inspection- , ,u ltM sion. Acrosa toe
con.uii.uoo trip to , i-v caoltol. Vice President Nlxoa '
ana Formosa. I vninl the Senata toU ardor.
""Jt"0"-. vi ,T .v .i Gntterles of both chamber were
pected any "trouble when the time 1 ,lUed .acuujra.
au pnaonera nui iwia oj wc nvu
and AllietHe replied be did not
expect any troube and added; -
"I talked with the Swiss. Swedes
and Indians (on the Neutral Na
tions ReoatTiation Commission)! ' L F.-J-'.h.
and there seemed to be no dissent
from them regarding our position."
The commission has custody of
22.619 Chinese and North Korean
The new surplus freese Is said
to involve placing large stocks of
wheat, cotton, corn and other stor
age commodities held by the gov
ernment in a national defense
Sponsors believe this would re
move a depressing threat to pres
ent farm prices and enable a flex
ible price support plan to operate
to balance demand and production.
Bobo Ante up
To $10 Million
Can Strike Ends
United Steelworkers Union ended
its strike against the Continental
of the
positions for personal gain. pute idling employes
The governor in ms annual mis-, American can io.
sage opening the 1954 New York ; Negotiators for the USW and
Legislature called also for a broad ' Continental Can reached agree
social program running into hun-1 ment on a wage increase late yes
dreds of millions of dollars and : terday, signaling a back to work
indicated he would balance the order for 13,000 employes In 34
budget without Increasing taxes. ' plants in the United States and
In pressing for early imposition Canada who walked out Dec, t.
of curbs on greedy politicians, the : No settlement had been reach-
governor insisted that "the public cd today, however, in negotiations
is entitled to expect from its serv with American Can. although a
ants a set of standards far above t'SW spokesman said he hoped
the morals of the market place " the Continental Can settlement
Tie people." he said, expect COuld be used as s pattern for
settling the second walkout,
which Involves 20.000 workers in
57 plants.
Gen. Lucius I) ( lay. cnairman
prisoners, taken by the Allied side,
who have chosen not to go home.
Also held are 135 captured mem
bers of United Nations forces.
Robertson, asked if he was opti
mistic about resumption of talks
for setting up a formal peace con
ference, replied:
"Ontlmistlc is the wrong word
because I'm never optimistic about
anything the Communists do. But I
think the negotiations will get
going again."
French Defeat
Indochina Reds
Hanoi, Indo-Chlna (UP)
French troops led by paratroop
ers have routed a powerful force
of Viet Minh Communist rebels
in a savage battle in Central
Laos, it was announced today.
Ground troops opened the at
tack on the rebels in the narrow
waist of Laos where the rebels
last month cut Indo-China in two
by driving to the Mekong River.
War nlanes then bombed the
rebels snd showered them with
flaming napalm.
As the rebels faltered and
stsrted to fall back, picked com
mandoes parachuted to their rear
and sent them f eeing into the
The battle was the biggest
lies about her present finsncisl since the rebel offensive opened
StatUS, ln tjaoa ociurc iu inuiaa.
er a H oi ... TT"-"V Uu.. - u. .WI.reH It was an
srhnnl warrants deoosltea at IIS ine iraua naa oeen mscuvercu. K'r"w . , . v"-"- 'J""'-" , " twra congress convenru u. -. -- - - -
St Heren7 branch Tthe Oregon Then the bank filed suit sg.inrt jUsue that transcended partisan of ,he board of Continental Can. (rjf(ldl)r ,. tod,y ,, it , democrat who succeeds the late be .three member, of
stute supreme
V. enreflay
court ruled the billiard parlor.
Multnomah county
! politics.
Cireult ' Dewey also proposed
said the company arreed to pay
an AW rent increase in basic I .. . ,.nn. i- rtfM,nt hi,.
T. kirk rmirt. in an obimon i,i. rharlM W. RriMine di-' " - i '") tnrv.
written by Associate Justice , rec,"ed . verdict in favor of the I 'or. "PlnT "" Republicans and democrats
Hall S. Lusk, heir" that the main b,nk , ,ne of one of th. " ' "'IZmA T.ZZ .'lranh headed Into angry oeo. e
fsvor of the billiard parlor. ttTJ.t T.7J Ll'MBKR STRiTe END? ! nd poihly decide 0,Nov.m
ehndren ' . PRINCE GF.ORGE. B. C. - nL.r?.,iT"",."V ' .
of union welfare funds was placed
on the "must" list of proposed
Taft-Hartley Labor Law change
Wednesday by Chairman McCoo- '
nell R-Pa) of the House Labor
Committee. 5
McConnell said preliminary study '
indicates thai alleged abuse af :
union welfare funds "could develop
Into a national scandal" involving
billions of dollars.
A subcommittee under Rep. wins
Smith 1 R-Kan aready has beea
set up by McConnell to investigate
"labor racketeering" and the use
of union welfare funds created by
employer contributions.
Both McConnell ana smtin inai
cated they think these funds should
be regulated by state agencies,
such as state insurance commis
sions which control Insurance com
panies. '
"We've Just scratched the sur- .
face," McConnell said ol Invests- -
gations thus far conducted. He
predicted that the study of wel
fare funds would be "one of the big
things for the committee at this -session."
130 Appointees
WASHINGTON 11 ' President
Eisenhower will shortly ask the
Senate to confirm more than 130
appointments, including those ot
Earl Warren as chief Justice of the '
United States and James P. Mitch
ell as secretary ol labor.
There is no evidence oi serious
opposition to most of these nomina
tions, made while the Senate was
in recess.
But at least one. that of Robert
E Lee to be a member of the Fed
eral Communications Commission
I FCC ), Is certain to receive search
ing study by the Senate Commerce
Also on the list of presidential
nominations due soon alter Con
gress reconvenes Wednesday will
be three members of the War
is expected to be on. ot the Sen. Robert A. is.t " -JTV-
And. in accordance witn time - n-
honored tradition c nmmittees ' , Elnnow.ri ,
utiiviaii; ... m
Showdown Friendly
Fireworks Expected
uticitiunTou am Th lined uo to take their formal
a ..... ,,f ih. raths of office. They Included
Ktrd eonaress convened on a ben. 1 nomaa a. nurac, ine v... i in Portland had voluntarily
rreditel its St. Helens branch
with the amount involved.
The school district wsrrants
were fraudulently issued by the
31 ., the Hate or endmg pj, , Ti snd
rno """' a K.n. c.'.'ed at the Elite Billiard par
counts and paying death bene ' billiard par-
'"' I lor deposited the warranU in
11 .L n 1 good faith at the bank in 1943,
YieQlhef UetailS j records disclosed, according to
m,.i mm.'. k ii the opinion. Later the billiard
.... it. T.i.1 u-rnr i pjrio, dosed its sccount with
f r"., the bank.
Suit m Instituted agsinst
The bank then sppesled to the 1 cmdren
l.tli imil lit .
..,rlll.l).n. 11 " "..""-' ." 11 f-t ISWrt I. . !
r a.rM I
supreme court on the verdict"
of the Jury while the billiard
psrlor owners eross-appesled en
the directed verdict of Judge
The hith court In the opinioo I Vi..r Fall.
reversed Judge Redding on bis! Dewey led off his 11 cue-word
directed verdict and held that ; message with his plea for sction to
the United Ststes Uational bank , raise the standards of ethics of
of Portland could not recover gtate and local office holders snd
investigations In preventing wit
Besses from being "smesrea
. Full support of state develop
ment of hydroelectric power at
the bank by the school district from the billiard parlor.
A code of fair play in state A w-oay " " ' "' , T," ' ,B. rv. banged down
WMinewiav w in ire rr.urn w ww ..-- . .
of i.000 lumber workers in the
northern British O'.umbia Interior.
The agreement between the op
erators and the International Wood
workers of Arteries 'CIO) calls for
a 5 per c.nt wage increase and
an Industry wide maintenance of
membership clause. It was a com
promise formula.
I political leaders.
Mr. Elsen,
hower of the opening of con
grcss snd received inrmal notl
ficstion that the president will
deliver his State of the Union
message tomorrow.
But it was ail sweetness and ) Bu( behind the conviviality
and ceremony the storm clouds
were piling up.
ln the crowded senste and house
chambers st the stroke of noon
EST. Among lnena ana toe
alike, there were hearty greet
ings, slaps on the back and vig
oroua handshakes.
For events have moved in such
a way that congress In the next
few months must decide highly
controversisl isrues affecting
tu tin kttstl
Two new senator! ana lour . tne n.uun . p.....,, -----new
representatives were wel- mllltsry strategy, ana its farm,
corned to the fraternity and I labor snd tax policies.
1 challenging Eisenhower's authority
to replace them.
Eisenhower's recess appointment
of Lee to the FCC has been ques
tioned by some Democrat! In con
nection with Lee s participation tn.
the 1M0 election campaign of Sen.
John Marshall Butler iR-Md).
Lee. a former House employe, as
a friend of Sen. McCarthy (R-Wist,
who campaigned (or Butler against
the Democratic Incumbent, Sea.
Millard E. Tydings. A Senate elec
tions subcommittee criticised that
campaign as "despicable, back
street type."
94? 4A mt Afasi "