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Capital Women
Wed Sunday
Pint wedding 1b th new St
Paul's Episcopal church wmj Sun
day evening when Mist Barbara
KJaer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Pallas 8. Kjaer, was married to
James Preston Way, son of Mrs.
Frances Way of Salem, forme ly
of Texas.
The service was at 0 o'clock,
the Rev. Geone H. Swift offi
ciating. Only members of the
families attended the service.
The bride wore a pale rose
suit with white hat and veil and
corsage of orchids.
Miss Barbara Meeks sttended
the bride. She wore black suit
with pale blue hat and accessor
les and corsage of pink blooms.
D. R. Way was best man for
hie brother.
Following the service a supper
wss served at the China City cafe.
The couple will be at home in
Work Basket Club
The Work Basket club met re
cently at the home of Mrs. Paul
ine Richards. Twenty-five chll
Area of veterana were entertain
ed as well as the families of the
Mrs. Alma Hatfield, president
was sssiated on her committee
by Mrs. Boyd Bennett, Mrs. Verne
Oitrsnder, Mrs. Clara Moffitt,
Mrs. Blaine Martin, Mrs. Cora
Hutchinson, Mrs. Rosa Hsgedorn,
Mrs. Ray Short, and Mrs. Wil
liam Richards.
The next all day sewing will
lie at the home of Mrs. Verne
Ostrsnder, 4255 Center street,
January 11 Assisting the hostess
will be Mrs. Jim Mix and Mrs.
Boyd Bennett The dsy will be
pent in sewing a layette.
COPETTES are meeting on
Thursday evening at the home of
Mrs. BUI Wilson with Mrs. Ever
ett Odle as co-hostess. The meet
ing will be at 7:30 o'clock. The
group's project is making favors J
and gifts for the state hospital. 1
Delegates for
DAR Elected
Chapter representatives to
the state convention of the
Daughters of American Revolu
tion, in March, in Salem, were
elected at the luncheon meet
ing of Chemeketa chapter, on
Saturday at the Marion hotel.
Representatives elected in
clude Mrs. H. G. Henderson,
Mrs. J. W. Shipley, Mrs.
Charles A. Sprsgue, Mrs. W. I
Hanaon. Mrs. C. C. Geer, Mrs.
David H. Looney, Mrs. David
Wright, Mrs. Herbert J. Ostlind,
Miss Ruth Rulifson, Mrs. John
E. Black, Miss Georgia Shane,
Miss Helen Litchfield, Mrs,
Eric Horlln and Miss Edna
Dr. Walter E. Snyder, city su
perlntendent of schools, was the
guest speaker and apoKe oi
"Present Day Demands on Edu
. Guests were Mrs. Albert Gl-
rod. Mrs. Del Milne, Mrs.
Charles E. Black. Seattle, Mrs.
Phillip Hellmuth, Portland and
Mra. Margaret Wooding, rul
lerton. Calif.
The next meeting of the
chapter will be on Saturday,
February ' tne Woman's club
Anniversary Event
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Bradley of
Tillsmook. formerly of Salem
and Dalits, celebrated their 60th
wedding anniverssry - recently
with a family dinner at their
home in Tillamook. Forty mem
bers of the family were present
for the gathering. The Bradleys
were married in Santa Rosa,
Calif- and esUblished their
home nesr Salem, moving to
Dallas in 1009. Among relatives
attending the anniversary event
.Mrs. Bradley's brothers
Frank Msnglt of Sslem and Char
les Mangia of Dallas; Mrs. Charles
Mangis, and Mr. and Mrs. Jtoy
Mantis, all of Dallas; Mr. and
Mrs. Hsrley Bradley and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Carson and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Du
vall, all of Salem.
Officers .
Named for
Dance Club
' Jack Fitzmauric is the new
president of. the Cirque dance
dub, it was announced on New
Year's eve at the club'a last dance
for the year. Ralph Underwood
is the outgoing president
George C. Huggias Jr., was
elected vice president and other
officers include Mrs Alton Cham
berlain, secretary, Jackson Haze
lett treasurer and Dale Pence,
member at large.
Plana for the coming year's
dances will be announced later.
Betrothal Told V
During Holidays J
Announcement was made dur
ing the holidays of the engsge
ment of Miss Nols Campbell,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Campbell, to Elmer Haugen, son
of Mr. snd Mrs. Hjalmer Haugen.
. No date ia set for the wedding.
The bride-elect is a senior at
Salem high school.
Mr, Haugen Is in the srmy snd
soon will be leaving for Fort
Sill, Okla., for further training.
He attended Salem high and
Willamette university.
Pattersons Hosts
Governor and Mrs. Psul Patter
son are 'to be hosts for a aupper
party next Sunday evening at
their North Winter street home.
Guests will include the members
of the board of contral and their
wivea and members of the su
preme court and their wivea. Out-of-town
guests will include State
Senator and Mrs. Eugene Marsh
of McMtnnville, he being presi
dent of the senste; and State
Representative Rudie Wilhelm of
Portland, spesker of the house,
and Mrs. Wilhelm.
Officers Honored
Silverton A "Last Round
Up" party given by the 1S53 of-
licers oi Kamona chapter, No.
58, Order of Eastern SUr, hon
oring the retiring matron and
patron, Mrs. Charles H. Leonard
and E. A. Finlay, waa a holiday
week's event
The Woodalls Watie, vio
linist and Cordell, guitar, with
Wayne Lovre at the piano, did
their part in carrying out the
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rm. v ri m
Some Notations . . .
By M. L. F.
Wed Recently Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arnold Young (Beth
Ann Proebstel) were married in December. The bride is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Proebstel and the bridegroom .
is the son of Mr. and Mra. Carl Young. (McEwan atudio picture)
western cowboy theme of the
evening in keeping with square
"Chuck Wagon" refreshments
were in order at the close of the
fun program.
The complimented guests were
given gifts.
members oi Nydia court, Daugh
ters oi the Nile, will be hostesses
for the regular meeting, Tuesday,
January 5, at the Woodburn
Masonic temple. This will be an
all-day meeting with luncheon
at noon.
A traditional event to St Panl'f
K.t.uui .k,mh nariak. the an
nual Epiphany party was a gala
event ounoay itcbuji
v.. nariah mMtinB . . .
The party was In the pariah hall
in tne oasemein v""
i... Hh Jama Waltea.
chairman; Mrs. Haward Beamer,
Snaaa Araatreag ana sin. ur
k. -..airkr the committee
this year . . . Mra. George H.
Hwtil waa at tne coucw urn,
Gleaa 8. Paxsea at the tea urn
. . . Mrs. Robert M. Fitxauariee
and Mra. Paul A. Urdea served
the big white Epiphany cake . . .
Winning the article in this year's
cake were Dr. Ralph E. Purvlae,
the dime; Billy Pnrvine, the ring;
Harry R. Wallers, the trinket;
snd Sally Merrill, the thimble . .
Aa "reward" for finding these
trinkets in their cake, the four
will serve aa the committee in
charge for the 1955 Epiphany par
ty ... The table waa all in white
and green, covered with a floor
length white cloth . . . The cen
terpiece was sn arrangement of
white stock and carnations in a
silver bowl, white candles at eith
er aide . . . Smilax was arranged
around the cake and candles and
festooned the cloth at She side
... More then 300 were served. .
A nice wind-up for ' holiday
and New Year's entertaining
was the open house for which
Mrs. B. O. Schucking and her
son and daughter. Bob and Miss
Helene Schucking, entertained
New Year's day, guests being
invited to call between 3 and 7
o'clock . . . .So refreshing to
see the real flower decorations
come forth after all the Yule
tide features, much as the latter
are anticipated and appreciated
during the season, but the flow
ers .that come forth at New
Year's time give hint that spring
is not-too far away . . . Especi
ally attractive at the Schucking
party the huge arrangement of
big white mums with greens on
a marble table in ' front of a
large . old mirror . . -. Violets
were on the mantel . . . The sup
per table was all in pink and
white, a fringed pale pink and
white cloth, pink and white car
nations with silver leaves for
the centerpiece, white candles
in silver holders . at either
side ...
Exchanging Happy New
Year's greetings during our call,
Mr. aad Mrs. K. H. Baldock, Mr.
aad Mrs. labert E. Salna. D. W.
Eyre, Mr. aaa aura. iwan
Johaaea. Mrs. Chester ML Cex,
Mr. aad Mrs, Ray Bassets, Just
in and Mrs. Walter L. Too,
the day being their wedding an
niversary: Dr. and Mrs. G. Her
bert Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Keaert
W. Fenix, Mrs. Prince W. Byrd,
Miss Betty Byrd, Mrs. Sigfrid B.
Uaaader, Miss Mabel P. Robert
sea, Mrs. Frank B. Spears, Just
ice aad Mrs. James T. Brand,
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Phil
lips, 8r, Mrs. W. C. Dyer, Sr.,
Mr. and Mrs. Lester r. narr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry 8. Dorman,
Mr. aad Mrs. Roderick Uveeley
and daughter. Miss Jody Bash;
Mr. aad Mrs. Eeita PawelL Mr.
aad Mra. Chandler . Brown, Mr.
aad Mrs. Charles A. Spragoe,
Mr. aad Mrs. James Walton,
William Waltoa. Mr. and Mrs.
Paul R. Hendricks, Mrs. Tay
lor Hawkins, Mr. aad Mrs. Fred'
ertck 8. Lamport, Mrs. William
H. Lytic, Mis - Rosalie Dalke,
Mia Elizabeth Lord, Mias Edith
Sckryver, Mrs, Warren Pohle.
St. Ann's Plans
Series of Parties
Mt Angel The St Ann's
Altar society will sponsor a ser
ies af card parties during Janu
ary and February, before Lent
on the first and third Wednes
days.. The first of the series will
be on Wednesdsy evening, Janu
ary 6, beginning at 8:00 o'clock,
in the auditorium of St Maiy's
school. Bridge, "500" and pi
nochle will be in play, and lunch
will be served in the dining
Mrs. Leonard Fisher is general
chairman of the hostess commit
tee. She will be assisted by Mrs.
John Drescher, Miss Theresa
uehier, Mrs. James Donley, Mrs.
Allie Duda, Mrs. Bernard Duda,
Mrs. Rsymond Duda, Mrs. Leroy
Duda, Mrs. Andrew Dummer,
Mrs. Anna Duman, Mrs. Joseph
Duerr, Mrs. Walter Dula, Mrs.
Val Eberle, Mrs. Ambrose Ebner,
Mrs. C. J. Ebner and Mrs. Ray
mond Ebner.
Monday, January 4, 1954
The engagement of Miss Alice '
Glrod, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. -Roy
O. Glrod, to Gerald E. Kelley,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerald B.
Kelley, was announced Sunday
night at an after hours "cookie
shine" fireside at the Pi Beta
Phi sorority on the Willamette
university campus.
A music box played "I Love
You Truly." At each place was
a nosegay and napkins bearing
the names of the young couple.
A summer wedding is planned.
Both young people are seniors
at Willamette. Mr. Kelley is a
member of Sigma Chi fraternity.
Guests at Dance
Sereval guests attended the
Tillcum club's New Year's eve
dance. Among the guests were
Mr. and Mrs. H. C Lsmb, Miss
Lois Archibald, Lt. Beldon
Owens, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Bourland, Mr. and Mrs. William
Crosbie of Portland, Miss Bern
ice Dreyer, Earl Houck, Mr. and
Mra. Frank Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. a
J. S. Lochead, Dr. and Mrs. E.
A. Lebold, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil
Rhoades, Mr. and Mrs. John
Graham, Mr. and Mrs. F. J.
Bradshaw, Mr. and Mrs. Jsmes
Mohatt Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin
Oines of Portland, Miss Jsnet
Bolt, Milton Savage, Mr. and
Mrs. Gordon Hull, Carl Hull . .
Party for Daughter
Mrs. Roy Etbcridge entertain
ed at her Myrtle avenue home at
a New Year's eve party for her
daughter, Patsy, and friends.
Games snd dsncing were enjoy
ed and a late supper served.
Guests included Patsy Eth
eridge, Martha Rheam, Jack
Break, Kay Nichels, Rhett Part
tee, Jim Dent Mitchell Billings,
Julie Duke, Gail DeSart, Jim
McCasery, JoAnne Bourne, Lar
ry McCargar, Sue Boring, Chuck
Furs Exclusively
For 35 Years
1348 Ferry St
395 S. 12th, Salem
A trans, eeUerton f Satan's most beautiful formats.
Greatly Reduced!
Value H 2.50 all par- vftlTlSQ
feet. Net every tlx but a I "Ijlll
3 $3.75
A Una selection of our famous shoos to clear at ,
95 HO95
One and Two-Pieca Dressos,
Wools, Flannels and Jerseys
N . . . Values to $35.00.
A grand selection of our fin hats reduced to these low
prices ...
$5 $10 $15
Sorry, All Sales Final!
No Refunds or
W have selected a group . f I fc
of our wool blouses and . ' ' Ml'lf O
.u..... k. U-A I aaj w
Expensive looking pearl beads $100
and earrings at this low pritel I
Plus Tax '
100 all wool-values to
$16.95. A fine selection to
go at one price.
aeaejaw T T gK mjK II
II 1 1 ni lis ) m i
i r biris a m
urs Including stole.
Greatly Reduced!
Exquisitely styled in exclusive fabrics to be closed out
I while they lest el . , .
Only twice a year can you
Duy mis tine lucien
Soap at this price,
sold at $1.50.
eft Now $tl00
U Big1 variety of
beautiful stylet.
Values to $65
All ef eur fin furs-Including stoles, neckpieces and
hem eur lingerie department tw groups ef famous
. nam gowns and slips.
95 $1395
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The be.utiful highly styled dresses will be cleared, ,
garoless of original prices at . . .
V2 Price
Stunning Silks, Wools and
Rayons , . . Values to $45.
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