Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, January 04, 1954, Page 18, Image 18

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    Monday, January 4, 1954
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Thil 1954 Ford Crestline Fordor sedan new thil year has
interior beauty and new power assists usually found only
in costly limousines. Its smart new grille has a characteristic
Ford center spinner, recessed parking Ughti and jet-type air
acoop. 'Like all 1954 Ford passenger can, it his new ball
joint front suspension for easier handling and the choice of
either Ford's completely new 130h.p. Y-block V-8 engine or
the new 115-h.p, Iblock Mileage Maker Six. For 'ease and
driving pleasure it has ,iower steering, power brakes, power
operated windows and front seat, plus Fordomatic or over
drive, available at extra cost. Valley Motor Co. is the Salem
Bananas Grow
In Old Virginia
(INS) Bananas can be raised as
far north as Virginia, and so can
lemon trees with lemons as big
as grapefruit.
Walter H. Page, a Charlottes
ville florist, has had a flourishing
line of banana plants for the last
40 years.
The plants grow up to the roof
of the greenhouse, bear a full
crop of bananas after 12 or 18
months, and then die. New plants
then emerge from the roots.
Page planted his lemon tree 25
years ago. He feeds it all year
round so that the fruit comes big
as a grapefruit
"The lemon tree bears continu
ously, and we also have bananas
most all the time from the sprout
ing banana plants," Page said,
"The school children and their
parents get a lot of them."
Monkeys, Cats
To Stay Up Trees
keys and cats who are up a tree
here will stay that way from now
on as far as the city fire depart
ment is concerned.
: ; The department has had enough
' f answering calls from distressed
pet owners whose animala have
' climbed ou of reach and refuse
to descend.
Hereafter, the firemen will re
fer such pleas to the Department
of Public Safety, which has
trucks and laborers, but no lad
ders yet.
Med Students Urged
Formed for Disaster
Plans to mobilize the nation s
27,000 medical students for serv
ice in a national emergency or
disaster was urged at the annual
meeting here of the Association
of American Medical Colleges.
College officials said pilot pro
grams have been started at the
Universities of California, Illinois
and Buffalo, and at Vanderbilt
and Cornell Universities.
which last flashed across mid-
western skies in 1883-84 will per
form again next spring. Dr. Paul
Herget, professor of astronomy at
the University of Cincinnati, says
the Pons-Brooks comet returns
about every 70 years. It will be
barely visible to the naked eye.
"There haven't been any good
comets lately," Herget says re
gretfu'ly. .
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Protection and Privacy.
Seattle Expands,
Now 17th Largest
SEATTLE (IP) Seattle expand
ed its city limits at midnight Sun
day and became the 17th Jargest
city in the United States.
City officials said 40.800 new
residents were brought into the
city by annexation of a 10-square
mile area north of the city limits.
The annexation, voted by resi
dents of the area last September,
boosted the population to 544,000,
placing the city ahead of Cincin
nati and Minneapolis, city officials
Dam at Chehalis
Washed Out
ABERDEEN Of) A cofferdam
used in construction of a new Che
halis River bridge collaosed Sun
day causing a several weeks de
lay in work on the 5 million dollar
Cause or the collapse was not
determined immediately and Mc
Rae Bros., Seattle, the contract
ing firm, was unable to estimate
extent of the damage.
The cofferdam, completed only
last week, collapsed shortly after a
watchman, Darrell Green, had fin-
usnea an inspection tour.
A huge wave sent up when the
dam's steel plates plunged into the
water washed ajystander, Wayne
Lundgren, aboutf5. into the river
but he was pulled to safety by
The wave also upset a big crane
and 20-inch pump.
Weather Solves Own
Problem for This Gty
OMAHA P) Omaha Police
Commissioner Harold P. Caldwell
thinks bad .weather holds its own
solution for one of the problems
it creates for the city. He noted
the annual rush of bums seeking
"loafing time" at taxpayer ex
pense in the city jail during cold
and stormy weather.
Caldwell suggested a tailor-
made job for them is helping to
clear the streets after big snow
Getting Up Nights
If worried ty too frujurat. bumlnf m
ltcbloi arlnttloo, Out tin f tip Night.
Btckftcht, Prcimrt eer B Udder, or
atronf Cloudy Urtni, dut to minor Kldntr
nd Bladder Irrltttlon, ak your drugfiit
bout un mo prompt, paUHstlrt rrlltf from
CYSTEX. W0 million CYSTFX tmblett U4
la as 7'ra prove ifty and uccess.
Don't Wktti time. Ask d run flit lot
YSTO under money-tjfcet fuauioteo.
Sensational Mail
order Bargain
100 Feet
300 Feet S10
(as illustrated)
4 Fatalities in
Oregon Holiday
Three persons died in traffic
accident! and one waa burned to
death in the long New Year holi
day weekend in Oregon. -
Four otheri were presumed
drowned in a boating accident
The traffic victims were Oscar
Peter Fandafe, 73, Portland, who
was killed Saturday when struck
by a car as he crossed a Portland
street; Robert Harrison Darnell,
63, Astoria, and Mrs. J. A. Liv
ingston, 43, Glide, who were
killed in separate accident! on
New Year1! Day-
Little Mary Lynn Padgett 8.
the daughter of Gordon E. Pad
gett, of Newport, Ore., was the
fire victim. She died in a Port
land hospital Saturday from
burns suffered when her night
gown was ignited by flames from
a fireplace.
The four presumed drowned in
Alsea Bay on the Oregon Coast
were Lyle Marion King, 44; Hen
ry Lee King, 24; Alton Robert
King, 42; and Loren McWhorter,'
25. They left Waldoprt Saturday
morning for the other side of the
bay for a logging job. Their over
turned boat waa found on the
north shore of the bay Sunday
Mrs. Isom White,
Social Leader, Dies?
" PORTLAND un Mn. Isam
White, former Portland social
leader, died at a hospital here
Sunday. She was 101.
Born In New York City April II,
1851, her family brought her to
Portland when she waa six. Here
she married Isam White a pioneer
Portland merchant. He died many
rears ago.
She is survived by four nephews
and two nieces.
DETROIT (INS)-Football runs
in the Charlie Ane family. Ane a
6' 2", 250-pound center-tackle for
the Detroit Lions, has a father-in-law
who is commissioner of the
University Armed Forces Foot
ball League in Hawaii.
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Print Name
Oregon Youth's
Crime Career
DENVER in - Edwin Koch. If,
year-old Springfield. Ore., youth, !
has admitted committing a aeries j
of Crimea in six states, Denver
police reported Sunday.
He waa arrested while trying to
nltchhtk out of town.
Officers quoted him as saying
be waa disgusted because be got
only ft and some food in two
burglaries of the same restaurant
They said he told this itory of i
bii recent activities: I
He stole a car at Springfield last i
August. After abandoning it in
Sheridan, Wyo., he stole another
and drove to St Paul, Minn., where
he was arrested. -
He waa returned by police to
Springfield. There he broke into a
grocery store on two occasions,
stealing a total of 150. Then with
two unidentified friends, he stole
3,000 after blowing open a Eu
gene, Ore., liquor store safe.
Then he stole a car and held up
a augene service station lor 4o.
After that he drove to Las' Vegas.
Nev., where he held up a theater
for 61.
From there he drove to Salt Lake
City where be got (30 in another
service station holdup on Christmas
Day. He then came to Denver,
where he said be burglarised the
1 Police wired Inquiries to cities
where Koch said he bad committed
these crimes. Authorities in those
cities said they understood Koch
already had been arrested at Al-
hambra, Calif., and had admitted
his crime! there.
Alhambra authorities re-ques
tioned their suspect and said they
learned he was not Koch, but
Claude .P. Evans. 17. of New
Sheriif, Deputy
Sends SOS; No Gas .
MOBERLY, Mo. W Randolph
county sheriff Amos Magruder
and hi! deputy, Joe Moore, ran
out of gas and tried to radio for
help. Moberly'i police headquar
ter! heard them only faintly but
did hear the word mergency."
State patrolmen set up road
block! around the area. Peace
officer! began combing the coun
tryside for lawbreaker!. They
finally found the stranded sheriff
and his deputy.
CANBERRA. Australia (INS-
Before the war, applications for
patents in Australia averaged
about 5,500 a year. Last year
there were 8.073 applications and
indications- are that there will be
more this year.
For the Best In - -
25M and Stale If. hone 27431 j
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.. ... ' : -T
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