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    THE CAPITAL JOURNAL, Sales, Orcfoa
Saturday, January Z. 1954
Capital AJournal
' An lndpndnt Ntwtp.ipr Eitoblihd 1888
BERNARD MAIMWARING, Editor and Publisher
GEORGE PUTNAM, Editor Emeritus
Published every oftemoon except Sunday at 444 Che
meketa St., Salem. Phones: Business, Newsroom, Want
Ads. 2-2406; Society Editor, 2-2409
FwH Uuri WM Into W tk. kMkM Tnm wl Tte Stein rum.
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til laplen CTM1U4 I It m MfcvMM uadllM fet tktt tM -4
ftlM km pubUilMd tlurtia.
to ontti) hmuht. suit an sttatas, rrw on Tnr. Br Mia i
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; KaaaUr. SMI! MI Moot tT .Mi Od Tnr. SIS . -
We do not know to a certainty who Is rhht In Senator
Knowland pointed criticism of President Eisenhower's
plan to combat the growing unemployment problem by
channeling government contracts into the areas where
the condition is most aenous.
The question has two perfectly good sides. It certainly
, is in order to attack unemployment where it is most
acute. New En? and seems to be one of these regions,
' Oregon, incidentally, is another. California evidently is
not one, as yet, or Knowland would not have taken the
stand he did. He and southern senators wno siaea wnn
him are fearful that a shift of government orders would
increase unemployment there, so conditions would be as
hud sji the nresent distress areas.
At the moment we are less interested in who is right
. in the tussle than that it is occurring. Knowland, the
senate Eepublican leader, is bucking the president. This
. fact is sure to encourage enemies of the administration
and to discourage its friends. Any split in the Republican
i senate bloc, already one less numerous than the Demo
cratic ODOosition. seriously threatens the president s en
' tire program, upon which Republican success in the 1934
' elections probably depends.
Republican leaders, accustomed for 20 years to be
"agin the government," are finding it hard to impose
upon themselves the disciplines majority party status
require, remaps mis Kmpcmucni uuums mem w a
more or less permanent minority status. Knowland acts
like the virus had so infected mm.
That the democratic victory in New York City in the
November election has restored the Tammany political
spoils system is confirmed by the first action taken by
Mayor Robert F. Wagner Jr., after he was sworn in New
Years day and it started in with the judiciary.
! Wagner gave a $19,500 a year job to his predecessor
and former political enemy, Vincent R. Impellitteri, who
wu Bwurji ill tuuov no juoinv ui mc ivui, u, uwcvmi
Session, which assures him of legibility for retirement
Mi I w v J vai o vii vikj sy v noiuu v fovivvv J vai .
Wagner also gave a f 15,000-a-year lifetime job as
water supply commissioner to Herbert M. Rosenberg
former special U. S. attorney who is a strong backer of
Tammany Hall leader Carine G. De Sapio, who opposed
Impellitteri. And a Domestic Relations judgeship went
to Wilfred A. Waltemade, assistant Bronx County dis
trict attorney.
Warner's assertion that the Board of Estimate urored
him to give Impellitteri a job had the backing of City
Council President Rudolph Halley, who ran for mayor on
the Liberal oarty ticket.
Reports of a !deal" stemmed from Impellitterl's ap
: pointment of two Wagner backed men to lucrative city
jobs shortly before his term expired. Wagner immediate
ly denied that his subsequent appointment of Impellitteri
was part of a behind the scenes political agreement.
The New York Herald Tribune described the appoint
ment as a "political deal" which was "the biggest on the
local scene in many years." G. P.
. The Christmas spirit took possession of Arthur Krock,
chief of the New York Times Washington bureau and in
spired a column of witty and sarcastic "machine" poetry
In his "In the Nation" column on Christmas eve. He says
that "St. Nicholas slid down the wall of the monument
with political gifts for most everyone, and proceeds to
describe them. Space forbids reprinting the long list but
few stanzas interesting to Oregonians follow:
Twh Christinas Eve in Washington,
As so it was in Oregon.
Though thoughts ot Mors bring mora to mind
Independence ot th Missouri kind.
'Twas Noel, too, for Senator Stu.
In Illinois Adlai hailed It, too.
But as all clocks Intoned the hour
"Ike," they seemed chiming, "El-senhower."
Th Saint set down hit Christmas pack
On Pennsylvania avenue
And spread the contents ot his tack
Upon th pave for all to view,
(Ere congress meets for Its new term)
At it befitting to the Yule,
A rich haul for the Pachyderm.
And gifts more modest for the Mule.
Among the gifts to the cabinet:
A yardstick fashioned to compute
When power's public, when it't nay,
An e'en a good luck piece to boot
Wat handed to McKay.
Ne'er has Yuletide fuller run
Than tonight In Washington.
G. P.
ffijifw vwy first pavY : ' - ' -Tknow VisS
m "AND AovV f fArfD V THE $AM( 2J
I'll perform IflL I Mm,
Conference Chief Privately
Fearful of Business Drop
Washington While Secre
tary of Commerce Weeks has
been issuing bullish statements
about the economic outlook, he
has tent nervous, confidential
instructions to hit subordinates
u watch for signs ot. reces
In a 13-point directive, not
meant for public consumption,
Weeks ordered his section
heads to report any change in
business statistics to him at
once, to he could warn other
government agenciet. He called
upon them to "analyze econo
mic trends and problems at
officials who leave a ob they
don't like to retign "with re
gret." When Russ Forbes quit
at No. 2 man in the general
service! administration, how
ever, he broke tradition and
wrote gleefully: "It is with
great pleasure that I hereby
tender my retignation.
Disposal dilemma Th
army is stuck with 15,000 sur
plus 20-mm. gun mounts,
worth millions. Stored at
Mechanicsburg, Pa., they are
rapidly becoming museum
pieces. The army hat tried to
palm them off on our allies,
secretary ot state Dean Ache
son's law firm has dropped 19
lawyers since last June . . .
Clay Blair, Jr., a crackerjack
capital correspondent, has
written a book telling the sizzl
ing, inside story of how the
navy almost kicked out Adm.
Hyman Rickover, the genius
behind the atomic sub . . .
Commentator Frank Edwards
traveling by helicopter instead
of reindeer, played Santa
Claut to more than 4,000
North Carolina orphans. He
personally distributed a gift to
each one.
Quotes That Haunt
Bead Bilbtia "
Bruce Myers, writing In th
Corvallis Gazette-Timet to
ward th end of th year, hat
don a good job of picking out
tome quotes of th typ that
come back to haunt the
At an example:
"Our encmit think our lost
will bring disorder to our
ranks. They will b disap
pointed." Ivrentl Beria,
March 6, 1953, at the funeral
of Jowl Stalin.
"W probably won't make
a tingle first down all year."
Frank Leahy, coach of the
Notre Dame football team,
speaking Just before th sea
son started. .
Somebody's face it probably
little red over this one:
"He is big and strong, the
kindest man I ever met."
Queen Narriman of Egypt,
shortly before th divorced
the now-exiled King Farouk.
Or thit: "He't Just a crude
guy ... he can't box, he cen't
improve. I'll ttay Inside, counter-punch
him to death . . .
out-general him ... I'll knock
Rocky's block off." Roland
La Starza on August S, 1953,
shortly before he absorbed one
of the worst beatings in heavy
weight history.
Some of the celebritiea
should make resolutions to
keep their feet out of their
mouth during 1954.
Boyle Recommends Resolution
To Spend More Time in Bed
New York in It the
road to hell is paved with
good Intentions, there Is e fine
new tix-lane superhighway to
day between here and Hades.
It Is paved with th New
Year's resolutions of perhaps
100 million Americans to lead
better live. Practically every
body makes these resolutions
except Women, small children,
and non-talking dogs all of
whom either are already per
fect or don't know how to
spell the word resolution.
The only other exceptions
are a few scattered old die
hard scoundrela who are try
ing hard to find a way to lead
a wort life rather than a bet
ter one.
If all the good resolutioni
that are made at thit teason
were really kept,' the sale of
aspirin would fall to almost
nothing, so would the divorce
rate, and the churches would
be hanging out 'standing
room only" signs.
But, of course, most ot these
high resolves don't last. If
each of these self-improvement
artists broke a bone ev
ery time he broke one of his
good resolutions, we'd have to
tear down all our national for
ests to build crutches and
The trouble with most per-
Hard to Leave a Place You
Have Lived in for 25 Years
basis for stimulating growth but hat found no taken.
and business stability; also, -as stuck on the Job Secretary
oasia jot neiping , itrarij of stata Dullet doesn't know it.
?.Salem54 Years Ago
January I, 1900
Capital Journal's X-rayist
had said: "A high school would
do mora for Salem aa an edu
cational hub than $10,000 in
cash and it wouldn't cost one-
tenth at much."
stability in the event of econo
mlc recession.
Weeks antidote in case of an
economic breakdown is the
same system of controls that
he was in tuch a hurry to abol
ish when he first took office.
He ordered his assistants to
be prepared at all times to
establish and operate the In
dustrial regulations and con
trols that have been found nec
essary during war emergencies,
E. G., allocation and control of
strategic materials, analysis of
production capacity,- survey of
facilities, etc."
However, the directive
stressed that the government
should keep its nose out of
business and let private enter
prise "do the job, if at all
possible. The "job to be done,"
Weeks pointed out, is only to
"advise" on the "health of our
business system."
The commerce secretary also
suggested using higher Unlit
as an economic pump-primer
a proposal that clashes head-on
with President Eisenhower'
Some people enjoy moving
from place to place like the
nomads of old. .Others be
come attached to places, peo
ple, and thnigs they re accus
tomed to seing day by day in
their respective neighbor
hoods. We who have lived at 560
Chemeketa street for nearly 25
years are among the latter
people. In this quarter cen
tury every room ana nauway,
from the basement to the attic,
has taken on some meaning
sacred to us all. This Is where
our little children ate and
nlaved until they went away
to college; the place to which
thev all return from time to
time, and lately brought wun
them their little children. This
but hundreds of his career em
ployees would resign over
night, If they could get a letter
of appreciation to take with
them. However, the division
chiefs are now so afraid they
might inadvertently pralee a
future McCarthy suspect that
they won't express themselves
in writing. As a result, many
who would like to quit are
afraid to do so. Without a
thank-you letter, they fear they
may be confused with the 306
employes who have been kick
ed out as security risks.
Nonexploslv Atom
A French newspaper recent
ly hinted at it, but the United
States has discovered how to
take the explosive power out
ot atomic material. This is the
reason President Eisenhower
felt it safe to propose an in
ternational atomic pool for
peaceful purposes.
Inside story is that the
United States, as far back as
1046, developed a process for
denaturing fissionable ma
terial so that it can be used for
trade not aid policy, weeks atomic fuel but not weanons.
ordered his subordinates tc; The President's plan would
keep a watchful eye on the I require that all fissionable
flow of exports and Imports, so material, contributed to the
h, ran rerommenn ratsinff the oinm . nnn n,,e k. i
tariffs if need be to protect s0 that no nation could use it fhow lic,ens- 22.25
Beginning January 1, 1900,
only persons armed with mile
age tickets were allowed to ride
on Southern Pacific freight
Damon Brothers, on the first
day of in this century,
had offered granulated sugar,
20 pounds for SI; best block
matches, lc a block; choice
mixed candy, 3 pounds for 23c;
best codfish in gallon pails, 50c;
best standard corn, 3 cans for
New Year's day in Salem for
1900 had started off with one
of the finest days the Capital
Journal reporter had ever seen
here in winter. The sun came
out before noon and the sun
shine was straight with just a
nip of bracing cold in the shade.
Streets were filled with people
despite the fact that stores were
closed and no business was be
ing transacted.
Total expenses for Salem In
1899 had been S68R2.13. Reve
nues were as follows: Fines and
fees. $52.15: saloon licenses,
$1600; vehicle licenses. $22.50;
laneous licenses, $636;
combat recession Is an "atomic; it Is unusable for exnlnsiven
works" program, instead of the! At least, atomic scientists claim
old-fashioned "public works."
Under this plan, federal funds
would be pumped Into the de
velopment of atomic weapons
and power projects, rather
than building post offices,
courthouses, and highways.
Capital Capsules Coln" if Senator McCarthy goes
Needling the elephant Ad- ahead with another irrespon
lai Stevenson sent a special sible Investigation, such as be
hand-crayoned Christmas card j pulled at Fort Monmouth. His
m im- uraiwniut unuunai , investigation so disrupted one
committee. On the outside, he: secret armv oroiect that it had
Who was it coined the old sports adajre, "A good little
man can't beat a good big man"?
Maybe one of "cm can't, but 11 of 'em certainly did
in the third quarter of the Rose Bowl game at Pasadena
Friday. Michigan State's athletes looked puny to the
nation's television audience by comparison with the lusty
California giants who faced them.
Vet the smaller men pushed the big one out of the
Wav an Miehlimn'a fliwit liHlo hnxla oniltrt Lnlf.
for consi.tpnt vniao-n In two lnn tniiohH- minkl. i scrawled brason s (.reelings ! to be transferred from Fort
... ...,, ... ,..B .iiuuici rod cravnn fin th nsirte M,,ih "Tl t i n.
was an etching he had picked coin" It the top secret study oi
up in India, showing a bearded i American continental defense
huntsman shooting an arrow at; Two McCarthy gumshoes, Don
a fleeing elephant. The arrow aid O'Oonnell and George
was firmly embedded in the Anastos, are already snooping
south end of the northlwund Into this vital defense project
elephant, symbol of the repub-j . . . a "Project Lincoln" spokes-
urn n party. I man has asked for an appoint
Pella't plea at the recent ment with President Eiscnhow-
foreign ministers' conference icr. He will warn the President
in Paris, Italian Premier Glu-jtliat if McCarthy la allowed to
that broke the back of the UCLA gridiron effort.
There has been so much emphasis on big men in foot
ball and tall men in basketball that It Is encouraging to
aee what smaller men can do when they have the skill
and the fire. Even when it humiliates western pride to
gee Its Rose Bowl entries beaten by the mid-west's Big
Ten seven out of eight times.
Selected U. S. industries. I In ranctrnM alnmin knn.K.
Note One proposal that the Under this process, the atomic I lancou re'P. $132.15. Total
President is considering tomaterlal is contaminated untill" c" P 1 for 1899 were
Klinger & Beck, successors
to South Salem Bottling works,
were lining orders for bottled
beer at the brewery. Free city
Bostsn, Mass. UR) A North
east Airlines quarterly report
to stockholders was returned to
the company office marked
"moved, left no address."
The report had been mailed
to Harry S. Truman, care of
V. R. Messall, Investment
Building, suite 300, Washing
ton, DC.
it would take so many years to
restore the polluted material
that it wouldnt' be worth
Headlines and Footnotes
Top scientists have threaten
ed to walk out on "Project Lin-
Building Costs
To Remain High
' Washington VP) Industrial
expansion and th high cost
of new construction probably
will keep prices of Industrial
property from dropping during
the coming tix months, the Na
tional Ann. of Real Estat
Boards said today.
The association mad public
its 56th semi-annual survey ot
the real estate market, which
It said Indicated that industrial
property prices during the first
half of 1954 are expected to re
main at the tame general level
that hat held for th past tlx
Nearly 75 per cent of the
real estate boards surveyed in
259 communities, the associa
tion said, voiced this opinion.
London W) Clement Attlee,
leader of the British Laboritet
since 1953, celebrates his 71tt
birthday Sunday.
Chicago (U.1!) Harold E.
Donohue, 28, walked into the
Hyde Park police station yet-
terday and told tlx policemen
they were under arrest.
The officers suggested that
Donohue leave. He refused.
Donohue was still there
when two detectives arrived
and identified him as the man
they were looking for in con
nection with a fight in a near
by tavern. .
- Galveston, Tex. (U.B A
clothes minded thief stole a
coat, dress and pair of shoes
New Year's Eve from the
wardrobe of Mrs. Fred Casta
neda. Tl? burglars left behind
a wornout pair of shoes.
South Kingstown, R. I. W)
Leonard Bacon, 66, author of a
number of volumes of poetry
and winner of the Pulitzer
Prize for .poetry in 1941, died
Christmas Eve they all were
here to spend with us our last
one in this holy place.
Today we move to other
quarters, for the wreckers are
about to take this house apart
But this is all In the way of
progress. And surely no one
hat anticipated this develop
ment with greater zeal than
have we. So as we wipe away
some salty tears, we are, at
the same time, most grateful
and thankful to Almighty God
that a new church has risen
on a magnificent site, and we
muist fold up our effects like
the Arabs and move to .Scenic
View drive.
This matter of moving af
fects others besides ourselves.
For many years our feathered
friends, two families of robins,
have made their nests on eith
er side of the rectory. They
raise their young, stay around
until they are able to fly, then
disappear, only to return
again the next spring. What
are the robins to think, and
where will they move to raise
their families early next
spring, when they discover
that a possible parking lot has
taken their sacred place. For
24 years the same pleasant,
congenial and efficient mail
man has walked up our steps
to deliver the mail. Will he
miss this daily chore as much
as we shall sincerely miss
Time marches on. The birds
will find new nests. We have
found a place to live. In a
month or two the pressure ot
greater responsibilities will
doubtless crowd out some of
the memories of the past. And
we shall thank God for having
to move because it was the
urgency of expanding the
work of the church that
brought this moving about.
tonal reform programs it they
.tveresi goal, whera
the average man findi th. .i.
too thin to breathe. Also, he
gets lonely, up there on hit
pessi or purity.
I am Koine to riv
smoking and drinking and frit
tering away money," this fel
low writes In a mom in him
self on New Year'. n, !
"'" 10 .I"" Picking on my s
jmng at my wife, and
telling the boss hit faults."
So he goes rambling on un
til he hat a list of a dozen or
so resolutions. What it wmn,
with them? Only this: All his
resolutions nave to do with
htings he is going to quit doing
or things he is going to give
up. But he doesn't put down
anything positive he is going to
do to take up the time he used
to spend doing the wrong
The result? Before long he
finds his new virtue as boring
as a thrice-secn grade "B
movie on television. He be
comes restless because he has
thought of nothing constructive
to do. Soon he lapses into bis
old evil habits.
A better approach to the
problem of leading a better
life is to make, not a dozen
negative resolutions, but a sin-
gle constructive one and stick
to it. For example, you might
make yoursel this pledge:.
"I hereby resolve to spend
more and more time in bed
during 1854."
Now this is a simple, healthy
pledge that any man with fine
instincts and reasonable de
termination can carry out. You
might start out by spending
five minutes more in bed, then
increase it gradually until you
are able to spend a whole day
in bed.
This plan has many advan
tages. The longer you spend
in bed the less time you will
have to spend in bars and traf
fic jams, and the more time
to think up nice things to say
to the wife, the kids and the
You will find that in bed it
is more fun to chain-daydream
than to chain-smoke. You will
find you need fewer medi
cines. You will have to do
fewer household chores. You
can read all those books you
always intended to.
In a soft bjd you are safest
from most kinds of accidents.
It is also the best place to
weather storms or floods, un-
ico jvm Hie ill a luw-iying
area, in which case it might be
a good idea to be sure you
have a mattress that floats.
The more time you spend in
bed the more money you save.
You need fewer new suits,
your shoes last longer. Your
grocery bills will fall because
you need less food. Your feet
will feel better, and, in fact,
you'll feel bettc. all over. Re
member the old saying, "A
sound mind in a sound bed."
The more you stay in bed the
more you will escape all forms
of trouble -d the ambushes
of an overcrowded civiliza
tion. The main thing is to fight
back with an iron will against
the temptation to get up. When
you are able to spend a whole
week end in bed, you'll know
you've got your problem
By 1955 you'll be able to
look up at the ceiling with a
proud face. You have stuck
manfully to your good resolu
tion, and you are a better man
in a better world.
seppe Pella appealed to Secre
tary of State Dulles to inter
vene personally in the Trieste
dispute. The Italian Premier ered . . , The
wanted Dulles to put the heat commission is
make another three-ring circus
out of this investigation the
entir project will be endang-
federal trade
on Marshal Tito to settle the, several big oil companies for
Trieste question, thus short- forcing their dealers to sell
circuiting the slow, complex sideline products, or lose the
negotiations now nnder way. more lucrative motor-oil bus!
However, Dulles flatly refused nets . . . Washington lawyers
to by-pass diplomatic channels. 'complain that business hat fal
Parting "Vith Pleasure It is len off drastically In the last
customary for top government j six months. For example, ex-
TO DO? j
- I-"?''"
flat -
S, 1 tm
Serving Solem ond Vicinity
os Funeral Directors
for 25 Years
Convenient location, S. Commer
cial street; bus line; direct rout
to cemeteries no cross traffic.
New modern building seating
up to 300. Services within your
-MaaataatMr (mi T m nil
(Wi 1
OrM ft, CImw m
fuel T. Ootota
Virgil T. Golden Co.
40S$.Cometal$f. FUNERAL SERVICE H.or.e 4-12S7
Cell New For Your 1954 Calender