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    iwj, Pulce in Pixie Fumh; lukm Topples Oregon State
Page 8 Salem, Oregon, Wednesday, December SO, 1953
Stanford Minus Tomsk
Against Oregon Tonight
Stanford, Calif, (u.w Stan- main there until the week-end
ford faced an important has- when he will have a complete
kctbalt uarne tonight with Ore-j physical examination to deter
gon, without the services of mine if, and when, he can play,
star forward Ron Tomsic, who1 It was feared that the itar
sparked the Indians to a 7-0 forward, who broke the great
record this season. Hank Luisetti'i single-season
Tomsic-. a 5-foot, 11-inch scoring record last year, will
Junior, suffered a split cartil- be benched for at least a month
age in his left knee Monday and possible for the rest of the
nifiht during a game with Col- season.
letfe of Pacific. Stanford went Tomsic has been on the All-!
on to win the game, 78-51. Coast squad for the past two
Stanford officials said Tom-1 years and is currently the third
sic was under treatment in the; highest scorer in Stanford his-
Palo Alto hospital. He will re- tory.
" 11 - f '-"" m i . .. :LJ f-iViwiii niiii rr a iii wiiii niMiii)iiiMif nn aWi li'ia? mil 'ft mm m
Its T tJ UT f
8, v '1 fit -T4
ri III
Tocoy Lost Doy f o Hunt
Waterfowl, State Reminds
Portland UP) The Oregon
State Game commission report
ed today as the 1953 water
fowl season closed that hunting
has been disappointing al
though some areas produced
Amity Outlasts
Perrydale 58-39
For 3rd Victory
Perrydale Coach Ray
Stephens' Amity Warriors won
their third game in three starts
here Tuesday night at the ex
pense of Perrydale again, 58
SP. The first time they met. De
cember 21, Amity won 42-34.
Last night Perrydale was
without starter Benny Rem
pel, who was out with a back
Injury, and Sam Stewart, star
guard, injured a foot In the
third quarter and sat out
about half of the second half.
He accounted for 19 points,
Ray Tozer, 6-foot Amity
C"tpr. scored 19 also.
Amity held narrow quarter
time margins of 7-6. 15-12 and
30, then widened it In the
fourth while scoring 21 to 9
for Perrydale.
Amity won the B game, 34
27. with Paul Gillaspie and
Wilcox scoring 12 points
apiece for Amity, and Marv
Rempel getting 8 for Perry
dale. Amity will play tonight at
Falls City in a return match.
The Warriors narrowly beat
Falls City December 15, 48-47.
Amllr U
Ehurj. 4 T.,
Toier, 19 ....,?.,
B'ephen. 9 ......C,
Ltnhirclt. T O.,
Leppln. 11 o. ,
Rsctvm wftrlnt : Amur Rurrh
PBFland S. Shields 4; Ffrrrdlle Mclo
torn 3.
OfflclRta: Norton knit Duller.
A flyway inventory to be
taken from Jan. 4 through Jan.
10 will determine the compar
ative number of birds in all of
the Pacific flyway statei, and
may help answer the question
of whether there was an actual
shortage of birds this year, the
commission said.
Commissioners noted that
there has been widespread be
lief that the season does not
end until tomorrow night, Dec.
31. It issued a notice to hunters
reminding them that today is
tne unal day of the season.
The commission said also
that it is unlikely many birds
remained in the north during
me season.
P. La. Maasey
2, MaMty
.... 6. Cooper
.. 0. OIneerlph
19. Stewart
Skiers to Defend
Day Trail Titles
Timberline U Two of
Oregon's leading skiers will
defend their titles here Satur
day and Sunday in the annual
Portland Day Train races.
Joe Lisac, Class A title win
ner for the last two years, will
be on hand, and so will Dotti
Maxwell Hughes, holder of the
Class A women's crown.
Class A, B and C and junior
women and junior men race
Saturday, starting at noon. On
Sunday Class A. B and C men
compete. About 100 racers
were expected to enter the
Contest. Second bio: pvpnt i oera 5. Camp 4. Crawford B, Planner 1
t, it,;. ; Cameron 3. Central Alitp 1. Halfnme
on Ml. Hood this season. ,,.: central 1. roreat Orove 35. OII1-
The race, sponsored by the cl,,: d wniiani.
Schnee Vogeli Ski Club, cov
ers a four-mile course from
Timberline Lodge to Govern
ment Camp.
Od ell's Political
Career Is Short
Seattle W) A city charter
requirement may end Howie
Odell's political career before
it gets started.
Odell, former University of
Washington football coach,
filed last week to be a candi
date' for the City Council in
next year's primary election.
The Post - Intelligencer said
Wednesday, however, Odell
may be ineligible because he
registerd to vote locally for the
first time in 1952.
Seattle's city charter re
quires that a candidate be s
registered voter for four yean
before an election.
Central Avenges
Loss in Beating
Forest Grovers
Central High School Cen
tral High avenged an earlier
loss to Forest Grove here Tues
day night by whipping the vis
itors, 55-49, in a non-conference
Central now has four victo
ries and three losses. Forest
Grove won the Dec. 12 contest
by 11 points, 63-52.
Central held quartertime
leads of 17-14, 36-25 and 46-38
as Jim Fratzke, 5-foot-ll guard
scored 15 points and Larry
Jthnson, forward, and Gerald
Freeman, center, made 12 each.
Central won the junior var
sity preliminary, 70-54.
Next game for the Panthers
was to have been Saturday at
Dallas, but is believed to be
postponed because the Dallas
gym is not completed.
Ffirinfl Ffirh OfllPr Both Platoons of the West team
I Wllliy LUl.ll VIIIWI (,eft) ne up the,r ,.,
field In Palo Alto, Calif. Top photo, left to right, front: USC
end Tom Nlckoloff; Wash, tackle Dean Chambers; Wash,
guard Wilton Bohart; Calif. Poly center Stanley Sheriff;
TCU tackle Morgan Williams; Calif, guard Jim Kotler;
Colo, end Gary Knafelc and Kansas end Morris Kay,
Back: Calif, back Al Talley; Baylor quarterback Francla
Davidson; USC back Harold Hand and COP back Art
Liebscber. Bottom photo, front: Tex. end Charlton Massey;
USC tackle Ed Pucci; Kansas guard Robert Ilantla; Stan
ford center Ted Tanner; Tex. guard Phil Branch; Nebraska
tackle Ted Connor and Stanford end Sam Morely. Back:
Kansas State back Veryl Swltier; Stanford quarterback
Bob Garrett; Baylor back Jerry Coody; Okla. Aggies back
William Bredde and SMU back Jerry Norton.
HHsriTw iawwaaiwawauwwMwi
Both platoons of the East team (right) line up In Santa
Clara. Left to right, front, top: 111. end John Ryan; Iowa
tackle Donald Cbelf; Ohio State guard Michael Pakaca;
Iowa center Jerry Hilgenberg; Mich, guard Don Dugger;
Ohio State tackle George Jacoby and Northwestern end
Joe Collier. Back: Kentucky back Steve Melllnger; Boa
ton College back Joe Johnson; Boston U. back Louis
Petroka; Northwestern quarterback Richard Thomas and
So. Carolina back John Granting. Bottom: Holy Croat end
Henry Lemlre; Notre Dame tackle Art Hunter; III. guard
Robert Lenilni; Syracuse center Ted Kukowski; Kentucky
guard Ray Correll; Syracuse tackle Bob Fleck and Ohio
State end Tom Hague. Back: Notre Dame back John Latt
ner; III. back Stan Wallace; Syracuse quarterback Peter
Stark; Notre Dame fallback Nell Worden and Vlllanova
back Eugene Flllpskl. They will meet in San Franr'jco'a
Kesar Stadium Jan. I. (UP Telephoto.)
Lattner Injured, But Can
Play; West Loses Morley
San Francisco VP) Injur
ies hit both teams for the an
nual shrine football game Sat
urday. The East, a 6 Vi -point
I favorite, was hurt when Notre
Dame All-America halfback
Johnny Lattner jarred his left
shoulder out of its socket Tues
day in scrimmage at Santa
The West lost Stanford All
America end Sam Morley, fav
orite pass target of teammate
quarterback Bob Garrett. Mor
ley badly twisted an injured
knee and can be only a limp
ing, part-time receiver. Latt
ner, however, was pronounced
fit to play with only a little
soreness to bother him.
Koreil Grata (4l
Oehrts. 1 r..
Klnes. 0 T..
Ball. 7 C.
Smith. 5 0..
Ml'ler. 14 0. .
Bad Knee
Gives Way
Miami, Fla. (iP) Injured
quarterbacks Wednesday caus
ed consternation among Mary
land forces, concern in the
Oklahoma bailiwick and really
fouled up speculation over the
outcome of their Orange Bowl
football game on Friday.
Maryland threw up its hands
in despair immediately after
quarterback Bernie Faloney's
injured knee gave way on him
in Tuesday's workout.
There goes our team," said
downhearted Coach Jim Ta-
Faloney walked around fair
ly well Tuesday night and
trainer Duke Wyre said if the
knee didn't swell up by Wed
nesday it might be all right.
Coach Bud Wilkinson also is
keeping his fingers crossed over
a shoulder separation suffered
by Pat O'Neal, Oklahoma's sec
ond string quarterback.
O'Neal was hurt Monday in
a punting drill, but didn't re
alize it until Tuesday, his
playing ability on Friday is
problematical, depending on
injury's response to treatment.
Sheridan Beats
Philomath 50-32
Sheridan Sheridan high
school won its second game
against six losses here Tues
day night, taking Philomath
of the Capital league, 50-32.
Philomath, apparently not
used to Sheridan's large court,
was behind all the route, with
quartertime deficits of 12-7,
23-13 and 39-25.
The well-played contest
found Larry Green of Sherl-
rian lpariine: all crnrprs with 18: Blind 522.
.i4. ru;Tmal. Tl Hollywood Flnanee ff Kay flfio. Reeie
points. For Philomath. Vin-lH5, H., 407. Pflt,r J8t Htyn. M1.
I. Brunk ; cent counted 11 and Kemp 10. ! Martin Bros. Neon Slcna (0 Dyer ola.
riiiiuiiiaiu yuu intr juiiiwi Ryin 49.
ISA) rcntral
.. 2. Johnaon
12. Freeman
... ft. Nation
Observers are thoroughly
impresed with the running
power of the East's Lattner
and his teammate from Notre
Dame., Neil Worden; Gene
Filipski of Villanova; Steve
Meilinger, Kentucky; Joe
Johnson, Boston College, and
Lou Petroka, Boston Unlver
The West is essentially pass
Stanford's Garrett led the
nation in passing. His fellow
quarterback, Cotton Davidson
of Baylor is anbther superior
thrower. They have excellent
receivers in Morley, Gary Kna
felc of Colorado; Tim Nickolof,
USC; Carlton Massey, Texas
and Morris Kay, Kansas.
Capital Alleys
Liu Avtnaa 8er (4 Birber HI,
Nelson 484, Doerflt. 611. Ouon 539.
Hiyei 672. Goldita of SUvarteB (0) Hrr
308. Fr&Qk M0. Howell 446, Herr 64ft,
BenUon S2S.
Nleholioa'l Imarnc 4 Bolton 494,
Rtmsey 481, Ebenole 648, Cavdy 01,
Cuihm&n S29. Wlcklund't Sportlnv Qoedi
(0 Htndm 369, Lawlotf 426, Ham 471.
Porird 470, Frieicn 493.
Rawllnsoti's Laundry (4) Ringland
509, SpriBM 483, Hauctn 533, English
544. Meffert 6&S. Orrali Used Can 0
McClarr 429, Lama 484, Oannon 62),
Wilkerson 648. Cline 667.
Nick'. Inn (4) WilberR 600, Mull 499,
Dlerks 439, Ireland 496. Miller 647. Mar
ton Creamery 0) Allen 483, Pelcar 497.
Klnz 453. Kenyin 482. Davenport 457.
Jaron' Clothim Store (S) Brcnnan
963. Sommere 491, Lebold 412. Boyee 636,
Ryan 925. Knlihta of Columbus 1
Koutney 520, T. Bletler 368, Pranff 487,
Artez 467. B. Biesler 486.
Starr Foods (3) Sheldon 516, Nlcholls
904, Leng r en 628. Duffus 511. Lane ti oft
538. Woodry'a Furniture ID dinger 923,
Johnion 493, Woodry 483, Perry 497,
Foreman 646.
HUh team tame Rawlinson'J. 1012.
Hiili team aenea Lana Avenue, 29(6.
Hlth Individual iame Ray Ounn. 296.
High individual aeries John Doerfler,
The. Jewel Baa 44) Con an 631, Hopf
Inaer 490. Nelson 497, Logan 546. Hayei
902. Goodies Market (it) Ooodla 386,
Stettlcr 493, Weniienroth 513, Reeves 494,
I Rrnrrves srorlnt: Poreit Grove So der-
Brown, Kovaleski
In Sugar Finals
New Orleans t'P' Surpris
ing: Fred Kovaleski of Wash
ington. D. C, and second-seeded
Tom Brown Jr. of San Fran
cisco meet todav for the 17th
annual Sugar Bowl tennis title.' Other North
North Marion
Defeats Canby
Canby North Marion high
school defeated Canby, 62-43,
here last night. The Huskies
lead all the way. 12-9. 24-18
and 4.1-28 at quarter times.
Keith Driver was high point
player for North American
with 16, while Canby'f leader
was Arlan Bigham with 17.
Marion scorers
varsity fracas. 31-28. with
Chambers and Hay getting 7
points each. Clark tallied 13
for Sheridan.
Philomath IS?) (MM Shpridan
Lorain. ' F 1A. Ortrn
Ltach 9 r S. J. Pnprn
Vincent. U C ft. Nlckeron
Kamp. 10 0 1. Btrktr
Scarth. 0 0 S. Waoda
Reatrvt, arorlng: Sharldan O. Papan
. tin I
Olftclali: Robblnii and Durham.
Their match precedes the were Larry Cole IS, Mike En-
doubles finals, with defending
champions and top-seeded
Oardnnr Mutiny of Miami and
sign 9, Dale Calloway 7, Merle
McClaren 8. Keith Hoefling 9,
J.ick Berkey 3 and John
Brown facing Grant Golden of1 Friend 1.
Chicago and I la Burrows ofi The Canby Jayveea took the
Charlottesville, Va. prelim. 87-44.
Pacific U. Game
Dates Reversed
Willamette university today
announced a change In schedul
ing of Pacific university In ba
ketball. The Feb. 12 game at Forest
Grove will be played in Salem,
and the Feb. 13 game in Salem
has been changed to Forest
Brook, I'lrt Drpl. M hrtida 381.
Ramp ,57, Yofthlhat SM, Wood 3B5. Oa-lf-AV
464. Capital nrua '01 Rolide 405.
Bryant 4.44. Brooks 390. Boahm 302. Mlk
ktXrn 310.
Mar,', Tavern fin Lon 4M. Kupar
404. Wymor, 441. ttoan 377. Holcom fjOa.
T.rmtnal Ire III Mcllnav 504. Sanaa
434. Straw 48. Johnaon 4S7. Oinn 507.
Jonei and Fair (3)Oardner BSD. Wll.
let 47!. Kyle 372. Doerfler 500, Brennan
034. Woodbttrn til Hleka 407. Pcrd Ml,
Drazen 514. Auitln 421. Wadiworth 441.
Tha Bond, James 45. McOe, S3,,
Athwell 100. Berastrom 403. Papple 030.
.01 Lanes Refrlreratlon R. Luke 455, B.
tuka 432, J. Luka 470, B. Luke S. T,
Ltike 450.
Hleh team ,am, and sarlee Holtr
ood Finance 033 and 3000.
Hlah individual tame tnd oerleo Ire
Kit 155 and (90.
Other atx hundred eerlw Tom Bras
nan, (34.
Duck Pins
i.c ecu, ! s )
V CCn- J l.OCTv $A rJI,aaa,w
Dteenber tl, ItWI
Woodreffs's flan she (6 Wainir tit,
Rlchardaon 376, Rittier 416, Archer t47,
Brt 301. Wlllaruettt Valley Bank fl
Bimftt 162. PUMo 141, BfTurlr Hushes
111. Bfrntcf ftuthu . Bra T.
Master Brt4 (4) Hansen 1C4, rr alter
Ornvia Ths rhinff was mad,;s7- Twni ,M- Th"l Haast M4.
orove. ine? cnange wan maae; ntn4l9 0m m.wMd wi. nartitn ut.
Oauthler St3. for frit, 4 tames.
Hlch limit fftm and iirltt Donna
Rlftyer, 161 ami 411.
Tflfh team ainrlt tant Master Brea4,
Hteb team atrJai Woodrofft' Baa
Shop. lt.
to prevent conflict.
By Wolt Dltxt
University Alleys
CT.Aatr iorB
4?4arl Car 4t Braueht I4J: Bnn
fte',1 toi: White 404: Hen den mi 111:
(Vortt 179. H stent flsrt(ar ( Th4la
.i5; Curt 1 1 IM; Morris 411: pan Ml:
Pottlin lis
Barks rtlnr Oa4ts f Valdtt 8tt:
Parity 103: VtJluptk 41H Beta 141: Hart
well KM. rrtmk't Pritw 1 Thorn i
oa loot nausea 14; JanU 4H: Wat
tier 40: Jsx-kson aV.
nailer Oil Ca. (4V Mttson 141: HM
lerirh 141; UT(.nn.anT 111: KrecJI 141:
Prudentt Ml. Valltv Oil Ct, Com
stork 4T: Jack DeBow 4: J'm EXBov
IN wi:nsiu 414: Otrsbaeh 45t
Trallwavt Cafe (4t McTfall lit; KlU
icier til, Unetoa mi. Lata CI; Rirhas
04. Wtrt Balm MMMatjry 4. )
Bom 106: Prlea 164; Obarman 416; Mae
Farlane 415: Straw 500.
Hlth team amt and aarlti. Trail ways
Cafe. 175 and 3141 (New high atria lor
leaiut). High lnd. garat and strict, Don
Luti iTraUwaya Calet 351 and 1 (New
high gams for league). Jim Desov (vai
lay Oil Co.) Trlpllcat gamta ot IN.
University Alleys
Oska Ins. Agey. 48) Dps ton 441: Lot!
410; coivin 422; Gould 468; Thompson
529. Roberts Bros, tl) Aleihirt 517;
Jackson 401; Bannum 3H; Black 437;
Poasehl 490.
Lee's Fin Cars 4 Merrell 313;
Rtlnka 371; Lants 3: Green lea 371;
Lan tt 362 ; Orecnlet 371 ; Aaron 4BI;
Simmons Ins. Agcr. 0 Johnson 416;
Orafflus 366; Moon 335; Arnold 331;
Smith 427.
Carr's Highland Market (4) Lelnhard
514; Hopflnatr 400; Murray 371; Law
less 422; Carr 464. China City t The
maa 413; Btalder 360; HUltrlch 313; Ada
467; VanDell 436.
Hen old Fhllllppl () Krelcl 466: Oar
ban no 491; Curry 497; Laird 477; Mueil
haupt 462. Thrlftway Cltanara 1)
Rounds 3B6; Haugen 401; Fallen 432;
Loken 434; Kunke 4M.
Hish team game and series. Herrold
PhilJ'ppl. ill and 33B3: high lnd. game
and series. Alberta Thompson, 307 and
Remington Band (1) Sprlggs 450;
K;mmell 435; Raboln 471; Harden 564;
Colburn 534. Navy-Marina Rescrvt (1)
Oilmore 3fls; Doyle 439; Blind 317; John
aon 524; Black 434.
Burk land Lumber Ct. !) H. Webb
492; B. Burkland 411; P. Webb 384:
Scnuotz 490; Don Burkland 491. Bar's
AutomatlTc (l) Dutolt 411: McOulrt
611; Keene 411; Carr 450; Hllltrlrh 136,
Gormnn's Shell Service ok South Salem
Pharmacy (Si Van Vleck 492; Dye 350;
G under son 396; Brown 490; Burnett 311.
Crarroft Texaco l Radkt 361; De
La PP 417; Hardy 414; Amlerson 414; Cra
crolt 386.
Moo try Pharmacy (1) Bauer 447;
Lrach 442: Mootry 457; Collins 414: Smith
427. Snider Eltetrle (1) Morris 464; Mc
Cain 395; Otlson 474; Arthur 484; Coo
ler 404.
Ran a re's Ba vara gat (I) Ad 431; Fal
len 405; Bunnell 411; Duffy 411; Nichols
467. Marlon Feed load (1) Hell 4B7
Smith 452; Xttno 411; Lien hard 501;
Carlson 470.
High team game. Dyer ok Bona Insur
ance, ion and 2174. High lnd. game, Ed
Talbot of Drer 4k Bona Insurance, ill.
High lnd. aeries, Waa Hard an eX JUga
lngtoa Rand, 164.
Waadrorfta Ian Shaa (1) Duant
Prank 363; Kaatba 144: Plsbar 404:
Wayne Prank 441; Bye 172. Willamette
Art Tile (8- Sen ols 411; Bush 341; So
ber 433: Meyer 111: Bra 390.
Dr. Pepper 1 Merrlman 411: Tilth?
391; Lepner 411 1 Butler 404i in UL
Kayt Radio TP (I) Dtau 431;
aui; arom o; Kaya 407; Cappe lot.
Olata FlarUt (1) White 419; Barker
372; Wald log 401; Junsllng 416: Wood
422. Madera Poodasaa t) Dolga 477;
Capps 441; Smith 410: Bye 314; Brt 441.
Dyara Insurance (t Bcharf 341t
Prra 461: Bates 171; PoUnaki 401; Penny
417. Qaallty Lead Can 1 CampbtU
411; Snelrrovi 111; Short 43); Millar 471:
Van Dell 111.
Davis ou Co, (4) Omohuadro 431;
Scbarf 403; Adams 407; Blanton 466; Da
vis 431. Lao Newaaaa () Forfeit.
Hlah team aeries. Modern WaadttM
Ins 1221; high team tamo. Willamette
Art Tile. 717; high lad. series. imi
Meyer (WlUamttto Art Tile) 111. Hlth
umj. iint. aa. rm tupara ins. I in.
It Your Fuel BUI
Ovtr A Month1
Better Convert te
Continental Radiant
1540 Falrfroond Road
Phone 4-4161
Ace Hurt;
Rice Liked
Dallas, Tex. W) The Rice
Owls, all 37 of them, came roll
ing Into Dallas Wednesday to
complete the cast for the 8th
annual Cotton Bowl football
game aim to find themselves
heavy choices to slam Alabama
and keep the Rice colors un
tarnished in bowl competition.
Seldom has there been such
pronounced favorites in the
New Year's Day game here as
the burly Owls, a terrific offen
sive outfit that finished like
the prairie wind in the tough
Southwest Conference race.
Riddled with Injuries to first
line reserves and facing the
prospect of playing without the
services of its "running" quar
terback, Albert Elmore, thus
reducing the ranks of the field
generals to Bart Starr and who
ever else might fill In in a
pinch, the Crimson Tide is go
ing to have a tough time living
up to a glittering bowl repu
tation. Dr. John Sherrill, Alabama
team physician, gave out the
gloomy word on Elmore, the
big quarterback who did such
a Job against Georgia Tech and
Auburn. "It doesn't look like
he will play," said Dr. Sher
rill in examining injuries El
more suffered in an automobile
crash during the Christmas
Rice, which has won the
three bowl game in which it
has played, is expected to be
in as nearly perfect condition
as any team ever was for the
Cotton Bowl.
Fights last Might
McMinnville U.R Every
body's Drug from Eugene last
night defeated LInfield Col
lege, 76-63, in a basketball
game here.
East Lansing, Mich. Four of
Michigan State's five home i ibs's. pans', rranee. 10.
football games in 1953 were I chicagokim Solomon, m. cole
before sellout crowds.
Basketball Scores
Br Tlx aaserialeel Frees)
ltewre (rwtlua)) 4a, BaUK onasi
West Llaia 49. Lake Oawaa, ea)
Lincoln tPoriUaa) la. Tlaara it
HaraUlaM 11. anuena it
all a ma I h Fklll M. Ilacldlna f.nei
Tillamook OUioll, It, Coltunbln Via,
Ml labor, K AeUrU 41
leeealnnrUM (I. Aleena
Amllr M. PorriKlel, II
laolalla . Netbar, 3
Central Union It, Poreel Orove 4r)
aoappooM M. Meahkbhnl, II
aharlnan M. niUonath II
Oaaton II. Jovall U (overtime)
prlnalleld M. Morla Banal a (mr-
Tail 14. Bmlre M
Craswall M, MoImwi II
TolaOo 41. aharvood II
autherlln II, WaMport H
coixaoa basketball
rirat Boon
LouaUann aUt, II, ronttitm IS
Holr Ctou II, DaPaul n
Harp N. H. O. atate Tt (satnl-fUis)
Duk, U, W,k, Poreet M taemMlnaJI
Baton Hall Tl, Horth Carolina tl (con
solation I
Tulana 14, Oreaon atat, Tl (eonso-latlon)
Karuaa W. UUaourl IT (aeml-tlnall
Oklahoma It. Nebraaka TO feomMlnel)
Iowa Atete Tl, Colored, tl (conaola.
ranaa, Btat, II, Waahlniton Tl Icon,
Plrsl B.ont
Wromlni 14. Cincinnati 14
Bant, Clara It, Tulsa 41
Western Kentnckp It, Baatarn Xan-
luckr Tl laeml-flnal)
Loulselll, II, Xarler (Ohio) It (aaml-
Houston II. Slant 10 (consolation)
Vlllanora 14, Uurrar (Kr.) II (conso
lation) 'GATOR BOWL
Seal-PI rials
Oeorila 14, Plontla 73
oaorala Tenra 101. Oeoril, Tech 10
Rica u, Boutharn Methodist Tl (semi
final, ofartlmei
Texas to, Arksosae tl (acml-flnal,
Alabama M, Texas chrlatlta M (con
solation) Barlor 14, Teles ABM H (consolation)
Dartmouth TT, Harvard 01 (aaml-flnal)
Conactleul 10. BprlncfleM II I semi
llnal) Brown 11, Colbr 41 (consolation)
lildleburp II, Amherst IT (consolation,
Carroll lalont,) 11, western Montana
Boer Moutaln tl. Northwest Commo-
nltp (Wro.1 II
Kicks 17, Eastern Montana II
Carroll (Mont.) II, Rock, Mountain
Ohio Btata 14. Denver nt
Illinois II. Utah State tl
Rutgers 14. Wabash II
Belolt 19, Arlaona 01
Montana 10. Idaho IT
Baatern Wuh. Tt. Montana atat, II
Lob Anaelea Loyola II. Lot Anielaa
state II
Ban Jose Btat, 41. Cel. Polr. 41
Pepperdlno 13. Pasadena Nataranc II
Pacific Univ. SI, Southern Oreooa 13
(overtime) .
New Mexico II. PhllUpa Univ. IT
Rochester It. Baltimore tt.
Trackmen to Vie
At Sugar Bowl
Meet Thursday
New Orleans (U.B A glitter
ing array of stars, including
Wes Santee, Kansas' great
miler, opens the 18th annual
Sugar Bowl track meet tomorrow.
Santee. America's best bet
to run the four-minute mile,
will be out to break the Sugar
Bowl record of 4:10.7 set by
Glenn Cunningham in 1938,
and the odds are that he will
if the track is in any kind of
In all five college events
and three high school relay
races will comprise the card
this year.
Another top runner If Jim
Mashburn, national AAU 449-
yard record holder at 46.8.
Also back to defend champion
ships won last year will be
Kansas State's Thane Baker In
the 100-yard dash, and . the
Oklahoma mile relay team.
IBv Tha Associated Press)
LOS jaNOELES Don Grant. Ill, Loe
Anieles. knocked out Jess Pusntai. 113,
Loa Antolea. I.
MIAMI BEACH. Fla. Blur Xlltor,,
Ita. Miami, outpointed Mlcker Laurent,
n:ur .
N. Can
UP l.t night to .? L1
" round of tb ftE
ketb.U wrJOii
Perennial toum "
North CwSfih
Still another nr.-'
aucea in . ..T'."tH
when TuW'P.
handed Oregon s?Jn
crew ranked fourth,' "
nation's court rWerfu1 11
comolation gam, C ! I
Carolina i, ""n NirJ
tonight'. UmtZW
Seton vi. Tnlani
Seton Hall ntisltott.j a
Tulane tor
ollna tnHflv f ..
j acvoiio Dl
Oregon Stat. .kiiT
been co-favored with
the start of the tain.
..iltc-im.!, VVaaS (SVVAVrl.l B.,
brook as it led Tula,
vtmiig up until the
13 minutes.
Swarthy guard Hal fw
led a Tulane rally with thr
niipui miu inira period fit
goals and te Qrwn v
movea 10 a 34-50 lead (
ena oi me uiira period.
Oregon State never
aged to regain the leai, i).
though HaIbrook,tatutin'l
tallest college player, wt i
Reynolds Coliseum retort i;
canning IS free thnwi. mj.
brook ontscortd Talut'i
Cervinl 23 to II, but
four field goili for thi inning.
Oregon State held I 4U1
half-time lead but Ceniiii ntV
Phil Wallace, who got
points, led a Tulane surge li
the third and the Green Wirt':
fast break and control of thi
backboards had the Beivd
panting. Oregon State mi
only six points in the third
riod and each team buckcl
20 in the closing 10 mlnuta.
Tulane hit on 38.1 per ml
of its shots while Oregon Stats
made only one third M 16 trial
from the floor. From the tail
line, both tesms had M plnul
Halbrook tnlued nhv) bti
nruon UaU ( CO Ttbse
tinpftp !
Wtmn.f 1 1 lrfcvuMOj III
Vlelea.f I i I 11 Brews! Ill
Bmnfl.r I 1 111 i
d...i.i. f a 1 I 1 Nwlkaiele 14 11
Hlbrk.o 4 11 I lIP.WslloM I !'
Toole.t J 0 J llton.1 J " J
Jarboe.f 114 lOerrlnlt I I1J
Roblns.i 0 14 1 KrtebHI I M
Hllin.1 110 4
Totals M 11 II 10 Totals Ba
Oreion Btat KSuIlH
Tulan -"2.1
Proa throwe mliseo: Omer, to" -I
Robins. Whlteman. PiJ J"J g.
brook I. Tulana-atcU 3, Erlaatt W
vlnl I, Browns, now --. -
wihiti Knn. un Mil
waukee will be hoit to the foil
world tournament of non-professional
baseball, the Inter
national BasebaU ConF
said Wednesday. The U. 5.
team will be the winner of ttf
annual national wurwv
third ptl
to. stopped Jlmmp "Red" Rlbp. II). To-
1170 Center St
for dinner, TV viewing mt nrertslnlntj (mart
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