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    1, December 29, 1953
p-"' 77777777 " 1 THE CAPITAL JOURNAL. Salem. Oregon
wb rne mm By Ketchaml
Yours Will Be a
Happier New Year
In One of these Better Used Cars
ladlo. heater.
)0LDS "76" DLX. SDN $995
PH. 2-7973
lf.RH RV let? an. All or any part.
Jtnceri, transmission, bra ken.
!60 Vista Ave. after S. qSU
ciltti used machine! sold, rented,
.ti Roen, 456 Court. Ph. 3-6773.
Blattlni Service. Quarry i,
fcpiai, Pavement breaking. Br day
contract. Fhom 4-6370. 03w
road, clearing teeth. Vir-
ffiutr, 1010 Falrrlsw, phone a-4136.
Otiin it Son. excavating and
hi Land clearing. Ph. 3-3010.
. weatherstrips, atorm sub.
fx atlmatai. T. Pullman, Phone
lai Bedding renovates.
aittressea. Ph. 1-4069.
Ictbslrs, files, tlUnt supplies, safes,
ueiiort, supplies, desk lamps, type-
iw itsnds. Roen, 450 Court.
pi septic Unto cleaned, line
Guaranteed work rtODi
b'A 1-077.
PC itptle tanks, dralne cleaned
Mooter Sewer Service. Phone
(I Septic, Berviee. Tanks cleaned.
Mir cleans aewers, drains. Phone
Corona. Remington. RoyaL On.
PMd portables. All mikes ased
. Repairs to rent, no en. am
FV 1-6113.
w service, all miku. water 7J'
P- Brownie Valdei, 33750.
p Window Cleaners. Industrial floor
FV. housecleuinc. Phone i-wn,
2 Jet Pilots
in Crash
oneiton, Wash. w On.
mn. nd pouibly two, died
.uuua.y nigni when their T33
i training pime exploded
and cruhed in A.m.. ., .
lonely farm 14 miles north of
here. The namea of the men
were not released.
Air Force crewa from Mo
Chord Air Force bate, the
plane'i horn field, found nnlv
a hand, aeveral wrinkled dol
Ur billa, and a Mae Weit life
jacket ai they probed the
mouldering ruin a Monday
The T33, on a routine train
ing million from McChnrri
maahed into the ground onlv
iau yaraa irom the home of
Dale van Valkenburtc. who
with his wife and two chil
dren waa eatine hi, evening
The plane, which Valkcn.
burg aaid looked like a "ball
of fire" as it hissed toward
earth, gouged two 21-foot
holes in the ground and vir
tually disintegrated. It cut a
path through a small alder
stand aa It plummeted to the
The crash was the second
involving a T33 in the Puget
Sound area in less than a
Stlem Lodge No. 4, A.F,
A.M.. Wed.. Dec. 30
Megree, 7:30 p.m. 310
lad U .x.rutrl nf tha estate of
F" W. Land. dniuM. hn fiIJ
i: account aa such, and by order
;' Circuit Court of the Suit of Ore-
til fnim, Af Ua.lAn th. nth
jfsamry, i4, In tn. forenoon of
hsi been fixed tha time, and
.iroom of aald court haa been
f? to im final account and the
oi slid estate.
'ud Urn published: December I.
Executrix of th. Eetit of
Rrelnald W. Land. Deceejed.
f" at Uw,
Mr Truii Bids.,
Ore. on
for UeeutrU.
rat. i n.M.Jan.,
F'e ii h...h ..... w . . . t
t" adminlitratrU of th, .itat.
IT" J- Brophr. Detailed, hu filed
fc or?"011"' "lch "4 "
. . a, Marion tna
cf"'"' 19M- lB forenoon of
'Set bent fued aa tha time, and
,7,,"" "Id court haa been
ati n a aw. h.a-i aK.
I? laid final account and tha
?J of aaid eitale.
MONET A t' VlairO.
Mmtnutratrla of tha latato at
tta i.. J Brophy, Deceaaad.
LT" Troat Bids,
" for Admlnlatratr!!.
Dec. I.I It n It 11JJ
Cell Congress
Bock to Work
Washington (IP) Republican
Senate leaders today issued a
back-to-work notice for Jan.
5 the day before Congress
meets officially and applaud
ed President Eisenhower's bid
for Democratic cooperation.
Sen. Knowland of California,
the Senate GOP leader, said
the Senate Republican Policy
Committee would meet Jan. 8.
That is the same day on
which Eisenhower yesterday
invited Democratic leaders of
Congress to the White House
along with some Republicans
for a preview of his State of
the Union Message. He will de
liver it to a Joint session of
Congress two days later.
"I think it's a good policy,'
Knowland said of the plan to
Invite the Democrats to hear
something of the legislative
program in advance. Chairman
Ferg-son (Mich.), of tne sen
ate GOP Policy Committee
2 Volcanoes in
Japan Erupting
Tokyo U.B Two of Japan's
active volcanoes erupted spec
tacularly but with little appar
ent damage today.
The bienest eruption took
place at 2:30 a.m. by Mt. Miha
ra, the "suicide volcano" on
the island of Oshima, 80 miles
south of Tokyo Bay.
Mihara, popular rendezvous
for disappointed lovers who
want to end it all, sent up an
i nnn.fWir hieh column of
.mAito and fire. Ground-shak.
lng rumbles sent islanders
scurrying from their homes in
nan p. Act Vliy Suoaiucu ,
noon. . .
Mm.nt Aaama. near ine xasn-
i-n.hi. aummer resort of Kar-
uizawa, north of Tokyo, erupt
ed twice at 8:40 a.m. and 10:23
a.m. It sent smoke and ashes
billowing upward to a heignt
of 1,600 feet.
flint Mich, m Thirteen
year-old Gerald Sturk was
subbed in the nip and pinned
to the floor of barn by
falling hayfork yesterday . ne
was taken to Goodrich hospi
tal. .
(Br Tha taioilalad Praia!
Adnura1 Corporation
Allied Chemical
Aiui CDllmere
American Alrllaai
American Power A Lllh
American Tel. Tel.
American Tobacco
Anaconda Copper
Atchuor Railroad
Bethlehem atetl
Bocln, Alrplalna Co.
Bor, Warner ,
Burrow AOdln, Machlni
California Packln,
Canadian Pacific
caterpillar Tractor ....
celaneie Corporation ..
Cornier Corporation
emu acrflc.
Contolldateo Bojbob
consolidated Vultea
Crown ZcllerBaab
Curtua Wrlcbt
Douilae Aircraft
Du Pont u. icemoan ,
Eastman Kodak ,
Emersoc Radio .
Oeneral Kleclrle
Osoeral Foods
Omeral Motors
oeorcia Pic. Plrwooo ..
ooodreat Ttr,
Homestake Mlnln, Co. .
International Harvester
International Paper ....
Johns Usnvllie
Kslser Aluminum
Kennecott copper
Llbbr McNeil
Lockheed Aircraft
Loewas Incorporated. ...
Lone Ball
Montaomerf Ward .....
Nam Kelvlnito'
Hew York central
Northern pacific ......
Pacific American Fish .
Paclfle aaa At Electric .
Pacific Tel. as Tel.
Packard Motor Car ....
Fanner, i. 0
Pennsylvania R. R.
Popel Cola Co.
Phlloo Radio
Radio Corporation
Remoter zneorp.
Raronlar Ineorp. Pfd. ,
Republic Bted
Remolds M.tali
Richfield oil
aafsway atorai. feat.
Scott Paper Co.
ears. Roeouci a co
aocooy Vacuum Oil ....
Southern raelfla
Standard Oil Call!
Mandard OU X It
atudebakar corp.
SunsUas Htnlns
swift a Co.
Transamerlea oars
Twsnttath Century Fas
Onion oil company ....
Onion Paelfla
United Airlines
United Alrerais
United Corporation ....
United atatac Plywood
Unlteo statea steel ....
Warner pictures
.ui.T, Onlm Tat ....
Weitlnihoosa Air Brake
Wstttofnonaa Bteult .
Pst 17
Mid Willamette
. 71
. im
4 '..
11 '4
.. 1SV.
.. 5'i
.. IV,
.. 31
.. 3
.. HU
.. 1S
.. 31
.. 93Vi
.. 3
.. II
.. 41V.
.. 4I.
.. IIH
.. I0H
.. is
.. 31
.. 13V.
.. 11
.. SO
.. 43
.. 87".
.. 30'.
.. 31
.. IIS
.. 4H
.. 4S
.. is1-.
,.. 1!V.
,.. 40S
... 33S
... 80S
,.. 41'.
pobtlaxd rnoDcca lut
alUrfal Tumim mm a.
aaaduia ahaua: PTtmlnm tuallty, auil
raum JS of one per cent acidity de
livered la Portland aa-Tle ln.t fltst ual
Ur. 4S-4SC wacond auallty. st-dia. Vallay
routas antf tMnm ..
Baiter wttoletala La b. bulk tabaa la
wholasala. nada AA. IS aeon. liVaei
a'-. aeora. at Hal B, h
4c: c. at acora. Ua Above aruae
etrtetly nominal. To reuuara: AA srada ... is., carioaa ISC: A PTinta. 11c;
cartons, I3c; B prion, Mc.
Oresoa I la. loaf, u-lia.
awe sa waaleaaleea candid
coatainlna no loaa. caaea tscludad 1.0.0.
Portland; A irada larae. S7S.MHo: A
trad, medium, US-MVic; A arada small.
Ils-usc; B arade lane, it-lie.
Nil (ta vr.a.m., r .nH 'u, e . k
Portland, uncradad lane, ad-sla doa.:
trade AA lane, tl-Uc doo.i A tone.
M-aie dos.; AA medium, aa.lle: 1
dlum. 47-4IC dos ; smaU. 43c dot. To re-
lauere; Grade AA. lane, 11-aJc; A lane.
to-l3c; AA medium, Wei A medium.
":!!?. ' A. w-- Cartons ) cants
Caeeea Prlca tn r.t . r... w.....
Oreson elnalei. 4A'4-4te: a lbt. in'...
tl-USci triplets, mc less than un
cial. Premium brands, smiles, use
lb. for slnale wnaeli aou a,n.u. Am
erican cheese, l-lb. loavu to retail. 41 li
re dlrr
Live Chickens Mn. f nx.m. . . .
plintaFryers. rcasters. all welshta, 30
31e; heavy hens, all weishts, S3-33e: llaht
hens, all welshta, li-lsc; old rooslsrs, 14-
Dressed Chlekma - t. l ,'..... ..
ivwiara; rryers. arouers, 3t-40a lb.i
roasters, all wts 40-tlc; Uiht hens,
3133e: heavy hene, 37-3lci cut-up fry.
era, all wta.. U-ltc lb.i whole drawna, ta.
lie lb.
preaaad Tarkarewro r,taUara: A .raa
ovlsorated hens. tl-Kc lb.: evlierated
ai-psc id.: aeeordln, to weishts:
New Tork dreued toms 41-4le lb.. New
York dressed hens, ei-l4c, lb. To produc
ers: Orade A youna bens. 37c lb. i.o.a.
(arm; A Mens. SIC 10.
Babbit. Avcraso to trowerai Uvt
whites, IVe.l lbs., ll-lle; s-l Ibsft 18-loc
lb.i old does. 10-lIe. few hleh.p huh
drssaed fryera u retallert, as-l7ci ml
up. n-K
Caatry Dr.aeil steal
Veal Top quality, 10-33. tb.I rouah
beaTles, 30-33c
, Ban Leans, blockers. 11-11, lb.: mi
wot, so-sic.
Lamba Best, 31-3IC lb. I yesrtlnts, 30-
eac is. ,
Maltaai Best, U-lte B.. aoU-tlUllty,
Beef Otlllty cows. M-lto lb. I aanaar
eottera. 17-lac: shells down to Ua.
Fresh Dreesed Maata
Wholssalers to rstallerA Oollara par
BeetSteers, choice. I00-7OS Int.. 137-
.o: tood, i3t-: commarclal. t-ll:
utility, 136-31: commercial cows, 133-37:
utility 133-31: cannsr-cnttcrs, 130-33
Baal cate Choice steers bind auart
s, I47-S1: rounds. 143-41: full loins.
trimmed, 173-M; trlaaales 131-331 fore
quarters. Ill-lli chucks. 137-11; ribs.
P.rk Cats Lolno. choice. 1.11 Irak.
151-13: shoulden, II lbe .140-43.50: spar.,
ribs, 141-14: fresh hams. 10-14 lbs., act.
Veal and Calvea Oood-cbolea. all
welahts, 130-40: comraerdaU. 135-34.
Lamba Choice-prime. I1T-30: aood
Baca Brooked, all weltr.ts. 161-M.
Smoked Hama Choice 13-16 lbs.. 166.
Portland Mlscelleaeouo
unions 50 lb. sacks., wish- re low
medium. 11-1.10. lane. 11.10-1.35: Idaho
yellows, med., 11.35-1.60: lane
hlte. 13-3.50. ore. local Lone Whites 13.00
I: Red Rose 3.35-50: Deschutes Rus
sets No. 1. 3.35-60; slat A, 3.11-3.00: 36
lb. ik . eo-IS; 10 lb. mesh, 40-41; paper,
30-11; windows 35-37; No. 3, 60 lbs.,
10-16: Wash. Russets. No. 1-A, 1.36-50.
few 3.76: Idaho. 3.40-60: 10 lb. paper.
31-40; vent. 43-45; N. Dakota Pontlacs,
0. l-A, 60 IDS., 3.35-50.
Bay U. 8. No. 2 areen alfalfa, da.
llvered ear lota t.o.o. Portland and Be
attle, 31-30.
Waal areata bull. Willamette Val
ley medium, 11-650 lb.i Xaatsrn Orecon
Una and half-blood, St-llc; Willamette
Valley lamb wooL 4301 13-moatb wooL
Mobalr -6lo n. on 13-month arow-
tn. I.o.a. country shlpplna potnta.
Bidet Producers parlnl prlca f.o.b.
Portland, call eklna, ll-l7a lb., accord'
lot to condition: croen klpa, ll.Llc lb.:
trtcn cow hides. s-7a lb., aeeordlns
to weliht and qualltyi bull bidet, S-ao
lb.; ilua hides, H par atnt below prltM
ror aooro classss.
rilbevta Wholualo sslllnr prleo l.o.o.
Ortton plants No. I lumbo Bsrcslonas
39c: Isrs. 37Ho lb : medium IStac lb.i
to trowers f.o.b. plsnt, lie lb. for Barce
lona!, DuChUlys half cent leu.
Walaal Producer paylna prices. I.O.O.
plant: larta PranauaUes, ll-llc lb.i itar
ettes. 16o lb.i seedllnts. 13-Ue lb. Whole.
sale sslllni prless first quality lane
Franquottea, 13-Ivk a 1D.I lltnl naivu.
ll-llc lb.i ahelled Uiht amber halves.
10-lbc lb.
Leonard J. Arnet
Independence Leonard J
Arnet, 63, died at the family
residence, 183 D street, Inde
pendence. Sunday, Dec. 27, si
ter a short illness.
Mr. Arnet waa born at Leo
nard, N.D., Dec. 6. 1880, and
lived in Valsetz before moving
10 independence about 10 years
ago. He was associated with the
independence Iron Works.
He is survived by his wife.
mrs. seuian Arnet of Indepen
dence: a stepson, Darell John
of Milton-Freewater, Ore.; a
step-daughter, Mrs. Allen Rit
chey of Lynnwood, Calif.; two
sisters, Miss Elizabeth Arnet of
Spokane, Wash, and Mrs. Marv
Tatro of Olympia, Wash., also
live granocnuaren.
Funeral services will be held
from the Smith Mortuary cha
pel, Independence, Wednesday,
Dec. 30, at 11 a.m. Interment
will follow In Hill Top Ceme
tery, independence. Rev. Paul
E. Boomer will officiate.
I Are aid L. rjrt. Labor, tltll: Laa McCel-
tTAmmiccirtnarc lAiirt
v .. I ' i , i . p ...... la. h. u . .
The follewlna U th. olllclat PUDllea-1 Labor. 34) 31. Tom Ruche y. Labor.
ttoa .1 hi. mord af claims before in. Ilivss. Earl Shade. Labor, 145 II;
William Pelletre
Albany William D. Pellet
te, 88, resident of Albany the
past IS years, died at a local
nursing home Sunday after a
short illness. The funeral was
at the Fortmiller-Fredericksen
chapel Thursday at 2 p.m.,
cremation followed in the Mt.
Crest crematory in Salem.
Surviving is a atepdaughter,
Mrs. O. P. Romaine, Depot
Bay. Mrs. A. H. Svade, Port
land, is a niece.
Randolph McAlphine
Monmouth Randolph A.
McAlpine, 81, died at the resi
dence, 31S South Whitman
street, Monmouth, Sunday,
December 27, after a prolong
ed illness. He was born in
Weymouth, Nova Scotia, De
cember 17, 1872, and moved
to the Monmouth area 26 years
ago where he lived after that
He is survived by his wid
ow, Faretta McAlpine, Mon
mouth; son, Wallace R. McAl
pine, Monmouth; daughter,
Mrs. Frances Fraser. Oakland.
Calif.; and four grandchil
Funeral services will be
held in the Smith Mortuary
chapel in Independence Wed
nesday, December 30, with
cremation to follow at Mt.
Crest Abbey Mausoleum, Sa
lem. Rev. George H. Swift of
St. Paul's Episcopal church.
aaiem, win officiate.
Henry Andrews
Fairview Henry Andrews.
79, brother of Charles Andrews
of Fairview, a resident of the
McMlnnville area for 35 years
died Sunday, Dec. 20, after sev.
eral months in a Portland rest
home. Funeral services were
held at O'Malley's funeral
home at McMlnnville Wednes
day and burial was at the Mc
Mlnnville Masonic cemetery,
He is survived by two sons:
Emmerson and Glen, both of
Portland, two brothers, H. E.
Andrews of Medford and
Charles, Fairview; one sister,
Mrs. Mary Dale of Washougal,
.for tha Beat In
ton st pihmi not
Ckleatra LlmtMk
rhtPiMt. uPrHots dropped aetln Tues
day as the salable run encoded kpm-
tstlone lor tne secona wmw w.
Butchers loet 31 to II cents while sows
wire steady to cents down. Choice
110 to 330 pound butchers sold at 134.75
to US-He tne MP. neceipM wwii. u,. i
a itH.n loads of srlme 1.100 to 7.3S0
pound steers brouiht 31.H to M.
the top.
Oponlof ihtKp prices were mainly
steady with most Mies or food end choice
wooled lambs at 111 K to 130.00. Top
was 1)1 00 for prime types.
Other salable receipts were wibiko
at ..MO eetUe. 400 calves ua .ooo
PertltBi linstock
Portland UJr Cattle: 300: demand
ood all classes: Mnners-cuttem cows
UUillT COWS W-il. tuw w-
Calrci: V' ooe prime in " .
new recent hn, uiuuy-coroincf wiu
calves lo-i. t 1M
Hois: aoo; acme. rona.
335 lb. butchers 37.TC-3I: Choice l. ins
31.35; enoice iv. ou.cnen
25 50-36-50; choice no-SM lb. sows sal
.ki. u..: ehalca H lb. Stat 10 50.
flhetp: 300: steady: choice-prime 00
lb. fed wooled lambs II; No. 1 pelt lamiia
II; gaod-eleOiCe no. i pen
tood-cbolce ewes notwinaiir 1-1.
Cbleace Grain
wt.1..A ,awu. a mixed pattern pre
vailed tn trains on the board of trade
.tu.haaiu thawed considereble week
ness. sufferins from profit takine after
UAndev's sharp od?ncs. but recovered
.....a. iha rtfiith. Corn and feed train,
firm at the start, quickly eased and held
below the previous eloie most of the day.
corn firmed at the finish. Wheat lave
the best dtep.ty la the market's last hour,
moverinf early losses and substitutins
"J?..- ... lvfLMd in wart on oxpecto-
tlon of Urie eiport business with West
Oermeny evernuni. vu.
Kt in.ti lower to H htsher.
Uarch H1H-1, '' "
. su in i hai Vseararr lafarch
7IS 'rye 1W to 1 cenu lower. March
l M'4-1.J0. lorbeene 3 to lower. Jen.
3 07S-S. end lard 41 to eenU ft Dun
dred pounds lower, Jan. 1103.
Can ailed treat nports of Salem dealers
tor the Kldaaee f Capital JenraaJ
readers. IRevleed dUy.)
ftctafl Peed Prieoat
Kabblt Pellets M (tO-ib. Bl,
H .6-6 00 (loo-ih. bat).
Err Mash 14.11-15-30.
Dairy Feed W 37-1 13 (M-lb. M;
13.90-4.00 (100 Wt).
Peeltrr Borlni Prleee Colored fryers,
30c; old roosters, 15c; colored fowl, 34c;
lethora fowl. 15e; colored roasurs. aoe.
Buytnr rnces nss, aa sue. iars a.
tfl-OSci medium AA. 40c. medium A.
44-4Tc; small. 33e. Bswi. wholesale Prleei
neral 1-7 eents nitner uu pricvi
aboret larte trade A lenareUr uoted at
mediums at 14c.
Better, Beltcrfat
Betterfat Burini prlee: Premium,
Tl eenU) Mo. 1. 17-01 cents. Mo. 3, 44
Portland Predavee Market
Portland UB Tradins was stow wnn
11 prices nominal todsy oo the Port
Isnd leiutde Farmers Wholesale Produce
On wholesale row. norioa pins
frult sold for It. 50 a earton for 54'e and
larser with 70's et 14 35 and 40 s at M St.
Pertland Grain
Portlsnd (if No bids on ersln.
Tuendsy's car rerelptu: wheal I; bar
ley 3; flour 3; corn 3: oat 2. mill feed
Ronald Rydell
Ronald Rydell, tt ft Voesl hospital De.
cember . Lete renident of Willamina.
Orecon. Father, Hubert O Rydell. wii
lamina. Oreton. Announcement of serv
ices will be made later by the virtil T.
Oolden Co.
ta..l.. V naaalaltor
Ksrley H. Hoetetler. lstr reildent of
Aurors. Dec. 37. ewmvea dt w1(r. r.-m.
dauthtcr. Judy: son. R-nda.!: parenti.
u. .w, uw aim nr. Hnatotler: lUters.
Mrs Fern Kaufman and Nettie Hostetler
and brother, Leilie, all of Aurora, end
ersndmcther. Mrs. Oeorte Hostetler. of
Albany, runerai
Wrtneiday. Dec. 10. at 10 W a m. at
rmhert and Kent Funeral Hime St
Meade Vaasha t a .Ja
Maude Vaufhn, Iste re-Went of 3
Ems t. at a local hoapt'sl Deeemeer
Announcement of serrlcei wlil be made
inter by the Howell-fd wards Chapel.
Harley Hostetler
Aurora Harley H. liostet-
ler, 33. resident of Rt. 1. Auro
ra, died Sunday night at his
home following an extended ill
ness. Mr. Hostetler was born
June 20, 1820, near Hubbard
and except for one year near
Florence. Ore., had since lived
in the Aurora district. On Oct.
3, 1942 he married Miss Ruth
Berkey who survives. Mr. Hos
tetler was a member of the
Calvary Mennonlte church at
Surviving besides the wife
are two children. Judy and
Randall: his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Simon Hostetler; two sis
ters and one brother, Mrs. Fern
Kauffman. Nettie P. Hostet
ler and Leslie C. Hostetler all
of the Aurora district and his
grandmother, Mrs. George Hos-
tet er of Albany.
Funeral services will be
Wednesday. Dec. 30 at 10:30
a.m. at the Everhart and Ken
Canbv Funeral Home with Rev
Paul N. Roth officiating. Inter
ment will follow at the Zion
Mennonite Cemetery east
Msrwn Count Commiaaionera' Court lor
the Novemoer Term for 19oJ. U'lit the .
amount auowad. bilie continued, etc . ae-
cordins to the rectarde la in ofltce of tne i
City Clerk-
Viesko lot. Courthouse Cons'..
1134.744 35. LtvOd Bun 8a,tm Erancrt.
WiUhoMllni, 0 iJl.OO. Public Kmployea 1
Retirement. Retirement. 3.05133. Puo'.ie
Implore Retirement. Social Security. 1. I
14 43; Albert C. Oraas, postmaster. Post.
ase. 301 M: Motorola Communication,
Uaoto. 17.14; Mwtoroie Cooimunlcation.
Radio. M il; Rex Hartley. Ikp . 44 00.
Santlam Electric. Reps-, 1.11SM; Sute
Industrial Accident. Ins.. 50 e.
Assessor R. Bne'.tou, County Aseior.
ni.Ob. H. P. DomoeaUa, Deputy. 3ft 39.
C. A. Lewi. Deputy. Leo Quenei.
Deputy. 390-M- Henry Junsirth. Dep
uty. 33113: J- L Slesmund. Deputy,
13314; Richard NtchoUon. Deputy. 311 40.
J. P. Bchimbers. Deputy. 333 43; Or ace
N. Bibcock. Deputy, 304 11: Ida M. Bail.
lie. Deputy. 19 13; Anabel Moon, c.era.
300.90. Dixie u. Meyer. .r. .ui.b.
Joan Watterson. Clerk. 113.41, Prank T.
Stone. Draftsman. 39. Tt.
Civil Defense wansce vvnirion,
336 30; Dorothy H. French, Secretary,
311 20.
County Clerk H. C- Matuon, County
C.erit. 377 M. M. Reimcsek. Deputy.
17411. R Howard. Deputy, 119.9. n. i..
Mulkey, Deputy. 200 74; V. Windsor. Dep
uty. 250.18; K. Hlblrr, Deputy. 213 33; N.
Watson, Deputy, 206.14; K. J. fit anion ,
Deputy, 79 23; W. M. Clifford. Deputy,
202.94. B. Bishop. Deputy, 193 39. V. E
UltMon, Deputy, 334-00.
County Court Rex Hartlr. ny
Judse, 16 BJ; Roy J. Rice. County Com
mliiloner. 351.11; E. L. Rosern. County
CommUiloner, 353 43; M. Remictiek.
Clerk. 00.00; Joy Doyal, Stenosrapher,
Court House Theodore O. Rickman.
Build ins Custodian. 244 SI, Ed Booth.
Nil hi Watchmen. 181. 14; M. J. Mormon.
Switchboard Opr.. 142 84; Ruth Hutch
In. Ai.t fiwltchboard Opr., 92.3fi
Dtalrlct Atty. Robert H. Anderson.
Depuiy. 32 50. Jason Lee. Deputy, 23i ao.
Don DeVall. Secretary. 182.29. Arthur
i. a iunn. niuuiv. 32 M.
DHtrict Court Lena Real. Deputy.
187.10; Dan Polins. Deputy. 116 03
Dlatrlct court vvonsieuw e-"r nu"'"
Contsble. 278,41; Arthur 1J. Roctimn. .
Deputy. 24B .4. ;
Health Deparimeni w. 4. oiuur. r. ...
Phy. 11. 022.57; W. P. Green. Banitsnan
II. 330.20; f. R- tJOiemau. amiwtm-
394 14; 1. O. Lermon. 4anttarian ii.
395.41; W. O. Hellie. Baniturian 1. 355 48.
Eernlce Yeary. run v.
Mondloch. PHN 11. 338 99; Mary Twicr
man. PHN I. 347.15; Ellle Cole. PHN II.
358 20; Viola Etienbach. PHN II. 248.10;
Ruth Iniram. fhw . - .
man. PHN II. 227.14; Etta Mae Deter
lnc PHN IV. 280.34, Erna Bcrstecher,
Orad. Nurse II. 239 24; Evelyn Krueser.
PHN II. ltft.10: Helen Poujsde. PHN II,
173.32; Mary ocnecner, run .
Muriel ewerlnsen. Orad. Nurte i.
Vernon Olsen. Health Educator, 234.92;
ur.. naturinn Health Educator, 288.28;
Vera Wood. Clerk-flteno III. 325.10; Phyl
lis Ftnnicum. cierx-teno i, i
Ann Hill. Clerx-eteno i, .
ij.pmftn. Clerk-flteno n. m
amull, Clerk-Typut I. 161.04; Nora Wood,
. , eA7
jailer bouts a. .-' -
Mt. Ansel Justice Joseph I Fsulhab-
er. Constable. 19-W- -
Jefferson jueiie n n- '"-
inxs. Justice, 336.05; Martha t. un-
inss. Secretary, ss.ra; um. .
Contable. 3.37. i.
stuerton susiico w. "-"-.r::
tlce. 193.90; P. N. Burch. Clerk, aeou,
Harley Dereei. jonaiH.r.
Juvenile- J a me n. "
tlon Oflicer, 324.52; Jo-Allen raojey.
a lit. OI fleer. 248.74; Oerard C. Brown.
Asst. Officer. 3506; Kirk Mulder, ash.
Of freer. 324.0a; 1 S. rfonn-mu, s-...-
tary. 136.30. ,..... -.,
Utereliminr sieirn i..ciii;si.
"Recorder Herman Wm. Lanke, Re
corder. 347.63 Vlmiola Orltton. Deputy.
213 611 Irene Johnson. Deputy. 20610;
Irme Arends. Deputy. 205 00; Jean
Kumm. Clerk. 184.40; Joan Unite, Clerk,
18120: Nell Peterson, Clerk. 2a
County e-iera uno t.ii..
Election, 225.04.
Sekeol Office Ames C. Booth. Super
intendent. 336.38: J. F. Reminston. Dep
uty. 210.381 Betty r. o.iu:b. ..-.
360.94; Iretta F. Downmu, ewirrvlsul.
253 07; Christine v. tnauv,
184.49; Belly J. npe, vicrn.
M7.80; A. I. Malstrom. uepuvy,
Wayne twevenson. uepii.i. -"i.. -
i.v. na.Diit. M4.ll: Jack Beal. Dep.
tj.ii wiker. Deputy, aoe.J . nij
- naniii 9.3.01: Richard Rel-
mann. Deputy. 212.00: J"111"""
uty, aos.H: vexii -jonn-un.
Herman Doner. Deputy, ow.
- . .i.f T.
harlfl-I kZ n. a. '-"' w.-.
n nt. (, .. Tnnard Combs. Cashier,
381.00: Darrel Uwrence, ass s va-nnr.
,33; vioiette west, wwmf -"''"
330.10; Marian Maas. BkkP. atacn. w-r.
190.43; James Huislns. Deputy, 301.02.
Patricia May. Deputy, 11130.
Surveyor - A. D. Graham. Burveyor,
iim. .m riiirifninii. Becretary, 181.31.
County Treaieror "
lutV Charlotte Walker, Deputy. 101 M.
nffieo Rids ley C Miller,
Rervlca Officer. S3 LSI; Hasel H. WeA.
Weed control J. v jiui-iu..
343.01. t . .
Ceuty rrepertr ttooer. n. nn-i".
Atty.. 107.0a: Arthur a. winon.
107.63; H. wra. Tnieieen m
139.33; I M. Johnston, Btenoerapner.
50.00. ,
Enclneer H o"orv.
30113: Theo. Kuentl, Asa t unsinefr,
335.31; A. M. Presnall. Secretary, 336 07.
Dec Control s,rvin n. wru. wi.twi,
M7 69; R. J- Stanton. Clerk. 1.0 oo.
Biatrial tceuri Miner jimww.
10133. .
34 ullllltn L. BS. aaaiiion. vint..
Courthouse W. A. Orltton, Sisni.
1" . .
Ceuuly tiera uiBvara n,
II . . ,
Utter Robert w. hi nam an.
35951; Robert Harl. Labor, urn. um-
bert J. Balr. Labor, w is. j. a. n.n.
Ubor, 189.94; Elmer T. Ideen. Laivir.
303 37; Irvlnr H- Jonnson, imqot, mmo.
Harold L. Martin. Ubor. 348.27: Frank
Woalke, Labor, 306 41; O. D. Blneear
Ubor. 330 41 ; Odie Connelly. Labor.
iu 19: Jo D bacon. Ubor: 319 92. J T.
Debacon. Labor. 33033. WUmar Foeaholm.
Ubor, 337.57: Harvey M. Oirod, Ubr
242.61: Clair Harvey, Labor. 315 83; K'v
Hatfleh'. Labor. 335 57; Dick Hoover.
Labor ill 85: Barney J. Kropp. Ubor
215.83: -aurel Lamb. Ubor, 236 10: Vlml
Lone. Ljbor. 210 3; H A Martin, La
bor, 318 02. W. R. Maaaer. Ubor. 334 21.
Jnhfi kacAlllater. Labor. 244 26; R. E Mr-
AlllaUr. Ubor. 243 30; Ray McCalllaler.
Ubor, 339 31: Jas. RUSl, Labor, 250 03
nitnn Hobeftinn Ubur. 214 36: D. V.
flcharf. Labor, 2H3 04, Wm. flhaw, Luimr,
203 31; Delbert C SneiJU'i, I.abur. J1124.
Robert 8-Ti.t'i, MM. h'l Ii.
Stanley. Labor. 210 13 E ft Hvron. La
bor, 301.31 Floyd Taylor, I nb-.r. 2tl
Lloyd E Taylor. Ubor. 200. A M.
ThelP, Ubor. 330 80, Rush VVVtb Lmwr,
217 8S. Sam Wee', Laror, ll't B Lee A.
Well. Lafor. 231 Tnr W-fUe, La
bor. 25 1 70; Robert O. Labor. 291 3H;
Jee R Csrter. Ub r I,! 23; J. A.
Clark. Labor. I. 19. M-ni.'. Uaikr U
bor. 2'.6.09: Lloyd Jarman. I.ab-ir. 228 4);
Si.ei.ey, Ubor. 21140; Ft win Viersuta
Ubor. 31161. J c. Curnutt. Ubor.
394 55; John Anderson. Jr. Ubor Jil.47.
Albert L. Canoy. Ubor. 336 84: Chas. P.
Canoy. Ubor. 193 13. L. R Cooper. La
bor. 321 94; E. J. Coover. Ubor. 200.02.
Wi.mer Dsblbers, Labor. 33516: Robert
j.. ssartin. uioor, l Tt. h. J. Peterson.
Ubor. 34101. C. O. Ross Lasor. 239 33.
Boated. Ubor. 331 01: W. J. StartL
Ubor. 354.19: Ted Stolle, Ubor. 261 83;
Ralpet Wlckhan, Ubor. 313.14: Wm.
Nat laser, Ubor. 34 94; Lew A. Andreas.
Ubor. 236.94; David Dubois. Ubor. 16 99;
Uw rente Fa he. Labor. 31181: Vtretl R.
Faher. Ubor. 310 74. S M. Martin La.
bor. 304 03 Mclvin Mooier. Labor. 206 31:
Albert K Wensenroth. Ubor. Ill 37; S.
K. Ely, Ubor. 305 31; W. 14. Ducheteau.
Ubor. 333.13; Arthur Thayer. Ubor,
239 11: Kenneth Watts. Ubor. 212.M;
Llle Wilt. Labor, 303 83; Tom Bowdrn.
Labor, 361 93: Frank L- Hersha. Labor.
Richard W. Fail. Surveyor. 393 40:
John W. Hanna. Burveyor. 96 11, Floy
Uudd. Bailiff. 45 10; Esther Ward, Bail
iff. 13 40; Florence Youni. Bailiff, 15 44:
Either Ward. Bailiff. 13.40: H. T. Bvan.
Sheriff-Tax. 221 33: Leonard Combs,
Sheriff-Tax. 139 02: Vioiette West. Sher
iff-Tax. 128 96: Marion Mas. Shrrtff-
Tax. 130 99: Jam Huislns. Sheriff-Tax.
113.03: Darrel Lawrence. Sheriff-Tax.
136 10: Patricia May. Sheriff-Tax, 103 65;
Ida C. OMenburc- Sheriff-Tax. 152 63:
Winifred P. Colian, Sheriff-Tax, 144.33:
Anna B. Messlck. Sheriff-Tax. 162.43:
Clara C. Deyo. Ahenff-Tax. 62 70. Elsie
L. Simile, Sheriff Tax, 84 35. Bernetta
L. Smith. Sheriff-Tax. 43.40: Josephine
mipatrici. aneriir-Tax, 65. m: Harlorie
J. McAllister. Sheriff-Tax, 3 90:' Mary L
Edwards. Sheriff-Tax. 33.40: Mary R.
Hut chins. Sherlff.Tax, 5510: DaVeen
Behm. Hherlif-Tax. 27.30: Dennu R.
West. Sheriff-Tax. 13.30: Cleo L. Walker.
Sheriff-Tax. 33.10: E. Whitney Morsan,
Sheriff-Tax. 37 30: Sidney Ann Nelson.
Sheriff-Tax. 176.71: Myrtle Evans, Sheriff-Tax.
281.14: Wm. Karlln. Co. Fair.
7310; W. H. Bell, Stsytnn Justice. 170 63:
Oslo ChrlMenien. Stayton Constable,
19.50; A. F. Aymone, Stayton Steno.,
29 25: T C. Gorman. Woodburn Justice,
245 80; Harold IV h lei. Woodburn Justice.
56 50: Uary V. Oorman. Woodburn Jus-
39 00; Florence A. Toum. Ubor.
3 61: Burrouihi Corp.. OE. 13 00: H F.
Domoeella, TI. 0.10: Henry Juntwlrth,
Trans., 13 23: Richard Nicholson, Trans..
31.34: Leo Quetnel, TE. 16.13, J P.
Srhlmbcrs. TE. 0 83: Your Town Press.
Cllne Pood Shop. Meal. 34 95; Ret maid
Williams, atty. fees. 10.00; Lei ton
W. HomsII. TE. 41.14. Dr. Oerald Smith,
exam., 10.00: E. L. Rocers. TE. 49.95;
Kenneth E. Brown, do, 4.43; A. C. Oreit.
postmaster, postass. 6.00. Joseph P.
Meier, TE, t.33; The McBeo Company.
aups., T.10; Seams ter Cleaners At Dyers.
OE, 3 00: Earl Adams, postage, 3 04,
Earl Adams, TE, 343.83: Homer H. IrmlUi.
bond. 10 00: Dr. Oeorie MurselL exam-
Paramount Pest Control, tarbass
disposal. 35.00; John Srhmid, tin, 100 00:
Silverton Sanitary Service, do, 10.00;
Dr. W. O. Burrows, par. serv., 135.00;
Cutter Uboratorles. med. sups.. 16.40;
Marsaret Dowell. med. serv- 40.00;
Viola Eisenbach, trans, 0 95; Dr. Lucille
rortner. meo. serv.. trno Me none
Medical Lab., lab.. 316 74. Henry Pho
to, OB. 16.44: Johnson e. Siewarw print
ing 08.76: Wade B. Patterson, trans.,
13. 41: Physicians Hospital, med. sup..
so u; seiem Clinic, medical serv 83 33;
Salem Masonic Temple Ass'n rent,
385.00; Salem Medical Ub., lab., 106.00;
Bcbnepp s Barnes, OE, 3.00; School
Ret. A
District, do, 1.1. Shaw Sureleal Co.
7 07; Leslie L. Stone, med. serv., 30
; Dr. E.
Tel Aviv, Israel MV-Funeral
services were held in Jaffa's
St. Peters Anglican church
Tuesday for Monnet B. Davis,
American ambassador to Israel.
The envoy died here Saturday
of a heart ailment.
W. J. Stone, petty cash. 4.35;
ThUtlewalt. med. serv.. 30.00:
Trelevcn. psy. serv, 125.00; Wiles Drug
Store, med. sups., .09; Bernlce Yeary,
trans., eos. inn Bucxiey, indemnity.
8 00; John R. Ca.sW.vuuu, do, 1.00; El
bert Deoulro. do. 34.00; Ludwii J. Hits.
do, 34.00; Elmer W. Ooodins. do. 4.00;
Lloyd O. Marlatt, do. 16.00; William J.
Meier, do, 0.00; Dr. Arthur A. Ptaher.
exam., 23.60; Dr. E. P. Oreenwood, do,
7.50: Dr. Ralph Purvlne, exam, 15.00;
Capital Dnif Store, medical, 10 50:
Oeorxe K. Miller, board, 538.20; Richard
w. tsoore, meaicai, d.oo; ur. cart rail'
len, do, 1950; Marvin A. Hutcflns. post-
ase tit etc.. 33-09; Oeo. P. Armstrong,
B.Ob; Alt o. Nelson, rent st
53.61: Silverton Appeal Tribune,
10.18; Harley R. DePeel. Silverton con
stable exp.. iT.oi; w. n. Bell, rent.
so.oo: j. H. Becker, do, 70.00; Woodbur-
inaepeiMcnt, o sups.. .h; James H,
Ashbough, TE. 13. Ernest A. Boock.
detention, 19.00; Jo-Allen Bradley. TE.
15.10; O. C. Brown, trans, .36; Oraber
Brothers, detention, 7.00; Mrs. Arthur
Jones, do. I'm!. 00; Mrs. Uroy Kuper,
100.00: Kirk Mulder, TE. 0.60; National
Probation it Parole, O oups., 19.42; John
J. O'Donnell, Auditor, detention, 43 00
Riches Electric Co., do, 1 48; Mrs. Mar
tha Robert, do, 44.00; Eldon Scott Slini,
misc., 7.60; Albertina Kerr Home, coun
comm., 8 00: The Boys Olrls Aid So
ciety, do. 5.00; Catholic Services foi
Children, do, 30.00: Children's Farm
Home, do, 10 OO; Christie School.
10.00; St. Rose Industrial School.
T.17:The United States National Bank
planning 4s tonlns, 1,335 00; Ollbert
Brothera Inc., equip., 14.80. Wesley J
Quarsteln. TE, 18 69; A. C. Orsce, post
ase, 11.00: American Association, misc.
10.00; American School A University,
misc., 1 50; Ainss C. Booth, TE,
Iretta P Downlnt, do. 33 31; Duplicate
Int ProducU Inc.. OE, 440: National
Association of Education, misc., 4.00,
Fred Ke mini ton, TE, 39.56: Betty San
ders. TE. 16.59; W. L. Anderson. Inc.,
tram., 1 61; Capitol Of fire Equipment,
mine, 4 00. Herman M. Doner, Iran ,
3 05; Motorola Communication;, radio,
90 00; Oreton Textile Mills, uniforms.1
50: Standard Oil Company. Iran .
44 13: Wavne Stevenson, do. 3 10: Lewie.
Walker, do. 3 10. Denver You nit, poitaie.
IB. 00. Frlden Calculating Uarmne, O
Slips , "4 00; The Ink Hpot, do. 30.2a.
Pilney-Bowea Inc., poslase. 19 35; Rrm
instot. Rand Inc.. OE. 119.73. Uarrn
Busineu Form. O siipi . 636 43: lira
A. Carey. OE. 6100 Kiln am Stationery
A? Printline. O sups.. 028. U1d A bush -Balem
K ranch, miac, 14.00. Marlon Oi.-
tnbiitlon Co.. sup.. 31.11: J. r. Nen
feldi. TE. 117 60. Rldnley C Mllier. TE.
13 IV Mrs. Berton Dot ter. lam hi killed.
17 00. Tlis Key a Davis Co. license taia.
360 62: Ervtn A Ward. TE. II W, Tne
American Law Book, boot., 1250: Ban
croft Whitney Co. do. 12 50. The Bobo--Merrlll
Co. do, 40 00. U. S Og.trn-
ment Prlnttnt Office, do. 6 31. West
Publlshtns Co. do. 12 00: Vleiko it
Post, const. , 131.005 74: Adolphon's. aui.
etc , 99 35; Oeo. E. Allen Hardwaie
mlc . 13.01; Ameruan Bltumul At Am-
pphalt, misc.. 134 13. Ted Anderson, mt.-r
10 o Leo A. Andreas, ;ran . 12 m
Baldwin Mount, rep.. 134 91 Hall'm
VVrlsht, mUc, iTB): Albeit J. B
bounty. 2 50. Broadway Tire Strin i
misc. 1011. Warren Hum. misc. 1141
E If. Burrell. misc.. 131 60; Capitol Aulu
ParW. do, 30131: Capitol I.jmber Co
const. 16. 344 40. Capitol Tractor &
Equip. Co., rep., 44 31; Central Pevlns
Co, misc., 402 00; City Water Depart
ment, water. 4 12: Columbia Equipment
Co. rep. I 49; Colyear Motor Sales Co ,
mlr , 34 33; The Commercial Hntix
H''jr 'ips . 1S4 09: Commercial s,it
( over Co rep . 27 50: Cooke S'atlont:-.
(t. UUP. 44 00. C. II. Cov ;n.'.,
30 M; ItavU fi,jsp: v C'i , 'in-' . 3
Donshton Hardnare, do, 14 31. c A
Downs Oiast Shop, rep. 24 30 Bay L
Farmer Hdwe. Co. mic . 50, De.l Pel
r. do 10 99; Feenaushtv MerMnerv Co.
rep . 20 16: Frank Lumber C-i . mlr .
23168. Frederick Poal Co . mie , 30 3!
The Haloid Co , sups . 35 77. J F
Hasel tine k Oft., misc, TI6 31; Merrold
P.-u.ippi, rep . 11.48. Hufier Oaraee
do. 4 75: bowser Brothers Baulp., miac,
13 rM. How aid Cooper Corpu, rep, M7.10;
Tutentate Tractor s Co . do. 1,144 43;
Ira Jorfeaseo, do. 14.41, Kay Typewrit
er Co . OE, 72 00. Keiser Sand sk Orsvel
Co . misc.. 73. SS. T. L Kubnu Co., auc,
63.10, Letard 4s Sow Union Service, rep.,
11.97; C. J. Uwu, misc., 04 60. CUude)
Uwis. rent, 35 00; Lma County, misc..
154 36. Virtil Loss. Iran. 17 40; Kobert
Lowery. bounty. 6 00. McEwsn's Phot
Shop, misc. 11 16; Douelas McKay Che v.
co . rep , is 9Q Marlon County Redl
Mix, mtsc, 134 00. Master Service Sta
tion, amc . 46 20. H. C. Metises, petty
cash. 20 oo; h. C Matuon . TB e
trans. 30 34. H. C. Mattson. misc., 19 09;
Mill Supply Corp , rep.. 13 19: B J. Mia
den Lor. Co, misc., 1084; Mountain
statea power Co. lishu. 100: Mountain
States Power Co . lisnu. 3 26; Nesd-
rtsm s. sups., 344 13: Nohisrcn'i. meals,
475.50: Nelson Ieulp Co, rep , 83 04; Ore
ton Oravel Co. OM 1.383 74; Oresoa
Physicians Service. OPS, 433.74: Oreton
State Asrlcultiiral. muc. 21.146 00: Nor-
rii-waixer Paint Mfs . mtsc.. 43. 3T; Pa
cific Bulldinr rent. 310 00; The PaclfiO
Telephone 4i Teles raph Co., tele-, 545.46;
Peck Brothers, mtsc . 33.00; H. J. Peter,
son, trans., 17.00: Pbluppi Tire
rep.. 6.00; Photostat Corporation, supa,
234 31: Portland Oeneral Electric Co,
misc.. II 7: Portland Road Lbr. Co.. misc.
14.00. Robert Quatl. muc., 10.01; Red
Cross Pharmacy, med. serv , 44.74: Red's
Cabinet Shop, misc., 133 74: Relmao
Sheet Metal Co., detention, 49 44: Rich
field Oil Corp. misc . 113 66: J K. Rli
don Sand St Gravel, OM. 27 13: Roes
Typewriter Exchange. OE. 10.94: Russell
Rolilfson. misc., 10 05; Saffron Suppy
Co., rep., 1.08: Salem Auto Parts, rep,
8 35; Salem Cnnc.ete Pipe A Products,
mlir.. 153 30; Salem Iron Works, mtac.
94.31; Salem Uundrr. misc.. 1.41: Salem
Navigation, rep., lis: Salem Steel to
Supply Co.. misc, 110.09. Salem Tent 4
Awnlrt Co.. rep.. 13 35; Salem welding
Supply, misc., 11.13: Santlam Oil Co,
mlsc , 63 00; Martin Schlechter, OM
116.36: Shell Oil Co., nUc, 14.13: Sim
mons Carbon Co., Inc. OE. 64 44: Sotti
ng Jack's inc. misc.. 466 38; KUian w.
Smith, misc., 14 35: Snap-On Tools Cor
poration, misc. 39 50; Boole Steel Com
pany, muc. 1.101.34: statesman Pub
lishing, adv.. 303.71. State Tire Service,
1.431 39; Stevenson it Mefford, rep.
4 13: E. O Byron, trans.. 14 00: J. R.
Taaiart, OM. 35.143 14: Tide Water As
sociated Oil tas. 3.324-19: Que Toepler,
mute.. 11 04; Union Oil Co. of California,
16 46. unruh-Knapp rriotint.
sup. 13 00: valley Concrete Co.. rep,
365 10; Valley Motor Co.. rep.. 391.18;
Valley Motor Co.. trans. 394 14: Viesko
Sand ft Oravel. OM, 46 34: Valley Weld-
tne Supply Co.. misc.. 19.53; welling
Sand 4s Oravel Co., OM. 147 93: Oil
Ward, mlsc . 3 06: Warren Northwest,
Inc.. misc.. 3.839.00: Jack Watson, misc..
1304; Ue Well, transp, 33.00: West
Coast Past Prelsht. misc.. 9.40; Western
Union, tele. 10.91: Willamette Valley
Tef. Co.. mlit., 3.30; WoodbUTy Co.,
mUc.. 117 50: Zellerbach Paper Co.. OS,
3.46: Walter H. Zosel Co., trans.. 311-11:
Austin Elvers, herd Imp . 394.36; John
Hanrahan. herd tnsp . 156.95; Dr. E. L.
Henkel. herd insp . 414 35: P. O. Rankin,
herd Insp.. 17.00; Olen E. stohweake, herd
tnsp., 169.75.
Nor. 9. 1953 Permit to haul loet. Dave
Schafer. Nov. 3. Pole line permit. Port
land Oen. Elec. Co.: Permit to haul iota,
Chas. A. Bchledler. Nov. 4, Indemnity
claim of Benedictine Sisters, final hear
ing 113053. Nov. I, Dr. Schwenke au
thorised as sub. herd Inspector on Ra
cett Bros, herd; Order for County Sur
veyor to determine adequacy ot dena
ture on petition for Improvement of
Alder Avenue: Beer license. Richard
Klefer; Permit to haul Iocs, Dorian
Bros. Nov. I, Final hearing on Indem
nity claim of Llord O. Marlatt; Petition
of Harold Oardner et el for Annexation
of contiguous territory to Salem Helthte
Water District: Court Order annexea
territory to Salem Heights Water Dis
trict subject to approval ot voters of
District. Nov. $, Permll to haul loss,
Metsiner Bros. Nov. 13, Beer license
Chester and Oertrude Babbe, Oecer P.
ft Bessie F. Auer, Samuel E. Oreutt and
Jess A. Nunn; Remonstrances br Brlettla
D. Collier et el and Comyn C. Tracy et al
to being Included in the proposed San
tlam Water Control District. Nov. II,
Duplicate quit Claim Deed to J. K. rroh-
mader. Nov. 16, Remonetranco by Jacob)
McKamey et ux to belnt Included In pro
posed Santlam Water Control District!
Petition for Improvement of Alder Ave
nue, denied; Atreement with Prederle
Llttman In retard to War Memorial for
new Court House; Beer license, Walter
Kauth and Uo J. Welte, Oena I, and
Orace E. Datenhardt, Frank B. Nlcnolla;
Permit to haul loss, Felix Hasslng, Jack
R. Smith; Pole line permit, Portland Oen.
Elec. Co.; Bond of Lucaa H. Sprlnker aa
Dep. County Veterinarian for Diet. No. 1.
Nov. It. Beer license. Arnold A. Krueter
et al; Petition for removal of property
Irom Assessment roll and cancellation of
tax br Willamette University. Oath of
office by David J. Shepherd is Justice
of Peace for the Mt. Angel District. Nov.
19, County Clerk's Annuel Report. Nov.
21. Permit to haul loss. Earl F. Be heel.
Hoy D. Driever; Beer license, Olenn C.
and Stella Jones. 8. B. White, Hennlne
D. Soderllnd, Ernest W. Fernau et el.
Nov. 33, Remonstrance br Stanley Dvor
ak and C L. Riley to certain Improve
ments of Teas Avenue: Pole line permit,
Portland Oeneral Electric Co. Nov. 34,
Brer license. Oliver M. Willis: Petition
for Inclusion of lerrltorv contiguous 'o
Liberty-Salem Heights Rural Fire Pro.
Dlt. Nov. 26. Uae with The Crockett
Co. oo strip of land for advertising pur
poses. ePrmil to haul logs, T. A. ttcnnel
der: Petition of Helen R Edmundson for
Vacation of Holhe Hill Tracts. Permit to
haul wood. Robert J. Blackmore; Beer
license. Robert C Fnsle: County Engi
neer ordered to report on proposed Vo
cation of H'tliie Hill Tracts. Permit to
haul lout.. Ericll) Wilson Logging Co ;
Par tut Logglnu Co. Nov. 27. Beer license.
Ernest M. and Bessie B. Dewey. Nov. 29.
Bond of David J Shepherd as Justice of
the Peace. Mt. Angel District. Nov. 10.
Final hearing on Indemnity claim of
Benedictine 61 ten; Permit to haul logs.
Hay D. Moles. Bond of Bales end Brady
covering movement of buildings on
County roads. Beer license. Otto and
Mildred Kleen. Harry E Olaholt et ux.
James S. Bremmer. S. J and Ruth C.
ffeillemier. Kenneth L. Kelly et al, Elmo
W. ft Elaine Frey. Cole, Statfie and
John Maaaer: Dance Hall license, Elbert
h. Pickon; Indemnity claims of John R.
Hlnderllter ft Snru. final hearing 13 '10
43; Transft-f order.
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Dr. T I. I -am. N D, Dr. O. Chan. N.D.
i:peUln, 241 North Liberty
Office open Saturday onlv 10 a m.
to I pm-; I It 7 tn Contention,
b!tad pressure end urine "'ts are
free of charge. Practired llnee 1911
Write for ettractlve gift. No obligation.'d-f..u.
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440 Nsftfc Front St.. Sals T.L 17633
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Portion lb.
Ham lb.
IGA Stores Will Be Closed New Year's Day
Wallace Rd. al 7th
West Salem
1230 Slat St.
3045 S. Commtrcial
4200 N. Rirtr Rd.