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    Tuesday. December 29, 1953
' . uM-uvi McwarArtK HISTORY
,, ",; ..
L. ' ; V fc' V 5 .
Oregon Statesman Began
As Organ of Democrats
The recently announced
plant for merger of the Cap
ital Journal and the Oreion
Statesman January 1 arouiea
Intereal In the hlitorjr of the
two newapapera. Ben Mai
well, CapiUI Journal hit
torian, haa tone into the
aubjeet, and today tella the
history of the Statesman.
Tomorrow he will tell the
etorjr of the Capital Jour
No person now living recalls
at a perioral memoir that
event in pioneer history of 102
yean ago when, on March 28,
1831, No. 1, Vol. 1 of the Ore
gon Statesman was published
on the tecom' floor of the Frier
building in Oregon City.
Year'a weekend, the National
Safety Council estimated to
day, may reach 360.
that year, when territorial of- owners In 1RAS thar. u.-a a-
ficialt found they could draw I astonishing succesiinn at incorporation and G. N. and
no pay there, Bush loaded his tort and publishera. None, per-Ethel Gillenwater, Lebanon,
piiuiirij uuiu wneezy naps, was more capable thanl " .
tirrnwneeier ana returned to Sam Clarke, historian and man
Ask $4,136.41
Labor Lien
Albany Suit to foreclose
a 14136.41 lien against a drive
in theater owned b- Jonea En
terprises, Inc., a New Mexico possible 360 victims was: "A
corporation, hat been filed in i wonderful way to start the new
circuit court here by W. E. ' year would be to start it!"
Groat, who namet the Jones
dationa of phytical science,
Oregon achool law and system
of education, health education.
The council said itt estimate elementary achool aunervition
wat lor immediate traffic,, .dminiatration, and prob
nth, only and covered the pe-1 lem, of philosophy,
nod from 6 p.m Thursday I AddltioMl information may
New Year a Eve, to midnight w. u,.:.j , . .,
Sunday local time.
The council s advice to the
Jury's Verdict
Voided by Judge
of George D. Porter, director
of adult education, 460 North
High street.
progressive journal. In 1859 an father. None, perhaps, was;P'ic 'or hi tervicet or!
Adams power presa, the first; more colorful than "Emoeror" 10r materials.
steam power prest to reach the
Territory, wat installed in the
Stateaman office. Ninety-four
yeara ago the aite of the paper's
Norton, remembered at a The complaint fails to name
grotesque looking fellow and lne theater but describes it as
unique character.
Frank Hodgkin who knew
Capable and shrewd Asancl Bush founded the Oregon
Statesman at Oregon City and published the first issue
from an office on the second floor of Friei's building,
March 28. 1851. First issue from Salem wrnt to press
June 21, 1853.
Oregon Statement's obitu
iry was written by Sam
Simpson, editor, in Decem
ber 1866. Thereafter for
everal years the Statesman
vas merged with the union-
it and bore the latter name.
Sam Simpson, Oregon s
most distinguished poet, also
wrote Beautiful Willamette.
I R.J.
V '.- ,..-- .
1 i V - "(, .
. ... !- -V
Reds Ship Gold
Editor and ' publisher of
the Oregon Statesman from
1884 to 1928, an interval of
44 years.
London W Another thip-
ment of Soviet "hammer and
sickle" gold ban, the fourth
this winter, arrived in London
last night. The thipment,
valued at $4,200,000, was tak
en from the airport to the
London branch of the Soviet
State Bank.
Official aourcei said last
week Russia hat flown $65
million in sold into Britain
Hong Kong to Get
Relief Supplies
New York W) The Nation
al Council of Churches u
speeding relief supplies to vic
tims of a Christmas day fire
that left thousands homeless
in a village near Hong Kong.
Dr. Wynn C. Fairfield, head
of the council's overseas re
lief program, yesterday order
ed distribution of approxi
mately 65 tons of clothing and
100 tons of dried milk.
masthead, "No Favor
Us: No Fear Shall Awe.
Shrewd and capable Bush,
already by ixperience a com
petent editor and a lawyer, too,
arrived in the Orepon country
in 1850. No wearisome, over
land journey in a Conestoga
wagon for Editor Bush nor any
Cape Horn passage either. He
came via Panama, the short
route taken 'jy the well-to-do
and person of discernment
Praised by Bancroft
Bush j Oregon Statesman
began lite as a weekly news
paper of seven columns to a
page and four pages. A year's
subscription told for $7,
tingle copy for two bits. For
12 years after its rounding.
Bancroft, the historian, asserts,
the Oregon Statesman was
conducted with greater ability
than any other journal on the
Pacific Coast. For the first eight
years of its existence, it was a
ruling power in Oregon, wield
ing an influence that made
and unmade officials at its
To Bush ii attributed orig
ination of the to-called "Ore
gon ttyle," a pertonal journal
ism, witty, pungent, penetrat
ing, vituperative and tome'
timet approaching scurrility.
W. L. Adams' rival newspaper,
the Argus, became the "Air
goose"; the Oregonlan, under
Dryer, a Journal with a "pot
house reputation," and Rev.
Thomas Pearne and Pacific
Chrittian Advocate tomething
yet wcrte.
Oregon Statesman in the
1850t was a political newt
paper, a party gaiette. Local
newt wat ignored.
"If these it anything In jour
nalism we utterly detpite,"
Buth wrote, "it it petty village
Up and Down the River
Bush also wat territorial
printer. Butinett followed the
flag and the flag in those pio
neer timet wat, literally, the
capital of the territory.
When the capital appeared to
be fixed at Salem, Bush ar
rived here with hit printery,
tet it up in the Nesmlth build
ing, about where the freight
depot now stands, and ran off
the first local issue of hit Or
egon Statesman June 21, 1853.
When a political faction got the
capitol re-located at Corvallit
in 1955, Buth moved hit paper
to that hopeful hamlet. Later
Groat alleffei that h
Salem. 0f affairs rinvhnm w .r, formed labor and furnished
If the Oregon Statesman was ' William C. Dyer of Salem Imaterialt for construction of
nnlttiral norto- it - 1 lrnm hi-, U.I. i , ! th anil ha nmrai. tuan
.I".. '-" " T"7" ici-tiiu--7 v.-: Alhanv .T,irl Vr
Henry in circuit court here has
issued an order letting aside
a jury verdict in the case of
Lloyd E. and Alberta Pickett
vt. Frank V. and Eleanore
Britton, and granting the plain
tiffs' petition for a new trial.
A jury had returned a ver
dict in favor of the defendants
and accordingly a judgment
was entered to that effect
Albany Two persons in-'October 29. but the plaintiffs'
tired in & traffic, mkhnn latP glln.nnu fMorl a Kill nf mirai-.
-. . -..... , . . .,,,. ,.,.. .imiuuiK un commercial Sunday about lour a.-.d a nail Uons on the basis of those ex
-jun emerged as principal i street I ana HodRKln was city miles west of Albany on U. S.
stockholder. Between July 19 editor. Presently Emperor Nor-1 highway 20 were still confined
and November 20. 18C4. this ton had the job. to the Albany General hospital
..vnaHutit-r. siruiix in Denail 01 "Emnrror" Tnld Snh.e Mondav.
Seoul VP) President Syng
man Rhee't liberty party Tues
day won an overwhelming vic
tory in the elections for com
mitteemen of the National Assembly.
publication was Bill Griswold's the Emperor well told about
building that stood on the i him at Hal D. Patton'a 50th
southwest corner of State and ' Miniversary partv held in Sa
Commercial streets. iem on January 12. 1922.
On November 26, 1863, the! In those times in the early
Oregon Statesman was sold to! 1880s the Statesman was pub
a local group of entrepreneurs ! lished in the Stewart block
located near Lebanon.
Two Traffic Victims
Still In Hospital
21? 8. High Ph. 45751
by Winen Goodrich
Asahel Bush, editor and
publisher of this official Dem
ocratic paper i me uregon we union cause, issued a small1 "I
Territory, avowed from his aany to Keep eager readers in- ried
ceptions, upon which their I
petition ,and the' order were'
based. The plaintiffs in this
case are seeking return oi
he got mar-1 Hurt were Mrs. Wilma Mil- $1000 "earnest money" which
relates. "His'ler and Ralph Franklin, both they allegedly gave as a down
a,f, auuui mum; critical wife was a beautiful woman of A sea. Mrs. Miller s hus- navment on nrnnertv thev
' days Of the Civil War. This, and in the rnurs nf tim hari band Richard Weslev Miller nha.lna- w.ld
perhaps, was Salem's first 'a hnv that une nna rf lha mnut 99 uvhn urao rlriuinfr una nnl 1 1Jnk.
newspaper, ana me rc-; beautiful children I ver saw. ' i hospitalized. He escaped with
cently constructed telegraph Hodekin looked at the rhiMi minor iniuries.
line between Portland and'onH akCi h n ri.j th-i Mn.
California made its daily issue! ..Who dn vol, fhink riiH ...- Miller suffered severe cuts on
PsslDle- rm. i t jij .w.'her face and back and that
rranxun sunerea n oroKen
jaw, and also cuts and bruises.
roet Lets Paper Die Emperor snorted.
In 1866, Ben Simpson, bus- On another occasion the Em
iness dillelante, acquired the Deror went down In Fleirinr-e
Statesman and made his sons,
Sylvester and Sam L editors
and managers. That was bad
business judgment On the last
day of December, 1866. Sam
wrote his farewell editorial
and the Oregon Statesman's
The Statesman is dead,"
Sam lamented and to demon
strate that fact so obvious to
McPherson and Morgan, who
had picked up the paper cheap
ly, quoted a Latin maxim. Sam
Simpson later became Oregon's
distinguished poet and wrote
"Beautiful Willamette."
To the new publishers there
was no doubt at all about the
demise of the Oregon States
man. They incorporated the old
paper with their new Union
ist and let the name "States
man" die. (From the office of
the Unionist came Salem's
first city directory, the issue
of 1867, a lost Oregon imprint
that has not been known to
exist for about 60 years.)
Next came Sam Clarke, Ore
gon Statesman's resurrection
man. He had purchased the
Unionist, perceived there wat
prejudice in some minds
against that journal, and again
assumed the name Oregon
Statesman after a hiatus of
about three years.
Between 1870. when Clark
dropped the name Unionist, and ,
the acquisition of the Oregon
Statesman by R. J. Hendricks
and George N. Saubert as sole
barber shop beneath the
Statesman office. He had been
Winter Extension
Terms Start Monday
The winter term of the gen
eral extension division pro
gram of the Oregon State Sys-
According to information
procured by state police,
Franklin was driving toward1.. of Hieher Education will
on a terrific spree and wanted Corvallis when his car went,lart cisei Monday and
a comforting bath. He went to out control and leit tne roaa j Wednesday night! next week.
The courses will run for 10
Estimate Traffic
Toll May Reach 360
Chicago fVP) The nation's
traffic death toll over the New
sleep in the tub and ever -one I"' an s curve. Mrs. Miller and
forgot about his being there. I Franklin were both thrown out
He stayed there all night and I as the car coursed along the
when he awoke next morning , highway ditch.
the water was cold. Emperor
Norton almost froze to death.
R. J. Hendricks continued as
manager and editor of the Or
egon Statesman for 44 years,
until his retirement in 1928.
Associated with him for 20 or
more years was Col. Carle
Abrams.. Associated P r e t
service came to the Statesman
in 1889. In 1893 the paper ac
quired a linotype machine, the
second to be installed in the
state. That same year a Yost
typewriter, the second ma
chine in Salem, also was pur
Earl C. Brownlee and Shel
don Sackett bought the paper
from Hendricks and Abrams in
1928. In 1929 Charles A.I
Sprague held a two-thirds in
terest in the Oregon Statesman
and in 1939 acquired Sackett't
interest also.
J. W. P. Huntington had
Classes available will in
clude improvement of reading
for business and professional
people, school finance, foun-
"Ona of ut hat gotta torn
out of hiding to phono to
void mlitakoi, you gotta
watch tho dial, you know."
. . . For better service, dial
carefully, without forcing,
keeping your eye on the dial
. . . Pacific Telephone.
established the Statesman's
tradition as a morning paper
in 1868 when he published the
Unionist during the inter
regnum. On May 1, 1949, the paper
launched its Monday issue to
make the Oregon Statesman a
seven-day newspaper.
PHONE 1-0781
StiirnitHd Peit Control Service
265 SO. 20TH
394 North Church
Phone 3-9600
1 Kw
I .4 VU M Kv afaflaV M M
on all . . . Shoes . . .
Stockings . . . Sportswear . . .
Dresses . . . Lingerie . . . Bags
Detroit VP) An exploding
drum of alcohol turned Leslie
this winter. Financial sources ! Swenson, 45. of Hazel Park,
Mid the gold is being purchas-! into a flaming torch last night.
M by the Bank of England in ,H. died a few nours later.
They said the Rus-
117 Center St
inns want the .British cur
rency to they can purchase
foreign consumer g o o d t to
bolster Premier Georgi Malen
kov t drive to atep up the So
viet standard of living.
Strain Will Talk I
On College Plan
Walter Stram. nresident of
Dakota Bible college will be
luest speaker at the 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday mid-week service
o! the Garden Road Christian
thurch. He will tell of the col-
'(!e expansion program and
Bring gospel mettage.
The watch night tervice,
w Year's eve. will begin
'th a congregational business
""ling at 8 p.m. This will be
followed by social activities for
aees and devotional serv
lc t midnight.
"Si" Olson - Art Holscher
J. Earl Cook - Larry Buhler
625 High St. Ph.4-2215
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