Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 17, 1953, Page 25, Image 25

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    Thursday, December 17, 1153
Says Aluminum Plants
Hurt West's Economy
Washington v Holland
Houston, power advisor to the
Washington governor, laid
Wednesday the movement ot
aluminum plant! to the Pacific
northwest hat damaged the
economy ot the area and
threaten "to eliminate labor
or lower the standard of living
for laborer!."
He (aid thti at a power torn
minion hearing on Idaho Pow
er Co. applications to build
Causes Gasps
Las Vegas, Nev. ) Harlene
Dietrich made her nightclub
debut Tuesday night in the
most revealing gown that show
business veterans could remtm
The veteran glamour girl
opened at the Sahara, and her
first appearance drew a gasp
from the capacity audience.
She sauntered on stage 'in a
gown of transparent black net
and little else.
The gown, a clinging number'
designed by Jean Louis for a
reported $6,000, revealed more
wan it cunccaica.
' Joe Schoenfeld, entertain'
ment veteran - and editor of
Daily Variety, said: "It's the
most daring gown I've ever
seen on, and I covered
New York burlesque in the old
days." ,
A consensus of other review
ers drew similar comments.
asked one what he thought of
the gown. "What gownt" he re
plied, i
Priest. Feared
Lost, Is Safe
Churchill, Han. VP) A J8
year-old Catholic priest, feared
lost in the Arctic after several
months silence, has been re
ported in good health.
A- message, relayed y dog
team . from Canada's frozen
north and broadcast Tuesday
by radio from Baker's Lake,
880 miles north of Winnipeg,
dispelled concern for the Rev.
Joseph Bulliard of the Roman
Catholic Oblate order.
The last previous report of
the priest had come last sum
mer from a mining engineer
who had seen him making hi
rounds of Eskimo parishioners.
Frank Erickson
Back in Jail Cell
New York W) Frank Er
ickson, the former big-time
gambling operator, was back
in a cell Wednesday this time
to serve six months for federal
income tax evasion.
Erickson, 58, will remain in
the federal house of detention
in Manhattan until the U. S.
department of prisons decides
on a penitentiary.
Erickson was sentenced to
the six-month term last June
18 by Federal Judge Matthew
T. Abruzzo for evasion of
$75,630 in taxes on his 1945
income. He had pleaded no defense.
three dams In the Hells canyon
area of the Snake river be
tween Idaho and Oregon.
Testifying in support of
Washington's lnterv e n 1 1 o n
aganist a proposed federal
dame In the area, Houston
said the sale of large amounts
of cheap Bonneville Power ad
ministration electricity to al
uminum plants has done "a
great deal of damage to the
economy et the Pacific north
He declared the tendency is
to "concentrate on aluminum
and not leave enough energy
for other industries." An alum
inum plant, he said, "takes one
million kilowatts of power to
keep one man busy cracking
the crust in potlines."
The area's economy will be
UHiie seriously damaged, Hous
ton said, if the dwindling po
tential for cheap hydroelectric
power to be available in. the
future is absorbed by indus
tries employing only a few
men. '
Mrs. Evelyn Cooper, attor
ney for groups favoring the
federal Hells canyon project,
asked if Houston was express
ing his views ot those of.Gov.
Arthur B. Langlle after the
Unionvale The Sunday
school ClirisUnas program,
"Christma at the Cobbler
Shop" will be presented Sun
day by students from high
chool age classes down to the
children's class. r
The girls' chorus will pre
sent a program of vocal num
bers at the 11 a.m. church serv
ice. The Ladies Aid will present
a program and have exchange
of gifts Tuesday afternoon at
the annual Christmas meeting,
Dec. 15.
A string of 24 electric light
bulbs were installed to outline
the front of the Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Clow home in the Un
ionvale district Saturday after
noon. George Strawn, Sr., of Un
ionvale and his son-in-law.
Bernard Trunk of Dundee, and
George Strawn, Jr., of Union
vale were weekend salmon
fishing at the coast.
San Francisco W The Hawaiian-pacific
line went out of
business Tuesday with an
nouncement that Its lone ves
sel, the liner' Aleutian will be
returned to its owners, the
: Alaska Steamship Co. of Se-
i attle.
Why Suffer
Any Longer
i tn tia a iv camn
Man ta Cata. if antttr vita what
llamla paa ara tfflteud, Slaardai.
Matta. kwv laau. . txnm,
fa eonatlaaUo. aletTa. eiaarua,
'hnaaiiaa, i.u in UtUrn km,
Htla. famal annual.
Oftlaa Sun s
raft, mm Sal aatr
eaaaa tin
stun oas
witness said "we dont like the
idea ot new aluminum plant
moving to "The DUles."
Washington's intervention
petition was tiled by the gov
ernor. '
Houston said ha was '"re
porting resulta ot numerous
discussions with Gov. Lang
lie." He added: These are my
own conclusions after discus
sions with the governor. The
governor speaks for himself."
Seeks Divorce
Los Angeles ( Singer
Guy Mitchell has been sued
for - divorce by Jacqueline
Loughery, the "Miss U. S. A."
of 1952, who complained that
he told her other women were
better lovers.
Miss Loughery's suit assert
ed Mitchell boasted of affairs
with other women and even
had more affection for his
horse Scotch, than he did for
The beauty also complained
that Mitchell drank to excess
and had "severely beaten her
upon occasion. ,
Miss Loughery asked for all
of their community property,
which she values at S100.000,
alimony of 12,500 a month and
legal costs. ..
Hartford, Conn. V- Detec
tives say an ex-convlet with
police record of attacks M girls
has admitted he strangled an
11-year-old girl a week ago to
An AWOL soldier had "con
fessed" the same erme only
hours before, but his story
discredited later.
Detective Lt William H. Sul
livan identified the prison pa
rolee as Robert Nelson Malm,
a gaunt 10-year-old man who
has served a Jail term for at
tacks on young girls and a pris
on term for robbery with vio
Sullivan said Malm signed
statement and then was taken
out to re-enact the crime in the
nuthwMt section of Hartford,
where the girl lived.
Malm broke down lata last
night after four days of con
stant Interrogation. He was ar
rested after he was picked out
of a police lineup by a 19-year-old
girl who said he attacked
her on Nov. 22.
Manila Rhumbs King
Xavier Cougat and a troupe of
32 musicians arrived Wednes
day from Hong Kong for a'
series of concerts.
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who's had a baby . . .
who's getting married . .
Sen." 3
who's going into
service. aa
who's going away to'school . . .
who's deserved a
Hamilton ever so long . . ,
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Confesses to I :.::;; - , ;
Strangling Girl V.4.:-'.;- x
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Only RamlltaB tuM tfcs) ndailWimw
pruiff that nvtr braaka, sad tba famoa kair
prmit of pracaoua ELmrar Estm. For yaan.
Hanulton baa barn "tha watch of nilrosad
accuracy. Bui aarrar bava jroa aaan aoch
twauiiful atyM aa Ihaaa mmmH Haraihnnal
For Christmas... it means so
much more to give... or get....a
Evaryont has chanc to win whan they play "TAG YOU'RE SANTA" in DOWNTOWN SALEM
this Friday night. At 7 p.m. THE DOWNTOWN SALEM MERCHANTS' ASSOCIATION will Mnd
out six "plain clothes Santos" who will wonder about the streets of DOWNTOWN SALEM and
IN AND OUT OF THE MEMBER STORES . . . it's up to you to pick tha right en . . . just My
"TAG YOU'RE SANTA" to onyone that you think might be Santa. If you find any an of tha
Santa you will win on of tha six prixei. Any ONE win automatically aliminat that ana person
from winning any ether 'TAG YOU'RE SANTA" prix during 1953. Children under U net eligi
ble. Santa may be either mole or fenale.
ONE $100. BILL
.sw.:w v -