Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 17, 1953, Page 21, Image 21

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    Tfcnreday, Deetnber 17, 1953
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llf. ta-aaa. mcm4 MlUK IMH. Vaiasw
raataa aa muut iMMi I Mali toaa.
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W. Tfc M. T HM
vria. tc lb.; nmh tie; A Wat, tta.
Motion Filed
For New Trial
A motion for Judgment not
withstanding the verdict nd
motion in the alternative
for a new trialwai filed in
Marion county circuit court
Thursday by counsel for the
defense in the case of Frieda
Guthrie versus Kluth S. and
John W. Muller.
Counsel for the defendants
bases his motions on alleged
errors in law that occurred
during the trial. Denial of the
defendant's motion for a di
rected verdict against the
plaintiff is given as one of
the reasons for asking a new
The Insertion of the reply
"the insurance company" to a
question, propounded to the
plaintiff while on the witness
stand is also given as a basis
for a new trial. The question
was "Aiij at whose request
were you examined by Dr.
' Mrs. Guthrie who said she
had been injured while a pa
tron of the steak house, sought
$19,000 in damages.
State Employes to
Help Needy Family
The approximately 40 state
employes of the withholding
tax division of the State Tax
Commission have chosen to
give Christmas help to a needy
family instead of having the
usual exchange of gifts among
Parents and five children
comprise the family. The par
ents are both willing to work,
but have been unable to find
employment. The mother
would accept domestic work.
It is their first Christmas in
' Each of the department per
sonnel has given meney and
groceries, and an effort is now
being made to get clothing. .
; The donors will try to keep
in touch with the family after
- When the Romans conquer
ed Egypt in 26 B.C., they col
lected part of the tribute in
the form of Egyptian glassware.
Thursday, December 17
Company D, 162nd Infantry
regiment, Oregon National Guard,
at Salem armory.
Battery D, 722nd. AAA .AW
battalion, at quonset cuts on Lee
USAR school at USAR armory
Organized Naval Reserve sur
face division at Naval and Ma
rine Corps Reserve training center.
Chicago, Dec. 17 Firemen remove a fellow fire fighter
from ruins of a building at 1702 Madison street this
morning, after he and several others were trapped when
the entire front of the building collapsed following a fire.
Tennants fled from the blaze of the three-story west side
bote into bitter cold. (AP Wirephoto)
Skid Row Chicago Hotel
Collapses During Fire
Chicago, W At least two
men were killed Thursday in
a fire that swept a small skid
row hotel in a numbing, near-
zero cold, and four missing
firemen reportedly possibly
trapped in the debris from fall-
Bonneville Only
To Sell Power
Portland W The Bonne
ville Administration staff will
take a lesser role in the Pa
cific Northwest in the future.
Undersecretary of Interior
Ralph Tudor said here Wednesday.
Bonneville's role in power
development planning will be
slight, be said in an interview.
He added that further cuts
could be expected after a man
agement survey team inspects
Bonneville offices. He said this
is one of a group of teams Sec
retary of Interior McKay is us
ing in department surveys.
"Under present Interior De.
partment policy we envision
Bonneville as properly a
wholesale utility company,
which buys power from the
Bureau of Reclamation at
Grand Coulee and the Corps
of Engineers at Bonneville,
and sells that power to its cus
tomers," he said.
Little Delay Moving
Christmas Mail
There has been little or no
congestion in the lobby of the
Salem post office during the
current rush of Christmas mail,
reports Postmaster Albert C
While package laden persons
have been before the parcel
post windows virtually every
minute of the time when clerks
were on duty, handling of the
mail has been carried out so
smoothly that little delay has
The high mark in outgoing
mall so far this season was
reached Wednesday when 174,
000 cancellations were made.
Cancellations are approximate
ly 100,000 ahead of a year ago.
log walls and floors hours
About a dozen other fire
men had been trapped for a
time when the front wall and
part of another wall collapsed
after a fire in the Reliance
Hotel at 1702 W. Madison St
These, however were res
cued within six hours.
The early morning fire was
brought under control within
two hours.
Twenty-three firemen and
one resident of the old, three
story hotel were injured.
Eighteen of the injured were
The dead were Robert Jor
dan, 37, a firemen who was
trapped in the rubble after
the front wall collapsed, and
John Tylor, 38, a resident of
the hotel who was said to have
been released recently from a
mental hospital.
Earl Downes, fire depart'
ment .attorney, 'said a note
found on the body of the res!
dent prompted Downes to
start an Investigation to de
termine if the fire was the
work of an arsonist.
Downes said the note,
scrawled on the back of a
cigarette package, read In
part: "I am really crazy. I
killed IS people. I also set
fire to 12 apartment build
ings . . ."
Customer Flees and
Bill Remains Unpaid
Someone didn't pay his ga
rage bill Wednesday and
didn't even bother to leave his
correct name behind when he
left suddenly, Warner Motor
company, 430 Norm commer
cial street, reported to city po
lice, i
The man drove in to the ga-1
rage in the morning and had;
$8 worth of work done on his I
late model car, they reported.
He paid the bill when he left
but came back later in the day
and had an additional $30
worth of work done. He re-;
quested that the motor be left
running while an employe
went after his bill. When the
employe returned, the man
and his car were gone.
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MBMlBtaC M I. Mm tDClttdaMj LaVfc.
ForUsuKl; a sravdt ton, ll-Ml a
rtuU m odium. UW-MWc; A trass mD,
4T4iVt; trada Una, m-tic.
ParUa&d. Mrtdsd Una. to Ito sos. I
red A Urco. sl-Us soli a la
at-al aoa.l AA .sodium. atVata. A Ma
dia.. U-4T dos.i tmaU, toe do. To ra-
lavlitrs: orsds JUL laraa. 3-e; A tort.
W-Oc: AA modlun. MCI A msslwm, M-
aac; a auv, aa-aoa. carvoo wu. av
Orssoa stMlt Utt-toi ft ft. loavaa,
1-aStee: ui plots. l tow taw ia
laa. rrsmiaai anoda, aiuiaa. aatta
la. fat aiuia vnaau mm. rrtoiaa as
arlasA abaaaa, ftla laavaa (a tatalV a! 4a
U?a ciiobo Ha. l nilttT. 1-a.s.
Bisata Frnra. roacun. all wolfhts, 2Sa;
boon nso. au iiunu. uc : max
baa, all scubu, lit. aid raatttfs, 14-
Drool i ft Cfctctottl - No I friml to
rttaUtrt: rrytra, arouora, st-toa is.i
ronton, all wu aft-it; Uairt hens.
31-Uc: hoary bona, jt-mci eul-aa irr-
era, ol) vu.. lb-; wbota drawaa. to
lls la.
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arlMratod bcaa. ftl-Ha lb.; tTlsoratod
tona. H-fe lb.: accordint w wounu;
Ho York droaood toma to-ftto lb. Now
Tork drouad bona. 4to la. To nroduo
or: Orada A jouo bama, 43a lb. I.a.a.
form: A toau. tU lb.
SaaalU Avarasa to trowtra: tiva
wbiua. lft tba, lf-tla; ft-i IbtV. la-Ke
lb.i aid does. 10Uc to hlthtr. Itoah
drataod Iryara to rataUara. Ul7ct aat
up, a-o
Coantry Droaood Msal
Voal Top auaUtr, 10-JH ft l roiub
boarloa, SO-Ue.
Hoc Loans, ftioekois, lllfa Xb.t aowi
light, J0-J3e. '
Laatbo But, lb. yaarUon, tft-
3Sc lb.
Hattaa Btfk 11-140 IV. uU-nUlltT.
Boot Utility eowa. W-Sfe Ib.t eaosgff
tatters, 11-lie; ihoUa down to Uc
rroob Drooood Moala
Wbolatalara to ratallara. Dollars aar
Boat- Btaaw. aholea, ftoe-TOft ftx. 131
41: food. ftSt-St; eommtrelal. 30-i;
utilltr. Ul-si; aommarc4ai cows. ft34ai;
utility 123-M: canoor-cuttors. (30-11
Baaf Csto Cbolca aWars blad auart
ora. 99-U: round. $43-41; fuU lotna.
irlmmod, 7ft-U; Ulaatlaa, I3I-U lor.
auaitara. MWii cbueka, 417-41; rlbo.
rora vau uiraa, aoaiea. i-u wv,
I4T.MVM; siwuldara. 14 lb 417-40: iparo-
rlba., ft4ft-Mi Irsab hams, 1A-14 las ftoft-
Taal aaft Calraa Ooedbotea. all
weUhta, 411-40; contaorclala. 433-14.
Bmaa cnoteo-prUBO, ui-u; aooa
Baoaa-BiaoKad, ail voit&u. flT-to.
ftmassd Man Cbolca 11-14 Iba 443- I
Psrtlasd MraoolUaooso
Oslsaa M lb, aackL. Wash. rtUo
medium ) 11.14. laria, I1.14-U5: Idaho
rcilows, nod., 41-l.Wi tona HH-l.M;
vnito. I3.M.
rotstooa ora. local isons whita n as.
31: Red Rosa 3 3&-M; Doschutaa Rua-
acta no. i, s.w-eo: sih a, i ts-j.oo; 31
lb. ak, 40-15: 10 lb. maah, 40-; paptr,
30-11; wlBdova U-17; Ma. ft. aft lbs..
70-80: Wash. RusmU, Mo. 1-A. 1 IS-M,
few 1.74; Idaho, 1. 40-40; lb. papor,
3fl-: vent, ai-U: M. Daiot ronuacs.
no. l-A, OO ID., S.Z-M.
Bay U. ft. Ma. I crseo allalls. da.
llfertd car lota I.O-b. Portland and Bo
attio, ai-so.
Wool oriasa basis, Wlllamotw Val
la? m odium, il-l&o ib.t Eattara Or agon
fina and hall-blood. M-6U; Wlllamotto
Vsilty lamb wool- ilci U-montb vooL.
Mobair ftVftla Ok aw U-month arov
tb, f.o.b. country ablpplna points,
Hidosi Producers paylnt prlco f.o-b.
(By Tba ftasaataisft Pram
AUOd Choasacsi
AlUs Cbaimora 44
Amorlsaj, Alrliasa .... US
ftmatnaa Potst LagB
amsncaa to, m Tat, ... m
. M
. 4
. 41
. 44 U
. t
. l
. 11
Anacaoda Oopaar .
4 tenia or Rsiuess)
The nation' newest pott ofice, North Pole N.Y.. near
mow-covered Whiteface Mountain In the Adirondack! ii
open for business. Fred Dennln, postmaster at nearby
Lake Placid bands Santa Claua a bag of Christmas mail
in pre-opening ceremony. The post office is in charge of
Julian Reiss, whose company "Santa's Workshop." makes
toys. (AP Wirephoto)
Portland. atf Ulna. 14-lTt IK aceord-
ins ( coiKmion: troan lips, u-via lb.:
iTcan eow bidos, 4-7a lb., aecordtns
to woUbt and quality: baU btdos, ft-4e
lb.; sluo bidos. 40 par Mot balow pticas
lor a bo ro clasaes
rilborts Waolesala atlUns srlea
anon ptanta Mo. I jumbo Barcolonas
:; larta 17 lb.) medium s lb.;
to STOwars f.o.b. plant, 14c lb. for Baroa
lonaa, DuChUlys ball coet loss.
watsai prod act r sarins orleas. f.a.b.
Plant, larva rranqoattaa, 11-lK lb.: laa
attas, 14c lb.; aoedllua, ll-14a lb. Wholo
aala aclllBi prlcea lim auallty larta
Pranauettss, -31H a lb.: Utht Balras,
Tft-sta Iba abcliod Uiht ambsr haJvoa.
roc IB.
CUeaaw Oralm
Chlcato Oralna aasad under mnd
aolllna pTaaauro on tha board ol irado
Thuraday, wboat and oau losing iba
Tha daellna m bats was omiu stoes.
ft rofltctod rumors that as much as liva
million buabola ol Argentina oats may bo
tmporwa into mi country.
Corn showod Ilashoa of strtntth. larca
ly bacauso ol cold woathtr la tha Hid
woat. Soybtans oaaod toward tha flnlah
but did not drop as sharply as In iba
two previous days.
Wheat elosad 1 lower to tt hlaher.
Dec. S.Olts, corn S- hither. Doc.
163H. oau -lk lowtr. Doc. IB'-i. rya
unchaosad to Vb. Dae. 1.13 aorboans
4 -IV, falihir, Jan. I.MVa-W and lard
w as aanu a nurwirea pounds nuner.
rartlanft Grain
Portland OV- Me bids on train.
Thuraday's aar receipt! : Wheat 4i bar
ley 1; flour 1; corn 1; mill (rod 11.
Caasptwd Iraaa rapsrta at ftalsai doslora
I or is vsiaaaeo sf UsslUI jsarsaJ
raadora. (Roilaad Aall.k
Bstafl Pood Prioost
auson ronota (M-Ib. has).
44 14-4 04 (10O-b. bat).
Ill Mais 44.44-1ft. t4.
Dairy Food 41.17-1.41 (M-m. hssl:
H.M-4.M (104 WM.
PoalUp Baytss Prtoaa Colorod frrors.
lie: oM roosurs, 14: colorod fowl, fttc;
tec horn fowl itc- colored roasUis, 14.
Baytss rrteoawBsKa. AA. aim lartto
ll-alc; madlnm AA. 47c: si odium A,
47ei email. 33c. Eats, wholseala pticas
tenor ally ft-1 eenta blthor than prlcoa
anova; isrto trsao a taaarsitf auotad at
mediums at 440.
Bettor. Batterfst
Matte rial Bit Ins nrttsi 9rsnlnn. to.
11 aeotsj Mo, L 17-44 saatsi Ma. S, 44s.
PsrUanS Uraatoek
Portland Trad Ins was alow tn sattlo
but tha hot market was aciWo today.
vamo w; mariei now: aarly salts
and bids weak to 40c lower; aupply in
cludes 4 loads Wromlni fad aleer and
halfars snaold aarly: lew canner-eattsz
eows 1-4.M; utilltr eowa 10-11.
Cairee 40; market aUadr axcept weak
on medium stock salves: tood-cholce
vealera 14-llt prima to lit ood-cbolea
slauthttr aalvas 11.60-17. to.
oia joo; market active, atoadyi eholca
IBO-llI lb. butchera 14.24-34.05;. eholca
l&o-ail lb. 14.71-ww: cholee lao-610 lb.
awwa at'M, tiSOMT WOltntS to -O0.
Bboap 100: market not aetabllehsd:
tarly Mas weaker; few eholca-prima
woolad lambs held about 14. to-14; aood.
enmem io.ovi7.oo: sooa-cnoieo rnawiou
oauaoso it.w-ii.wt; tooa-cnoico twos 4-4.
boo ins Airplaisw Ctv
Sort Warner
Burrs Addis MadklM.,
Caitlornla PackUi
Canadian PacilM
OaUipUlar Tractor
Calaaaea Corporauaei ,
Cbxralsr CoTparattoB
Cltlaa Barvloa
CoaoaUdatad Bajaoa -
ConseUdatad Vullat
Crown Bsiltrbaab
Curtlas irriibt
Dousias Aticraft ,,.,, .
Da Pool 4is Memours
Bsatman atodak
Bmeraoa Radia
Oanaral Saactrl
ueaaral roods
OenaraJ Motors
oaortia Pic. lywao4 ..
Ooodyea-i Tiro , ,
Homaataka allnlnt Co. ,.
lour national Harvtatot
International Payor
Joans atanruw
Kstaar Aliuninam
Kenaaeott Oopssr
Ubbr MeMan
Lockbasd Aircraft
Loewaa lacorpsraiaai ...
Lent BsQ
atoatoomsry Ward
Maab Kelvlaato' .,.,
Me tork Central ,
Northern racUia ,
Pacliis American Plan .
Pacina oas Bisauia
PacUls TeL j Tel. .,
Packard Motor Cat .....
Penney. J. C- ,
Ponnarlvanta M. WU
Pepsi Cola Ca.
PhUoa Radio
Radio corporauoa
Rayotuar Xncorp.
Rayoaler Iasarp. Pld.
RopubUa Btool
Roynoida Uetals
Rtcbiieid ou
Bala say etoraa, ras. .
Scott Papar Co.
oeara Roebuck ft) Ca. ,,
Bosony Vacuum OU
Bouthara Paclfla
Standard Oil CallL
Mandard Oil M. J.
atudebaker Corp.
Sunahlne Hlalni .
Swift OO a
Tranaamerlca Corp
TwonttaUi Century Pol .
Union OU company
Union Paclfla
United Air tinea
Uniud Aircraft
Uaitod CorporaUoa
Dnltsd Btatas Plywood .
United Btatas Btaal
Warner Pleturaa
Woeiara Onion TeL ....
Wasttntboata Air Braka
woatinthouaa Suae ins . a
::::::::: 85
CkicM. isv- Mar scteM taM w mi
Thuadw tW Uf tMl I.M. mi
sum m4 iIiiWUi Jaaa. aw iily
la hi iMtH muut k( mm itMir
U at wau hubcr. tut won 1H K XN
muas W.1.DU aroailu SM.I. w SMja.
Mnru uh Mtt i4 prun.
1.U3 u 1.SH ma iumi mi m tu u
Oood u4 Vlole. Wt4 ilaafbM,
UmM trwuhl in W to 111 n.
M kou. 4W .Mil, M ulna a-4
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.. 1H
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..' S3K
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. 41
. UW
. 11S
. T1S
.. SIH
... '
.. H
,. SIH
.. UH
,. IIS
. S
. 4.H
. 11H
.. 41
. I1H
. ill.
Mid Willamette
T. S. Jellison Sr.
Amity Funeral services tor
Thomas 8. Jellison, Sr., 71, 6735
N. Atlantic St, Portalnd, wera
held Tuesday, Dee. IS, at 10:30
at Mlkeworths peninsula Fu
neral Home, Portland.
Graveside services were at
Amity cemetery. Rev. James
Matthew Atley pastor of the
Christian church ol Amity offi
ciated. .
Jellison was born in Amity
in January, 1882, the aon ot
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Jellison.
He attended Amity schools
and has been a resident of Port
land for several years.
He died Sunday, Dec. 13, at
Survivors are a son, Thomas
3., Portland; one daughter, Ber
nice Qullixson, and five grand
children ot Portland; and one
sister, Mrs. John Blum, (Alma
Jellison) Reno, Nev.
SUA Mutat
N.w Tork UV- A lot Of Ih. url. firm.
&.u In tb. atock Birkil Ttoumdar b.t.
T ta(or. mild Mltl&c riiuuru.
Coaalaarabla h.rdnai. tu mm ta
prlcM la lb. fbrcpart nt tb. Muloa. but
tbU crMluaUv ht. ajr a. Uu du mtm.
ITMMd. .
A bAadfol ,f baonat Uiom at thaa.
piuhad ap to mulnuai aaliu Ml... a
ana 4 potnu. Thu. wir.D I itpua! .t
any aiMna. mwi ttaaaw allbar vay
wtrt frMtlonax
Tnanaart aa, ana bltnar .tort vat
a earrr-ovar from WKbMdu'i atranaln.
Tb. pae. ol tradlnt didn't contutu. vary
ions, and ma totu ax puunau lor tb,
dor am. to ui MtlmaUd LWN.U0
ih.r.1. Tb.l hbiiim ltb LAa..aoa
badod WMnwdar.
taak adwarS WUms
Joaapb Idw.rd Wlana at Iba TMIdtaM
STtl Medio A... Dm. 11 at tb. w. of
41 raara. AurrlvMl by wlffc Mra. Tb.lma
WlUon. (ilia: oblMrw. Mra. D. K. HuW
tt, bit a. D. Corbatt, Pal WUara. Varna
Wllaon, DorMn. wuaoa. au 01 wmi
alitar, tin. a. T. UoOlnl.y, Korwart,
Calif.; fatbtr and atapmotbar, 1ST. ana
Mra. a. 1. Wllioa, aiekraalll S (rand
ebtldran. Anaoanoamant f Mrvuaa V1U
b. mads Uttt y tba aainU-IdvaRU
tMa rm rm
Sola Vara rial, lata nMm of lit S.
Baal at., alonmoutb, at a Portland boa-
Pltai, Uto. IT at in. aaa o. rm. wwm
ti.mI by ua Laon D. Plaa. aaMna. Bar-
bo. D. Plui, Uarmllla, Callf.l daaib-
wr, Mra. waaiay nut. uauoa. mmmom
IU bo raad by a Cbrutloa Scum tut Is
tb. Howoll'Sdwardo Cbapol. TMM., Dm.
n ii l: pa. coaeiadtas autiMs at
Balorart Mamwlai Part.
Phillip aebnar at a loaal taL Da.
eombor II .1 tba an at 11 roaia. An.
aounomont af MrrlcM win bo aaad lata,
by tba BovaU-adwarda CbapaL
Wiuiam aebaaldor, lata rMldant at lid
Htrioa St. at a loaal boapltal Duombo,
II, aa. M yaara. aoa. araratt aohnowdof,
Utha, Idabo. ana iranddaaihtar. Mar.
K.r.l acbnoMar, aalami ona araadaoa.
Wullam aobnaldar, D. a. Army. An
nottneamant of aorrlea. ain b. mada
la tar by Iba Eawall-advarda COapak
tBr TJnltod Prou)
aappllaa llboral. damaad alov. markot
Tary dull.
atraat aaln H Tba.i V. a. 1 anlwa naW
i'. Idaho aa dOraaon apansh a-inch ond
larcor l.po-l.m. Whiua l-lnch and urg.
or ana maoiumi a.-i.aot atiairaat Tai.
low Olobaa modlttm -to-I ll, poonr M
.IB. aartona twaU. S-poond calloa VSt
l.n: RM Olobaa madlum Ul; U-lb.
aoaa wmia souan i.ii'i.ya,
There are about IS million
bicycles In use in France.
Marlon Srelnm Watcasansa. lata root.
dont of im Utoorty aa. tat thu alty Da
oambor IS at tbo aao ot U yaars. aon ot
Mra. A. B. Waunponib, aaloml brothor
of Mrs. volma Tooaoa. salom. bars, atar
tarat Tannar, Bucono, Mro. anoo ora.or.
ChUdroaa. Tw; brothora, Porey Woton.
pauin, umano, pao. woaiay ana Toon,
aa Watonpauab, both of hont Baoctw
Calif. John watanpaufb, ijmaalaw.
Wain, atamboy at Baflw. Oaatla Rock,
wub., ov Pint Chttreb ot Ood, aalam.
aarrleol Prlday, OH. IS at 1:11 pjn. la
MowoU-adworda Cbapal trllb tba Mtr.
Harold J. Molntrra offlolatltar. Xnlor
manl at Bala - it Momorlal Pork.
Friday, Deetmber It
Beabee reserves, at Naval and
Marine Corps reserve training
Saturday and Sunday,
December 19 and ta
Organised Naval Air Reserve
squadron AAU 893 at Salem
NavalAir Facility.
Banley Vlaitai
Home on leave from the Army
la Pvt. Dean K. Hanley, who De
cember 16th reports to Fort Lewis
for shipment overseas. Hanley.
vlsiUnc here with his parents
Mr. and Mrs. Oeonre Hanley of
1790 North Summer street, en
listed in the Army May 28. 1963.
stKiung for a specific Army
School. Following his eight weeks
of butc training at Fort Ord.
Calif., Hanley was at the finance
procedure school at Port Ben
jamin Harrison, I no. for 10 weeks.
Home an Leave
Robert Gene DLxCi, MRFN,
who was graduated December 11
from tha Machinery Repairmen's
bchool at San Diego, ia home on
a lft-day leave and Is at the borne
cf his parent Mr. and Mrs.
Hbbart; J. Dixon, 49 Ford Street.
He spent nine months overseas
with the U8S Taussig before en
tering the school in September,
and will return to the Taussig
for a nlne-enonths tour in the
Far Bast after his leave. He was
graduated from Salem High
School In 193 1.
Envoy Dean Returns to
U. S. From Korean Meet
San Francisco 4J.B Special
IT. S. Envoy Arthur H. Dean
returned to the United States
today after seven fruitless
weeks of trying to arrange a
Korean peace conference with
the Communists.
Dean told reporters at In
ternational Airport after his
Pan American plane arrived
from Honolulu at 7:05 a.m.
PST that he did not think the
Communists v re ready to re
sume fighting in Korea.
He said the Reds refused to
agree to U. N. demands for
setting up the full dress con
ference because "they are
suiting for time and time Is
their whole stock in trade."
However, Dean did not feel
the Communists wanted the
time so they could complete
building airfields and gun em
placements in North Korea.
Rather, he said they felt a de
i. would increase their
chances of getting more by ne
Dean said he was confident
the war would not be resumed
but he said "if by chance it
does, it ia not going to be a
war ot position but rather a
fluid situation."
"We In America must not
adopt a Maginot Line psychol
ogy toward Korea," Dean said.
"We must prepare for a long
stalemate and the people of
the United States must be pre
pared to have their forces re
main in Japan and Korea for
a long time."
Dean, who continued his
flight to Washington, said he
planned to report direct to the
State Department on the entire
Korean question.
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