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Capital Journal carrier fails to
leave your copy please phone
22406 BEFORE 6 P. M. and a
copy will be delivered to you.
Clan Woodwork Shown An
exhibit from the woodworking
plant of the adult education de
partment of the Salem public
chools la on display at the
Miller store, in the middle win
dow on the Court street side
The purpose of the display is
to stimulate interest and Inquiry
about classes to be offered next
year. The display, which is at
tracting general attention, will
remain until Thursday morn
ing. Mis Craln Judge Miss Mil
dred Crain, sister in law of Mrs.
Harry N. Crain, Salem, was one
of the Judges at the Portland
rose festival queen selection
Saturday night. She is physical
education Instructor at Maryl
hurst college.
Racing Pigeons From Pen
dleton, an air line distance of
215 miles, Cecil McNeil'a red
check hen won first place in
the Cherry City Pigeon club
over the week-end. The wr
nlng bird turned in an aver
age speed of 932 yards per mln
ute. Doug Chambers' entry was
second with a yard difference
from the winner. Al Brown's
pigeon placed third. The re
mainder of the lofts failed to
finish among the winners. The
next race will be held next Sun
day from WalU Walla.
Wins Speech Contest Joan'
Lesher, IS, daughter of Capt
and Mrs. R. B. Lesher, won the
Sunday evening oratorical con
test held at the Salvation Army
citadel for the young people.
She defeated Wanda Valdez and
will enter the divisional contest
at the Trestle Glen camp near
Portland Saturday.
Capitol Use Eyed Use of the
state capitol during the state
convention of the American Le
eion here August 3 to 6 was con
sidered at a Joint meeting of
the department executive com
mittee and the convention direc
tors here Sunday. It is propoi
ed that business sessions of the
Legion be held in the house of
representatives and of the Aux
iliary in the senate chambers.
The Legion was the first group
to occupy the capitol after its
construction when Salem enter
tained tht department in 1939.
Bauer to Speak Albert
Bauer, general manager for Con
solidated Builders, Inc., current
ly engaged in the building of
the Detroit dam, will discuss the
subject "The Detroit Dam and
What It Means to Salem," dur
ing Tuesday's Kiwanis club lun
Pfe. Elmer Gallea Pfc. Elmer
L. Galiea, U. S. Army, whose
next of kin is Etta M. Galiea of
10 North. Third street, Lebanon,
was among those men losing
their Uvea in the Mediterranean
during World War II whose bod
ies were returned to the United
States aboard the army trans
port John .L. McCarley last
week. Of the 2554 Americans re
turned on the army transport
22 were men whose next of kin
lived in Oregon.
Seven to Graduate Seven
pupils of the Rosedale school
will graduate Thursday night
with Thelma Sherman, state de
partment of education speech
corrective supervisor, speaking
at 8 o'clock. Patrick Largent is
valedictorian and Eugene Sayles
salutatorian. Others to receive
diplomas are Shirley Heady,
Charles Murray, Maurice Fred
rickson, Dave Wendland and
Fayette Ladd.
Leave Salem Memorial
I, raving the Salem Memorial
hospital with recently born In
fants are Mrs. Patrick Izzo and
daughter, . 1064 Howard; Mrs.
Edwin Vlaus and son, 1120 Dietz
avenue: Mrs. Fern Todd and
son. 11B6 Sixth, West Salem, and
Mrs. Robert D. Frerea and
daughter. Stayton.
Tht Capital Journal Welcoraa
thr Following Srw ntiirrn:
C HAST A I N To Mr. ind Mr. OrTllIf
CtiPjUtn. 10M 8. Hit, it th Sm 0
rtJ hotplUl. a tlrl. Mar 23.
NORTON To Mr. tntf Mm. Hirnrd at.
Norton, ftt. t, at ttir Aafem General hoa
rttal. a tlrl Mar S3.
SFLBY Ts Mr. and Mn Harlan C
aiB?. Rt, t, at the Salem Oentraj hot
aital. bar. Mar 33.
RSPWTNO To Mr. and Mn Al ra-
tnt. Mt. Antel. at the Balem 0nra!
hnapltai. a bo j. Mar 33.
HILL To Mr. and Mra T. Hill. W
1 JiUon. it the Salem General hospital,
a her. Mar 33.
HOTCH E80N To Mr. and Mr. William
N Hutcheon. Valteta, at the Salem
Oentral hmpltal. l bor. Mar .
jwmrm To Mr. and Mr. Dale Jef
frlaa, 4071 State, at the Salem Otnartl
hoarttal. a tlrl. Mar 31.
HOOArl To Mr. and Mr. WlVoer Hoian.
H Oreaon, at tht Salem Oenerai haapital.
a, tin. Mar 31.
SCHUMACHER To Mr. and Mra. Rob
ert Schumacher, Sublimity, it the Salem
Oentral hoapltal. a bor. Mar 31.
LAHOFORD To Mr. and Mr Ray
Lanffford. rout 1, Aurora, a ion. Mar 31.
t Salem Memorial botpttal.
LOONEY To Mr. and Mra. Thad 1
Loonty. route 1, Jeffenao. a dauthWr,
Mar 31. ai Salem Memorial tioapi't.
MORPHEA D To Mr and Mra. Henrr
Clrda More head, boi t. Lofeyetta. a cob.
Mar 31. at Salem Memorial boapltaJ.
YOVNO To Mr. and Mr. Otll Yminr.
tm Cherry Avenue, a daurhter. Mar 31
at Salem Memorial hoapital.
REYNOLDS To Mr, and Mr. Kldtn
Reraolde. route 4. bot 300. a ion. Mar
U at Silem Memrotai noapltal.
BAKER-To Mr. and Mr. Norman Ba
ker. SIM Ravltnr Avenue, a aort. Mar 31
it Salem Memorial baepnal.
SOWA-To Mr and Mra Cecil 6na
ffwie 3 boi tM. Wnodivirn. I aoa. Mar 33,
at Bm MoaMtial MoottoL
Exalted Rulers Meet Judge
Frank J. Lonergan of Portland
was the principal speaker at a
meeting of exalted rulers of
western Oregon Elks lodges at
the Senator hotel Saturday aft
ernoon. Judge Lonergan is a
past grand exalted ruler of the
Elks and past exalted ruler of
the Portland lodge. Gilbert
Wynkoop, exalted ruler of the
Salem lodge, was In charge of
arrangements for the Saturday
Victory Club to Meet Town-
send Victory club No. 17 will
meet Tuesday night at 8 o'clock
at the home of Mrs. Olive Red
daway, 1421 North Church
Fire in Wood Bin Fire In a
wood bin at Capitol Lumber
company, 2880 Cherry avenue,
called fire equipment late Sat
day afternoon. Sawdust, slab
and miscellaneous wood, accum
ulation in the bin was wet and
firemen aaid the cause of the
fire was v unknown and some
what puzzling. The interior of
the bin was charred. The fire
waa confined to the bin.
GOP End Foreseen That
Governor Douglas McKay will
be the last republican governor
of Oregon was predicted by
Walter J. Pearson, democratic
state treasurer, at a meeting of
the Lane county democrats. He
expressed the opinion that the
democrats will outnumber re
publicans in the state by 1950.
flei Marriage Licenses Ver-
ner H. Rich, Salem, and Patri
cia C. G o a s e r, Vernonia, have
been issued a marriage license
at Vancouver, Wash., as has
Louvin F. Dunda, Wlllamina
and Gladys O. Frolich, Sheri
dan. Salads WUI Be Subject Brush
College home extension unit will
held an all-day meeting Friday,
May 27, at the home of Mrs. W.
L. Lantis, in Polk county. Sal
ads and salad dressings will be
the subject demonstrated by
leaders, Mrs. Lawrence McClure
and Mrs. Clarence Woelk, be
ginning at 10:30. Everyone is
urged to attend this, the last
meeting of the season.
Mail Box Vandalised Frank
J. Junta, 1110 Lee, reported to
Salem police Saturday that his
mail box had been opened and
letters, including one containing
a check, had been torn.
Leave Salem General Dis
missed from the Salem General
hospital over the week-end with
recently born infants were Mrs
Francis Rothweiler, 3975 Au
burn Rd. and daughter; Mrs. Ro
bert S. Free and son, Lyons;
Mrs. Willie Braunberger and
daughter, 822 Rosemont; Mrs.
Milton Kansler and -daughter,
540 N. 14th; Mrs. Wendell Hell
er and daughter, MilLCity; Mrs.
Gene McCam and son, 1250
Peace; Mrs. Wilber Hogan and
daughter, 550 Oregon; Mrs. Ge
rald Eby and son, 1360 N. Lib
erty and Mrs. D. L. Cutler and
Injures Knee Mrs. Vernal
Bloom - sustained an injured
knee when the car in which she
was a passenger was struck by
a vehicle operated by William
E. Taylor, Corvallis. Taylor
posted $5 bail for violating a
stop sign.
Chimney Fire Repeats Fire
equipment was called again
Monday to 1616 M North Com
mercial to quench a chimney
fire. A similar fire occurred at
the same place last week.
Building Permits James
Minty, to build a one-story
dwelling and garage at 2740
Skopil, $12,500. W. E. Good
man, to repair a one-story
dwelling at 548 North 21st, $50.
H. B. Jackson, to build a one
story dwelling and garage at
1675 Davidson, $4630. H. B.
Jackson, to build a one-story
dwelling and garage at 1665 Da
vidson, $4630.
Auction Tuesday nite, Glen
wood. 122
Cooked food & mystery pkg.
sale by Rickey Mothers club.
Port. Gas & coke Co., wea..
May 25. Benefit for school. 122
Rebuilt Ford, Chevrolet and
Plymouth motors. Reasonable
prices. Reimann Motor Co., 3250
Portland Road. Ph. 37110. 122
Best shatterproof auto glass
installed. Floor sanderi for rent.
R. D. Woodrowi, 450 Center St
Furniture Reflnishlng Plant
of Lee Bros. Phone No. Is now
27001, We repair and remodel.
Clearance tale of tires and
batteries Woodrow't. 122
Eola Acres Florist. Ph. 1-5730.
Air-steamship tickets. Kugel,
735 North Capitol. Ph. 3-7694.
American Telephone & Tele
graph rights' are now being
traded. For assistance with war
rants contact Conrad Bruce &
Co., 203 Oregon Bldg. Ph. 14106
Phone 22406 before 6 p.m. if
you miss your Capital Journal.
Federally insured Savings
Current dividend ri See
MR ST Federal Savings FIRST
142 S. Liberty. Ph. 1-4944.
- '.jWt (7 Q
Krug Protests
Budget Slash
Washington, May 23 W Sec
retary of Interior Krug said to
day that this year's $616,000,000
budget for the interior depart
ment is the "bottom of the bar
rel in wise economy."
He told a senate appropria
tions subcommittee that the de
partment believes this is the
time for "most stringent econo
mies." However, he said, the na
tion should not spend less than
is "really required" for the de
velopment of its economy.
Testifying on the annual in
terior department' money bill,
the secretary said the senate
will be asked to restore about
$23,000,000 of the budget which
was lopped off by the house.
As it passed the house, the
bill carried $536,211,908 for the
various agencies of the depart
ment, about $81,000,000 less
than President Truman's bud
Of the total cut made by the
house, $56,000,000 was taken
from funds for the reclamation
bureau. The house appropria
tions committee figured a 15
percent cut could be made be
cause of declining construction
Krug said the department
would not ask the senate to
restore this money, in view of
the house committee's assurance
that if funds prove insufficient
the reclamation bureau can
come back for more later this
Flag Half Masted At the re
quest of the fourth assistant
postmaster general the flag atop
tne saiem postonice will fly at
half mast until after the funeral
for James Forrestal who leaped
to his death from a U. S. naval
To Paint Postoftice The Sa
lem postoffice will be refurbish
ed inside and out for the first
time since its construction in
1937, according to plans outlin
ed by the postoffice department.
Bids are being invited for roof
and masonry repairs and for re
decoration of the interior.
Mrs. Holmes Home Mrs
Glenn Holmes, of Albany, was
released from the Salem Memo
rial hospital Sunday. She was
injured when the automobile in
which she was riding with her
husband and Mr. and Mrs.
George Phillips, also of Albany.
collided with an oil tank and
trailer near the Twelfth street
junction Aoril 28. Mrs. Phillips
is still in the hospital,.
Young to Frisco Marion
County Sheriff Denver Young
left by automobile at noon Mon
day for San Francisco, where
he will pick up J. R. Watson,
being held by authorities there.
Watson is wanted in this county
for obtaining money by false
Lost, male Kerry Blue Ter
rier, vicinity Fairview home
Ph. 27267 or 36543. 121
Don't throw away window
shade rollers. Phone Reinholdt
& Lewis, 2-3639 and have
them recovered at a worth while
saving. 122
Annual Kenwood Special
Blanket Sale. Reg. $16.95 qual
ity Blanket $13.95. Eight colors
including white, individually
boxed. Sale ends Saturday, June
4. Delivery NOW, or on Lay
Away Plan Oct. 1. Phone or
mall orders will hold selection
Better Bedding Store. 512 State
St., Salem, Ore. Phone 3-4412
Stevenson's Restaurant where
they serve the famous "FISH &
CHIPS" is open every day, 10
a m to 1:30 a.m., except Mon
days. 122
Auction Tuesday nite, Glen
wood. 122'
Stevenson's Restaurant where
they serve the famous "FISH cV
CHIPS" is open every day. 10
a m. to 1:30 a.m., except Mon
days. 122
Dr. L. B. Warnlcker Dentist
Is now associated with the Dr i
Painless Parker office. 125 N
Liberty St., Salem. Ph. S8825
Insured savings earn morei
than two Percent at Salem Fed
eral Savings Association, 160 1
Stat atrMt,
Knights of Columbus Attend Their Archbishop Week-end
convention of the Knights of Columbus saw these members
of the organization in audience with Archbishop Edward J.
Howard. Present were: Adam Lefor, William J. La Roche,
Archbishop Edward J. Howard, Don Dorfleur, Bob Adair,
Lou LeDeux, Clarence Brown. Father Maxwell, Thomas
Windlshar, William E. Healy, Father O'Keefe. A. L. Elvin,
Joe Ultican, Slyvester Smith and John Steelhammer who
appeared in behalf of Mayor Robert Elfstrom.
Knight Calls for Program
To Suppress Communism
Delegates to the 41st Knights
went on record Monday with
program designed to suppress
The business session oi tne
and one of the first resolutions
Late Sports
rww,i nnn 000 OOOO fi 0
Boston 002 110 00x 4 8 1
Grav, Kretiow m, ana bwh;
Kinder and Tebbetts.
Plan $300,000
(Continued from Page 1
The board awarded a contract
to Empire Construction compa
ny of Portland to build a sewer
line from Hillcrest school for
girls to the State hospital cot
tage farm for $69,848.
It also gave a contract to Hall
& Wols, Portland for a $14,960
contract for painting the main
building at the Eastern Oregon
State hospital at Pendleton.
The city of Portland was giv
en $15,000 from the state to
make a survey of Portland hous
ing conditions. The money was
granted from a $30,000 appropri
ation made by the last legislature
and was given to Portland after
other cities in the state. Includ
ing Salem, had turned down the
offer of funds for housing sur
veys. Start for Honolulu
In Small Lifeboat
Long Beach, Calif.. May 23
lf) Long Beach to Honolulu
2.400 miles in a lifeboat!
That's the voyage the broth
ers Swarthout, Francis, 20, and
James, 21, set out upon y ester
day as veteran Coast Guards
men shook their heads dubl
'We've been planning this
trip since we were nine years
old," James said before cast
ing off. "We're not going to be
discouraged now."
Their craft is the 22-foot boat
Carick. She was rebuilt at a
cost of $1,200. She has been
decked over and fitted with sail
a 1,200-pound keel and an aux
iliary engine.
Aboard are 35 gallons of
drinking water and a 60-day
food supply. The brothers
Swarthout expect to make
Honolulu in 30 to 45 days.
Cherry, Onion Hearings
The state agriculture depart
ment will hold a hearing at
Milton June 1 on a request for
a new container for fresh cher
ries. It would hold 12 pounds.
The department will hold a
hearing at Lablsh, north of Sa
lem, on June 3 on a proposed
new onion grade which would
be higher than the U.S. No. 1
Circuit Court
Marion A!Brlin T Mirvtrtt Mc
rvm: Cnmplttnt ikj luuimtm ef llfl -rrfn)
f ntril 4imM ao'l I6M M aiwrlt!
4araiiM tor inlurlM t!l"11y rM!vd In
auto-pMlMtmn Arelornt April t. 111.
William Ann a Jo Ultican Complaint
it U II.HMI mdtmant for arrount allet
tlr ow4 to plaintiff by defendant.
Uonard 0 and fftith A. Orion v Vie
tor and tlllUwth, Knuth: Aniwr admit
and dnla.
Hrnrr C. Ahlld M Voln Shl'lda: Or
dr fit tlm for hrtn 10 a m.. Mar
, 1U.
Jah Hopflnaar v Ohrtr and ftofe-rt
Land: Motion M r'qulr plaintiff to mk
complaint anor d'flnlt and certain.
Probata Court
John Hnrr Drlnnnn auu: Order ap
pro, final Iceount.
Rnnra Wnr.dard ,al- PlnaJ arrM,nt
aubmlttd Order fiat lima for htarinc
10 a si., iun so. !.
Char!e C Hopkln tat- Order ap
point Ftonter Trut com pan, dminttra.
i tor.
Folic Court
Drivtnf under the Influ-nee of tntoi
leatm llo-ior Herbert Bertr. no a
Courrh meet, fined 1140 M da lall term
aueprnded. driver 0 been, ratMted for
on er.
Marrioga lt-nil
Marlon J Frnu IS. MWtaiiran! nrk.
r 1M r Mrd. and leelrn &ta atl
noff, it, Mem arc. Sill U.
of Columbus convention in Salem
a resolution which called for I
convention opened at 10 a.m
to be adopted shortly after noon
was one which urged coopera
tion wun church and civil au
thorities for the complete sup
pression of communism.
Other resolutions adopted bv
the delegates included one which
supported the continuance of the
annual May 1st "Loyalty Pa
rade" in Oregon which is spon
sored by the Knights of Co
lumbus, continuation of a semi
nary program, furthering and
continuing the annual Catholic
day program in July at Cham
poeg or another suitable site, and
opposition to the national health
bill now before congress.
Highlighting the three-day
convention was a banquet served
to over 400 in the main dining
room of the Marion hotel on
Sunday evening, presided over
by Past Stale Deputy Clarence
Brown of Eugene. Guest speak
er on the program was Most
Reverend Edward D. Howard.
Archbishop of this Archdiocese
with principal address "Ameri
can Heritage" being given by
Past Supreme Director Judge
Frank J. Lonergan of Portland
Monday, the convention re
convened for the third day's
session, following Mass at the
St. Joseph's church, Salem. Spe
cial stress was presented to the
state convention in connection
with the coming supreme con
vention of the Knights of Co
lumbus which will take place
in Portland in August at which
convention over 2.000 delegates
and visitors will come to Ore
gon. Slate Deputy Sylvester J
Smith of St. Paul presided over
the sessions at the Salem Knights
of Columbus club. The Conven
tion opened on Saturday morn
nlng, with registration headquar
ters at the Marion and Senator
hotels. At 2 o'clock, Saturdav.
the fourth degree of the order
held their annual state conven
tion. Linus M. Fuller of Port
land is state master, other offi
cers selected were: Otto Smith
Klamath Falls, pilot: Richard
Long. Oregon City, comptroller
and Louis LeDoux of Mt. An
gel, sentinel
The state convention of the
third degree branch of the or
der, opened at 5 p.m. Saturday
at the Knights of Columbus club
in Salem with the appointment
of necessary committees by the
state deputy. On Saturday eve
ning a buffet luncheon and dance
formed the entertainment for
the delegates and visitors at the
Mayflower hall in North Salem
On Sunday morning, the day's
activities opened at 9 o'clock
with convention Mass and cor
porate Communion by the St
Vincent DePaul church
in Sa-
lem. with Reverend James Max
well, state chaplain, as celebrant.
Fratum Unit Meeting
Pratum The Pratum-Macleay
home extension unit will meet
May 24 at 1:30 o'clock at the
home of Mrs. John Hsin. The
subject will be "Conserving
You." by Miss Eleanor Trlndle,
Marion county extension agent
The women will have a "white
elephant" sale.
tea 2Jir f&sij imiigb (pas
Aerial Attack
On Budworms
Eugene. Ore., May 23 (UP)
State foresters, attempting to
wipe out the destructive spruce
budworm threatening $20,000.-1
000 worth of second-growth fir.
today pushed their aerial DDT
attack against the deadly pest.
They said it would be a race
against time and weather to save
some 125.000 acres of timber in
Linn and Lane counties.
The battle at its peak will re
quire the use of 15 planes, three
helicopters and seven air bases
The brownish, inch-long in
sect will be vulnerable to the
spray during the next 10 days
After that time it will enter the
invulnerable pupae stage.
Weather observers and ob
servers from the bureau of plant
entomology have entered the
dense timberlands to pinpoint
the attack.
"The whole thing is like a for
est fire." said John B. Woods,
Jr., assistant state forest super
visor. "We have to lick it com
pletely or the danger remains."
Planes will operate out of
Springfield, Harrisburg. Cottage
Grove. The major attack will
be centered in the Cottage
Grove. Oakridgc, Crcswell and
Lowell districts.
SP Streamliners
fContlnupd from Page 1)
Cars for the two trains have
started arriving from the fac
tories. Mcrcier said the tavern
car. which has already been de
livered, will be placed in tem
porary service soon on the Cas
cade, to give travelers a preview
of the style.
The railroad president recall
ed that he had disclosed plans
for the Streamliners in this same
city in January of 1946.
"We thought then." Mercier
said, "that in spite of the post
war rush of orders for new rail
road equipment we would be
able to put the Shasta Daylight
in service within a year. Then
ensued this long period of wait
ing while the manufacturers
strove to spend production
the face of shortages of many
materials, and other difficul
Now, at last, equipment for
our new streamliner is about
ready for service. We of South
ern Pacific want to thank our
friends for bearing with us in
good nature during the long
out unavoidable delay. We are
sure you will find the Shasta
Daylight was worth waiting
Monday, May U
Companies B and O. 162nd Infan
try regiment and headquarters de
tachment. Oregon National Quard.
at Salem armory.
Organised Marine Corps reserve
unit at Naval and Marine Corps
Reserve training center.
369th engineers and 409th quar
termasters at Army Reserve quon
set huts.
Msrion post No. Ml. VFW. at
VFW hall.
8alem post No. 136. American
Legion at American Legion club.
Tuesday. May S4
Marlon county chapter, Reserve
Officers' Association.
Militarv law class for regular
army and army reserve personnel
at the Willamette unlvprsitv law
school. Instructors Capt. Robty
Ratcllff and M. Clifton Enfield.
Returned to States
Silverton Word has been receiv
ed by Mrs. Ed Holdpn that her
nephew. S Sift. Owrn W. Plaatberg,
is now at Fairfield Sillsnn, Call!
The RprffPftnt, returned to the slatps
from Tokyo, .Japan, May 19. plans
to visit the Holdriu during his 30
day leave. In Japan he was a mem
ber of the 23rd Recon. Sqd.
Gardner Training
Camp Prndlpton. Orpansldr.
Calif MaJ. Cecil A Oarrinrr.
USMCR, Salem. Ore. and a civil
engineer with the Oregon state
highway department Is currently
undergoing a two-week active duty
training period at this camp.
Oardner. a volunteer reserve Is
among the first of over 9 000 marine
reservists, both organized and vol
unteer, who will receive their sum
mer training here.
The ma lor, an engineering offlrpr.
entered the Marine Corns in 1941
and during the war served with thr
Third Marine division In the Pa
cific. For his training he is at
tached to an fnglnerlng unit of
the First Marine division.
Mud Box Stolen Robert M.
Lawless, 170 W. Wilson, report
ed to Salem police that a mud
box for mixing cement and plas
ter had been stolen from a con
struction site at the Iraak Wal
ton building at Church and
Bellevue streets.
Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon.
Jamea Forrestal
Naval Board
Continued from Page 1
It has not yet been decided
where the funeral services will
be held
A report by Radio Commen
tator Drew Pearson last night
that Forrestal had attemped su
icide two weeks ago at the hos
pital was denied today by Rear
Adm. L. O. Stone, commanding
officer of the hospital. Stone
said there was nothing to it.
3 F.arllrr Attempts
Pearson Also said Forrestal
had made three earlier attempts States. t
while at his home in Hobe, Fla. j
A representative of the militaryiNiinn FlOrfofl rfOafl
establishment said of this, "No VUllll LICUCU I ICQU '
comment at present." a r I
Forrestal left as his farewell
only an ancient Greek poem of
despair and death.
He was the first secretary of
defense a wearing job that he
gave up as a sick man in March.
Before that, he had been secre
tary of the mightiest navy the
world has ever seen, and before
that he had served as an assist
ant to Franklin D. Roosevelt in
the White House.
Capital Shocked
This spring, his health brok
en by more than nine years of
nerve-wracking service, he de
cided to seek release from the
strain. A few days in Florida af
ter his resignation, and then he
entered the hospital April 2.
His death and the manner of
it shocked the capital,
President Truman said "this
able and devoted public servant
was as truly a casualty of the
war as if he had died on the
firing line."
He issued a proclamation or
dering that flags fly at half
staff from all public buildings,
forts and warships.
So far as was known, the for
mer secretary left no note.
Quotes Sophocles
But on a radiator, near his
hospital bed, waa found a book
"An Anthology of World Poe
try." A red ribbon lay between
the pages opened to Sophocles'
"Chorus From Atax." That no-
em tella of profound and hope
less tragedy.
In the back of the book was
a piece of hospital memorandum
paper in which Forrestal had
copied, in a firm hand, the first
26 lines of the doleful poem.
The court of inquiry In the
case was ordered by Rear Ad
miral M. D. Willcutts. comman
dant of the naval medical cen
ter. Just exactly what it might
examine was not certain in ad
vance. From statements of offi
cials at the hospital, this story
was reconstructed:
In the weeks that followed
Forrestal's entry for treatment,
he seemed to be on the road to
complete recovery. He received
visitors, among them President
Truman, made phone calls, read
the paper.
Admiral Willcutts told repor
ters: "That type of suicide Is im
possible to prevent. You can't
take a man of that brilliance
and put a guard over him all
the time. There were fewer and
fewer restrictions as his condi
tion improved."
The funeral will be held In
Arlington cemetery Wednesday
with full military honors. Mrs.
Forrestal flew in from Paris to
day aboard the presidential
plane, the Independence, with
her son Michael, an employe of
tne economic cooperation ad
ministration in Paris.
Stolen far Recovered Salem
police recovered a stolen car
Sunday belonging to Earl Bon
nry, 1260 Candlrwond drive. The
machine was out of gasoline and
Its battery was dead.
thousands have rallerl
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demanding a repeal of
this sale . . . So . .. for
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actly the price of 1."
NOW! p
Monday, May 2.1, 1949 5
Financing Told
The importance of agricultur
al financing to the economy of
the country was explained for
the benefit of Salem Chamber
of Commerce members Monday
noon by C. L. Wellmark, secre
tary of the Spokane bank for
Wellmark said his organiza
tion has a definite obligation to
the federal government in mak
ing sound loans. In this con
nection he pointed out that dur
ing a 15 year period losses due
to poor loads amounted to but
six one hundredths of one per
cent of total advances.
Approximately SO percent of
the loans advanced in the Spo
kane district which Includes,
Oregon, Idaho, Montana and
Washington were made in Ore-
laon. said Wellmark. The sDeak
or wt.nt into considerable statis-
ticai df.tail t0 tne amoUnt of
money handled through the va-
rious cooperatives and spoke of
the necessity of farmers secur
ing their loans through federal
Wellmark said a bill now In
congress provides that cooper
atives repay all of the money
advanced by the government to
establish the 12 banks now be-
ng operated over tne
Cecil Gunn, Salem branch of
the First National bank, was
elected president of the Marion
county chapter of the American
Institute of Banking, over the
week-end. Other officera are C.
Wallace Beckett. Ladd and Bush
branch of the US National, vice
president; Harlan Hanson, Ladd
and Bush, secretary; Edward Da
vee, First National, treasurer,
and directors, three years, Wil
lard Glaze. Ladd and Bush, and
Charles Ross First National.
Delegates to the national con
vention in Portland May 30 to
June 3 are H. J. Etzel, Ladd and
Bush; Gunn and Beckett with
Hanson, Davee and June Hagen,
First National, alternates.
The annual banquet was held
last week at the American Le
gion club with 120 attending.
Portland Street Car
Catches on Fire Again
Portland, May 23 MP) A
Council Crest streetcar caught
on fire again today, and several
passengers were taken to a hos
pital. The fire department reported
that three' persons were taken
to St. Vincent's hospital, and
several others to Good Samari
tan. Details of the accident were
not immediately available. The
fire department quoted the mo
torman as saying he shut the
controls off and the "thing ex
ploded." The fire occurred at South
west King and Burnside streets,
just a block from the point
where a streetcar on the same
line caught fire several weeks
ago. v
The police department said It
was also the same motorman
who was hurt In the last fire:
James Johnson, 62. I
Reports Purse Taken Ida
Olson, 532 N. High, reported to
Salem police Saturday that her
purse had been stolen from un
der a counter in a downtown
143 No. Liberty :
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