Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 29, 1949, Page 20, Image 20

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    20 Cnpital Journal, Salem. Oregon, Friday, April 29, 1949 r I f
- - Mrminrlc Kan
'St i i
Bill Approved
Seek Funds to
Send Band to KF
An extensive and Intense
campaign to raise $1500 with
which to underwrite the ex
pense of (ending Salem high,
school's band and orchestra to'
Klamath Falls for participation!
in the state music tournament
has been launched. Participants
Include students, parent! and
the general public.
More than 100 boys and girls.'
members of the two organiza
tions and chaperones are to
I . lain Ib ti.a- uka-lal.-
nisnc Hie iiijj .u mice vniiici-
d buses providing financing !
can be arranged. They will
leave Salem May 12, take part
in the contest program May 13
and 14 and 'return home Satur
day evening.
Bui transportation will cost
approximately $500. Lodging
and breakfast has been secured
In Klamath Falls for $1 a night
for each individual.
A committee, named by the
bands parents to head the fund
raising campaign includes U
Q. Wolfer, August Manke, Mrs.
Keith Dyer, E. J. Whittlesey,
O J. Shute and O. N. Engdehl.
Tha band and orchestra re
cently received superior ratings
in district competition. It is
pointed out that the young
musicians have been generous
in participation in parades and
public functions for which they
receive little or no financial re
wards. Plans include a "tag day"
May 7 and solicitation of the
general public.
J- " "".'J
Dallas Will Remain
On Standard Time
Dallas There is no Imme
diate prospect of attempting to
"fool the sun" in .Dallas.
Mayor Hollis Smith stated
that the city was planning to
take action on daylight saving
In the near future. He Indicated
that nothing would be done un
less Governor Douglas McKay
proclaims daylight time for
Oregon at t later date.
Then action by the mayor
and the city council would ap
ply only to city offices and it
would be up to the business
men and local industries to com-
ply voluntarily to avoid con
fusion. Meanwhile, sentiment is dl
vlded on the issue. Farmers
generally favor standard time,
but sportsmen and others would
like to have the longer evenings.
Little confusion has resulted
here from Portland's switch to
daylight time.
Cabinet Post Curtis E. Cal
der (above), chairman of the
Electric Bond and Share Co.,
may become Secretary of the
army within 60 days to suc
ceed Kenneth C. Royall. In
the meantime, Assistant Army
Secretary Gordon Gray will be
promoted to undersecretary
and will act as secretary until
Calder takes office. (Acme
Road Repair Rushed
Independence A different
group each day of Independence
businessmen have assisted farm
ers this week in repairing the
road between here and Buena
Vista this week. The Polk coun
ty crew furnished the ' equip
ment and Buena Vista farmers
provided trucks to haul the
sented by a national represents-!
tive and local members said,
they would go to court if neces
sary to block It.
Members said the lodge ses
sion was disrupted by demands
of members to soeak and was
Shooting fireworks In Oregon ,ded with President Nicholas!
except between June 20 andjGranet's ruling of adjournment.
July of any year became ille- Member, id order di.
gal today when Governor Doug-(recjni. Smiln., ,uspension as
last McKay signed the legisla-, ,ecretiiry wa, based on tecnni.
ture's fireworks bill ca, ground, only.
The bill contained an emer-
gency clause, so it become law ,
when the governor signed it. Dld you read th d ,oday
The new law also outlaws the Journal Classified.
bigger and more dangerous
types of fireworks. Small cap
pistols are not affected by the
law, so they can be shot off any
The Governor also signed into
law the $59,000,000 public wel
fare program for the two years
beginning next July 1. It is $10,-
000,000 more than the program
for the current two-year budget
This program contains $28,
S00.000 for old age pensions, or
$3,500,000 more than for the
current biennium.
Governor McKay signed the
bill which requires motorists to
stop when school buses are
loading or unloading.
Accident Fails to Stop
Author from Prize
New York, April 29 U.R A
novel dictated through a wired
Jaw while its architect-author
was recovering from an auto
mobile accident was awarded the
$15,000 first prize today in the
Christophers' book contest.
George Locke Howe, 51. a na
tive of Bristol, R. I., and mem
ber of the architectural firm .of
Howe and Foster, Washington,
iD. C, won the prize with "Call
It Treason," a spy story based
on his experiences as a civilian
intelligence worker.
Portland Eagles
Split with National
Portland, April 29 (UR)Port
land members of the Fraternal
Order of Eagles reported today
a sharp disagreement with the
national organization.
Ray Smith, secretary of the
local aerie, has been suspended
by the national group, they said.
At a lodge meeting last night
the suspension order was pre-
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340 N. High
School Budget Wins
Woodburn, April 29 Voters
at the special school election
Thursday approved by a vote of
198 to 78 the inclusion of $107.
S53 in the school budget which
was outside the 6 percent tax
limitation. The total of the bud
get was $129,450 of which $21 -4fllt
was within the tax limit.
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