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    ?lan Program
For Recreation
A number of agencies affiliat
ed with the Salem Community
Cheat will cooperate next week
In calling attention of the gen
eral public to the camping and
recreational program! to be
sponsored during the summer
months. The agencies participat'
ing include the YWCA, Salva.
tion Army, YMCA, Girl Scouts,
Campfire Girls and Boy Scouts
Gus Moore of the YMCA is
general chairman for the co
operative program. He has
taken the responsibility of show
ing motion pictures of camp life
in the Salem schools. Edna Bag-
nail of the Campfire Girls has
arranged a aeries of PTA meet
ings while Mrs. Esther Little
of the YWCA is in charge of
radio programs over KOCO and
Window displays of large
camps showing the location of
the various camps has been the
responsibility of Howard Higby
of the Boy Scouts.
The YWCA will operate over
night and day camp programs
at Crestwood Acres, nine miles
south of Salem and will spon
sor a number of tours for high
school junior high and and 6th
v graders to various state parks
These tours will be of four-day
duration, Monday through
Girl Scouts will utilize the
facilities of Crestwood Acres but
will have their general outing
period at Smith Creek from July
1 through August 21.
The Campfire Girls will use
Camp Kilowan near Falls City
with Marguerite Emmons as di
rector in charge.
The Boy Scout program calls
for four weeks at Camp Pioneer.
July 10-Aug. 7. The Salvation
Army will use the facilities of
Trestle Glenn on the Clackamas
The YMCA's outing season at
the Silver Creek recreation area
will open June 12 and continue
through Sept. 3.
New York Taxis
Return to Service
New York, April 8 OJ.B.
Taxi service returned to normal
today after John L. Lewis' in
fant taxi union called off its
week-old strike for recognition
Walter Brock, regional direc-l
tor of the taxi workers' organ
izing committee of the United
Mine Workers, directed the few
thousand remaining strikers to
v., return to their Jobs at the rush
hour last night. He said the
walkout had proved that New
York's 36,000 cabbies wanted
the union as their bargaining
Owners of the city's 10,500
taxis hailed Brock's action as an
admission of defeat. When the
strike was called April 1 the
streets were almost cleared of
cabs, but a few thousand return
ed to service each succeeding
day. A. D. Lewis, the union
chief's brother, personally su
pervised the strike.
Frank White Heads
Mutual Broadcasting
Chicago, April 9 W Frank
White, for many years an execu
tive with the Columbia Broad
casting system, is the new pre
sident and director of the Mu
tual Broadcasting system.
His election to the post was
announced at a meeting of the
network's board of directors
yesterday. White, a director of
CBS and president of Columbia
Records, Inc., a CBS affiliate.
will assume his new duties on
May 1.
Boy Pals Killed
In Traffic Accident
Detroit, April 9 (PI Richard
Parrish's mother often warned
him about riding double on his
bicycle with his pal, James Dar
ling, 10.
But it never did any good.
Everyone knew 11 -year -old
Richard and the boy who lived
across the street were insepara
ble, the devoted "buddies" of
the neighborhood.
Yesterday, as they had al
ways played, so they died to
gether. A car struck their bicycle.
Both were killed almost instant
ly. a
Choir Offers Cantata
Hubbard The Rural Dell
chorus will ling the cantata
"Hosannah" (Helton) in the
11:13 Palm Sunday service
in the Hubbard Community
church (Congregational). A
number of new members will
be received.
For Beauty training Ex-r-llent
opportunities are al
ways open to the skilled
beautician. Clantt an now
forming at Salem oldest
and most advanced beauty
school. Call or writ for our
new low rates.
Oregon School of Beauty
11 N. Liberty Ph. SOItt
Berg Moves 600 Pound Rhododendron Hugh Pink Pearl
rhododendron, 18 years old and 10 feet high, moved by Wil
liam Berg from nursery site at 112514 Garnet and Nebraska
streets. Three days were required to dig, ball and tie this
600-pound plant preparatory to moving.
Ask $2500 lor
County Agent
County Agent Harry Riches
and Clifford Smith of the state
extension department at Corval
lis appeared before the county
court Friday on behalf of a spe
cial committee of the county ag
ricultural council to make a date
for appearance before the budget
committee and request an appro
priation of $2500 to pay expenses
for an assistant home demonstra
tion agent which it is hoped will
be added to the force here.
Riches said that the legisla
ture has approved some addi
tional home demonstration work
ers and will pay the salary. He
said women of the county inter
ested in home demonstration
work are urging one here as an
assistant to Miss Eleanor Trin
dle, the demonstration agent.
A special committee tc appear
before the county budget com
mittee in the matter was named
by Rex Hartley, president of the
county agricultural council, and
includes Ivan DeArmand, chair
man; Mrs. Floyd Fox and W. M.
Judge Murphy said It is like
ly that the budget committee will
convene April 19, but the defi
nite date is subject to when the
legislature adjourns so the com
mittee will know what new leg
islation there is to affect its de
cision. He said he would assure
the committee of an appointment
when the budget group meets.
Thye Sees Trouble
For Butter Market
Washington, April 9 )
Senator Thye (R.-Minn.) said
today that repeal of federal tax
es on oleomargarine would de
stroy the butter market unless
congress at the same time pro
hibited interstate shipment of
the yellow product
Thye, in a statement prepared
for the senate finance commit
tee, spoke out against the house
passed oleomargarine bill.
That measure would repeal
the 63-year-old federal levies
on oleomargarine. However, it
would require the product sold
in public eating places to be
identified as such and to be serv
ed in a triangular form.
Thye asked the committee to
approve instead a substitute bill
which he and a group of other
dairy state senators arc sponsor
ing. It would scrap the taxes on
oleo, but ban interstate ship
ment of the yellow product. The
house turned down a similar
Neither the house bill nor
the substitute would affect the
laws of 18 states which prohib
it the sale of yellow oleomargar
ine. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Forester, their son. Ford and
daughter Ellen motored to Bend
recently to visit their son Frank
and family.
One Out of Six
Drivers in Accident
One out of every six Oregon
drivers was involved in a traf
fic accident last year, Secretary
of State Earl T. Newbry said to
day. There were 127,768 drivers In
accidents last year, or 9,471
more than the previous record
of 1946.
Half of the drivers were vio
lating laws at the time of their
accidents, and most had at least
six years of driving experience.
Conference of
Christians, Jews
A Salem committee of the Na
tional Conference of Christians
and Jews was organized Friday
during a group meeting of inter
ested persons. Ford Watkins of
the First National bank, presid
ed and among those in attend
ance were Justice George Ross-
man of the state supreme court:
Rev. Brooks Moore, chairman of
the Salem Ministerial associa
tion on Inter-faith relationships:
Rev. Charles Durden, chairman
of the Salem Ministerial associa
tion progressive group: Rev.
George L. O'Keefe of St. Vincent
de Paul Catholic church; Harry
Weinstein, secretary of Hop
Harvesters, Inc.; Harry Brown
of Brown's Jewelers; Edward
Boring, optometrist; C. A. How
ard, Salem representative for
Equitable Savings and Loan, and
Saul Bloomberg of Sally's.
R. C. Grady, national director
of the conference for Oregon, of
Portland, was a special guest and
assisted in organizing the local
The Salem group will follow
the national plan on a local
basis in promoting understnad
ing and good will between re
ligious faiths and minorities of
Marion county.
Howard, Bloomberg and Wat
kins were elected co-chairmen
representing the Protestant,
Jewish and Catholic faiths, re
spectively. Fatal Gales in Germany
Berlin, April 9 CP) Gales up
to 75-miles-an-hour swept Ger
many yesterday, killing 11 per
sons and making scores home
less. The winds toppled bomb
gutted buildings and forced
evacuation of other war-weakened
In one day, 175,000 gallons
of gasoline are consumed at La
Guardla Field.
Raj Weidners Orch.
Modern and Old Time
Admission 60c
So. 12th & Leslie St.
Over Henry's Market
Permits Issued
For Shop Center
Building permits were Issued
Friday afternoon for two of the
smaller business structures tnat
will be part of the retail shop
ping center on North Capitol
street, a Pacific Mutual Life In
surance company project.
The two buildings, each of
one story, will be at 440 and 450
North Capitol, and cost a total
of $62,000.
More sub-contracts for the
Kress building, now going up on
the project, were announced
Saturday. They are: Plumbing,
heating, ventilating and air con
ditioning, W. R. Ramson & Sons,
Salem: toilet partitions, Henry
W e i s , Portland; transformer
vault iron work and miscellan
eous iron work, Portland Wire
and Iron Works. Portland; elec
trical work. Electric Corpora
tion, Salem; glass and glazing
Morehouse Glass company, Port
land; ceramic tile floors. Oregon
Art Tile company, Portland.
Other building permits Satur
day: Martin Geiger, to alter
H4-story office building at 3205
Portland road, $2000. Kenneth
Burnett, to build a 1 Vi -story
dwelling and garage at 1890
North 24th, $ 8 5 0 0. Lowell E
Webber, to build a one-story
dwelling at 685 North 16th, $10,
000. Harry L. Ness, to build a
one-story dwelling at 1870 South
Capitol, $6300. Ellis Britton, to
build a garage at 3153 Cooke,
Sign Rights of Way
For Silverfon Road
County Engineer Hedda Swart
reported to the county court
Saturday that first actual steps
toward securing right of way for
the new Silverton road location
between Stephen's corners, end
of the present federal fund im
provement, to McClaine street,
just inside the city limits of Sil
verton resulted in four owners
signing up for the sections of
right of way from their places
with no cost to the county ex
cept the installation of fencing.
There are about 15 or 16 owner
ships involved in the between
three and four miles of new
roadway involved.
The county court has a tenta
tive agreement with a group
from Silverton that the new
right of way inside the city from
McClaine street across to a
point near the depot will be se-
cured by interests in the city. No I
work has been done on this as
yet as descriptions have not yet
been received from the highway
department which will have ac
tual charge of building the road.
Wayne Strachan's
Hood and Church Sti.
Enjoy the Best Dance
Floor In Salem
Join the Crowd
4 Miles North on
Portland Hiway
Glenn Woodry'g
10-piece band
Smooth 5,000 ft. floor
Admission only 8,'ie
Students 60c
Stan Girls Free be fort
Academy Candidate Miss
Patricia O'Connor, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Francis O'Con
nor of Stayton, who is the
Sacred Heart Academy's can
didate for the royal court for
the 1949 Cherryland Festival.
The court is to be selected at
Princess Selection Night at
the Salem high school the
night of April 21. (Jesten
Miller photo)
Counties Receive
Highway Monies
Oregon counties received state
highway fund apportionments
today totaling $1,292,315.
The amount is 19 per cent of
the highway fund receipts dur
ing the three months ended
March 31.
The counties also received
$14,810 in amusement tax col
lections. They are 40 per cent
of the tax receipts during the
first three months of this year.
Bataan Marchers March
Hollywood, April 9 W Sur
vivors of the infamous Bataan
death march marched again last
night this time under the
bright lights of Hollywood bou
levard. The Bataan veterans or
ganization is holding a three
day convention. Membership
totals 4o6o men and women.
When You
Think of
Think of
And when you think of New
York Life think of
Waif Wadhams
578 Rose St.
Salem. Oregon
Phone 27930
"If Ilka etU Wall
Tommy and His
West Coast
The West Coast's Most
Popular Dance Band
Woodburn Armory
You'll Get Better
Snapshots with
ti - i iiW J
Verichrome Film
It "getii the picture"
in sunshine or shade.
Then see us for ex
pert photo finishing.
Stop in today.
Drug Store
Slats & Liberty Sis.
Public Health
School Plans -
A health conference for chil
dren in the Woodburn area who
plan to enter the first grade next
fall will be held in Woodburn
next Tuesday. Woodburn physi
cians, the Marlon county depart
ment of health and the Wood
burn volunteer health organiza
tions will conduct the confer
ence from 9 a.m. to noon and
from 1 to 3 p.m.
Other activities for next week
under the direction of the coun
ty health department will in
Monday: Immunization for
children at health department,
10 a.m. to noon and 3 to 5 p.m.;
physical exams for first graders
at Turner in the Masonic build
ing. 1 to 3 p.m.
Tuesday: Dental clinic for 1st
and 2nd graders at Middle
Grove, 9 to noon.
Wednesday: Dental clinic for
1st and 2nd graders at Rickey,
9 a.m. to noon; immunization
clinic at St. Mary's school, Mt.
Angel 9 a.m. to noon.
Thursday: Well baby confer
ence at health department by
appointment, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Friday: Immunization clinic
at Union school, 9 a.m. to noon;
immunization for adults at
health department 10 a.m. to
naan and 3 to 5 p.m.; food and
milk handler exams, 8:30 a.m.
to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.
Saturday: Immunizations for
children and adults at health de
partment 9 to 11:30 a.m.
Old Time and Modern
Music by Pop Edwards
Admission 60c Including tax
for food
from now on
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Electric Home Freeier, you can
buy in large quantities when
foods are in season . . .
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Drop in and let us show you
how much money you really
can save! Aik us about 10-DAY
Bloch Electric Co.
205 Oak St Silverton
Capital Journal. Salem. Orecon, Saturday, April 9, 1949 3
Portland Tax
Hits Vancouver
Vancouver, Wash., April 9 Wi
Portland's proposed tax on its
non-resident workers would
take $25,000 to $50,000 annually
out of Vancouver. is the estimate of local
officials. Jack McDonnell, man
ager of the local employment
security office, took a mid-way
position with an estimate that
1,500 Vancouver residents would
pay $37,500.
The proposed tax is $25 an
nually for all persons who work
in Portland but live outside the
municipality. It is one of the
large number of revenue-producing
ordinances prepared for
the Portland council.
McDonnell said he estimated
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Goldie's Dress Shop afiS
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Keller District
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1 I dc
earned three timet what
do now, we couldn't hava
better food at our table.
"Now we have chicken, beef,
lamb, corn on the -cob, straw
berries and Ice cream much
more often than we uied to!
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turvrim because we found a
new way to shop. Wa buy at
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srason, and put our barns ins
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, Pi? y or ft , , , & 11
about 500 to 600 Portlanden
work in Vancouver.
Finance Commissioner George
Hutton said he would look into
the possibility of Vancouver
passing a retaliatory tax. He
said a number of Vancouver
merchants live in Portland and
some Portland firms make deliv
eries in Vancouver. These, too,
might be considered in the re
taliatory measure, he said.
Every Saturday Night
Over Western Auto
259 Court St
Join the crowd and hava
a good time.
Music By
Admission 60c, Inc. Tax
spring blouses. 32-40.
tripe 4 gore slips. 32-46.
each 1.98 oi
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brief. S-M-L. fvW
59c or 2 for 1.00 VN
choice 3 shades. 9-10Vi
98c J
Open 10-7 .
4.75 Per Week
After Down Payment
tUfiTltill.HTll 1 I IllllllSlillSlllllll
Phen 3157
632 Court Si.
. in'. "