Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 07, 1949, Page 23, Image 23

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J4 Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon, Thursday, April 7, 1849
Los Angeles Optometrist' Admits
Acting as a Spy for Russia
Ottawa. April 7 U.R Dr. M. M. Krieger, a Los Angeles optome
trist, said under oath Wednesday that he acted with the Soviet
embassy in Washington to spy on the United States' war effort.
Krieger testified as a surprise'"
vitness against Sam Carr, al
leged chief of a Soviet espion
age conspiracy in Canada.
Carr, a former national or
ganizer of the Canadian com
munist party, is charged with
conspiring to obtaii, a forged
passport which later was used
by Ignacy Witczak, internation
al spy suspect.
" Krieger, one of 12 witnesses
in the crown's case against Carr.
said he was introduced to the
Bussian embassy by Witczak.
; Krieger testified that he first
met Witczak at the University
qf Southern California in 1038
The two struck ud acquaintance
He said Witczak, whose
whereabouts are unknown,
wanted to send him to China
or Japan to conduct Red espion
age. This was called off because
of war in the far east, he said
Witczak then contacted Krie
ger in the fall of 1940, the lat
ter said. "He told me how to
contact the Russian embassy in
Krieger said he did spy work
for the Russian embassy until
1943. Witczak offered to set up
an optometrist's office for him,
to be used as a front.
Krieger laid he was told that
the office was paid for by
money from the Soviet Union
The Los Angeles optometrist
also admitted he received
money from Witczak for his
work, and had signed a pledge
to serve the Soviet Union.
Carr pleaded innocent earlier
in the trial to charges he con
spired with Soviet officials to
obtain a forged passport.
If convicted, Carr would face
a maximum penalty of seven
years imprisonment.
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