Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 06, 1949, Page 17, Image 17

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    Reinforcements for Mike Michael Rector, 4, fighting for
his life since 70 per cent of his body was burned last Novem
ber 12, meets Marine Pfc. John Finger, 22, of Lancaster, Pa.
Finger has volunteered to give skin for Michael's sivtn graft
ing operation in a Washington, D C, hospital. (AP Wire-photo)
Mail-Order Catalog Starts 'Run'
j On Behind-the-lron-Curtain Point
j Washington (P) An American mail order catalog touched
off a lot of excitement in the the capital of communist-run
f Yugoslavia recently.
Everybody, it seemed, wanted to order something from it.
The story came out when the house appropriations commit
tee made public testimony on a bill to supply money for state
department operations. ,
The (Sears, Roebuck) catalog was put on the table of the
American information library in Belgrade. A report from the
U. S. embassy there added:
"Before 10 days had gone by people were forming lines go
ing around the block, waiting to see this catalog. It upset the
whole operations of the library."
Dollar drafts up to $6 each were legal and the bank was
wamped with applications of people who wanted to put in
orders. The bank finally banned the drafts.
East Salem School Program
Offered by Drama Talent
East Salem, April 8 A special community program is planned
for Auburn district Friday night at 8 o'clock at the school house
Members of the Salem high school drama class will present three
short playlets and there will be parts taken in the program by
some of the local school children. Refreshments will be on sale
by the Mother's club
Over $50 was cleared at the
box social given by the Asso
ciated clubs of Middle Grove at
the school house Friday night.
Manv new residents of the com
munity were welcomed and the
following numbers for a pro
gram: slight of hand and vpntril-
oquist entertainment by Mr. Dot
son of Salem; numbers by a
chorus of school children from
Central Howell school under the
leadership of Mrs. Sanders, their
teacher; a humorous reading by
Mrs. Teddy Howe; a piano solo
by Henry Sprick, and several
numbers by an instrumental
trio, "The Men About Town,"
Ralph Wagers, Gordon Winch-
omb and Al Finn playing a cor
net, base viol and electric guitar.
Boxes for the refreshment hour
were auctioned off by T Sudtell.
The 4-H cooking clubs of Mid
dle Grove held their regular
meeting at the school house Mon
day night with Mrs. John Cage,
their leader, presiding. A prac
tice demonstration in cake bak
ing was given by Joane Fabry
and Shirley Page, and demon
strations in table setting were
Plans were made for the local
achievement program to be given
as part of the April community
club program, when the girls
will have on display their ex
hibits: muffins, cakes and scrap
book. Tentative plans were
made for a dinner meeting at the
home of Joyce Kuenzi, later in
the month.
Girls attending were Joane
Fabry,' Shirley Page, Deanne
Dickey, Rosemary Slimak, Lora
Lee Holman, Sharon Chamber
lain, Dcna Lou Kleen, Marie
Hammer, Doris Reynolds, Sue
Anglin, Yvonne Goode, Yvonne
Miller and guests, Mrs Albert
Fabry and Mrs. C. L. Reynolds.
All 4-H club members are to
Kings Valley
Lost Province
Lack of direct mail service
between Kings Valley and Cor
vallis is making that area the
"lost province" of Benton coun
ty, according to J. M. Graham,
postmaster, who says that most
of the 185 voters who registered
at the last election are going
elsewhere for "outside services"
such as visits to the doctor, den
tist and theaters or just plain
shopping. The bulk of this trade
goes to Salem, Dallas, Indepen
dence or Monmouth, he says.
Mail from Corvallis to the
Kings Valley postoffice usually
takes "about three days," he
says, or at least second class
matter does, because It is routed
through Monmouth. All this
could be changed, Graham be
lieves, by the inauguration of a
direct mail route from Corvallis
to Kings Valley via Philomath
and Wren.
Though Corvallis is the coun
ty seat for the valley, it has paid
little or no attention to- the
Kings Valley area for 25 years,
Graham declares.
Dozen Grandparents
For Marilee McGuffin
Marilee, the 17-monlh-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
nie McGuffin, Aumsville route
1. is well supplied with grand
parents. 'in fact, with five generations
in the family she can count, or
will be able to count in the near
future, a total of 12.
Paternal grandparents are
Mr. and Mrs. John McGuffin,
Aumsville, great grandparents,
Mrs. Bertha Wade, Albany Mrs.
Nancy McGuffin, Vancouver
Wash., an Alex McGuffin, Port
land. Maternal grandparents are Mr.
and Mrs. Arden Hammer, Aums
ville; great grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. Raleigh Hammer,
Aumsville and Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Billings, Salem and great
great grandfather, H. B. Condit,
Mrs. Coburn Surprised
Dayton Mrs. Earle Coburn
was surprised when her former
sister-in-law, Mrs. Oscar Wood
ward of Los Angeles Calif.,
dropped in Thursday night. She
had been called to Portland by
the death of her brother, George
Kidd. It had been 21 years since
Mrs. Woodward had been here.
On Friday the women went to
Monmouth to visit Mrs Coburn 's
mother, Mrs Claretta Donaldson,
and sister, Mrs. Rosalie Andrus.
Guests Ashford Home
Lincoln Recent dinner guests
at the Lincoln home of Mr. and
Mrs. H. W. Ashford during
spring vacation were students
from O. S. C, George Strachan
Louise Anderson and the Ash
ford's daughter and son, Gene
vieve and Jason, and from Wil
lamette University. Ed Wilford
and Grace Ashford.
Family Dinner Served
Dayton Mr. and Mrs. Earle
Coburn, Colleen and Robert,
enjoyed a family dinner at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Mar
ion O'Brien at Dallas. The occa
sion being the 83rd birthday of
Mrs. Claretta Donaldson, and
baby Sharen O'Brien, who was
two months old. Others present
besides the honor guests were
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Andrus of
Monmouth. Mrs. Coburn and
Mrs. Andrus are daughters of
Mrs. Donaldson and Mrs
O'Brien is a daughter of Mrs
Andrus. The afternoon ' was
spent showing movies of vari
ous trips taken by the O'Briens
School Plans Program
Lafayette Children of the
grade school will hold an ama
teur hour program at the gym
nasium on the night of April 8
There will also be out-of-school
talent represented.
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. casual JIL
have their record books in the
hands of their leaders by April
13 as the leaders must turn them
into the office by the 18th, in
preparation for the spring show.
Offer Too Alluring
Unionvale Mr. and Mr
Russell Teachout and daughter
Janet Lee are leaving Wednes
day by automobile for Valen
tine, Nebr., for their future
home. They had made plans to
leave Seattle, Wash., at once
by airplane for a six months em
ployment at fisheries in Cor
dova, Alaska, when he received
long distance telephone call
Friday from his uncle in Ne
braska to come at once to he
made assistant manager in a
large implement store.
9 Girls Now in
Princess Race
Nine Marion and Polk county
high school senior girls now
have had their names submit
ted for the Princess Selection
Night contest, which will be
held April 21, to choose the
royal court for the 1949 Cherry
land Festival.
Latest to join the group was
Dixie Davenport, 17-year-old
senior at the Turner high school
The Turner entree, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Davenport of
Turner is the first red-head in
the groifp. With her auburn hair
she has blue eyes. Dixie is, also
the tallest girl in the group to
date, standing five feet and
seven inches tall. She weighs
152 pounds.
Born at Syracuse, Kans., Miss
Davepnort, who has two broth
ers and one sister, has resided at
her present address for the past
10 years. She is taking the gen
eral course at high school and
plans to enter Portland Univer
sity next year. Her high school
activities have included editor
of the annual, member of the
student council, membership in
the GAA, the Girls Octet and
the ulee and participation in
the senior play.
The remaining schools plan
ning to have representatives at
the April 21 contest have until
noon Monday, April 11, to sub
mit their names to C. P. Reaney
who heads the Cherrian com
mittee in charge of Princess Se
lection night. Reaney can be
contacted at the Senator Hotel,
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Capital Journal, Salem. Ore., Wednesday, April S, 1913 17
Group Plans Program
Lincoln A miscellaneous
Easter program is to be present
ed at Spring Valley Home mis
sionary society, at the home of
Mrs. Henry J. Neiger, Thursday
afternoon at 2 o'clock. Co-hostesses
will be Mrs. Elwood
Cooper. Mrs. C. F. Merrick Mrs.
Ivan Merrick and Mrs. Lois
Gervais Miss Ruth Jones of
Klamath Falls has been visiting
this week with her brother and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Jones, and also attending tho
Oregon Education Association
convention in Portland.
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