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    16 Capital Journal, SaTcm, Ore., Wednesday, 'April 6, 1949
'700 SKINNY'
I Ik's " Jv
Current Crop of Film Sirens
Don't- Interest Indian Chief
Hollywood U.R) A full-fledged Indian chief squinted his eagle
eye at movieland's current crop of sirens today and decided they'd
make lousy squaws every last one oi em.
And If he
Mercy Flight Ends Private Kenneth W. Collier, Jr., 18, of
Urbana, O., Is removed from Coast Guard PBM at South San
Francisco, Calif., after being returned to mainland from the
Yokohama bound USAT Gen. Greeley, where It was discov
ered that he was suffering from a ruptured appendix and
peritonitis. He was transferred to the flying boat 700 miles
out of San Francisco and was rushed to Letterman General
hospital for an emergency operation when the plane landed at
South San Francisco. (Acme Telephoto)
Final Club Project
Featuring Sewing
North Spring Valley The
4-H sewing club of North
Spring Valley is starting on its
final project of the year under
the leadership of Mrs. Harvey
McLaughlin, who is also advi
sor, Mrs. F. F. Waldron and
Mrs. Joe Nelke. Club meetings
are held at the homes of mem
bers and leaders.
In the fourth year are Donna
McLaughlin and Macyle Mc
Klnney; third, Ruth Carlson,
Betty Rose Nelke, Eleanor Wal
dron, Ruth Ann Susmilch and
Phyllis McKinney; second, Di
ana Nelke, Janice Merrick and
Constance Bernard.
Wright Home Scene
Of Surprise Party
Brooks Mrs. Lona Lowery,
Mrs. Edith Page and Mrs. Ella
Lea were hostesses for a surprise
party honoring Lowman Wright
on his birthday anniversary at
the Wright home recently.
Retreshmant wtr. rrvl to Mr. unci
Mrs. Waldo Lowery, Mr. Robrrt Fills,
Ml Jonn Fills, Mr. siwl Mm. Albert
Ksrla, Mr. Ma Pane, Mis Donna Wlilalit,
Mr. end Mr. Ernssl Wood end Shirley,
Mr. end Mr. Mike Lnwery end Dannie,
Mr. and Mri. Dewey Lowery, Mri. Jack
LeMay. Mr. and Mri. Elmer Borstad.
Merita and Larry. Mr. and Mre. Fred
Lea. Mr. and Mre. W. H. Burrlliht. Paul
and Dennis. Mr. and Mri. Andrew Nellton,
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Jarkson and
Lonnle, Mr. and Mre. Ernest Pa.e, Jan
Ice. Lonnle and Terry, Mr. and Mre.
Ilali'h Lea. Mr. and Mr. , Cecil Wright
end Sandra. Mr. O. W. Wright, Mrs.
Norma Jean Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. Dean
Lowery and Jlmmie, Mr. and Mrs. Dave
Wright, Mr. and Mr. Charlie Karl.
David end Lloyd. Mr. and Mr. Aiidle
Earls, Mr. and Mrs. James Ward. Oary
and Jlmmie, Mr. and Mr. Oreil Lowery.
rlrglnla MBeFhcrsan
North Spring Valley Mrs.
Joe Wilwert has returned from
Portland where she was a pa
tient at a hospital. Mrs. Wil
wert's condition Is much im
proved and she Is able to re
ceive visitors.
weren't a col
lege graduate
added Chief
Nee-hah - pouw
S t r o n gheart
he'd probably
say "ugh."
Girls like
L a n a Turner
Rita Hayworth
and Betty
Grable may
have the pale
face romeos panting . . but they
don't set any Indian braves to
dreaming of teepees and papooses.
"They're too skinny," Chief
Strongheart complained. "We
like our squaws pleasingly
plump. Those Hollywood
skeletons couldn't even do a good
day's work around the village."
They're also too "artificial" to
suit marriage-minded Indians,
the Chief went on.
Women in our tribes held a
spiritual place in our affections."
he explained. "They are the life
bearers. And as such we respect
and honor them. There is no
such thing as easy divorce in tri
bal law."
Hollywood beauties who
smear on new mouths with lip
sticks, paint on rosy cheeks, and
pretty up their eyelashes with
black goo are, he says, replusive
to Indian bachelors.
"They could walk down the
middle of our villages and the
Braves wouldn't give them
Well, maybe they'd look, he
admitted. Indians are "human,
after all." But he couldn t think
of more than two or three gla
mour girls who'd rate a marriage
proposal from a redskin.
"We call the rest of them
'magpies' or 'crows,' " Chief
Strongheart said. "They talk too
loud, drink too much, smoke too
many cigarettes, and change
too often to fit our standards of
Musical Entertainment
Boosts Uniform Funds
Amity The minstrel show
was a decided success as an
entertainment feature as well
the proceeds which added
nearly $100 to the "band uni
form fund."
The next musical event
scheduled is the spring concert
April 15. The high school cho
rus, and band will present their
concert numbers. The high
school band will appear for the
first time in the new uniforms
The grade school band expects
to hold rehearsal with grade
school bands of Sheridan and
Tree Planting Has
Start at Mr. Angel
Mt. Angel, April 5 Property
owners along College street
from Main to St. Mary church
have planted red hawthorne
trees along both sides of the
street. The plan was recently
suggested by Mayor Joseph
Berchtold and he and Bert Eb
ner canvassed the district. Each
of the tree is six' '
were arranged f;
Berchtold with by "aj
owners paying fojJ Pr?"fhy Y
er street and a "l' An
will be added 4" var,ct1
fitv-wirie beauP lne
gram next year.
fication pro-
About 41 milli, . ,
. cars, trucks
and buses are bei, '
.... g used in the
nation today.
- MeOcaT Test Pro red This
wen to Keueve nun
Are yon troubled by dint rem of fe
miele function, monthly dUturb
incea? Dom this) mtke you luffer
from pain, feel to rumouj, weak,
blgh-trung t such tlmea? Then
do try Lydln K. Plnkham'B Vegetable
Compound to relieve such ay nip
torus I In a recent medical test thli
proved remarkably helpful to wom
en troubled this way. Any drugntore.
1.1 win 1m iniuirun w uimruuiui
Hatrebergs Hosts
Minnesota Guests
Silverton For the pleasure
of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ner
ness of Winder, Minn., Mr. and
Mrs. M. O. Hatteberg entertain
ed at their home.
The visitors have been house
guests of the Ray Dullums. Mrs.
Dullum is a sister of Nerness.
They are enroute home from
spending the winer in Arizona.
Additional guests at the Hatte
berg home were the Dullums,
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Satern, Mr.
and Mrs. Edwin Hatteberg and
Mrs. Anna Jensen, -formerly of
Silverton and visiting here from
her home in Seattle.
: ah. -aR
Let the Ayes
Have It!
It.-,. ..A WZ.Jafl 1 -tl
7'.rw w MW aeai ae im
Dr. E. E. Boring UptOmeTriStS Or. Sam Hughe
. . . In other words, say "yes" to wearing glasses when you
need them. They're beautifully styled to compliment your
features. Examination by an expert.
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1425 Edge Water St.
On Salem-Dallas Hiway
Phone 2-5456
Weds Viennese Sweetheart Harold W. J. Brant of Chica
go smiles at his Viennese bride, Dora Kratoschka, after their
marriage in the Vienna Lutheran Chnrch. Brant was dis
charged from Salburg stockade after serving 90 days for ci
garette smuggling while serving as civilian employe of U.S.
Army. Brant renounced his U.S. citizenship but later with
drew his oath of renunciation. He was given special permis
sion to stay in country for wedding and will be returned to
U.S. under armed escort. His wife's visa to enter the U.S. has
not yet been approved. (AP Wirephoto via radio from Vienna)
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