Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 04, 1949, Page 13, Image 13

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Alaska Bush Pilot Tells
Of Six Days in Wreckage
Dr. Theo. Kratt
Gleemen Sing
Here April 22
The Eugene Gleemen, civil
male chorus, will present a for
mal concert at the high school
auditorium April 22 as a joint
benefit for the Salem Lions
club and the Englewood parent
teacher association, with Burr
Miller, general chairman for the
sponsoring group.
Members of the various spon
soring groups are assisting in
preparations and will have tick
ets for the concert.
The Gleeman, with 70 voices
is a strictly non-profit civic co
operative group, now singing its
23rd consecutive session and its
appearance here will mark well
over its 100th formal concert.
Dr. Theodore Kratt, dean of
the school of music at the Uni
versity of Oregon, is the di
rector with Stacey Green, also
a member of the un'versity fac
ulty, accompanist. The program
will have a wide variety of selections.
Pin Is Removed
From Baby's Lung
Chicago U.R) Doctors said to
day that 17-month-old Donna
Lee Stier was "recovering nice
ly" from an operation to remove
a common straight pin from her
right lung.
The baby swallowed the pin
two weeks ago at the home of
her parents in Spokane, Wash.
Her father, Donald H. Stier, a
jf railroad fireman, brought her
here by plane when she develop
ed a coughing spell.
The pin was removed through
a long tube inserted down the
throat and into the lung.
Anchorage. Alaska (U.R) An Al:
an attractive girl passenger who :
Alaska "kept my courage up and
ing the six days the pair spenty
trapped in the plane s wreck-1
Mail Pilot Jim Scott. 38. and
Mary Nicholson, 29, were
brought here Tuesday night by
Pilot Don Wren, who rescued
them Saturday.
Scott was flying from Clark's
point to Dillingham bringing
Miss Nicholson out for a visit
when his engine cut out and
he was forced to crash land.
Wren flew In and brought them
out after they had lived in the
wreckage for six harrowing
We came down in deep
snow," Scott said, "washing out
the landing gear and breaking
the propellor. Mary suffered
some bad cuts and bruises and
was hit hard on the head when
we nosed up," he said.
"The radio apparently was
knocked out of commission be
cause we couldn't raise any
Scott said they had never
been marooned before, but
added, "there's a first time for
everything and this was the
first time for us.
"Marv wasn't worried a bit,1
Scott said. "She seemed to
know just what to do and she
didn't get a bit excited at all.
I had only one sleeping bag
aboard the plane which I gave
the girl and I made a covering
out of a piece of canvas in the
He said that Miss Nicholson
constructed a shelter out of
snow and canvas that "looked
like an igloo to me, but was
warm." The pair existed on
emergency rations and melted
snow for drinking water, he re
"I would have been ashamed
to show any worry with her
around," he smiled ruefully
"After we stood by in the
plane for five days and nobody
came near us, we decided to
start hiking. Mary said she
thought there was a cabin near
by and we had just started out
to try and find it when Don
Wren buzzed us. We went back
to the plane and he landed the
next day," Scott said.
The couple were taken to
Dillingham, Alaska, Monday,
and brought here for medical
examination and treatment.
aska bush pilot has related how
rash landed with him in remote
taught me how to survive" dur-
Returning From Hawaii
Oak Point Mrs. Hattie
Black is expected to return
home April 1 after spending the
past six weeks in Honolulu the
guest of her son Lieut. Col.
Kenneth H. Black and family
Alexander Schreiner
Noted Organist
At Linfseld
"Of all the formulas devised
to bring about a successful life,"
Alexander Schreiner, famous
organist at the Tabernacle says,
"the combination of school and
church is the one with magic
Schreiner believes that re
ligion coupled with a liberal
education is a good guarantee
of a successful life.
He sljould know, for he has
been around schools and
churches all of his life and has
observed the interplay of these
two great forces of character
Schreiner is a member of Phi
Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi,
honorary scholastic fraternities.
He married a Phi Kappa Phi.
His younger son at 7 was or
ganist for a Sunday school and
also manipulated a typewriter
in approved business college
manner. His other son, at 9
also typed and was beginning
his career as the small-business
man of the community,
Schreiner is author of "Organ
Voluntaries" Volumes I and II.
Both are best selling books for
church organists.
Schreiner will be heard in re
cital on April 14 at Linficld col
lege, McMinnville. This will
be his only appearance in this
section of the nation. Tickets
are available from the college
ANickle's Worth of Candy
Dillon, S. C. (U.R) An eight-year-old Negro boy was in jail
because he tried to buy a nickle's worth of candy.
But instead of paying cash for it, he offered a store clerk a
Officers who held him with
Older Girls
Sessions Dated
Seeking the Truth" has been
chosen as the theme of the 36th
annual Oregon older girls' con
ference to be held May 13, 14
and 15 at the Atkinson Memor
ial Congregational church in
Oregon City. The first confer
ence was also held in Oregon
City in 1913.
This organization has the dis
tinction of being one of the old
est girls' conferences in the
United States that has met con
seeutively through the years.
The Oregon Council of
Churches officially sponsors the
group which is interdenomina'
tional and inter-racial in prac
tice. Girl leaders from church
and other youth groups In Ore
gon are invited to attend as delegates.
Dr. E. W. Warrington, head of
the religion department at Ore
gon State college, will be the
main speaker at the meeting.
His talks will be based upon dif
ferent phases of the general theme
"Seeking the Truth." Following
each of his topics, discussion
roups will be held in which all
girls will participate.
These discussion groups are:
Adventures in color (race rela
tions): education, adventures in
knowing God better; home rela
tionships: boy-girl relations:
community building and world
Donna Lingo, Oregon State
college, is president of this year's
Director of the 1949 confer
ence is Mrs. Dulcina Brown El
liott, Eugene. Mrs. Catherine
Lyons Somers, Portland, is as
sistant director, and Dean Frceda
Hartzfeld, Lewis and Clark,
heads the advisory board.
Other adult leaders who will
work with the Wanjii at the dis
cussions include Miss Martna
Morton, assistant dean of women
at OSC: Mrs. Lee Owen Stone,
St. Philip's Episcopal church,
Portland; Mrs. Tracy Johnson,
director of Memorial Union
building, Oregon State college;
Miss Mary Grubbs, director of
youth work and music at First
Congregational church Eugene;
Miss Fontelle Sybouts, director
student Christian House Corval-
lis: Mrs. Jo Tate Brown, Mt
Tabor Presbyterian church,
Portland; and Mrs. Catherine
Somers, Fremont Methodist
church, Portland.
Emblems Won
By FFA Youths
Members of the Salem chap
ter of Future Farmers of Amer
ica did not do very well at the
21st annual convention which
closed Saturday at the Tillamook
naval base with 2800 delegates
attending representing an in
vestment by the young farmers
of $901,545.
Don Bassett, Salem, took
first place on his record book
project while the chapter was
awarded a bronze emblem under
the Earl R. Cooley award for
the best agricultural program
Amity received a gold award
and Newberg a silver award.
Others winning bronze emblems
were Woodburn. Independence
and Perrydale. The G e r v a 1 s
chapter was admitted to mem
bership in the'association.
Bob Estoup, McLoughlin, was
named president, succeeding Bob
Kouns, Albany. Duane Drushel
la, Albany, was named treasurer.
District advisers include Richd
Schoenborn, upper Willamette,
and Howard Bennett, lower Wil
lamette. Roe McDaniels. Red
mond, was named star farmer
for 1948. Richard Pedranli,
Newberg, look first place in the
public speaking contest and the
McMinnville chapter was judged
best in the stale parliamentary
Ingram Accused of
Enticing Girl 16
Topeka, Kan., April 4 (U.RI
Rex Ingram, well known Negro
stage actor known best for his
Dortraval nf "Dp T.awH" in l,o
Green Pastures, faced arraign-i
meni in tederal court today on
charges of enticing a 16-year-old
Salina, Kan., girl to New Yorki Capital Journal, Salem, Orei;on, Monday, April 4, 194913
for immoral purposes.
Lester Luther. U. S. district'eome here to testify if the actorlis now at the Industrial school
attorney, said Ingram would be pleads innocent.
cnargea, also, Willi sending lewd
letters through the mail.
The actor was expected to
plead innocent on both counts.
In that case his trial will be set
for April 11, Luther said.
Janette Ann Hughes, the
white teenager who allegedly
flew to New York twice to meet
Ingram in hotel rooms, will
Miss Hughes j for girls at Beloit, Kan.
I, W7U?
i So Pure, T'YspUn
b"'fn. World" "
. B ft HIM 'III ,"ke' 50
Artificial lures or "flies" were
used as early as 300 A.D., ac
cording to the writings of Ael
ian, a Macedonian. '
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Fred Meyer Drug
out charge pending a hearing
said the lad told this story:
On his way to school yester
day, he found a post office box
key. Going to the post office,
he opened a box with the key
and found a letter. The letter
contained a check.
The check, payable to a Dil
lon auto sales firm, was for
Wheatland Mrs. Fred C
Slockhoff of the Wheatland dis
trict has been notified that her
mother, Mrs. R. M. Rickey of
Kansas City, Kan., has been
called to the bedside of ' her
brother, Ray Cameron. 64. seri
ously ill at Glendaie Calif.
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