Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, March 31, 1949, Page 16, Image 16

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    1J Cspltal Journal, Salem, Ore., Thursday, March 31, 1949
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fpj fin fni fo) r
Lasting Gleam
for Porcelain,
Enamel, Tile
"GLASS WAX," the astonishing
Gold Seal pink chemical, in the an
swer to keeping bathrooms spar
kling clean.
Such simple care to restore the
glistening beauty of porcelain tuba
and basins . , . tile walls and floors
. . . enamel, chrome, and stainless
steel fixtures! Mirrors and glass
hower stalls, too, are cleaned
quickly and easily with "GLASS
WAX." No more back-breaking
scrubbing just wipe "GLASS
WAX" on, wipe it off. No more
(earring abrasives . . . "GLASS
WAX" Is safely gentle.
Invisible Flint Guards Lustre
And remember, too, that
"GLASS WAX" leaves its crystal
clear protective film on every gleam
ing surface. This means longer-lasting
beauty, easier future cleaning.
So be aure to use pink "GLASS
WAX," the Gold Seal Co.'s sensa
tional glass and metal cleaner in the
pink can.
Brighter Bathrooms
'GLASS WAX" around the house.
No other cleaner brightens bathroom
fixture o quickly, so effortlessly,
n lastingly.
Local Gold Seal
Sales Office
The salen office of the Gold
Seal Company, makers of
"GLASS WAX," is located at
1203 First Ave., South. Seattle,
Wn. Telephone Main 4513.
Wartime Chemical Discovery!
! T' "at. ofJlrT r
(jf GOLD :A
! VrSEAL 3)
lOLAM WAX"ta ft ftileri trtrnmrk nd
It tb cicIunt property i Gold Company.
Cleans 30
Host of Letters Laud "GLASS WAX"
As Miracle
These unsolicited comment are
a few of the hundreds Hint pour in
tc the Gold Seal Company offices
every day. Full name and address
of any writer may be had from the
Gold Seal Chicago office.
1 have never been as excited
about a labor saver as I am about
t his one. I have 90 windows in my
home that sparkle, thanks to
'GLASS WAX.' So easy, and the
results nre perfect." Mrs. A. G. B.
"Never in my 35 years of keep
ing house, has any silver polish
For Cleaning Glass and Metalware
jf , ,
Quick, Easy, Neat To Use
For All Housecleaning
equalled 'GLASS WAX' "Mrs.
K. H. H.
"After forty years searching for
relief from cloudy windows after
taking the trouble to wash them,
I've tried 'GLASS WAX' and find
it superb. The shine is something
unheard of." Mrs. M. A.
"Let me tell you how thrilled I
am about 'GLASS WAX.' I have
silver on which I had tried at least
five different polishes and cleaners.
Never did it look real clean. Now,
with 'GLASS WAX,' with one rub
No rubbing or
Crystal clear film
Safe for hands
Never streaks
No disagreeable odor
There h only one
5 NT
M quart
$2.95 GALLON
p.o. bin
'HA88 fflffl
Kinds of
or two, it is beautiful." Mrs. A. T.
After making my windows and
mirrors sparkling clean, mv biggest
surprise 'with 'GLASS WAX was
when 1 used it on a badly soiled
toaster. It looks like new." Mrs.
V. S.
'I used vour 'GLASS WAX
this morning and I'm wild about it.
Chrome, electric utensils, picture
glass, mirrors, plastic radio, class
d resser tops, faucets in fact every
thing ot that nature just glistens in
no time at all, and no effort. No
damage to my hands and finger nails
ana that is important to a secre
tary who works in an office."
Miss H. K.
"Calling 'GLASS WAX' the
miracle cleaner is the understate
ment of the vear. Bought mv first
can last week and started on my
windows and mirrors. Well, vou
know the usual result. But when 1
started using it on my sterling flat
ware that is eighteen years old, and
uncleanahle pewterware and
saw the sparkling newness return,
it was simply amazing. Mrs. B.
R. S.
"When vour advertisement on
'GLASS WAX' first appeared I
said, 'That's for me' for I have
twenty-two windows, many mir
rors, plenty of chromium, enameled
surfaces and silverware to polish.
Well, right m the can of OLi Aha
WAX' 1 bought is the answer to
all that hard work. Believe me, it's
marvelous! Mv windows fthino lit-p
diamonds and 1 can wash them all
of them) in less than one-half the
time it took me before. Mrs. I. H.
"Besides making t hings shine like
T've never seen before, 'GLASS
WAX' saves me the bother of car
rying my mirrors and bnc-a-brac
to the kitchen when they're dirtv.
I iust clean them all in the living-
room or wherever they are, and
never have any mess left over.
Mrs. J. B.
Guarantee Backs
Laboratory proof of "GLASS
WAX" superior quality and results
enables the Gold Seal Company to
guarantee satisfaction to the user.
If you are dissatisfied for any rea
son, your dealer will gladly refund
the full purchase price upon receipt
of the unused portion of "GLASS
Women Hail Gold Seal
Chemical for Ending
Housework Drudgery
Silver For 8
Brightened in
20 Minutes
There's a new ease awaiting you
in keeping silver bright, for
"GLASS WAX" removes the most
stubborn tarnish and stain with
amazing speed.
Simple as anything, wine
"GLASS WAX" on, wipe it off
you'll marvel at the luxurious, long
lasting sheen that appears.
Safer for Silver
"GLASS WAX" contains no
harsh abrasives, requires no tedious
burnishing fast, safe chemical ac
tion does the job. That's why so
many jewelers recommend "GLASS
WAX" for the finest sterling or
Chrome, too, and other metals
respond just as easily, just as bril
liantly to this astonishing Gold Seal
cleaner. And "GLASS WAX"
guards against future tarnish and
dullness with its crystal-clear pro
tective film.
There's nothing better anywhere
for cleaning glass and metalware.
other chrome appliances gain quick,
lasting brilliance.
Glass, Metal
Polished Up
in Seconds
It was a great day for store
managers when customers came
back to tell them the miraculous
glass cleaning results obtained
with "GLASS WAX.
'Store managers, looking around
their own stores, saw acres of glass
showcases, windows, mirrors,
chrome and brass a terrific clean
ing and polishing task (not always
too well done).
Inevitably, "GLASS WAX" was
used right in their stores where
before it had only been sold.
It was found that simply bv
wiping on the pink "GLASS WAX"
-then wiping it on with another
loth these large glass areas were
cleaned quicker and better than
ever before. No pressure, no rub
bing, no water, no muss just easy
Offices with their many glass
top desks, glass partitions, doors,
and cabinets are kept lustrous
bright with easy-to-use "GLASS
WAX." Time and money are saved
when the one and only "GLASS
WAX" is used.
Arthur Godfrey, Gold Seal Radio Feature
"JustWi-i-ipe ItOn...Wi-i-ipe It Off,"
says Hilarious Arthur Godfrey
Radio listeners throughout the country are making it a point to
hear the Gold Seal Show every weekday morning. Sponsored -by
the makers of "GLASS WAX," the program features affable Arthur
Godfrey, the most popular attraction in daytime radio. Supporting
Godfrey on the 167-station CBS Network program are Janette
Davis, lovely and talented singer, the Mariners, outstanding male
quartet, and Archie Bleyer's orchestra.
Aimed at wide audience appeal,
the Gold Seal Show presents God
frey's inimitable impromptu humor,
backed by pleasing popular music.
Highlight of the program if such
there be in a consistently amusing
routine is Godfrey's reading of the
letters, both humorous and serious,
telling of new or unusual uses for
"GLASS WAX" discovered by lis
teners. Everyone's certain to enjoy
the hilarious fifteen-minute Gold
Seal Show.
Broadcast at:
10:30 AM E.S.T.
9:30 AM C.S.T.
8:30 AM M.S.T.
3:00 PM P.S.T.
And West Coast listeners get the
extra pleasure of "Meet the Miss
us," at 11:30 AM every Saturday,
also sponsored by the Gold Seal
Chemists Find
30 Kinds of
Dirt on Glass
While developing "GLASS
WAX," Gold Seal chemists col
lected and studied sample window
panes from homes in many states.
Analysis revealed 30 different kinds
of dirt and discoloration.
Greasy soot streaks and salt
water minerals dirtied glass
in eastern mill towns.
Sticky pollens, lime dust and
tars dulled midwestern win
dows. Stubborn silica deposits stole
the gleam from southern and
western panes.
Even minute amounts of certain
rare minerals were found killing
the sparkle of glass in some areas.
Gold Seal chemists found that
"GLASS WAX" removed every
one of the stubborn grimy films
with one easy, streakless application!
in 30 Seconds
i ll f(f vy
Crvstal-Clear Film
Protects Lustre
After safely dissolving blemish
ing grime, "GLASS WAX" leaves
a transparent protective film that
resists new fingerprints, spatters
and stains.
A secret chemical in "GLASS
WAX" leaves this dirt and mois
ture resisting film. It cannot be
seen, but it is there, automatically
making any cleaned surface less at
tractive to lustre-killing grime.
Next Cleaning Easier
That means once you start clean
ing with "GLASS WAX" you'll find
surfaces less soiled, easier to restore
to sparkling radiance. The crystal
clear film left by "GLASS WAX"
helps keep your windows and metal
surfaces gleaming bright longer.
Windows Mirrors Silverware
Costume jewelry Auto windows Brassware
Refrigerators Sinks, bowls Glass doors
Showcases Copperware Toasters
Waffle irons Plastic articles Eyeglasses
Glass table tops Tile walls Chromeware
Just Wipe It On ... Wipe It Off
Wipes Glass,
Metals Clean;
No Scrubbing
Hailed by millions of house
wives in other sections of the
nation, a new and startling
chemical discovery, "GLASS
WAX," today became avail
able in this city.
This new Gold Seal cleaner
for glass and metal surfaces
has been widely acclaimed for
its amazing ability to remove quick
ly and easily all dirt and grime, and
to add gleaming sparkle to win
dows, mirrors, table tops, silverware,
porcelain, and all metal surfaces.
Homemakers In this ctty who want
to buy this new product will find It
at leading grocery, drug, hardware,
variety and department stores.
This safe new chemical discov
ery saves hours of time, because it
instantly removes smudges, stains,
and tarnish without back-breaking
scrubbing and buffing.
Quick, Easy Wipe On, Wipe OfT
"GLASS WAX" cleaning is tops
in simplicity. All that's needed are
two dry cloths and "GLASS
WAX," Pour a small amount of
this sensational chemical on onsl
cloth, wipe on surface to be cleaned
wipe off with the other cloth. All
dirt and stain disappear only glis
tening brilliance remains. No
water, no hard rubbing, no streaks.
"GLASS WAX" cleans 30 kinds
of dirt in 30 seconds. Nothing like
this amazing speed and ease of
cleaning to sparkling brightness
was ever known before.
"GLASS WAX" was introduced
less than a year ago by the Gold
Seal Co. Now millions call it "a
cleaning miracle."
New Uses Discovered
Day after day, letters pour in
about new and wonderful uses for
"GLASS WAX." Millions now
benefit through its quick, easy,
safe and inexpensive use cleaning
and polishing windows, mirrors,
silver, nickle, tile, chrome, brass,
copper, pewter, porcelain alt
glass, metal, and baked-on enamels,
REMEMBP;R There is only
one "GLASS WAX," a product of
the Gold Seal Co.