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minister. A special enlistment cam
paign begins with the morning serv
ice. Barnett and Harbison special
ists in this line of work, will direct
the program. Mr. Barnett comes as
most successful evangelist. He
possesses the qualties, pleasing and
forceful, for this type of service.
Mr. Harbison is a soloist of unusual
ftouity and a most effective direct
or of song. His wife assists as ac
companist and worker with children.
A large children's chorus will be one
feature of the program each even
ing. H. M. Barnett will deliver the
morning and evening sermons and
also on each, evening during the
week, at 7:30 o'clock. The union j
yrayor service will be conducted in
the church Monday evening. The con
regntion will gather on Monday,
VT- Ir a i . ..
v j ear's day, at the hour of
noon to hear reports of the year
work and enjoy the annual fellow
hip meeting. The evangolistie team
will be spocial guests pr the day,
Commercial and Washington streets.
Nathan Swabb, pastor. Bible school,
10 . m. Junior church 10:40 a. m.
Morning worship, 11 o'clock. C E.
8:30 p. m. and evening- services fnr'
worship, 7i30, Prayer meeting Thurs-1
U'V , evening at 7:30. followed hv
the monthly meeting of the church.
vr. -ri MJler. sutrt. Bible ,l.nnl
M, tv KightUnger, president C.
UNITARIAN Cottage and Che-
Meketa street. B.v. Marti a Fereehe
tlan, minister. Church school at 10
a. m. Graded instruction. Class for
adults In the Psychology" of Belig-
'" Sunday Mr. Fereshetian
will lecture on Abnormal Psychology
in its rotation to certain so-called
religious experiences. Discussion
Devotional services at 11 a. m. Sub
ject of the sermon, "The Book of
Judgement." Mrs. M. Fereshetian.
will address this meeting. Rev. ;A.
8. Mulligan win have charge of the
hour. At 10 o'clock there will be a
social hour. At H o'clock the Watch
meeting will begin. The pastor will
preach at this hour. Morning wor
ship at 11 o'clock. Sermon subject
"Balancing Life' Accounts. We
cordially invite yon to spend this
last Sunday of the year with us in
District Attorney'! Office
IPage Lyle J, deputy district
attorney 100.00
IMcCammon E C stenographer 50.00
Court House
I Morgan Cal, janitor
I Hobson L, do
the "contralto is "of S Zl . f
Childs J W, do
School Supt Office
Roid Cora E, deputy..
Baillie W H, supv
Poor Account
iiioerty and Center streets. W r
Kantner, minister. Sunday school at
JU a. m. with full corns of teacher.
Classes for all ages. Spend the last
oay ot the year in the Sunday school
H. M. Mead. 11 a. m. preaching
-o.nco wnn reception of members.
ouDject of address "Writing One
Life Book." Brief talk for the
younger people. Y. P. s. C. E. at p. m. All young people invit
ed. At 7:30 p. m. the church chorus
or Xi voices wiU by special request
repeat the cantata which they so
ii-.iuiuiy gave last Sunday after.
noon. All who heard it then uniti
ia the desire for its repetition. Un
ion meetings in obseryance of the
week of Prayer will be held in var
ious cnurchos. The service coming to
this church Wednesday evening. A
vv iuii inviiaiion to the public
o anena taese services.
LUTHERAN East State and
Eighteenth streets, G. Koehlcr, pas
tor. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Di-
vine service at 10:30 a. m. 8ylvest
- er Eva devotion at 7:30 p. m. On
New Tear preaching rvii. .d
tioiy communion at 10:30 a m
Rlhl. .t-,i .... ..
,., uu ymjeT meeting on
inursciay at 7:30 p. m. Bible school
oa Saturday from 9 to 12 a. m.
CHURCH 440 ', Chemeketa street.
Sunday mornine services at 11 .
Subject of lesson sermon: "Christ
Jan Science." Sunday school at 9:30
a. m. Wednesday eveninc tesrimnn.
ial meeting at 8 o'clock. RcadW
llnnm OAll tr &
-u masonic Tom pie. wien
u7 except Mondays and holi
V. irom u-.ia to 5:30 D. n. All
are cordially invited to our services
ua to our reading room.
will repeat the nhri.t . J "t"vl'"S " we. evening and begin
V'VK'aui tha a i -i I
i. m i w i o rw t in ' navntr m s -r-v - ...
, - w wvwuv uinunnr. imp xm .(-.. -i in,..tL..
"D vrA TV TT l i n er
University of Oregon, Eugene, JacK,0Il f special
Hartman Bros.
clock 4.00
Hauser Bros, lamps 10.85
Mollwain Lester hauling
wood . , 3.50
Portland Railway Light and
Power Co, light 116.33
repairing i Baumaa J T. do T
Cashatt r C IS, do -T .1,
: Fruit Inspector-. Account
Van Trump a H, salary aud
: expense. , .
" -AJl,3
bea.,.- r.t .,.. . !' i
J i. I . - Hhnolr Tnmiari
Stock Inspector's
.... .cuiuji hi mo organ. MnvitA 9 m.-vuSuiuiiu ui auuuittii
I " ...i-uua lu come. X ittl I II rtla d r t V. - TTl.. r
FIRST UNITED BRETHRKV T.1" ,m h?rtiI7 welcomed in this came today in telegraphic advices M,re,10nM W G' eomtT Tet
izth and Mission. C. S. .Tw T . . " "u'v" wlla 1L Boa lei- Irom Boston to the effect that the -
tor. Sundav phnl t in - ' r wsip. universitv had hn eront.d . Health Officer's
Bowman, SBpt. Preachinrr f It .1 OTVOT ltmnnn,n, chapter ot Sterna XI. national 0aslla" c E county health
research Ann. a-I "cor
n -i 1 BSier Or WAHrrlta and Maomira
sirups trick, minister, the granting by Phi Beta Kanna. Jone J F, ea'er of weights
ana measures 56.55
R-odgors Paper Co, sanitary
toilot paper 1.80
Salem Scavenger, removing
garbage .75
Salem Water Light nnd Pow
er Co, water services ....... 29.87
Smith Homer H, insurance on
75.00 building .... J.80
Spaulding Logging C Chas
K, posts 17.25
33 gn "wari a repair onop, Keys.... 1.40
NAZARENE 19th, and M.,!
One block south of Center on 19th.
Chemeketa car. A wn
Florence Wells, deaconess.'' Reaulnr
services Sunday both morning and
evening except that the service in
the evening will last until
wuen we will bid irood hv. v.
oia year and welcome the N
'" Bundav school at Q-ak .
. unriir, SUDt. with n..J
. i . e,vuu
4ur BJ1 lne claase. a
arate rooms for each class Preach.
mg at 11. Young peonies mtin
u "io regular prayer in
the prayer room in the hm.t
xnere will be different speakers
during the eveninc and nir
ana pravem nWin- ti..
"U.e irom 7:30 to 12. You are in.
vited to eome to this Watch n,.t.
mg and enjoy a good Old Fashion
ed Watch Niirht Motln
County Court and Commissioners
tfowmun, gBpt. Preaching at 11 a. FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL K P 0t SlBm"
m. Subject "Tim, and Decay." Jun- -Corner Church d Btat. ?n!?h7 ,entttl
wr C . at 3 p. m. Mrs. Burns Blaine E jctfV'- ty' Thls honors
supt. Senior C. E. at 6:30 . n, ni :.7; .7 l.STer"
Hilda Bcrkey, president. Preach!., field. ' , , "tc- national honorary scholastic tra
it 7:30. Subject "The Restorer f H F Rhk. V t- I L B:s tera'ty, of a chapter to Oregon. wun13r Court and
Year,.'' p' meeHng Jl t Wed! the Oregon was represented at thet W H, county
nesdav evening at ft .'it v t. . " w0 "- national convention of Sterna XI. "oners salary i
body 'invited. ' I operation, i"""' .?7 c0oVs held ioiatly tfard and the P",
tndvi t-. , T. . y 1 " Massachusetts Institute of tech- uunt i do
mfim.iwn oDTr.,T.n. . . invited to come noloev. bv Orln Ir Stafford urn-1 Circuit Court An-mmt
" w , njii UM Hirrh.iann lmn nn - .1 . 1 ' " ' I . . -
land Ave. and north Church trt service .fii ttnm8 fe8Sor of chemistry, who was in Culver Mr,. Stella C, bailiffs
1. G. and Ida J. Lei. m;it... th. .1. v " V .. t,eclai music Boston in connection with his own owland Ines and Hobart A
Bible school at 10 - r.n, p. . laB wrecon of research work In the utilisation
1 . jiuuxin. lupmnn ,1 i . .11 1 1 . . .
and ex-
Oircuit Court Account
Commercial Book Store, stup-
50.00 ies caroon etc 6.00
uoorge w f, neals for jury..- 7.15
The Pac Tel and Tel Co, toll
services 6.25
Moffitt Verden M, witness.. 4.40
Miscellaneous Justice Court
Unruh G E, justice 3,20
Unruh G E, justice 3.20
Uuruh O E, justice , 3.70
DcLong W E, constable 1.00
Stata rs Bryant
Unruh G E, justice ..... 8.80
Poor Account
Aplin Fred, sawing wood....
Austin's Grocery, groceries'
for Mary Beach
Blume C M. for . mdi..'i
treatment .....
Brundridge Geo, sowing grass
seed county poor farm
Bushoy Mrs, clothing for
Hazol Pullian
Capital Journal, publishing
notice for bids
Cen tral Ph armacy, prescrip
tions etc tor county poor
farm patients g
Clark Frank C, supt poor
fa rm salary and expenses 25R 40
Commercial Book Store school
supplies for Mowrey fam
i, supt. Separate class rooms for the pastor on the
of r, bounty on mole and go- olaM ca8
of wantel pher scalp, 11 an Unruh (1 V. inntinn on nn
n 1. J . ..... . . I I 1 ............ .... U.'.JI I - ' , J , . . i,Vt,t)J
most of the classes. Our school i. and UnfiniT,.d nT: clni81ie1 wo- ema. Xi Is granted only Poor Account DoLong w E, constable 22.40
being well orEanized and ti, ti, L t. tu. , ... "er" lo lnose "stuutlons whlrh give Swoape Mrs Lee A, relief 15.00 " Dr T, witness.
Sunday in. January will h 1 Lnrth T ! - . , year- Ep- effective support to scientific re- Blixseth Nellie, do 5.00 Wilson J W, do ....
ktlrVE. b l Begistrauon and Election Fellers Jim,' do ....... .ZZ.
m. and 7.30 p. m. The revival seeond and ti.; -V.;. ..V """"""- ru".Br " a,,t0 fllr8 leliv- rener, i'ete, -do
t I'
corner Worth Winter and Jeffer
son streets.. Thomas Acheson, pastor
Earl Officer In charge of Junior
cnurcn. ltogular services will be held
at this church on the coming Lord's
ut ana we cordially invite the pub
10 join with us in the service
k tne aay. Sunday school wil con
vene at 9:45 a. m. with three sep
arate departments functioning. We
re specializing in this kind of work.
" wiu reel at home with us
Classes for all. Two public services
" a. m. One for young people
Sown stairs. Rev. Officer will
preach. One in the auditorium for
tauns. I tie pastor in charge. The
aorning mossages and special music
-u do appropriate to the season.
Jne of the outstanding events of the
rear will be the evening gathering
-um ,:ov un midnight thore will
w some form of service. 7:30 to
't30 regular preaching service. 8:45
o w.o league service with special
vurcs. iu to 11 p. m. lunch. 11
o 12 p. m. Watch Night service,
oma and stay for any or for all of
e services. A good lue Is assur
d. From 5 p. m. on New Year's
ay the ladie, of the church will
rve a chicken dinner, and render
a entertaining program in the
lurch dining hall. Proceed, for
i new Old People, home. Public
awhm. devotional meeting on Wed
-,day evening, 7:30. Discussion of
ns for city wide Methodist Evan
Jlistie movement at this mooting
CATHOLIC-Rev. J. B. Buck,
istor. Mas, on Sunday: low mass
8 and high mass with sermon bv
vstor at 10:30. Masses on New
ar's day at 7 and 9 o'clock. On
rat FrMnw u v ; .
riii Qe put one
at s o clock, bnt communion
U bo distributed at 7, followed
vipua.uon. Benediction at 3. Sat
iuo ivpnipaany, mass will be
i o'ciocu. Everyone welcome
yysi SALEM MCTnnmoT
EPISCOPAL-Alexandar H.wtu..
ftur. ounoav school 0 is .
Matthew A. Ooodspeed, .uperinten
dent. Preaching at 11 .. m. Subjo(!t
Trusting and Obevinr "
B ucYununai meeting at 6:30
P. m. leader, Mis, Minni. T.-.!n
Subject "What;, Ahead.'' This meet-
tner III i . ,.
6 "U ue IU1I Of lntAro 3
should be largely attended. Preach-
n. V P- m SubJect "One of
BT, ror Man to -Aekn
ledge Him." Pravor mt!n -i.
j o'cuiug at i:jo.
on Neher is li.ndi.r TuLumhin i r r t .... i . . ..
meetings are still in process and as usual V.iT-TZ , ?eet-L u"gon 8 application for mem- enng ballot boxes etc . 3.90 Tergen Mary, do
some people are cettinrr aaV,d p.. " g t io a f ? "om UBrBU1P waa mae last April, un-power O D, cash advanceed Rich A J, do
Clyde Thomas will preach both spirational nr.r v 7.S ln" l.f- ? committee account transportation bal- Ryan Jas, do
morning and evenimr rhriti., v Ud 8 7 s "rrang-iv iwo years ago oy tne lot boxes heat etc
deavor'at 6:30 pVira? Si Sflfi'! H nd made Boyer U G, cash advance
or v . ana two special up oi ut. a. m. uaswell. professor I rnnnt ri.m..
' CUrQla'J7 lnvitea t0 " ddres"' one by Dr. C. E. Pow.ll of physic and head of the depart-n n " "'or""'"'"','""."
thar liv n- -i . .- -C7 I Olor8 la
our services.
and the other by Dr. E. C. Hick- went of pre-englneerlng, chalr-
penhoidors etc
1.75 Ri8le Joe, do
Long W E, do
20.00 Bowersox F G, juror
Hughes J F, do
man T..- v . . . . . . I i"cuuoit
CHEMEKETA STREET w4 '7. "7 . " " DnM "f . '. P Crawford E C, account trans.
GELICAL F W Lano; ' " lilTt Zr V 8 PK'am at which oi eeoiogy, and ur. jonn portation of bal
Sermon at 11 a m k imvL I i cas win ne served The iovsra, aean or tns school or Hunt H R, county
- . " 11 a. m. Subject "The closing moment. nC.ti,. : , nhvoV.l rf.,,.tin- rjIt . ' CUUDl7
WOlv Spirit " Hrm -i ; wui m """"
mis wUl be the
revival meeting. Rev
Credit for
portation of ballot boxes..
of vote, ....
14.90 jCronise Tom, do
I Gibson Cass, do
61.00 yer W C, do
on at 7:30 p. m. "pent in consecration and dedication Oregon's admission Is given by the Jaauet Cha,"" doie7erin7"Tno'
beginning of a to the work which i, to be done bv committee to the university ad- tion bootn' .7d , ?
v. W F. Rader- th, church in these coming weokT ministration's friendly attitude to- BamBbt,1S nd tetUrnmS
Drager D O, cash advanved
for transportation expen
ses W. Lister to Seattle....
Fry Daniel J, prescriptions
etc for poor patients
Giggey E, account of board
etc for James Farrier lj
days , '
Giggey E, do ... .
macner or Albany will h -.-iti. ... M.n,W. .-j . """" . . '7
and nrADnl. .. " i"nas or the conffre- ""u "-1!u-"1o researcn.
i- . during fc'on are cordially invited t ,v:.. "This recognition." said Dr.
Kraps Co he J J, cards and
Larmer Transfer Co D A.
wuiiuav scnonl at 1 1 I in thi r- . . - nti ... . l. . ,A . . .
mi. .. .- " "lent snrvina ;n. viiu, . is tag result oi tne aa
evangelical Leairne at R-sn r. us. W.v n. " . lmIn ..,..
m Tio. i ii r. T twer. services pflcn i wuuo tnus uu iiuau-i ..- v.n.i. u
51S8.AIt Zln" ader. Sermon Nt during the e0- '1 , cing of research in the last two,h.auhn?balIot.boIe!-
o'clock. Mondn, .t t. ; years. Fiv or ir var .r w. eison , services as coun.
Bhri.. : vu vai,a t canvasser
, Bl lna jjantist "
national rhi..,!.. ni...--., . 6. terest. had hoon annum In lul D0IeS ...
P--.W-J.. r ."I. l""ay " tne " " Oregon Statesman
V,: : the-- ballot, printed J
. ... ; ". oormon
at Fruitland at 3 p. m. Everybody
these services.
T -ftT" 'Pi'PalJ-'The
Little Church Around the Corner."
"ivjiixiin,. corner 17tK v.
unsica Ave. Georire
tor. Sunday school at in n r
Well,, ,upt. Classes for .11
D....LI .
service,, 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. junior Endeavor. R-sn -
Senior Endeavor, 6:30 p. m. Sub
ject Lessons from a New Tear's
aiin. ' reader. Pearl lTnor,,.. r.
' . "i-
1 1 1 i it i (i a ,i ... ...... m .
.ctll,K iuooaay even
me, 7:30. Ladies Aid w..j.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at
7:30 p. m. We welcome vou with ...
Come and bring a friend and worship
fTHERAN 16th and A street,
uiuvus norm or Center. H. W.
asj, pastor. Sunday school at 9:45
I-monnn . .
"rwourAL Corner nnrtl. isti. .-j
Center streets. Sabbath a-lmi in
c.ock, ieacners for both German
na ingusii speakinor elnB Ti.
preacning service at 11 o'clock will
be in English. Rev. E. C. Hickman,
D- presidont of Kimhnil hi
t i neoiogy -,n preach. Frnm
o'clock there will be a watch-night
upjr.nning with the devo
tional meeting of the Epworth Lea
gue, conducted' bv Carl Rah fl
atter which different -n!
speak. Also short addresses by Rev.
n v. 7'. O09lnort ,nd Boeder, which
m me uerman lunpi.airn In
terspersed with , . .
A, arrangements have been made
for some time to get Rev A J
Nenfeld from Arlington to come and
,u w.e protracted meeting, he
ham Ann i t . j i. , ... u
and preach every evening. Let us
... cm. prayerfully and with ex
pectation to these meetings All
those understanding the German
language are specially invited to
these revival services. O. S. Boeder
"y. a. i. cnambers, rector. The
u service,. Holy Eucharist at
. a. m. xni. will be a good time
to begin a preparation for the nw
jean, resolution, in regard to our
-wons to uod. The church school
meets at 9:45 and all students should
" i toeir place,. The 11 o'clock
service will be morning prayer with
sermon on a Now Year, subject. The
new vested choir will furni.h
music with solo by Mr. Leon Jen
mson. The youne neopln'.
will -..t ... " . r '"""J
o;o at nl;Il tIme
df" S tB,k
itadio' and musical n.,mK... m.
also be given. Mis, Paloma Prouty 1,
rha laaai mt J
uui". iflB rector runT,l.
f , v-.muu;, ilia
ror as rector on Sunday and
He most aincere.v
i i hii mem
wm attend the aervl. mi..
- '-"vu. j. jit;
-""ul" pansn meeting will u.
m i " ""i
- .uesuay evening in the church
at 8 p. m. Every member should' be
enough to attend m.
meeting to listen to report, of work
accomplished in 1922 and to elect
""cers or tne parish for 1923,
RP A VPtxt a vt .
and Mill streets. David C. Hassel
Pastor Sunday mornning sermon at'
II 0 clock and S..Td0 .
Gust Anderson. ..nt m. m-, .'
or. vice will comment .t o
m. with devotion, followed k .'
sor.ial hour j ... a
7 , u concluded with pray
er, begiillg the ne car tr
Lord , house. Midweek nrvl. ur.j
jesday 8 p. m. The monthly Sun
day school meetinsr on Frid- ....
ninv 7. On ... "
... o clocK at tne
Election of officers
these meetings.
First Methodist church.
Wilson Glenn, bounty no go
phers etc
Overas Mardon, do
Poor Account
Baker W A, relief. .'.
Barnett Elizabeth, do '.
Barrier Mr and Mrs, do
Blixseth Nellie, do
Boys and Girls Aid society,
Ralph Harry, doliverina- bal-
2.25 lot boxes
Welcome to
1.90 Rodgers Paper Co, record of
election book
20.00 Rowland Printing Co. orint-
10.001 ing envelopes
30.00 Smith J W, doUverinff bal-
10.00 lot boxes
Stewart I B, assistance stor-
25.001 ing booths
20.00 White G E, county "canyl.!
of the nrlcela,.. tr . - "ma Burlun w do 10.00 ser
rnr th- r i-TT; . ""son u ari, do 10.00 Barber W T,
George W P, do
35.95 Case Mrs Geo W, witness
State vs Crabtree et al
Unruh G E, justice R 70
52.00 Unruh G E, do 7.20
DoLong W E, constable lft 59
14.0V I State vs Mnlwln
unrun u k, justice 11 in
.ou meLong W E, constable 5.50
State vs Ferrina
9 tin I tt. .
o.'u unrun w js, justice 8.20
DeLong W E. constable a nn
14.0UI Statfl n Strut
Unruh G E. iustiea
21.75 1 DeLong W E constable
iry Gertrude, witness
11.00 Wyntt Jim, do .
Richardson J E. do ..
57.00 Wright Clarence, do
Uumminsky Ben. do
16.00 Street Mrs Henry, do
Hughe, J F, juror.
15.50 Bross H W, do
Kirk John, do
Gragg Dr R N, account medi
cal treatment etc render
ed James Farrier
armor Transfer Co D A, con
ve-ying Mr, Foster to Dea
coness hospital
Luxor. Ea-vnt tv, . Brinegar Elizabeth, do
saw davlicht fn. ti. ,7 Sanson u ari, di
moTs than soon t,me ,n Casteline Wm, do
more man 3000 years veHtard.v ..... ' .
.rU carter and Arth
-v., iur) OI tne MatFm.ii
tan museum of art in New York
superintended their remnv.i tJ
the tomb of King Set! II, a half
mim away.
One of th oblects th,... ir...
. . . "..a
ierrea was a magnificent inlaid
" Pon wnich was denlrtad tri
u.ummra and his queen at a
lion hunt. Tha box contained the
queen a roDe and jewelry, includ
ing a large black amber necklace.
(Continued from Thursday.)
Corner N. 17th and rn
( 1
!0 a m. Begin the new year "Th. Pn.-
Willis Long, minister. 9:45 a. Sun
day school. Owing to the ill....
.umiienuent tt. E. Barrett ..;ot
..pruiiendent Dr. O. H Kent
rJ"JhaVV,ar88 0f tbe s" for
the day. Department and i.
Aires and flvor,-Knn- .
rmon, "All Thingt New
. f . 1 : 1 ,
"""""'II cnurcn. lou are wel
; .vi6-Meeting In the W. C.
; v. nan eorner Commercial and
( i f 8l"day school at 2 o'clock
j aching service at 3 and evangel-
1 j c service at 7:30. Th. meeting
interdenominational and old and
- .,- j . xrlefll are invited. Friday aft-
1 .na evening 7:30. The
7 ryic. 1, largely oa the ,nb.
of divine healing and there will
j 'faysr for th. sick. La,t Sunday
t "ad a fia. baDtisnml on
pastors. 425 nortk Winter
' J Sadr ia Derby Hall, eoraer
v t aad High streets upstair, for
,uaT. Hours from 10 to 12
t.. i, Bibl, it- W9l;
ufAf Tk- . ...
The Coming of the Kin' h at..n.
5 p. m. New Year's Eve vesper serv
ice. This is a church family meet
ing and all members of the chnrnl,
are expected to be present. A krin
'"" t tne History of t.
fAM A !.-. - V ... . "
.... v. .uo quurca win be given, and
a rrom lormer r.atnr
members of the churrh p k-.-.
mg year will also be made h r .. ... ' "r-
r xne different de
or church activity. The
""""S open to the public. 6:30
p. m. innstisn Endeavnr ,:...-
Our church will participate in the
, - ; ""j una
- iiw aown town church at 7:30
BETH AWT ort.-....-
"wivaniu corner
of Capitol and Marion .t.t. o...
1 - - tbrUH
r "nw"' lg Efli"b preach
ing, 11 a. at. Ne vl- M..u.
P Nw hay. Crmaa wrv-
icas, 1:30 a. follo-.j rW.
aaaual crreg.tiol ateetiag. M.
iranj, pa. or '
is tha loot ...
I.t . "t ea'-
TV 7v. worlc lard to make it
, " ttcntl'ee In the Bible
I; ;";. Bn""noer to be on hand
- a. m. masses for all ages
Our new Teacher Training class i,
growing week by week. "The Pimil"
b7 Weigle is the text. A .r,i7l,
course for anyone dealing with child
it .1 ,Paren, and teachers.
-V luo morning worsh n hnr .
Pastor will d..ii.,.. v.-. . His annum ma.
Hither." I , :Wt UP
hear this me,sage. Junior following
will h. . V . , ooPPer. There
will be a baptismal service follow-
nf J moTniaS sermon at the First
Christian church. Intermediate a
p. m. aenior C. E. 6:30
evangelistic servin.. -.
a 1: ' "u P. ni
"7 lne ,d nJ the New.' A
welcome for Monday, New
iears day, is our ann.i .... .
... - 111 rr 1 in
of th. church. All the member, of
... s'ennwn are expected to be
present. The meeting begin, at 10
::r D8sket dinnr at oon
n th, afternoon. The church plan.
ship. Thursday 7.-1S ij t
ehurch .chool. A splendid course ha.
been outlined and a rood att.-d.
is planned for by thn i v
J...t .v. .l: ".. " . l"'Ke-
" ""UK an unnstian people
-7UU- welcome. H. L. pt.
"" pastor,
Road District No fi2
c l oiae wravei Uo, gravel.. 53.55
Dunigan Edw Sr, patrolman.. 8.00
Koaa IMstrict No SB
Robenolt A L. slin ffrad'nr
BOM District No SQ
Harris Clarence, hauling' gra
Tel - l.vnn
Harris Earnest, do 27.00
vvnitman John, gravel 5.80
Road District No 38
Treasurer of the United
States, account survey etc
of the Detroit-N
Cave Maggie, do
Chalifaux Mrs, do
Coldwell Mrs Mabel, do
Currie Mrs Mao, do
Irwin W L, relief for Lela
and Melford Cook
traveling ex-
etc for deputy
10.00 Bower O D, sheriff, cash ad
10.00 vanced account railroad
15.00 fare meals eta
1.00 j Bowersox F G, do
Broadwell J W. do
S3. 00 1 Stats v.
Unruh G E,' justice.
DcLong W E, constable
State -rs Wlttv
22.60 Unruh G E. luetic.
Unruh Q E, justice
Stats TS Zlelka
25.70 Unruh G E. iustioe..
Lebold and Co, groceries for
Mowrey family 7,43
McCormick M J, groceries
or Mr. Chas Jeaudoin 15.00
Moore and Beers Inc, pres
cription for Mrs A Wil
liams .... .... 2,50
Morse Robertson and Saur-
man Drs, dressing scalp
wound on bootlegger -..Continued
Nolson Bros plumbing repairs
for poor farm 1,50
Oregon Statesman, publish
ing notice for wood cut
ting bids 1.10
The Pac Tel and Tel C, tele
phone service. 3,59
Penney Co J C, clothing for
Mrs Pulliura 13.01
Penney Co J C, clothing for
county poor farm patients 35.48
Plant Jas, digging grave for
Mrs. Foster g.oo
Roberts C M, grocerios for
McAfee .... K.ia
Bower O D Sheriff cash d-
ln nn -Mj . .
Dodge Ulyssa Ellon, relief.... 10.00 Burromrh. Addi VIT "ewo Account
Englehart Mrs Anna. do........ 10.00 C3.fn-.ui.i--.--":::,1" MU.lw for Hen
Fetsffh "Rmilv dn on nn I
. tv.uv uvyw riuuuH
J'owler John, relief for self
and daughter
The Pac Tel and Tol Co. tele-
15.00 1 Tihnna .Arin.
Gaither Nellie, relief ... 10.00 Portland Railway Light and
DeLong W E, constable....
rietta Stanford
1.25 Rostein & Greenbaum, cloth
ing for Chas Wagnor..
Gobin Lizette, do
Groshong Mrs J N, do.
Haggard Delia, do
12.00 Power Co, light.....
Hardwick Charles, do
Hart Grace A, do ,
Huynes Mrs Caroline, do
Miller Mrs Minnie, relief for
Geo A Hodgman
Old eoplcs Home, relief for
Julia D Hurtel Mrs Maude, relief.
Klum Nellie M, do
16.00 1 Richardson W, extra helD on
40.00 tax roll
10.00 Rodgers Paper Co. tar ZZ
20.001 ceipts ....
Stayton Crusher Account
Case hreshing Machine Co J
I, repairs to crusher 124.36
miscellaneous Santlam Work
Keithley Bort, balance due
uccount eantiam work 21 on
miiugan cliff, do nuns
Miingan Nenl, do o
n - : . .
" eui-uoerger Joe, do iion
leaer Uus, do 44 00
macit John, do 49.67
Spaulding Joe, do 47'so
Lansing Jim, do ..... 7 90
James Claud, do . pu'qo
Huddleston Mrs C, do 38 99
A 1 rrr . '
i"B V QO 0 07
Spicer Geo, do . ' 30'47
ugiesDee E 8, do 34.6ti
Mack Claud, do j 4 04
""utuuu o, UO .
Milligan S M, do
Miscellaneous Accounts
General Fond
Cave Maggie, relief
Ross H W. relief for W p
Boyer U G county clerk.
cash to be advanced fnr
10.00 Simeral Elsie, extra work on
tax roll
15.00 State Industrial Annidont
Commission, contribution
25.001 account accident insur-
lo.OOl ance deputy sheriff.
25.00 1 Commiaamn 3.
Lucier Mrs Louise, do 15.00 State Indus'triarXT
do 10.00 The Wnatrn TT,- T.i v
B A, do 15.00 Co. teleirram tn:;, ,7"
10.00 Clerk's Ofr
Boyer U G, cash advanpod
10.00 for. stamps and knife
1U.UU sbarpened
20.00 Commercial Book 8tore, Tin
20.00 der guides mucilage etc
10.00 The Pac Tol and Tol Co, tcle
25.00 phone services
Miller James, do
MeClollan Mrs T Y, relief for
Mrs A R Miller
Miller Mrs Vina H, relief
Moxley Eliza E, do
Nagle Fred and Elsies, doZ
Newton O D, do
Nott Cary C, do
13.20 School
BaUU. W H, cash advance
account car repairs and
traveling- expenses
90.00 Bchnke-Walker Business Col
lege, COPieg Old fnvnrit-
81.50 1 soncra
Commercial Book Store. mZ.
11.25 tionary
" d.
ruiKerosn Mary L, traveling
expenses 60 00
rauKerson Mary L, cash ad
vanced account attending
inter stock shop
The J J Kraps Co, diction
aries and institute
fnddo TT .r ...LI i .
i, ruuuer Danns
The Pac Tel and Tel Co, tele-
Salom Deaconess Hospital,
car. for Andrew Campbell 37.50
Salem Dt ncone.s Hospital,
car. for Mrs H E Steinka.. 37.50
Salem Deaconess HosoitaL
car. for D B Wright 37.50
Salem Deaconess Hosoitnl.
care for James Mackliu.... 37.50
Salem Deaconess Hosnitai.
care for Mr. Nora Lang
don .. ; 37,50
6.70 saiom Deaconess Hospital,
4.501 ear rr Clarence P Mil-
le' 87.50
8.70 salem Deaconess Hospital
16.20 1 oar. ror Mr. Lizzie P How
ard 37,50
8.551 3al,m Deaconess Hospital,
4.45 1 car8 Iat Edward Keye.. 57.50
Salem Deaconess Hosuital.
car. for Henry Wells 37.50
16.42 J Salem Deaconess Hospital,
car. rer Katie Schirmer.... 87.50
18.25 Salem Deaconess Hospital,
care for Joyce Archer 87.50
Salem Deaconess Hnsnital.
care ofr Mrs Hazel Gund-.
58.40 er 8.75
Salem Water Light and Pow
er Co water service for Mi s
Stiff H L Furniture On.
turmture etc for poor farm 29.50
Webb and Clough O.-, funeral
expenses Mrs Foster 45.00
Wellor Bros groceries for Mrs
C A Gftorge ignn
23.45 we!lor Bros groceries for
Mrs. Burr . o.65
Weller Bros, groceries for
85.25 -Mrs- Mowrey . 8.28
55 Wiggins Alva E, wood for
Mrs. E. Brines-ar linn
phone services 12.20 Wiegis and Wiggins, grocer- '
atton Bros, memo books pens
PAL Soutk Commeiri! in 4 Wv.
Mf..-vt . TT "n . J
- a t. Emberton, pa,t0r.
Sunday school meet, at o ak .
E. A. Rhoten, supt. Epworth League'
at f. a. this Sunday. Th. 7
f . ... . " - 'tlx
-rvice wm b. . w.tP vik T
ig. Fbllowia, th. league iBg"
at t wUl b. aa eld f..h!. t.'
F.a.t. R.y. E. C. Hickma.. n n 1
bounty on scalps
Goodknecht Ma. and Martin
bounty on gophers etc .
McClellaa Mr, T Y, relief....
Kinzor Mr. Maude, do
Vickers Mrs Mae. do
Chapelle Mrs Clara, do .
Matheny Robert, bounty oa
Coyote skin '
i 3.47
uroKKe X a, relief for Olea Patton Bros, inlr ,
- ... 13. (JO f RtpnrIa-.. s-
Reinhart, Rosalia, relief 12.00 Brooks Mildred R.
10.00 1 vanrod fnr
Snhaffit. Vf- . "f O-OU
--.. ..g uu 1.1.1)11 Hrnnk. Ml-a T i.
Schwingler Mary, do 25.00 vanced
22.50 The Pac Tel and Tel Co. tlfi-
10.00 1 phone services .. g.25
-j-uui Treasurer's Office
8.00 Drager D G, cash advanced
12.00 account stamped envelopes 11.08
xi-iiiii inn 'o r 't'ai -..-! rni . i
Walkoski Barbara, do is ni 7n " ' l"9-
Wanless Gilmer, do 10.00 Suryeyor'i' of'fic;
Won. - riarl d 20- Her"Ck B B'
Wong Charlie, do 9.00 account stamps
ErL-S? - Pntton B-- -voic;Too"ki;
7" " ui,ulJ ner- pads and file
ii i ....
Simmons Anna May. do
Smith A H, do
Strath Mrs Minnie, do
Stripling Hulda, do t
Treiber Anton, do .
Vickers Mrs Mae, do
Barber W T, do ,
124.70 Assessor's Office
124 7ft I rnmmnn.i.1 -csi
Bohrer Geo J, do i00.oo eil padT et7 Pea-
Wrightman F T, tax deputy. 115.00 The Pa. Tel and TeTco.7nl--
.MA. 1. . '
Butler S J, do
Clerk'. Office
Arms A M, deputy county
Ivie M R, do
100.001 phone services ...
Rodgers Paper Co, manila and
carDon paper
Claggett Ben L, juror
Blaokenahip John, bounty oa
Coyote at in
Boyar TJ G county elerk,
cash to be advanced for
i .
uvanty en gophers ate 1(1(1 nn
-row.u w K, bounty .a gn- .te 1SO.00
Byrd Dr W H, .xaaiaatioii. So an
SiU Dr W Carl to., do. 20.00
Bra irr W H. do i0.00
Wallace Ruth E, do
Hartman Gertrude, do
Hunt Helon, reg deck
Recorder's Office
Mclntyre Ora F, deputy re-
-110.00 Steelhammer O A. cash d-
-. 100.00 yanced account stamps.... 100
- 100.00 District Attorney's Of firm
90.00 Commercial Book Store, fold
0-.JUI era guides ete
corder ..
Englebart Alma, do
Beecroft Myrtle, do
rooks S, elerk
The Pac Tel and Tel Co, tele-
poone Mrvices.
county traunt
Roid Cora E,
Rowland Printing Co, letter
heads ete
Arbuthnot Katharine, in
struction county annual
teachers institute car
fare etc
O ill. -
Aiaoama, do 46.30
urowne nazel I, instructor
Marion county teachers in
""'i - Kftft
i-ampoeu Agnes, do 10.00
les ror jj-s. Anna Mitchol 12.00
4.55 Wigg"i and Wiggins, grocer- -
ie. for Mrs Enna Mitchel 12.00
15.00 Wig8in and Wiggins, grocer
ies for W P Wood 7 Oa
10.75 wood Dr Osmar K, wedical
services rendered .Alice
'"iams o
Klingar and Bnumsn, groc
eries for Mrs. Eliz Im.
Case Flora M, do
Deyoe Ella, do
Doney Dr Carl Gregg, do
Dubach Dr U G, do
Hug Geo W, do
Kantner Rev W C. do.
Kraemer Gretchen, do
-tanders J S
expenses in
teachers institute as speak
er .
McAdams Phoebe, instructor
teachers institute
Murray Lyle, do ..
Jselson J C, do ......
Sheldon Dr H D, do
onook Grace, do .
100.00 County Court and Cteminisslon.ri
ou.uu vapitai Journal, publishing
80.00 1 claim docket
Maclntyre Gladys, do
Tv.asurer's Office
Richardson W T. dcDutv
m nj. n..i... - .
"x.-v p.pnai journal, do 234,00
" I J-uiuif A i. WOrlc na KnV. an nn
wregoa otatesman, publish-
Assesaoi-t Office
Lee A A, deputy
yrielton R, do .
Gage Rea, elerk
DriMell Lctha, de
Riches Stanley, deputy.
Haynes Vo, do
Ing claim docket
The Pae Tel aad Tel Ce, tele-
pnone services
Siegmuad J C, auditing book
Coort House Aoconnt
Capital City Steam Laudry
1 1 .
Snook Grace, do
Taylor Grace, do ..
Taylor Lena Belle, directing
and furnishing musio Mar
ion county teachers insti
pianist .
Alice, institute
Lulu R, instructor
eouaty teachers institute
Health Officer'. Aatvm'r.t
Schaefer Mrs Margaret, reg-
wr.r .
Van Winkle Dr JO. da"""'
Webert Louis, do .,
Geoding J H, do
Gleasoa Alice, de
Hnbbs G W, do
J ailAccount
Bower O D sheriff, board
for prisoners .... 315.20
Juvenile Court
Jackson Hattie M, railroad
fare etc for eonveyin- 2
children to boys aid socie
ty - a an
Oakes Nellie, for keeping Joy
" 'ter inacKer 13.00
Tax Rebate
Flerchinger Peter refund 17.00
Dog Fund
Dunigan Edw Sr, account
sneen killed by dom . .. is nn
Higgin. G 8. do a'nn
Kintz John, do .. 6600
r-orter n, j? , account sheep
and lambs killed by dogs.. 120.00
Ramp 8 V, account lambs
silled by dogs
Shafer F E, doir collars ...
Sheets 8 G, goats killed h-
Spenoer F W, for sheep killed
oy aogs
Vandervort Henry, do
Witzel J tft ewe killed by
ours ,
Indemnity of Diseased Ct.
nostenberder Wm, indemnity
account cattle killed .
Iooney D H, do
Speaner Frank, do - .,
Welch X L do .
Oa-kell W L, do .
40.00 ,
24.00 .!
Sheriff . aad Assenor'a arn.
Burropgh. Adding Machine
Ce, eddiag kaeaiae fis An
TO.00 Domog.ll, F A, hauling ---
9ale- Chamber f Commerce
momRcrship due. 50.00
4 . T 4
Hit -- -