Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 30, 1922, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    I 'AGE TWO
Stanford University, Cal., "Dec.
SO. -Pittsburgh's Panther foot
ball team meets the Stanford
Cardinals here today in what
promises to be a hard fought, low
score game. Unbiased Observers
expect the easterners to win but
Stanford fans hope their team will
wear down the Panthers, whose
strength may have been weakened
by their trans-continental trip.
In practice, however, the Pitt men
have displayed no 111 effects from
their change from the cold of
Pittsburgh to the warmth of Cali
fornia. Art Wilcox, the key man
In the Stanford offense system,
will be kept out by injuries.
Unsettled weather was predicted
for the game. " '
. The lineup: ,
j Pittsburgh., ; Stanford.
Williams ..... RE............ Lawson
Gourley ...RT Johnston
Sack .....R3 Favllle
Bowser C.. DeGrott
Clark LG ; Cravens
Simpson ..LT Shipke
Sauer .......L3 Mertz
Wtnterburn .... Q Woodward
Anderson ...LH Cleveland
Flanagan .... ....lid...... Doughty
Hewitt F. Cuddeback
Officials George Varnell, Chi
cago, referee; Tom Thorp, Colum
bia. umpire: Walter Eckersall,
, Chicago, head linesman.
The results of the pentathalon
eventB being staged by the Y. M
C. A. for boys during the holidays
in yesterday's contests when the
110-pound or over class met, were
as follows:
High Jump First, Henny Hel
an: 2nd. Douglas Brown; 8rd
Claud Grim. Height, 4 feet,
Broad Jump First, Denny He
nan; 2nd, Douglas Brown; Sra,
Claud Grim. Distance, 14 feet, 10
Potato race First, Claud Grim;
2nd. Douglas Brown; 3rd, Denny
Henan and Weldon Kirk tied
Time, 24 seconds.
Basketball toss First, Howard
Kurtz; 2nd, Carl Lutz; 3rd John
Edwards. Six converted baskets
in ten attempts.
" The records of the winners will
be placed on honor shields to be
hung in the lobby to stand until
This afternoon the last class,
weighing between 05 and 110
pounds, will meet for their con
tests. The swimming events art
being postponed until next week
as the tank is undergoing repairs
at this time.
Paris, Dec. 30. (By Associated
press.) ; Whether Sarah Bern
hardt, who announced yesterday
that she would return to the stage
next Wednesday can persuade her
nhvslcians .that she is ready for
the ouening performance of "Un
Sujet Dettoinau" seems problemat
Doctors, and friends believe it
may be necessary to keep her from
the theater a while longer. ,
"It I rested too long, I would
not live," she asserted. She ex
plained that she had promised
Sacah Guitry, author of her new
iilav that she would be ready to
act Wednesday. . . .
"I shall be rtiere," bUb added
"you can bet on it."
. The Tumbling Midgets basket
ball five, a Y. M. C. A. club team,
returned yesterday afternoon from
a three days' trip to Newberg and
Portland, with victories over the
Pacifin university academy, team
on Tuesday night by a 14-12
score, the Trojans, a Portland Y.
M. C. A. team on Wednesday by a
10-1 score, and the Athenians, an
other Portland Y club team yes
tnrdav niornlns. 15-12. The Mid-
eets are captained by Stanley
Waters. This evening the quintet
will meet the Silverton Hl-Y
freshmen team on the local Y. M.
v, A. irvmnasium. There Is no
charge for admission and all who
desire to attend are urged to do.
" The Cubs, a "Y club team
went to the deaf mute school yes
terday afternoon where they de
feated the school second team 23
19. The "Y" boys wore consider
ably outweighed. Wesloy Kills 1b
captain of the Cubs. -
t Miss Henrietta Welch, a teach
er in th,e Seattle public schools, is
spending the holidays nere wun
her sister, Mrs. Mead Elliott, liv
ing on West Nob Hill.
Twenty deaf children from the
state school for mutes were the
afternoon guests of the Oregon
theater Thursday. They were
chaperoned by Mrs. E. W, Birch.
-Attendance at the how was
made possible through the cour
tesy of the. Oregon theater man-,
agement. '
So many complaints have been
coming in to the county court re
garding damage done to newly
graveled roads by trucks hauling
heavy loads of wood, that It U
probable the court will take act
ton within the near future, and
issue an order limiting the weight
of loads that may be carried over
gravel roads.
Yesterday : a delegation met
with the county court, calling at
tention to the bad condition of
roads 1n Central Howell district,
due to the hauling of heavy loads
of wood. . 1
Tomorrow a delegation will
meet with the county court, to
tell of the great damage being
done to roads In the Woodland
district, also due to the hauling
of heavy loads of wood over
roads that have been lightly
graveled. ...
The county court has within
its authority tha right to limit
the weight of loads that may ba
hauled .over certain roads. Th.
court Issues the order and the
sheriff posts the notices in the
district through which the heavy
hauling Is done.
Spokane, Wash., Dec. 30.
Ralph W. Beale, 30, an aviator,
was Instantly killed when he back
ed into the propeller of an airplane
at a local aviation field, while he
was measuring the gasoline in the
fuel tank. Beale came here two
years ago from Leonla, Idaho, and
was unmarried.
Portland, Or., Dec. 30. Fred S.
Morris, financier in thia city for
the past 30 years, died at a hos
pital Friday morning. He was
formerly president of Morris Bros.,
Inc., bond house here and built
two local railroad lines as well as
having railroad interests in the
east. A brother, James Morris, is
a banker in Philadelphia.
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Washington, Dec. 30. Senators
McNary and Stanfield have joined
in recommending Judge John S
Coke of Marshfield as federal dis
trict attorney for Oregon to suc
ceed Lester W. Humphreys, resigned.-
Their Joint letter to At
torney General Daughterty nam
ing Coke was sent to the depart
ment of justice Friday, and it is
considered likely that the presi
dent will transmit to the senate
for confirmation early next week.
This will permit Governor Olcott
to fill the state circuit court va
cancy caused by the retirement of
Coke. '
A telegram of inquiry is also go
ing out to Alex Sweek to ask if he
intends to quit his land office job
in January. The senators desire
to select his successors immediate
iy if he is preparing to resign, but
they are not quite certain that re
ports of his impending retirement
is correct. It these reports are in
correct, they say, he will not be
disturbed until his term expires
next August.
Washington, Dec. "20. Presl
dent Harding today nominated
John S. Coke to be United States.
attorney for the district of Ore
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