Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, July 01, 1922, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Chicago, July 1. (By Associat
ed ITesa.) Lawton Witt, the
Yankee'! outfielder, today la on
tin heel ot tos uniting leaders in
the American league, with pros
pects ot becoming a dangerous
contender tor the first place hon
ors. In serenth place a week ago,
Witt connected with ten hits In
his last ix games and batted his
way into (ourth position with au
average ot .371, compared with
.266 for the previous week.
George glsler, the SU Louis
Browns' star, continues to lead
the race with an .391. Harry
llellman of Detroit displaced Trie
Speaker of Cleveland for the run
ner up honors with an average of
Kill. Spttaner Is three points
ahead of Witt, his average being
.871. These figures include anieu
of Wednesday.
Sisler continues to add to hi
records of total runs scored, hit.
and total banes, having scored 6a
times and made 121 hits for a to
tal of 182 bases, ills base steal
lnsr performance of 26 remains
Ken Williams, a team mate,
who Is leading both league foi
the home run honors, smashed out
another circuit drive, bringing bib
total for the season to 19. He also
has Improved In his batting, bis
mark being .205 as compared with
,295 a week ago.
Other leading batters for 15 or
more games: O'Neill, Cleveland
.808: Cobb, Detroit, .867; Blue,
Detroit. 353; Ed Miller, Phlladel
phia. .362: Bchang, New York,
.350; Bassler, Detroit, .319; Hoop
er, Chicago, .326; McManus, St,
Louis, .325. .
Lawrence "Hack" Miller, the
strong man of the Chicago N
tlonals and former slugger ot the
l'acidc Coast luague, Blammed out
22 hits In bis last 18 games. This
boosted his average from .330 to
.358, and landed him In tnlrd
place among the players who have
participated In 15 or more games
according to figures which Include
games ot Wednesday,
ilogers Hornby of St. Louis con
tinues to top the batters with an
average of .893. He has run hit
string of home runs to 16, which
Is tar tn front of his rivals. Hank
(Jowdy ot Boston is the runner up
with a mark ot .383.
Max Carey, the fleet outfleldei
ot the Pittsburgh Pirates, stoU
three bases during the past weeK
giving him a string of 17 for the
season. His spoed was In a great
way responsible tor catching up ti
J. Johnston ot Brooklyn for tin
honors In runs scored. Each hat
registered 58 times.
Other leading batters for 15
games or more:
Bigbee, Pittsburgh, .356; Dau
bert, Cincinnati, .361; Kelly, New
York, .351; J. Smith, St. Louis,
.850; Bancroft, New York, .313
Grimes, Chicago, .312; Duncan,
Cincinnati, .310.
The annual convention ot the
Disciples ot Christ In Oregon open
ed at Turner last evening. The
program this year Is an attractive
one built around religious educa
tion and evangelistic themes.
Many speakers ot ability and na
tional reputation will have part In
the services during the ten days
of the convention. On Sundays
the crowds generally run abuve
tOOO. Many campers and visitors
are In attendance during the week
day sessions.
The First Christian and Court
street Chrtsttun churches dlamlss
their services during the two Sun
days of the convention, affording
all the members the opportunity
to attend the Inspirational con
ferences. A restaurant on the
grounds adds to the convenience
et those attending.
While the Klamath county lum
ber strike has not been declared
off officially, the timber workers'
union Is slowing men to return to
work In 9-hour ana 10-hour plants
without forfeiting union privi
leges. Journal Want Ads Pay
The '
The very think they've been wanting for so long.
All sizes, all styles and all prices.
$3.75 up
387 Court Street
Former Coos county people now
making their homes in the Wil
lamette valley are to gather at
Braden's Grove, near Hubbard
for an all-day picnic July 4, ac
cording to Invitation cards which
are now being mailed to all form
al- residents of Coos county that
can be located by the committee
staging the event.
The program Is to open at 11
o'clock In the morning. The plc
nlcers will all take their own
lunches, but coffee 'will be pro
vided by the committee.
All former Coos county people
are invited to attend by the com
mittee which consists of C. L.
Bender, Dick Buell, L. A. Braden
and Mrs Herman Carl.
Never before have so many tour
ists in California been headed for
Oregon, reports J. A. Ormandy, as
sistant general agent of the South
ern Pacific. Crater Lake and the
caves in Josephine county, are the
drawing cards, he says.
Profiteering In hay last winter
was responsible' for the death of
3000 cattle, 10 times that many
horses and possibly 30,000 sheep,
according to a report by Roes M.
Churchill, special officer of the
Oregon Humane society.
Pittsburgh. George. Gibson,
manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates
since 1920, resigned and the man
agement announced William Mc
Kechnie, assistant manager, would
succeed Gibson.
is m i ii ii mi jut v t n I jj s a mini
Kind of
Kind of
To get all the miles
and months out of your
battery it must have
proper care from the
very first day you put
it in service.
That means having
water put in at least
twice a month, and
seeing to it that the
charge is kept up to
the proper point.
Also to come straight to
Battery Headquarters the
minute you suspect your
battery isn't up to the
238 N. High Street,
Phone 203 .
VVillard Storage
Dallas, Or., Julr 1- There if
now being manufactured In Dal
las leather that Is suitable In ev
ery way1 for the halt soling of
This product Is being turned
out from the large tannery ol
Mulr & McDonald, a concern
which was organized in the fall ot
1888. The new product is now
being used to some extent locally.
most of the output to date having
been secured by C. E. Short, pro
prietor ot the Service Shoe shop.
The tannery has a method of
treating the leather is manufac
tures which makes it suitable for
half-soHna- Durnosea In fact Mr.
Short states that It Is superior In
many ways to the product that ht
has been purchasing elsewhere. It
seems to be of a stronger texture
and considerably more pliable. For
the half-eoling purposes this ueems
to be the attribute that is espe
cially desirable. The coat runs
somewhat cheaper than that put
on the market by the wholesalers
and at tbe same time a better
quality of leather is produced. Mr.
Short has been In the business
long enough to know good leather
when he sees It and he'unhestl
tantlngly says that It is of the
best quality that he has ever
Sllverton, July 1. Friendships
can be renewed in many ways as
shown by the siren-police call this
iweek for L. W. A. Sherbino, who at
the present time, is chief ot police.
Geo. Haval, who lives in Molalla
learning that his old friend and
schoolmate L. W. A. Sherbino of
California days, was living In
Sllverton put in a call for him.
Central believing that someone
was causing a disturbance prompt
ly sounded the alarm. When the
cblef answered he received a plas
ant surprise.
At Your Front Door. M hHtv f f S WSM, Jj Ji '111
llS&rZZZZZ' 525.38 i t j p41f A 3CJ zXHI
Sedan $765.56 , ; ! Vl 1 lJ hX : n$ O 1 S '-X Hhki
Coup 6.g TMlfl fj A 1 ft fj
All Equipped with Starter and Demountable Rims Jf jS&t s. VM ' U . i 3
Valley motor Co. . l feMf , j it E-mWi
-o OT&lr )
A superb dramatlo Paramount
iTtrrutt feature. "The Miracle
Man," which was produced by
George Loans Tucker ana win oe
on view at the Liberty Theatre to
morrow is declared to be one. of
the really great screen dramas of
recent years. It was written by
Frank L. Packard and produced as
a stage play by George M. Cohan
and packed the Broadway theatre
In tho Benson of 1916-17. there It
played for many months. The
screen version Is said to be even
more absorbing and thrilling In Its
development of the striking story,
which shows the marvelous trans
formation under the beneficent
AlitO i OPS
I : .TTTWf ff 1 I Altprtc.e.b.fcl.r I ff. I r j
tffiS' Cushion Covers made fTS
Uril3ffi to Order
This is not a hap-hazard piece of work but a guaran- j k ' tl ' is?. I ' ; J
teed job, done by expert top-men using excellent 1 j ''" f Al)
Walter E. Grunert I M
256 State Street Phone 793 ' T"H I S IS A STUDEBAKER YEAR
You will be astonished to find that a
car of the size and weight of the good
Maxwell can be so roomy and so
remarkably comfortable to ride in.
Cord tirsa. ooD-akid boor and rsvi disc etc! wheels, demount
able at rim and at hubi drum ryps lamps; AJemne lubrt
catioo i bkxoi dnven eicctnc bomi onusual) kmg cpnngs.
Prv f fl & Deoon. r nu cu k ba added: Tout
Id. C, $385; Roarer, SSSSiOjupa, $1185: Sedan, $1485
0. B. Gingrich Motor Co.
371 Court St. Salem, Ore.
y " '
Influence of an ennobling en
vironment of four of the most
notorious crooks of New York's
Hearing of the healing powers
hi. m man nf the hills. Tom
Burke and his band determine to1
capitalize tbem to enrich them-j
selves. Little did they reckon inai.
in their new field of operations i
maflcal transformation, and this;
forms the basis or one oi m
thrilling stories ever screened.
A cast of unusual strength por
trays the exacting roles in the pic-
. rrm Molirhan. well known
lure. xwu, --o . -
tiha forATnnst ieadlne men
i on the screen, has the chief part.
Others are Elinor fair, oeiur
Compson, Lon Chaney, J. M. Du
mont, W. Lawson Butt, F. A.
Turner, Lucille Hutton and Joseph
J. Dowling.
For 5
Passenger Cars
ii H'lrvTn'iflnWiTHMyii'A
Berts vlt b emphesiied by tk
complete equipment of trie car. It
Includes cowl ventilator operated
from tho instrument board: cowl
parking lights at bass of the wind
shield; inside and outside door han
dles! large, rectangular plate glass
window in rear curtain: a thief-proof
transmission lock, reducing the rat
of theft insurance to Light-Sis own
ers I to 20 per cent; end cord tires.
Chassis $ 875
Touring.Car .... 1045
Roadster (3-Paa.) . 1045
(Z-Paas.) 1375
Sedan 1750
All prlcMM J. e. I. factory
i sedan :::::: i750 r.f. r.. r, . - .
i. - - i
170 South 12th Street, Salem, Oregon
Has been appointed Distributor for
The EARL Motor Car
GIVEN a wide choice of dealers by the
notable value and road performance
of our 1922 cars, it is a pleasure for Earl
Motors, Inc. to make this announcement of
its local representative and with an estab
lished organization and intelligent service at
command, Earl owners are assured of every
consideration and facility any owner could
wish behind the car he buys.
At $1295, the Earl Touring
exhibition sets a new standard of motor car
values. All the latest eneineerintr and srvl
developments have gone into
the savings made possible through cash pur
chases in low material markets and large
scale production by experienced factory
workers have helped to hold down the price
and create its unapproachable values.
Ease ol control, unfailing comfort, flexible
power and a broad margin of safety are
EARL MOTORS, Inc., Jackson, Michigan
TOTAL up the items of mechanical superiority,
refinements and complete equipment of the
Light-Six that are not found inothercarsof its price.
Estimate each of these exclusive improvements at
only a nominal value. Then you realize why the
Light-Six ranks with cars listed at several hundred
dollars more.
In addition, you have the advantages of better
design and better performance. Studebaker is the
largest builder of six-cylinder cars because of these
Get acquainted with the Light-Six. Test its riding
and driving qualities. Then you will appreciate
that the enthusiasm of these owners is based on a
performance that is not equaled by any other car of
like price or by many cars of much higher price.
Open all Night Phone 362
Car now on
its design. All
assured by Earl design and construction. A
dynamic long-stroke motor, exclusive new
steering gear, rigid 7-inch channel frame,
rugged front and rear axles, quiet transmis
sion, 56-inch rear springs, Alemite lubri
cation and a special Borg Beck disc clutch
are features of the Earl chassis, tested and
proved equal to any driving or hill-climbing
Built in five graceful body types, no other
cars of the Earl's size swing so near the road.
Low sweeping lines, refinement of detail and
complete appointments make each Earl a car
of distinction and individuality.
The beauty, comfort and spirited performance
of the Earl will convince you that it is the
motor car you want to own and drive. Come
in, then, and see the car today. Make an
appointment for a demonstration. Or, better
still, do your own driving.