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Salem, Oreff
An Independent Newspaper, Fublishec every areata sxeept Sonde
Telepaeae 11: aewi It
Our Absentee Statesman
',. Some statesmen win fame by attention to duty, discus
sion of public measures, and being always on the
job. In sharp contrast to this old fashioned type
is Senator Stanfield who is winning fame by in
attention to duty, by silence upon measures and
by never being on the job. Absent from Washington two
thirds of the time congress has been in session since he took
his seat, Mr. Stanfield has been continuously absent since
April 1. All of this time, for which he draws pay for re
presenting the people, he has devoted to his private affairs.
Nearly all of it has been spent at Weiser, Idaho, his new
headquarters, which he has moved from Oregon as an ap
preciation of his election.
That hicllv imDortant party measure, the Fordney-
McCumber tariff bill has been under discussion in the
senate since April 20 and frantic efforts have been made
by republican party leaders, the republican whip, and re
publican senators in caucus, to force the return of all ab
sentees in order to keep a quorum, speed-up the considera
tion of the bill, and hold a majority favorable to its pas
tge present. Senator Stanfield, alone among the senators
has ignored the pleas, defied the commands of party cap
tains, and let the business of the nation go hang while he
looked after his flocks. Between the people and the sheep,
Stanfield prefers the sheep.
However, Senator Stanfield is anxious to close the tariff
debate of which he has not yet heard a word and wants to
enforce the gag rule as he himself has been silent since his
only speech in behalf of the packers trust, so he has wired
Senator McNary, authorizing him to sign Stanfield s name
.to the cloture petition. It is extremely fortunate that Mc
Nary has no sheep to look after, only goats, or Oregon
wouldn't have any representation in the senate. Probably
when the wool schedule is reached, Mr. Stanfield may show
up, for it fills his own pocket-book, but it is evident that
nothing else will bring him to Washington.
The moral of course, is what a wise move the people of
Oregon made when they voted for a change, voted to re
place George E. Chamberlain, tried and not found wanting,
always on duty and going, down the line for his constituents.
who was what his successor never will be, a commanding
figure in the senate, with Robert E. Stanfield, as a result
of partisan pleadings of political hacks.
. MM'Mlag!Sw t
J- T
Bad boys generally make the ' berft f
Good news is twice as good if you
have some one to tell it to.
It is easier to understand a crowd of women
than any single one.
A woman will overlook almost anything ex
cept your failure to close the screen door.
Faith in human righteousness falls to a low
ebb when you go to a dance hall and look things
The word "perhaps" generally means "No"
when a man says it, but a woman's "perhaps"
nearly always means "Yes."
Ilez Heck Says:
"Rich young 'uns wipe their
noses on their sleeves just the
same as the poor."
Copyright 1922.
Premier Syndicate,
What's the Matr
William Allen White has an article in Colliers entitled
"What's the matter with America" in which he declares
that the trouble lies with the "moron majorities" in the
electorate, due principally to the influx of foreigners from
southern and eastern Europe, possessing the mentality of
children, a different standard of public morality, and a
different civilization. He concludes:
The moron majority which piles up in every great American city,
create the spawning ground of the thug, of the asHaBHln, of tn
boodler, of the greedy corporation manager who exploits the people
bv buying privilege from the pliant bosses. We have written ou
Constitution, created our laws, esiablluhd our government for one
kind of people and tho ships from across the sea have brought us
another kind of people. And the government that we have bullded
here Is nuts for them.
All our grand national policies, ail our pompous parties, all ou
crucial Issues all the fiubdubbery ot politics, are subsidiary to this
fundamental clash ot Ideals: the Puritan Ideal and Its festive too,
that shrugs a gay ahouder, denies our brotherhood, rejects ou
cold Justice, and giggles out of our homely duties.
There is a good deal of truth in these statements, but
the morons are not confined to the foreign born. There is
just as large a percentage among the native American popu
lation. It seems to us that these rapidly breeding bone
heads are fast submerging the normal minded. If they
are, in a few generations the great republic will be as
decadent as the lands from which it is recruiting its popu
lation and suffer the common fate of republics, whose citi
zens haven't intelligence sufficient to guide their destinies
We are rapidly evolving all the paternalism of empire, it-
Belf a symptom of the decay of democracy.
But there is no use to blame the imported moron for
America's troubles. As yet he is not numerous outside the
large cities. The nation is merely reaping what it has
sown. The normal native born are not living up to the ideals
of the founders. The moron was imported to exploit. In
him are inculcated the ideals of greed and grab because
such ideals permeate the nation. He sees the great finan
ciers, the captains of industry, the heads of great trusts
perverting government for enrichment of the few, and
naturally the child-mindud follow the lead to "get theirs."
We preach service, but we practise graft in the form of
special privilege and that is one thing that is the matter
with America, and in itself, evidence of decadence.
These moron majorities furnish the reason for the fail
ure of the direct primary and popular legislation, and ac
count for the class of men elected to public office. The
child minded vote on impulses or prejudice and government
cannot rise higher than its source.
Seven Accident Fatal.
Seven fatalities are Included tn
the list of 473 accidents reported
to the state Industrial accident
commission for the week euding
June 2S. Workmen who are list
ed as having lost their live in In
dustrial accidents are James V.
Anderson, powderman. Elk City;
l'red Uutterfield, blacksmith.
Marshtield; Sam Stanoff, choker
setter, Astoria; John J. Phillips,
glaiier's helper, Portland; tlrover
Darneille, lineman, Medford; John
Lalne, fuller, Astoria; John Beck
man fireman, Astoria.
Trenton. Harry Wills,
reavyweijtht, won a technical
1-norkout over Jeff Clark of Jop
Ho, Mo..
Requisition Honored.
Governor Olcott Friday honored
a requisition irora the governor
of California for the return ot
Paul Kolbern to San Jose, Cal.,
where be Is wanted on a forgery
charge. Folbern. who is under ar
rest In Portland, Is charged with
having forsed a check for $140
on the student body of the San
Jose high school. H. M. Bartley.
deputy sheriff of Santa Clara
county is here to take the prison
er back.
Haying is actively under way
now In almost all sectlous of Linn
county, lltg yields are bein re-
nero porrted in most localities.
Mr. and Mrs. John Frederick
By Idah McGlone Gibson
A Strange .Funeral
"Yes, you will," jeered Davis,
when Claverlng said he was go
ing to pick out a wife deliberately
and without sentiment. "No man
Is going to pick out hifl wife In
cold blood. Every man is afraid
of marrlag'e almost as much af
raid of it as he is of death, and
his blood has to get up to such
a feverish heat that he will for
get his fear before he asks any
yirl to marry him.
"Jim, you will probably fall for
a slim, bobbed-haired, lip-sticlted
flapper and marry her within a
week after you first meet her.
Then you will spend the rest of
your life wondering why you did
it. But one thing you will un
derstand you didn't do it in cold
"Joking aside, Jim, I certainly
think that Milt will really be
very fortunate If he can persuade
Margaret Earle to marry him. I
am sure you will agree with me
that she la an exceptional woman.
If it was not that Milt is a friend
of mine I think I should allow my
self to become quite Interested in
"I wonder what the outcome of
it all will be," asked Claverlng
Davis lid not answer. Instead
he asked: "Do they think Harry
will get well, Jim?" and before
he could answer, Davis conclud
'Personally, I think this is the
time for Harry to shuffle off. It
would simplify matters exceeding
ly, and I really think if Harry
knew what was before him, he
would be glad to go.
'Of course, Doria is keyed up to
all sorts of unselfish devtion now,
but she will never be able to keep
it up. She will go back to her nag
ging and lazy ways. Harry will
have to suffer from the scandal
In his pocketbook aa well as his
mind. I don't believe It will be
possible for him to keep his po
sition and It will be hard for him
to get another job as editor.
"No magaine wants a man on
its staff who has had an open
scandal attached to his name and
who will have to live down the
reputation for breaking hearts and
smashing homes. It might be that
poetic justice will send him to
Quito after all with his own wife.
That certainly would be making
the punishment fit the crime."
Both men smiled at that as they
parted at the door of the club.
Davis motored away to take
Doris for another ride and Claver
lng walked over to the hospital
to visit Olendening and Dr. Mil-
Take me to the cemetery
gain, John," said Doria as they
rove away from her door. "There
la something about its holy still-
nesa that quiets me. I think there
get the rlghperspective. I seem
cruel not one of ail the men and
women who have nattered ani
pretended to be her friend are ac
companylng her to her last re
pose. The American Beauty1 th
toast of many men and fair wo
men is deserted, friendless In her
last journey.
"Let us follow them, John."
Davis looked at Doris Glenden
ing In astonishment. He did not
know how to take her. Was sh
really moved by pity? Or did the
spirit of revenge goad her on to
the point where she wished to see
her rival laid away to rest for
He decided that Doris had for
given Claire Adams when she
found that ehe was dead. He
swung his car In behind the short
procession. !
Life Is one of the most Incon
grous things that we know any
thing about. We think we know
it in all Its stages; we say we
have lived, and then something
happens that makes us think that
after all we are as Ignorant as
little children.
"Ashes to ashes and dust to
dust," intoned the preacher as he
picked up a handful of earth and
let it seep through his fingers in
to the grave.
At one side near the head, of
the grave, stood the man who had
killed Claire Adams. On each side
of him stood a uniformed attend
ant. Avid reporters, eager for a
story, watched every move. And a
little way from the grave, sitting
in a motor, was Doris Olendening
Fate Kismet Destiny call It
what you will, it is only the ever
lasting turning of the wheel the
unexporable law of compensation
It you sin, you must pay. Even
if you make mistakes, you must
Adhes to ashes and dust to.
dust! Claire Adams' beautiful body
was returning to the dust from
which we are told all humanity
is made, and of all those who had
flattered her and made her think
they loved her, only the one she
had irretrievably wronged, was
there at the grave weeping sin
ceroly because of her untimely
Liberty and Center streets. W. C.
Kantner, minister. 10 a. m. Sun
day school, H.. M. Mead, superin
tendent. Classes for all ages under
good teachers. Room for you. 11
a. m. holy communion with ser
mon by pastor, subject, "What is
Man?" 7 p. m. Christian Endeav
or, Miss Constance Kantner, lead
er. Important that there be a
good attendance to arrange for ob
servance of church anniversary.
(There will be no evening, service
until runner notice. A cordial wel
come to all to the services an
Pretty Blondes
Predominate In
U. of G. Class
to be such a little thing and my
ut-u uum seooncls i rotk'e have nrr ,r, t ni..
tosaed a towel into the ring at the 'from far-away Java to take a
"'"'s ul ,nB eoond round of ( course in poult rr husbandrv
H:e,r scheduled 12-rouud bout. OreBm Agricultural collrga.
troubles so Btnall when placed be
side all those who are lying there
so till."
As Davis turned in at the gate
e had to draw aside In the road
to let a funeral cortage pass. It
was only a hearse and a couple
t motors, but when he gaw that
one was filled with reporters and
n the other sat a man looking dis
hevelled and almost mad with
stalwart policeman on either
side of him. he knew that the
American Beauty was being car
ried to her rest.
He tried to appear uninterested
but la a moment Doris had notic
ed the queer cavalcade and whis-
ered as she clutched his arm:
"John, I reallv believe tliev are
about to bury Claire Adams. Look.
at there isn't a woinua following her
to the siave. OhI-iiuw cruel: lion
han Francisco, July 1. Has
the flapperitis phenomenon which
Just now is agitating the nation
anything to do with complexions?
Or is the far-famed climate of
the San Francisco region; Chang
These questions are being ask
ed by those who love to study
statistics and who have discover
ed that 65 per cent of the women
students graduated this year from
the University of Califofnia are
ine wise ones shake their
heads and opine " 'twas not al
ways thus brunettes used to pre
dominate. There must be a rea
son." Those who are interested in the
subject say inquiry showed that
the blondes were honest to good
ness, un-peroxided blondes.
So they have turned to the two
theories enunciated in the ques
tions above to supply the answer.
N. E. Glass has been elected
school director at Cottage Grove
over W. O. Wilson by a vote of
139 to 21.
Road work between Cascadia an
Fot.'r. Including the .Miea hill
orade, has been computed.
AL Corner 19th and Ferry, Clay
ton Judy, minister. Sunday school
at 10 a. m. Mrs. B. E. Edwards,
r.: i,.n, Following the
n.rinl at 11 o'clock there
is a half hour special program,
full of Interest to the whole school,
ci i h iniarmediate Christian
Endeavor will study the subject of
"Better Praying- at meir i o t.v.i-
meeting. Evening service of song
and worship with sermon at 8.
This will be a patriotic service,
the subject being, "Are We True
to the Spirit of '76 7"
ARY ALLIANCE! Mr. and Mrs.
H. E. Caswell, 425 North Winter
street, leaders. Usual services to
morrow afternoon at 683 South
Commercial street; Sunday school
at 2 o'clock, followed by gospel
meeting at 3. Also at the same
place on next Thursday afternoon,
July 6, regular meeUng at 2:30
o'clock. The Tuesday evening Bi
ble study conducted by Mrs. Cas
well will be held as usual at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Sco
bee, 425 North Winter street, at
7:30. A very cordial welcome Is
extended to all.
ka and Seventeenth street, take
the 17th street car for Englewood.
Sunday school 10. C. P. Wells, su
perintendent. Sunday school les
son for July 2 Ezekiel, Watchman
of Israel. Ezekiel 2:1 to 8:27. At
the age of thirty, Instructions and
visions came to Ezeklal as he was
among the captives by the river
Chebar, and the reoord is the
hand of Jehovah was there upon
him, as when the prophet was
lifted up by a lock of his hair and
brought In the visions of God to
.erufealem. It is Interesting to
Hnote that the expression "lilted
up" is found at least 32 times In
Ezektal. 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Rev.
W. W. Rosebraugh will bring the
message of the hour. We look for
a full house. Bro. Rosebraugh at
one time was pastor of the Engle
wood church, and has always tak
en a great interest in building up
the Sunday school and instructing
the old and young in the ways ot
Ood. Don't miss being one in his
Bible class. Junior C. E. 5 p. m.,
nna Koerner, leader. Christian
Endeavor 7 p. m. Young people's
tonic. "Better Praying." (Conse
cration meeting.) Sincerity is the
best eloquence. Come to the Thurs
day evening prayer meeting 7:45.
ST. PAUL'S (Episcopal) "The
Little Church on the Corner."
Rev. H. Duncan Chambers, rec
tor. Corner Church and Chemek
eta streets. Third Sunday after
Trinity. The usual services will be
held. Holy eucharist at 7:30 a. m.
Church school at 9:45. A second
celebration of the holy eucharist
with music and sermon at 11 a.
m. The subject of the sermon
will be "Called to be Saints." All
will be most cordially welcomed
to these services.
12th and Mission, C. S. Johnson,
pastor. Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Preaching services at 11. Subject,
The Christian's Assurance.' Jun
ior C. E. at 6 p. m. Senior C. E. at
7 pm. Preaching at 8. Subject,
"A ' Prophet's Rrayer." Prayer
meeting at 8 o'clock Wednesday
evening. Everybody Invited.
Corner North Winter and Jef
ferson streets. Thomas Acheson,
pastor. R. A. Forkner in charge of
the junior church. Decorations and
services in keeping with the spirit
of Independence day will be In evi
dence at this church on the com
ing Lord's day. Bible school con
venes at 9:45 a. m. Enthusiasm Is
high and the work is prospering.
Come and bring a friend with you.
PUbllo worship at 11 a. m. Subject:
The Kind of Patriotism America
Needs. The Rev. R. A. Forknerr
will speak to the Junior churoh at
the same hour. Always something
interesting for the young people.
Epworth league meeting at 7 p. m.
A two months' contest will be
launched in the meeting Sunday
evening. Members In full force re
quested present to be placed in the
contest. Our meetings are full of
interest, strangers. Invited. Public
service at 8 p. m. with sermon by
the pastor. The evening service is
designed to make the stranger
feel at home. Good singing and
the very best of fellowship. We
beat the weather man and the
warmth; out building is large, well
ventilated and cool. A new depar
ture for the summer months:
Wednesday evening 7 o'clock Jun
ior devotional meeting. At 7:46 p.
m. membership and friends will
gather at the church for church
visiting night. Full particulars
Sunday. The public is cordially in
vited' to any or all of our services.
P. S. Subject July 2nd at 8 p. m..
The Menace of Protestantism.
riAnre" TENT SEKVicni'a
nn Siindav afternoon at 2:80 Dr.
Mllliken ot the First Baptist
nh,.rn.h ix-ill viva an address on
"The Word and World Condi
tions." At 7:46 Dr. Edwards will
speak on "The Moat Popular Sub
lent In Salem." Services each week
nieht. except Monday, at 8. Song
leader, Mr. Coultes.
PAL South Commercial and My
ers streets. H. F. Pemberton, pas
tor. Sunday school at 9:46. E. A.
Rhnt.n. SuDt. The day will mean
mora if vou begin It with Bible
study. Be on hand for this session.
Epworth league meeting at 7. All
the young people of the church
and community are Invited this is
a worth while hour. Not a dull
minute In it. .Morning worship at
11 o'clock. Sermon subject: Chris
tian Citizenship in the Present
Day. Evening meeting at 8. Sub
ject: What the World Wants. You
are cordially Invited to attend all
of these meetings. You will be
welcomed and will feel at home.
Come with us in our efforts to
make Christianity real in this part
ot Salem.
land avenue and North Church
street. I. G. and Ida J. Lee, minis
ters. Bible school at 10 a. m.
Morning worship and preaching at
11. Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m.,
preaching at 8 p. m. Young peo
ple's prayer meeting and Bible
study on Monday at 7:45 p. m.
Prayer meeting and monthly bus
iness meeting on Thursday at 8 p.
m. 3fou are cordially Invited to all
our services. Clifton Ross, Supt.
Bible school, Walter Lee presi
dent of Christian Endeavor.
15th and Mill streets, David C
Etassel, pastor. Sunday July 2nd,
morning service 11 a. m. and Sun
day school at 12. Evening service
at 8 p. m. Prayer meeting and Bl
ble study Wednesday evening 8
o'clock. Friday July 7, the monthly
Sunday school meeting to be held
at Mrs. Stenstrom's, 2095 Trade
street at 8 p. m. You will find a
hearty welcome to all these meet
NAZARENE Nineteenth and
Marion, one block south of Center
on Nineteenth. Chemeketa car.
IT'reachlng Sunday at 11 and 8.
Sunday school at 9:45, W. B. Har
dy, superintendent. Subject for
morning message, "Sons of God."
Young people's meeting at 7 and
the regular evening prayer meet
ings at 7:30. Wednesday evening
prayer meeting at 8 o'clock. Miss
Louise PInnel will sins: at the
Sunday morning service also there
will he some members received
into the church. Women's mission
ary society will meet at the par
sonage 506 North 21st, Thursday
afternoon at 2:30. This church
will take up the Sunday meetings
to attend the annual camp meet
ing of the Marlon County Holiness
association to be held at the fair
grounds beginning July 27 and
closing August 7. A. Wells, pas
tor; Florence Wells, deaconess.
meeting of the Marion County
Holinss association will be held at
the Highland Friends church Fri
day evening of next week, July 7.
this will be the last meeting be
fore the camp and it is important
that as many as can possibly be
mere ao so. A. Wells, president,
Hazel Keeler, secretary.
nouncements July 2: A live Sun
day school at 9:45 a. m. Orches
tra music, classes for all. H. E.
Barrett, Supt. Preparatory worship
11a. m. Communion will be ad
ministered Sunday Julv 9. .TiinW
C. E. will be discontinued for the
summer. Young people of the
church meet at 7 p. m. to discuss
timely topics and for nrnvni-
Judge John McCourt of the su
preme bench will speak at 8 p. m.
on "Law Enforcement." AH r.
nvited to hear this natriotio mm.
sage. Special music in both organ
and voice will feature the services
of the day. Members of the
church session will picnic on Mon
day 6:30 p. m. at the home of El
der G. L. Adams in Polk county
Wives of the elders are invited. A
business session will follow the
CHURCH OF GOD 1346 North
Church street, J. J. Gillespie, pas
tor. Sunday school 10 a. m. Preach
ing service 11 a. m. Song service
by the young people at the Salem
Deaconess hospital at 2:30 p. m.
Open air meetings will be held In
the Willson park for the months
of July and August. The first meet
ing will be held July 2nd, 4 p. m.
Doctor Doney, president of the
Willamette university, will be the
first speaker. Young people's serv
ices 6:30 and preaching service
7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting Wed
nesday evening 7 :45. Keep in mind
the annual state camp meeting at
Woodburn, Or., July 20-30. We
expect ministers from Idaho,
Washington and California and
are believing for the best camp
meeting we have ever had in the
ICAL Corner Center and Liberty
streets. G. F. Llening, Sr., pastor.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. Sermon
at 11 a. m. by the pastor. The
evening services will be union
meetings with the Cottage street
Evangelical church Y. P. A. will
meet at 7 p. m. Sermon at 8 p. m.
by Rev. Wlllard of the Cottage
street church. The services will be
held in the Liberty street church.
The public Is cordially Invited.
phurch, 440 Chemeketa street. Sun
day morning services at 11 a. m.
Subject of lesson sermon "God."
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Wed
nesday evening testimonial meet
ings at 8 o'clock. . Reading room
209 Masonic Temple, open every
day except Sundays and holidays
trom iiut to 6:30 p. m. All are
cordially invited to our services
and to our reading room.
goepel devoted to the material
welfare, bodily healing, fhoral up
lift and spiritual life of the strick
en body, outcast cripple, hungry,
trlendless and whosoever is in
need of the water of life. The
Bethel Home, 1500 Ferry street.
phone 698, Mary E. Buckbee, pas
tor. Services, Sunday school Sun
day morning at 9:45. Preaching
at 11 o'clock. Prayer meeting
Tuesday and Friday evenings 8
o'clock. Open at all times for
prayer. We pray for the sick God
heals. Welcome.
ICAL 460 North Cottage street.
L. H. Wlllard, pastor. Our order
of service for this Lord's day Is as
follows: Sunday school opens at
10 o'clock with Miss Pauline Rem
ington, assistant superintendent,
presiding. Let us all be there on
time for the opening song service
and devotions. Mo.rnlng worship
at 11 o'clock. The pastor's subject
is, "Jesus the Lord of the Sab
bath." The evening services Will be
union meetings with the Liberty
street Evangelical church in the
Liberty street church. Young peo
ple's meeting at 7 o'clock and
preaching at 8 o'clock. Mr. Wll
lard will preaoh the sermon, his
subject being, "He Goes Before."
We will hold our usual services
at Auburn school house this Sun
day afternoon. The official board
of the church will hold Its regu
lar business meeting on Monday
evening at 7:30. Prayer and praise
service on Thursday evening at 8
o'clock. This service is increasing
in interest. You are cordially In
vited to worship with us in any or
all of these services.
LUTHERAN East State and
Eighteenth streets, Geo. Koehler,
pastor. Sunday school at 9:45 a.
m. Divine service in English at
10:30 a. m. The congregation ob
serves Children's day. The theme
of the program is: "Christ, the
Good Shepherd and His Other
Sheep." Everybody is welcome. No
evening service.
PAL Corner State and Church.
Rev. Blaine E. Kirkpatrick, minis
ter. 9:15 old time class meeting in
the northwest room down stairs.
8:45 Sunday school, J. B. Littler,
Supt. We meet every Sunday in the
Writes Mrs.Hardee Regard
ing Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
11 Ir, lh aKr,o. . "'"ft,
Rev. Paul Green, former LE?
charge at Pullman, Wash
preach for us. 7 p. tn. the",,
Epworth league meets, wlth r
Pollock leador. Mrs. Eva (ft
Myers will sing. The lntermijj
Will nulla a nisi viue
camp grounds. Faith Prida,'' ln nn
charge. No evening service 1 ,'pubU
ohurch because of the union .
vice in Willson park during , Su 11
and August. " pany
Commercial and Waahinr tns 1
streets. Nathan Swabb, pastor
ble school 9:45 a. m. Junior ch'i 1
10:40. Morning worship at el., Pact
C. E. at 7 p. m. and reguiM J . .
nlng service, for worehln m .1 c"'01
o'clock. The monthly meeting, Fra11
be held Thursday evening at )' "!
Instead of 8 o'clock as we rei the
operating with the daily vacaii
Bible school in their exhibit S SOUg
evening. Marion County Hollr of a'
association camp meeting at u e '
state fair grounds July 27 to An, ntho
Washington, who condimtn :van
v4val services last winter win f foul
the evangelist. The summer co, to c
ference of the Oregon Frlendip unit
r,. win noiu ni Dr view A., wn
nst 22 to 28. For infnrmn. .T own
dress Rev. Nathan Swabb, !(j tae
riazei avenue. aaiem, phoi puoi
1626J. Hazel Keeler, president ( rati
E. Walter S. Wright, sunerlniimi .
ent of Bible school. "
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A meeting has been called ,v'yp
Weston to promote the develit
ment of the road over th Bli bes'
.nn,,nl.lnH Vnntvn no Vah
lllVUUbn.UD, MO O JUUgll
road, Into the Grande Ronde u-
Efforts are being made to k
cure the establishment ot a SwU
colony in Klamath county to et
gage in dairying.
Hamman Auto Stage
Effective May 22 nd
Three Stages Daily 5
Leaves Salem Stage Terminal: t
No. 1, 7:30 a. m. No. 3, 10:30 1
m. No. 6, 4:30 p. m.
Leave Mill City:
No. 0, 7 a. m. No. z, 12:30 p.n
No. 4, 4 p. m. No. 1 connecu
with east bound train at M:"
City, No. 2 waits for west boiui
train at Mill City.
ten 1
5 Pac
fr L M
Los Angeles. Calif. "I must tell
you that I am a true friend to Lydia
hi. rinkham s
Vegetable Com
pound. I have
taken it off and
on for twenty
years and it has
helped me change
from a delicate
girl to a stout,
healthy woman.
When I was mar
ried I was sick all
the time until I
took Lvdia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. 1
was in bed much of m v time with nains
and had to have the doctor every
month. One day I found a little
book in my yard in Guthrie, Oklaho
ma, and I read it through and got the
medicine Lydia E. Pinkham s Veg
etable Compound and took eight
uoiues ana usee, tne sanative wash.
I at once began to get stronger. I have
got many women to take it just by
telling them what it has done for me.
I have a vounar sister whom it han
helped in the same way it helped me.
1 want you to Know that I am a
friend indeed,' for vou were a 'friend
inneed.'" Mrs. George; Hardee.
1043 Bvram St.. Los Anmlfia. Cali.
Salcm-SUveirton Division
Leaves Salem Central Stage Ttt
minal, 7:00 a. in.; 11:00 a. m. 6;lt
d. m.
Leaves Silverton News Stand, l:M
a. m., 1:00 p. m., 6:00 p. m.
Leaves Salem Central Stage Tt
minal, 7:00 a. m 9:00 a. a.,'
11:00 a. m.; 8:00 p. m., 6:00 p m
Leaves Monmouth, Monmouth ho .
tel, 8:15 a. in., 1:00 p. m., S:1S
p. m. j
Leavef Independence, Beaver bo- .
tel, 8:30 a. m., 10:00 a. m., 1 li
p. m.. 4:00 p. m., 6:30 p. m.
We make connections at Salem
to all parts of the-valley.
Extra trips by appointment
General Manager,
POHTLAND C. & M. Stages Schedule
South Bound Head down
Dly. Dly. Dly.
No 6 No 3 No 1
6:00 1:30 8:00 Portland
8:05 8:35 10:05 Mt Angel
8:30 4:00 10:30 Silverton
Ar Ar Ar
North Bound Read Up
Dly. Dly. Dly.
No 2 No 4 No 6
10:30 4:00 8:80 Portland
8:25 1:55 6:25 Alt. Angel
8:00 1:30 6:00 Silverton
T.v T.v T.v
Sunday only 8:00 pm fm Portlani
Stages leave Stage Terminal Port
land and Steelhammer's urug
Leave Salem Btae Terminal
7:00 am. ll:o am. 8:10 pro
Leave Dallas, Gall Hotel
8:80 a. m. 12:80 m. (:I0 p m-
Dally and Sunday
Evry day except morning
trip does not run Sunday
Round Trip 80 cents
REFORMED Corner of
ol and Marlon streets. Si.nv
school 10 a. m. Preachinir ani
""rani n a. m. Nn
service. M. Denny,
ery Sunday in Derlsv hull o.irn.
Court ana High streets unstaln.
for Bible study. Hours from 10 t.
3 a. m. Public alwavs mlrnm. D,
hese services.
Corner North 17th and Court
streets. The state Christian con-
eniion will be ln session July 1-3
t Turner. Or. Duxinar th! n.ij
here will b no service. Tnn -
welcome to attend any session of
his convention. i--r n, the
Two Sides of Turnover
The alert business man dealing with
present day conditions knows that
the big word today is "Turnover."
Whether he be a merchant, manufac
turer, jobber, or banker, he sees that
one thing with a clear vision unbiased
by the limits of his own business. It
is in the air, and on the tip of every
And yet many of them entirely
too many are thinking on only one
side of Turnover. They think of it as
meaning rapid selling putting money
in and getting it out quickly and at
a profit. They realize that they must
put greatly increased efforts back of
all their plans for selling and distribu
tion. The other half of Turnover is the
consumer. All selling plans and efforts
fail if the consumer doesn't want to
buy. His desire for the product must
be created. He must meet the seller
half way. He must be in a mood to
buy before the salesman meets him
across the counter.
That is the function of Advertising
to create consumer demands and con
sumer preference. With this demand
as a fact all selling plans have a chance
to succeed. Without it they fail. The
only chance for salesmanship to suc
ceed without an existing demand is for
salesmanship to assume the task that
belongs to' advertising the task of
creating demand.
If the present efforts that are being
put into selling were amply supported
by a corresponding effort to create
consumer demand through Advertising,
the business conditions of this country
would be rapidly changed into an era
of great prosperity in spite of Old
World conditions and everything else.
The proof of this is in the fact that
right now, under these very conditions,
the manufacturers who are putting
proper emphasis on creating a demand
for their product ,as well as selling it,
are doing a big business and are actually
getting the high turnover that others
are trying so strenuously to get through
intensive selling.
(Published by 'the Capital Journal, in co-operation
with. The American Association of Advertising Agencies-)
ily. U. L. Putnani, pastor. -1