Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 29, 1922, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Just think of it! 150 Trimmed and
Banded Hats front our regular stock go at
and Outing Outfits at
Astonishing Low Prices
Featuring the Famous "Will Wear" Garments Only
DameFashionSays:-Ybw7m55a lot of fun if you do .
not dress appropriately for your outing trip.
' We believe Dame Fashion is right. We've just received a big assortment of the newest
things in Sports Apparel... Showing exslusively "WILL-WEAR" Garments that are Positive
ly guaranteed to give you perfect satisfaction. During the next few days, MilDAY, bAl
IJRDAY and MONDAY we will display these garments in our entire Ready-to-Wear
Section and will assure you that nothing will remain undone to make this occasion a very
ThepriceTwill astonish you. We'll price them extremelyy low for the three days that
every one may have an opportunity to purchase vacation togs at values that will be un
equalled in Salem for months to come.
I See thia extraordinary showing in our I
i Liberty Street windows.
For the Child 3 to 10 years. Your choice
of Milans with band trims, streamers, etc.,
for the extremely low price of
Day Here Next Saturday
We'll place some unusual "good buys" on ex
hibition for Saturday. More than a quarter's
worth for twenty-five cents. All items represent
ing useful every day, needs. You'll want a great
many of the articles' listed here for vacation or
outing use.
36 inch Plaid Skirtings, yard 25c
36 inch Chiffon, red, grey blue, etc 2DC
Fancy Hair Bow Ribbons, yard . . . ; c
Big Lot Trimming Braids, yard 25c
Bandeau Brassieres, each 2oc
Rubber Bathing Caps f c
Men's Wash Ties f c
19x36 Huck Towels
36 inch Bath Towels
36 inch Cretonnes, yard ;
Romper Cloth, yard 5c
Best Cambric Percales, yard
Extra Fine Nainsook, yard
Fine Quality Wash Cloth, 3 for
Scented Toilet Soaps, 6 for
Scented Talcums, "each 5
Assorted Boxed Hair Pins, 3 for ..........
Colored Bias Tape, 2 for 25c
Colored Ric Rac, 2 for 2gc
Fancy Shirred Elastic
Good Quality Corset Garters
Adjustible Skirt Belts 25c
Colored and White Kerchief s, 2 for
Imitation Crochet Lace, 3 yds. tor
Men's Lisle Sox, good quality, pair . . . . .
Women's black Cotton Hosiery, pair
Big Lot Kiddies Half Sox, pair
Boys' Extra Wear Stockings, pair
Women's Fine Cotton Vests :
Women's Bodice Top Vests
Bradley Wool Bathing
Suits $2.50 to $6
Of course you'll start the bathing season with
a new Bathing Suit. '
Bradley Bathing Suits are inexpensive yet
they possess good points found in no other suits.
They are made of Virgin Wool knitted with the
elastic stitch that gives them that snug close
fit so necessary for swimming.
Our new Rubber Bathing Shoes are here.
Colors green, orange and rose. Caps to match
your suit.
600 Hundred Yards
Tri-Color Bunting
c yd.
"We Can Shoe the
Whole Family for Less"
With Dependable
Patent Low Heel Pumps in One-Strap, Sandals, Ankle Straps, Cut-outs and other styles, that
are not only very stylish but very serviceable as well.
The new covered military heel shghtly Cuban will lead the procession of heels for Fa"; We
have them now in the new style Pumps and Oxfords, Patents, Kids and Fabrics. Our white
Pumps and Oxfords are the fitting kind and the knd you'll enjoy wearing. Some are made with the
ARCH-O-PEDIC feature, a wonderful arch builder.
If you have tired, aching, burning feet, use Dr. Scholls "three necessities," a convenient little
set of foot remedies consisting of foot balm, granulated soap and anticeptic powder. Price $1.00
set, or sola separately at ooc eacn.
We carry a complete line of
Dr. Scholls foot appliances.
Dr. Scholls demonstration
here July 5th, 6th and 7th.
Shoe Polishes, Cleaners, and
Laces, black or brown,
Dyanshine will brighten up
bags, etc.
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That old phrase:
."Quality Is remembered
long after price is for
gotten'' la still Just as
good and means Just as
much as It ever did.
When you let price
alone make your decisions
you won't soon forget
price, because price alone
Is about all you'll have to
think of.
To make you forget
price Is our mission as
Merchandisers. To feature
merchandise that we can
recommend and guarantee
to give you absolute satis
faction Is the one way to
solve the problem of iv
ing you one hundred cents
worth for a dollar.
Holeproof Elegance
Is what you get when you buy Holeproof Hosiery.
We feature this brand because we believe Holeproof
gives better wear, style and comfort than any other
Hose Value too, for it costs you less to wear Hole
nroof, the price being very moderate.
New shades of grey, camel and etc., now ready for
your inspection
The Good Old Swimmin' Days
Are Here
Get right into the swim head
fort-most, but make sure you
have a Bradley Swimming Suit
on. You'll come up feeling like a
million dollars. Oh! Boy! What
a glorious swim you'd have.
Our Bradley's have the new
chest stripes and are knitted to
fit. Priced $2.50 to $3.50
We Just knew that women -ft'S
dainty under-things before the holiday sowe
a beautiful collection that we could offer aay u
Vanity Fair Silk Step-In Sets, FUm,
Combnations. New Undies made of shadow
Displayed at attractive prices.
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f II I M II It .11 M ft XX sir i mm m, nir n i.n ... mmmn
I GnndGooda. (Ly
lalpraDf Hosiery
Kiddies' Sox
Half and three-quarters Sox
for Kiddies. Colors, Delft
Blue, Rose, Pink, Yellow,
Champagne, Brown, Black and
length Lisle 50c
i2 length Sox with clox 65c
ig length Silk Sox . $1.33
length Silk Sox $1.65
Ellison-White claims to have the best Chautauqua program
ever offered Salem. Closes next Wednesday evening. Tickets
on sale at the following places: Hartman Bros., Patton Bros.,
The Spa, The Gray-Belle, Commercial Book Store, and ilia
Music Store.