Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, September 22, 1921, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    September 22, 1921
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b Palestine
c-nt 22. There are
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sir "erbe;1
, .h British High Commts
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in Palestine m " -
'Leen September 1920,
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1921. ne reiiui...
;:l.i attributes the scar
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Coming TThlGrd Theatre
Tha Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon
Page Three
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... iin-n at movement irum
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, As a consequence.
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w admit Jewisn imnnSioUio,
little expansion In
jpportunlties ior empiuj
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been founa to db uioui-
the government is unoj-
tl(i use some ancient, reser-
cannruv. nameu we
Solomon, but of unknown
possible Herodian, situated
Bile! away.
in nf the country nas
reduced to 5,000 combatant
imposing a charge 01
10 Sterling on the British
.1.. enn
uer, oi
pi of every fighting man.
fJi-J Al f AC
Married Men
Than Bachelors
- An n.. J
ua npr ppnf nurintr
mncaocu u i j--. w
flrtt seven months of 191
spared to the same montns
year, Buuuiuiwe, .o
! public by Coroner Peter M.
lor the seven months, with
month of May highest with
mm urn an uim j ...v. -
! " "i
, aa--.-
I ll Ih.III .Ell RltlBKBI
! the mouth of Glacier Bay. JiMHllMWiLKl WESM
Open Forum
Contributions to This Column
.must be plainly written on one
side of paper only, limited to
300 words in length and signed
with the name of the writer.
Articles not meeting these spe
clficutlons will be rejected.
Study Speed of
Alaska Glaciers
Juneau, Alaska, Sept. 21. The
speed of Alaskan glaciers is being
studied by Professor William S.
Cooper of the University of Min
nesota. He is making a special ex
amination of Muir glacier at Gla
cier Bay.
Muir Glacier has receded 60
miles in the last 127 years. When
VailPmiVPr Vlwltn.1 the trlaAlnr In
but associating with public as Ii17o4 fnnnH ,h , ov,H
Editor Capital Journal! I wish
to agai ncomend you for the pro
position that you Jiave taken rel
ative to the Fair to be held In i
Portland in 1925.
Of course, my opinion does not
amount to much, and commenda
tion of mine is of little moment;
do, I feel that you should know
that a large part of our citizens
are in agreement with your posi
tion. Especially, the formers of
this community are against pay
ing this additional tax.
If a vote were taken upon this
proposed tax at the present, it
would be defeated decisively.
This letter Is not wrltte nfor
Dublication, as I have no desire
to court the limelight. My at
titude upon the Nonpartisan
League, which, heretofore, has
nlcides ranged between tniny Deen that of one asking for a fair
hearing, has caused action to be
taken, notice of which I received
In today's mail, to put me out of
business. No doubt other rea
sons may be assigned; but when
.i .i... . . in i i i.
low years, wnne me inar
msn was two to one over the
eior. niuiuwL uiic-nuiu tt.w
tyilated, with shooting a close
Ith. i Statesman, the only one In which
the mouth of Glacier Bay.
Later John Muir left his scien
tific observations ofr the glacier,
a. .u livt Lars atjd frotftttof Coop
er marked out areas there for
study. He plans further observa
tions at five-year intervals.
Fortified with these records
Professor Cooper hopes to deter
mine the time that has elapsed
since many parts of the earth now
free were covered with ice.
Hsu a, e
rliiflfe Te nJnur
Oriental General
I submitted facts and figures to
refute the vituperative arguments
of the Editor of the Statesman,
has not been published It becomes
clear that the actuating cause of
the move refered to above can
--.,. ... ... ens! v np iniren L in rncum.
u i i i. r.K ;i. ' . vv Jllti.i." .
Ih may ne possinie 10 nrivo
out of business, who dorp
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mercnant. oi I onoiuiu. : n
men n faeiric fmitiies U fa affaira nit I ahni not hp stnn
general in the southern
irmv unaer prennent sun
Ma, according to advices iust
N In Honolulu.
young Chinese general is a
OiAmerlran arhrial and a
Wt Hovorat vaira I. oat. nUjolv
U nit,
mi Afong, is the nephew
Whiting, vife o( d:mral
; mi v. v. ati,. MVIHCU, 1
, inn, nun iiur wa.ii
circles of Honolulu, .8 well
In thP T'nllorl Qtn.AA
For Thrt Cn-rtlon
H.v. Mad. Child Birth.
9MflU) Rlsuiai&I Co. ,DeiT.9-D -Atlanta. C.
Pany Is being formed toj
-0-room hotel at Otter
-wiu cuuniy, to oe corn
er Jllnp 1.1)1)
I m
5 reet, Wrinkles,
- 1 M
k "PP'icaUon of How-
TOc dullMt llf.
H An 1 . .
arras mad. .ain
- oui tne slightest sign
t and ,ka . i . - j
"i not produce the
1 r greanneaa of the
whether you are tron-
Of in. .w
l - -iwiaiiu U1UUIM.
af-"8 roughness of the
, "inn caused by
rr. win find that
IP WU1 Quickly disaD-
uie u. I,
to your complete
ter 7;.. ' "5 lou.V
. " PlacA if a ,.
i7" 19 crt silver or
i o tow
r " iv. . i am mr
A delicious
DPDDcr m int
flavored sutfar
iarbt9f around peP-
permlnt flavored cnew
Ina stum.
Will aid your appetite
and digestion, polish
your teeth and moisten
your throat.
Heating Engineer-
you used to call him
T)uring the first winter nearly one-half
of their number died from exposure."
Encyclopedia Brittanica
UST three hundred years
ago they landed on Ply
mouth Rock. They were
a courageous company
as sturdy and stout as
the best of us.
But nearly half of them died from
The land to which they came was
the same land in which we live; the
winter was no more severe than our
winters now.
But nearly half of them died from
ex e.
Almost no one in America dies from
exposure today. And why? Because
of the service of a group of quiet, un
assuming men. Working without special
notice or praise, the men whom you call
Steamfitters and Plumbers have made
the newest nation the healthiest and
best-warmed nation in the world.
They have done a wonderful work
for America; and yet their work is
hardly more than begun. Statisticians
say that llh million homes in America
still have no heat except the heat of
old-fashioned stoves.
ra J
the Heating Engineer's wonderful
new gift to the small home
TCpOR years every Heating Engineer has longed for a
hot-water heating outfit that would werm the small
home as perfectly as the larger heating plants of ths
American radiator Company warm mansions,
cathedrals and even the White House itself.
Arcola a wonderful new invention developed aftes
years of experiment is the answer to that hope.
ARCOLA is unlike any heating equipment you have ever
seen. It is radiator and boiler and hot-water heater com
bined to. burn any kind of fuel. Set in the living-room
dining-room or kitchen, it radiates healthful warmth to
every corner. American Radiators, connected with it by
small pipes carry its warmth to every
room upstairs and down. The kitchen
tank, too, can draw on its deep fire
pot, providing an abundance of hot
water for washing and bathing.
See Arcola today In the store of
any Heating Engineer displaying the
red and yellow card at the right.
ARCOLA is not only a great inven
tion for the small home; it is a gift to
the small home in a very real sense.
For, in the fuel it saves, ARCOLA
is guaranteed to pay for itself.
If every man who can install a heat-,
ing plant should work every day, it
would take a generation to give modern
healthful heat to those l7!2 million
An almost overwhelming task! But
think of the overwhelming economy!
Every Ideal TYPE A Heat Machine
substituted for a wasteful furnace or
boiler means that one family's fuel bill
is reduced one-third.
Every ARCOLA, supplanting a furnace or old
fashioned stoves, slashes the fuel bill of another
Of all the services rendered to the modern home
there is none which pays for itself more quickly or
more surely than the service of the Steamfitter
and Plumber.
Call your Steamfitter or your Plumber in now
and have him go over your house and report; his
counsel may save you money. Make it a point to con
sult him twice a year as you do your Doctor or your
Dentist And do not be surprised if the old name
over his store has been taken down and a new one
hangs in its place.
For the men whose science and skill have robbed
winter of its terrors and removed the breeding-grounds
of disease, have outgrown the names by which you
have been accustomed to call them. Their work has
become a profession: the Steamfitter and Plumber
of yesterday are today the Heating and Sanitary
Maker of ih famous WEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiator
1219 Fourth Avenue
Seattle, Washington
"erous trial pack
ed nd Soap to Howard
I 4 N T Capital Ortag
rop, can up-(adv)