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The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon
American Legion
Selects Statue
For Centralia
Salem Churckks
Corby, pastor.
meeting at7 p. m.
I Thursday at 8 p
Prayer meeting
I in I'll Will
.ill HhhHt
HlllJlMIWH HIS 111 I HI tmm in !
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ter discontinuing its meetings for
a month, will resume activities
again this week when members
will gather at the home of Mrs.
Ray Stiffler, of Hollywood.
Miss Snort
Visits in Portland '
Miss Eva L. Scott made the trip
to Portland this afternoon. She
will spend the week there visit
ing with friends and will return
to Salem about Thursday.
White Shrine and
Families Have Picnic
Members of the White Shrine
and their families met last night
at the J. A. Bishop residence on
South Commercial street at a pic
nic for which Miss Hazel t Bishop
was hostess. Groups came with
well filled baskets and the time
was spent picnic fashion.
Mrs. Hedine is
Hostess for Mother
Mrs. A. E. Hedine. of Holly
wood, entertained on Wednesday
afternoon honoring her mother
Mrs. E. Hedine, of Salem. Refresh
ments were served. Those present
were Mrs. E. Hedine, Mrs. I, Wag
ers, Mrs. Kron, Mrs. W. F. Mua
son and Mrs. A. E. Hedine.
ivlces held in the Highland school
REFORMED CHURCH Corner building. Bible school at 10 a. m.
of Capitol and Marion streets, ciif ton Ross, superintendent.
Sunday school 10:00 ac in.; serv-orning worship and preaching
ice (German) 11 a. m. No even- at n. c. E. meeting at 7 and
ing service. M. Denny, pastor. preaching at 8 p. m. Prayer meet
ling on Thursday at 8 p. m. We
are nlannine' a mmmiiiiitv irpt-
RTiinRTMTR a annrr atiov . i ...
. . - Lusruiei un r riuay evening to ue
' 1 .. C J ru.. K..11H ... ... -
, -en ctcij ouuudj iu uvruy """ neiu at me Highland school build
i n er Prttir snH UiEi avaata tnr i . . ..... ...
, ., ias. ine ooject is ror netter ac
hi Die siuay; nours irom iu:uu to qnaintance and a hour An
12:00 a, m. Snntfay, Aug. 7 at interesting program is being ar
2:30 p. m. C. W. Field of Port- ranerf fnr lho Tho
land will deliver a free public pe of the neighborhood are iD,
lMM)Fd in ihia hall ..Ki,.,t "IH. ...
" ; " , . ' , jvited. 1. G. and Ida J. Lee, pas
tressed Human! tys only hope, non
showing through Adams' dis-
obedience we have the conditions CHURCH 0F G0DnH North
Jl t luiV Ufa TiHuir olan nVimifncr 11 V I ...
. , . . . 'iChurch street. J. J. Gillespie
God s word the second Adam, ouri . . , -
Lord Jesus redeemed the race ..., . ,, . ' '
and It wi.l SOOn t.w. fiwt or Su"able classes for all grades of
their behalf. Hear thi lecture, jholars, with competent teachers
(Preaching service, 11 a. m., sub
mpioTi en-m.r.j!- Ti-rna-r1 ject "Evangclicism." Young Peo-
CHURCH 44(1 Rk.m.t.t, f ret. 1 ple's meetinS. 6:45, and preaching
Af 11 , n.M- ... ...Kf. service following at 7:30. Teach-
"Spirit". Sunday school at 9:45 aj"s,mee'lnff Wednesday evening,
m. Wednesday evening, testimon-j ?:30 a,'d prayer meetinS '"
tal meeHnir Mah, nvinrk-! ln at 8 p. m. Come and hear
CHURCH On Church street be
tween Chemeketa and Center. Sab
bath school meets at 9:45 a. m.
C. A. Kells, superintendent.
Preachfng at 11 a. m. by Dr. Hick
man, president of lKmball School
of Theology. Subject, "What Is
the Almighty?" the choir will sing
"How Firm a Foundation." Dr.
Hickman will preach at the union
the gospel.
5 u L CTO ML.
AmcricuH, Ga., Aug. 0. The
American Legion has found I he bit
of sculpture which Its national
memorial committee declares ac
coinplixhea Uh highest aim. With
in a xhort time thin wr.iis
Georgia artist will be standing ut
Centralia, Wash,, which w;m the
Rcone of bloody ArmlBtlce day
fighting between heroes of the
world war and I. W. W. A large
replica of the original will be
liluced In a prominent public pl ict
at Centralia. Smaller statiies of
the work of art are being widely
The sculptor Is E. M. Vlqueaney
of Americus, who produced the
model after two years' work.
The figure Is that of a helmeted
Infantryman in heavy eiiulumcnt
and with a rifle with b-iyonet fix
ed In his hand. In the other hand
he holds aloft a hand grnnude lie
Is ripping through wire mlangle
tnents. From his neck lianas his
gas mask ready for use
The strain and excitement of from arr.-su t
Two Honored
At Birthday Dinner
airs, waiter Fisher honored C.
A. H. Fisher and Dr. B. Fisher
at a birthday dinner at her home
in Hollywood. A color scheme of
pink and white was used. Those
present were C. A. H. Fisher, Dr.
K. Fisher, Mrs. C. A. H. Fisher,
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ward, Mr and
Mrs Walter Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Fisher.
Mrs. Terwilliwr
Is Elected Secretary
irs. u. Terwllliger, of Sa
lem was chosen secret rv nt ih.
Marlon County Veterans' assoc'
tlon meeting held on Thursday at
Tulip Farm to
Increase Acreage
Coming Season
Starting five years ago as an ex
periment, tulip raising ax an In
dustry has grown to large propor
tions in Snlem. The only other
. ,. . . . " mr imukkowiii
tulin farm of the Franklin whoro tv.., in . j .- ..
- w win ducdu iuui or rive
& Dibble farm '- the entire United days.
States, has a record of producing ,
2,500.000 MttM a year, while the Hockaway is
Rale.., farm next season will pro- Vacation Haven
duce twice that many. Mr ,, h vr r. .
The bulbs prod-.ced on the farm .? f'.mll, te nZZ
. . .... na lamny are Buendine: a vara-
h.Ne beeurno.,ncedby'hoBeet.'tlon Hjmirn , P eJ"
pert In flower culture as superior nopkHwmv Th ,:!, , , ,lt
to imported Holland bulbs, and are j This m-"l P
subject by f.,Mng. to bloom 15 to l"'"' morn,n
I 20 days ahead of tlio
Reading room 209 Masonic Tem
pie, open every day except holi-
uays unu ounaays rrom ii:4ij to
5 p. m. All are cordiallv invited tast b'ate and EighteenthKts.
to our services and to our reading Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.
room. I Preaching service (English) at
10:30 a. m. Young people's meet
CENTER STREET lTKTHO-'in at 2:30 P- m. Mission topic.
DIST EPISCOPAL Center street. 1 "Bee'nning at Jesrusalem." Evcry-
corner North 13th street. G. S. body is welcome. There will be
Sabbath school n0 evening service. George Koeh-
Ger- ler- pastor.
Preaching service 11
Roeder, minister
10 a. m. Both EngliBh and
man classes.
a. m. There will be no evening
Take Sojourn
At Coast Resort
Dr. and Mrs. R. E. f.efl Ktelnor
and Mr. and Mrs. M I. i,
leu tills morntne for N,nu,
mm mii-n mr avna. nuw.iitT m r
the advance are shown vividly in culiar fact is that tbexe '...llw nnl 10 IKewport
the drawn face and open mouth.
Fish Planted
In Lakes and
Santiam River
Albany, Or., Aug. 6 Four laUes
in Jefferson uark and near Marion
lake have beon slocked with trout-
by the Santiam Fish & Game as
sociation with the assistance of
the United Statos forest service,
C. C. Hall, supervisor of the San
tlHin forest, has reported
Mr. Hull report that 20 cans of
flastem brook trout weru placet, in
these lakes.
In sdditlon. the North Santiam
""r " "7" win, la eatetl at ll.dHngliani. Washington,
cans of rainbow trout, Mr. Hall hi, h .
tn conjuuetien
Mr. and Mrs. John Kron, Miss
What's New
The Market
u-nmlaifii! " J,. " F-
the ordinary bulb has not, and are , , r Dav,e" and G- Taylor
therefore worth culture on thlsac-i 1 motor to Newport today for
count alone. the week end.
The fact that they can be forced !
Into early blonn.lng is of reat iie
portance to the hot house man and
florists. The bulbs are purchase!
by these dealers and are potted,
then forced to bloom, thus n'ect
Ing the retail demand at a higher
price berore others are brought on
the market.
Tli3 owners of the Salem fnrin
i!. in tt nlarti I i. i,.: ,t '..tin.1
nea season, cutting down some nW at ny time durllS '"e
varieties and devoting acreage to caM1n- The general price is 2 V4
the. bi ami most beautiful in col-lpent a pound, a .Iron r .
... " J - - v V V VIIC 1 1 1
or and qualttv. ovr !, t
So adaptable has Oro CrMm
been found to bulb culture. ( " , "r
the flve-yenr experiment of Frank- , , ' ,.th" ve'se
lit. a tiiM.i. .w... .u. . .about 12 pounds.
of the hulb farm !o-l. S took a 8"Bnt 'urease sell
iur i',, cents a no.inrt ti.
nard as leader. It will be largely
topic, "The Sacredness of Music
and Sane." Mid-week service nn
Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock.
CHURCH Corner Wlnte' and
Jefferson streets, Thomas Acheson
pastor. K ,ar services will be held
at this church on August 7, to
which the public is most cordially
luvueu. Devotional meeting for
Christian workers, and others who
can attend at 9:15 a. m. Sunday
scnooi convenes at 9:45 a. m. with
Watermelons are selling lower
cents a
reports. The trout were furnish
ed by the state to the Santiam
Fish A Gam association and were
distributed by the forest service
du'lng the last two weeks from
Detroit. The fish were packed In
to the mountains.
come and work
with the owners.
WoodWi Man
Pcsses Away
aa a farmer
Winslow Freed
In Justice Court
Dallas. Or, Aug. .--The rase of
F. Winslow was tri-,l out In Jus
tlco court yesterday. He was ar
rested by Deputy Sheriff T. H.
Hooker a few days ago for driving
a truck wit boat a mirror attached
near the driver's seat. After hr.
Ing the evidence given by eight or
tQ witnesses the case was placeu
In thehands of the Jury. The Jury
reported that they were unable to
agree as three stood for acquittal
and three for conviction, but rec
ommended that the Judge decide " "
the matter; Justice of the Peace B&Ck Bear Foillld
u.u vuu uoriuen mat ine plalnllit
was nut nitltv Ti,, -i
heart the charge axainat Winslow Sheep Than CoVOte
for ualag profane Uugwn which Or . Aug 6 -Thwe , ,
had also been preferred against new danger faciag our fried ,h!
him hy Judge Lewi, and Hecrv .heep 8
Heinle of WM 8ale.n The e.w, f l s bear Or. rather teve. al
as heart without a Jury anj uo- i...r. '
wanes tomatoes are priced at two
pounds for a quarter. Cucumbers
have taken a decided tumble over
a few weeks ago and are now
bringing fire cents apiece
A peculiar situation exists in
the egg market. Shi liners In-.-.. ......
still maintaining their price of 28
reins, while the market in Port
land Is only offering JS cants and
The funeral of John D WiU , M",s wel1 "PlUed. Hetallera
for the past 18 years a resident 1 ""C 8 111 'feriliK 2S centa, with
WoooTiurn. who died last Tuesday! ? kwe8t ,,ld at
at the age of SO years, was held T,,e hhfll"l bid on chickens
Thursday at the Methodist church woe" wa3 21 cen' 'or "red"
aVlAt an it '...-.., b& Lm.
""oouui-u. ue was a meiiilier . wnue ji cents was
of the G. A. R. and
known at Wood burn
ana real ejiiat,. man maue a specialty of raising Lg.
Reside his widow three children 'horns, or because they wish to get
survive him W. J. Wilson of them because they are not
Mrs. Kate Iwindnn of Win fVnirn deniable for m irk .. i a
,...) VJ. r.,.. . . . III
jonnson or Jaek '. o.anf-ie still have trouble
sonvllle He also leaves rur In keeping the market supplied
graadrhlldren and two sisters, jwlth good slaed broilers. ,
Mrs Untie O Laughlia of Wash- The sea trout on the market Is
Ington. Iowa, and Mrs. Elvn rra-j'n fine condition. Some hold that
ven of Ies Moines. Iowa. It is much more taatey than Chl-
iiook saimon ana is decidedly
more reasonable at 10 cents a
TW T-v j , tuna. To hold the Julceneaa of
More Dangerous to i the nsh u should be spm and ,nf.
PAL CHURCH Corner State and
Church streets. Blaine E. Kirk-
CASTLE CHAPEL UNITED Patrick, minister. Sunday school
BRETHREN 17th and Nebras-j9:45 o'clock. Alpheus J. Gillette,
ka streets. Sunday school 10 a. superintendent. Classes for every
m. Preaching 11:60. We would body, and Jst . as interesting in
be glad to see you at all the summer as in winter. Come out
services. today and study with us. Class
meeting at 9:15 a. m. Morning
CENTRAL CONGREGATIONAL worship, 11 o'clock. The sermon
-Corner South I9th and Ferry will be by the pastor on the sub-
streets. H. C. Stover, minister. Ject, "The Simplicity of the Gos-
The church school meets aat 10 pel." There will be no eveninir
a. m.; Mrs. B. E. Edwards super- service in this church, butwe will
intendent. Morning service at co-operate in the union afternoon
11 a. m. Christian Endeavor at service in Wilson Park at 4:30
7:15 p. m. Evening services at 8 o'clock, at which Dr. E. C. Hick
p. m. Morning arid evening ser-man will preach.The intermediate
mons by the pastor. Epworth League is fall of institute
enthusiasm, and the meeting to
FIRST BAPTIST Marlon and; night promises to be of unusual
Liberty streets. Sunday school at interest. Merwin Stolzheise, the
9:45 a. m.; Ed Schunke, superin- president will lead at 7 nVi,.i- 4.
tendent. Preaching services 11:00 the same hour, the senior league
a. m. and 800 p. m.: Dr. Myron will meet, with Miss Grace Bra!
W. Havnes of McMinnville will' on ,.i .t
- - j vjl uiuaiu, will! me
preacn Doth morning and evening.
is. Y. P. u. meetings 6:50 d. in.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening
at 8:00 o'clock.
day school at 10:30 a. in. Meeting
at 11:30 at the armory. You. are
Yew Park Bible school at 10:00 a.
m. Preaching at 11 a. ni.. Junior
Christian Eudeavor In the parson
age at 11 a. in. Senior Christian
r.uucavui in I p. m., pioauuillg al Superintendent Hne-eman It,
8 i). m.. mid week orayer meeting chum n... ri.
- - - 1 obid are ail on
on weunesuay evening at othe Job and we are Pla t
o'clock. Good singing, come and come young and old alike to our
enjoy the services with us. C. W. , hool. Combined service of ii.ninr
ano adult churches at 11 a. m.
Subject, Side Lights on the Last
hupper. Junior and senior church
choirs will furnish the music. The
faacrament of the Lord's Supper
win also be observed. In the ev
ening the Epworth Leaeiie nr,
cnurcn will combine for a rally
service rrom 7 till 8:30 p.m. Sub
ject, I he Invincible Man, or. Can
the Young Man of Today Make
tiooo I if the evening is warm
this service will be held on the
church lawn. We nffer VOII a nrft
Place to spend your Sunday even
ing. fatrangers and visitors wel
come. Tuosday evening from 8 p
m. the business meetings of the
church will be held. All officer.
ot cnurch needed. Prayer meeting
Wednesday, 7 and S p. m.
UNITED E V A N G E 1. 1 r A r
iCHL'KCH 480 North Cottage St..
j Rev. S. S. Mumey. pastor. 10 a. m.
Sunday school, H. C. Farnham,
superintendent. 11 a. m.', and 8
p. m.. preaching services. A .-rr
dial welcome awaits you.
K event,,.
- B servicg h
l"S on Thursday
Farm Noises
Aid To Men
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 6. The
symphony of droning mowers, cul
tivators and threshers is a specific
j treatment for shock. Of thousands
I of war veterans who turned to ag
' rieiilture at the conclusion of hos
tilities virtually all have recovered
from the effects ot shell-shock. A
recent survey, on the other hand,
does not indicate that this is true
"f the returned soldiers who set
tled in the cities.
llealdeH regaining health at a
far more rapid pace titan their city
brothers, the farmer soldiers gen
erally have exDertenref) mm? nrn.
Donated pros; er.ty. For their crop
last year they received approxl"
mately $14,00fl.00. The return
this year, on the face of prelimin
frj t i t ' )ir i"i ins lace ot pretimln-
e on, red for Leghorns. Eor the rea-j ury estimates, shtuld be 25 percent
.... son that to nmnv fir.,..,.- i. .... ..
Many of the 25.000 soldiers who
have taken farms under the Soi-
. lie's' re-establishment art
PAL Horace N. Aldrich, pastor.
9: 45 a. m.. Snndav . h,...i i- .
Rhoten. superintendent. 11 a m
1 - --
rmmum worsnip, with sermon hv
.T ' - f. - 1 1 i iiui ii iv
in gcxxl health when tjiey turn- the pastor. Theme. "In the Regur-
ed farmers. Today
dier-farmer is in r
sound flnasres.
age sol
lth and
ed lengthwise
when fried.
Instead of across
on motion a nonsuit was granted
and the case dismissed
Truck, Car. Crash:
Damage Is Slight
Slight damage to a fender on aa
lUtomobtle owned by A. I. Rich
irts af Turner resulted yesterday
rvealstc ha a truck dilven by
'. V. McGee el Portland collided
lib the Ricbsrta aaacbtoe.
Mr. Mo ee bed essays,; to 'ask
e tree to a eerb est Camti. lal
sine setveew State and Court!
(aearriasai oecurrew.
Stanley G Jewett, head el
predatory animal divleiusi of the
United Slates htoloalral surv.v
declares black beers are becoming
far more destructive to mutton on
the hool than coyotes, which mm.
corning to the best coyote author
uies. is going tone.
One sheep Biea resected
SS4 heed of .heep killed durin
ine last year- romnlainta hr.
resulted in Jewett and sans at hi.
deputies leaving this week for the
s of ftrula atrecltlea with
rlsw to
I tloaa.
$20 Fine Paid by
Motorcyclist For
Driving Too Fast
Charced with driving his motor
cycle In exeeas of ths speed limit.
Salon Man
Dead In East
Word has been received here
concerning the death at Herher:
Hosier, saw of Q.M. Hosier of
route 1. Salem, who u accident
ally killed In Muskegee- Oklaho
ma. at the ace of T fHn. He
was well known tn Salem and In
dependence, where he was a mem
ber of the Knights of
T. C. Waters, sa employe of the lodge. It Is thought that Hosier.
Petal Telegraoh ramnsnv nlMl iikn u i.. 4-t-
ed iwilty before Police Judge Barf (aeeldeo tally while following his
iu" Huernuon tit nald
rection. with What Body Io
They Oome?" Special music will
include an anthem. "Lead Me
Kternal Light." (Petrie) by the
choir, and a quartet. "No Shad
ows Yonder." IGauli .m- k
Misses Sherwood and Aldrirh a,.,'i
Messrs. Mclntire and Rogers. No
evening service.
High snd Center. Bible school.
: 45 a. m. Dr. H. C. Epley. super
intendent. Fine orchestra. Ser
mon. 11 a. m. by Harold Hull. No
treat bs; service. This congrega
tion point tn the 4:30 service at
tb - nark. A cordial Invit.n. i.
to an to attend these
J. J. Brass, psstor.
floe of tie
Waters was arrested yesterday
morning ny Miller Hayden.
cycle satruloiaa.
has vote.!
to the it eat at
The cHy of Sberidaa
I It. see to fwad the '-liiUdin
of the city.
accidentally while following his SOUTH SALEM FRIENDS
'iwde CHURCH Corner of South im
His body has bees seat to Salem j aiercisl aad Wasblngtoa streets,
aad services here will he conduct- Bible school at It a. m. Preach-
o ey the Americas LdJKtan. Ar- tag services at 11 a. m. aad S
raagwmenU are Is ehanie of Webb m. Mr. Coek. of the Free Metb-
a trough, undertakers. edist church will sseak la
BSaratac. Is the rrentag Mrs.
JOURNAL Whirr ADS PAY ate eUsgssay Preaaail w tail of
HwL w aeew sua ru her trie ta the Holy Las
wvhoju. i u mi rag cartas aad costumes, c
Monday Will Be A
We announce the arrivals of many sensational and lucky
salers and Retail Buyers convention that was held in u2
-r t rtr j . nn
d uiy ZO to OU.
The Wonderful Lucky Purchases Are Now on Display
High Grade Dress
An excentional large
lot of fine quality, dark
colors, silk stripe dress
Voiles, in many novel and
colorful patterns; form
er value to $1.25, now
on sale
39c YARD
Special Lot
Fine Bathing Suits
In cotton and mercer
ized knit materials, for
Ladies' .and.. Men; ..the
new long skirts, and side
laced leg for the Ladies'.
itrimmer in rnlnrs- vol.
Sues to $2, on sale
Ladies' Fall Spd
",c ones are jg
i ana priced below th
real value: the mum,.
styles are here for
selection, the color
tects are very pb
ana desirable, J5.C
ues, on sale
47 Inch Heavy Oil Cloth, 45c Value, on sale
All articles advertised previously for Monday selling may be 1
fir Inn Inm n,i,. i. 1 in . ? y
picw quotea. see yesterday's papers for the :
low nmoc nfforin
A Number of Bargains in oui
Exchange Departmenl
We have for your inspection in our exchange department, eve
thing for the home. Listed below are a few.
of the many bargains.
$-30.00 Combination
t Book Case $35.00
$9.00 Kockers now . . C 4 PJfl
$4.50 Eockers now . . . $ 2 2
$7.00 Rockers now-. . . $ Q ka
$8.00 Rockers now . . . g 4 QQ
$4 .Oak Stand Tables 9 OH
mm J J
$25.00 Chiffonier
$40.00 Brass Beds
$20.00 Iron Beds
$7.00 Iron Beds 3 pjq
$16.00 Iron Beds
$4.50 Iron Beds 3 00
$22 Oak Librarv Tables
$6.00 Stands 3$
$5.00 Stands 2.5
$35.00 Divans
$15.00 Rockers
$100.00 Ranges
$4.00 Tables
$15. Kitchen Cabinets
$25.00 Wood Heater .
$40.00 Gas Ranges . .
$30.00 Gas Ranges....
$2.00 Chairs
C. S. Hamilto