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Page Two
The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon
JJaJune 28, l92,
Latest News Covering Willamette Valley Points
Second Suit
Asks Return
Of Monies!
Polk Citizens Seek to
Recover $43,000 Paidj I
-. . .. -TTY-' i 1- fl
on. uontraci wiin
Highway Board
Pallas, Or., June 28. The suit
by residents of Independence
against the state highway commis
sion.' attempting to compel the
commission to pat the high .cay
through Independence, which was
recently filed, stated as one of the
reasons for objecting to the con
tract entered int between the
Polk county court and the high
way commisison that $43,000 of
the market road fund was to be
contributed in laying the road bed
of the highway south of ifom
mouth. This was further empfia'
sized yesterday when a supple
mental complaint was filed by At
torney I). E. Fletcher of Independ
ence in behalf of the plaintiffs.
A few days before the suit was
filed In the court the Polk county
court instructed the county clerk
to draw a warrant In favor of the
state highway commission for
$43,000 and charge the same
against the market road fund.
This was done to bind the contrac
between the two bodies. The sup
plemental complaint alleges that
the county clerk and the defend
ants had notice that the complaint
had been filed and that the said
county paid and caused to be paid
to the members of the state high
way commission the sum of $43,
000, which payment was void.
They demand that the court shall
issue a mandatory injunction, di
rected to the state highway com
mission, to repay the county of
Polk the sura of $43,000; and that
the same be received by the county
treasurer and placed in the mar
ket road fund; and, if the commis
sion fails to do so, that a judg
ment should be entered in favor of
the county against the state high
way commission.
In discussing the situation with
Attorney D. E. Fletcher of Inde
pendence, he made the assertion
that the only way that the courts
could possibly uphold the high
way commission and not grant the
relief asked for by the plaintiffs
In the suit was to Ignore the law;
and that he was confident that the
courts would uphold the law
which is so definite upon the loca
tion of the West Side highway
through Polk county, that inde
pendence would get the highway
as outlined by the legislature.
Seeks Divorce
I - -J 1
x ffu& kr.&, Seattle 'pr
Racing Slated
As Feature of
' Albany Fourth
Albany, Or., June 28. Two
days of high class racing events
will be the big attraction on Al
bany's Fourth of July celebration
card, July 4 and 5. More than 30
of the best known trotting, pacing
and running horses on the coast
have been shipped. A carload of
running horses left Reno, Nev.,
Monday and included in it are Co
berita, who won the big Reno
classic two weeks ago; Emelda,
Miss Creighton, Mida Clark, Ber
nice Pounce, Jennie Small, Rock
Bridge, Louis Lachmund and oth
ers. Among entries in the harness
events are George Swisher of Eu
gene with the famous Hallie B., J.
K. Greer with Retl Hal, Chet Dan
iels with Excellency, George Clark
Oregon City
Team Plays
Here Sunday
The Crown Willamette baseball
nine, of Oregon City, will be the
next team to meet the. Salem Sena
tors, it was announced this morn
ing. Two games will be played at
Oxford park, one next Sunday aft
ernoon at 3 o'clock and one on
Monday at the same hour.
With "Walt" Kracke, "King"
Cole and Billie Steppe in its line
up, the Crown Willamette team is
said to have a formidable aggre
gation. A plea-for a bigger crowd
than has witnessed recent games
here was made today by Manager
Jack Hayes, who feels that the lo
cal players are not properly sup
"Biddie" Bishop, former third
sacker, will be with the Senators
Hxt week-end and will likely be
on the mound during one of the
Hubbard Man Dies
From Heart-Failure'
John Stauffer, 69 year old far
mer of Hubbard, died suddenly
at his farm rfear Hubbard . last
Saturday evening, about 6:30.
revealed the fact that his death
was caused by heart failure. Al
though he had suffered from the
disease tor some time he had been
about during the day, and had
reclined for a few momenta on
the hay in his barn when he pass
ed away. Funeral- services were
Mrs. .lamoo r
uBier, ean.
y.uueer, who had mad. h V
in L,ke county fo m0c
years, is dead at LaT.l kaa 0
years. ". gd
waai nan?. ?.
company at Mabel i,,,' ,
arm when thrown 0.:.uu tot
by a fallinp. h ,. "6a,u '-lie 8
0 wuiuur.
with several new horses. From ! games. Lund probably will pitch
Lone Oak track at Salem will come the other game.
Fred Woodcoek with Paxtpn Hal, I -
J. G. Cox with Ladysmith and sev
eral others, Josh Merrill and oth
er well known drivers. George
Taylor of Medford, John Kivkland
og Albany and others will enter
their horses.
There will be two harness
events of two heats each and two
running races each day for good
Albany will celebrate the 4th of
July in fitting style with a big
parade Monday morning, followed
by a wild west show at the fair
grounds, speakiitg at Bryant park,
sports, races, dances and amuse
ments of various sorts. There will
be dances, roller skating, concerts
and entertainments for all classes
and ages.
Polk County Court
Circuit Court.
Ernest Zieleach, P. T. Peterson,
H. H. Brandt, O. A. Dickinson,
Henry Dickinson and S. McElmur
ry vs. County of Polk, the County
Court of Polk County, Oregon,
State Highway Commission, et al.
Amended complaint filed. Supple
ment::! complaint filed which
states that, after the said county
had notice that a complaint had
been filed, they paid and caused
to be paid to the State Highway
Commission $43,000 out of the
market road fund. The plaintiffs
demand a mandatory Injunction
directing the Highway Commis
sion to repay the $43,000 to the
county court.
J. B. Hamm vs. B. N. Hamm et
ux. Summons returned by the
sheriff showing that the defend
ants were served with copy of
complaint and directed to answer.
Writ of attachment, by John W.
Orr, showing the attachment of
property of said defendants, filed.
Pallas City Bank vs. M. C. Kel
low, Emma M. Kellow and Edward
Mueller, et al. Writ of execution
returned by the sheriff showing
collection of $1963.50.
C. J. Bruce vs. Ralph Collins
and Nina Collins. Cost bill filed
by plaintiff in the sum of $35.50.
Motion for default judgment by
Brown & Helgerson. attorneys for
plaintiff. Default and judgment
entered by the court directing the
sale of 81 acres of land to satisfy
aid judgment.
Probate Court.
In re estate ot J. B. Durham,
deceased. Petition filed by Flora j
J. Durham asking that she be ap- I
pointed executrix of the estate of
paid decedent and that letters be I
Issued. Will and proof of will of
aid decedent filed and entered of
record. Order appointing Flora
J. Durham executrix upon her fil
ing said oath of office. Oath of
Office filed by said executrix. Or
der entered by the court directing
letters of ndmlntstmtton to Issue
Angler Buchanan Duke, beautiful young society matron, of
New York and Philadelphia, has filed suit for. divorce against her
millionaire husband, asking $100,000 a year alimony. Although the
action was not entirely unexpected, society was shocked. The charges
made by the young society woman are kept secret. Mr. Duke is the
son of Benjamin N. Duke, "American tobacco king." Mrs. Duke is
the vivacious daughter of Major Anthony Drexel Biddie, millionaire
sportsman and society man. The couple were married in 1915 and
have two sons. It is reported that Mr. Duke will not contest the
action and will not dispute the young mother's custody of the boys.
Members of the Lakeview school
board have definitely decided up
on the construction of a modern
gymnasium on the high , school
grounds that will seat 2000 .peo
ple, f.
to said executrix. Order entered
by the court appointing F. L.
Wood, George Edwards and Clif
ford Gesner appraisers of said es
tate. In re estate of Tressa M. Marx,
deceased. Inventory and appraise
ment filed showing property of the
value of $170. Order entered by
the court aproving said inventory
and apraisement.
Marriaee License.
Edwin Dow, a farmer of Shedd,
Oregon, to Elizabeth Adams, a
housekeeper of Dallas, Oregon.
Work On Higway
Stops If County
Bonds Are Unsold
Eugene, Or., June 28. If $20,
000 Lane county road bonds can
not be sold or arranged to be sold
between now and Monday work on
the Improvement of the McKenzie
highway between Thurston and
Walterville now under way will
stop immediately, according to
members of the county court. As
the bonds cannot be sold at par
owing to the state of the bond
market at present time and as a
provision in the $!, (100,000 ond
election will not allow the county
to sell them at less than par. some
one will have to make up the dif
ference between the par value and
the commercial value of the bonds.
The body of Private Edwin
Cecil, son of Mrs. V. G. Tyler of
Coburg, who fell In the battle of
Belleau wood July 1, 1918. has ar
rived at Eugene for burial.
No leas than 1271 students at
tending O. A. C. the past year re
ceived sums from the state aid
funds for ex-service men, these re
ceiving a total of $294,0"2.
To save 25.
on your
is important
But" to
taste is more
Just buv a
package and
.find out. .
Portland & Salem
Stage Line
Every Hour on the Hour at
Both Ends
Leaves 10th and Alder at
Seward Hotel every hour
Leaves Salem Bligh Hotel
First Stage 7 a. m.
Last Stage 7 p. m.
Care of
Yick So Tong
Chinese Medicine and Tea Co.
Has medicine which will
cure any known disease
Open Sundays from 10 a. m.
until 8 p. m.
153 South High Street
Salem, Oregon. PhoiM 283
Lew Leaves
Salem Silverton
liO. B. Depot News stand
cut) a. m. 8:15 a. m.
1) :00 a. m. 1:00 p. m,
5:00 p. m. 6:15 p. m.
Leav: Salem O. B. depot 7:00
a. m. 11:00 a. m. 5:00 p. m.
Leave Monmouth Hetel 8:15 a.
in. 1:00 p. m. 6:15 p. m.
Leave Independence Bo8! 8:30
ft. m. 1;15 p. m. 8:30 p. m.
Special trips by appointment.
Seven passenger car for hire.
J. Jt. PARKER, Prop.
Res. phone 615. Business ohonc 7
A Flag
or ADron
or Scissors
or a Pony
The Capital Journal
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