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Average for 1920s 6250
population of Saltm 1900. 4258:
1910, 11,094; 1920. 17,479
jiirion County 1920, 47,177j
Polk county, 14,181
Member of Audit Bureau of Circu
lation. Associated Press Pull
Leased Wire
.third Year No. 153
The Weather
OREGON: Tonight and Tues
day fair; moderate northwester
ly winds.
LOCAL: Rainfall .02; northerly
wind: cloudy; maximum 75,
minimum 67, set 61; river 1.2
feet and falling-.
Salem, Oregon, Monday, J one 27, 1921
7. ynr . .
aseuuu conspiracy Cases
ailroad Order Is
ay vui
Price Three Cents
I sTk Afm tf.
m isa. sr
TJ...J 17 ill
ing Makes Wage Re
duction Applicable
to 210 Roads July 1
Chicago, June 27. The Unit-
SUlw raiiroau wuuj wwo.,
Hiuni" . "
. f.,.,,i,. li,..- 1 tn nrartic-
Kr riiciu'v u "n
l every large tailroad in the
irv. No chanse from the av-
1 12 percent reduction grant-
104 carriers on June i was
S L- ,,(..,. ,1. . wi,,,, Tho
Tie Dew decision will make a
itfotthe estimated four nun-
I millirtn Hnll-.irc annul) RMV-
Order Widely Inclusive
tt decision, drawn as an ad-
original iibi oi iui roaua au-
uetioo. .
Opened Today
On Trial In Famous White Sox Case ! 1 0 of 1 8
Cla-lt WUlvajnj I Civile 1- &oe JncW.H. ' Buete Weai?
Hal " JM a .
J Jk i JL' 1. WaW :
psS xtsii
Two Men In Liquor Cases
Are Given Jail Sentences;
Negro's Case Before Jury
L. A. Williams, Salem pool hall I two months in the county jail, and
proprietor, convicted of unlawful-1 Frank Grimes, who pleaded guilti
ly selling intoxicating liquor, wastQ a charge ot having liquor In his
fined i 1 00 and sentenced to serve
?5. (tur,
(Ferries) pi
pilots $192,
Dies In Portland
Byrd. twe year old
Of Dr an,! M D n
-13 ruv. n,1SRPrt ata-ar in
hospital SnnilaT Th
. , - . - - utICIU I U U V
p nere Ti f...i
" 1 held at th. h. . 1
u Jl o'clock. Rt w i- I
"I thf Plraf
Salem Carrier
Elected Head
of Association
Lyman McDonald, carrier of the
Salem postoftice, was unanimously
elected president of the State As
sociation of Rural Letter Carriers
held at Eugene Saturday in con-j
Junction with the state convention
of the Postal Clerks and City Let
ter Carriers. Salem was chosen as
the meeting place for the conven
tion, next year, to be held here on
Labor day.
Other officers elected were
William Eberhardt, McMinnville,
first vice-president; M. W. Brown,
Corvallis, second vice-president;
W. H. Boyd, Beaverton, secretary
treasurer; A. O. Sturm, Lebanon,
national delegate; J. H. Maxwell,
Eugene, alternate; B. T. Kunbe,
Brownsville, and A. 0. Sturm,
Lebanon, executive committee.
Delegates from Salem were C. B.
Bracher and Lyman McDonald.
is the fuhst time. Yes sun"
pointing to the floor immediately
in front of biai "fuhst time right
befob this judge heah " Event
ually the witness was halted in In.
discourse concerning bis past ex
periences with the law.
Simmered down, Padden's tes-
possession, was sentenced to 30
days in jail by Judge Percy Kelly
in the circuit court this morning.
The case against Jesse Padden, col
,,roH .hnrpd with unlawf u 11 v sell -
hich is on before: timony lenueu 10 snuw iubi, m-
Ten ball ulavers on trial in Chicago and Abe Atteil, freed on a writ
nunc I1U ueinwie Ciui ua ilttvc P 1 1 7 TT 1 CI
m beinc taken bv all the rail-
j unions on acceptance or re-
eioecten tnai tne conierence
i new order involves prajHic
ail classaa of employes.
only change in the rates
reduction made by today s de-
; one half of the roads in
to the original decision.
duplication resulting from the
hat m.,nv ...... .la A A n nt
II a V pmn nvpn t n
first petitions.
il of reduction for several
and rest airant workers,
car employes, laundry
i- fui i i ' 41 HUM 11
factions of sixty percent of
licreases granted since the
re returned to private
established for- the ma-
!" Vork: captains 1200. en-
U50, assistant engineers
firemen $110. deckhands
- towards $125.
"adelphia: Feiry piloU and
mn $170.30, extra pilots
"tra engineers $130.32. fice-
ii i y ti ..i i . .
... nui.risuitinilU.Ul,
" fivt, 'i nr
..U TipQ . l , .... AH
... r-iL :it-iprs. llUi.ZU
t captains $130.96, n
120.15. mates $91.91.
iSnm ,1 . t t. .. .1 n A a t
-' i-. r.idiius SU.Ot1
Pn , ft A r . ...
" " 1 Ill'
ing liquor
Judge Kelly today, gives evidence
of reaching the jury before even
ing. Orimes. who was indicted on
two counts by the grand Jury. Gates waited for him
nrieinallv Dleaded not guilty, but I by alley. He declared
changed his plea to guilty when told
the second charge, that of selling ;cure
intoxicating liquor, was dismissed
Neero Is Fluent
though he bought some "booze
for the "stool pigeons" he did not
take it to the hotel, as they claim
ed, but bought it for Gates while
in a near
that chey
him where he might pro
it. and swore that he was
not in the habit of dispensing li
Car Strikes Horse
Which Is Crippled
And Later Killed
a hr.r driven by a Mr and
The bulky form of Jesse paaaen. Witnesses Differ
the colored defendant, filled the 'While he went to a local pool
witness chair for a considerable nall for tne whiskey, Padden tea
period during the late part of this jtIfedi (;ates waited In an alley
morning and the early part of this: or nfm After he had procured
afternoon. Overalled, wide-eyed : the jquor- n said he made for
and voluble, tfce witness reiterated the aey and lmned It over to
previously-made statements. rela-Ga(es He cajmed he was merely
tlve to his Innocence, at the slight-, an BgeBt for the anti-saloon littl
est provocation, and declared him- opera,iT.e. an(J tnat he recelr
self to be the victim of Red N nQ prQm on the tae
rendregast and A. B. Gates, Aati - PendreRallt and Gates testified
fcWnif league employes. !tBat the negro, who was formerly
Ever been U trouble. Dlatrict m noU,
Attorney John Carson queried the, them
colored man. I whjle the. remained In their room
Padaen leus mm-. .,, BWOre that it was there that
This i he delivered it to them.
Two Defendants Ab
sent Because of 111
ness, But One Order
ed to Answer Sum
mons at Once
Chicago, June 27. Ten of the
18 defendants in the baseball trial
which opened here today put in an
appearance. The suspended White
Sox players, Felsch, Cicotte, Wil
liams, Jackson, Gandil, Weaver
and Risberg, were on hand when
the case was called. Fred McMul
lln, the other indicted player, is
on the Pacific coast and his attor
neys stated that he would appear
whenever the court ordered him
to. He Is not under bond.
With the seven players there al
so appeared three -other defend
ants, Ben and Louis Levi and
David Zelser, Carl Zork and Ben
Franklin of St. Louis, both of
whom are under bond, were not in
court, bat their attorneys present
ed affidavits to the effect that
both were 111 and asked for a con-
Judge Friend ruled that Zork
must come to trial at once. He also
ordered an investigation of the
condition of Franklin.
After attorneys for Zork and
Franklin had filed affidavits rela
tive to the illness of their clients,
the Btate filed an affidavit from
fit. I.o.i man stating he had seen
Zork walking on a street last
Thursday night.
Jailed For
Taking Car
"Just call my father-in-law,"
Ben H. Connelly, former janitor of
the Derby bulltfing. requested po
lice yesterday when he was jailed
for stealing an automobile.
"I hope they give you the limit,"
Father-in Law John W. Foster told
Son -In Law Connelly a few min
utes latej. After Foster had left,
a bystander asked the desk ser
geant. "How come?"
"It was Foster's car," the desk
sergeant explained.
Connelly was arrested on the
Pacific highway by the Woodburn
chief of police after the theft bad
been reported by Mrs. Ethel Con
nelly. 1 Madison street. wfe of
the Jailed man. The complaint, on
which Connelly will be arraigned
today, was signed by his father-in-law.
Choice for
Budget Job
Washington, June 27. J.
Raymond McCarl, of McCook,
Neb , secretary of the repub
lican congressional conven
tion, was nominated today by
President Harding to be
comptroller of the United
States, a position created by
the budget law.
Joseph T. Booth was nom
inated to be register of the
land office at Evanston,
Wyoming. Donald McAllister'
was named receiver ot public'
moneys at the same place. j
Mr. McCarl is about 4o years old
and has been secretary of the con
gressional committee for about
three years. He was secretary to
Senator Norris, republican, Ne-
bhaska, for a number ot years
As comptroller general, Mr. Mc
Carl will have charge of govern
ment finances, expenditures of ap
propriations, auditing of all ex
penditures, settlement and adjust
ment ot claims of and against the
government and management of
all fiscal affairs wirti the excep
tion only of postal accounts.
Many government activities will
be co-ordinate under the comptroller.
He will Inherit the duties, per
sonnel staff, documents and offi
ces of the comptroller of the treas
ury, whose position and those 'of
six auditors for various govern
ment departments are abolished Dy
the new act.
The comptrollers term of office
Is 15 years and he Is made ineligi
ble for re-appolntment . His sal
lary will be $10,000 a year and he
will be subject to removal for im
proper conduct by joint resolution
of congress, requiring the presi
dent's approval.
Corvallis Man Is
Shot In Running
Fight With Posse
Discovered In Alleged Attempt to Enter Bank
At Halsey, Henry and William Schulta and
William Wright Flee Before Officers; Body
of Former Found Later; Others Arrested
Albany, Ore., June 27 Henry Schultz of Corvallis was
killed and William Schultz, his brother, and William Wright,
also of Corvallis, are in Linn county jail as a result of an
alleged attempt to break into the Halsey state bank at Hal-
sey, Oregon, near here, early today.
Three or four men were reported seen at midnight by
Delos Clark, a young man of IJalsey, atempting to break into
the bank. He spread an alarm and town and bank officers
gathered. Later when the suspects reappeared they were
ordered to stop but fled, officers pursuing and keeping up a
running fire.
A machine reported to have been the one the fugitives
used was found stalled near Corvallis this morning and of
ficers later arrested William Schultz and William Wright,
both young men, and reported finding the body of Henry
Schultz hidden under the porch of the Wright home.
Peace Resolution Ready
Washington, June 27.
Terms of a comrpomise agree
ment on the Knox-Porter
resolutions to end the state of
war 'with Germany and Aus
tria have been settled, re
publican leaders said today
and formal acceptance is ex-
Marketing of Big
Berry Crop Hinges
On Drive Success
Price of Logans Cut Half Cent by One Cannery
This Morning, While Another Withdraws
From Market; Forty Percent of Crop Yet
To Be Handled
Marketing of that portion of
the huge loganberry crop t.lbu
tary to Salem which has not al
ready been sold at a price insur
ing a fair profit to the grower de
pends principally upon the suc
cess of the movement to finance
"No sun. .evan nec..
trouble before in mah life
k t 'tung. i ne
ny in parents.
cal Escape
train Mnj, i
bJ Minded Man
'rl inmate of the
'eenie minded, wbo
Mrs. Hogan was crippled so badly
that it was necessarily shot when
1 it was struck yesterday by an au
t tomobile driven by G. E. Schune
anu. 26 North Kin treet- ac"
I cording! o Mr Schunenau.
The accident, which occurs
. V. a Psrifii
near woooourn uu
a ,-a. Y. in vhD MT. aDJ,tO UT
Mr. Hogan. who were riding in a
light buggy, essayed to turn from
...-a. - itn a nrivate road
. . i- ir.TTif,hiie There
The buggy ana auc "I nut. that
tne same , k"1-" -
Hundreds to Lay
In Supplies July
1, Merchants Say
Comet Likely
To Side-Swipe
Earth Tonight
pected at a meeting Ot tire lne reoraranized Northwest Fruit
conferees tomorrow after the products company (successors to
return Of Senator Knox, re- the i'hei company) it became evl-
publican, Penn., author of the dent today.
Hunts Quit Buying
With all of the berries purchas
ed that It will be able to handle,
the Hunt Bros, company, which
has been paying 3 cents a poud,
withdrew from the market thil
morning and the Oregon Pack
ing company announced that its
nrlce. established last Week att 3
cents, had been cut to 2 V4j cents.
With the 1'hex company out of
the market and It will be un
less I- ' is raised locally to
aid in financing this year's operations-
markets are available for
only slightly more than 50 per
cent of the loganberry crop it Is
estimated Hunt Bros, and the
Oregon Packing company are the
only concerns which have been
buying to any extent on the open
market, and their consumption
will be added to by the coopera
tive handling plans of the Kurtz
and Salem Kings plants, and the
Drager Fruit company, which
plans to handle about 000 tons of
Berries Fine Quality
About 4 0 per cent of tqe crop
111 still be waiting a market
senate peace resolution.
Howard Asks
To Halt Bout
Atlantic City, N. J.. June 27.
Clinton N. Howard, secretary of
the International Reform bureau,
left here today for Camden, where;
he said he would appear before
Vice-Chancellor learning to seek
an injunction to prevent the Demp-sey-Carpentier
fight at Jersey
City, July 2. If he falls to obtain
such a writ In the cbancery court.
Howard said he would appeal to
the supreme court at Trenton.
Jersey City. N. J. June 27.
Governor Kri wards today declared
that any attempt to stop the Car-pentler-Dempsey
fight would be a
waste of time.
"Of course, I don't know wbat
Mr. Howard may have up his
sleeve." said the governor. "This mhen these firms have filled their
exhibition, ! can say. will be con
ducted strictly according to law I
m sure of that."
That hundreds of shoppers from
Salem and vicinity are expecti".
supplies on Bargain uj,
the committee in charge to remem
ber that the Salem Business Mea's
league has pledged itself to make
All bargains
aailM ntf 9
' Bar , ,
i t '-casions, today
and Salem police ,re
. . a i Man- IK. rlav
1 eviaenceu u; i '
-nh etore clerks. ac-mut k, bona fide, the league h
hnth moving in
rectlon. Nobody was injured.
"an who is said
London. June 27. A provision
. , marhed thu
at agreemeni ,
eveninr bv the tsriking coal min
ers an
I IK ' i . ...
nroarres some three montbs. will
terminate. The
cording to the local """".
certain aran..e.
..ill a ways oe
.nl whi.h may ai
Cli .h clan to take
usea. " - , . ,.h.
ordered . and should any of tbasa
fail to be genuine, the mere ban t
ways be at fault will be held to account by
ake ad- the league and will be subject to
men will resume
,,. ,ie-e of the an
this, iag to mase s--
Residents m
,o purchase suppn - " y
light question the value of Bar
JS Day to them, are ,
ing by the tsriking coal min- M tne viaabiiitj
J Tthe mine owners by which ujW -to - 0 tbe
strike, which has beet i n making . IP Md
But three dy remain before
Bergain Day makes it appearance,
and clerks are at present busy
marking down price tags and mak
ing ready for special display.
Elaborately decorated windows
'Continued on Page Six.)
Berke'.ey. Calif.. June 27 The
periodic comet. Pons-Wlnnecke.
witk wr, icb tbe earth has been en
gaging in a neck and neck race for
a woek or more, is due to "side
wipe" Its rival and give off a
bower of sparks tonight, accord
ing to 1'i HesBor A O Iuschner,
bend of I he observatory at the Cm-1
retaiiy of California. If the dem-,
onatraUlon occurs It will be gen-j
orally visible on tbe globe where
there is no daylight, he aald.
TV. . ... , . BatfaaaatfKi lit v
that ' ,B a-count ' distance of brothers. Mr. Poi has lived in
th earth from tbe comet tbe pbe- t,"n "O""1 wUh Dto
ma wa ill not occur at all. and 'amny.
farther onibllity that if ilj funeral serrlcw will be
does occur it will not be until to-,' Tuenoay it two o cior. rrom
. . . . .. . ,-. . ...... , , i .
w or weaseany cagnt, ne '
jterment will take place In the
TWe if no Indication of the City View cenvfrr
exaet trae the cometary matter
Small Fox Boy
Passes Away
Lionel Allen Pox. 5 year old
son of Mr and Mrs Pred W. Pox.
of this city, passed away yeater
day afternoon it Vs borne at
1283 Market street. Besides his
pirenta tbe boy Is survived try a
slater. Doris, and Karl and Clenn.
needs, fruit men estimate.
Plrst commercial deliveries of
berries were made this morning
In small lots, but heavy picking
will not (Urt until late I', the
week. The berries are of excel
lent quality.
Cherries began their heavy run
tbls morning and Wednesday will
see the rsnnerlea handling this
fruit running at caoacity.
Discussed At
Noon Luncheon
That there has been little jus
tice exercised In tbe Increase In
freight rates, was the statement
of C. I. Lewis, assistant general
manager of the Oregon Orcwera
association, when speaking this
noon before the members ot the
Commercial club.
"We are living In an agricul
tural community, a community
which depends on the success ot
our agricultural Industry, and
3000 miles away from our mar
kets. The freight question enters
In in this way:
"Suppose you have some land
which produces 300u boxes of ap
ples to tbe acre. Your freight rate
Is 97 cents a box. amounting to
six per cent on i :. eneugn to
pay the interest on your land.
"Take prunes. Tbere are 10,
000 acres of prunes n this vicin
ity. The freight Is $1.66 a hund
red pounds, not Including switch
ing charges. Prunes are worth
this year two cents a pound. What
are you going ts oo when yuur
freight rate is equal to your prico
received ?"
Mr. Lewis cited the Instance
of California oranges and lem
ons, stating that the freight price
on lemons from that state to New
York was equal to tbe selling
price of Italian lemons on ths
same market.
Prink Deckabach. previous to
tbe speech of Mr. Lewis talked on
the necessity of doing something
for tbe railroads.
3. R. Boyd, wbo settled in Lane
county In 1952. died a few days
ago at oble. aged OS.
wilt come in arontart with tbe
SaBtb i atmosphere if such con -tact
actually occurs.
The Statue of Liberty has in
Its left band a tablet upon which
tj Inscribed "July 4. i77."
Bill To Increase
Farm Loan Fund In
Hands of Harding
Washington, Juue 27. Legislative action on the Curtis
Nelson bill to add about twenty-five million dollars to the
capital of federal farm loan banks ft r long term loans to
fanners was completed today with acceptance by the senato
of the house reduction from fifty milliontotwenty-five mil
lion dollars. Tht bill goes to the president.
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