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    Page Eight
Greater Pueblo To Rise Over Flood Ruins, Clai
TeUThe World We
Will Rebuild, Say
Victims Of Flood
District Attorney of Multnomah County Esti
mates 4,000 Salemites Have Access to Home
Made Concoctions; Public Opinion Held To
Regulate Law Enforcement of Officers
Pueblo, Colo., June 6. "Tell the world we are going to
rebuild," was the message Pueblo business men gave to the
correspondent of the Associated Press today. "Send out
word over your wires that we are going to have another city."
Optimistic signs began to appear in the windows of stores
in the down town district.
"Are we down hearted, no. Let's go," read one sign in a
furniture store in which there has been several feet of water
up to this morning. Although in some instances, business
men lost all of their property from the flood waters, they are
not disheartened. They believe, they said, that Pueblo will
rise from the desolation to a new city of greater beauty and
Eye Witnesses Tell
Of Destruction Done
As Waters Advance
Rain Sends
Rivers Up
Jeorme Park District
of Denver Flooded
When Platte Over
flows Sunday
Denver, Colo., Juue 6. The
Denver police department today
was making a survey ot the Je
rome Park dlBaster, on the west
side of the city ot Denver, where
flood waters of the Platte river
entered cellars and first floors of
residences early today. The
ground in that section is low and .
the houses mostly are of the cheap
frame type. All approaches to the
district were guarded and resi
dents were warned to get out.
Allng Zuui street between
Ninth and Twelfth, many families
left their homes when the warn
ing came.
Twenty five families . in the
neighborhood of West Kleventh
avenue and Umatilla streets took
refuge in the Garfield school
Denver, Colo., June 6. Heavy
rains, which fell at a number of
points in northern Colorado late
yesterday and last night, sent
streams in that district up tiday.
Reports received at the Denver
office of the Associated PresB
showed the following conditions
at outlying towns:
Grcely- Poudre and Platte riv
ers rising rapidly toduy. All bridg
ea in Weld county over mese
two rivers are impassable. Several
thousand acres of farming lands
In the bottoms are inuiulatril in
several feet of water. Residents in
eastern Weld county have Been
warned against the rising Platte.
Kstes Park Btf Thompson
river again last night flooded
highways between here and
Boulder. Motorists marooned.
Longmont St. Vraln river
peached Its highest stage in two
years this morning, overflowing
its banks And flooding the Lin
coln highway in places. The rise
of the St. Vrain was sudden and
followed heavy raluB of yester
day. Owners of four reservoirs, the
Foothills, Foster l,.ike. Mulligan
I ..ike and Terry Lake, are having
them drained to prevent possible
breakage and inundatlln of the
Lyons Water last night flood
ed the highway out of Estes Park i
to Lyons for a distance of 25
Marshall All danger of break
ing the big Marshall dam. a mile
above here, is believed passefl.
Rome residents who on being
warned last Wednesday sought
safety in Boulder have returned.
Marshall again is normal.
Fort Collins This district, in
cluding Larimie and surround
ing territory of I, receiv
ed the benefits of tuc rainstorm.
MU.I. ,h. mir.rtn Airinil- charged with being intoxicated
lur.l college sal dthe heavy rain-'1"- cit PPr b"" P"
(alls would be of great worth U Mr'M" ,uo'
Fort Collins, this week has
Pueblo, Colo., June 6. H. E.
Leigh, contract clerk of the Ar
kansas Valley Railway, Light and
Power company, First and Main
streets gave an account of an at
tempt made by himself and six
other employes to save property
and ledgers of the company Fri
day night.
"At 7 o'clock we went Into the
electric company offices with the
Intention of saving ledging and
property. At 10 o'clock there was
eight feet of water In the first
floor, at midnight twelve feet. We
had to go the second floor.
"We kept back of the water
and it receded at the rate of one
foot an hour until 4 o'clock Sat
urday morning, then at the rata of
halt a foot an hour.
"Friday night we were surroun
ded by floating, burning rafters.
A fire occurred acros the street.
Two men in the building jumped
and we rescued them. Then the
whole front walls of the building
collapsed and fell in the water and
floated blazing down the stream.
"At 11 o'clock Saturday we es
caped by wading waist deep and
one of the employes. Miss Genther
the only girl employe with us,
was rescued with a rowboat. We
had no food during that time but
had drinking water."
The electric company's offices
are above seven blocks from the
Arkansas river.
S. K. Davis, parter In the firm
of White and Davis, the city's
largest clothing house, said the
flood reached a height of .14 feet
above the basement of his firm's
store Fiiday flight. There were
twelve employes in the buildineg
unable to leave until Saturday
noon. Mr. Davis declared the
stock and fixtures were almost a
total loss.
Short Sport
Mexico City. Horse racing was
resumed yesterday when the mem
bers of the ltrttish colony held u
meet at the Condese hippodrome
in honor of the birthday of King
George. This was the first i .u n.
event in ten years and proved a
notable society function.
Minneapolis. Billy Miske, St.
Paul, and Hill Ilrennan. Chicago
will meet here tonight in a ten
hound, no decision bout. They
are heavyweights.
St. Cloud, France Mile. Suzan
ne Lenglen. world's tennis cham
pion, yesterday defeated Mrs. Mol
ls HJurstedt Mllory. American ten
nis champion, in straight sets for
the world's hard court litis.
Detroit The colored middle
weight championship is declared
to be at stake in a ten round bout
here tonight between Joe tians,
New York, the title" holder and
Kid Alberts of St. Iuis.
Waters At
Low Mark
This Morn
Collection of Dead
and Relief Measures
For Rescued Speed
ed Up Today
Pueblo, Colo., June 6. After a
night of quiet,' Pueblo awoke this
morning to find the waters in the
lowlylng sections of the city reced
ed to below the five foot mark
and still going down. The flood
is at its lowest stage since its sud
den onslaught last Friday night.
Today the work of removing the
bodies from the drove and Pep
persauce bottoms districts began.
Colonel Pat Hamrock in charge of
the military announced the situa
tion, is well in hand and that
order is rapidly being brought out
of chaos.
Guards Patrol Area.
All during the night the devas
tated areas were patrolled by a
heavy guard of Colorado soldiery,
while the state rangers in auto
mobile and armed with riot guns,
patrolled the streets of the resi
dence districts. Every person
found on the streets after night
fall was stopped and questioned.
Some time after midnight re
ports of looting in the flooded
areas began to come in. The
guards brought between fifteen
and twenty men to "military head
quarters for investigation but in
almost every case it was found
that the supposed ghoul was mere
ly an ignorant, frightened Mexican
who, homeless and forlorn, did
not understand that shelter had
been provided for him. Only one
or two cases of actual looting have
been brought to ligst since the
military assumed control of the
situation, according to Captain H.
O. Nichols of Denver, adjutant,
Airplanes To Ccot.
Today there will arrive from
Denver, according to Colonel Ham
rock, enough tents' bedding, cook
ing utensils and medical supplies
to care for two thousand of
establishing a refugee camp at
Mineval Palace park also Is under
way and all the flood sufferers
being cared for In churches, school
houses and other public buildings,
will be removed to the camp.
Also it is expected that during
the day there will arrive from
Dodge City, Kansas three army air
planes which will be used for ob
servation and scouting purposes.
Repotrs last night that the big D.
and R. G. bridge at Buttes, Colo
rado had gone out for the second
time are unverified.
Volunteers Turned Back
This morning on all roads lead
ing Into Pueblo mounted guards
have been posted to stop and turn
back all those except persons hav
ing official business in the city.
According to military officials and
officials of the Red Cross, hun
dreds of persons have come into
Pueblo and have volunteered for
relief work. The motives of these
volunteers are appreciated, of
ficials say, but they point that the
facilities of the city are being tax
ed Just to care for the suffering
homeless and arrangements for
quarters and rations for any more
volunteer workers positively can
not be made.
J. E. Morrhead, secretary to
Governor Shoup. who is In Pueblo
as the governor's personal repres
entative today sent an urgent mes
sage to odorado Springs asking
that a supply of anli-typhoid and
and anti-diphteria serums, lime
and disinfectants be rushed to
Pueblo as soon as possible. There
is no unusual danger of an out
break of diphteria or typhoid, Mr.
Morrhead explained, but the auth
orities are running low on those
particular necessities.
Reports of New
Flood at Pueblo
Are Unfounded
Three Constitutional
Amendments On Ballot
At Election Tomorrow
Five questionsthree proposed submit to and pass an examina-
Hon oy a reguian m-ciiocu ,v.
constitutional amendments and
competent physician as
to their
two measures referred by tne leg- j nealthi in regard to contagious
lislature will be up for determi- or communicable venereal diseas-
nation by the voters of the state es and mentality. In case of fail-
u . i. .,i tha
Pnehlo. Oolo .. .Tune 1. A renort at the special election tomorrow, ure to pass bulu
originating on the south side ofiListea in the ortler in which tney
Pueblo last night that the Ar
kansas river was four feet higher
at Swallows and a new flood might
be expected in Pueblo proved
groundless early today. At 3:30
o'clock the river had fallen con
siderably from its high point of
last night.
The Associated Press correspon
dent accompanied Colorado ran
gers in an automobile trip through I
flooded Main street, over the'
Union avenue bridge into South '
Pueblo and traced the report to
the wireless of the Colorado Fuel
and Iron company. How the re
port reached the wireless station
cannot be learned. It was believ
ed that the report referrd to th
flood of last night whn the water
rose again following a heavy rain.
Water had receded from the
measure would prohibit marriage
will smnear nn the ballot Hies Unless One Or UOUI BwpMVB
measures are: should be rendered sterile. The
Legislative regulation and com- ! measure establishes requirements
pensation amendment; jot physician's certificate and pro-
World war veterans' state aid j vldes for an appeal from the or-
fund; Ider of a county clerk denying a
Emergency clause veto; license.
Hygienic marriage examination Women Jurors are provided for
and license bill; , under the terms of the fifth and
Women jurors and revised last measure on tne oauoi. u
jury law.
bonus of 2 cents the carrier for
all who complete the season with
a grower's pack; packing, 17 cents
a crate with a bonus of 3 cents.
This is a reduction of 3 cents
the carrier and three cents a
crate for packing, with the same
bonus of a year ago.
First in general interest of the
five measures although second in
place on the ballot is the bonus
measure, involving an amend
ment to the state constitution.
This measure authorizes the issu
ance of state bonds up to not to
exceed three percent of the as
sessed valuation of the property
in the state to be used in paying
cash bonus and in maKIng loans
lower part of Main street, leaving lo ex-service men. me anwuu
only mud which was about a foot ment limi,s IoanB to 4000 bllt a
thick. The rangers said that the ' companion bill enacted by the leg
condition of the river looked bet- islature and covering the admin
ter than at any time since early j istration of the fund fixes the
yesterday afternoon, just before,loan limit at $3000. These loans
the firct heavy rain. are to be made on real estate un-
Hundreds of people living in der rules and regulations to be
building in the vicinity of the die-' drafted by a bonus commission
trict flooded by Friday's disaster 1 created by the bill consisting of
were routed out of bed at 1 o'clock the governor, secretary of state,
this morning a precautionary adjutant general and two other
measure as a result of this of this members, one of whom must be
report. Many remained up the an ex-service man entitled to the
remainder of the night and few j benefits of the act. The bill and
of them returned before daylight, the amendment both provide for
They sought shelter in churches 'tne payment of a cash bonus to
and the court house
Dawn was breaking over
city on the trip back from the
south side and showed strange
sights on this flood swept tho
roughfare. A baby buggy was
ex-service men at the rate of $15
tne for each month of active service
in the recent war but not to ex
ceed $500 to any one man. Ex
service men electing to receive
the cash bonus may not particl
left standing by itself in thecenter . pate ,n th(j oan feature and Tlca
versa. An appropriation of $30,
of the bridge, away from any ob
struction. A few feet away was. . . . . ,,.,
a Morris chair and heavy trunks. adminlstration o the
A boiler had been left on the . , f tne bonug act,
bridge when the fld receded and qw conditU-ual
a dead mud eb-up0n the passage of the bonus
"ttffi! forces here late -endment at Today's election
yesterday was interrupted by rl--l of th. tegi.latlve
However, searchers ,
an increase in tne siipenu oi me
law makers from $3 to $5 per
day is provided for under the
legislative regulation and com
pensation amendment, the first
measure on the ballot. This
amendment would limit the in
troduction of bills to the Urst
ing waters.
were out early this morning.
Krozer. The total
for 1920 was 103,790 automobiles
May registrations totale 4579 or
Auto Registration
Passes 100,000
Mark On May 31
The 100,000 mark in auto
mobile registrations for uregon f()rty days of tne legislative ses-
was passed on May 31 with regis- gon except appropriation bills
trations on that date totaling and bl8 pertalning to the de-
100,159 according to a summary fense of tne gtate or nation ex
compiled by Secretary of State . ons-n, of four fifths of
registration thg members present, obtained on
roll call.
TV. nmnrfrimf W lollOO VPfl
JUMl dllj .111, ,1U Ul .H.I.. I.'-"
Registration fees collected by the
department to May 31 totaled fovcrnor
12 102 079 us mr-ilnst a total
og $2,050,094 collected during thejleKislature without affecting an;
p.,!,',.., of the other provisions of th
. , measure. This power would be in
Hieher Rate Allowed addition to the power to veto
A slight increase in rates, ag- single items in appropriation bills
gregating a net increase in rates pwhich is already vested in th
of approximately $916 annually, governor.
is granted to the Clatskanie Elec- The hygienic marriage exami
tric company in an order issued by nation and license bill com
the public service commission here monly known as the Dr. Owens-
Adair bill would require both
JOURNAL WANT ADS PAY I applicants for marriage license to
amendment merely uthorizea the
to veto the emergency
clause on a measure passed by the
without affecting any
Two Jailed for
Drunkenness Are
Cited to Appear
Chester Foster of this uy. and,
M. J. Vard, of Turner, who were
arrested here Saturday night and
Poster, who was taken Into cut-!
tody by Officers Victor and White!
was Jailed Saturday night but was
released Sunday morning when he
furnished fZS bail. Ward was
held for a hearing.
t rops.
received 3.22 inches of rain. The
Porde river, higher now than at
any time for ten years, has not
overflowed here and no danger is
Wild Basin and Copeland
Heaviest rain the mountain
Where there is circula-
1 V I
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this measure permits women to
serve on juries it makes this ser
vice entirely optional with the
women who may claim exemption
on account , of sex. The measure
further provides that at least
one half of the jurors in crimin
al actions involving a minor un
der 18 years of age, either as de
fendant or complaining witness
must be women.
Watch and Money
Taken by Thieves
Thieves entered a local garage
in which his coat was hanging
Saturday and made away with his
watch and $1.75 in change, George
O'Neil was unable to furnish of
ficers any clew on which they
might work.
Tuesday Legal
Holiday hit
Supreme Court
Tuesday being election d.
legal holiday throughout n.
Whi,e this may 'bS
arded as an accents . ,' '
layman that th , '
. . "13 BOflip
uon about t i n,.
iiciary of the stal
an innuirv rioi ...... . "
torney general's office toda. ,
one of the circuit inrt Jry.Iro
ninjah asking for ,igl
In order that there
no question as to the corrJ
Of his advi o '7 corrWl
"icmoer or (hp
tornev nnFIp. '"
with chief justic;:,::;
suoreme ennri ,i, . 1 ll
------- ."-v me nay was a leni
holiday anrt u,l.i i. .
by that court. " 80
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Grass In Baker
Best In Years
Baker, June 6. Not in years if
ever since the early days of the
open range when the bunch grass
waged with every breeze has the
outlook for grazing been more pro
mising than now and the grass on
thousands of acres in fenced pas
ture lands has returned to Its na
tive growth.
All this has been the result of
the copious showers this spring
and nothing now can prevent
sleek and fat cattle and sheep for
the fall market. In the forest
range, too, the same feeding con
ditions exist.
Year's Apple
Prices Fixed
Apple growers In the Hood
River district are preparing to
adjust themselves to lowered costs
this coming season. Advices state
that the Apple Growers Associa
tion has established the following
prices: For picking, 9 cents the
carrier of six hallocks, with a
A New Shipment Just Received
Gale & Co.
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for Delivery if you don't use it
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3 cans Alaska
Salmon ..
q Fifv 7.p Roval
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O Ilia PriSCO ..-
nJ X K7
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6 lbs. Cnsco . I1
6 IDS. iriMw
J. L. Busick fir Sons
towf.i bare experienced in years fton there IS life US6
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