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    The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
An Independent Newspaper
Every evening except Sunday
Telephone 81; news 82.
George Putnam,
Editor and Publisher
By carrier, 65 cents a month
By mail, in Marlon and Polk
counties, 50 cents a month.
Elsewhere $7 a year.
Bnlered as second class mail
matter at Salem. Oregon. ,
The Asuoclated Press is ex
clusively enti'.led to the use for
publication of ail news dis
patches credited to it or not
otherwise credited in this pa
per and also local news pub
lished herein.
Office Cat
(Copyright 1921 by Edgar
Allan Moss.)
Slowly With Great Feelinc
If a body trust a body
And he falls to pay,
May a body ask a body
Please remit today?
"Fine-looking bevy of steno
graphers you have here."
"But why are they all red
wided?" "Just an idea of our efficiency
expert. He says they reduce the
light bill fifty per cent."
We read la the paper the other
day where some high brow said
that a woman Is as young as she
looks and the man is young as
long as he keeps looking.
Start the word around that you
want to buy a new car and when
you get home at night you will
climb over the literature that the
dealers have sent you.
Life insurance agents seem to
have the impression that a man
has no use for the money remain
ing after the grocer and landlady
have been paid up but to spend
it on premiums.
No Re-Peter
Judge "What Is the charge?"
Policeman "Intoxicated, your
Judge (to prisoner) "What's
your name?"
Prisoner "Peter Gunn, sirr."
Judge "Well, Gunn, I'll dis
charge you this time, but you must
not get loaded again."
(Dlctographed at a local Sunday
school )
"What Is It?" qulsred the SuSn
day school teacher, "That binds
us together and makes us better
than we are by nature?"
"Corsets" peeped Tiny Tot.
One thing about skirts Is that
they are so convenient. For in
stance: D'you ever notice how
helpful they are in getting upstairs"?
JThc next door naybor who has
taken a few, says many a Jnyrlde
turnB out to he a Jaw ride..
While they are putting In all
these gasoline stations for the
motorists, they should erect some
hospitals and cemeteries along the
In the human rnce bark ability
for a lead by a head on the first
lap: bet on Reliability for a place
n eveiy heat: stake on stability as
sure winner In the long run.
Yon flan Swear N"w. Fellows
A Chicago minister says that
"hell'' and "Damn" are permissible
words when properly used. And
there Is more proper use for them
In Chicago than elsewhere, one
imagines -Cleveland Plain Healer
Damn If we know the minister's
name, or does the Plain Dealer say
who the hell he Is.
We read hv an exchange the
following heading- "Man Shoots
Himself in Hasement Blowing Out
Papers say that Henry Ford Is
going to bring out a tin cow. This
country doesn't need a tin row to
give milk, it needs one to give
gasoline. Henry should get busy
Increasing the Taxes
Among the measures to be voted upon at Tuesday's
referendum election is the 60 day legislative session and
increased pay amendment submitted by the legislature,
which reads as follows on the ballot:
To establish the duration of the legislative session at not more
than sixty days and of an extra session at not MAT than twenty days;
fixing compensation of members thereof at five dollars per day and
three dollars for every twenty miles traveled in going to and return
ing from their place of meeting upon the most usual routes; prohibit
ing introduction of any bills after the fortieth day of the legislative
session, except appropriation bills and bills pertaining to defense of
the state or nation except by consent of four-fifths of the members
present, obtained on roll call.
The measure is an old acquaintance, having been repeat
edly submitted by the legislature and as often rejected by
the people. It provides for lengthening legislative sessions
from 40 days to 60 days and increasing legislators pay from
$3 to $5. There Is no reason to believe the people will
reverse their former verdicts.
Legislators do not serve for the salary but for honor and
service. Five dollars is not sufficient for a good legislator
and too much for a poor one. Forty days is ample for all the
legislation the state needs and the legislature can now, by
adopting and living up to proper rules, eliminate excess
The legislature can prohibit the introduction of any bill
after the twentieth day of the session and so avoid the
closing chaos that disgraces every session. The amendment
still makes it possible to rush through millions of dollars of
appropriations in the final hours without any one except the
committee knowing where the money goes. Its net result
would be to vastly increase the cost of legislative sessions
without any compensating benefits.
If the measure called for a 60 day session every four years,
or reduced the session to 20 days biennially, there might be
As it is, the measure will make for increased taxation at a
something worthwhile accomplished. The longer the ses
sion, the more the legislation and the heavier the taxation,
time when economy is the need of the hour.
First Pictures From War Torn Silesia
Where there is circula
tion there is life Use
Journal Want Ads.
Notice to
Copy for Display Ad
vertising should be in
The Capita Journal of
fice by 5 p m. of day
previous to publication.
Advertising brought
in on day of publication
is at advertiser's risk.
The Capital Journal
The Marriage Bill
Among important and widely discussed measures on the
referendum ballot at Tuesday's election is the "Hygienic
Marriage Examination and License Bill," the purpose of
which is:
To reoiilre both anullcants for marriage license to submit to and
pass an examination by a regularly licensed and competent physician
as to their health. In regard to contagious or communicable venereal
.Unease unri mentality, and in case of failure to pass such examination
prohibiting marriage unless one or both applicants are rendered
sterile; to establish requirements of physician's certificate and pro
viding for an appeal from order of county clerk denying a license.
The bill attempts to remedy the' propagation of diseased,
degenerates., and defectives, and check the progress of the
people towards feeble-mindedness and preserve the normal
of the race. There is no question but that the greatest
menace threatening the future of the country is degeneracy
and unless something is done to check it, our civilization will
crumble as that of ancient nations, from decay of the race.
One has only to visit the state institutions about Salem to
see the result of bad heritage.
Though in full sympathy with the aims of the measure,
we doubt whether it would accomplish its purpose, for it
seems loosely drawn. To make any marriage reform ef
fective, it should be national in scope, for those who wish to
avoid state regulations have only to cross the border. Under
the bill any physician can be judge of the mental as well as
hypsical competency of the applicants, which opens the way
to abuse by the unscrupulous. The principal" defect, how
ever, is the absence of penalties for violation oi lis Pyi81u
without which it can not be enforced. However, no bill could
be drawn that would not arouse opposition and meet
objections. . , ,. ... , . .
The measure has helped to educate the public with what is
destined to become an increasingly important problem that
must shortly be solved for the welfare of the nation.
The Grange Plan
The state grange wants to arjousn mc uu. ...b....-,
commission and substitute a single paid highway commis
sioner, elected by the people.
How would the change improve matters? The expenditure
of $40,000,000 is entirely too much responsibility for one
man to shoulder. It would throw the highway program into
politics and roads would be built for political purposes. With
1 i f i,;.rWav we would have tne
a politician 111 inarge ui vSof-v nf
greatest self perpetuating political machine in the history of
the state. . . . hanA
Road-buildinir is a scientific prouiem ioi w.,..
The financing is a task for the best financiers
i , . I . Int trull! rtinn of DoliticS IS
an engineeniiK "-'- - . . HH1
mistakes of the present commission can be traced to political
PrH would be hard to improve upon the present plan-a
commission of retired successful business men serving from
S motives to upbuild the state who must supervise
hniinistration of the highway engineers and assume the
rosponvhility of the greatest enterprise yet undertaken
in Oregon.
Another secret "love-nest" of Stillman has been discovered.
Like the cu, the philandering banker was at home ,n
many nests.
A Portland woman of 40 has deserted her husband, and
daughters, taken the family savings of S6.0M
with a jmt old "jazz" boy in a tin hzzy. Life will be a
jazz for her until the youth gets the coin and toddles away
leaving her to shimmy.
Action to compel reductions in hotel rates in the North
west, where war-time prices are maintained, was endorsed
bv the grand council of the Commercial iraveiers. moi
hotels do not know the war is over or me cui ui
The Polish threat to occupy Up
per Silesia and subsequent action
to carry out the same has turned
the country again into a vvar rid
den region. The armed reusl in
surgent force, followers of Kor
fanty, have spread terror thru
out the territory. The above photo,
one of the first to reach this coun
try from the distui btu ajea, i -tures
a typical scene in tTpper Si
lesia when tne Insurgents nui'-m
to block the advance of trixs
seeking to down the rebellion
ej oy the results of UM plebiscite.
I XiCIUW 1IIUIRCI1U1 .......... ......
ning a machine gun on a roadway
' to the terrorized zone.
Auto Prices Slump Here;
Most Agents Protected;
Used Cars Largest Loss
Substantial price slashing, cal
culated to bring a smile of satis
faction to the careworn physiog
nomy of the prospective purchaser,
have been announced recently by
a number of Salem automobile
agencies. Many of the price cuts
amount to several hundred dollars
and are held to be Indicative of
the general downward trend of
The average dealer In Salem
will probably gain by the slump
in prices, and but few will lose
anything at all. Most of the deal
era are protected by the factory
on their cars that Is, when a
lower price is announced, the deal
er is refunded the difference In
price on new cars ond the price
on those bought at the old price.
Loses Due.
A few dealers, however, are not
protected. It is stid, and these will
suffer small loaves. A general
loss will probably be felt by the
garages on their "used" cars, for
these will naturally be worth less
money following the prices des
cent of new automobiles. Some
dealers also will be at a slight loss
on their "demonstrator" cars, for
the factories do not make provi
sions for these.
A gratifying slump In the prices
of all Studebaker automobiles in
.shown In the newp rice list made
available this morning. The I was $3342; the seven passenger
light-six touring car, which for- touring is $2985 Instead of $ :j : 6 .
merly sold at $1750 is now sold 'and the seven passenger sedan la
at $1575; the light six sedan1 $2910 instead of $36l2
which was worth J 2490 is now I
$2275; the landeau was $1990
and is now $1895; the special
six touring, formerly sold at $2085
now brings $1895; the four-passenger
club roadster which for
merly brought $2085 is now worth
$1895; the special six roadster is
$1845 instead of $2085; the spe
cial-six coupe was $3045 but is
now $2795; and the sedan which
was $3145 is now $2895.
New Models Out
Four new models have been in
troduced by the Studebaker com
pany, Paul Thompson, of the Mar
ion garage, explained this morn
ing. They are the light-six road
ster, which Bells at $1550; the
light-six coupe, which bringr.
brings $1950; the big-six coupe, at
$3250, and the big-six sedan at
Price cutting in all models of
Buicks also has been announced.
The three-passenger roadster is
now $1735 inctead of $2062; the
five- passenger touring is $1735
instead of $2062; the three-passenger
coupe is $2385 instead of
$2903; the five passenger sedan
is $2685 instead of $3224; the
four passenger coupe Is $2575 and
Hudson Lie Lower
Drops in prices of Hudsons, Es
sexes and Overlands were an
nounced by the local dealer. The
seven passenger Hudson and the
speedster each have dropped from
$2850 to $2650. The Essex tour
ing car and roadster, which for
merly sold at $1850 aee now
. and the Essex sedan, which
was $2785, now Is $2635. The
o. eland "little four" touring and
roadster, which sold formerly at
$1070 is now $853; the sedan is
$1475 instead of $1675, and the
coupe is $1195 instead of $1625.
The Elgin also has dropped. The
four-passenger sport model, which
formerly sold at $2275, now brings
$1985, and the five-passenger
touring car, formerly priced at
$2085. now is $1885.
Chevrolet Take Drop.
Another make which has hit
the toboggan on prices is the
Chevrolet. Formerly sold at $993
the touring car is now worth
$809, and the roadster, which was
priced at $967 is now sold at
Dodge and Oldsmobile dealers
said this morning that no recent
price cuts in their automobile
have as yet been announced.
Location is
is tatai anu me
Alicia Hammersly
A Woman Who Wouldn't Remarry
By Idah MaGlone Gibson
The Noted Writer
Bab's Ideas iferently than you do because I
"I do not care much," said Bab. lack your vivid imagination. And
"about the "'burning love' that then I don't think I am capable
girls are always talking about. It 0f feeling emotions as intensely
seems to me that is expressed in a you (or whjcn let me tell you
proposal of marriage. All I want j am profoundly thankful
Duane Benton to say is 'Bab will .., remember fc
you marry me?' I don't want him
to think that I am a supernatural Ha . '
'Weighed in the balance which
and radiant being who will pro
vide him a life made up -of rides
on a mental or emotional roller-
coaster. If he did. I would dis'
appoint him grievously.
I am just an average girl, Alix
to tell. I am glad that I had the
courage to write it."
I picked up the check and drew
it through my fingers. "This lit
tle check, my dear sister, seems
to have solved my troubles. I am
ready to commence another story
right away. I think I shall write
to Mr. Early telling him that I
shall be in New York soon to see
were dross, him. Oh, Bab. wouldn't it be won-
A loveless life, or love and its derful if he offered me a position
cost?' on the magazine? I would love to
I should never have asked my ! 'h one of the ednors of a maga-
but tor that matter Duane Is only'311 that . Question and if I had 'Une."
an average man. Whatever
may think about it a superwoman
would bore him to death."
"Oh, Bab, you are so mistaken.
You ere a superwoman. You are
too brainy and too frank. If you
ne dreamed it I could not have writ
ten it in a mrtt like 'Her Mar
riage' to save my life. I do not
think that it would be possible
for any man ever to make me as
unhappy as you allowed your
hero to make your heroine.
"I feel that marriage should be
founded upon a reasonable
talk like this to Duane you will
scare 61m to death. The man who
fulls in love with vnu Rab. will
fall in love with you in spite of amU"t of personal liberty if the
your superior mind." marriage is to be a success. Your
neroine, aiix. in her marrlajre
I don't want him to tall in
"Few people realize the charms of living- in Colorado" de-' ent
-ft Tk .!..,.. unnn 1 ,11 1 ,1 K 1 1 r t M?"(. ' , '( 1 1 1 U1'
ilaretl tne uenver roi, irac upun i
to attract national attention to them.
was so captious about little things
nen it came to tne big thing
she was quite ready to forgive,
it would be the other way with
me I could forgive a man every
thing but infidelity."
"But. Bab, why should a woman
forgive a man for lying, for
and bad
Where there is circula
tion there is life Vat
Journal Want Ads.
City Has Right
To Ban Street
Meetings, Rule
late division of the supreme court
decided today in Brooklyn that the
city of Mount Vernon was within
it rights when it refused to allow
socialists to hold a street meeting
October t. ll The socialists
had assarted that the actio ab
ridged the rights of free speech.
New York. Jut. 4 The ase-l JOTTKNAli WANT AOS PAT
love with me."
'"Isn't one just the same as the.
other?" j
"Not at all. Being in lore is
something calm, peaceful and ra
tional, something that you can
live with every day. Falling in
love is something enUrelv differ-
If 1 become Duane Beaton's Rma" cruelties, for
-and I fullv intend to I harshness, hypocrasy
shall expect that he will tali in" temper which keep her In a state
love with a lot of other women of misery? A woman should be
but he never will be in lore withfwlse enough to know that tie
any woman but me." sins of the flesh are less culpable
"Where did yoa get all these j than the sins of the soul. I know
quaint ideas?" I asked Bab. "One i that I could forgive my husband's
would think yon were over thlr-' unfaithfulness to his marriage
I'm not sure that you would
make a good editor," said Bab
thoughtfully, "but go ahead with
your writing, Alix. If I were you,
though, I wouldn't see that man
unless I had to. It strikes me that
he is one of those male creatures
who is just now at the dangerous
age. Yes." she continued, as I
looked at her in astonishment,
"men come to the dangerous age
as well as women, but they dif
fer. You have only to lork about
you to see everywhere men of for
ty five and even older, who have
Suddenly become terrified because
of the things that they feel they
are missing and have missed. It
is the reaction that comes with
ty instead of a little over twenty
"Alix. please forget that I am
getting older every day. The ides
is not pleasant. And ay Ideas
they are not quaint, they are Just
Perhaps I see thlasst dtf-
vows before I coald a constant dis
play of bad tuns sr.
"I am very (tod that I eoald,
write that story. Bab. I know It
wee the kiad of thing that every
thiaks bat doeaa't dare
the first dim approach of age.
"Men probably feel it later la
life than women, but I am sure
most of them find it somewhere
along the road. I should jud;v
that your editor has just passed
that birthday. My guess is he
would rather moon and dream
over an imaginary woman, than
be bothered with the realities of
a flesh and blood sweetheart."
Tomorrow Larry' Wheaton.
Saturday, June 4,
Juniors Of
Class Tennis
Juniors of the university here
lead at the conclusion of the inter
class tennis tournament, the fresh
men losing their last chance to tie
the third-year men when Mickie
down to defeat at the hands of
Alden, sophomore representative
this morning. The scores were
6-5, 6-2.
Results of the tennis played
yesterday afternoon were as fol
lows in the doubles: Gillette and
Sackett, seniors, defeated Aldeu
and Collins, sophomore, 8-6. 6-2;
Ramstead and Mickie, freshmen,
defeated Davies and Emmel. sen
iors, 2-6, 6-4, 7-5. In the singles
Richards, sophomore, defeated
Jackson, senior, 6-3, 6-4; and E
Warren, freshman, defeated A
Warren, junior, 6-4, 6-7.
As a result of the series of the
past week the juniors lead in ten
nis, freshmen are second, sopho
mores third and seniors last.
Turner Man
Dies at Home
J. C. Saswell. far . i
Japs Withdraw
Garrison From
Island of Yap
Tokio, June 4.- The naval
ministry, it is announced, has or
dered the withdrawal of the gar
rison in the islands of the South
Pacific, including the Island of
Yap, leaving the protection of the
islands, including the wireless In
stallation in Yap, to the police
force attached to the civil admi
nistration.' Several destroyers, it is added,
will remain in the waters as
(Continued from Page Five.)
rears a resident of Turner
away last night at i,
the family home at . ' 1
The fu , has bwn
or Monday morning at
in the Bethel church
Mr. Caswell is 6urr) j
wife and five children Mr! , N
Ellis of Anmili. t'MrSLi
of Turner. Claud rL iuW
ville, William CZr"
port. Washington H tI."1!
well of Blanchard. Idaho l
Interment wii !
cemeterv of tw '"1C " U
- settee. Armna
meats are in charge of th C
Hirer funt;r;il nf
t VUB C1y
Cafe FighterTs
Given Ten Dav.
In CltV rUsKl.1
R. H. Edwards, arrested ThuJ
JUUfic nace in the pollul
court yesterday afternoon, pleajJ
guilty to a cliaree nf hi. 7l
and disorderly, and received a 19I
icuce 01 ten clays in the cily jofl l
Edwards was taken into. .'!
by Officer Victor after a hurrvil
call had been received at till
ponce station from the WMul
Cloud cafe. Edwards, according
to the policeman's report, vas
tne act of lighting witi the reel
taurant s cook.
Big Sums Are Paid
For Municipal Bills
Albany, June 4. The city r
order has just completed checkisj
up the accounts of the municiml.
Ity for the month of May and fins;
that warrants have been issued lot
nearly $20,000 to cover the
rent expenses, including inters!
on bonds. The accounts sko
that there has been paid out (naj
the general fund a total 0! II,
568.11; sidewalks have been lil
to the extent of $2,655.49; t
road and street fund has beet
drawn upon for sewer work Jill
50 and for park work J34S.1I
The light bill for the monk
amounted to $1,181.67, md tkt
water bill was $480.43. A total
of $1,756.51 was paid out it
terest on oastanding indebtedoea,
making the whole amount for
month $18,471.57.
The Youngster Helped Make
Its Father Famous
rm Y-L ower ?S years has J 1
VI I HffH eSd upon Oouriud's
J 2uf CVicnui Cream to keep
13 C kB1 ""d eoenpttz,
H fflp "OT",pt,frtcoodition J
. a. tided "V
HIS noted author's first novel since u.c - ,
1 Kingdom Round the Comer," has just com
and is already beine hailed as one of the greatest romance.
years. But while Coningsby Dawson has ont been Vi
known as novelist, his most recent fame prior to e ? Ho0teX,
this last book was earned by his work aoroau,
in behalf of the survtns children of Central Europe.
With the author, in the picture above, is the real J Mj:.
took part in the relief campaign- TheounI25te!l' L. of bis
Gregor Coningsby Dawson, and for the first few mlcwaMl1t
"the Wee MacGregor" was desperately .U and not
Finally he recovered, and his author-father, n ElJrop. to
the novel that has iust come out, immediately tailed to
the younesten there at a ' thank offering tor
reC0Ver7- l Au, ne D""
It is not fflopical. under Ae dreurnstancet, JJ",
novel, which was finished after its author ZKtmT
wnrbst he could abroad, should be one m which encow
j -1. t 1. ht.n.Hi with romance
avoided tragedy.
General Banking Business
rtfin UnnMi frAin 1 n ,. m. to 3 P-
UlllbC xxuuia x x Vaaa -w - -