Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 04, 1921, Page Page Five, Image 5

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June 4, 1921
"v"w -
r - uprunnriiT
n-AL-A. Hawthorne, pas-
NLV - .
in-so a. m.
. Sunday . . .
i . a ........ .-i ntutin.
. ..J B. Asnurei., "-r
1 ,
. i big attendance -
tint A I I1C BIUIU "
-. Oil llu,u'
...r arounu ----- , -
.... nmrsDips u ; . - .
.. inve tue. -
. i - lllllll. Ivi -" M
... nr tno -
...h league at
..nHf at '
j.i. orogrui" . .
welcome. .-.
t B u "ul'B
mJnMflaY a....-
..i.ii tbe na""" "
meet at WK
. .. L',inth sn tm
i. fluTPTlB BUCii
.. pvpniuK yv'
eazue ouv.ia . -
nuTTT?rH Corner 17th
. t a A m cjnnrlnv
Nebrasiia. i - "" 7
. .1 d wells, superintend-
. 11 a m. sermon uy m tyo-
. s. 10 D. m. lniermeuiaie .
m, the cniiareu n ;
-in be presented ; come and
... itm message.
mver meeting, rnuaj .o
. 111. 1-' , . . 1L.
W M. A. iii"-'' -
. ototo and Church
d nialne E. Kirkpat-
,:,,.. it i r. m i rime ciass
,i mi"""" . . . . ,
...i rnAm 4 downstairs;
. ..knn AinneiiH unicLte.
nioay """.
..j.i.iij.nt' 11 a. m. sermon,
i .. nM Pennies home, cor-
onH istn I n. m. mier-
..... i...,, erf hv Kretl wane
eumic ivii
. ,l...l nlffht hP 111T1-
1B D IU"."
.. !... ni meet with the
. nt. Mr. A futon eaa-
mui n....
. . m .rmnn. "The Maeic of
f'V.r .1 " TK lira.
. . a i ..n.n.Mnn with
Willi D. III. I" I.U11"VVV.M ......
.1 ...... 1 1..., 1 marllnr
we nui
UVU l ui .w.
... . i i ft . i r
J L'mwl.ii'a anil
very uaj cA-cpv -j
ertw Bireui car line, ouuuuj
at 11 nV nrl( . imp fifth lfl
bt Hrnnni no rn mrpn u atirmnn
ie Dtxs. nev. ri. K.imer reraoer- 1
n. int. ( rmpr n iRinr nr rnp
ciocK. iNainan iswabb, pastor.
I. B. S. A. International Bible
, "J "O
.1 Cnmi-r Pnurt an A Ilio-h
liie 3. I . .P w ronroaon Itno-
c in in m i :iii curt mr.t "Tha
Pnnit,m n m.-;.: nri,t
V' ' tK., ... ...I I .1
reiietnn nr d p1dqca vlolnn
the old? Theology and evolu-
nave inuen tn onH mor ni
r-, i'ii"iiii r .ifS'it-
HIV fAT K , . 111. IT A.
IWMtt ntr .i n nn
ii.,ul C( t v III .
CATHOLIC Masstrj at 7:30, 9
a fllCh maoQ anno v 11
e academy and the baccalau-
-- wu y me pasior, nev. i
v fv at iu;ou, ijeneaici-
-w-,0 loci maas.
id Chemeketa streets.
PM en r ....
c.cii,.iS ai
clock. Sermon next Sunday
in h. .v. . ...
7" ",c aiding pastor. Hev.
ir.H Dji. ...
oiiiij on a Man vvnn
M (In " TL.
- me me oi Koneri
Louis Stevenson will be used Il
lustratively and his philosophy
ot life will be discussed. The so
loist will be Miss Prances Ward.
PAL Corner South Commercial
and Myers streets, Horace N. Aid
rich, pastor. 9:45 a. m. Sunday
school, E. A. Rhoten, superintend
ent. Primary deDartm
Helen Ingrey, superintendent; H
a. m. morning worship with ser
mon by Professor .Tnsenh r.
fro, A. M., of Willamette univer
sity. Anthem by the choir "Fear
Ye Not, 0 Israel," C. M. Leroy,
with tenor soio by Lyman Mac
Donald. Offertory solo.. "A m-i
of Sorrow," Hime, by Miss Grace
bnerwood. 7 p. m. Epworth league.
8 p. m. evening worship with
sermon by J. Fred McGrew. An
them by the choir, "Abide With
Me, J. M. Dugan. Offertory solo,
"The Cross," Harriet Ware, by
Floyd H. Mclntire. Thursdav
p. m. prayer meeting, Joseph Bar-
oer, leader.
Corner N. 17th and Court
streets. Hurrah, this is the chil-
drens happy day for it is cbildrens
day. The day when the children
get to hear about little children
just like them all over the world
and of their needs. It will all be
told in the program to be render
ed by the school at the 11 o'clock
hour today. Hear "Church Bella
Around the World." A fine pro
gram. Be on hand at 9:45 a. m.
for the bible school. There were
221 present last Sunday. Let's
make it 250 today. Will you be
one? Intermediate C. E. 6: 30 n.
m. Senior C. E. 7:30 p. m. This
congregation will Join in the big
union law enforcement meeting
at tne First M. E. church at 8 p.
in. every Christian in. Salem
should be there. It Is Important.
Monday 8 p. m. monthly offlcisfl
board meeting, all members of
board are urged to be there.
Thursday 7-9 p. m. training school
You are Invited to all these ser
vices. R. L. Putnam, pastor.
school at 10 a. m., Clifton Rosb,
superintendent; morning worship
and preaching at 11. subiect "Par
able of the Tares and the Mustard
Seed," fourth message in the ser
ies on "The Parables of the King
dom." Children's day program in
the evening. I, O. Lee and wife.
Church street. J. J. Gillesnie. nas-
tor. Sunday being children's day,
tne Sunday school decided to have
their program in the Weeks trrove.
about two miles north of Salem
on the river road at 10:30 a. m.,
the weather being favorable, oth
erwise the program will be at the
chapel at 10 a. m. Young peoples
meeting at 7 and preaching serv
ice at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday eve
ning prayer meeting 7:45. You
are Invited to attend any or all
of the services.
and High streets, J. J. Evans
minister. The bible school hoar
will be given over largely to a
program by the children and
young people of the school. The
usual class period will he omit
ted except a short lesson period in
me general assembly. It ia h.
dren's day and th eofferings are
ior missions, thus teaching the
lesson ot help to others. The
program promises to be interest
ing and all will enjoy it. The
church service begins at 11 o'clock
"The Brighter Side" will b the
pastor's sermon topic, a practic
al discussion of Christian optim
ism. No evening service on ac
count of the mass meeting at the
First Methodist church. The
young people's societies will meet
as usual at 7 o'clock. The Salem
Heights Sunday school meets at
3 p. m.
ST. PAUL'S Chemeketa and
Church streets. Services for the
second Sunday after Trinity, 7:30
a. m., low celebration of the holv
communion; 9:45 a. m., church
school; 11 a. m. high celebration
and sermon; 7:30 p. m., evening
prayer and address. The choir
will sing Addison's "The Spacious
Firmament on High," to Haydn's
i ', . . . ... ,
uicaiiuu mile aa an oiieriorv an-
them at lh. m ..... t 1 . . tt.
........ .. l.i muiiiing awrviue. ev
erybody weicime. Chas. H. Pow
ell, rector.
ices are scheduled by the Minis
terial association as follows:
Stat hospital, 9 a. m., Rev. E. B.
K irk patrtck ; cottage farm, 2:30
p. m., Bev. F. W. Launer: girls'
Industrial school, 3 p. m., Rev. G.
F. Lienlng; tuberculosis hospital,
3:15 p. m., Rev. C. H. Powell.
Chas, H. Powell, secretary.
Milliken, D. D., pastor. Men's and
women's prayer meetings at 9:30.
Bible school at 9:45, Prof. H. E.
Hewitt, superintendent. This
morning Mr. Turner teaches the
men's class. Morning worship at
11, sermon by Rev. Dr. Albert
Loughridge. Lord's supper after
the sermon. All divisions of the
B. Y. P. U. meet at 6:50: Senior
leader, Miss Luella Barnett; top
ic, "With Jesus by the Sea Shore."
Second division leader, Miss Mar
gery Edmunds; topic, "The King
dom in the World." Intermediate
leader, Miss Gladys White; topic.
"Prayer and Missions." Visitors
welcomed at all divisions. The
pastor speaks this evening upon
the theme, "Union With Christ."
On Monday evening the teacher
training class meets at 7:30. Les
sons 12-13. The B. Y. P. U. train-
Tht Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon
lng class meet at Tl5. Leasons ofaltn, on restatement of faith.
by letter of transfer from oth
er churches, will please meet
with the session which will con
vene promptly at 10:30 a. m. Sun
day. There will be also the bap
tism of infants and adults.
Pare Fire
and Eighteenth streets, Sunday
school at 9:45 a. m. Divine ser
vice (English) at 10:30 a. m.
Subject, "The Sinner and the Sav
ior." Young peoples meeting at
2:30. Topic, "The Duties of a
Church Member." Visitors are
welcome. There will be no eve-
NAZARENE Nineteenth and
Marion streets; one block south
Of Center on Nineteenth. Cheu..
nlng service. Geo. Koehler, pas- eta car- Sunday school will be
Yew Park Bible school at 10 a.
m., John F. Thompson, superin
tendent; all the members of the
taken up In a great missionary
children's day program 9:45.
Preaching at 11 and at eight
o'clock. Subject for the morning
win be "Occupy Till I Come."
This will be the first service of
school are reo. nested to be nres- the ncw assembly year. The pas
ent, you are wanted in the pic- tor win beS'n hi" sixth year witt
ture, W. W. Wells will be there th,s churcl1 on that day. Young
with his big camera to take a peoples bible study at 7 o'clock
shot at the school. Preaching at and the two Prayed meetings at
11 a. m., subject, "The Way into
the Klngrom and the Way Out."
junior c. E. at 11 a. m. In the
7:30. Let us make this the best
service yet. Regular midweek
prayer meeting Wednesday eve-
parsonage; senior C. E. at 7:15 p. nin at 8 o'clock. You are wel
m., Marvin Wells, president, Wan- come- A- wells, pastor; Florence
da Wickizer, secretary, Walter Well8 deaconess.
wens, leader. Gospel sermon at
8:15; this will close the years
work for the pastor for this cdn-
ierence year. On Thursday at 9
association will hold its regular
monthly meeting at the Nazarene
o'clock a. m. the Oregon annual church on Tuesday evening June
conference for the First Church Thla wi" De the Iast meeting
of the United Brethren In Christ before the great camp meeting at
will convene in its annual session tne 'air grounds July 7 to 17.
in the First Church Yew Park, Every member should be present
at this meeting. A. Wells, presi-
Ind., newly elected bishop dent; Hazel Keeler, secretary,
this quadranium will be
"Wy. Itchedand
Cnfaira Heals.
1 founwi rer with
aw -r "Dicn was
mTTTr Pfcnp-es and
VSLT 1 cched and
t 0k2LZ? Cwfcnra
"a 4 twZ "k-P and three
.pJ'W-Jmy U. 1920.
ia, "JOtatma sad
Low Back East
Round Trip Fares
Oregon Electric Ry.
Spokane, Portland and Seattle Ey,
Great Northern Ey.,
Northern Pacific Ey..
and All Other Connecting lines.
Salem to Points named, and Return.
Many other points in proportion
Chicago $109.25 Minneapolis $90.05 Kansas City $90.05
St Louis ....$103.85 St. Paul ..-.$90.05 Omaha $90.05
Milwaukee $105.65 Duluth $90.05 St. Joseph.... $90.05
Des Moines $100.25 Colo. Spgs .... $79.85 Denver $79.85
Memphis.... $114.05 New Orleans 130.85 Council Bluffs 90.05
Plus 87c War Tax.
Choice of Routes and Stopovers in each direction. Long
Limits. Fares one way via California quoted on request.
Through tickets sold, sleeping car arrangements made
and baggage checked. Details will be furnished on
J. W. RITCHIE, Agent
Oregon Electric Railway
Bishop Harold C. Mason of Hunt
present and preside over the ses
sions of the conference, on Sun
uay the 12th, will be the big day
of the conference, the bishoo will
preach, we are Informed that he
is an orator in the first class. The
delegates to the C. E. department
of the conference will arrive on
Wednesday and hold a short ses
sion on Wednesday evening. Miss
Cella Gobler will deliver tne au
dress of welcome. C. W. Corby,
Das tor.
first ipmnonvTOiDTAXT J ' Liberty and Center St. W. C
Church street hetweon ri,iy Kantner, minister.
15th and Mill streets. No serv
ices Sunday. We will try to make
Sunday June the 12th a great day.
District superintendent Rev. Llnd
will preach at the morning service
and in the evening an illustrated
missionary address will be given
under the auspices of the Sunday
school. Will our friends please
keep this in mind and be with
ta and Center. The Sabbath school
meets at 9:45 a. m., Jos. H. Al
bert, superintendent, and Mrs. J.
W. Harbison is superintendent of
the primary 'department. Preach
ing at 11 a. m. by the pastor,
Ward Willis Long, whose topic
will be "First Things First." At
the evening service at 8 p. m. his
topic will be "Oil for Troubled
Waters." Please note the change
In the hour of evening service
from 7:30 to 8 p. m. The inter
mediate and senior C. E. societ
ies will meet at 7 o'clock. There
will be reception of new mem
bers at the morning Bervice and
those contemplating uniting with
this church whether on confession
10 a. m. Sun
day school with classes for all un
der competent leadership. W. I.
Staley, superintendent. 11 a. m.
"The Faithfulness of God." 7 p.
m. Christian Endeavor: "The
World, and Christ." Led by pas
tor. There will be no evening
meeting but this church will jin
tn the Union meeting at the First
Methodist church In the interest
of a better enforcement of the
prohibition law and other laws.
The meeting Is to be addressed by
Hon. Walter H. Evans, District
Attorney of Multnomah county
and others. A full and interest
ing program has been arranged.
CHURCH. Corner Winter and
Jefferson Sts. Thomas Acheaon,
pastor. At 9:15 a. m there will
be a prayer service for Christian
workers and all others who can
attend. At 9:45 a- m. Sunday
school will convene. A hearty
welcome awaits strangers and vis
itors. We have classes for people
of all ages. Public worship 11
a. m. church auditorium In charge
of the pastor. Subject: "Can Fut
ure Wars be Prevented"? Junior
church service at the same hour
Mr. Frank Bennett tn charge. The
best place In the Leaeue will hoirf
an open air service (weather per
mitting) on the church lawn, east
of the building. The grounds are
in splendid shape and are shaded,
by the church building. We want
a large crowd. A real good time
is assured. The service begins
prompt at 7 p. m. For the 8 p.
m. meeting this church will go in
a body to the First M. E. church
to participate in a Law Inforce
ment Massmeetlng. Do not forget
Junior church devotional meeting
on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
and adult meeting at 8 p. m.
For the 88 8mmust.7m777.ic
The public is cordially invited to
attend all the meeting of the
cnurcn. oood music, and a good
time assured to all.
North Cottage street. S. S. Mu
niey, pastor. Sunday school 10
a. m. C. H. Farnham, superin
tendent. Sermon at 11 a. m. by
the pastor. There will be no ser
vices in this church In th even
ing the congregation will Join in
tne services at the First Method
ist church in the in t.ereat nf taut.
enforcement. Auburn Sunday
school 2:30 and preaching at 3:30
p. m.
CHURCH. Corner south 19th and
Ferry streets, H. C. Stover, minis
ter. Morning service and wor
ship at 10 a. m. Mrs. Burton E.
Edwards In charge of the churcs
school hour. Solo by Ronald
Craven. A story of Sunday school
extension work by Wesley Put
nam. Sermon by the pastor.
Christian Endeavor at 7:15 p. m.
The choirs of the Willard and
Central churches unite In a con
cert at 8 p. m. Chorus "Praise
Ye The Lord" (Geo. Hahn). Solo
"Life's Perfect Promise" (Pam
alla Woodruff) Elbert Lachelle
Chorus "I will ift Pu Mine Eyes"
(Chas. H. Gabriel). Duett "Sun
of My Soul" (Wm. Walden). Mr.
Graven and Mr. Stover. Chorus
"Bless The Lord, O My Soul"
(Chas. M. Davis). Violin solo:
Leonard Chadwlck. Solo (Select
ed) Mrs. Alice Thompson. Chorus
"Savour Breath An Evening
Blessing (Lee G. Kratz). Duett
"He Will Not Slumber", Maude
Hart, Mrs. Curry and Mrs. Ram
sire. Chorus "Sing Unto Tbe
Lord, Chas. M. Davis.
orne, pastor. Sunday school
10:30 a. m., Edward Bashuret,
superintendent. "Subject for
study: "Making the Nation Chris
tian". The theaters have been
preparing on this subject, they
will welcome discussion by others.
Everyone welcome. The Epworth
League will meet at 7 p. in. Mrs.
A. Howthorne, leader. K'-ening
service 88 p. m. Sermon by the
pastor, subject: "Things That
AL CHURCH. Corner State and
Church Sts. Blaine E. Kirkpa
trick, minister. Class meeting in
room 4. at 9:15 a. m. Sumlnv
school, 9:45 o'clock. Alpheus J.
Gillette, superintendent. Morning
worship 11, o'clock. The Bac
calaureate of the Kimball school
of Theology will be held at this
hour. The sermon will be by
President Eugene C. Htrkinan.
The public will be welcome at this
service. The Junior League meets
at 6:30 o'clock. The Interme
diate and Senior Epworth leagues
meet at 7 o'clock. Miss Vivian
Ishain will lead the meeting ot the
Soniof League. Union evening
service of all of the churches of
the city in this church at 8 o'clock
In the interest ot a more strict
enforcement of the law. The Hon
Walter H. Evans, District attorney
of Multnomah county will bo the
speaker. This will afford an op
portunity for the better citizens
of the city to demonstrate in un
mistakable manner heir snjipor of
the campaign for law enforcement
Let your stand on this question be
known by your presence tonight.
Mid week service on Thursday
evening, 7:30 p. m. The pastor
is giving a service of character
studies on "The Greater Men and
Women of the Bible." You will
be interested In these discussions.
Sunday school Board meeting on
Monday evening, 8 o'clock.
Home Builders
Take Notice
We can save you money on your
Plumbing Supplies; it will pay
you to come and see us about
prices. We always have a supply
of all kinds.
Tents, all sizes, prices very low.
Bargain House
We buy and sell everything.
Phone 398 215 Center St.
Oar of
Yick So Tong
Chinese Medicine and Tea Co.
Has medicine which will
cure any known disease
Open Sundays from 10 a. in.
until 8 p. m.
161 South High Street
Salem. Oregon. Phone ft3
A Week of College Life at O. A. C.
Corvallls, Or. June 13-18
Hamman Auto Stage
Two Stages Dally
Leave Salem 10:30 am; 4:2-0 pm
Leave Mill City 7 am; 4 pm
Leaves O. E. depot, Salem
Wayside stops at Gooch. Lyons,
Mehama, Stayton, Sublimity,
Aumsville, Turner, State hos
pital, Cottage farm.
Jos. H. Hamman, Salem,
Phone 104
Portland & Salem
Stage Line
Every Hoar on the Hoar at
Both Ends
Leaves 10th and Alder at
Seward Hotel every hour
Leaves Salem Bligh Hotel
First Stage 7 a. m.
Last Stage 7 p. m.
Special Merchants
Lunch 35c
OPEN 11 A. M. TO 8 P. M.
Nomking Cafe
Upstairs at
1621, N. COMlsSt
American or Chinese
Ice Cream and Drinks
Open 11 a. m. to
1 a. m.
Every Saturday Night
Elite Orchestra
24:1567:459:15 P. M.
Man Whose Life Creed Will
Startle and Fascinate.
1 Phone Main 727
r : rz:
J A Drama of a
The killer whose
creed was, "I will
have nothing within
these walls that is
not mine; that does
not obey my will" ..
Adapted from the novel by the
famous author
A victim trapped by
this wily mad man
and held captive at
his fortified ranch.
Among Those
It would positively make a Horse laugh.
3 Reels of Rippling, Rousing, Original Comedy full of
Thrills and Merry Glee,
The hard - b o i 1 ed
New Yorker who
laughed at, doubted
then fought the
Tomorrow 2:45 to 7:30
National Emblem
A Dream
March Militaire Schubert
(Tod" Sloan)
The j o c key who
made the spectacu
lar ride to bring
help to the ranch.