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    Sataitlay, Jane 4, 1921
Sgtan- . The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon ' pigt Thrf
General Interest to People of Willamette Valley
1921 Finds Much Cycling Activity
HiU-L.nmtng Kecords Smashed
Wins Prize By Going Up Mount Hood
rammed with
season aue iu
TW field of the
ort is unusually ,
....t this
lat activity which has developed
fall parts of the country in both
l, and motorcycle fields.
K have been formed, contests
C1ULud at hundreds of points,
W mlvate and restricted to
J b while others have
n oe " to the public and have
r usM contestants from miles
y as well as great throngs of
""Lors And as the season is
EX n rted yet, this may
I taken as an indication that the
omTT. will be Packed full of hot
Lf as soon as summer weather
ecomes a bit more settled and the
weather man settles down to be
An example of the scale upon
which the season has been laun
thed is the Capistrano Hill. Climb
recently held in California. Tho
toe machines were confronted
ka rrrade five hundred feet long
,nd as steep as 7(1 percent at some
portions, the winner of the free
tor all- event shot over the top In
15 4-5 seconds and broke all pre
vious records for the hill. Other
motorcycle riders did almost as
Ml and provided the spectators
with an abundance of thrills as
they shot up the grassy, unmanl
tured hillside on their rearing,
imoking machines. More than 30
100 people came out to watch the
Hern's, and lined up the slopes of
the hill in crowds.
The first motorcycle vehicle to
ascend Mt. Hood this year is a
medium-weight motorcycle ridden
by Ed Carlson, of Portland, Ore.,
ho plowed deep snow a consid
erahle part of the journey to reach
bis destination. By this feat he
von the handsome trophy that
had been put up as prize for the
first machine to make the ascent
o( the mountain each year.
Floyd H. Dreyer, who won the
!5-mile sidecar championship last
Mason in the fastest time ever
made with such a machine on a
dirt track, has gone to Denver on
his honeymoon. The wedding took
place a few days before he left
Ohio, the bride having been Miss
Nelle Hoyer. Dreyer plans to re
main in Colorado indefinitely, and
may take part in several speed ev
ents in the mile-high country be
fore returning to the east for the
The bicycle championship of the
city of Buffalo was clinched by
Ignatius Gronkowski at the recent
race meet held at the 74th Regi
ment armory in that city when he
took the deciding points in the fi
al events of the championship ser
les. He won the final heat of the
one-mile handicap from scratch,
after breaking his own three
fourths mile record in a prelimin
ary heat, which he won by cover
ing the distance in one minute 35
3-5 seconds.
Sidecar races have come to be
regarded as the most interesting
and thrilling events on the card at
motorcycle race meets, due to the
llfh speed and spectacular action
made possible by the Improved
eonstruction of the machine. The
better types of sidecars are now
de so that they can be steered
tound the turns without skidd
ing or slowing down, the motor
tjde to which the sidecar is at
tached leaning toward the pole
bicycle rider turning a
rre, and this style of riding has
ljroed very popular with the fans.
possibilities of this class of
work are shown by the fact
at Ernest Price, who won the
jo-mile sidecar championship at
"adville, Mass., last year, made
J" aterage speed of 65 miles per
r m that event, and had also1
a mark of ten miles In nine!
t, ten seconds at Cleveland,1
en lining a sidecar outfit using;
same flexible construction in i
chassu and a torpedo shape
Wtaer body. i
a result of this great popu
nty of sidecar sport, race promo
Ut Panning t o make such con
the feature of their programs
"mmer, and promise to dis-
.accession of thrill produ-
tkV h" never been equalled
the dirt-track circuits.
wETT1 tnthURiasm ln-l
7 the appearance of a
fc iJZe 0f mt'rcycle in which
iZ'f a four-cylinder
"W motor containing many,
l7b 'eatures. It is produc-i
h-Jf;"1 city and is w
,"lully quiet an, vibra I
ls operation.
1tnuIktmp,e Gf ,he efficiency'
, ""torcycle and side-'
2ft? P0"0 'oreea In1
SlT51!"tBe crime situation.!
the police
VhiS,!f "-o't and vicing
Wiaf mtor eoo'Pment. I
. motorcycle outfits
mTm into tie
Truck Men
Will Meet
On Water
Horses Are Coming In
to Use Again On
Short Hauls; Truck
ing to Be Discussed
Detroit, Mich., June 4. Ques
tions of interest vo the trucking
industry will be discussed during
the "all-water" convention of the
National Team and Motor Truck
Owners' association, to be held
bftre on Lake Huron June 13-16.
The 600 delegates from all parts
of the country who are expected to
attend the convention will leave
here on a lake steamer on June 13
cruise to Mackinac Island, and re
turn to Detroit by water on the
final day of the meeting. The
delegates will not leave the ship
during the cruise, all business ses
sions being held on board. This is
said to be the first time in the
history of the Great Lakes that a
national convention has been held
on shipboard.
The truck horee will have m,
inning during the convention ac
cording to F. L. Henk, of Detroit,
secretary of the organization. The
advisability of using the horse for
trucking purposes when short
hauls in cities are desired will be
pointed out, it is said. According
to Mr. Hend, truck owners, in all
parts of the country see returning
to horses for short hauls, having
found them more economical than
motor trucks. The motor trucks
are found more advantageous for
hauls between cities and for long
hauls within large municipalities,
Mr. Henk pointed out. Trucking
men in Chicago and other cities
are depending more each year on
horses for short hauls, according
to figures obtained by the secre
tary. Legislation and means of ex
panding the truck businej; r.ener
erally also will be discussed dur
ing the convention.
Public Responds
To New Prices
The response to the announce
ment of new prices for CChevrolet
cars proves that the company has
done the right thing.
Reports from more than four 'I. l x
ucviuiei dealers tnrou
ghout the United States and Cana
da show a tremendous increase in
the number of orders everywhere.
The eight great factories and as
sembly plants of the company are
all working to greater capacity
than at any time for the nast
The public has learned to ap
preciate value In automobiles as in
everything else. In offering a com
pletely equipped quality car at the
lowest price on the market the
company has met the public on the
latter's own terms. And the public
is taking advantage of the oppor
tunity. It is proving the company ls
justified in. its action. It ls prov
ing that there is greater desire
and greater actual need for au
tomobiles today than ever before.
The motor car has proved itself
a necessary utility. Motor transpor
tation is essential in all business
and individual progress. It has ta
ken its palce with food, clothing,
shelter and fuel.
Because of this the automobile
business has survived the greatest
crisis in its history. The soundness
of the business through which
each company has grown in the
past is proved by its ability to
take its lisses at this time. Hav
ing dotie this It faces an even
greater demand and greater busi
ness in the future.
The recent war with Germany
brought into prominence many in
dustries that heretofore, though of
vast proportions, were more or less
familiar only to those directly In
terested in them or their products.
One of these industries was that of
storage battery manufacture. Stor
age batteries were, used by the
United States army and navy in a
vast number of important situa
tions and many of the most telling
instruments of modern warfare on
both land and sea could not have
been operated so dependably and
efficiently had not the storage bat
tery been developed to its present
high state of perfection.
Mr. R.R D. Barton of the local
"Kxide" service station. In dilat
ing upon the progress made in
storage battery manufacture dur
ing the last quarter century, re
marked "that the importance of
the battery in warfare, large as It
Is, is small compared to its neces
sity to Industrial life. As an In
stance of the detailed attention
given to this product," said he,
"The Electric Storage Battery
company, the largest manufactur
er of storage Batteries In the
world, is today making a starting
and lighting battery that ls de
signed and manufactured in en
ough varying models to perfectly
suit the demands of every type of
automobile. In other words, the
engineers In back of this battery
have studied the automobile, not
as an abstract proposition, but in
the minutest detail, and have
evolved certain batteries to suc
cessfully meet the specific condi
tions of each automobile manufac
tured in this country today. Thirty
years ago the manufacture of any
really practical storage battery
was scoffed at by electrical engi
neers. Less than a decade ago the
application of self-starting and
lighting to the automobile was
nothing more than a dream of a
few optimists.
MnssommmwrnM all ff
Vick Brothers
1919 Oakland $950
1919 Oakland ggQ
Maxwell Touring 500
Auburn Touring 1 600
Ford Touring 350
Maxwell Delivery. 350
Ford Delivery 150
Olds 8-Cylinder 950
Oakland Touring 750
Studebaker "4" Jaa
Long Lasting Power
You are entitled toabatterythatisnot
only powerful when new, but that keeps
its power through a long life of service.
This means so much to you in econ
omy and convenience that it is worth
some attention on your part. Call and
let us show you why Exide construc
tion gives you mort power, longer life,
and more care-free service.
We repair all makes of batteries with
a care that aims to live up to the
name Exide.
By withstanding the grinding wear of the open road by
staunchly resisting the strain of thousands upon thousands of
Sound Tires Have Proved Their
Worth They Have Made Good
It is with complete knowledge that Sound Tires are amply
able to satisfy people who are accustomed to the best of service
that we offer them to you.
. . In the fullest sense of the word,
High and Trade Street
Baby Grand Chevrolet
$1424.00 f. o. b. Salem
A Reduction of $168.00
It is not necessary for us to elaborate on i he merits of this wonderful cur,
for the reason it is locally and nationally known by its wonderful perform
ing ability as well as its reputation for STAND UP QUALITIES.
This new price puts it in a price class that the ordinary man can pay.
.We can make Immediate delivery
Salem Automobile Co.
Salem-: :-Dallas
Sa! . h-
k T:r a 10 mt the
- ' meei me re
ar. ""'ee any