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    Saturday, June ,
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Automobile, Truck, Trafctor and Highway News of
In "Gypsy
Tour" Big
Tkao TCvenr. Kt. "For
June 18-19; Plans J
Are Under Way In
Motorcycle World
Akron Ohio, June 4. The an
nual national motorcycle Gypsy
Tours will be held this year on
June 18-19. as usual under the
auspices of the Motorcycle and Al
lied Trades association.
"There promises to be greater
interest than ever manifested in
this year's tours," says an official
of the Firestone Tire and Rubber
company. Arrangements are al
ready under way everywhere.
"The motorcycle is certainly i
wonderful medium for the gct-to-cether
SDirit. Instances can be
multiplied where business, and
the community in general, have
been benefitted through the mo
torcycle clubs, where the motor
cyclist and friends meet, and
where dealer meets dealer.
"Whereas a few years ago mo
torcycle clubs were practically un
heard of, today there is scarcely a
city or town without one or more.
Many have buildings. of their own
and New York and Chicago have
quite pretentious places.
"Willi the growing demand for
the motorcycle by merchans, po
lice departments, messenger and
telegraph companies, postoffices
etc., and their growing popularity
for riding to business as well as
for measure, motorcycle registra
tion promises to continue its up
ward climb so that It is evident
the time is not far distant when
America will be as far ahead of
other nations in the use of the
motorcycle as it a In the use of
the automobile."
Camera Beats Motorcycle
Larry's Lessons
Questions and Answers.
Dear Larry: I have been told
that practically all the dirt track
records for a mile are held by a
Missouri track. Is that so? ' Show
Answer: Practically all the
world's mile track records arc held
by Barney Oldfield at Maxwillton
Park (circular dirt track i at St.
Louis. My records have practical
ly all been made in the half-mile
ovals and I have only one mate
record on a mile oval, that at
Birmingham, Ala.
Dear Stone: What has become
ol the Le Cocq brothers, once in
the dirt track game? J. L. M.
Answer: I fear you did not
read the papers in 1919 after the
Indlanopolis race. Louis Le Cocq
was killed when his car turned
over and burned. Ted I. Cocq,
his brother, retired that year after
a short campaign with Hudson
and now lives in Ues Moines.
Dear Iarry: Where Is the
Rajo Ford head made? Jo Far..
Answer: Joe Jaegersburger at
Racine, Wis., manufactured these
heads, which are the same used
by Jimmy Gray In his Rajo 3
Dear Stone: I have ben In
Florida and recently contended
there was no race track at Jack
sonville, but my partner In dis
cussion wished to wager there was
"a track at Jacksonville." Later
after he left someone suggested he
may have meant, Jacksonville, 111 .
and as there was no mention made
of the state, was wondering If you
knew abuut the Illinois city, R.
B W.
Speed photographs with absolute clarity of detail such as this one
e rare. In fact, for motorcycle racers to attain a speed of 112
miles an hour thus surpassing the speed ot the tastest racing mis aim
tralnh is a feat never accomplished until attained by Fred Ludlow,
shown in the photo. The picture was made at the new Beverly Hills
Spoedway In Los Angeles during this record breaking event. As
evidence of the advance in speed photography, this picture Is quite as
Interesting as Ludlow's feat.
Quality According
to Clarence A. Earl
Only Lasting Policy
(Copyright 1921 by D. M. Shaw)
Jackson, June 4. Quality in
an automobile must be the manu
facturing objective from the start
not an afterthought. Quality, if
the product is going to live up to
the true meaning of the word,
must be in-built, not added on.
If the designs are for a quality
car and every department In the
factory functioning accurately,
making all parts according to the
prints, the product will be one of
quality. If the designing of parts
Is not right and quality Is not
their basis, the product will not
measure up to the standard of to
day. The manufacturer who Is not
keeping abreast of the times in his
manufacturing policy is losing
money staying in the industry,
and he is probably wondering why.
To insure public acceptance of
a product the manufacturer must
begin his quality prtlcy with the
selection and purchase of steel and
raw materials that go Into his car
Quality above quantity is not a
difficult goal to attain, as great
commercially as the public's ap
preciation and acceptance of It.
This means that the manufact
urer, to maintain himself favorab
ly in the pnbllc estimate, must
measure his stride by the public's
wants, because the automobile
buying public has grown discrim
inating and is looking for quality
ralue In preference to price In
other words, tht maximum quality
for the price paid.
Thus it Is Important that qual
ity be obvious. Several years ago,
perhaps this wan no necessary, for
then the motorist had not the un
derstanding of motors lines, gears
lubrication, etc., which he posses
m today. Details of construction
which formerly received scant at
tention from buyers are now sub
jected tu the most critical Inspec
tion. In brief, the public has he
Acceptance is a matter or quaiuy
value. The buyer wants to feel
that he is getting value for his
money. That does not mean a per
ference for lower price. The pur
chase of a car in the medium
price class represents a bigger in
vestment to the purchaser than do
the hiirher uriced cars to their
The manufacturer must always
fidence in his selection. No una is
anxious to admit bad judgment in
the purchase of an automobile
or anything else, for that matter
It is a human desire to'3
acts approved. So the car to
which a manufacturer lends his
name and asks the public to ac
cept must, in order to uphold the
manufacturer's reputation and
keep faith with the public, be the
best car, in every sense of the
word, that it is possible to build
for the price. The means that
every phase of factory eff6rt must
be directed toward the one out
standing, dominating goal a
quality car. Tooling operations
on each par of every" unit must
be constantly supervised, o see
that they are kept up at all times
to the most advanced improve
ments and perfection.
The workmen In the factory
must be inspired to put their, very
best mechanical ability into every
bit of machining of parts and in
assembly. Every unit must func
tion true in relation to others,
gears meshing perfectly and with
out noise, steering and car con
trol just right. But the quality
workmanship so necessary In the
building of a quality automobile
will not be forthcoming unless the
production is one of quality.
Comfort, refinement in body
lines, upholstery inviting and
durable, general finish and final
ity of appeal, all these are part
and parcel of quality car building.
Adherence to them is essential if
the public is to continue In an
attitude of acceptance.
Answer: There Is neither a come experienced. Hence In build-
track at Jacksonville, 111., or Flo
rida. The One In Illinois was
Ing automobiles nowadays It de
velops upon manufacturers to
plowed up this spring. Your friend meet the requirements of taste and
utility, based not on tne layman
viewpoint, as formerly, but upon
appreciation founded on actual
use, day In and day out, over the
country roads and city streets.
Them anufacturer must always
bear In mind that while he may
be building a car, It is the public
that is buying It. Therefore, in
any proggram of production the
public Is an ever present factor,
for In the final analysis the public
may accept or reject a product.
may have a "joker" ki mind, but
you were right anyway.
Dear Stone: Do you consider
shook absorbers for Ford , prac
tical? J. K. L.
Answer: If you will try some
standard brand I think you will
find more comfort and more ef
ficiency with a shock absorber
than without Of course I concede
that yau knqw that property IB flat
ed tlrra are the greatest of shock
has overcome the commonest
causes of tire trouble
for your Battery
Patterson Parts,
Inc., Start New
Store In Portland
Portland, Or., June 4. With
the opening of the new store of
Paterson Parts, Ins., at 31 North
Park street, Portland, theVe is
placed at the disposal of the gar
age and repair men of Portland
and the state of Oregon a service
which is credited with hawing
speeded up the auto repair and re
placement business throughout the
state of California.
The slogan of the firm "New
parts for all cars" expresses fully
the character of its business and
Patterson Parts, inc., stocks, In
addition to complete lines of many
leading replacement parts, a very
full stock of new parts for all the
popular makes of cars. It is organ
ized to supply practically on or
der, parts for obsolete cars. Anrl
it specializes on service, filling
and sending all orders immediate
ly on receipt.
Through this service according
to the experience cf garage men
and owners throughout California
whom Patterson has supplied from
San Francisco and Oakland, the
delay formerly incident to "wait
ing for parts" has been eliminated,
garage men increase their profits
through greater job turnover; and
they reduce their capital invest
ment by cutting out large stocks
of replacement parts.
The Portland service of the firm
has been organized, according to
W. D. Patterson, general manager,
to function exactly the same in
Oregon as the San Francisco and
Oakland service has functioned in
Goodyear Tires
Stand Long Run
Los Angeles, June 4. One of
the most thorough tests put on
automobiles and their tires is the
annual Yosemite Valley Economy
Run from Los Angeles to Camp
Curry. And this is the one that
Gardener and Saxon cars rolling
on Goodyear cord tires have just
come through triumphantly, win
ning first place in their respective
The'Yosemite Run is distinctly
an economy run, results being
based an gasoline consumption per
ton mile with the competing cars
classified according to their pri
ces. Twenty one cars participated
in the 1921 contest.
The caravan started out on the
third day of a heavy rain, and the
cars had not progressed far till it
became apparent that the tour
would be an endurance contest as
well as economy run. Several de
tours around points where road
repairs were being made, gave the
crusaders a chance to demons
trate their driving skill as the
ears struggled valiantly with the
elements. The battles with mud,
ruts and snow were practically con
timious. Road conditions could
hardly have been worse.
As mud and slush annihilators
the cars that got through to
Camp Curry with' the most econo
mical ton mileage record in their
respective classes, showed them
selves entitled to a place in the
hall of fame.
Gardener finished the 397 miles
run with an average of 23 miles
per gallon of gasoline and an av
erage of 42.11 ton miles per gal
lon. Saxon covered the same dis
tance on 15.8 gallons of gasoline,
averaging 25.5 miles and 47 ton
miles per gallon.
As a test for tires it would have
been dififcult to arrange a more
exacting tour. The ears were enm-
jpelled to make their "hacking con
trols within specified time limits
and therefore could not afford to
snend anv time rhane-infir tires.
Ijfo temperamental tires could, be
The judgment of the winners of
first place in their classes in select
In- thA nmnpr Hpa pnn tnnien t is
reflected in the performance of
the Goodyear cord tires which car
ried them over the 397 mile jaunt
to victory. Although called upon
to withstand the most exacting
conditions that have ever been en
countered during the five years
the Los Angeles Motor Car dealers
have been conducting the Yosem
ite run, the tires fulfilled their
part of the ordeal without fail.
Heavy Sales Are
Eeported Last Week
With the coming of sood weath
er people are again showing an In
terest in automobiles. During the
week May 22-2 S Vick brothers
have made the following sajes of
new cars:
R. M. Hofer, Salem Paige 6-66
Lakewood model.
F. L. Miller, Salem Paige 6-42
Glenbrook model.
H. E. Morris, Eugene Paige
6-42 sedan.
John Gross, Eugene Paige
6-66 cope.
I. N. Branson, McMinnville
Stephens Salient Six touring car.
A. Williams, Corvallis Paige
Glenbrook model.
R. W. Simeral, Salem Oak
land Six.
It. W. Kane, Salem Oakland
F. J. Chapman, Salem Oak
land touring.
In addition to these new cars a
Samson Tractor was soil and de
livered to R. H. Wolter east of the
city; also one to J. H. McClane
of Eugene.
TiMTlah Wit ' J - - "
Good Tubes Insure More
lo put a poor tube in a good tire is like nr
kerosene in your fuel tank. e puttlS
It is essential that you use the best tnho
get trie most, mueage our oi your tires.
lhe Dest tuoe we know of is thp
in order to
ine Dest iuDe we Know ot is the GoodvearW,,
Tourist. Built up layer-upon-layer, it i 1.7
The valve patch is vulcanized into the layers of Sr
it isn t just stuck on. '"uuer-
A waterproof bag protects each Goodyear V
Tourist Tube from injury until you wish to use it
Make your next tube a Goodyear we have the
all sizes. m 111
388 N. Commercial St.
Phone 221)
(k'",B"1,l vnasUBrnmBmBmsmmmmmm
Fire, originating from a defect
ive flue, destroyed the farm home
of N. A. Hall, near Silverton. The
family was absent at the time
and very little of the contents
were saved.
and Itim Parts for all Cars.
Free Expert Advice.
We re-grcove your tires FREE
regardless of the make
you use.
150 South High Street
Premature arrival of prospect
ive berry harvest hands is the
cause of worry at Hood River at
the present time. Continued
spring rains have resulted in de
lay in ripening of fruit.
They Really Do Hold Air
The deadliest enemy of tires is under inflation. It
ruins more tires than all other causes combined.
Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes will not allow air to
seep through because of their purify of rubber, thick
ness, layer-upon-layer construction and vulcanized-in
valve patch. They really do hold air.
We have all sizes they come in waterproof bags.
Valley Motor Co.
264 N. High Street
Phone 1995
When a tire is driven against a curb or over any
serious obstruction, the layers of cords in tht body of
the tire are forced inward, subjecting them to a severe
strain that tends to separate and break the cords.
The extra thickness of the Michelin tread protects
Michelin Cords against such shocks, and the extra
rubber between the layers of cords still further cushions
and protects the tire against injury.
Try a Michelin Cora iou II nod it lasts longer.
Clark's Tire House
319 N. Commercial St.
Water is as necessary to
battery life as it is to
plant life.
The water should be pure I
and it should be put into
the battery regularly, at,
least once every two weeks.
You can easily put this
water in, but we will gladly
do it if you prefer.
We are also equipped to
recharge and repair bat
teries. We cany a com
plete line of WiHard bat
tery parts, rental batteries I
and Willard Threaded Rub
ber Batteries.
Ask us how Willard
(Threaded Rubber Insula
jtion puts an end to the
separator replacement ex-
ipense caused by warped,
cracked, punctured and car
bonized wood separators. I
Auto Electricians
238 N. High Street j
Rare Values in Cord Tires
for Small Cars
The remarkable values now being offered in
Goodyear Tires and Tubes are most impres
sively illustrated in our clincher type 30x 3Vi
inch Goodyear Cord Tire. Li' r
Goodyear Tires, it is now being luc larger,
heavier and stronger, with thicker tread and
stouter construction. It is a big, powerful cord
tire, with all the cord tire's advantages - iden
tical in quality with the Goodyear Cord Tires
of larger size, preferred on the world's finest
cars. You can buy it today from your Good
year Service Station Dealer for only
Goodyear Tire &. Rubber Company
of California
3Ox3HIUboAn-Wcttk01 CQ S0x)XNon-5Ud (;.(
iioa hbrk cta Wii: KwcOni
to nut i I Urn KsmRtrilu T.,h. Zzl
"Yes, We Have If
ALL OVER CALIFORNIA auto repair men have
learned they will get this response to a call for a
part no matter what part it is or for what car
from Patterson Parts, Inc., of San Francisco and
Oakland, and now of this city, at 31 North Park
And what is more, the response, "Yes, we have it,"
is followed by immediate delivery.
PATTERSON PARTS, Inc., by its complete stock
of parts for all popular cars, its service in procuring
obsolete parts and its hasty delivery has earned the
reputation of having "speeded up" the entire re
placement and repair business in California. Motor
ists get their cars in a hurry because there is no de
lay in "waiting for parts" ; garage men make more
money by increasing their job turnover and at the
same time they can cut their capital investment by
reducing their stocks of parts.
Already many Oregon repair men have availed
themselves of Patterson Parts' service at long
"distance. Now, with the Portland branch fully
established, the service is available to all the garage
and repair men in the state of Oregon, and Patter
son Parts, is in a position to do for Oregon repair
men exactly what it has done for those in California.
Have jour garage man call on Patterson Parts,
Inc., the next time he needs a part for your car. .
In addition to a large stock of parts for all popular
makes of cars, Patterson Parts, Inc.,
carries an absolutely complete stock cf
Quality Light Weight Quality
Quabty Step-Cut . Fly Wheel Starter
Heat-Treated Cylinder Head
Valve Cages and Guides Bushings, Replacement Parts
"New Parts for All Cars"
31 North Park Street, PORTLAND, OREGON
Other Stores;
296 Golden Gate Ave.,
3322 Broadway
Goodyear Tubes
Also Save Tires
Under-inflation destroys more tire?
causes combined
than all
. . t ovnpme M"
When we remove that one source
:nm w " . V0U
your tire problem, we have performed as3'"
appreciate. It's really quite easy, too.
We supply tubes that actually hold air. .
The Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tube. th ' mi
thickness, purity of rubber, laminated const
built-in valve patch,' prevents under-inflauon.
Aid ssaiii commercial su