Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 04, 1921, Page Page Twelve, Image 12

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me Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon
me capital journau, w" ... .
Latest News Covering Willamette Valley Points
, : fweek ending June 2. accord to I pick up a.l the pieces. A wet cloth I Pol county is the cater of the I In. : ..j ; thT
Portlander Jailed
For Failure To Pay
Judgment Is Freed
Joseph Mozorosky, Portland
Jeweler, Imprisoned in the Mult
nomah county jail is entitle to
release on bail pending the deter
mination of the question of his
j -,.0-i.Hnn for failure to pay a'.tit""
. , tifinn In favor on
Sol Swire decreed by the Multno
mah county circuit court.
This is the gist of an opinion
written by Justice Bean and hand
ed down by the Supreme court
Friday afternoon, the opinion fix
ing the amount of Mozorsky's bail
at $2000. ij. .
Following the rendition of Judg
ment for $1000 against Mozorosky
in favor of Swire the latter secur
ed his arrest and imprisonment
for failure to pay the judgment.
Mozorosky instituted habeas cor
pus proceedings to secure his re
lease from jail which was denied
him and he then appealed to the
upreme court. Bail was also
denied him on the ground that
there was no provision in the
Oregon code admitting a plaintiff
to bail on an appeal in a habeas
corpus proceeding.
The opinion does not attempt to
pass upon the habeas corpus pro
r .. ..... ..,.,,,1. tirimils the
ceeaing uui i-j -
snaintiff to ball pending the de
termination of the other question
which also involves his imprisonment.
Dlaint delivered to defendant and
district attorney of Polk county.
County Court.
In Tie. proposed county road
petitioned for by L. R. Livermore
and others in road districts num
bers 3 and 6. Order entered by
the Court postponing hearing on
said road until the July term of
said court. .
For Permits To
Use Water Many
Application for permission to
appropriate water from Little and
Big Wild Horse creeks, Dry Gulch
and Fish River for the irrigation
Corvallis Has
Summer School
Corvallis, June 4. The Corval
lis schools now closing will re
open for a summer session at the
Central school building beginning
Monday, June 13. This is for the
advantage of those pupils w-ho are
more or less behind their grades
in work done, and for those few
others so far ahead that a little
rnrtra work will enable them to
enter a higher grade the coming
school year.
Porcupine Joins
Knights of Road
Pendleton, June i. ami now u.
is the porcupines that have joined cnu
the ranks of the Knights of the
Road. How come! Well, it
seems that a travel-stained porcu
pine, quills and all, rode the
breaks to Pendleton on the Spok-
train rntontlv Tip utipmpri to
be a'novice at the ancient game of j
beating the railroad and was suf-
Director of Music
at Albany College
Resigns Position
Albany, June 4. Miss Alice
Clement, for nine years a member
of the Albany college school of
music faculty, has publicly an
nounced her resignation as direc
tor of the conservatory of music.
The announcement, which was
made at a dinner given Dy Presi
dent Williams in honor of the
senior class, came as a surprise
to the students and faculty mem
bers of the college.
Miss Clement during the nine
years that she has been associated
with the conservatory of music at
the college has built up the depart
ment to a high standard and has
Influenced many pupils to attend
the college. She was also organ
ist at the First Presbyterian
week ending June 2, according to
reports received by the state in
dustrial accident commission here.
They were Tom Flannery, chaser,
Valsetz, Or.; W. C. Earl, hooker,
Knappa, and Harry J. Foster, sec
tlonman, Salem. A total of 295
accidents were reported for the
week, of which 275 were subject
to the provisions of the workmen's
compensation act.
....... .-j.... 8000 nnnnrlo 111
laid on the floor will easuy over- gooseoerry ministry oi me norm- ' - me cr,
come the difficulty. I west. About 60 acres are in bear-! JOURNAL WANT Ano
, . " tai
When glass is broken on the
floor it is sometimes difficult to
Jos. Graber
I'hone 2004R
John Graber
Phone 1162W
Four Accidents Fatal
r"our workmen lost their lives
in industrial accidents during the
of 293 acres in Harney county, ! ferlng from carsickness to such an
. . ,,, q,, in--.-.... I extent that the railroad boys took
u. u o Rwilnn rTnr-man
Cupper by E. F. Soaward of Denio
Leaving Time
Of Guard Units
Is Announced
fcflM of valley
troops for Camp Lewis where the
general encampment of the Ore
gon national guard will be held,
were announced yesterday from
the office of the adjutant general.
ah nmr,anieH must have 70 per
ihair streneth to attend
trui ui ....
the encampment. Every company
i .tote has far in excess of
this amount, ready to go, with the
......... ii, n of Coninany K at Inde
pendence, it was stated. Salem's
comDany. F, will have most of its
members present.
Thi Hc.hedule for leaving is
ooiom fr comnanv. 5: 10 a. m. Juno
IK- Tniienendence. K company
6:43 p. m. June 14; Dallas, com
pany U 5:35 p. m. June 14; Sil
verton. company I, 2:05 p. m. June
14; McMinnville, company A, m limn t fi ' Woodburn. 3d
battalion headquarters company,
6:48 a. m. June 16; Corvallis,
company M, 5:05 p. m. June 14;
Albany, 5th company coast artil
lery, 4:10 a. m. June 15.
All valley troops will leave
Portland for Camp Lewis at 9:15
a. m. June 15. All Portland units
will leave Portland, for the camp
at 9:45 a. m. June 15. Coast ar
tillery units will leave Portland
for Fort Stevens at 8:45 a. m. June
Independence, Dallas, Silvcrton.
and Corvallis organizations will
be quartered in the Portlapd ar
mory overnight.
Other applications for water
rights have been filed with the
state engineer's office as follows:
By A. M. Dailey of Myrtle
Creek covering the appropriation
of water from Bilger creek for the
irrigation of a three acre tract in
Douglas county.
Bv A. D. I'enrod and Jesisies of
Hereford, Or., covering the appro
priation of three second feet ot
waste and seepage water from the
Big Flat for the irrigation of 120
acres in Baker county.
By Bessie Grove of Dcnlo cover
ing the appropriation of 2.63 sec
ond feet of water from Cotton
wood and Dry creeks for the ir
rigation of 210 acres in Harney
By C. S. Benefiel of Palnl pw env
ering the appropriation of 73 sec
ond feet frbm the Chewaucan
river for developing 82 horsepower
in j.uite county.
By Martin Koenlg of Oaribaldi
covering the appropriation of
water from Cannery creek in Til
lamook county for a domestic
water supply.
By John Wm. Jennings of Dav
City covering the appropriation
of two second feet of water from
Baxter of Jennings creek, tribut
ary 10 Kiicnes river tor a domestic
supply and for use in a cheese
him over the Section Foreman
Nordeen's yards and gave him
every care.
The pore showed every sign of
adopting Pendleton as his home
city until a" train from the east
arrived. The animal, without so
much as a word of farewell,
sauntered out to the train, clim
bed beneath the cars and was off
for parts unknown.
Graber Bros.
Telephone 550 Main
141 S. Liberty St. Salem, Ore.
A Series of Human Interest
Talks on Insurance
Sunbursts of Melodies and Dances
Songs, Sayings and Bouncings
A Hobart Henley Production
Dorothy PhiHips, Priscilla Dean
Lon Chanev, Wm. Stowell in
A James Oliver Curwood tory
Floods Destroy
Swimmin' Hole;
New One Sought
Dallas, June 4. The old time
iwimmln' hole at Boydslon s dam,
a short diBtonce west of Dallas,
which has served for many seasons
to the picnickers and small boys
of Dallas, was destroyed by the
winter floods and the old patrons
of that famous pool are now
searching the LaCreole for a suit
able substitute. The Commercial
club, realizing the necessity of
euch a means of diversion, are as
sisting and, in their attempt, are
hoping to attract the kiddles to
tho City park where easy accees
to shallow water is to be had.
This organization which built a
band stand on the Court House
lawn about eight yeais ago, and
an there is no longer an organised
band In the city to occupy the
stand, is having it torn down and
taken to the city park where the
lumber will be used In construct
ing dressing rooms for those who
wih to swim in the creek which
Joins the park.
mmm -
Polk County Court
Circuit Couprt
W. L. Hubhes vs. Frank Hol
man et ux, Mrs. Frank Splawn.
Mrs. C. A. Rice and Clem Swenson.
Reply filed by W. C. Wlnslo. at,
toraey for plaintiff, denying all
allegations and defendant's reply.
B. J. II. i m in vs. n. N llamm
ct ux. Certificate or attachment
filed by Sherlf'Orr. showing 825
acres of land has been attached.
Demurrer to complaint filed by E
Plaseckl, attorney for defendants.
N. L. Palmer rs. Jennie W.
Nlsley and W. O. Nlsley. Judg
ment entered by the Court fore
closing plaintiff's lien against real
roperty. Order entered by the.
Court directing the Sheriff of Polk
County to sell the real property
to satisfy the sum of $85.10. plus
the coats of said suit.
T. K. Simpson vs. Mary K
Btmpson. Summons returned by
Sheriff Orr, showing copy of com-
From the graceful sweep of its low, clean
line to the amazing excess of power that
delights you as you ride or drive, we
believe you will agree that this Olds
mobile "4" reveals higher qualities of
comfort, size, appearance and perform
ance than you have previously known
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Oldsmobile Sales Co.
The excuse often given for
not taking out insurance is this,
j "I am fully insured."
And yet, when protection is
badly needed when insurance
I -...,i,i . I....O nff hnsiness disaster
or make profitable expansion
possible, thousands of men find
that they are not "fully insured.
When the merchant finds the
store on fire with a email
amount of fire insurance it s
too late to get "fully insured.
When the doctor says "too bad
you didn't apply for life insur
ance sooner" it's too late to get
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mendation for your case.
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The Oregon! jfe mm
Free Trip through
the Studebaker
automobile factory
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remarkable film showing the manufacture, from the raw,
product to the finished car, of the Studebaker
Commercial Club Auditorium
TONIGHT - at 8 o'clock
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through the newest and most modern automobile plant in
the world.
In this film you will see the various parts that go into
the NEW LIGHT-SIX transformed from red-hot metal
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automobile factory.
Although of an industrial nature, this movie abounds
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