Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 04, 1921, Page Page Eleven, Image 11

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    - TZZ7xtx?TT A TF.S
7 i.utlnn
H1 hree insertion .
e0WV k ce-itu; one "
' ..nit r. yet - -
.".nfum per ad. 25 cents.
Firsi '" V cash in aavau,
. .. ..ver phone, iuu
.i not ...,v.iv a .-count.
red does; name oil
.,TL' II l.."" . 1 -J A
wve-r ,, ' room furnished
ll" - rent ten.
hone 191; fur-
see Ada ma
Zri rnnmftrn
770 S.
Com'l. 134
pait ;"TZ row for sale
. .,. ..I,, inn 602. J.-
Biine nan, e" . - -
gdliii wauhpr at
-Laayu -----
1W YZ l.
.,.-.1 .or Wflnil WUIH
.nm nuiri"- .
: tnn and au
RST class .MMfMH
,.,.nu Tod Shop, i
row - , ill., ivi
iBiwrndav. rnoiif ia-w.
VI mm-' .
P.. , I I L . .
I Qi
,n, phone lZT-j - SZ3
u!o repair
70 N. 17th
A. Miles, 4a i "
1902J. . -1i4
trv by 17 year oio
boy. Work
hi 36
I hours. Call evening owj.
( raj fiphone I942B, 134
ROOM "T' "?
nn children. 1040 Leslie
b. . .
M.,nh a rooin unrarntsn-
ed tuartaent, 1244H Bttt. 1.4
pert workmen, at very reason
able prices. Hulls Top Shop, Y
hauling, electric lights and
Barter. The price? Only $350.
Phone Adams 362. 134
general house work. Write Mrs.
P. T. Frizztil, Rickreall, Or.
v nnv her room n oern
bungalow in Salem for the mon
ey. See us, Kruejjcr, 209 Oregon
bldg. V ( ,'
11.1. Wle dULU U.- ,nlt pajllllT..
on beautiful, strictly modern
bungalow. Address M J R Cap
ital Journal. 134
good. This car is mechanic
ally perfect. $75 will Handle,
balance $23 month. Phone Ad
ams 362. 134
gnlow, built 8 years ago, in good PrlA ti7nn v
Crabenhorst & Co., 275 State St.
,"uj, nui in iiuu.vuv, is anxious
to marry honorable, wortny
gentleman. Mary, 508 Lanken
ihim bldg.. Los Angeles. Calif.
GHv ,. n iwl 1
to cut his own hair easy as
Having. Sampla $1. Agents write
(or particulars. Sanitary Mfg
.Supply, Akron, Ohio. 134
"oiii a guuu useu cm, see
8am Stockum. He ha severs!
ears that must be sold this week
t big reduction, liberal tern-y.
I blffg. i a a
Jome? if so. this will suit her.
Itulebaker light 4.' The prtce Is
IS. i2n- Klectric lights and
"artfr. $75 will handle, balance
asy. Phone Adams .tfi9 iw
4icd price, with terms. This
Mm must be sold at once, come
ft ee it today. The Wiley B.
PW Co.. 519 Court street. Open
JI00M plastered house, 2 blocks
K car. dose to school. Price
I -M. terms; must sell within
"Mis. Magee.woom 29 corner
1 5 snd Co"iniercial over Bu-
SALE 6 room plastered
e in ua,,,l I t; i a
t n
. f . - tuiuun, HAM.
II ,b,l9 from post office.
PJJJ-M. $1000 down balance
,5V "rabenhorn Co.,
.' . .' ln lll'1c'k costume.
m .picked up smajl boy's pr
gta front of Moore's furniture
Please return same to 1541
J "rest to avoid trouble as
"en rocnemizcd 15J-
U-Tl n
loMhlv . nr-t,sr' Pid 3
tT.J offer an' Part thous-
r',. "' market. vre C.
icniu Fall
1 bargain. 110
9 JO arrpa Jr.
'ted 2 nuTes S3
tiw- ."win mvpn
H down, bal
t or write H.
' u loneir
!...." on areas rich
"tiii ;J00n: s"-ctly eon-
K sZL dwrintlnn tot
kZ Cf?1 Club." Mrs.
Kt)C T
r"i .... i"-
r '.'"-i5 month
Worlr r-
- Arienre un-
du cation
k . 0Pt 35sr. Rocnsf pr
V"" mostly cleaTT
Nt7u.n? nd straw-1
?" " AtK r,10m house.
IV-, ' "Ui'r snail hiMi,,
rSh, 1 mm! ana
n. b.-il
ance 6 per
k?L?J '""'I water.
" a be bought for
l2? J" "Tth Salem.
IkB d Iou- 25
n. ""T payments.
Saa 1r" car and
hl '. State an4
antAdsThat Deliver The Goods at Small Cost
rTRATKS 1 NEW TOIVAV . : Lr 35U w -J:
MODERN 6 room house, except
furnace, at 630 N. Winter bt.
i-an alter 4 p. m.
room apartnieiu.
uoiuer ana mgft. ivan G.
EXPER1KNCED stenographer de
sires position, temporary or per
manent. References. 1507 g.
Cottage. ul '
laree patch, good picking, go i
cai.ip grounds. Call at Hujt
Bros. i ...
IF YOU wish to buy, sell or ex
change farm, acreage or city
property, see us. 1'ersey s Laud
office, room 5, over Gale & Co.
( forjmeijytJhicago store.) 134
LOST On Monday, May 30, an
embroidered handbag, contain
ing blue apron, shears, etc.
Write information to W can'
Cap.lal Journal, kl35
5 ROOM bungalow, 3 good lots i
loganoerrit. bath, electric
lights, 3 blocks to car. $2500,
becne & Hendricks, 205 U. S.
bank bldg. 1j4
7 ROOM house close in on Center
street, plastered, bath, electric
lights, 56 foot frontage, nine
I es. $3150. Etecke ni HendricW
205 U. S. bank bldg. 134
YOUNG man, stranger, age 3o7
wants to meet young lady or
widow under 30, object a good
time. Matrimony if suited. Ad-
dress box J care Journal. 134
WANTED Second hand typewrit
er. In good condition, Reming
ton No. 0 or Underwood prefer
red. See Zimmerman Capital
Journal office. 136
FOR SALE 7 room house, good"
location. $1600, $200 cash, bal
ance terms. New 4 room bunga
low, fine lot, good location. $1,
750. Some terms. Phone In:."!.
LARGE Oregon Champion goose
berries for canning, 6c lb. de
livered. Snipped ready to can,
Vac extra. Ward K. Richardso
2395 Front. Phone your or'Vr
494 el5C
TRADE II acres. Waldo hills,
10 acres fruit and berries, good
house, well stocked, implement
will trade for small house in Sa-
lem. Becke & Hendricks, 20r
IT. S. bank bldg. 134
SNAP 6 room attractive bunga
low, about 7 years old, and in
good condition, cement walks,
about 4 blocks from State street
- car. Price $2700 for quick sale.
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co., 875
State street. al36
STRAWBERRY hallocks, $2.11
per thousand, crates 10c. Flai
or shallow box,, not the regular
shape, but same capacity, and
good quality. Regular size also,
$6 per thousand. Ward K. Ricn
ardson, 2395 Front, e!36
BARGAIN 160 acre farm eve
115 acres In cultivation, 90 acres
in fall grain, 15 acres fruit and
berries, 10 room plastered house
large barn. 7 miles f 1 Ba'e-
mile from pavement. $100
per acre. Becke - Hendricks
205 U. S. bank bldg. 134
SOME used phonographs to be
closed out cheap with easy
terms; such well known makes
as New Edison, Columbia, Bruns
wick, Pathe, Sonora and Emer
son. The Wiley B. Allen Co., 519
Court streets. Afternoons onlv.
FOR SALE 6 room modern bun
galow, cement porch, furnace,
fireplace, paved street and ga
rage, lots of built in work. Price
$4650; good location, one block
from State street car. VV. H.
. Grabenhorst & Co., 275 State
street. al36
For Sale Houses
NEW modern bungalow, just com
pleted, a dandy little home with
late built in features, cement
basement, wash trays, etc, on
50x100 lot, one block from
State atreet in a good residen
tial district. Can be sold on
easy terms. Price $3250. Phons
003W evenings for appointment
$2100 BUYS a nice 5 room house,
2 lota, lota of fruit, some terms.
$1350 buys.l acre of land, house
and chicken house; $200 cash,
balance $15 per month.
$3500 buys a nice 6 room house
near state house, easy terms.
Many good buys in both farm
and city property. Wm. W. Pow
ell, just real estate, 341 N. Com'l
phone 666 n!37
A REAL BUY S room attractive
bungalow ln good condition, 4
blocks from State street car.
plenty of built in work, cement
walks. Price $2700 cash. W. H.
Grabenhorst & Co., 275 State
sL-eet a!34
FOR SALE 6 room modern
home, cement basement, furn
ace, fireplace, hardwood floors,
garage, large east front lot. Lo
cated on S. Commercial street.
Price $6300. W. H. Grabenhorst
Co.. 275 State street. al34
FOR SALrT 3 room bungalow.
modern plumbing and electric
lig-hts. large east front lot and
paved street, located on Fair
mount hill. Price $2000. $1400
down, balance terms. W. H.
Grabenhorst & Co., 275 State
street. . al34
SACRIFICE sale, 6 room house,
corner lot on payed street, close
Price $1600. terms. D.
Hart. 208 Oregon bldg.
FOR SALE By owner 6 room
bungalow reasonable, on 1924
N. Water St. Phone 1007J. a!43
For Sale Farms
SOLD the 60 acres of bottom land
advertised yesterday. See this,
25 acres. 11 acres of fruit, hi
acre of strawberries, loganber
ries, house, barn, located near a
graded school, t miles from Sa
lem on good rock road, south, a
part of which is paved. Li us
show you this. $1000 cash, will
give you any time you may want
n 1
on balance. Radclil
341 Stat" street.
acres, stock and
Phone IIMW.
EXCHANGE 210 acre daii, or
general farm r.ear station, U
miles from Salem, new modern
buildings, best or son. no w-
rumhranee. for smaller improv-
ed plsoe near Salem; nugni con-
slder prune orchard. Phone 1204
evenings. .
10 ACRES very close to Salem.
priced for leas than H or oiner
propert es. Magee. room 29 cor-
ner State and Commercial, over
FOR SALE 120 acres 7 3-4 miles
12t acres 7 3-4 miles
a near paved road t
en land, balance fine
from Salen
acr r
oak a nil Mwvnnd CTOWth fh
Price tit per acre. D. K. Hart ,
ana KU h I
For Sale Farms
CORVALLIS dairy farm. Will ac
cept Salem residence or subur
ban property for my fine 156
acre dairy farm. Write for par
ticulars. John J. Cramer, Har-
isburgOr bl37
For Sale- Miscellaneous
run .SA l.h Indiana silo, 10x3,
good as new. Phone 5F14. cl.
OR SALE 3. C. White Leghorn
hens, 'also baby chicks to hatch
June 10. James E. Foster, Rt. 4,
phone 33F23. fl38
consider small auto as part pay
Address 1427 Fairmount ave.
Phone 1SS9M. ai3S
FOR SALE Timothy, alfalfa and
cheat hay, straw, wheat $1.35 a
bushel, whole oats, potatoes
cent pound, Shetland pony. 254
S. Liberty St. Commission Sales
rom. J cl35
FOR SALE Second hand Ford
in first class condition. Price
$250. Inquire 702 N. 14th St.,
Salem, Or. al3i
FOR SALE 4000 gallon wooden
water tank. See at deaf mute
school, C. E. Tuel, phone 617W.
LARGE Oregon Champion goose
berries for canning. No worms.
6e per lb. Delivered this week.
Ward K. Richardson, 2395 Front
phone 494. (.134
Andreasberg rollers (imported)
a specialty. E. B. Flake, 530 S.
17th. phone M4CJ. C135
OLD newspapers, 10c the "bundle.
Used as carpet mats, for pack
ing, etc. Capital Journal o;tce.
FOR SALE Sterotyplng mats,
10c per bundle, used as a ught
and stout weather proofing card
hoard. Capital Journal office.
For Sale Livestock
FOR SALE A good young team
cheap. Phone 88F5. el38
FOR SALE Fresh cow.
4 4F14.
horses for sheep. E. E. Dent,
Jefferson, Or., Rt. 1. el35
FOR SALE Good work horse, wt.
1400. sound, good condition, S
years old, sell cheap or trade for
cattle, 538 State St. el34
FOR SALE Bay mare 7 years
old, weight 1100 lbs., sounu and
well broke, or would trade for
a good cow. Phone 110F11, or
address A. Eggiman, Silverton,
Or., Rt. 2. elSS
For Sale Automobiles
1918 DODGE touring with $75 ex
tras, excellent condition. Phone
Foh 347. ql35
USED car, brand new Maxwell
touring, a s.nap; will sell for
half price. Will consider good
used Ford. Ball Bros., Turner.
197 S. Commerciar
Buick light six, peppy and good
looking, $750.
Reo four, for the money can't
be beat, $275.
Brisco, a real buy, $300.
1917 Ford, In good shape, $27?
1914 Ford, figure price and
quality at $200.
Don't take our word for it, but
see them for yourself. Open Sun
day a. m.
197 S. Commercial. 134
Dort touring, paint, upholster
ing, top all new, worth $750, sac
rusvMt a4 cash.
Oakland, new paint, top, over
hauled; should sell for $775, $500
takes it.
The best buy in Buick 4 in Sa
lem, considering condition of car.
A bargain at $750.
Rebuilt Ford with Empire body
which cost about $500 for body
alone, for quick sale $700. Terms
to responsible party, or will take
in old car as part payment.
Dandy Ford buy, $200, half
cash, $25 a month.
New Ford b"d" . seats, cur
tains, mats, all for $135.
y ,. 12, . .. . HU.d, Y block,
311 Commercial SL 134'
1919 Dodge touring, cord Urea,
mechanically A-l.
1920 Allen touring, almost ucw,
driven only 1650 mies.
1919 Oldsmobile Pacemaker
model, like new, cord tires, an
exceptional car, 1 to 60 miles
in high.
1916 Studebaker 5 passenger,
new paint, a real buy.
3 Chevrolet all in good shape.
1 Maxwell 1H ton truck.
We Will Trade.
Easy terms.
1S5 S. Com'l St. phone 380. q
For Sale Wood
FOR SALE 400 cords big fir
wood. Phone 44Fii ee!37
NICE wood for sale, priced right.
Phone 254 or 622. ee!37
CALL taper Transfer & Fuel Co.
and get our prices oetore get
ting your winter's wood. Sec
ond Growth and big fir wood.
Phone 998. 254 8. Liberty ee!37
DRY' wood. Sproed can fill orders.
1 $1
FOR SALE Old pitchy 16-inch
fir and second growth 4 Teet
wood. Phone 1727.
j,.()R bJJS.
Inside mill wood reasonable
Special price on 5 cord lots
Seasoned mill wood
First class 1 inch old fir
Fred E Wells. 305 S. Church.
i;i ee
FOR RENT Rooms, call 594 N
Liberty: J -
FURNISHED hous'-kecplng rooms
The Cottage apartments, 160
Court street, phone 3- Si
ONE 2 -room furnished apartment
and one sleeping room.
FOR RENT A 6 room house . W
minutes walk from s'rt car. ,
Inquire at 1188 N ' om I. Bl I
Furnished apart-
with bath. 123t Marlon lcnItJvation. fine crop. $3000, $1,
l'lf im rash, balance 10 years.
; iv.-!,- fuml-hed
rV m r.n 68- S. 25th
.',uf' s J 134
1 fj huniow
FOK RENT room un.f . ' '
i mnrnvi n,'- us in-
1 all moor.,. -;r h f
I cUlding sleeping porch but lw
. , , . , husiSSSS Cri. id ,
blocks trm nimm I
' will oe a jm
.... ,
MODERN apartments a.
Lost and Found
rrw,(,njaT box containing
LOST from Port!and
J"Jg prd R
sx Portland CToak Snit 00
The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon
HAVE your car overhauled Infl
your own garage by reliable me
chanic, 85c per hour.
425 S.
20th street.
.NTY one missing $5 in transact
ion yesterday, notify me. VJ. C.
Heasley, city. ml 34
FOR carpenter work, phone 806M;
PAINTING and calsomining doxe
at reasonable prices. Phone 780,
Dan Sholin. mUS
ROOFs reshingled. repaired and
. tarred. Phone C. C. Kays. Cner
ry City hotel or 34F3. 1156
PRIVATE maternity
Phone 1959 J.
HOUSE and roof painting, lead
and oil, right price. Phone
1611M, Wells. 148
ORDER your awning from Dill
man. 2011 Maple ave. tn!52
CONCRETE work, all kind, base
ments a specialty, up to date
mixer. Chas. E. Tlfompson,
phone 1526R. 141
YOU that want carpenter wont
and painting done, call 1959J.
small farms. Use a Beeman
tractor or a Beaman Jr.
W. E. Burns-Dan Burns
(Not Brothers, the Same Man)
Ferry at . High.
Wanted Miscellaneous
WANTED On steady job, 5 men.
Apply Club stables. g!34
LOAN WANTED $1500 for three
years on new modern house, just
completed. Write P O box 17,
Salem, Or. 1135
Home Restaurant,
23 North
WANTED Good second hand ba
by sulky. 1560 Bellvue St. 1134
WANTED Day old calves. Phone
14F24. 1134
WANTED House work by exper
ienced girl. Independence, Or.,
Rt. 1, box 29A. h!34
WANTED Maid for general
house work, three in family.
Phone 3F21. g!34
WANTED Man to cut 50 cords
white fir, $2.50. Call at Cour
se; 's barber shop. g!35
WANTED Cord wood cutters,
white fir. Address Wm. II. Bfan
& Suns, Gervais, Rt. 2, phone
3F11. g!37
WANTED Position as stenogra
pher by young lady, witn one
and half years experience.
Knowledge of bookkeeping.
Phone 1609J. M34
WANTED Woman for house
work. Call phone 1231J. g'
WANTED To rent house. 5 to 7
rooms, modern, by .July 1.
I'hone 821J. 1136
WANTED Strawberry plckjers.
Apply Phez Farms Co., U. S.
Nat. bank bldg, room 309. g!34
WANTED Location for bees.
Hans Rehb, Rt. 6, Salem, box
139. 1148
WANTED Old mattresses to make
over, phone 19, Capital City Bed
dins: Co.
PLUMBING, Repairing and coil
work a specialty, reasonable
charges. A. L. Godfrey, shop
foot of Union St. Phone 1517J.
COL W. F. WRIGHT, auctioneer,
farm sales conducted every
where. We save you money on
advertising. Phone Turner cen
tral, Turner, Or. m
WANTED $1100 first mortgage
on 20 acres, Howell Prairie, ' 7
per cent interest; $1400 on im
proved suburban home; $8110 on
6 room house and 2 lots ln Sa
lem Radcliff & Waring, 341
State St. J
OLD newspapers, 10c the bundle.
Used as carpet mats, for pack
ing, etc. Capital Journal office
In the way of a first class loca
tion for a rooming and boarding
establishment of the better class.
A nice corner with large bouse of
11 rooms (with slight a iterations)
If at all interested, consultatHrta
341 State St.
1 rV Kcixer h-ittoms. 4 miles
from town. 4 acres fine logans, S
ores luufti- 19 ic-s "1 ctimn-
tion. Fine filbert land. New nous,
barn, garage; team and all imple
ments. Fine buy at $9000, good
-1 50 acres bearing pears.
apples. strnwbernes " "n -
houses, 8 miles out in nnis.
5 acres on pavement, locaiea
1 miles from busim-ss aisincx.
(iood house, barn, woodshed, some
old orchard and fine garden land.
Bargain at $2800. terms
PEA ltd uiiua. -
210 Oregon bldg.
23 acres, one of the best prune
farms in Rosedal district, on main
road, 8 room modern house, fine
.vater and lighting system, garage
and dryer; trade for large stoea
House and 4 lots, trade tor small
tract, also Salem property to trade
fur Portland property, vt e nave a
large list of nous s on easy terms.
THOMASON fit Kmvi'ai
331 y, State street
rzi inn firm
125 acres, 10 in crops, 5 acresiunder Pjow. good fruit land 500
old growth umber, balance, ..1 n ...... .... y.-.
11..7L inrovements. some fir. Price only $37 per acre, goo
3 horses. UerI' "
ns. all Bavl 1'1a''r".mA0f
furniture. ljfc ,S'm. $3300;
lamny no". - - 7 w
some pigs and chicke
chinery and household
kaVO. good tern-, l
. """ ,.
.or, v,m n1!4
n. - ' - ' - -
3.05. State St.
8 room house north Salem, set
110x125. living room, dining room.
Ked rooms, window screens and
shades, toilet, bath. Iignts, garage.
Ved street. Price $250t. ess
,n scr(.s ln Hazel Green all In
10 acres with fruit, ijsus, uses
cash. 10 years to
pay DSianoe.
These are first class properties.
A. E. Petersen
99 Oregon bide.
- " c
s. Zu rwin "
s m ln
SJ acre!l. equipt. uuu, sear a
rt-n aid ral roaa.
i One acre and 3 room hbese,
near ear Una. 13. ! down.
A 5 room plasrerea nouse on
paved street, not fuTly modern.
JSltt State street.
iso acres, 100 cleared, good im
proTements, It cows, 6 heifers, 6
calves, 4 horses, 75 chickens, 2
nogs; all implements and tools
necessary to work tho ranch; 2
miles from town, 4 mile from
pavement; only $76 per acre,
terms. On account of sickness this
must be sold at once.
36 acres, good improvements,
best of soil, close to Salem; half
Cleared; want to trade for larger
280 acres, modern improvements
drier; 10 acres bearing prunes;
want a smaller ranch; balance
easy terms.
60 acres close to Salem, to ex
change for city property.
15 acres, 6 14 hearing prunes,
4 logans. $6000, $1500 cash, bal
ance easy terms.
7 room strictly modern resi
dence., paved street and carline;
grage; you can buy this for less
an the cost of construction now.
t room modern bungalow: yr,ve
menu close in. $3750, half cash.
. 6 room modern bungalow, pave
ment, good condition. $3250.
7 room strictly modern new
bungalow; pavement. $8000, terms
7 room strictly mo - urn bunga
low, Salem Heights. $6500.
4 rooms, two lots; all garden
goes. $1300.
6 rooms modern. $1350, $650
cash, balance terms.
341 State street. n
2 room house,
block street car,
Price $495, $300
5 room house,
plastered. 1,
electric lights.
cash, balance
lights, 2 lots. $250 cash
monthly. Price $1175.
4 room house, new, -lot 100 bv
100, 1 Vi blocks to car line, south..
Price $1275, part. terms.
4 room bungalow, new, electric
lights. bth, shrubbery; U cask.
Price $1775. ,
120 acre Tillamook dairy ranch
to exchange for Salem property;
this is improved and a money
maker. ' "!(
322 State St. phone 94 n
$2500. In first class condition,
looks like new, half acre of ground
garage, one block to car line.
Price $2500. Terms $500 to $1000
4 room bungalow, inrge lot, va
riety of fruit. Price $1360, $850
5 room new bungalow, south Sa
lem, modern with basement, ready
to move into. Price $2500, easy
I have a large listing of homes
mostly on easy terms.
408 U. S. bank bldg. Phone 914. n
2.14 acre tract located close to
S. Commercial street car line, 4
room house; nearly all in bearing
fruit. Price $2800, $1500 down, bal
ance terms.
1 acre tract, good 6 room plas
tered house, well, some fruit,
gravel street. Price $26t. .
21 acre tract well Improved,
good 6 roo mplastered bungalow,
bath, toilet, hot nnd cold water,
good barn and other necessary out
building, garage; 5 acres of
prunes, 4Vj acres logan. 2H acres
in full bearing; acre red rasp
berries, blackberries, 2 acres .,ijv
er, good road and close in; will
consider good home m Salem up to
$4000 as part payment. Trice $15,
OflO. 10 acres all cultivated, 3 acres
of fine bearing strawberries, bal
ance hay. Price $2600, terms.
38 acre orchard, 27 acres bear
ing prunes, 5 acres loganberries, 9
room house, barn, rock road, lo
cated south of Salem. Price $11,
300 160 ncre tract of good soil. 90
acres plow land, balance pasture
and timber, running water, good
road. Price $10,000. terms.
6 room house locsjted on pav
ed street, bearing fruit. Price $2.
800, terms.
' Two good lots eight blocks south
of Bush bank corner. Price $!0t
If you are looking to buy. trade
or sell, see
275 State street. n
23 acres sandy loam, 2-3 culU
vated, new bungalow, barn, out
buildings, good fences, some ber
ries, good water. Will take house
to $2000. I'rice $4000.
20 acres fine soil near Scotts
MUls. Will take house tu $1500.
Price $3000.
i acres close to fair grounds;
will take house.
1 acres northeast, will take
170 acres well improved, will
take small acreage or city property
for part.
Large store building ror country.
159 acres for a house.
Good Eugene property for "kBa-
lem or acreage.
Over Buslck s, State and Commer
cial. n
room house, large lot. $800,
200 .1 h
15 room mo
smsemeut. ga
dern plastered house,
rage. $2250.
5 room modern, ft acre ground
close to car and scaool. $'-r'0JD
easy terms.
120 acres 7 miles Salem. 60 acres
d fruit land. 5000
m m.iv in fruit. doss
want Salem res
Ifcoorv begin to move and prices an
- -
300 Cray bldg. p hone 7tt.
305 State St.
10 acres 7 miles south of Salem,
all In orchard. 60 cherry trees, 35
walnut trees, balance prunes, good
. ...... wrii if von are
looking lor a good piace in us
i,ow y .u this at the low price of
$4250 terms. J
nxci'IFICF I'AP' AlNa.
23 acres river bottom land neaf ' in cultivation
SL 'ZZjffil&'uSLr'
"T: a. res best river bottom land !
IFJmZ terries. buildings
C"Z CrP'
rnstoo. lerms. 1
1 F"ine 10 acre tract cioae in, nice 1
jasBgalsw. barn, orchsra. crops;
sysnt Salem residence for part.
Have several good exchange.
112 Gray bldg.
Loan association has money to
loan at six percent. W. D. Smith
secretary-treasurer, 303 Salem
Bank of Commerce.
A SATISFIED customer returns.
Rowland Printing Co. Phone
1S12. over Patton book store.
WE will Pay you mora cash fnr
your household goods. Get our
bid before you sell. People's
Furniture and Hardware Store,
271 N. Commercial street. Phono
and refuse of ail kinds remove!
by tho month at reasonable rates.
Cesspools cleaned and dirt ani
mals removed. Day phrsie 167.
night phone 169SIL R. 0. Cum
iins, Mgr. m
COMPUTING scales, cash register
and general store fixtures at
226 SLark St., Portland. Or, be
tween ltt and 2nd streets.
Ol Tit 1 NS
GLASSES fitted by Dr. L R. Bur-
dette, optometrist, Bow Optical
Co., 325 State St.
SALEM, Jefferson, Albany and
Coivallis stage, leaving 1:30 p.
m. dally. Bligh hotel.
FRANK PALM Merchant tailor.
294 N. Commrcial St.
M. A. ESTES, fine tailoring
State street.
OREGON TAXI and transfer, Lib
erty and Ferry street. Phono 77.
MERCHANTS Cooperative Parcel
delivery. Transfer trunks any
part of city 50c. Messenger serv
lce. 179 S. High. Phone 230.
CHAS. E. CHANDLER, general
transfer, expert furniture mov
ing. Office Clark's Tire House.
Phone T4.
IF its to be hauled, "Let Van Do
it." I'hone 841. Vans Transfer,
241 N. Commerciar St.
WANTED Rags and secondhand
r,,.,,. ,,f nil b!,.., , ,' ,,,!,.,! T,,ntr
,.,ir., !., ioa 5ic n..
ter street. '
CHERR1NGTON Piano House,
Bush and Lane pianos. 415
Court street.
GEO. C. WILL, pianos, phono
graphs, sewing machines, sheet
music and piano studies. Re
pairing phonographs and sew
ing machines. 432 State, Sal
R. W. BALLANTYNE, tuner, play
ers a specialty. Phone 352, Cher
rlngton Piano
EDWARD WKLP experienced pi
ano tuner. Leave orders Wills
Music store.
SALEM Cleaners and Dyers
Suits cleaned IJ 50
Suits pressed 50c.
1215 S. Com'l. Phone 1883.
SALEM ELITE, hemstitching,
chalnstltching, pleating, buttons.
329 Oregon bldg. Phone 379. I
MRS F. E. MULL hemstitch
ing and dressmaking, over Mil-
ler's s'ore. Phone 117.
MEN'S and women's hats renovat
ed, blocked and trimmed. 495
Court, C. B. Ellsworth.
PUBLIC STK N Ot ; R A I ' 1 1 K R8
PUBLIC stenographer, 408 Mason
ic bldg. e
"The Cycle Man"
147 S. Co in Phone 68
-aft r.l t
SERVICE Garage, general auto re
pairing, 803 N. Liberty, phone
CHERRY CITY garage, 170 8. 12
General repairing.
notice is hereby given that the
county superintendent of Marion
county, Oregon, will hold the reg
ular examination of applicants for
state certificates at 1st Methodist
church, Salem, as follows: Com
mencing Wednesday, June 8,
I'.' . 1 at 9 o'clock a. m.. ana con
tinuing unUf Haturdsy, June 11,
1921, at 4 o'clock p. m.
Wednesday t orciioou
U. S. History, Writing (penman
ship), Music, Drawing
wctlfMiHilay Afternoon
Physiology. Redding, Manual
Training, Composition, Domestic
Science, Methods in
Course of Study for Drawing,
Methods in Arithmetic
Ttmnxlay Fonnonn
Arithmetic. History of Educa
tion, Psychology. Methods In Geo-
graphy. Mechanical Drawing. l-.Mt
. A rt r.f Htnilv f.,r
, Art ,
Thursday Afternoon Meat: hogs $ 8. 50 (( 8.75 ; dressed
Grammar. Geography. Stem. era- hoKg 121,4c. lop steerc 6 V4 9 7 V4 1 ;
nSnn1';-. 35c; buHs 3t5c; tpring
guage, Thesis for Primary Certif- lambs 6c; sheep yearling 4c
Icate sheared; wool on 5c; veal fancy
Friday Pnrenoon dressed 1 2c.
Theory nd Practice. Orthogrs- ' - ....
phy (spelling.) Physical Ceogrs- Poultry nd eggs: Kggs 17c,
phy. English Literature. Chemistry : light hem 15c, heavy hens 1 S 4
ErMay AfKTnor.n ijtc: old ruiisters 10c: stairs 16c:
School ;.-.. Aigeora,
Civil Government
Kntsrday Forenoon
Geometry. Botany
Salnrriay Afternoon
General History. Bookkeeping
County School Superintendent.
The Oregon State Hoard of Con-
tro will receivt s.-alea bias on
. ,t . 9 1, ,, for fi.rr..
... - - ----- )n 4 h nnd red weleht ann Ufa
Uhlng supplies to the various UM" . hundredweight carrots
state inatuutions, consisting .of j$1.25 per rwl :(.alif...- .la cabbage
6ry s"00' clothing, furnishings, r,c id; green peppers 25c;
sroceries. "hoes, hardware brooms, j rbubarb s asparagus 13c lb
1. tomato- ,2.50
'"5 "I- LH-cembrr 31. l.xl. box; green pea. I8c; -tM-
snd hedu.e. WM berr.s. $125 cr; new potatoes 5c
b furnished upon application to ,b Bern,,,,!. w onlor- $$.0 .
-retar, . . .01.
R urea u of the Portland Cham-
, pomsnerce. Each bid shall
be secompanirs: by
, . . -
,., .U ,r IS nr. nl of
ism who., atnonnt Us. parnhes to H ' hundredweight; drome
ths Oregon State Board of Con dary dates $7 Of cats; black
trol. or where the ten per cent fUjl ja; white figs 12fce; Ca"
amounts to $6tt tt or more. a f , mmlt,tm $, 50; Florld.
surety bond from some company - T "71 ....
sutbjjrlz-d to dd business In Ors- frtpefruU $ 00; Arlions. grape
RAMS DEN & Mc.vlorran. Indian
motorcycles and Dayton bicycles.
387 Court St.
recharged and repaired. Degge
Burrell. SALEM Auto Radiator shop, ra
diator and fender specialists.
198 S. 12(ht St.
SOUTH Commercial garage, gen
eral repairing, vulcanizing and
retreading. Exclusive agency for
Sound tires. All work guaran
teed. For sudden service phone
278, residence phone 1029R. 430
S. Commercial.
UNION Auto repair shop, acety
lene welding. 187 S. Liberty St.
Phone 304.
WAYNE QUAYLE Auto electric
shop. 263 N. Com'l. Phone 413.
K. 1 BARTON, Exide batteries,
starter and generator work. 171
S. Commercial.
AUTO Electrician, expert trouble
shooting. 238 N. High St. Phone
STANDARD Auto Repair shop on
Chemeketa St., across from Ar
go hotel. m
PORCH BOXES Bedding plants
for sale. Smith's, 801 N. Com
mercial. Nl'RSERY STOCK
ornamental, walnut and filbert
trees. Office 540 State St. phone
1727, Salem, Or.
SALEM Nursery company, fruit
and ornamental trees, small fruit,
roses. Phone 1763, 428 Oregon
CORNS and callouses scientific
ally removed. Appliances from
individual impressioue. Chns. K
Tatro, Masonic bldg. Phono 442
DE LUXE studio. Better pnotos.
147 N. Commercial.
214 Oregon bldg. Phone 185
New York Life Ins. Co.
E. F. Smith H. C. Pugh
sill MM. PARlxm
Ii Rex Shining parlor. Period
icals cigars and cigarettes. All
Kinus in snoe ayiug. v q cicuu
any kind of white shoes. 383
State St. Phone 356
G. SATTKULKSB, 404 Ferry St..
Salem, Ore., Phone 1177.
COL. W. F. WRIGHT, Turner auc
tloneer. Turner, Or. mj
be repaid like rent.
Life, Fire, Health, Accident In
demnity, LlbaliHy and Auto In
surance written.
401 Masonic Ten' pie, Salem, Ore
Osteopathic physicians and sur
geons, 50t U. 8. Bank Building.
Phone 89. Dr. White, resi
dence phone 469; Dr. Marshall,
residence phone 834.
fice, corner Commercial and
TraJo Sts. Bills payable monthly
ln advance, i'hone 67.
is 1 I' 1 it I M ;
STEWARTS Repair shop, 34 i
Court St. Lawn mowers ground.
O. C. PATTERSONe shoe repairing
shop, 143 8. Liberty St.
ITOYKS rebuilt and repaired. 60
years, experience; Depot Na
tional and American fence, size
26 to 58 inches high. Paints
oil and varnishes, etc.. logan
berry and bop hooks. 8a1etn
Fence snd Slave Works. 250
Osaart street. Phone 134.
WILLAMETTE Plating Works, re
pairing and refinishlng. 42C S.
Commercial St. Phone 271. 147
; i'ii. will be accepted in place of
the check. The same snail be held
as a guaranty of the faithful per
formance of the contract. Th'
Board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids or to accept any
part a s bid.
R. B. GOODIN, Secretary.
Oregon State Board of Control.
Complied frtfm reports of Salom
dealers for the guidance of
Capital Journal readers. (Re
vised dally.)
Grain: Average valley whes'
(bulk) $1.08.
Hay: Cheat ur 122.00 9 21.00
hay $22.00 24.00 : love.
nay up.
broilers 22c.
Butterfat: Butterfat 26c: cream
cry butter 2334tc; country but
ter 30c. milk $1.00 per cwt.
Wholesale Price
Vegetables: Oregon onion 7 5c
O$1.00 cwt; California onlcira
)2.00 cwt; beets $2.00 cwt;
Los Angeles lettuce S3. 75; turn-
Fruits: Or.nge. 3.7S4.25;
lemon 17 nn- ..nn.. iir-
. - - - - .
IhnUrl It.- o.
. ... .
Page Eleven
fruit $6.50: pineapples $4.50 per
Retail Pnces
Butter and eggs: Egg 20e;
creamery bntter 36S7c; country
bnttr 30:.
Portland, Or., June 4. Cattle
steady; receipts none; choice
steers $7.5097.75; medium to
choice $7.007.50; fair to good
$6.007.00; common to fair
$5.006.00; choice feeders $5.26
05.75; choice cows and heif
ers $6.006.50; medium to good
$5.506.00;fair to femium $4.50
1605.00; common cows $3,500
4.50; canners $2.003.50; bulls
$3.505.50; prime light calves
$9.00 9.50; medium $6.00 9.00
heavy calves $3.006.00; best
feeders $6.25 it 6. 75 : fair to trooU
$5.75 6.2f.
Hogs steady; rec. none; prime
light $S.509.25; smooth heavy
$6.25 8.25; rough heavy $5.00
0 7.25; fat pigs $9.0009.2$;
feeders $8.5009.25.
Sheep steady; receipts none;"
prime lambs $6.50 0 7.25; east
of mountain Iambs $7.0007.50;
vjlleys $5.6006.25; e..o " So. Oil
06.00; feeders $2.5004.00; culls
$2.0004.00: eyes $100 4(4 2:,;
light yearlings $5.00 0 5.50 ; heavy
$4.5005.00; wethers $304.50.
Butter steady; extra cubes 31c
cartons 33c; prints 32c.
Butterfat, No. 1 churning cream
26028c f o I) Portland; iy"ir
grades 24c.
Eggs: Selling price case .Kv-tt
18020c; buying price 17019c;
telling price candled 22023c; se
lects candled ln cartous 25c.
Poultry: Hens light 15016c;
heavy 21022c; broilers 22025c;
old roosters 11013c;, turkeys
nom; geese nom; ducits nom.
Wheat: Hard white $1.35;
Uott whlto' $1.32; white clu
$1.30; hard winter $1.2$;
northern spring $1.30; red Wal
la $1.27.
Barley $22 a? 24 ; oats $30; corn
No. 3 yellow $31032.
Hay: Ruying price, timothy
$24; alfalfa $18 019; grain $2$
Sealed proposals, addressed ta
the Oregon State Board of Con
trol. Salem, Oregon, and endorsed
"Proposals for Building 'A' and
Building 'B' Industrial Building'
at Oregon State School for thl
Deaf, Salem, Oregon, will be rej
celved by the Oregon state Boar
of Control at its office ln the
Capitol Building, Salem, Oregon,
until 2:00 p. m. May 24, 1821. and
not thereafter, and at this tiros
snd place will be publicly opened
snd read.
All proposals must be upon
blank form to be obtained from
Charles B. Martin, architect, at
his office, 438-2D Railway Ex
change Building, Portland, Ore
gon, and from R. B. Ooodln, secre
tary of the Board, Salem. Oregon;
must glva the prices proposed,
both in writing and figures; and
must be signed by the bidder, with
his address. Plans and specifica
tions may be obtained at the of
fice of R. B. Ooodln, mcreisi,
Oregon State Board of Control, Sa
lem, and from tho office of the
aoresald architect.
Contractors will be required to
depos.t check for $15.00 payable
to the Oregon State Board of Con
trol for each set of plans as a
guarantee that said pluns anf
specifications received by them
will be returns tothe office ln
good condition, n or before the
date agreed upon. Upon the re
turn of said drawings the money
will be refunded.
Each bid is to be presented un
der sealed cover, and shall be ac
companied by a certified chock
made payable to the Oregon State
Board of Control, Salem, Oirfon,
for an amount equal to at least
five per cent ( per cent) of the
amount of said bid, and no bid
shall ho considered unless certi
fied check la enclosed therewith.
Such certified check ehall be de
livered upon the condition that if
aid bid ba accepted the party
bidding will properly and prompt
ly enter In'" and execute contract
and bond In accordance with the
award Should the successful bid
der to whom the contract is award
ed fail to execute the same within
ten days (not Including Sunday) ,
from the date of notification of
oeh sward, such certified check
shall be forfeited to the Orssjoti
State Board of Control, and the
same shall be the property of the
state. All other certl'led cheeky
will be returned to the unsuccess
ful bidders, who submitted same.
A good and sufficient bond with
a satisfactory suri-ly will be re
quired for the faithful perform
ance of the contract, in sum eq'ja!
to 50 percent of the contract price.
The right Is reserved to reject
any or all proposals, or to accept
the proposal deemed best for the
Dated at Salem. Oregon, May 6,
R. 11 GOOBIN. Secretary.
Oregon State Board of Control.
An Americal namerl Otis invent
ed the steam shovel In 1840, but 11
did not come Into general use un
til 1866.
Prince Rlsmarck was born on
AprllM, 1814. but he never was
accused of being a fool.
Want Ads, totaling
70,567 lines, not includ
ing real estate and clas
sified directory, carried
in the
Capital Journal
in the four months end
ing April 30, 1921.
Thi.s is a gain of 1116
ads, or 6,075 lines over
the same period a year
Capital Journal Want
Pay because they deliver
the goods. Twice as
many as in all other val
ley papers combined.