Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, May 19, 1921, Page Page Three, Image 3

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The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon.
- f T7 ? XT
Edited by !
Adelaide V. Lake
Telephone 82
Of Interest To Women
.ft T )flV
As May
Jta IJUJ . . ta,
JW"". "-..naeed m
r Kantnor
who has
May 25,
Si fi
' ,,-jnoarlaV
W4 w .k.n clothes and
'""'l fathered in and lat-
" t nn a reiiei
fl Zior the Near East
. ,ithes w" , ., ho
.ad nl iroui -
h because of the great
Wb, the work last year, was
01 , asrain tht. year.
own lu " Mr. Kantner
j letter
1 ilr
.anrfinK OU' W
.l. , ji,,A'inL' and
c una iuiiu" o
the purpose ol the drive:
01 BUllsiiuo
WJ 1 .,. heart-
... nmes iu b-'""
her poverty stricken,
. npooie.
n,. resoonae a yea. -
... i... tanrint Qua
wear out
hav.e not improv-
j .Am it oris ua..
.. thov should, anu so -
(or help again becomes an
""""7.. n..- at which
, as w --
. .v. ninth lie 3 lu uo 6
ecu i
red up anu. u --
i i HanrtsaKer, aioca.
' '. Drfianri Oregon, or oth-
... vafmirv Brothers, ea-
iha .hinment here.
I am asking you in the name
I the suffering people and in the
imt of the God of Mercy tu as
ms the direction of the cam--i
i nnr rnmmiinitv. or to
nun utin wu .
"In connection with the cloth-
camnaiEn. it has Deen sug-
. ...... ,l..lle fif Qnv rip-
esiru luofc iuj.1 "
... i
.lh. ii, A ....... 1.1 ha uorv
A dress rehearsal is being held
in h, (Hvpn hv thp. Waahineton
nnlA, Mirli antimil el DP pltlh nVi-
y. may iu, ai n.iu, m cuo
tnior htjft Rrnnnl ant uorium.
Tho nnoi-otta 1. in twn rt WITh
about fortv in the cast.
Jack is presented with a baked
Mrice an ricrn cnl ; nnA hvnnn.
iiDitg tne Princess ana ner ai-
I,nil3nla ..rnao lham rtff t rt
Jack and his comrades on re-
pninf find the girls gone and
V n,.n. ..i .1.
utile Black Dwarf learn what
The second act opens with the
fa) DnnHvUnJ 1171.. 1W. ..
'es to purchase onions in
kich to boil the girls, the Little
"1 Ladv annpars cnii toil, tun
k. .
-.laaiic cuunng io ineir res-
A .
"a": mm . aCK in wh Talr ia
"t "ie ogre is fed baked
!" "Mil his appetite for boys
N Sirls ia destroyed and he
ill ine nn ahaaua
M-er beans, baked beans, noth
6 i" oetter than good baked
Warming of
New Home
Is Surprise
A- house warming and surprise
party was tendered Mr. and Mrs.
E. E. Williams and family at
their beautiful new home at Lib
erty, on Saturday evening, May
14. A number of friends and
neighbors went to call in a body
and a pleasureable evening was
spent with games and visiting.
Refreshments were served.
Among those present were Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. Gibson, E. Dough
erty, O. E. Brooks, J. C. Morrison,
Roy V. Ohmart, George Elgin,
Hubert Holder, Raymond Cleve
land, E. C. Free, W. J. Neuens
F. L. Scott, H. P. Cleveland, R.
D. Gibson, Smith Dougherty, Carl
Gibson, John Wirth, Bruce Fox,
King S. Bartlett, F. P. Sculley,
L. Hill, Edward Jamel, Mrs. Cora
Rickabaugh, J. L. Hubbard, J. F.
Holden, Anna V. Robbins, S. Mc
Donald, Clarence Holder, H. H.
Mumford, Melvin Cleveland, Guy
Williams, Paul Free, Leon Will
lams, Stanley Neuens, Lee Oh
mart, Billie Rickabaugh, Miss
May F. Cleveland, Miss Danta
Robbins, Miss Ruth Dougherty,
Miss Velleda Ohmart, Miss Lil
lian Neuens, Miss Ellen Neuens,
Miss Verla Hill, Miss Belva Hill,
Miss Lela Fox, Miss Helene El
gin, Miss Ramona Rickabaugh,
Miss Jean Bartlett, Miss Esther
Neuens, Miss Gladest Williams
and Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Williams.
Coming to The Grand Theatre
Salem Gives Freely
For Albertina Kerr Nursery
Good results are being obtain
ed from the solicitation being
done by Salem club women for
the Albertina Kerr nursery, said
Mrs. John J. Rofierts, chairman
of the drive and general execu
tive, yesterday. Girls from the
senior high school will canvass
the residence district during the
week, so that every one will have
an opportunity" to give ttoward
the cause. The drive has been
placed on a "dollar," basis, so
that everyone may feel that he
can afford to have a part in it.
On Saturday tags will be sold on
the streets for twenty five cents.
East Central
Circle Will Meet
The East Central Circle of the
Methodist church will meet on
Friday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Rice, at 960 Center street.
kwell Given
H. H. West
'ira, HIT 19 On Tnnnal
Wends of H. ' N
weolt joined in celebrat-
ltd anniversary of his
" Tbe party was hed at the
" i Ml son. N. g. Wewcott,
m u riven in the nature of
Slr2? Plrty also- Mr- West
iH go with his son and
R" Union. Orejfen, where
wit,, jr
---)9BBn 4j fmmt mmm HHlVOwn m MrT ' BH
oiuse Gioum in a J.Mker Head Jc Ptxxluctioii.'Lova'
Startine Sunday.
Menu Hints
Waffles with Melted Jelly
Veal Loaf, Sliced Thin
Currant Jelly
Creamed Potatoes
Roast Pork
Mashed Potatoes Buttered Peas
Tomato-Gelatin Salad
Rhubarb and Prune Pie
Watt-Short Wedding
Solemnized Last Night
A simple but most imprmJvc
ceremony was that pronounced
last night for the marriage of
Miss Marguerite Watt, of Bridg
er, Montana, and Leonard Short,
of Salem. They were married
Place On
Bench Is
Girl's Goal
New York, May 18. Miss Cla
rice Margole8-Baright, brilliant
New York woman attorney, with
offices in the heart of the flu..n
eial district, has announced her
candidacy for judge of the chil
dren's court.
Miss Baright first put in her
application for appointment to
the bench of the children's court
seven years ago, but the porftion
has always been filled by a man.
Since then another New York wo
man has been appointed to the
police bench and Miss Baright
feels that the time Is opportune
now to reenter her applicati tf.
for the work closest to her heart,
and for which she feels she is
best fitted the role of guiding
little ones along the long, long
road that lies ahead of each.
With her knowledge of the law
and her acknowledged levelness
of head, friends of Miss Baright
believe she could do much for
New York's swarming thron.-s of
adolescents for besides her head
her heart is trained in the work
he has chosen.
membered as Miss Muriel Grant.
For some years, at different -iods,
she was employed on the Ob
server as reporter and for some
months during 1920 was society
editor of the Statesman at Sa
lem. She was well known in all
parts of the county. Mr. Ponsjer
was until recently employed by
the Shattuck Motor company in
Dallas, but for some weeks has
been engaged by the Stewart Mo
tor company at Independence. He
has always been a Ford salesman
and a very successful one. .
er, Glen DeHaven, Jack Sibley,
Lew Gohrke, Conrad Stafrin and
the Misses Maude Miller, Blffie
Brown, Eva Bohle, Magdalene
Kuntz and Fannie Dempsey.
Salem Women
Will Go to Silverton
Mrs. J. H. Baker, Mrs. E. J.
Swafford and Mrs. F. W. Selee are
in Silverton today looking for
suggestions for a sun parlor for
the old people's home to be built
Chnrch Society
Entertained in Dallas
Dallas, May 19. Miss Abbie
Walker delightfully entertained
the X L Sunday school class of
the Methodist church Monday
evening at the home of Mrs. Con
rad Stafrin on Clay street. Cali
fornia poppies and marigolds
made vivid points of color about
the rooms. The evening was spent
with music and in playing old
jtime games, after which a dainty
jtwo course luncheon was served
jto Mesdames Tracy Savery, Ralph
Morrison, Frank James, vfess
Elliott, E. V. Dalton, W. C. Schaef
Mrs. Allen Is
Surprised on Birthday
Dallas, May 19. A surprise
at party was given Mrs. B. Y. Allen
Strawberry Jam
I want a good recipe for straw
berry jam. Will you please give
me one? MRS. C. A.
All berry jams are made alike
if you make genuine jam. That is,
allow three-fourths of a pound of
sugar to each pound of fruit.
Crush' the berries after they
hitj,ai ana waahpri thpn stir in ed
the suerar. Jam. like jelly, should sary
the home of Rev. William snort,
grandather of the groom, who
pronounced the service. The
house was pretty in its decora
tions of pink roses and snow
balls and only a very few friends
were present. Those who witness
ed the wedding were Mr. and
Mrs. Leonard Eveden, Miss Char
lotte Doncaster, Mrs. Lizzie Smith
and Mis. William Short. The
couple will make their home at
626 South Capitol street.
Aurora Woman
Celebrates Birthday
Aurora, May 19. A number of
friends of Miss Matilda GeiBy
conereeated at her home in this
be boiled hard and fast. When
jam is done it will give the same
lest as is required for finished
jolly. That is, when a little is
cooled in a spoon for a few min
utes it will not pour from the
side of the spoon, but will flake
off in a sheet. Seal in hot ster
ilized jelly glasses and when cold
cover with hot melted paraffin.
arrlcity Sunday afternoon and help-
1 A AtnKnta fiQth nnniver-
of her birth. The occasion
very much enjoyed by the
She was Fat
Th i.d on thto pktur
Hives you n W
looked. BTUkt-B'"
Ins uy direettoiw of Kor
rsiem. """7.."
lbs. hi tbn BWJntlM Now
b ta ?-. r,''
marit ally ftitrt tnd In 0
UrbMlth. .EUli-abto w(l
ft If-troatment. Man?
lUr.). Cam, an,. NO-II, SMtlM . " T
pioneer woman and her guests.
at her home on Birch street Tues
day by Mr. and Mrs. Milton
Brown, Mr. and Mtb. J. S. Ma
comber, Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Cof
fin and children, Mrs. John Mac
Donald, Ralph Macomber and B.
Y. Allen, In honor of her birth
day. The rooms were attractively
decorated with white sweet peas
and pink carnations. A delicious
two course luncheon was served,
after which the afternoon was
spent In social chatting.
mars the perfect appearance of hef
complexion. Permanent and temporary
skin troubles are effectively concealed,
deduces unnatural color and corrects
Creasy skins. Highly antiseptic.
Send 15c for Trial SIM
Mr. and Mrs. Ponsler
Leave Dallas for Roseburg
Dallas, May 19. Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Ponsler left Tuesday for
Roseburg - where they will here
after make their home. Mr. Pons
ler becomes sales agent for C. A.
Lockwood, Ford dealer at Rose
burg, and will cover a large ter
ritory. Mrs. Ponsler will be better re-
1 ft
For Three Generation..
Have Made Child-Sir th.
Eeaier By Using -
write po oolII om MoTmtHooo Ana lttt
Pumps aud Oxfords
And we are now in bettec shape than ever to supply
your every want and need.
Come in and look over these stylish and moderately
priced numbers;
Brown Kid oxford, Cuban Heel $8.00
Black Kid Oxford, Cuban Heel, Special. .. $7e00
$q op;
Brown Kid Strap Pump p
$Q flfi
Black Kid Strap Pump , tP.wr
White Kid Strap Pump Special $8.00
White Calf Oxford - $8.50
White Fabric Oxford-C. H $6.95
White Fabric Pump-C. H - $6.95
White Fabric Oxford-Low Heel PW "
Full line of Hosiery to match these low-cuta
85c t0 $3c50
415 State St.
Successor to Fullertona
Salem, Ore.
114 N. Liberty
Cosmetic Shop
X7sa Qrrv a comnlete line of
hair iroods. and nets, ventilated
front pieces, switches and trans-
fornrions; all fnade of first
quality real human hair, switches
made from combings.
Try our Marinello Creams.
If your face is wrinkled and
the muscles sag try our Muscle
Oil and combination cream.
Irene Scott
Fhone 1690 125 . High
has purchased
H. A. Singer
How Cutknra
Healed Mother
Cnnie, on Haan .Uk. u .
t ' "i urn o
"""red and w, and
to uraad . s
-tab and th rr-
irt of her cW vi
nrteHa-bwa, badly inrol-
i inflaaa.j
W and hl . .w-
Har not ataep or
T1 "-ted uteoai.
"""""Ul aad the
Develop Your Home State
Patronizing Your Railroads
. . n, and its Railroad Transportation service is a matter of Importance
rrTvTa",1 fact0oHrthaen devest 0f Western Oregon is the Southern Pacific Company
Did You Know
Southern Pacific payrolls in S 1 "isSSK!
Southern Pacific purchases i in O1?8"; I 1 110,038.86
Southern Pacific taxes paid m Oregon for 190 amounted to L1
Southern Pacific total distribution in Oregon for 1920 amounted to $16,713,681.79
Southern Pacific is the largest .SLl
Southern Pacific taxes average 77 of aU taxes p-ua j
it operates. na ta-rp and provide better facilities and
To continue these payrolls, purchases, taxes ana P ComDanv
Summer Vacationiste and Tourists
Back East
Week-end and Seaison Summer Tourist Tickets
Summer Vacation Tickets Easlern Cities
to will he on Ml.
. M .,,;. Ra.snrts June 1st to August 15th
Seashore and Mountain Kesorts through
will be on sale CALIFORNIA
May 28th to September 30th .B one direction
Week-end tickets are limited to Monday F1nal llmit three months from sale date,
following sale date. Season tickets stop- not to exceed October J 1st, Liberal stop
overs and return Hmits rary with closing Tore)J and your choice of route.
JZTJ! Afferent resort, an including
hotel and camp Information. CoPT
00 "Se. routes trai. mm or .lepi ear accommodation.
Tor Particulars a. to mmwmmP
General PasaenaT-r Agent
any ware
C . 1
!L i.) 79 ill
Made on the
Pacific Coast
for Coast
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o f the ordinary
kitchen utensils and
lasts 10 times as
long. This it firit
quality merchandise
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teed for a 'lifetime'.
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not last long.
to get in
on this
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to a
To accomplish this desire the manufacturers are willing to sacrifice real money and offer this sturdy, de-
lo acwmpiji . . T Kettle at less than wholesale price.
VadrH ?SKWE handy aluminum kitchen utensil will appeal without exception to
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On Sale SATURDAY, MAY 21, ONLY, for $2.79, at the Following Stores:
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