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    Page Two
The Capital Journal, Salem, Ortgon.
Latest News Covering WillametteJalley Point
Neighborhood News Notes
I Wireless Phones on Automobiles
Marion Items
Marion, Or , May 19. Mrs.
Courtney 01 California,
a daugu'.'ir o: Mr am! Atr. Ht .'
Loretz, is ery ill in a l.ijtal in
Eugene lrom m etfe-ftt of 'i i j
cratlon for apiendii itt.i r.ctlitr
daughter o' Mr ami Mrs. I.i m :i
Mrs. Will Waiaoii. -.ho v.lth lu
hujitian-l 'i i miBionnry In IHe In
terior of Alanka, bag been alter
ing from injuries causcl !y a fail
which she Bustalned last winl.r.
Miss Winnlfred Beer'., who has
been attending high sihoul in Sa
lem, has returned bom to itajr
A famine entertainment will be
given Saturday evening in the V.
O. W. hall. The prittewftl v It! he
, used to purchase fn-.'l tu send for
the-Near East relief. A program
consisting of 29 ruin !)i r v lit be
rendered, and lee cream ai'd candy
will be sold. Admission and IS
cents. Come and enjoy yourself
and help a worthy cause.
Miss Velva Clark, who Has been
Tlsltlng relatives here, has return
ed to her home in Philomath.
The Motion town baseball team
recently played an eleven Inning
game with the Shaw team. The
score was 2 to 1 in favor of Mar
ion. The Marion school baseball
team was the champion team from
the south end of the county, and
played Uuena Crest, the north end
champions in Salem last Saturday.
Buena Crest proved to be their
A well attended and much en
joyed party was given at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. I.ouia Peterson
last Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Itaymond Colgan
spent the week-end visiting the
latter's parents In Snlem.
Rev. Qgden Is now the owner of
Ford sedan.
Carl Hansel, who has been visit
ing friends in Amity, returned
home Sunday.
Rowena Umplelte of McMinn
vllle is visiting at the Hansel
Sam Palmerton spent the week
end in Salem.
Viola Kepbart and Mrs. Ogdon
left Monday to take care of Mrs.
Ogden's daughter-in-law, who lives
near Dayton and who is very ill.
Miss Arllne Doty of Jefferson
was a Sunday guest of Olenna
Mrs. C. W. Russell Is spending
few days In Salem visiting
Mrs. H. W. I.lbby returned homo
last week from Eebanon, where
he had been visiting her parents.
Mrs. J. M. Slyter aSid Mrs.
Brown are visiting relatives In
Portland. Mrs. Kred Maack, tier
daughter, Lillian, and son, "Fred,
motored tu Vancouver last week
with friends to attend the gradua
tion exercises of Miss Viola Has-k,
who graduated hh a nurse from the
Providence academy there.
Mrs. Eee Karlow, Elsie Webb,
Carl Hansel and Rowena i in
phletta are the latest visitors at
The many friends of Marie
Morteti-Bosh will be pleased to
know that she is the proud moth
er of a baby girl.
Mr. Hoag has received word that
bis mother Is Buffering with a
sprained ankle In which tbe liga-
j merits are badly torn. She is al
most helpless and the physician
states will be sometime before she
can get around as the injury Is
worse than a break.
Fairfield Briefs
Fairfield, Or., May 19. Carl
Francis of Portland spent Satur
day and Sunday looking after bis
farm interests.
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Parker spent
Tuesday with relatives In Brooks.
The Misses Pierce, who have
been teaching school In Wallowa
county, are spending their vaca
tion with their parents. Mr. Pierce
recently purchased the Eovegren
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore and
family spent Sunday with relatives
in Salem.
Mrs. D. Barber, who has been
quite ill, iB able to be about again.
Miss Nellie Marthaler, who has
been teaching school near Arling
ton, arrived home Saturday. Misa
Marthaler purchased a riding
horse which is one of the best in
that section for the purpose of rid
ing to and from school. She also
rode from Arlington home, making
the trip In four days.
Miss Mahle Short and brother,
Jesse, who have been visiting -it
Mill City, are visiting relatives
The Mahony school closed last
Mr. and Mrs. John Imlah, ac
companied by Mr. and Mrs. 8. F.
Parker made a business trip to
Portland. Friday.
Donald, Or., May 19 Mrs. J. H.
Miller, Allen, Vernon and Eliza
beth Miller, Mrs. 0. O. Freeman,
Walter and William Freeman,
Misses Hazel and Letba Cone and
Henry Welsshaar attended the
piano and elocutionary recital held
in the Hubbard city hall Saturday
evening. Letha Cone and Vernon
Miller took part in the program,
which was excellent and showed
much talent among the Hubbard
youn,g people, and others who took
part, as well as the abllty of their
teachers, Mrs. Gecr and Mrs
Dr. Harry Hendershott of Port
land, accompanied by his sister
Miss Lola, were callers at the J
H. Miller home Sunday. Both are
former schoolmates of Mr. Miller
their former home being the Wil
liams farm in this vicinity.
We trust that everyone In this
vicinity will show the proper com
munlty spirit by lending all their
efforts and boosting for the Don-
ald-Hubbard Chautauqua which is
to be held In Hirbbard in June, re
member that by helping Hubbard
this year, we will be working for
our own Interest for next year.
The Donald sihool board takee
pleasure In announcing that they
have secured the same teachers,
Miss Scollard and Miss Cone for
their respective rooms for the com
ing year. The excellent progress
made by the pupils of both rooms
makes this arrangement most sat
isfactory to all.
The Hubbard and Donald base
ball teams crossed bats on the lo
cal diamond Sunday, the game was
very Interesting as both teams
played well. It ended With a score
of 5 to 3 in favor of Hubbard.
M. W. Johnson, a former mer
chant of Donald, was in town Sat
urday greeting old friends. Mr.
Johnson is In business in Portland
J. C. Moore attended the Wil
lamette valley blacksmith meeting
Sunday at Salem. He reports a
very interesting meeting. The next
meeting will be held July 10.
Mrs. Pauline Moore Riley, dis
trict deputy of the W. B. A., spent
several days In this vicinity in the
interest of the local review. While
here she was a guest at the A. E.
Feller home. Mrs. Riley was suc
cessful, as she secured five candi
dates, who were taken to Salem on
Wednesday evening and initiated
by the Salem Review.
A number of the Masons' wives
motored to Aurora Saturday even
ing where they were entertained
by Mesdames Ottoway, Grimm and
Krause at the home of the former
All report a very pleasant evening
spent In playing 500, first , honor
being awarded to Mrs. B. S. Quinn.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmiis: ... .... -
shown in
Physicians, business men or
Miss M. Carver, who has spent, fact anyone who owns an enclosed
the winter at Pullman, Wash., vis
ited at her brother Earl's home
for a few days of last week. Miss
Carver left the first of this week
fnr flpa-irip .whpre her hrnthpr '
Bob, Is making his home.
Falls City Notes
Falls City, Or., May 19. Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Vick and daugh
ter, Virginia, Miss Tiny Watherill
and Jack Craig of Salem were vis
itors nt the George Weatherill
Miss Opal Ward has been 111 for
several days with what is thought
to be appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. George Homyer
and daughters, Mamie and Clara,
motored over Sunday visiting
automobile can now equip their
automobiles with a wireless tele
phone! With autos thus equipped physi
tlans could be in constant com
munication wth their homes for
emergency calls, and the business
man in touch with his office.
The instrument installed in the
automobile, shown above, will
work successfully up to five miles
and use only a small part of the
auto battery current.
The kwo young men
the photograph, in experimenting,
found that it was not necessary to
have antennae high up in the air,
but found that the wires stretched
around the top of the car wers
successful. Four parallel copper
wires run around the top of tha
auto on six-Inch posts fastened to
the corners. They thfto grounded
the set to the auto's engine as is
done in airplanes. In their experi
ments they were constantly In
touch with their home provided
they were in the five-mile limit.
Highway South
of Corvallis To
Be Closed Soon
Corvallis, May 19. Next week
the state highway department
Charles I'an ish and family were will close the Corvallls-Monroe
viKiiing nis moiner, Mrs. r ranK : "u uecause oi paving opera
Randall, Sunday.
Three little girls attempted to
run away from home Sunday aft
ernoon and caused a good deal of
excitement here.
Mr. Qulncy's two daughters and
one of the little Reisner girls were
seen along the railroad track at
about 3 o'clock, then all trace was
lost 1f them. Their parents and
friends searched until nearly noon
Monday. They were found about
two miles from Dallas none tin
worse for their experience.
The Epworth league celebrated
their thirty-second anniversary
Sunday. At the evening services
a beautiful cake with thirty-two
candles was given in their honor
t inns.
From Corvallis south a dis
tance of eight miles on the Moji
roe road a concrete project la to
begin at an estimated cost of
$26,552. Kibler & Bartlett are
the contractors. The date for com
pletion is October 31, 1921. The
remainder of this road through
Monroe apd on to Junction City
will be paved this year with
black, asphaltic concrete pave
ment and the work Is now under
way. This will make a continu
ous stretch of pavement from
Corvallis to Goshen, five miles
south of Eugene. Also the entire
Pacific highway from Gdshen to
(Drain, in Douglas county, is un
der contract,
Districts Plan
Union School
at Wilsonville
Wilsonville, Or., May 19. The
meeting held at the Wilsonville
school house when school dis
tricts Willsonville, Kruse, Cor
rall Creek and Hood View were
represented, was largely attend
ed. The purpose of the meeting is
to consolidate these schoDl dis
tricts into one, and have the
school at Wilsonville. There are
89 pupils in' the entire districts,
and by having this consolidation
will do away with the extra
A similar meeting will be
held at Hood View when Mrs.
Buckley, county school supervis
or, will preside.
Don't start what you can't stop:
Be careful with fire in and near
the forest.
Do you know
you can roll
5Q Aogd
cigarettes for
lOcts from
one bag of
Normal School
Seniors Select
Zangwill Play
Monmouth, Or., May 19.- The
seniors have selected for their
class play, Israel Zangwfll's
"Merely Mary Ann," to be pre
sented on Monday, June 20. Try
out for the various parts are be
ing held this week.
The calendar for commencement
festivities includes the following:
Saturday, June 18 President's
luncheon; junior prom.
Sunday, June 19- Baccalaur
eate sermon.
Monday, June 20 Faculty re
ception; class play.
Tuesday, June 21 Last chapel:
aiumni proeram 71
Wednesdfv m'dK
Leaves Leaves
Salem Silverton
O. E. Depot News stand
7:00 a. m. 8:15 a. m.
11:00 a. m. 1:00 p. m.
5:00 p. m. 6:15 p. m.
Leavi Salem O. E. depot 7:00
a. m. 11:00 a. m. 6:00 p. m.
Leave Monmouth Hctel 8:15 a.
m. l:ov p. m. 6: is p. m.
Leave Independence Mta 8:30
a. m. 1:15 p. m. 6:30 p. m.
Speclnl trips by appointment.'
Seven passenger eaf for hire,
J. W. PARKER, Prop.
Res. phone 615. Business Dhonr 7
Home Builders
Take Notice
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Plumbing Supplies; it will pay
you to come and . see us about
prices. We always have a supply
of all kinds.
Tents, all sizes, prices very low.
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Phone 398 215 Chemeketa St.
Skin TortBredSEea
After CuticuJ
Just Recelvfid i
cord and tahlt? " . 01 '
ellr- wen i
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at your service. Phon6 (
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saiem, Oregon. Ph0M ,
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more. You see we have mjj
the Portland markets anj m
rect to consumers.
Peoples Cash StorJ
Phone 451
Portland & Saleml
Stage Line
Every Hour on the Hoarl
Both Ends
Leaves 10th and Alder i
Seward Hotel every houj
Leaves Salem Bligh Hoi
i irst btage 7 a. m.
Last Stage 7 p.
Normal Host To
Edwin Markham
Monmouth, Or., May 19. The
normal on Tuesday enterta 'ed
Edwin Markham, the poet. On
Tuesday evening Mr. Markham
lectured and read from his own
poems to an appreciative audience
of students and townspeople in the
normal chapel. Mr. Markham-"
trip through his native state has
been a happy one and Monmouth
and the normal were glad to pay
him homage.
Keep the evergreens ever green
-fire destroys them.
Give this
assistant a
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