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jg Page Six
Tuesday, April 5, 1921
The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon
When Jeff gets an order he follows it to the letter.
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LOrVD t If oU CAR(y
7DAx niiT THG JoB
Where They Play
Ran Francisco, April 5.
Following is the Pacific Coast
league schedule for April 5-10:
Portland at San Francisco
Oakland at Salt Lake City.
Vernon at Sacramento.
Seattle at Loa Angeles.
1 (fnpvright 120 by I"tr"atlonal
Mark registered in the U. b VmSSBBiWEXXSiWSmM
I whew l wo,- - BR(CK woea o,-v.. . SiK?5 tovi)M orvjt j -A(V B0
(Siixeeio 1 AS H, social eouAt. - o e aqBT 3 kg tuis LOrVD V
A loAT! poypieerO, FiPreeM V TVi L u N
I parns usl n
Into Action
, .
San Francisco, April 5 Flr "I
the nation's orgaulz-'d hiiseholl
leagues to start the 13-' t season,
the Pacific Coast leafiic Bets away
this afternoon with roiUaii-i pluy
lng here, Vernon at dacniiaento,
Oakland at Salt Lako an J flOJltie
at Ijot Angeles.
Mhyor James llolpu pitnea nn
first ball hire with Cbl'-f jf Police
Daniel O'iJiien on ma receiving
end. After the I'juve ihe
battery positions. Sun iVaaclsoo,
It was expected, will rem! in Sum
Lewis, pitcher, and Sja.u Agutw,
catcher. Portland ' ,lhc
Herman Pllletle, pttiiui', .!! iu
Baker, catcher.
Seattle Meets Aneels
In LOS VPU'iKS uien
Lou Angeles, Cal., 'Vp"' i. '1 ht-
tpenlng of the Pacific Const base
bail league season here'- "day, wil I;
a game between tin Seattle unci
Lo.s Angeles teams, w.:.i moi nun u.v
the custimiiiry punul
than the nisloiiiary en
and more
UM.-i.-jm by
Batteries, as anno'im ! were l
be either Geary or and
Bpencer for Seattle, and Ci.uidu.ll
or Lyons and Stauau-i In Lo3 Jn
From advance Hairs it was esti
mated that at least 10,000 pmsolis
would witness the game.
on Tigers Clash
With Sacramento Mine
Sacramento, Cal., April 5.
Urivlii kUIih ami a coo, inir li vi:il
greeted that portion of aari-awwilo
which was prepared '" atl- ml Hii:
afternoon Ihe opening pinna i,f I lie
Pacific Coast leagui lianulmll sea
ion. A parade prior to Ine g'.mi
waf to lake the Seiuio.'s urd the
Vernon Tigers, char i-imi of the
last two yeuus, to Bu'f'Uo purl
where Governor William "
Stephens was to pilch the fnvl
Love or Dell and Hannah e"
alii to be Manager K,;uc4
terv selections while Manager Un
Hodgers of Sacra nto
open the game with Fl
I Ml
1 'I
Race Scored
By Councilmen
(Continued from Page One. I
about. A minute ago !'2d SclniuUe
-waB making positive liUieineut-i
concerning this matter, aim :iovn
hlB words are refuted b Mr. Pic's.
The trouble Is that we jjt UP here
about ever so often, u jiimiilt i f
figures Is place before us '
It was about this lliuti Clly
Recorder l um got to ills feet.
"That's not u Juinnle if figures,
they're all correct," lie declared,
-Waving his left hand. Dr. Utter
cut in. precluding ih-: record -i S
atatemeut. Following the dm-im- s
talk, H. H. Vandervi- l aditioHurt
the chair and offered a lew la'id.i
tory obseivallous n-. fi il'
aftlcleiicy of the clly recorder and
City treasurer. The matter of th
relief sewer was again taken up.
After many minutes had been con
aumed, it found its way to Do
uble. Fire Hazard Considered.
Bentluient favoring the council .!
aupport of Mayor Halvorsou in
leHseulug the fire hatuid la tbi
city, was expressed ailer u report
the state fire marshal had
been read. Certain ol the buuu
Inga la Chinatown were held to
t h menace bv the official Who
ahould lake care of the clean-up the purpose in Portland. Stunents
camplagn proved to be a putsle,in ,ne Institution, together with
but some ot the aldermen contend (,elr families In the case of mar
ed that (his work should be done L,e(1 adults, will be housed In the
by the sanitary Inspector and Ihe 1 btilldlriK during their attendance
police. Mention ot nanu.uj ...
enactor J. N. Skalte name caused
Councilman Haumgartner to move
that the Inspector be Instructed to
attend council meetings in the
"He'a over at church." explained
Alderman Marcus. "He (old me he
couldn't come tonight. For heav
en'! sake give the man a chance
He'a got to atteud church once In
Mr. Bnuiugartner sat down
This la more Important than
church right now." he observed
Pavement Ii Ordered.
On sutgesttou of Alderman Pal
let the council voted to notify the
Oregon Electric company to repair
Its pavoeaent on High street where
a depression ia eald to exist. The
6ou'.bers Pacific company also
will ik tant'-ucted (o pate Its spur
tieck oe Front eetweea Court and
JMate street
in respcae Fie Chief Hut
ton' reejiMeA that some action be
taken t-w. d providing for over
hauling of t'i" city's pumpur truck,
the fi." and water com rut tee wa.
4talle4 le investigate, md was
Vttue4 with rower to act.
AeWOin?telv one docn aide
-lk rw9lut!on. introduced by
Aldermen Weaderoth were re
ferred tfco atreet committee,
while en a. rrcacufed by Alderman
.MaMWM end Mauraganncr. waa
adopted. O: the sag;eattne ot
JMr Hu"ifr. a ildewalk
Appearing at the Grand Next
Boy! Malts, Sodees,
Pink Lemonade And
Freezes Drop Here
O Mars! Thou are Indeed sure
ly to be forsaken soon!
Salem milk shakes or rather
those milk shakes guzzled In
Salem malted milks, ice cn-aiii!to
a idas, lemonades, reeces anil j plus two pennies for the govern
other refreshment! which have mont. "Malts" also have dropped
been paying tribute to the war five cents, likewise lemonades.
g0(j , Ice cream sodas, freezes, and cer-
Bllt suspense has no part In a tain other drinks. Specials have
news story. Here are the facts: slumped in price correspondingly.
Salem confectioners have an- Such was the statement of local
nounced a general drop in prices dealers this morning. No an-
of drinks. Already they are in nouniement was made of "cuts"
effect. 'n the prices of food.
lullon Introduced several weeks
ago which has to do with a walk!
icar property owned by Waller
Quehner, former councilman, will
In- resurrected and brought netore
the OOttnct at Us next meeting.
State Leases
Building For
Blind School
Contract for a two year lease
on a three story and basement
apart nient hotiBe at BttrMida and
Grand avenues, Portland, to be
used as temporary quarters for
the slate employment institution
for adult blind was closed by the
state board el control Monday
The building which was recom
mended to the board by J. F. Mey
ers, former superintendent of the
Portland school for sightless and
who is now superintendent ot ine
new state institution, is said to be
the most acceptable available for
. , ,hf (.hoo,
The beard also confirmed the
appointment of O. H. Simmons ot ,
Portland to he assistant to Super
intendent Meyers mm field man
for the Institution. Mrs. Meyers
will be employed as matron of
the institution upon the occupa
tion of the new building May t.
Dallas Paper
Plant Suffers
Fire Damage
Dallaa, Or.. April &. About oon th... olj fanitly friend pene
2.10 yealerday afternoon fire trates without rubbing- and helps
broke out In the I'olk County Ob- drive 'em away! And how cleanly.
the office ol the lurtev.
newspaper published in Polk coun-
ty which tesulted In about $JS0t
daman - The fire was tint dis-covert-d
in the Barrel of th build-
in and It la presumed that It orl-
Inated from a defective flu. The
firemen fought the fire heroically
for about an hour and succeeded
la ctln(uiabinx It belore It dam
aged tbe machinery of the plant
eicept as to the water dam .
which la estimated at about $ 1 1
Mr. Koen. the owner and editor
the newspaper, had a large te
of paper on hanf? which waa aU
Sunday. Monday and Tuesday.
Milk shakes which, the oldesi
man can tell you, have been sell
jtng for 10 cents (plus two centi
war tax) for some time, are now
be purchased for three nic kels.
damaged to a great extent. ThU
is the second fire in Dallas in th
last few days On Saturday a flue
n..., Wis discovered and extin
guished In the Oat hotel.
A trail has just been complete !
by forest service men from the
Indian creek valley to (he Ten
Mile creek counlry In (he Siuslaw
national forest.
Llovd Hughes m the Thomas H
Ince Special, "Beau Revel." at
the Oregon Theatre, Star tine
Exposure Aches
Rheumatic Twinge
sloan - I in in ,ui kepi IuuhI), takes
iIk furht out nl iiM-m
around in the wet and
then the dreaded rheumatic
twinge! But not for long when
Sloan's Liniment Is put on the
Pains, strains. sprains how
" no muss, no turner, no stain
J kiQ or dowd pores Muscles
limber up. lumbaco. sciatica, neu
ral"ia. backache are promptly re
lieved. Keep a nettle handy. Get
one todav if voti'vt run m,t nt
Sloan s Unim.nt. it s so warn.intr
All drusirlats Sic. 70c. It 40
The largest lottie holds six times
much .is the smallest,
Transportation Is
Held Most Urgent
Chinese Problem
By Professor Collier Cobb, 1 undeveloped resources and unutili
Head ol the. department of Geo-, zed waterways. Besides her exten-
logy of North Carolina. Written
especially for the International
News Service.
"China has one-third more ter
ritory than the linked States, and
four times the population, and in
spite of the dense population in
many sections (here are vast ureas
in the north and west of China
suited to and used for raising cat
tle, sheep, hogs, and, in much
smaller measure, camels.
"The Kreat problem in China is
me of transportation, While mil
lions were starving in four or five
provinces In China, wheat at the
close of 1020 was selling at 10
Btntl a bushel in Szechwan, 2,000
miles away, because of lack of
transportation facilities. The build
ing of railways and of highways
and the rehabilitation of the old
anals, will soon remedy all af
this, 'Ibis will probably be the
f I rut work encouraged by the Con
tortion, and it will be a paying
investment, for China is even rich
er than the I'nlted States in re
sources of coal and iron and var
ious economic minerals, and un
surpassed in her agricultural pro-1
ducts and possibilities.
"The railways of China are welll
managed, and the Chinese have re-
cently begun the construction of
modern ships at four principal
shipbuilding yards which are ca
llable of turning out a modern oc
ean carrier complete. The younger
men of China, many of whom have
been educated abroad, are able, al
ert and effective business men and
they are all distinctly friendly .o
Ihe United States.
Vast Mineral Deposits.
"Siberia is also a land of vast
If you have catarrhal deafness
or head and ear noises or are
growing bard of hearing go to
your druggist and get 1 ounce
of Parmlnt (double strength,)
and add to it i; pint of hot wa
ter and a little granulated sugar.
Take 1 tablespoonf ill four times
a ijjiy.
This will often bring quick re
lief from the distressing head
noises. Clogged nostrils should
open, breathing become easy and
the mucus stop dropping Into the
throat. It is easy to prepare, costs
little and is pleasant to take. Any
jone who has catarrhal deafness
or head noises should give this
prescription a trial. (adv)
ns 1 1 te
" i 1
isive grassy plains, aim two sie.ii
forest bolts one of conifirs and
one of hardwoods -she has impor
tant mineral deposits awaiting de
velopment. "The Kuinetl Coal Basin in the
District of Tomsk.
"A large deposit of iron ore on
the Pacific coast along Olga Bay.
"Oil on Sakhalien.
"Platinum in the Irkutsk region
"Gold at a number of points
near the coast, and particularly
along the Zea and Burca rivers, af
fluents of Ihe Amur.
"Thus vast deposits of coal and
iron, of oil and of copper; exten
sive forests, and wide grazing
lands with abundant cattle, are al
ready known in Siberia. Siberia's
development, like that ot China,
needs only adequate transporta
tion facilities. The rivers- of the
country are navigable for thous
ands of miles, the Lena alone hav-
Do Not Delay
Thrip Spray
The thrip is showing in
various orchards in Mar
ion and Polk counties
and it would be well for j
you to examine your
trees very carefully and
see if your trees are in- i
fected. In case they are.
you will have to spray at
once in order to save
your crop.
We have the proper
spray to use; Misicible
Oil No. 2 and the Black
Leaf 40. All size pack
ages. Remember the damage
is all done with a few
days, so look at once.
Phone 160 255 State St.
James Oliver Curwood's
"K A Z A N"
Harold Lloyd
"Now Or Never
" ...... ocm ,n, ..f hi,, nninerals which are used andl Alaska gold seekers,
ing more than 2500 miles of navi-lbic
gable water, one branch reaching understood the worm over, muugn
almost to the Trans-Siberian rail- the number they represent are dif
way at Irkutsk (Katchug) and ano ferent in their spoken form in ev-
ther within a short distance oil
Port of Aian on the sea of Okhotsk
( Nelkan.)
"F.ither railways or canals con
necting these points, the one thru
a nearly level plain and the other
across a low gap in the mountains
would go far toward opening up
to commerce a region capable of
supplying raw material to .the
world for many years to come.
English is Spoken.
"The wide use of English lan
uage in Asia is a matter of deep
interest. Pigeon Knglish is not on-
ly the language of foreign com-l
merce in China, but it is also the
language of trade between the
provinces. The Chinese language is
written with ideagraphs and is
understood in all the provinces,
notwithstanding, their spoken lan
guages are all different. We have
a parallel in the wide use of r.i-
Starting Torrorrow
KobErtj-on -cocS
Another Super-Special
"The Fortune
With Marjorie Rambeau
Other Attractions
numerals WMOO are useu ana
ery laud. I'lgeon ungliao is wru
ten mainly with English words ar- J. Murphy, counsel for the Rocke
ranged according to the Chinese feller Foundation and legal advis
Idiom vith all unnecpKsarv frills ! er of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.,
omitted and this has became the.
trade language of China.
"English is the only language
spoken in Chukotsk, the extreme
northeast province of Asia, the
Esquamaux having learned it from
THEATRE Matinee and Night
Night 50c to $1.50; Matinee ."ine to "0;
Children 50c anywhere. ,
a. . No. 5
Mutton Chops, pound I2y2c
Legs Mutton, pound isc
Mutton Stew, pound sc
Creamery Butter
Lb. 40c
Tender Beef Steak, pound 15c
Beef to Boil, pound X0c
Sirloin Steak, pound ' ' isc
Fresh Side Pork, pound ; , 22c
Pork Steak, pound ' ' 20c
Loin Pork Chops, pound 25c
Fresh Weiners, pound 20c
SLICED LINO COD, pound '. ' l2y2c
Midget Market
Originators of Low Prices.
Not In The Combine I
hunters and
Rockefeller Aide Dead.
Daytona, Fla., April 5. Starr
died in a hospital here yesterday
lfter a brief illness.
Contract has been let for build
ing a high school gymnasium at
The cost will be !
$1 4,223.
The Laugh Show of Creation
At the Seashore
Seventh and Brand New Edition
Nothing but fun and pretty girls.
Special Ladies and Children's
Matinee at 2:30; Nijrht :45