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Yachts Fail
Fifth Race
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Htm about ten miles away, almost Bead
to windward.
Knee Against Time
"At 2:35 Resolute was leading by
easily half a mile. Both sloops were
heading offshore on the starboard
. At 2:40 both yachts set baby top
suits and began a nine mile beat to
the outer mark. Five minutes later
they were standing off to the north
east of Seabxight and making slow
time. "
Even in the fickle wind Resolute
pointed a higher course than the chal
lenger. Resolute's fight to hold the
cup appeared to lie In her Inability
, to beat the time limit, unless she be
came becalmed or through an accident
victory went to the challenger.
Eurly Bwzo Brink.
Sandy Hook, N. J., July 26. A
brisk breeze of about 12 knots came
out of the northwest early today and
provided fine wind conditions for (he
final contest between Shamrock IV
and the American defender Resolute
for the America's cup.
With the wind holding from the
northwest, a run of fifteen miles sea
ward and a thrash to windward home
was Indicated.
All hands abord the cup sloops felt
the Inspiration that a smart sailing
wind brings. The crews receive a
bonus for each racing start and get
an added bonus for every winning con
test. The Americans declare that
Resolute will be returned winner to
day and Sir Thomas Llpton will fall
to win the cup.
Charles W. Nicolson, designer ol
Shamrock, still insists that the present
races have been little, more than Uial
tn ahnmrock. He. also thinks
that In all future America's cup races I
the contenders chould be manned en
tirely by . a crew from the country
they represent. Resolute's crew is
said to be made up largely of Scandi
navian sailors.
Cliallungo Races Proposed
Suggestion has been made that
should Sir Thomas Llpton fail to win
today's rnce and lose the cup, that
the Irish baronet enter the challenger
In n series of races with Resolute and
Vanltle. ,
It also has been suggested that all
threp yachts be galled by professional
skippers. Some members of the New
v York Yacht Club are said to be still
of the opinion that Vanltle, which
fulled of selection for the honor of
defending the cup, U the fastest , of
the cup yachts.
Sir Thomas Is said to have spent
approximately $1,OOJ,000 In his latest
attempt to lift the cup.
Shamrock, after getting up her
mainsail, took a tow at 9:35 a. m.
and headed for Ambrose channel
lightship. The wind began to haul in
the east and was probably not more
than seven or eight knots in strength.
Resolute dropped her moorings at
10-15. Both yachts ., sent oloft big
club topsails as they were towed to
ward the starting lino.
Ministers Charge
Gross Neglect
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were allowed the freedom of the city
and, unhindered by any effective
restraint, to entice young girls and
women into their company and as
soclatloti, to Insult guests of the city
In Its publlo hostelrles, to maintain
headquarters and dens for vice and
Indecency, and to affront and out
rage the decent and respectable cltl
7.ens of Salem and vicinity and Us
worthy guests attending said conven
tion, and the Chautauqua, until wan
ton, 'unrestrained llntlousness,
drunkenness and debauchery were In
evidence by day and night through
out the city with all of its evils evi
dent to the young and to the demor
alisation of society, and
"Be It further resolved, That we
demand of such authorities a more
.faithful and efficient execution of
their sworn duty in the future and
pledge to them unqualified support in
all proper eforts to enforce the laws
fully and Impartially, and warn them
that shoud drunkenness, llcentious-1
liens and debauchery be again permit
ted within our city to such an extent
we wl go to the limit of the law to
restore order and protect people who
are residents and guests of the city.
Churches represented at the toon
day morning meeting were: Klrst
Evangelical, Highland Street Friends
Church, Court Street, Christian; Lib
erty Street Evangelical, Kirst Baptist,
Ohemeketa Street Evangelical. Salem
Nazarene Church, First Methodist,
(.cHlie Methodist. Jason Lee Methodist,
Bungalow Christian Church and sev
eral others who sent representatives
during the absence of pastors on vac
Man, Resting In
t Street, Locked Up
Found peacefully asleep in the
street Sunday night, a man who gave
. ns name as J. Buckner, and his home
as Portland, was arrested and taken
to the city Jail, charged with being
He was given a more comfortable
bed in Chief Welch's free hostelry.
3 Boys Are Held
For Investigation
Three boys, picked up in the vicinity
of the White House restaurant Sunday
night by Officer Verden M. Moffat;
were held for Investigation. ,
The boys said they wei from Port-
laud and gave their names as Lucky
Cook, Arnold Barnhart, and Frank
Sehwejtser. ..
Groceries, Flour,
Stolen Saturday
One box of groceries and two sacks
of flour were stolen F iturday night
from in front of Buslck s store where
he had left them, according to P. M.
Kewhitl, of route 1.
The articles disappeared between
7 nd 8 o'clock Saturday evening.
Mr. Newhill reported the les to po
lice, but nothing has been seen of
the thief.
Portland Scout1 s
Camp Inferior To
Salem's, Declared
Returning Monday morning from
Camp Chlnldere, near Cascade Locks,
where Portland Boy Scouts are camp
ed. Scout Executive Harold Cook, and
Scoutmaster Howard Zinzer, of Salem
declared that the camp of the Port
landers cannot favorably compare with
the Salem boy's camp near Oakrldge
which broke up a short time ago.
In returning from the camp late
Sunday, the Salem scout oflcials mada
the -distance of 14 miles at a rate of
a mile every eleven minutes, they
stated. This, they believe, Is the best
tim vry made over th Eagle Creek
The scenery in that part of Oregon
ns beautiful, and Is worth going miles
to see, they declare.
Polk Pioneer
Is Laid to Rest
Monmouth, July 26. William 13.
Hall, a pioneer, who has resided be
tween here and Buena Vista for manj
years, died at the Dallas hospital Fri
at the acre of seventy-four years.
The funeral was held yesterday and
interment made In tne cemeiery near
Buena Vista.
M. Elliott and family have moved
here from Colorado. Mr. Elliott has
a position In the Miller store and the
family wll occupy a house owned by
Mr. Miller.
Dean Sailers of Banks., Ore., has
been visiting relatives in the city.
An ordinance has been passed by
ii.o itv r-nnnnil intended to prevent
the growth of noxious weeds and grass
in the city, and herearter, u property
t the weeds and
grass, city authorities will and the ex
pense will become a lien on me pro
perty. According to notice received recent
ly by President Ackerman, the State
Normal School located in Monmouth
i .oiua a amall lesracv from the
estate of Miss Rachael Phillips, late
of Oregon City. The gift will amount
to approximately J4000.
Governor Olcott Is expected to
speak at the Normal School tomorrow
forenoon and the public Is invited to
attend. The chapel hour will baaln
at 9:30. V
The annual entertainment common
ly known as the "stunt evening" will
be held at the Normal School Wed
nesday evening beginning at 8:15. ,
Famous Medium
Comes To Salem
Robt. Fulton, .twenty one year old
phychio marvel, will stage a gigan
tic seance of spiritualism in the ar
mory Thursday night at 8:15, free to
everybody. Fulton is the lad who has
create so much interest throughout
the eastern cities through his remark
able prophesies and his work witn. Sir
Oliver Lodge. The entire demonstra
tion is free to all, one exception how
ever Is made, no children, no one
under 18 years of age will be admit
Backers Seeking
Bail For Johnson
Chicago, July 26. Attorneys for
Jack Johnson, former heavyweight
champion pugilist, planned application
today for ball for the negro who was
taken from a train yesterday (nnd
placed In Joliet penitentiary, forestal
ling a reception here by nearly 2,000
negroes. Johnson was brought back
from California after his surender at
the Mexican border to begin sentence
of one year for violation of the Mann
act. He hopes for a new trial and
a return to the arena.
Glear your completion i
'Itesinol. I
I . You owe it to yourself to 96
" ; ??Cr'' keep yourskln clear, radiant HH
-.,.' v healthy, a nature in- 25
J i tended It to be. If h has XX
V"2 I . V become muddy, rough, fl Jw
V WiTT " ' blotched and oily, RESI- U HH
V V- ' NOL OINTMENT will do D 53
V ' ' J J777 wonders forlt. With RESI- fl M
X jJTSjV NOL SOAP, this mild, heal.
JpJ Jk7' Ing ointment has been used jl hR
'SJV 'iVu il 'or years as a standard skin lS
fWS iSft)v U I treatment It is easy and $
vf ftSS ft" VV J I economical to use and has ja?
VvC-lfF fll c'ean WQolesome odor. . '
TH 1 1 I W Io't dUr-wk jour .y
All ' i I deAltr for tht Rotiool HHj
A product toast. JyS
Pq : Gervais'. Oiherton ; . v Vu
WW n , Pmtum. R T 7 1
wwa:a flfirW . m
tS. .i - Turner. Al m
Search For Slayer
Of Girl Halted
Seattle, Wash., July 26. All deputy
sheriffs trailing James Sphyridls, who
Is alleged to have killed Mary Janes
Pappas, a ten year old girl, with a
pitch fork on Mercer Island late Sa
turday afternoon, were withdrawn
from the hunt today until further
clue to his whereabouts Is received.
Shief Has Haul In
Black Walrus Bag
Somebody stole his black walrus
traveling bag from the Marlon hotel
about 12:30 p. m. Sunday, L. W.
Jacobs, a traveling man for the Un
derwood company,, told police. A
man In a green suit Is thought to
have taken the bag and left in an
Among other things the bag Con
tained a two-piece suit, a pair of
O, D. army trousers, and a sliver-
trimmed set of toilet articles.
Man, Drung, Spends
Night In Lock-Up
A man who gave his name as H. L.
Cody was arrested Saturday night
and charged with being intoxicated.
. Police decided that the man was
sufficiently under the influence of
liquor to Justify his spending the
night in the city Jail.
Escaped Patient Is
Caught by Officers
A man by the name of P. E. Hal
terman was picked up Saturday night
by Salem police and held for investi
gation. Later it was learned that he
was an escaped inmate of the state
hospital. He was turned over to the
hospital authorities.
C. W, Barrett Here
C. W. Barrett, wholesale manager
for the W. H. WalUngford company
of Portland, and two other gentle
ment connected with the same firm,
are In Salem and vicinity further- in
troducing the new Liberty Six, with
the aero type motor, and the Briscoe
cors. Both machine are handled by
J. E. Ringrose, 341 North Commer
cial street. The W. H. WalUngford
company has recently undergone a
complete reorganization, and is now
under the management of C. L.
Powell. Mr. Powell is known as a
mand of high financial standing and
recognized ability in the auto game.
Under the new management the W.
H. WalUngford company further as
sures its patrons of the service and
quality that has made it one o the
largest auto dealers on the pacific
coast. , '
Daniels Tours Yellowstone
Helena, Mont., July 26. Josephus
Daniels secretary, of the navy, and
John Barton Payne, secretary of the
Interior, accompanied by United States
Senator Thomas J. Walsh of Montana,
left Helena this morning at 8 o'clock
by motor for Yellowstone Park, which
they will tour. They arrived in Hel
ena last night from the west. At
Bozeman they are to meet Govewi
S. V. Stewart of Montana and his
family, who will continue with them
and at Gardiner, the entrance to the
park. Mrs. Daniels, wife of the naval
secretary is to Join the party.
Coal Fields Paralized .
Terre Haute, Ind., July 26. In
diana's coal field today is partially
paralyzed by an unauthorized stroke
of day laborers and drivers following
a similar action in the Illinois field.
Fifty mines near There Haute arc
Idle. '
Lloyd George IU
Paris, July 26. Havas. The health
of Premier Lloyd George of Great
Britain is causing serious uneasiness,
according to a London -dispatch today.
The Britain prime minister's physic
ians are said to have ordered an im
mediate absolute rest for him.
Bank Is Robbed
Central Falls, R. I. July 26. Th
Credit Union Francais bank was held
up today by five robbers wno neu iu
an automobile with ll.O0O.
League Standings
San Francisco, ' July 26. Stand
ings of clubs in the Pacific Coast base
ball league after yesterday's games
W. L. Pet.
Vernon 67 49 .678
Salt Lake City 64 4T .576
Los Angeles 60 52 .563
San Francisco 68 54 .513
Seattle :. 51 60 .459
Portland 49 58 .458
Oakland 50 66 .431
Sacramento 48 64 .429
Secretary Daniels
Arrive In Yakima
Yakima, Wash., July 24. Secretary
of the Navy Josephus Daniels and
Secretary of the Interior John Barton
Payne, with their party, arrived this
morning at 7 o'clock. They were met
at the station by leading Yakima
democrats and public officials, and
after breakfast took a short ride
through the orchard district, then
went by automobile to the Yakima
reservation, stopped at the Sunny
side dam and went over the factory
of the Utah-Idaho Sugar company.
At lunch a number of Toppenlsh
men urged federal support for build
ing roads on the reservation.
In an informal conversation in Yaki
ma in regard to the Columbia basin
project, Secretary' Daniels stated thntl
if the people of this state continued
their present work for it, and could)!
advance good arguments, there would j
be no doubt what federal aid would.
be forthcoming.
Strike of Coal
Miners Impends
Pittsburg, Kan., July 24. A strike
of the Kansas coal miners next week
Is Impending, Alexander Howat, pres
ident of the Kansas miners asserted
today. The strike, it was explained,
will be In protest of fines levied
against the miners for refraining from
working Saturday.
At the
Scientific methods, best materials and care
ful attention used in all work. -
Plates ..-. $12.50 up
Crowns (Anterior) Gold
or Porcelain $6.00
Crowns (Posterior) $7.00
Bridge work, Gold or
Porcelain $6.00 to $7.00
Gold Fillings $2.00 up
Phone 1500
204-5 Gray Building
Corner State and Liberty Sta.
The Daily Recipe
Hints of
Friday Market page
Fry sausage, and take off the skin;
or, if it is prefeed use sausage meat.
Make ich biscuit dough; oil as thin as
possible and cpdead on sausage. Bake
brown. Use one link to a roll. It H
good hot or cold.
White Velvet Sherbet.
3 pints sweet cream, 3 cups sugar,
Juice of 3 lemons. Add Juice to
cream stirring until it curdles. Put
in sugar and stir well until" It dis
solves. Freeze.
Creamed Sweet Breads.
One pair of sweet breads, one
tablespoon of butter, one tablespoon
of flour, olne cup of crem, oie
tablespoon of ;minced parsley and
salt and pepper to taste. Parboil
the sweetbreads and when cold
enough to handle remove the mem
brane and cut them In Bmall pieces.
Melt the butter, add the flour, mix
until smooth, then add the cream and
stir until thick, placing the whole
in a granite pan set in another pan
of boiling water. When the mixture
has thickened season It with salt,
pepper and the parsley.
Vegetable Salad Dressing.
One teaspoon of celery salt, one
teaspoon of Wodcestershire sauce,
one-half teaspoon each of salt and
pepper, one-half cup of sugar, one
half cup of vinegar, yolks of three
eggs. Cook .the aboVe (Until thick
and then add one tablespoon ol but
ter. '
Salad Dressing.
One egg, three tablespoons of sugar
three tablespoons of mustard, butter
the size of an egg; stir well together,
then add one-half teacup of water,
one-half teacup of vinegar, boll.
Then remove from the stove and let
It thicken.
Chicken Sandwiches.
One cup of minced chicken, one
cup of cold tongue. Mix with mayo
naise and seaspn with celery salt and
paprika. Spread on thin slices' of
Fruit sandwiches.
Filling: One cup oil sugar, one
The Best in Dentistry j
Lowest Prices !
Porcelain Fillings .... $2.00 up
Silver Fillings $1.00 up
Cement Fillings $1.00
Cleaning Teeth .' $1.00
Removing Nerve . .... $2.50
Extractions $1.00
Over Hartman Bros.
Jewelry Store
Coming, Coming-!
The advertisements in this paper today
and always, are bids in a perpetual
auction for your patronage.
In this auction, you have all advantage.
Instead of bidding against other buyers
for that which you want or need, the most ;
reputable and reliable merchants and
manufacturers of the neighborhood and
nation are bidding against each other for :
the money you have to spend. V
Instead of the uGoing,---Gom...Gorie,
of the auctioneer, these advertisements
are Coming, Coming, Coming, with
offers to you. .
You cannot afford to miss the advertise
, . ments in this, or any other paper, today or
Kany other day. Often, they are valuable;
always, they are interesting. They indi- '
cate where you can buy to your best advan
tage; what you can buy for your greater
comfort and convenience. -
Read the advertisements. For they con
tain the news you really need.
cup of chopped raisins, one-fourth
pound citron, two tablespoons of
cracker crumbs one egg, Juice of one
and one-half lemons, rind Of one.
Mix thoroughly to a paste. Roll
tthin two sheets of paste and spread
filling between and mark top in three-,
inch squares. Paste: One and oner
half cups of sifted flour, two table
Thursday Night, July 29, 8:15
The most gigantic Show of Mystery
ever staged
Free to Ml
A full Spiritual Sceance, demonstrat
ing the Ouija Board, Materialization,
Spirit Slate Writing, Astral Dead,
Trance Sceance and the great spirit
Cabinet Mystery.
Everybody Welcome Free
No one under 18 years of age will
tie admitted
poons of butter turn
lard, mix with water. ,
Cherry Cup. V .
One quart of Kentish chw t
one-half can grated pea ?K
of four lemons, sweeten X
serve with Ice in punch bow
ready to use add one bom, I ' "
water, and a cup of stoned lf
ries. ' ' , th,