Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, July 10, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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All Ex-Service
Men Invited to
Astoria Meet
Astoria, Or., July 10. At the re
quest of Clatsop Post No. 12, the
American Legion, the committee on
arrangements for the second annual
American Legion convention to be held
In Astoria July 30th and 31st and
August 1st, Is sending a special Invita
tion to all Legion members Jn Oregon
to attend the event as all visiting ex-
service men will be entertained tho
same as delegates. All are urged to
bring their ladles, as the women's aux
SATURDAY, July ill,,
V. (i. Mrs. Anna Whitehead; warden,
Mrs. B. E. Robertson; conductor, Mr.
C. W. Hewitt; I. G., Miss Hester Mc
Kay; O. G Mrs. Emma Herren.
Mrs. Fletcher ot Salem, president oi
the Rebekah assembly, was preseni
and acted as installing officer. At the
close of the work ice cream and cook,
ies were served.
Turner Party In
Auto Collision
at a high rate of spcW the machine, The nevv postal guide, put out by "e if" rforleTuvchaTot I from 'the Hure of the bidder to com
turned over when going around a ,,, tti,0j u,.., nurai Honartmftnt. 1 1 ?n nnn normnnent road bonds of
: ..v,. ,nf tnn f on Issue of
Iirojl. ain m iiv lur liic wwj-
The bovs.are now in the - - 50.000 authorized at an
Salem awaiting de-
the county against loss resulting, of: Boston, MassachusettfTrT
bonds are a valid ohn...i .
the ditch
county Jail
Turner, Or., July 10. J. E. White
head. Jr.. wife and baby, Frank White
head and the M. W. Small family of
Ellk City motored to Newport where
thai, ationt Rpverfil davs. Returning h
illarv of the American Legion of the!,, H. thpv collided with an-
AStOria posi IS martins trmuumm ijiuiie
to entertain them while In the city.
A special effort is being made to
provide acoemmodations for the visi
tors that come to Astoria for the big
event. J. A. Buchanan, adjutant oi,th aKainst the windshield,
the Clatsop post, has been appointed . WM not gerlou8iy injured,
chairman of a committee to list all the
rooms In the city available for visitors
K. S. Thurston of the Jefferson
Confectionery, was in Salem on busi
ness yesterday.
Melvln Fuller of Salem visited rel
atives in the city this week.
The Cottage hotel, which has been
unoccupied for some time past, will
be opened to the public tomorrow by
lie, it became known this week. ineIC.ei June 3 1919. The bonds now of-
book is of importance for men who fered for sale shall be dated July 15,
use the mails for advertising and bus!-1 1920. and one half thereof shall ma
nes of a similar nature, and may belture July 15, 1924, and the other half
procured by applying at the local of- thereof shall mature aly"-Jfh
fine for nai-tlniilnrs The cost Of t!ie and snail oe in ueiiuii,"""-
ki, i. i cn ,r.r.imnt Momior multiples thereof up
panying it. containing revisions ana
amendment to the postal law3, sells for
75 cents.
other car a couple of miles this side of
that city as they were rounding a
curve in the road. Mr. Whitehead's
car wag considerably damaged and
one of the younger passengers was
rooms in the city avaname ror .vim torn . - .
fend will Include many of the private fate ASKCU 10
Home in Astoria wnicn win accumnw
date ex-service men and members of
their famuy.
Pay tor Damage
Done Car by Boys
A V C.nai-loV uhi li a a tillfPll over U' 1 ilV.H.X BtlllMl-'
lease. ' 1 hjii i.itt, i-au
of Dundee I Notice is hereby given mat iu
Common Council deems it expeuiem
so to do, and hereby declares us
purpose and Intention to improve D
the property on
J. J. Uenson and wife
visited old time friends in the city ,
few days this week.
Jefferson, July 10. W. K. Moses
of this citv. whose car was stolen oy
Silverton, Or.. July 10. Waller a counle nf reform school boys and
Scott, who came here a few days ago considerably damaged a week ag,o
to visit his sister-in-law, Mrs. W. .!wag (n aiem the fore part of the
Scott, of the Cottage liotel, became at i eek endavoring to get something
once impressed with the country eur- from the Btate authorities to remun
rounding Silverton and this week Vr-' hfm (or hlg ,0BS u ls sald the
chased the I. J. Burd place east of damaged to the extent of
here. Mr. Scott comes from Colorado. informed by
Mr TrL 'T " ,8aVeithe secretary of state, however, that
S0Mr aniM s H B. Benson of Min-! would be impossible to do anything
neapolls? who have been visiting tor tor ' Mm un til the eglslature meets
some time with C. A. Benson, left a at the earliest. It is sa d that the
few days ago for California. Mr. Ben- boys have to their credit something
hnfore leavine Silverton. that Uke $1S0 and it is thought that Mr.
he liked this country very much and Moses may be able to get that much.
will endeavor to arrange matters inl Tne car was stolen at oniem
S. P. Co., but the gas situation is
rather discouraging for him.
Several from here will go to Tal
bot tomorrow to attend the Sunday
school convention.
Miss Leah Powell of Salem :s
spending her vacation with hot par
ents in the city.
Milton Hutcheson, employed in the
ship yards at Portland, came up it
celebrate in Jefferson on the 5th
and visited with his sister, Mrs. J
O. Van Winkle.
A large number of Jefferson peo
ple are attending the meetings at Tur
Mr. and Mrs. John Neff of Salem
visited in the city the fore part of
the week with Mr. and Mis. Hugh D.
Mrs. Griffith and Miss Olive Grif
fith of Chicago, are visiting relatives
In the city. Miss Griffith expects to
leave from San Francisco in Sep
tember to take ip her work as mis
sionary in India.
Sam Brown and family of Gervals
were here the fore part of the week,
enroute home ,from i. Clear Lake,
such a way as to permit mm moving unveu
here later in the year.
Mrs. William Moore has been camp
ing 'at Cascadla for a few days.
Mrs. Lydla Moores, who has been
visiting with her daughter in Salem
for some time, is reported very ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rue left for CUf
. ton yesterday after a visit of several
days with relatives and friends here.
Martin Tlnglestad was here from.
Washington for a few days this week.
Mr. Tlnglestad owns a farm near oa
lem but this summer ls living on a
farm In Washington.' He expects to
return to Oregon after harvest,
.t Mrs. Ida Sawyer, Henry Wood and
John Wood motored to Stevenson,
Wash., tho fore part of the week to
visit Mrs. Sawyer's son, ChaiieB, who
is farming In that country.
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. footer and Fred
Wilson have returned from Cascadla,
where thny spent a week camping
R. W. Smith, who has charge of a
rooming house In Dallas, was In the
.,ltv the fore part of the week. Mr.
tlnilth was formerly manager of the
Kuslck gorcery store In Silverton,
George L. Robinson is making plans
to build a modern house on one of
his lot in the city. Jack I vermin will
also build a house on an adjoining lot.
lllrschel Volgamore underwent an
operation nf the Silverton hospital
Mias Mildred Harvey ls visiting
friends In Canby. She expects. tw
spend the summer there.
School System
To Severe For
Women, Claim
Oregon Agricultural College, Corval
lls Or.. July 10. That women are t
ing simply "dumped" Into an educa
tional system In this country built on
a man basis was the declaration of Dr.
Caroline HedKer of Chicago, medliMi
director of the Elizabeth McCormack
memorial fund for the Improvement ol
. the physical condition of children,
who gave a series of addresses before
, summer session students.
"This system wasn't adapted or al
tered," said Doctor Hedger. "We were
liiwt thrown in alive to sink or swim,
Mirvtve or perish. Many of us per.
lHhed, hut we made good mentally.
"If the tension continues to Increase,
we won't have posterity worth making
the world safe for. Year after year
the machine, becomes more intricate,
more compressed. Extra after extra
has been added until the mental and
Hoolal requirements of our high school
' children are appalling. It Is the busi
ness of parents to save -their children,
particularly their girls, from the edu
cational machine,
, . . nig
Turner Rebekah
. Lodge Installs
Turner, Or., July 10. At a pleasant
meeting of the Rebekah assembly here
Wednesday evening the following offi
cer were installed;
N. O., Mrs. Mabel Martin; V. O.,
, Mrs. Augusta Fleetwood; secretary,
Miss Hvely Martin; financial eeere
tary, Mrs. R. E. Robertson; treasurer.
Miss Susan Glrardlan; chaplain. Mn. j
J. K. Lyle. . ' i - VW?1
Following are the appointed offi- .
iters: R S. of N. G., Mrs. Delia Balco; 1
1.. S. of N. O., Mrs. W. T. Riches; R.
H. of V. O.. Mrs. S. O. Baker: L S. of I
to Turner. Probably driving ' where they went on a vacation.
Geo. Witherite lias 'purchased street from the west lino of Corn-
new GMC truck, expecting to use the .merclal Street to the east line of
machine for truck hauling for the1 Front Street at the expense of the
abutting and adjacent property, ex
cept the alley intersection which
will be paid by the City of Salem, by
bringing said portion of D Street to
the established grade, constructing
cement concrete curbs and paving
said portion of D Street with a 6-inch
Portland cement gravel concrete
pavement In accordance with the
plans and specifications theiiefor
which were adopted by the Common
Council on the 21st day of June, t
1920, now on file in the office of the
City Recorder, and which for great
er certainty and convenience and a i
more detailed description thereof, are i
hereby referred to and made a part
hereof. !
The Common Council hereby de-1
Clares its purpose and intention to
make the above described improve
ment by and through the Street Im
provement Department ol- the City
of Salem.
By order of the Common Council.
EARL RACE, City Recorder.
Date of first publication of this
notice is July 8. 1920. 172'
to the sum
mnn t,-L anif the nurchaser, ana
shall bear interest at the rate of five
and one half per cent per annum, pay
able semi-annually.
All bidders are required to inclose
with their bid a certified check pay
able to the order of Marion county,
Oregon, and drawn upon an Incorpo
rated bank or trust company to the
amount of two per cent of the par
value of the bonds bid for, and the
check of the successful bidder will be
applied by the county in part pay
ment of the purchase price or to se-
nlv with the terms oi me uiu nummi-
ted No bid will be received for a
price less than par and accrued in
terest and the bonds will be eoid to
the highest bidder. The county court
reserves the right to reject any and
all bids. The proposals should be ad
dressed to U. G. Boyer, County Clork,
Salem, Marion county, Oregon, and
marked "Proposals for Road Bonds."
The successful bidders will be furn-
with the opinion of Messrs.
Palmer and Dodge,
Trunks, Bags, Suit
Music Rolla and Brief Cases, at
340 Court Street
valid obiiSati0 r;."
rion county, Oregon. "
By order of the county C0Utt ,
U- O. BOYER. w.-'
Cart of
Shlneee Medicine and Tea o.
any known Ueue.
Open Sunday from 10 a.
until 8 p. m.
181 South High Street
Salam, Oregon. M
Sealed proposals will be received
by the county court of Marion coun
ty, Oregon, at the court house in Sa
lem, in said county, until July 15.
IS " !
A Mirthquake of Joy
Adapted from,
.... . . : J-'
"2 V
9 rr-
that's the cry of the hungry camper
directed to the camp cook.
In town a few minutes delay in the preparation of breakfast cuts no figure,
but out in the open when you're in a hurry to hit the stream for the wait
That's when you want action. And you'll get it if included in the camp
outfit is FISHER'S PANCAKE FLOUR. Just add water, it's ready.; No
milk, no sugar required. They've been added to the flour and in just the
light proportions to give you Pancakes such as you never tasted before
In the home or in the camp FISHER'S PANCAKE
FLOUR is the. Best Pancake Flour on Earth
Manufactured In "America's Finest Flouring Mllla" by
A Rist of Laughter
A Gale Giggles
Jigs in Society
A Mint of Merriment
A Message of Mirth
i m
When 19th Century Idea Clash with 20th Century Ideals
If You Don't Come Sunday ;
We Will Be Here Monday and Tuesday Too
Pathe News-Orchestra Evenings
1L 1
The Downfall of The World
The Seven Trumpets of Revelation!
The most wonderful prophecy in all the Bible. It deals with definite
dates, and marks August 1 1 , 1 840 as the beginning of the end of the Otto
man Empire, and shows what the end of Turkey means to the whole World.
Tomorrow Evening 7:45. S. D. A. Church, N. 5th St. and Gaines Ave.
Probation's hour is almost over. By the things that are happening and
the events that are transpiring, Jehovah in thundertones is calling to men
"PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD". There will be a people prepared to
meet HIM.
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